Scream Queen Chapter 22

Yesterday, although I didn’t find anyone in Wuyue’s high school, but seeing one of those bullying gangs die tragically, it also made the whole thing bigger.

To be honest, Zhu Yang doesn’t care how many people die, his own evil force feedback karma, and when a group of people bullies and tortures others, no one does bad things by their hands.

It’s just that Wang Bei said that everyone with a brain can understand that, After those little gangsters who bullied classmates everywhere died, there is the existence of the curse for Wu Yue.

Don’t say that they are the cause and effect in their own line, can’t involve their players, that is the case, the other three lines are actually the same.

There are already enough ghosts in the reserve at the moment, Wu Yue has to involve a group here, and then there is a more evil spirit or evil spirit.

Even if these things are only 10% likely to treat their players as prey, the comparison between this number and the strength is only the life of the group.

Oh no, Xin doesn’t think it will be cold, but Zhu Yangyi did not know his specific ability, second, he would not trust his life safety on the conscience of others.

But the principle is this, but to evoke this senior player in the rookie’s skin to follow along, Zhu Yang is not polite.

They didn’t wait until Wu Yue came back last night, and they didn’t stay idle, Lu Xin tried to find all the information about Wu Yue.

The guardian column at the school is not his parents’ names, but his uncle’s family who lives in this city.

In fact, Wu Yue’s parents died long ago, and his custody belonged to his father’s brother, his uncle’s family.

But his uncle is not a good thing, he has swallowed Wu Yue’s inheritance, drove people out to live alone.

The monthly living allowance only guarantees his minimum standard of living. The reason why he can go to school is because his uncle’s reputation in doing business is only.

When Lu Xin pretended to be a teacher at the school and made a home visit, there was still tears expressing how worried he was about his nephew, and how lonely and taciturn his nephew became since his younger brother and sister left, even moved out alone after he was sixteen. Home, refuse to contact relatives.

But in fact, Wu Yue was called to work as a free handyman in his shop during weekends and holidays. Um, that shop used to belong to Wu Yue’s father.

I have to say that his uncle’s acting skills are worthy of the property he has invaded, and it turns out that money can tap the infinite possibilities of people.

They asked about Wu Yue’s parents again, but his uncle’s family didn’t show off very much.

It is said that the two were met by Wu Yue’s father when he traveled to Southeast Asia in his early years. Wu Yue’s mother came from a remote tribe in northern Thailand. The two fell in love at first sight, and they were married there.

After returning to China a few months later, I got the certificate again, and soon there was Wu Yue.

When Uncle Wu’s family talked about the fuck, they all agreed that the younger brothers and sisters were all wicked, and they often talked about them. At first, there were a lot of strange things in the house.

However, Wu Yue’s father lost his temper a few times with dissatisfaction, and the family of three was pretty happy a few years ago.

It was taught by Wu Yue to his mother. Since childhood, he was a little different from other children, and his personality was silent and unpleasant, but this was not a big deal at the time.

Until the year when Wu Yue graduated from elementary school, his father cheated and there were people outside. Not only this, but also brought the pregnant mistress into the house to force his wife to divorce.

Wu Yue’s mother had cried and cried and made troubles, the man became hard-hearted, and it really didn’t change at all.

Originally thought that this was the case, but the day before the appointment was made to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to renew their certificates, Wu Yue’s father and that Xiaosan both died suddenly.

Father Wu Yue was still running the shop, and when he was cooking fries, he suddenly stuffed his head into the fryer. When he was discovered, his whole head was fried.

Xiao San died even more weirdly. She died of a miscarriage and hemorrhage.

But when it was discovered, the formed fetus was no longer in her stomach, it was almost three meters away from her body.

The traces on the scene were like a baby crawling out of her belly. The umbilical cord went around her neck and crawled far away. Of course, the baby did not survive.

This incident caused panic to the people who came to grab the corpse at the time. It’s not that these people have never seen a bloodier death scene, but there are really few weird things like this.

Not only these two people, but Wu Yue’s mother also hanged that night, and Wu Yue has been an orphan since then.

Hang yourself

This is a key word, because Wu Yue will die in the same way in the script tomorrow night, after he curses these people.

After sorting out the specific situation of Wu Yue, everyone basically has a spectrum of many things. Although they have not yet verified it, they seem to be inseparable.

The group went straight to Uncle Wu’s shop. Ironically, Wu Yue skipped class for several days and no one cared, but his uncle would take care of him if he did not come to work in the shop during the weekends.

This shop was opened by Wu Yue’s father in his early years. It operates Western-style fast food. It is different from the crude imitations of ordinary fast-food restaurants. He is very willing to local tastes, so it runs well and has always been in good business.

Uncle Wu Yue took over the store and said that he deducted the wages of employees, but the raw material formula and business model remained the same, and he could do it well.

A few people opened the door to enter. It was not a meal right now. The huge shop was empty and only a couple of guests ate.

Uncle Wu is not in the shop at the moment, and there are only two young salespersons chatting on duty outside.

Zhu Yang and the others continued to steal the identity of the teacher and said that Wu Yue had skipped class for three days and they came to arrest people.

The two employees are also students, and they have not yet escaped the fear of the teacher. Seeing a few people is aggressive and justified.

He pointed towards the kitchen, “He is peeling potatoes inside.”

Zhu Yang cast a wink, and Li Li stayed outside with a serious face and asked the two working students about Wu Yue’s usual time here. A more responsible and strict teacher investigated the problematic students’ posture and restrained them. Out.

Zhu Yang and the three opened the door of the back kitchen, only to see that there was no one inside, but the half-cut ingredients on the cooking table should be prepared in advance for the lunch time.

But judging from the fact that there is no one here, and the attitude of the two employees taking it for granted, it can be seen that Wu Yue is doing so much preparation work alone, and his uncle really does not regard his nephew as cheap coolies.

The three of them glanced at the kitchen, and suddenly heard a small voice from a place, followed by the sound, and found that it was coming from the warehouse inside the kitchen.

As I walked in, the content of the voice became more and more obvious, not speaking, but as if I was chanting some spell.

Zhu Yang and the others had a bad heart, and quickly pushed the door in.

Sure enough, he saw Wu Yue sitting cross-legged on the ground with the book spread out in front of him. He was holding a candle and chanting the spell with the candle around the book. He actually passed his hand on the flame to bake it.

But the strange thing was that he didn’t seem to feel the pain. A closer look at his hand was directly burned by the flame for a while and there was no burn.

His face was full of cheerful sneers, which made this already gloomy teenager look even more weird.

Lu Xin moved the fastest, he rushed over, and Wu Yue was kicked off the candle before he could react and snatched the book.

He turned his head sharply, the expression on his face was full of interrupted anger and viciousness, and seeing the three of them, there was more vague greed in his eyes.

This wicked and weird posture is really very different from the usual Wu Yue, but Zhu Yang remembered that he met him in the corridor that night. The child was also very strange at the time, but it felt a bit like now.

Lu Xin slapped him on the heavenly spirit cover, Wu Yue was suddenly excited, and his whole body was awakened from sleepwalking, and the eerie and strange feeling disappeared.

Instead, he was dazed and horrified that his secret was discovered.

Zhu Yang took the book that Lu Xin handed over. Wu Yue wanted to grab it back, so Wang Bei easily caught him.

The warehouse was too dark and too small, so a few people moved to the kitchen.

Zhu Yang endured the discomfort and flipped through the book, and found that the content had changed. It’s not that she has such a good memory, even such an obscure spell book.

It’s because I turned forward from the page that was just unfolded, and there were a few pictures of people appearing on the pages of the book. Although they were not very clear like ink printing, they could still be seen that they were the gangsters who had been ordered by her, and on the spot. The face of the girl who was stripped and pierced in front of her.

The photos of these two men are on their corresponding pages, just like obituaries in old newspapers decades ago, gloomy and dead.

Zhu Yang said: “This is really convenient. As long as you get personal items, you can kill people. If it’s not too expensive, it’s really a god-defying prop.”

After speaking, he looked at Wu Yue and smiled: “You are better than your mother. Your mother ran out of oil after killing two people, but you still have spare energy.”

Wu Yue’s eyes widened in shock, and finally he said: “You, how do you know?”

Zhu Yang did not answer, but turned back: “You have a lot of death lists. Let me see, these more than a dozen should belong to the school. Wu Dacheng, this seems to be your uncle, right”

“They all deserve to die.” Wu Yue rarely avoided Zhu Yang’s sight, trembling and stubborn eyes.

Zhu Yang shrugged: “I don’t deny this.”

Although I can’t feel the hatred of him, think about it in another way. If anyone dares to occupy her property and treat her as a free coolie, who dares to blackmail her all day long, intimidate, beat and bully.

Not only did she want those people to die, she might even kill his family even cockroaches.

She waved the book in her hand: “It’s hard for us to let you kill all those people now.”

Wang Bei nodded: “Yeah, two of these are dead, I don’t know if I will come here.”

“Three are actually dead.” Zhu Yang turned to one of the pages and turned the book around.

Lu Xin and the others suddenly saw that the flat-headed portrait had appeared on the page of the book. When Zhu Yang just turned it over, there were only spells and names on this page.

Although Lu Xin interrupted the spellcasting just now, it was too late.

They were busy calling the yellow hair, and it just so happened that this group of gangsters gathered together to play in the game hall today, and the yellow hair was growing when the head died.

The guy’s voice was crying with scared urine: “Just playing the slot machine, the boss suddenly burned all over, and his whole body was on fire. Just like his mother was doused with gasoline, the splashes would not be extinguished. Wait for the fire. It’s extinguished, and everyone is out of breath. The body is burning and the ten fingers are hooked like claws. The entire game hall is frightened.”

Huang Mao died around three days in a row. Two of them died in such a tragic way. The group of gangsters couldn’t help but start to panic.

But they did a lot of messy things. How did the bullying classmates know that Wu Yue often went to the haunted house in the cemetery to beat him to death, playing some gall-testing games, at this moment, all of them suspected that they were stained with dirt.

After hanging up the phone, Wang Bei took a deep breath: “It’s so convenient, it’s hard to prevent. Hurry up, put the book away and don’t use it anymore.”

Zhu Yang had the same idea, and in her opinion, those gangsters who were killed turned into ghosts. It’s good to say that the key threat is the book.

Wu Yue’s life is exchanged for more than a dozen lives. What if it arouses the greed of this evil existence. As far as Wu Yue uses books to kill people, he needs his belongings and rituals, but who knows what this force will grow into later?

But as soon as this idea came out, an obvious obstacle came.

When the three of them were taking Wu Yue away, the kitchen door was suddenly locked and unable to open. Then a kitchen knife flew up from the chopping board and slammed into Zhu Yang, and she quickly avoided it.

Then a few people turned their heads and saw the three dead, one of the gangsters they had called, the red-haired girl, and the flat-headed man appeared in the kitchen.

They were the same as they were when they died. There was a hole in the forehead of a one-yuan coin. The red-haired girl’s cheeks were cut and it was bigger than the mouth of the split-headed girl. The flat-headed man’s original tall and sturdy body is now indeed 岣嵝.

The whole person was burnt and curled up, hands like hooks. The three ghosts all looked at them gloomily and made a hey grin.

They should have lost their consciousness, ignoring Wu Yue as the murderer, but the target was them, as if they were being supported by some kind of force to prevent them from leaving.

Wang Bei was standing closest to them, and when she saw the red-haired female ghost was about to catch her, she kicked it over.

But the girl who turned into a ghost is obviously much more difficult to deal with than before. If she is still alive, she can kick her with Wang Bei’s strength, but now she is only staggered by all her strength.

Zhu Yang raised his hand and drew out the kitchen knife on the side of his face, and slashed it at the charred flat head that came towards him.

However, the kitchen knife broke in half immediately, and the body that was supposed to be as vulnerable as coke was comparable to a golden stone. When Zhu Yang cut it up, there was a spark.

This hard shock made Zhu Yang’s palm numb. Seeing that the other party was about to grab it, Zhu Yang kicked his heart.

She added more strength points than Wang Bei, and kicked her flat head back a few steps, but still did not block the opponent’s pace.

On the contrary, Lu Xin’s offensive was the fiercest. He twisted the gangster’s neck and back his head, unloaded the opponent’s limbs, and even had free kicks to catch Wang Bei’s female ghost.

But after the three ghosts were forced to retreat, they rallied and leaned in again without any lag.

Especially the one that was twisted into a twist by Lu Xin, his mind turned back into place, and then there was a crackling sound of joint reset.

It seems that these few can still return to blue indefinitely.

Wang Bei turned around in a panic to open the door and found that the door was still motionless.

She was a little desperate. This was the first time that the power of the game’s increased difficulty was truly felt. Three new ghosts who had been dead for a day or two were so difficult to deal with. There is still a reasonable female ghost lady in the villa. She is too optimistic about this game.

At this moment, Zhu Yang unhurriedly opened the book, found a certain page, and then hesitated, tearing off a part of that page.

Immediately they heard the scorched flat-headed ghost closest to Zhu Yang screamed.

At the same time, a large piece of flesh on his scorched body was torn apart raw, revealing the brutal flesh inside.

However, Zhu Yang smiled in surprise: “Oh~~, it’s really useful. I’ll just say how the three spicy chickens can be so fierce when they die. The fate must be very crisp.”

Then another piece of paper was torn, and the scorched flat head broke out again with a scream.

I don’t know if this place is separated by an enchantment. There is such a big movement inside, but no one comes in to see it.

Zhu Yang was also a pervert. Seeing that flat head was miserable, he didn’t give the ghost a good time. It took dozens of times to tear a piece of paper, one piece at a time, showing how skillful he was when he was a child.

Wang Bei and Wu Yue were almost stunned and watched the charred **** being ripped apart piece by piece by Zhu Yang, and finally turned into a skeleton with only a charred head.

After waiting, the ghost’s voice became hoarse, and a faint dying cry came from his mouth.

Then Zhu Yang walked over and kicked his frame apart, this time he kicked easily.

There was a bang on the skeleton, and Wang Bei and Wu Yue saw the other two ghosts scared their shoulders by the sound.

Afterwards, seeing Zhu Yang raising his head and looking at them, he was still trying to catch up with him just now, and now he stepped back.

Zhu Yang grinned and tore off two more pages in the trembling of the two ghosts.

It belonged to them, because the whole page was torn off, and there was no pain.

But in the next second, Zhu Yang was twirling the top of the paper and handing two pieces of paper into the oil pan.

The cortical paper and the piping hot oil reacted instantly, and it was fried to curl and crisp.

And the two ghosts immediately felt the pain from their souls. The so-called after death, they experienced it one step in advance.

The two ghosts quickly blistered and rotten, and finally became scorched and crisp, frozen in there, and turned into two giant tempuras.

Lu Xin stepped forward and took a rolling pin and poked it. The ghost of the measuring tool suddenly collapsed, and then the traces of the three ghosts disappeared.

Zhu Yang motioned to Wang Bei to open the door, Wang Bei let go of Wu Yue in a daze, and Wu Yue did not struggle in a daze.

Wang Bei opened it twice, and still opened it, then turned around and shrugged at Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang sneered and carried the book to his eyes: “Hey, don’t you know how to promote it?”

As he said that, he smashed a few times on the stage of Liuli: “A foreigner who ran into someone else’s land is not good to worship the mountain and recognize the boss with his tail sandwiched. He is very greedy. If you don’t let you kill those dozen people, you give me back Sapo, right”

“You saw the end of those three, how resistant you think you can be now” said, carrying the book on top of the oil pan: “Wu Yue, go tell the outside to add a new vegetable at noon today, oil paper tempura.”

Then he said to the book: “Believe it or not, I let people eat you in and pull out with Xiang”

With a click, the kitchen door lock opened automatically, and even opened a crack in the door so that they could get out.

Wang Bei looked in a trance, feeling that the panic she had just now was superfluous.

And Wu Yue didn’t get any better, but he was in a more complicated mood. He was really desperate for the world and wanted to die with those scumbags, but he didn’t expect that this curse book could actually manipulate ghosts to attack people.

It was not his intention to hurt others. Although the final result was dazed and a little ridiculous, the book being stolen also meant that the people behind would not get the punishment they deserved.

Seeing that he could not hide his loneliness and regret, Zhu Yang didn’t say anything for a while, so he came out and asked Li Li to go back to the villa temporarily.

It was only noon at this time. Teacher Qiu who went out in the morning came back. She had no class this weekend, so she took her son out to buy two new clothes, and took him to eat fast food that children like.

She used to ask for money because of her husband playing cards and drinking. She even had to save money when buying vegetables. In retrospect, she hadn’t taken her son out for a long time.

Xiao Ming showed Zhu Yang the little dinosaur toy given by eating fast food. Teacher Qiu asked what was going on with the glass, but Zhu Yang used a rat to fool it.

“It’s okay, just let the landlord cut a mirror and come back. It won’t cost much.” Then he looked around and said, “The landlord, I haven’t seen him since early this morning, and the door is left open. Don’t be weird if you miss something.”

Li Li hurriedly said: “His old lady is dead, so he hurriedly said that he would go back to the funeral in the morning, so that we can do something for ourselves.”

“Oh” Teacher Qiu ignored the words.

Most people will inevitably sigh when they hear someone’s funeral, but the landlord is really not a sympathetic person, and the same is true of his old lady.

It’s okay in summer. It is said that there is something to see in my hometown, and I will come to live here if nothing happens in winter, and the whole is a mean old lady who is making trouble everywhere.

While chatting, Teacher Qiu received a call from a colleague from the school.

At first she thought it was about work, and not long after she got on the phone, everyone saw her pale and trembling, and the phone fell from her hands and hit the ground.

Teacher Qiu sat paralyzed on the sofa with tears in his eyes. He looked at everyone and cried, “That person, that person will kill Teacher Zhu’s family.”

Teacher Zhu is the person whom Qiu had a crush in his young diary, and is also Xiao Ming’s current head teacher.

The expressions of several people changed, and they didn’t expect this line to extend further. Although they expected that the sixth day would definitely not be peaceful, everyone did not expect that even innocent people would be violently involved.

Teacher Qiu continued: “Mr. Zhu’s family was found dead at home in the morning, and then the police tuned the community and corridor monitoring. That beast, he came to kill me if he had the ability, why did he kill me, and why?”

Teacher Qiu cried so much that Xiao Ming was so scared that he was at a loss. Wang Bei immediately covered his ears and hugged him upstairs.

“Ms. Zhu’s child is only three years old, a three-year-old child”

Several players were not comfortable, especially Zhu Yang, who developed this way. This broken game is simply worse than Dacheng.

Her heart suddenly became hostile, and when she got up, she went to the kitchen and pulled out a kitchen knife. This was Teacher Qiu’s own, the kind of chopping knife used to chop bones.

Then he went back to the hall and slapped the kitchen knife in front of Teacher Qiu who was crying.

Teacher Qiu was still crying because of this movement, and heard Zhu Yang ferociously said, “What he wants is your reaction. Believe it or not, he might be sitting in a tavern thinking about your drinking now. ”

“In this stuff, it will cost you two dollars to see people go up. I said that when you encounter a bully and fearful of hardship, you will be more horizontal than him. It is the same if he kills people.”

If this is the real world, it’s a proper instigation.

But Zhu Yang knew that they would die in the end, just like the lady ghost and the landlady, they are all ghosts in this copy, either the east wind overwhelms the west wind, or the west wind overwhelms the east wind.

Even if the tragedy is unavoidable, Zhu Yang still hopes that the mother and son will be fearless against the scum in the world after death.

Teacher Qiu stared at Zhu Yang for a long while, then took the knife with a trembling hand and put it in his carry bag without saying a word.

But one wave after another has not settled, and Miss Qiu’s affairs are not over before she sees Miss Cui running back crying.

As soon as she entered the hall, she smashed her bag on the ground and screamed: “Why don’t I do enough for my family these years to wash my blood and have to knock my bones to eat.”

Several people comforted her to calm down, and then Miss Cui told them what had happened.

It turned out that her stalker was in the same district as her hometown, but in a different town.

The stalker hadn’t appeared in front of her in recent days, and she thought she had finally gotten rid of the other party, but she had just taken a salary and went to her parents directly.

Just now, her parents called her and said that the Zhang family was willing to give her a 200,000 gift to marry her.

Seeing that her two younger brothers are about to graduate from high school, it is also time to think about marrying a wife.

It is said that her sister is to think about her younger brother, and it is said that the child of Zhang’s family is not because she does not marry. It can be seen that she had a good life in the past, so she has agreed to the marriage for her.

Ms. Cui’s parents also feel that she is thinking about her daughter, so where can we find a marriage that is good for both sisters and brothers?

200,000, I bought a top student from a key university, huh


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