Scream Queen Chapter 23

Miss Cui was still crying, but Zhu Yang laughed abruptly–

“Haha! Hahahahaha…”

The words that everyone was going to console Miss Cui had not yet said, they all looked at Zhu Yang.

She seemed to be smiling very happily, her bright and charming eyes were still glowing, and she was obviously a very sweet and energetic smile.

At this time when I heard two tragedies in succession, there was not only an untimely sense of violation, but also inexplicable inexplicable.

That kind of strong intuition that comes with wind and rain made everyone present feel terrified, including Miss Cui who was in great compassion and anger.

After smiling, Zhu Yang waved his hand, wiped the corners of his eyes carelessly with his fingertips, and said lazily, “I see, we think we don’t get involved in low-key affairs, but people don’t appreciate it. ”

“If we solve one thing, it will have a way to quickly extend the new trouble, but logically it is still tight. What is this trying to tell me? The butterfly effect? ​​Is my work in vain?”

Teacher Qiu is not clear about this, but the players understand it. Naturally, this ‘people’ and ‘it’ refers to games.

Li Li and Wang Bei are a little bit worried, this situation is actually something they had anticipated long ago, no matter how the status quo is changed, the result will point to a fact.

It’s just that I didn’t expect the plot this time to be so close to reality and logic, and it was different from previous experiences. However, it is just this that makes it more suitable.

On the seventh night, you really let a few ghost NPCs suddenly die abnormally. This kind of tragedy, which is closely linked with the behavior before and after, and seems to develop naturally, is really a kind of inner torture.

This will make players who thought that the status quo has improved will feel a sense of loss from being slapped in the face, and even worse, will have an illusion that this is caused by themselves, because if you just sit on the sidelines at first, the script may not extend so much. New plot.

Wang Bei was about to pat Zhu Yang on the shoulder to comfort her. When she raised her head, her eyes suddenly became stubborn and deep. It was not the enlightenment that came after the great enlightenment, but the unwavering confidence in her own choice, even if she was defeated. The courage to take on.

Zhu Yang stood up fiercely and stamped his foot on the coffee table: “These **** think that this will make us play around? Think I will sit and wait for him to arrange the script for me? Let his fart, round your cause and effect Go and eat shit.”

Suddenly looking at the central characters of the three tragedies present, the eyes of the three people jumped: “Didn’t you mean messing with me? First of all, I will teach you the first point.”

“Which **** dare to mess with you, just pull his intestines out of his mouth. Don’t think too much about everything, remember how this horrible life came from? Killing more than 200 million brothers and sisters has achieved it now Of you, don’t **** end up living a spine before you were an embryo.”

“follow me!”

The last three words were spoken loudly and fiercely, and the three people including Li Li shrank their shoulders in fright, and hurriedly followed her steps upstairs.

A group of people came to Zhu Yang’s room, and the room became a bit crowded after a while.

But no one cared about this, they saw Zhu Yang took a few bags and dumped the contents onto the bed.

Apart from the fact that the dungeon has been getting faster and faster in the past one or two days, it is a little lacking in skills. The first few days everyone had a really good time.

Both Li Li and Wang Bei bought a lot of reluctant things in reality, and what Zhu Yang poured out was some cosmetics, wigs, jewelry and clothing that she and Wang Bei bought randomly.

Anyway, I can’t take it away and I can’t use it up anyway. Just try to be happy. Wang Bei bought a lot of inexplicable things, and it came in handy now.

Zhu Yang glanced at Wu Yue, and rushed to Lu Xin and the others: “Take him to your room to pick up a humanoid, with his hair covering his eyes and croaking like a demeanor, and my waist straightened.”

Wu Yue was taken away with a panic on his face, and then Teacher Qiu and Miss Cui were also thrown by Zhu Yang alone with a set of high-end ready-to-wear garments, both of which are seasonal women’s clothing of international brands.

“Go and change it!”

Teacher Qiu and Ms. Cui looked at each other, and they were a little unclear, so they were also worried about the expensive clothes in their hands.

These brands are only sold in the most high-end commercial buildings in the downtown business district. They are all world-class luxury brands, and a wallet is a minimum of tens of thousands.

As working-class and poor students, they dare not even go inside.

But Zhu Yang saw that they were already impatient in their stunned faces, and the two hurriedly squeezed into the bathroom and changed.

After the two changed, it was really the Buddha’s gold suit, and the whole small room was crowded with a glamorous woman, and it suddenly became radiant.

There is no need to mention Miss Cui’s appearance. Being chased and scolded by coquettish **** from a young age also shows that her gorgeous beauty is actually clear to everyone around her.

Although Teacher Qiu was over 30, he was depressed due to the pressure of life and long-term misfortune, and neglected to maintain it. But teacher, the intellectual beauty in his bones makes people feel comfortable when he sees it, plus the foundation is here.

She wore a suit from the Xiangjia family, and she immediately looked beautiful and gentle, capable and elegant, just like a successful woman with a prosperous and fashionable career that everyone admired.

And Miss Cui wore a black minimalist dress for her, the stunning tailoring fits the graceful curves of women very much.

Ms. Cui’s **** figure of “lust/emotion” that has been criticized all of a sudden became high-level and charming, and it is also a short skirt that shows curves. The ones she usually wears at auto shows or bars appear to be a cosmopolitan atmosphere. .

Zhu Yang praised: “Sure enough, this is the charm of the top tailoring design. Come and put on some makeup.”

Wang Bei twitched his mouth: “Didn’t it mean to kill the bitch? This, is this a bit off topic?”

Zhu Yang despised her and said: “Who have you seen who doesn’t wear armor when fighting? A woman’s beauty is her armor. When doing big things, she must have a sense of ritual. Even if she dies, she must wear makeup and die beautifully.”

In reality, when is she not beautiful, she has a disgraced face, she is weak by three points, and she doesn’t have the confidence that she can beat the sky. How can she win? Go to sleep.

So Wang Bei said, “You go to the sink and ask someone to put on you a fake makeup, so that others will never recognize you.”

When Wang Bei heard it, her heart trembled, isn’t that who at the sink is Zhu Yang’s new dog-legged child Miss Gui? This morning, he gave Zhu Yang a towel and toothpaste for makeup.

This command was a bit stimulating, but seeing Zhu CCTV’s line of sight came over, Wang Bei didn’t dare not listen. She was busy carrying her cosmetic bag and looked for the lady ghost without tears.

Zhu Yang put on makeup for Teacher Qiu and Miss Cui. Originally, Miss Cui said that she could come by herself, but Zhu Yang unceremoniously despised her.

“Your makeup is all rough and heavy makeup that is learned from the layman. Not to mention personal characteristics, it is not aesthetic at all. I think you have a sharp chin and you have so many shadows on the chin line every time. It’s big enough and I have to paint my eyelid white and try my best to paint a silkworm. The color of the eye shadow is as messy as shit. Also, since the eye makeup is so prominent, I have to paint such thick flaming red lips. The turned over palette, there is no priority at all, are you sure you make it yourself?”

Miss Cui was pierced by an arrow. She learned that Teacher Qiu closed her mouth and sat on a stool in silence, waiting for her luck.

Zhu Yang moved quickly. After applying makeup to the two of them and giving them a hair dryer to slightly manage their hair, the two of them looked completely new from beginning to end.

Teacher Qiu and Ms. Cui looked at them in the mirror and couldn’t believe them. They had never thought that they were ordinary, and they were able to show this side of themselves, who worked so hard for their lives every day.

The two people in the mirror are exquisite and luxurious, beautiful and elegant, as if they had become the life of their dreams.

At this time, Xiao Ming didn’t know where he got in, and was surprised to hug his mother’s leg: “Mom is so beautiful.”

Teacher Qiu was a little shy, and a little sweet in his heart, and his tortured heart was a little bit romantic at this time when he was young.

At this time, Wang Bei also came back. She was no longer so dazed. When she was putting on make-up, she still mustered up the courage to chat with the female ghost lady. After opening the chat box, she felt that she was still getting along well.

But by this time she had already put on a wig and painted an imitation makeup. Even Zhu Yang couldn’t see Wang Bei’s shadow when she got along these few nights.

Then Lu Xin and the others took Wu Yue out again, and Li Li wiped his sweat: “This kid, tossing hard, changing his clothes and cutting his hair is just like a chicken who is going to be shirred.”

The clothes were bought by Li Lixin. Li Li was a southerner who was born not tall and thin. The clothes Wu Yue bought did not seem to be offensive.

But this guy also had money to buy it randomly. Look at how many of those fashionable men’s wear he wears decently? However, young people like Wu Yue who are less than twenty are more suitable.

Wu Yue, who had her hair cut short to show her contours, grew up pretty well, but also, his parents both grew up well, and they were still mixed, so naturally they were not bad.

It’s just that his face is pale, his eyes are shy, and he doesn’t dare to look at them very much. This shy and introverted personality is so easy to be bullied. If he doesn’t pick up his energy, the probability of being bullied in his broken school is 100%.

Zhu Yang nodded in satisfaction, and led a group of people downstairs mightily.

This said: “First of all, it’s Teacher Qiu’s side. I told you to carry the knife at any time. If you encounter that counseling bag, it will be two times. I was wrong. If you leave him outside, there will not necessarily be more innocent people victimized. His parents, relatives, friends, colleagues and even classmates may be his targets.”

Teacher Qiu panicked as soon as he heard it, Zhu Yang continued: “So we have to find people out and die first.”

This mode of processing is completely different from the thinking mode of ordinary people relying on the police for things. Teacher Qiu hesitated and said: “Can you find him? The police have started to be wanted, but there is no news yet.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “It is said that more than 80% of serial killers will return to the scene to enjoy the pleasure of committing crimes. Although that counselor is not a serial killer, the tendency to revenge is obvious.”

“He will definitely hide in the dark to see you know how painful the news is, so I dressed you beautifully, you went out beautifully, and walked all the way in the direction of Teacher Zhu’s house.”

“That idiot didn’t get the response he wanted. On the contrary, after you left him, the scenery is more beautiful than before. How could that kind of impotence/male self-esteem be able to bear. I asked Wang Bei to follow you secretly, she put on imitation makeup, If others can’t recognize it, if we are not around you, 80% of them will jump out and catch him as soon as they come out.”

Wang Bei then realized her intentions, nodded, and went out one after another with Teacher Qiu. Before leaving, he even put a mobile phone in Teacher Qiu’s hand: “Don’t put this in your bag, carry it next to your body, Stay far away so you can control your whereabouts at any time.”

After the two left, Zhu Yang looked at Ms. Cui again, her eyes a little sharp, Ms. Cui panicked.

Just listen to Zhu Yang opening his mouth: “I ask you, what do you plan to do with your parents forcing you to marry someone?”

Miss Cui was held by Zhu Yang’s nose and walked for a long time, only then did she remember that she was still in trouble.

She angrily said: “I want to go back and ask them, I have spent the past two years living frugally, and I am reluctant to buy better clothes, and I did not miss their living expenses by eating instant noodles when the job was hard to find. .”

“It’s good for them, as long as they give money, whether it’s a man or a ghost, they will sell me? They will slaughter and eat meat and squeeze oil when they give birth to me?”

“Yes!” Zhu Yang said nonchalantly.

Miss Cui choked, Zhu Yang didn’t say much.

She couldn’t understand that this girl was sucked into such a silly look that she hadn’t tasted her own situation. Parents and relatives will take your hard-earned money and eat instant noodles regardless of your poverty to satisfy themselves. Material desires that cannot be consumed at all?

The name is Zhu Yang and said that this is also what Miss Cui herself is used to. The two little turtles at home can give whatever they really want.

But outsiders can see at a glance, it’s because of being out of the way. The family of relatives has been in it since childhood, and the environment and conditions have created vision and common sense.

Things that others find unbelievable are commonplace in the eyes of some people. The so-called mourning for their misfortune and anger is nothing more than this.

Zhu Yang dared to be sure that if Miss Cui dared to go back, her parents tied her up, she would do good things with others and then cry and shed tears afterwards, saying that she could do it for her good. She has no doubt about this game now. Poor Miss Cui really thought that the parents who interrupted the sale of their daughter could be justified.

Zhu Yang was too lazy to bother with a man who had been brainwashed by overwhelming dedication for twenty years. He didn’t expect to wake her up with his mouth, so he had to give a strong medicine.

They really don’t have much time.

So Zhu Yang said: “What about the two hundred thousand?”

Miss Cui gritted her teeth: “Get out of his 200,000, whoever wants to marry will marry, I won’t ask for this money.”

Zhu Yang laughed and said: “On the contrary, why don’t you, you should ask someone out now and let him ask for the 200,000 gift. It is better to keep your own money instead of falling on your parents and brothers. .”

Miss Cui looked at her blankly and listened to Zhu Yang: “You said you would listen to me, don’t you believe me now?”

Miss Cui was silent for a few minutes, and finally gritted her teeth and nodded: “I believe it!”

Zhu Yang smiled with satisfaction: “If you feel less, you can still try more points. With your current beauty, that fool will be willing to buy it.”

Later, Ms. Cui called Zhang through her classmates and called him to meet in a bar.

There was naturally ecstatic and promised again and again.

When they arrived at the bar, Zhu Yang ordered some drinks and sat at the booth next door, while Miss Cui sat alone on the other side and waited.

The bar is dimly lit, and there are flashing lights everywhere. As long as they keep a low profile, even if they sit here, they don’t have to worry about being discovered.

Soon that person came, and seeing Ms. Cui’s dressing up today, his eyes were straight, and she came over familiarly: “Hey! Yuanyuan, how do you know that you are dressed so plainly?”

“This is what a serious girl dresses up. As expected, it’s better to let your parents persuade you. Doesn’t this figure out?”

“Well, a woman is born to marry a man. You said you were feasting and feasting. Which man can stand his future wife like this?”

“And the woman over where you stayed, if you don’t talk to her in the future, that’s not a serious person,”

The man got closer, Miss Cui endured the nausea of ​​his bad breath and smiled reluctantly: “Then you are satisfied with me like this?”

“Satisfied, satisfied!” Who is not satisfied with being so beautiful? He had just walked all the way and didn’t know how many men stared at him with jealous eyes.

Although it is necessary to talk to a bar like a nonchalant place for a while, let her correct it next time, but it is undeniable that the man’s vanity is still greatly satisfied.

Miss Cui passed a trace of contempt right now, and then said again: “Your family is willing to spend 200,000 yuan, which shows your sincerity. It seems that you really don’t want to play with me.”

The man immediately swore: “When did I take you seriously enough? I made up my mind to marry you from the beginning.”

Miss Cui resisted the urge to vomit: “That’s OK, you give me the two hundred thousand.”

“Huh?” The man was at a loss, and heard Cui Yuan impatiently said: “You are stupid, if we get married, your family will give all the money to my brother and them, so we don’t have to live?”

“This gift is given to me. I will keep a lot of it and bring it back to my small family. This is the long-term plan. You gave it to my parents. Believe it or not, you will only get a few beds when you get married. quilt.”

When the man heard it, it was indeed such a thing. Originally, he was going back to death and begging his parents to go over and get ready for the money.

But since it can be brought back, who wants to suffer that loss? Why are my own money cheaper?

Originally, he was a member of his family after marrying, and it was impossible to supplement her family, but what age is it now? Who is going to receive a lottery gift for free love?

So the man’s double-standard logic of serving his own interests is basically implemented, but he is afraid that Cui Yuan is cheating himself.

Ms. Cui’s heart is really what Ms. Zhu said, this kind of low and realistic low is really wanting to take advantage of all the benefits, and they are not willing to give it anything cheap.

So he smiled and said: “Knowing your roots and knowing the bottom, are you afraid that I won’t be able to rely on you? Is it because of your 200,000 that I can’t go to such a good university? The future is gone? The family is gone?

“Well, you transfer the money to me, and the bank records are clear. If I regret it, you won’t be unable to get it back.”

“Heh! But you have to think about it quickly. I think it’s a trip in the past two days. If I think the money is not worth it later, then I’ll assume we haven’t seen it tonight.”

This continuation of the fight, and a little pressure, made the man immediately feel that the opportunity is indispensable and never come again. This is also the truth when you think about it. People who know the bottom line are afraid that she will not get away? You can chase back after you ran.

So he gritted his teeth and took out his mobile phone to transfer the account to Miss Cui.

After Miss Cui received the transfer reminder, she smiled with satisfaction. When the man looks at the beauties under the lamp, he is itchy at first, and he realizes that all the money is given. That is his own person. Sooner or later, he will have to—

So he touched Miss Cui’s thigh with one hand: “Look, we are all a family now, not tonight–”

“You go to sleep with the sow tonight!” Miss Cui suddenly turned her face.

Before the man could react, he was grabbed from the deck with one hand.

Then dragged out of the bar without saying a word.

The security guard outside the bar looked at and wanted to ask questions. Li Li acted like a wicked look: “This tortoise grandson, dare to molested my sister in front of my brother. We know the rules and we will not make trouble in your bar. Go out and solve it.”

Seeing the looks of Zhu Yang and Ms. Cui, the security guard was not surprised that they were indeed being harassed. As long as they didn’t make trouble with themselves, they would just turn a blind eye.

The man hurriedly yelled: “No, they lie, they joined together to dance the fairy.”

After being punched in the stomach by Li Li, he suddenly became silent.

Several people dragged them back to the villa and threw them on the ground. The man still wanted to struggle, his eyes staring at Miss Cui bitterly. But in the next second it was pounded up.

Miss Cui looked at her anger, she couldn’t wait for this person to die at this moment, she felt that this perverted person might not be pestering people until she died.

Then he asked Zhu Yang: “Sister, the money is coming, what should I do next?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “The next thing may make you uncomfortable, but after you finish it, you may have a newer understanding of this matter, so that you can make the final judgment for yourself. Are you sure? ”

Miss Cui was a little flustered by her solemn statement, but she still gritted her teeth and nodded.

“Good!” Zhu Yang said, and then told Li Li: “Stun him.”

Li Liyiyan knocked the man out of consciousness with a punch, then Zhu Yang took a fruit knife from the coffee table and struck the man mercilessly.

The blood flowed out immediately, and the injured face was put underneath, and immediately a pool of blood collected under the man’s head.

At first glance, the other party fell to the ground unconsciously, with so much blood still on his head, it really seemed to be cold.

Zhu Yang asked Ms. Cui to take a picture of the other party again, and Ms. Cui took the picture without knowing it.

Then she heard her order: “Send it to your parents and tell them that you have received the money, but this guy will do everything as soon as he gives the money. You accidentally stabbed someone to death and asked them. How to do.”

Miss Cui was terrified. She didn’t understand why she did this. Even if her parents favored her younger brother, she would always be their daughter, right? Uneven distribution is one thing in normal times, and when it comes to life-threatening matters, she will still be on her side.

But there was a questioning voice in her heart, which made her a little eager to try the absurd way.

So she trembling hands, posted the photo, and at the same time polished what Zhu Yang said.

This time is the evening meal, and now only mobile phones are very popular in rural areas. When she made the first money, she bought mobile phones for her parents and younger brother at the same time.

The younger brothers are now using the latest Apple models, and the parents’ ones have also been replaced with larger screens, saying it is convenient for watching videos, and she is still using the Redmi phone that she bought two years ago.

Parents use their mobile phones to watch dramas while eating, so the messages sent should be received soon.

Since the news was sent, Ms. Cui’s heart was like a drum, and various thoughts were in conflict in her heart.

As time passed, she became more and more anxious, more and more suspicious, and at the same time comforted herself for various reasons, it was impossible for her parents to ignore her.

Then, after I don’t know how long, the phone finally responded, it was a direct call, showing that it was her mother’s number.

Ms. Cui was happy with a sigh of relief. She hurriedly answered the phone. Before she said anything, she was shocked by her mother’s loud and anxious curse over there.

“You **** girl, you are going to die. Since you are almost married, what if you let someone touch it twice? Sooner or later, a woman has to pass this level. I never heard that a man wants to be intimidated and stabbed. The way your brothers live, people know that they have a murderer sister, who will marry me in the future?”

“I don’t need you to eat or drink to raise you so big, you have to take care of me to collect debts.” There was a thumping chest crying.

It took a long time before he said, “Didn’t you say that he has given you the money? You turn the money over now, and then hide away from home. Don’t talk about money, your father and mother. Older, you can’t ruin your brother because of this.”

Miss Cui’s face had already become numb, and the tears that had flowed from her eyes had dried up at some point, leaving two dry tear marks.

She always felt that she was filial and capable, and she was the backbone of the family in advance. Although bitter and tired, it was also her pride.

It’s not that I haven’t been unhappy, but that is the closest family member. How can I care about everything?

Even though the wedding ceremony, she was mostly feudal, short-sighted and ignorant of her parents. Think they are just bound by pedantic notions of marriage.

But until this time, when the choice of life and death was in front of her, she felt ridiculous about her life.

Even if her parents asked her to run away with money, she wouldn’t be so desperate if she didn’t contact her family. Leave the money, and then she drives away a murderer.

From now on, what kind of life will a woman who can’t walk in the sun openly live?

Ms. Cui showed a crying and smiling expression on her face. Her shoulders trembled a few times, and then smiled and said to her mother: “Okay, I won’t ruin my brother or this home. From now on you will have a good time. I took my money and went to hide myself.”

“What are you talking about, you dead girl? Your brother will have to pay tuition next semester—”

“Anyway, the total score is less than two hundred. Is it necessary to read it?” Miss Cui said lightly: “The two of them, they have no money, no education, and they are used to sitting and enjoying their lives. Parents, you always say you are old. I can only rely on me, but now I can’t rely on it. It’s a lifetime, dragging two **** you raised yourself, take it well, ah!”

He hung up after speaking.

Then she sat on the sofa for a long time, then looked at the people around her, and said, “In fact, there were a lot of things like this in our village when I was young.”

“When my daughter graduated from junior high and high school, she married someone in her thirties, so that her brother and brother could go to school and build a house. So I studied desperately and became the only female college student in our village. In fact, she was old in her third year of high school. A matchmaker came to my house.”

“Later, despite my objections, I promised to pay the tuition by myself, and also paid for my brother to go to college. I thought I was out of that vicious circle, but I didn’t. The funny thing is that I didn’t realize that I was no different from those girls who married early. ”

After speaking, she picked up the fruit knife Zhu Yang had just used to cut the wound, and came to the man in front of——

“This thing is not dead, he will continue to pester me, and then my parents know that I lied to them, the money has been in my hands, and I can do all the big noises in my school. I have never Way to get rid of their entanglement.”

She lifted her hand, and her eyes were filled with despair: “Since you have to die to get rid of this guy’s entanglement, then he will go to die.”

After that, he stabbed the opponent with a knife!

However, one hand held her wrist first and stopped her at the very moment.

Zhu Yang sighed: “So, why do you always think of dragging others to death when you know that you are a victim? It’s a pleasant thing like the thing that people go to **** alone, you have to follow together. Companionship.”

This is not only Miss Cui, but also Wu Yue.

She snapped her fingers: “There are so many ways not to get your hands dirty and kill the hot chicken. There is no need to lose yourself, but since Teacher Qiu’s situation is a priority, let’s solve it first. Come back to pack up.”

Looking at Wu Yue again: “You don’t need to avoid this kind of thing, but the scene that Miss Cui sees for a while may be more exciting, don’t scream.”

Miss Cui nodded blankly, and saw Zhu Yang awaken the man.

As soon as the man woke up, he felt the sharp pain on his face, touched the blood on his hand, and was so frightened that he screamed.

Li Li kicked again and suffocated.

Immediately, Zhu Yang asked Li Li to drag the person to the full-length mirror in the hall. Miss Cui and the man were not sure why, but the scene in the mirror in the next second was creepy.

Zhu Yang knocked on the mirror, and then the reflection of them disappeared, replaced by an obese woman with a savage burn on her face struggling in it.

Ms. Cui was okay, the man was scared to pee, and a fishy smell suddenly appeared on the ground.

Zhu Yang took a few steps quickly, and then said to the lady boss in the mirror: “Do you mind if someone squeezes you?”

The boss’s wife is uncomfortable in it alone, how can she be happy? Busy shook his head desperately.

Zhu Yang sighed: “Don’t be so stingy, you see the female ghost lady upstairs is so generous, and contributed their position to your husband, you who open the door to do business, your consciousness is not as good as others.”

The proprietress’ eyes widened in horror when she heard this, she said how suddenly she heard several people say that her mother-in-law died and her husband went back to the funeral. The life of the dead old woman would not be uncommon for another twenty years.

It turned out to have been poisoned by this person a long time ago. I thought that she was trapped here, her husband was trapped upstairs, but she couldn’t see each other close at hand. The landlord’s wife couldn’t help feeling very sad, but she was burned by the talisman paper and had not recovered her face , Looks even scarier.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “If you don’t speak, I will be when you agree.”

The man’s mouth was burned and he couldn’t speak, but Zhu Yang’s next sentence made the landlord’s wife help her–

“You are willing to take this little brother in your private room for one night, and I will let you meet your husband tomorrow night.”

Anyway, tomorrow night is Suohunye, and Zhu Yang believes that this ghost couple can also come out even if she doesn’t let go.

So Zhu Yang reached in and pulled the landlord’s wife out halfway, and she could get out by herself when she opened her mouth.

Then the stalker saw that female ghost with a terrible face crawling towards him step by step, his legs were weak in fright, and he screamed desperately——

“Don’t come over, don’t come over, I was wrong, I won’t pester Cui Yuan anymore, don’t kill me, don’t–”

Zhu Yang Liangliang smiled and said: “Don’t you, don’t you claim that you are the most precious? The proprietress is so enthusiastic and willing to spend the night with you, how can you react just like this because the parents are shambles? Compare your appearance with Miss Cui It’s bigger than you and the boss, Miss Cui doesn’t scream like a ghost every time she sees you.”

Ms. Cui watched the hideous female ghost drag the screaming person back into the mirror step by step. This vision exceeded her understanding and made the bones cold.

But apart from the reactions of these normal people after seeing a ghost for the first time, she felt that happiness was the most, and then driven by this twisted happiness, even the monsters and ghosts were not so scary.

What are ghosts? Look at these people, aren’t they as hideous as ghosts? The only difference is that they are still wearing long human skin.

After a few minutes, the man’s screams finally disappeared, and only the mirror was squeezed by two people.

The woman was not very well, and the man was so scared that he rolled his eyes and fainted, but he probably fainted again when he woke up.

Zhu Yang finished everything and clapped his hands: “Okay, time is limited. Just now Wang Bei has sent a message that he has caught the counsellor at Mr. Zhu’s house. Let’s go on to work.”

Talking and complaining as he walked: “It’s the same as driving a place.”

The group of people behind can only follow her without saying a word, like a black/boss on tour.

Ms. Cui and Wu Yue looked at each other cautiously, and then obediently followed.


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