Scream Queen Chapter 21

The landlord walked over step by step, licked his lips, and laughed a few times.

“I think your little girl has something wrong with her skin, I have been dying all day long, The whole house turned out to be fine, and everyone is starting to be unlucky after you moved in.”

“It turns out that you pretended to be crazy and behaved for this?” The landlord’s voice suddenly became vicious: “I underestimated you, I thought it was a girl who didn’t know the heights of the sky, and the police/survey didn’t find it. Actually, you found it.”

“It’s no wonder that I was pushed around all the time, saying that it was one of them, and then I beat the cockroaches for a while and cleaned it up for a while, so that your two doglegs could inquire everywhere.”

Zhu Yang glanced at the shovel in his hand. The shovel was not like the one that was often used. The head of the shovel was very thick, and there was a thick layer of cement sticking to it.

She chuckled softly: “This shovel, shouldn’t it be used to seal this girl the last time I used it?”

The boss’s nose and mouth twitched slightly,   a typical wicked murderous appearance.

He lifted the shovel slightly: “Don’t worry,  you will use this too when you bury it for a while,  Since you like to fight injustices so much, just go with the previous one.”

“I want you to know, just call it,   call it louder to see if anyone can help you.” The landlord held the shovel higher and higher–

“Last night I hit the evil spirit, and today I went to dig through my wife’s grave, the more I thought about it, the more things went wrong, so I added a little bit of material to the drinking fountain at night,  You can’t wake them even if you call Potian.”

“Your dog-legged guys are Lianjiazi who have real skills,  Can I be more careful?”

Speaking of looking at Zhu Yang’s eyes became lewd/evil, that obscene face with fat head and big ears even made a tongue licking action: “Hey! I have never done anything for a wealthy daughter. Miss, I must have a different taste.”

“You’d better not hide in random, otherwise it would be a pity that you will slap your head when you go down with this shovel.”

As he said, he waved his shovel and set off a strong wind–

However, the shovel did not hit the head of Miss Jiao Didi, who seemed to be unable to carry a bucket of water as expected, and had to carry a bag for a few clothes.

On the contrary, her hand didn’t even know when it moved. When she recovered her shovel, she held it firmly in her hand, blocking her way.

Not only that, but the landlord felt that his hands were numb now, and he tugged in disbelief, and he was shocked to find that the shovel was as motionless as her hand.

The landlord looked up in horror, and saw Zhu Yang showing an anti-hunting grin——

“Haha—I’m still worrying too much about things here, but I can’t take care of it. I still have to see your toad/mao/face every day when I come back. This is not a healthy way to play the game at all.”

“Then you can’t wait to come up and give the head away, I really, really thank you.” Zhu Yang’s tone was really sincere and sincere.

But this stopped in the landlord’s ears for a while.

It is reasonable to say that if the landlord does not show up at this moment, even if she finds the body, will she still fail to call the police? And in order not to disturb the other three lines and make Teacher Qiu and the others frightened, Zhu Yang has to find a way to restore the scene.

Now the landlord comes to give the heads by himself, it is really early than the coincidence.

Zhu Yang chuckled: “You said you won’t wake everyone up if you call it in the water, right? That’s good, if you can choose the best posture when you give someone a head, I will definitely help you make the list.”

“I can’t stretch my neck enough, and I’m afraid that I don’t even call the hand knife and hand it over. This is not the end, even the pit is dug, and you have arranged yourself so clearly that I am embarrassed.”

The landlord has heard too much of this little bitch’s all kinds of harsh words these days, but no time when listening to it makes people’s back chills and cold sweats like now.

He released his hand sharply and tried to escape with his leg.

This time he was unlucky, and even the eldest lady who looked at her tender hands and feet without any traces of practice was a practicer. It can be seen that this time is really over.

He has to escape, get in the car and run away, and don’t ask for the villa. It’s a pity, but how can he compare to his fate?

It is estimated that this little **** will have to call the police before dawn, and now I can only hope that the people in the room will hold her in the room, so that she has no time to pursue herself.

Just run out of the second floor first, out of this corridor.

However, to Zhu Yang, whose agility is far beyond ordinary people, his straightforward response is no different from slow motion.

Zhu Yang raised his hand and waved without moving his foot. Using the shovel handle, Zhu Yang shoveled across the landlord’s leg, knocking him to the ground.

Just when he fell, his face hit the ground, his teeth knocked on his tongue, and the landlord’s slender face, which was already squeezed by fat, was so painful that he couldn’t see the eyes and mouth.

It took a long time for the landlord to slow down, turning around, and seeing Zhu Yang holding a shovel and watching him follow the pig that was slaughtered, he was so scared that he dragged his legs forward.

Old God Zhu Yang watched him finally move half a meter, and then the shovel flipped lightly in his hand, the shovel head was in front, holding the shovel handle, his pocket head hit the landlord’s ankle.

The hardness of the mixture of iron tuo and cement block is amazing, and the shape is tricky, and it is harder to carry than a solid red brick.

A crisp sound of bone fracture came, and then the landlord’s heart-piercing scream.

Zhu Yang quickly plugged a dish towel to block his mouth, and said impatiently: “You yell a hammer! Is the landlord’s leading annoyance? What quality? A pig-killing virtue with your wife.”

“No, you are inferior to your wife, at least your wife didn’t call when she broke her neck last night.”

The landlord was sweating with pain, tears and tears. Hearing what she said, he suddenly remembered his wife who was hanging in front of his room last night with a broken neck and twisted limbs. In these words, the logic of the extreme fear made the back cool. It even covered a little pain in the feet.

He struggled to push the cloth out of his mouth, then looked at Zhu Yang, and asked in horror, “Who are you?”

Zhu Yang just smiled and did not answer his words, but suddenly said: “Isn’t this still coming out?”

The landlord knew that this was obviously not meant to him, and his heart fell to the bottom, thinking that the group of them hadn’t been drugged at all, and had been hiding behind the door waiting for him to fall into the trap.

However, in the next second, the landlord found that the facts were more terrifying and terrible than he thought!

Zhu Yang peeled off most of the mirror before, and one third of it remained, but the mirror was really big.

Even so, it is enough for a person to take a half-length photo, which means that a person can be clearly accommodated in the mirror image.

The landlord opened his eyes wide in horror, and saw the girl who was strangled to death by him a few years ago, and then poured cement and sealed it here, slowly showing his shape in the mirror.

She is still the same as she was when she died, and the landlord will never forget it.

Long, messy hair, bruises on his hands, feet and neck, and stubborn eyes.

And this face that had been concealed by myself, that should never see the sun, appeared in front of me again.

She was smiling, but her lips kept bending back, cracking to the base of her ears, which was extremely harmful. Then there was cement flowing out of her mouth, nostrils, eyes and ears.

The landlord was so scared that his teeth trembled and he made a giggling sound. He didn’t look in the mirror. In fact, he himself was terribly scared at the moment, and he looked no better than a ghost.

At this time, I heard the girl’s ghost speak, and her voice was no longer as crisp as it was before she was alive, and she became rough and hoarse: “Cough cough cough! A lot of cement — it’s all in my stomach, I can’t hold it anymore! Help me decorate~~~”

When it came to the last ‘ah’, the voice changed to a painful cry.

It was Zhu Yang who reached into the mirror without hindrance, and raised his hand to the back of the female ghost in the mirror.

The female ghost was beaten up and confused. Isn’t she letting herself come out and get revenge and revenge?

She covered her head with her hands, looking at Zhu Yang a little pitifully.

Just listen to her poking her lips and contempt to learn her own tone of voice just now: “A lot of cement~~~, can you feed you? You won’t be scared if you scare anyone. Which relationship did you get into the female ghost’s qualification certificate? of?”

“I let you out so that you can kill this guy temporarily so that you don’t get in the way. Will you do it? Can you do it? I can’t do it for someone else.”

The lady ghost glanced at the man who was in a pile of mud on the ground. Isn’t this scared yet?

It was again taken at Zhu Yang’s lewdness, looking at her face carefully and asking: “Yes, do you have to scare the urine out?”

Zhu Yang slapped his face and wiped it off heavily: “I should know, how much hope do you have for a guy who can’t think of a way to kill an enemy?”

Seeing that she was disgusted, the female ghost hurriedly said: “This is not the case. After I die, I can only be trapped in the cement and motionless. The first two days, the second day after you came, I suddenly became active.”

“I wanted to avenge them in the past, but my body was sealed and my soul was so weak that I even had to avoid the boss’s wife and couldn’t do anything.”

“So I appeared in the mirror that night just to beg you for help, and it turned out—”

Everyone knows what happened.

The female ghost was afraid that she would blame herself, and she hurriedly said: “That night Miss Wang was the same as I saw the boss’s wife wanted to harm her. My strength can’t stop her, so I can only help when she is about to fall. But the boss, but she couldn’t catch up with me, so she couldn’t help me hiding in the mirror. She was trapped on the stairs.”

But obviously Miss Ghost has thought too much, how could Zhu Yang feel guilty?

Other things were similar to her guess, and she also tended to be that they triggered this event, and the two ghosts in the villa regained consciousness or were able to move. Although the deaths of the two ghosts are related to the landlord, but because the landlord’s wife resents her husband but hates the victimized female ghost, this line has reached a balance within so many days.

Zhu Yang thinks this guy is useless and is also anxious. She is not very vicious in being a ghost. Compare the bluff of the landlord and his wife. Can you expect her to hold on to this line?

Zhu Yang asked: “Since you wanted to ask me for help the night before, how could you scare me?”

The female ghost was embarrassed and said, “Isn’t it polite to ask someone to smile before? Maybe after holding back for a long time, I didn’t control it, and I bleed when I smiled.”

Then everyone knows the consequences of this laugh.

Zhu Yang even feels that since entering the game, the biggest difficulty is to understand this fool’s brain circuit.

She didn’t dare to dig out how stupid this girl was, I’m afraid she would dig a big hole in her mind.

So impatiently waved his hand and said, “Okay, I don’t expect you to figure out a decent way. In the future, you will listen to me and do what I say, understand?”

Zhu Yang thought that he would need to negotiate, and no matter how bad he was, he would have to fudge this silly ghost. Unexpectedly, when the other party heard it, he readily agreed.

“Good, good! Then I’ll listen to you, as long as it’s something in this house, just give your orders. I can still stand in the mirror and bring you a toothbrush and a towel when you wash.”

What kind of fairy wash operation is that? Normal people can’t be scared to death by handing out a towel in the mirror after washing their face.

However, Zhu Yang felt that this person was a little insightful, and nodded and said: “Okay, just avoid the original tenants in this house.”

The two have been talking here for a long time, and the three souls and seven souls that the landlord was terrified of have returned to their place, and they wanted to sneak away while they were talking.

But after not climbing two steps, Zhu Yang seemed to have eyes behind his back. He turned his head and raised his hand with a shovel, and his other ankle was also broken.

The landlord screamed, Zhu Yang threw the shovel next to him, and told the female ghost: “What are you waiting for? Now is not the time for you to get revenge?”

“Don’t rectify those fictitious ones, your body should become stronger now when you find it. You can treat him as you do to you.”

Upon hearing this, the female ghost looked at the landlord, and the soft and stupid eyes in the face of Zhu Yang just now became cold and vicious.

She was only 20 years old when she died, young and beautiful, with a happy family, excellent academics, and friends.

She should have had a lot of good life, but because of this villain’s sordidness, she was buried here, and her soul was tortured because her body was trapped in the airtight cement.

She hated it and wished it would be broken into pieces, but Miss Zhu said that the method is better, and the torture of being unable to move, let this guy taste this taste personally.

Then the landlord saw that the figure in the mirror disappeared, but before he could breathe a sigh of relief, the face next to him that was exposed by the peeling glass moved.

The face that has been molded with cement is like a plaster of a human head in an art room, and the contours of the face, facial features and even hair are rendered in a dull and lifelike life.

And this cement sculpture-like face slowly moved its facial features, revealing a smiling face.

This smiling face is more scary than the ghost appeared in the mirror just now, because the mirror image always feels so illusory. The so-called moon in the mirror always holds a trace of that is a fake fluke.

But the cement next to the mirror was so real that it couldn’t be more real, and the fifteen that had been sealed for several years seemed to come alive.

The landlord was limping on two legs and couldn’t stand up at all. He had a lot of flesh on his body, and his arms could not climb at all.

But he still crawled out desperately.

At this time, there was a stirring movement from the cement, and the viscous sound of mud stirring clearly reached the landlord’s ears, as if it had become the most terrifying tone in the world.

At this time, he saw that the girl’s body was alive, crawling out of the concrete.

The cement, which has been dry for several years, now feels like freshly mixed mud, and it drips to the ground as she crawls out.

There was a smile on the girl’s face, even her teeth were covered with cement, strange and hideous.

“Ah–, ah–, don’t come over, don’t come over–” The landlord crawled forward desperately and waved.

But the girl wanted to be soft and boneless like a loach wrapped in mud and quickly slipped in front of him with a weird s-line.

“Gluck!” The girl grabbed his foot with her grout-stained hand, and then grinned, “I caught you.”

“Ah—-, let me go, let me go, I was wrong, I will go to the police station to surrender tomorrow, let me go, let me go, I don’t want to woo woo woo~”

But the strength to hold him didn’t slow down or hesitate at all. The landlord was drawn step by step into the place where the girl had been in the dark for several years while struggling.

Then the concrete flowing outside slowly flowed back, and the ones in the sink and on the floor, as if they were alive, retracted back to the wall along the original trajectory like they were upside down.

The landlord’s constant struggling figure was gradually covered by the cement, the struggle became weaker and weaker, and then disappeared.

But the creeping movement of the cement as if there was life did not end, and then a corpse was spit out from it, it was the girl’s own, and the cement wall slowly dried out, returning to its original airtight appearance.

Zhu Yang squatted down and poked the corpse of the stone statue that was spit out: “Your setting is a bit like a water ghost. As long as you pull a person in, you can get free. Isn’t this guy able to do this? ”

The ghost of the female ghost appeared next to Zhu Yang, she touched herself regretfully, and shook her head: “No, I have become stronger by killing him. I can feel it. After all, I am a dead ghost. They should be stronger than the couple, but the body is trapped in this way, and strength cannot be accumulated.”

“It’s fine now, they are no longer my opponents.”

Zhu Yang was very satisfied with the result, and glanced at the corpse again: “How to deal with this? Don’t scare Teacher Qiu and the children tomorrow, but this is so vivid that you will definitely win the prize when you send it to the exhibition. Hahaha! There is no such story. Did art students kill their classmates to make statues for the prize?”

“Sister, it’s big night, don’t tell ghost jokes, okay?” Miss ghost said with grief.

Zhu Yang: “…”

Sisters, do you want to remind you that you are a ghost? I just killed an individual in such a tragic way.

Zhu Yang felt boring, these guys are all stupid with a formula, and she really won’t let her down.

She stood up: “Okay, I put my body in your mirror. Anyway, you can get in and out in the mirror, it’s better than putting it outside and falling into someone’s hands.”

The lady ghost was naturally happy, and Zhu Yang raised his head and the other raised his feet, and tweeted the body in the mirror.

The next morning Teacher Qiu got up to wash and found that the mirror was broken like this, and his laundry stick was thrown aside. He thought it was someone who saw the rats scurrying around at night, but such a big motivation didn’t even wake her up.

Speaking of it, I really fell asleep last night. I got up late this morning. Fortunately, there was no morning class. My son Xiaoming called for a long time before waking up. He had to call his teacher to tell him he was late.

Not long after Teacher Qiu left, Miss Cui also hurried out, looking like she was late.

Zhu Yang had been tossing for so long last night, but he still woke up before Wang Bei, so he put on his clothes and went out to wash.

Today is the sixth day, even if it is slow, I know that nothing will happen.

Li Li and Wang Bei came out of the room at about the same time, and they all felt that they slept too deep last night, and they can be happy with the quality of sleep in reality, but they can sleep like this in a horror game, which is abnormal. .

They came to the sink and planned to wash their faces to wake up, but they walked over in a daze and saw that the mirror was broken.

When they were about to ask what was going on, they turned their heads abruptly and saw the picture almost caused them to have a sudden cardiac arrest.

Zhu Yang spit out the mouthwash and threw the toothbrush into the cup that was in front of him.

Then that hand automatically put the toothbrush cup back in place, and the other hand was not idle. At the same time, he handed Zhu Yang a towel that had been heated and dried to the right temperature.

After Zhu Yang washed her face, she covered her face with a warm towel, feeling that the pores on her face were all opened, which was really happy.

After she finished using the towel, she handed it back to that hand, and the owner of that hand quickly put it away.

I also asked Zhu Yang: “Sister! Is the temperature right? Will it be a bit hot? It’s summer now.”

Zhu Yang was happily at the moment and waved his hand: “Just right, good job, more winking than the few **** beside me. If you weren’t for your average appearance, I would definitely recruit you to be my follower. ——Ah no, member.”

The female ghost curled her lips: “Sister, why do you say that? Anyway, I was praised for being beautiful since I was a child. I’m still a class in college.”

“That’s right. The minimum standard of my sisterhood is a flower, and it cannot be a monk with a small competition. Alas, I want to open the back door, but I can’t break the rules.”

Upon hearing this, the female ghost looked rather lonely.

Zhu Yang said again: “In fact, I heard that the more powerful the ghost, the higher the ability. Maybe you can become beautiful with magic power. Anyway, you are no longer a human being. In some ways, the possibility is higher.”

The lady ghost’s eyes lit up when she heard: “Then I—”

Zhu Yang said hypocritically: “If there is a day, if you have the opportunity to apply with me, it is not unreasonable for you to be so cute.”

The female ghost immediately felt that she was full of energy, and she was busy waiting for Zhu Yang before and after the horse: “Sister, I will wipe the lotion for you, is this right? Can I put on makeup today? You can try my craft. I have a steady hand. My friends are going on a date. Man Zhan always asks me for help.”

Zhu Yang raised his head and turned his face to her: “Then try!”

Li Li feels that this situation is just like the employees who were beaten up after the employee mobilization meeting of his company.

No, this Nima is a ghost, a ghost!

One person washes in front of the mirror, while another person holds a tooth cup and handed a towel to help wipe water and milk for makeup.

Seeing the different reflections of the two girls inside and outside the mirror, the one inside still stretched out his hand and busy with it, the one outside was justified.

Rao Li Li and Wang Bei have gone through so many things all the way, but also shattered the worldview——

This statement seems to be used every day, it should be Zhu Yang who is responsible for refreshing them over and over again.

The two felt that their legs were a little soft, and tremblingly asked, “Oh Zhu, Zhu Yang! Did something happen again last night?”

Zhu Yang closed her eyes. The female ghost is rubbing cream on her face and massaging her face. Not to mention her techniques are quite good.

Hearing Li Li’s question, they told me what happened last night.

He knocked on the dense and flat concrete wall next to him: “Finally, you don’t need to look at this turtle son’s face. After a while after breakfast, you took his key. Now the villa is occupied by us. If Mr. Qiu and Miss Cui are When I asked, he said that the turtle son died and his mother went back to his hometown for a funeral. The things in the villa should be taken for your own use.”

“Bah!” When the female ghost heard about the landlord, she gave Zhu Yang foundation and took a sip.

Li Li and Wang Bei heard that they were all alone, and they didn’t know how to go downstairs to buy breakfast after washing in a trance.

When the breakfast was brought back, Zhu Yang still had a bit of painting left, and the two did not move. They wanted to wait for her to eat together.

Wang Bei finally spoke in silence: “You said–we two, will we sit back and enjoy it too much?”

Li Li vicissitudes said: “Yes, I’m going to lie down and clear the game.”

This is not how high a sense of morality every player has. In fact, most players are eager to do nothing and get through this **** game safely.

It’s just that the player, as a temporary partner in the same position, does nothing and does not want to bear any danger. He is definitely the first to be squeezed out of the team to fend for himself. Everyone is struggling for survival. Who has the obligation to protect you?

But since entering this game, nowhere is it the same as before.

A young girl who was a pure newcomer in the first scene, really did something silently.

It’s not the tragic grandeur of doing good things without leaving a name, but it’s just like playing with her, you don’t feel any thrilling sense of urgency.

They don’t even know what they are doing here? Could it be that the game arranges them to run errands for Zhu Yang? Or for such a talented player born out of nowhere to match two salted fishes to shout six six six six?

Thinking of this, Wang Bei was in awe of Zhu Yang: “This is the first time I saw a ghost in a game voluntarily being a dogleg.”

It’s not that there are no players who have driven ghosts, used props, or accidentally helped favors, but they are generally time-sensitive. But the posture of the female ghost upstairs really wanted to mix with Zhu Yang from now on.

He sighed again: “Perhaps some people have this kind of innate charm. People around are envious, yearning, and want to be close. When I was a child, I also saw a sister who everyone around wanted to be friends with. But it’s not so exaggerated.”

Even ghosts are not immune.

It’s as if that person has lived the way he longs for the most in his heart.

As a mature middle-aged person, Li Li is more realistic: “I am optimistic about Zhu Yang. I think she can definitely go a long way in the game.”

Wang Bei rolled his eyes: “I want you to be optimistic about this? Isn’t this something obvious?”

“So it’s still too late to hold the thigh now!” Li Li said solemnly.

Wang Bei: “…”

When Zhu Yang went downstairs, he felt that the two of them were very enthusiastic towards her today. They both handed chopsticks and poured soy milk. Wang Bei also said that she had been busy for so long last night. If her hands are tired, she can feed her breakfast.

Not only that, but for Lu Xin, who went out early in the morning and came back now. The two seemed to have a sense of competition, which made Lu Xin bewildered.

But too late to care about this, he said to Zhu Yang: “I know where Wu Yue is. Now we are in big trouble.”

“Forget it, I’ll take you to see him, so let’s talk while walking.”


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