Scream Queen Chapter 20

The woman is really embarrassed now, limbs twisted and bent, and her neck turned to an unnatural angle.

To be honest, the stairs of the villa are really not very good. The distance between the stairs is a bit high,  and the steps are narrow, because of the pursuit of the style of the hall, there are great requirements for the height of the floor.

So the stairs are not low, and the tenants usually have to watch the steps up and down, which is really not very convenient.

So falling down from this kind of high and steep stairs, even if it is lucky, not hitting the vitals of the body, is not uncomfortable.

The landlord’s wife was already cumbersome, and she was kicked down in such a posture. “At the end, she fell into a shapeless form.” The thick layer of protective fat on her body did not make her feel better.

She wasn’t sure which time she was thrown to death was more painful than now. After all, he fell off and broke his neck for a while and lost consciousness.

Where is it like now, because I have become a ghost, with lethal wounds but still keep sober consciousness.

The landlord’s wife suddenly became angry. When she fell downstairs, she was already facing outwards. At this moment, her neck turned one hundred and eighty degrees, and she pointed at Zhu Yang, who was standing at the top of the stairs.

I looked at the expression with a kind eyebrow and became jealous and spiteful–

“You **** all over the hair/sorrows–”

I didn’t finish speaking, I saw that Zhu Yang had already walked down the stairs in two steps, glanced at her, then lifted his foot and stepped on her face.

Stomped on the landlady’s nose and mouth: “Ah? Loud! What do you call me?”


Half of the words that were difficult to blurt out were stepped back by Zhu Yang’s feet.

“You have to be clear, when you speak so vaguely, how do you open the door to do business?”

The lady boss couldn’t talk anymore, but she still stared at Zhu Yang through her shoes.

Zhu Yang sneered: “To be honest, you are a bit smarter than the last female ghost, you have a clear goal and you are accurate, know you have nothing to force, and you know how to use hints and inertia.”

“But your brain is probably caught by your fat. If you are really smart, you won’t find me to start.”

“In that case, chances are you can actually run into luck and kill one or two people. But now it’s impossible.”

Said Zhu Yang withdrew his feet, bent over and grabbed the woman’s hair, dragging the person aside like a sack.

The landlord’s wife was smashed, and the unbearable pain took over her mind, and she couldn’t concentrate on disappearing.

She didn’t expect this little **** to be so cunning, she turned the other way around without notice. However, although being a ghost is dark, one advantage is that life and death are no longer meaningful in the ghost.

So when she slowed down, there was a chance to kill this little **** again, and she could hide it once, not for a lifetime.

So the woman yelled, “You bitch, even if you are lucky this time, you should remember how many injuries you have on my mother at the moment, and I will pay you back ten times.”

“I’m going to fold your hands and feet into ten knots, pull out your shameless eyes, pull out your tongue and stom on your mouth, and see you young **** dare to seduce people all day long.”

“Seduce who? Your husband?” Zhu Yang’s voice was nonchalant and sneered: “It’s really not that a family doesn’t enter a house! You are the same as your husband without forcing yourself.”

“I’m holding a pile of frogs/toads/smelly meat as a baby, and when someone else has a heavy mouth like you, all day long worrying that a white swan will come to pick up your toad/toad/meat, don’t worry, I’ve covered it myself. No one will rob you.”

Talking to himself: “What is it that gives you the illusion of a fat lady full of corpses, thinking that our young and beautiful girls will have the same taste as you? Isn’t it just trying to forcefully touch porcelain and Are we related to this height?”

“It’s useless, it’s useless to tell you, ah! With your weight, you won’t be able to jump up even if you give you a chance.”

She said that, but she dragged the meat that weighed nearly two hundred catties was quite light.

The landlord’s wife was trembling with anger at her words. She was like most husbands who used to cheat, but ignored the essence and blamed the fault on the same sex.

Before she was alive, she had been torturing and arguing with the woman who was involved with her husband, in short, it was the fault of the outside vixen.

Later, he inherited the villa and started the hotel business, but also disgusted the young and beautiful female guests coming and going, because her husband’s eyes were always stuck to those women.

But once a female tenant complains about being harassed, as long as her husband beats her back and says,’She seduce me,’ the landlord wife will be convinced that she will become a fighter, and she will be sprayed with blood with a violent voice. Shower head.

Most people who come out to travel will not think about causing trouble in the local area. They will usually settle for a loss. After a few years, they will be harassed and beaten up when they are done. Up.

These are all trivial things, until one day, her husband, who had never suffered a lot by taking advantage of her savageness, and who had never suffered, finally poured yellow soup in his stomach and did something they couldn’t help. Up.

The landlord’s wife felt that her pain had alleviated a lot, and her strength had recovered a little, and she suddenly laughed quack.

Wait for her to recover–

Before I could imagine the beautiful things, I was suddenly stuffed with something in my mouth.

Then there was a burst of heart-cutting pain. She had never felt this kind of pain as a person or a ghost. The pain of her facial features deformed just after falling downstairs was nothing compared to this.

The landlady’s entire mouth began to burn, and her face was burned with pustules because of the chain reaction.

Zhu Yang hissed: “It’s so effective? I knew I should ask Lu Xin for two more candies. Tsk tsk! This is disgusting.”

But in fact, the effect of the candy is quite long-lasting. She ate in the afternoon and now looks at the heavy mouth scene and feels okay, and she doesn’t feel like vomiting much.

Zhu Yang unceremoniously used the two charms in the novice spree, each of which could resist the damage of ghosts and monsters.

This thing can actually cause a lot of damage when hitting the ghost, not to mention the sourness of it directly in the mouth, I am afraid that only the landlord’s wife knows.

After confirming that the woman could not recover for a while, Zhu Yang finally found a rope under the desk at the front desk, which was the wire of a large fan, which was torn off by Zhu Yang without hesitation.

Then she tied the neck of the landlady, who was already inhuman, and dragged it directly to the door of the landlord’s room on the first floor, and then hanged her whole ghost from the door beam.

It is also thanks to her that she has strengthened so much power. If she changes into the physique before the game, she has this heart but not this power.

Without much delay, she banged on the landlord’s door when she was hanging up, hurriedly and loudly, just like a reminder.

“Who?” A vague and impatient voice came from inside.

But Zhu Yang kept knocking on the door like urging his life, and was so annoyed inside that he got out of bed and pulled his slippers to open the door.

Zhu Yang stopped his hands when he heard the movement, and then ran away quickly, hiding in the pillars of the hall.

At the same time, the landlord unscrewed the door lock and opened the door.

A familiar corpse just hanged in front of him, because of inertia, it was still slightly shaking.

The landlord’s scalp exploded, and his blood rushed to his head, making his feet weak.

I was planning to scream subconsciously, but the moment I looked up and saw the face of the corpse, it was a face that was singing and burning with black blood, although the outline was familiar.

It’s not that the landlord has never done anything cruel. Strictly speaking, he already had two lives in his hand, but the extreme stimulation still made him roll his eyes and fainted completely.

Zhu Yang was a little disappointed. The human body’s self-protection mechanism is troublesome, and the fun she sees is limited.

She also hoped that the landlord and his wife’s affectionate reaction after the reunion of the landlord could find useful news.

As a result, I had to let the landlord’s wife down so quickly.

The landlady’s pain only eased slightly, and she saw her husband being tossed by the little **** to death.

Although she hated this guy for being cruel, death didn’t make this idiot get any epiphany, because her mouth was burnt and hadn’t recovered, she couldn’t speak, she could only make a whining sound.

Zhu Yang was just as impatient as a perverted killer: “You have a hammer, what is your turn right away?”

The landlord’s wife, who had been relieved from the pain at the moment, finally knew that facing this guy, the ghost’s immortality was not a backlash, but it might be torture.

Some people are like this, they are terribly bullied when they are bullying, but once they realize that they can’t be bullied, they will immediately be like dogs.

The landlord’s wife had lost her arrogance and resentment, and she looked at Zhu Yang pleadingly.

Zhu Yangle said: “Did the girl look like you now when she was murdered by your couple? I found out that I had the potential to be a murderer, and I was a little excited to be looked at like this.”

The landlady’s eyes became more horrified, and she desperately wanted to recover her body quickly and get rid of the influence of the spell, so that she could disappear and escape.

How can it be possible? The hall is not small but it is only a few steps, can you walk to the sea?

There is a full-length mirror next to the bar, which is convenient for people who come in and out to take a good look at their hair and groom. At this time, it is convenient for Zhu Yang.

Otherwise, the biggest mirror in the whole house is still on the second floor. How troublesome?

She grabbed the person and came to the mirror, and then, in the landlord’s unbelievable gaze, pushed her into the mirror little by little.

Zhu Yang is not sure whether every ghost has the ability to shuttle through the mirror, but according to Zhu Yang’s understanding, the mirror that she can touch should belong to the ghost’s inner world.

Referring to the posture of false Sadako who was forcibly sent back to killing pigs at the time, it can be seen that being sent back to the last life by a living person is not a good thing for ghosts.

She’s not sure if the rules are universal, but it’s worth a try. Ability development! It would have to be divergent thinking and brave to try to find more surprises.

Sure enough, the landlord’s wife was stuffed back, although she didn’t die immediately, but she was trapped inside and couldn’t get out.

She was fat, she was squeezed miserably in the narrow full-length mirror, but she was helpless.

Zhu Yang was quite satisfied. He smiled and said: “Yes, you will stay here first, and I will find you when you need it.”

The ghosts of each line have a corresponding hatred. Why should she let the situation so good and let them all join hands to attack the players?

On provocative struggle, eh! She is quite good at it. If you don’t fight, just press your head and let you two fight.

When he was about to return to the room, Zhu Yang went upstairs, only to find that a figure flashed in the corner downstairs. He looked closely at it again and found no trace.

He had no choice but to return to the room with some doubts.

After waking up the next day, Li Li, who went downstairs to buy breakfast, found the landlord lying at his door, and thought something had happened.

I heard the boss tremblingly telling him that someone knocked on his door last night, but when he opened the door he saw his dead wife hanged in front of his door with a bad face.

Li Li said a few words of comfort, but he curled his lips in his heart, afraid of being a hairy. For two or three days, you were also a ghost. When the time comes, your husband and wife will fight by themselves.

Then I told Zhu Yang about this during breakfast.

She was also quite relieved: “From this point of view, the proprietress was probably killed by the turtle son surnamed Xiao, and the wife is also considered wronged and indebted, and she knows who to look for.”

Zhu Yang picked up a dumpling and dipped it in vinegar and took a bite. He chewed it slowly and swallowed it indifferently, “Oh! It’s not.”

“The mother-in-law couldn’t bear her husband very much. She wanted to kill the little fairies who’seduce’ her husband in the building first.”

“I kicked downstairs, stuffed a long talisman paper in his mouth, burned his face, and hanged him at her husband’s door.”

Li Li’s expressions became stiff, and their chopsticks froze.

Theoretically, we should first ask her about what happened to her. However, the amount of information contained in this frivolity is too much and too cruel.

After choking for a long time, the two people said in a daze: “Are you the devil?”

It’s not that Zhu Yang has done too much, but for the first time since they have been in the game for so long, they have developed extravagant sympathy for ghosts.

Lu Xin only pursed his lips and smiled and continued to eat calmly, apparently knowing the matter early.

At this moment, after Zhu Yang’s prompt, Wang Bei also remembered——

“Yes, I went to the bathroom last night and the person who took me seems to be the boss’s wife. She walked in front and talked to me. She seemed very enthusiastic. I didn’t see the stairs and almost fell down, so I went to help her. She disappeared when she reached her hand.”

“Then I fell down because of inertia, but I felt that my head was lifted by one hand when it was about to touch the ground. With this cushioning, I didn’t hit it for good or bad, otherwise the lightest was a concussion.”

“A hand?” Zhu Yang thought of the figure that flashed by when he was in the building last night, and he had a vague guess in his heart.

But there are other things in the daytime today, I don’t rush to verify.

It is now the fourth day, and the plot progresses to a halt, and conflicts speed up for each item, and there is not so much time left at the beginning.

Jiang Muti assigned a task: “Li Li has been following Teacher Qiu these days. The place where things are developing on her side is no longer limited to this room. You can watch and beware of accidents.”

“Wang Bei will accompany Miss Cui. For the same reason, the stalker dare not enter the house now, but since it is an NPC that has been scheduled for a long time, there is so much time left to believe that he is just like that.”

Li Li opened his mouth, actually wanting to remind her that no matter how good the current trend is, how it seems that Teacher Qiu, Miss Cui, they all have an epiphany and positively change their status quo and how to live better step by step.

But on the seventh day, everything returned to its place, and the damned would die.

He felt that although the young girl Zhu Yang had a temperament, was unreasonable and always looked like a superior, but after so many things happened in just a few days, she was really good, at least better than some words. It sounds much better.

Maybe the ones who helped have really helped, and it’s just a clear conscience. Those people have their own destiny, it’s enough.

But at this time Zhu Yang seemed to see through his concerns, waved his hand and said: “You can do whatever you want, I have ulterior motives.”

Li Li thought about it, she always thought a lot, and it wasn’t a difficult task anyway, so she did what she said.

After Li Li and Wang Bei left, Zhu Yang and Lu Xin went out.

Zhu Yang feels that in fact, it is the most uncertain now, and the most variable is the line of high school students who was the most inconspicuous at the beginning.

Although the other three have the most trouble, but all the clues are on the face, only Wu Yue has a sense of disobedience.

And last night Wu Yue didn’t come back all night, because he found cursing supplies and dead babies in his room during the day, and immediately came news of the death of the bullying him.

One of the advantages of horror games that is different from reality is that the logic and causality are quite narrow, and incidents that are related to key characters cannot be accidents, and it is also convenient to follow the vine.

Since Wu Yue could not be found in the house, they simply set off to his school to find him.

When they went there was a large class in the morning, and the students needed to do exercises. Because of Zhu Yang’s momentum, the non-strict security guards let them into the school without stopping.

As soon as I entered, I saw the students on the playground standing crookedly and gesticulating with hands and feet seemingly doing exercises.

But this school’s school spirit is quite erosive, it’s obvious!

Looking down on the playground, many of these high school students dye their hair in exaggerated colors. Non-mainstream killers abound.

There are not many boys and girls who do exercises. There are a lot of boys and girls flirting and cursing. Zhu Yang even saw several couples of boys and girls spinning around on their backs.

She couldn’t help but sighed: “It’s so good to be young, you can love any pig hoof.”

“Cough—” Lu Xin choked heavily, vaguely feeling a smell of sweetness coming from his throat.

When the crowd dissipated after doing exercises, Zhu Yang wanted to ask a few people to ask which class Wu Yue was in. He didn’t expect it but first ran into the gangster student who was talking with them on the phone yesterday.

He saw Zhu Yang and the others just like hell. They were frightened in two battles, but he didn’t dare to escape, so he stubbornly said hello, “Sister, brother, what are you doing here? Just call me if you are told. It’s troublesome to take a trip personally.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Oh, you didn’t skip class today.”

Huang Mao suddenly collapsed and said, “Isn’t this Dongzi dead? My mother knows that I usually play with him, fearing that I will also run out and mess around and have an accident. This morning, she grabbed me and looked into the school. ”

Zhu Yang didn’t care about this, and asked: “Wu Yue, which class is he in? Did he come to school today?”

Huang Mao was about to answer when he heard a voice calling him, and when he looked back, he saw a group of people approaching him.

This group of men and women has a football team, each with an angry face and arrogant faces. Huang Mao’s reaction should be that he usually walks close, obviously it is a little boy walking sideways in the school.

The headed man with a flat head grew tall and strong, but he grew a bit anxious, he grew out of the vicissitudes of thirty years old when he was a teenager.

He put his arms around a girl with a hot red wavy head and thick black eye circles.

Seeing Zhu Yang, the group’s eyes lit up, leading the one who hooked Huang Mao’s neck–

“Oh, when did you meet the beautiful woman? Don’t tell us, and you won’t be afraid of choking to death if you eat alone.”

Then he said to Zhu Yang and said: “Beauty, which school do you come from? I went to dinner together at noon. We have to go to karaoke at night, don’t we have a good face?”

The group of people in the back stood up and booed, but they were not happy with their flat heads around the girl, and so did the other girls around.

Then he said with a strange air: “It’s back to school, you see, this old woman, at least 20, right? You may have to call someone aunt, can you get it?”

Flathead is like watching women get jealous, just about to say something to coax people.

However, Zhu Yang said, “I came to school, right? Or is there really such a tolerant but great teaching?”

“Why would a woman who has been watching the street for at least ten years talk to me here?”

The group of people didn’t expect her mouth to be so poisonous, and took a breath.

Zhu Yang looked at the flat-headed and red-haired girl contemptuously: “The rat in the troublesome ditch and the water fleas don’t talk to people casually, okay?”

“Although it is more politically correct for people to be fair, I am a classist. What makes you think that people like me will be in the same frame as yours under any premise?”

“Honestly, don’t you smell the smell around you every day when you go to school? Yes, you recycle things like you. In order to prevent your garbage from doing nothing and polluting the street environment, how much sacrifice did the school make?”

“When I think that schools are powerless, batches of **** like you still have to flow into the society. Lowering the intelligence quotient of all mankind and adding bricks to the criminal cause, I hate the method of eliminating inferior genes.”

“So as long as there is some scumbag remaining, I will cover my face, close your stinky mouth, block the nostrils that produce exhaust gas, and roll out of my sight quickly, otherwise I can help you.”

This group of gangsters, who usually scold people a hundred times more dirty than this, have heard it, but none of them has the embarrassment and anger that comes at this moment.

This woman is beautiful and well-dressed, and she is despised and fussy. She looks like a rich person.

These gangsters are especially concerned about the contempt and ridicule of superior people that they cannot achieve.

Especially the red-haired girl, suddenly became angry.

He put the arm on his shoulder and walked over to slap the bitch’s slap–

“Just you **** dare to scream, don’t you? Don’t look at whose land it is—”

Before he finished speaking, a sliding window glass in the adjacent teaching building suddenly fell off and hit the red-haired woman on the head.

The sharp glass penetrated directly from the top of the head, and the expression of the red-haired girl at this time was still embarrassing and hostile.

Then a large piece of glass was suddenly poked from her mouth, almost cutting her face in half.

The surrounding air was dead silent, and it was almost a few seconds before a trickle of blood mixed with yellow and white slurry flowed down from the tip of the glass.

Just like a craft faucet!


I don’t know who’s hiss cut through the air, and the surrounding people suddenly made panic and sharp cries, and the people who had just gathered back again and again.

Zhu Yang was also a little unresponsive. She didn’t expect this to be the case, but it was almost certain that this girl, and even many people present, had all had the experience of bullying Wu Yue.

The number of people affected by this bullying incident is wider than they thought.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Zhu Yang and Lu Xin left the school. Before leaving, they looked for Huang Mao who was in a trance again to confirm that Wu Yue did not come to school today.

The most urgent task now is to find Wu Yue first, but the fact that they were caught off guard really broke Zhu Yang’s usual leisure and calmness since they came here.

Then Wu Yue came and went alone and didn’t interact with them, and didn’t stay in the renting house for two days, and was unable to start for a while.

Back to the villa at night, sure enough, the kid still didn’t come back tonight.

Li Li and the others heard what Zhu Yang and the others experienced today, and couldn’t believe them: “Is he trying to hide and curse and kill a dozen people?”

Wang Bei touched his arm: “Even if I don’t understand this, I also know that ordinary people have to curse so many people to death, I am afraid that they have to pay a lot of money? The key is that it is easy to ask God to send God hard, and to kill him. What good thing is the existence of multiple people?”

“Well, I said that all the tenants are ghosts. Two ghosts were added in the middle. Now there is a Cthulhu or monster? What kind of fairy mode has the difficulty of this broken game adjusted to?”

Zhu Yang gave Lu Xin a casual glance.

Lu Xin has gone through rebirth and death until now. He has long ignored the difficulty of the game, but Zhu Yang’s look made him feel tight.

After dinner in the evening, I saw the landlord come back from outside with a shovel. He was covered with mud and his face was not good.

Li Li joked when he saw this: “Oh, Lao Xiao, your posture is the same as when you came back from just burying the corpse.”

The landlord who usually makes all kinds of jokes with a cheerful smile now glances at Li Li silently, and then turns to Zhu Yang.

In the end, he didn’t speak, and went back to the room silently.

Zhu Yang glanced at each other, and they all had a meaningful understanding.

Zhu Yang had a dream that night. He dreamed that he was standing by the sink. Suddenly there was a hand knocking on the mirror desperately, calling for help.

Zhu Yangcai put the landlord’s wife in the mirror. At first, he thought it was the wife who kept going.

Later it was found that something was wrong, that arm was really much slender and younger, and then a face slowly appeared.

It was the female ghost she saw here for the first time, the missing girl. She opened her mouth and quickly shouted ‘Help’ to Zhu Yang!

Then he disappeared immediately after being afraid of being pulled out again.

After dreaming here, Zhu Yang woke up, she twitched her mouth, and couldn’t help but reflect.

Then, for the first time that this girl appeared that night, wasn’t it because she didn’t want to attack, but was asking for help?

When he was so awake, he suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom, so Zhu Yang put on cotton slippers and walked out of the room.

When she came out of the toilet to wash her hands, recalling the dream she had just had, the more she thought about it, the more she felt wrong.

It stands to reason that the girl was murdered to hide her body. If you really want to find her body and liberate the imprisoned soul, you should give a dream to suggest where she is.

Even if it is made into fertilizer and buried in the backyard, you have to be purposeful.

At that time, the landlord who was the murderer was still a human being. Couldn’t it be possible to hide people in the mirror like her?

I was about to go back to the room, but a possibility flashed through my mind.


She glanced at the mirror of the sink. The sink is equipped with three taps, which can be washed by three people, so the mirror is very large.

It is more than half a meter high and one person is long. If you want to hide someone in it——

Zhu Yang picked up the laundry stick used by Teacher Qiu next to wash winter clothes. The solid wood stick was as thick as a baseball bat and hit it on the mirror.

There is not much crisp sound of glass breaking, because the back of the glass is solid cement and glued firmly, so there is no movement in breaking the glass, even after the glass is broken, it still sticks to the wall and needs to be torn piece by piece. .

Zhu Yang was not surprised, he must have knocked it when the police/survey came to search.

She threw away the stick, didn’t go straight to tear the glass, and didn’t want to cut her fingers, but fortunately she found a knife that didn’t know who washed the fruit and landed here.

Breaking open the broken glass along the lines of marks, there was nothing at first, but when Zhu Yang lost a large piece of it, he almost lost patience.

Suddenly hit a piece of glass, and it fell off without any effort.

Then Zhu Yang saw a face that was sealed by cement, but the outline could be vaguely seen.

The eyes of the human face are still open, but they are also covered by the cement, so they will always look ahead without blinking.

In this position, if the mirror is removed, it is equivalent to every time someone stands at the first faucet on the left after washing their face and looking in the mirror.

So there is the girl who is stuck in the wall and stares directly at her.

It just so happens that this faucet is the one Zhu Yang used to use.

An awkwardness flashed across her face, and at this moment, she heard the sound of faint footsteps behind her.

Although the opponent tried his best to relax, but the wooden floor was helpless.

When Zhu Yang turned around, he saw the landlord holding the shovel during the day and staring at him sullenly.


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