Scream Queen Chapter 24

The group swaggered to the community where Mr. Zhu’s house was located.

Because the murder occurred only today, it was still an appalling massacre. When the police came to investigate during the day, the news had spread throughout the community.

The whole community was in panic all day, and it was only shortly after 7 o’clock. The summer was not dark, and it was usually the busiest time in the community.

The big guy came out to enjoy the coolness after eating, walk the dog and push the child out for a walk or dance in a square dance. Today, the empty court in the entire community is a battleground between old ladies and students, but it has become uninterested.

Occasionally, when I met a few people outside, they were walking fast, and everyone locked their doors.

So Zhu Yang, who at first glance looked like Sister Hei, came to seek revenge.

Really, Zhu Yang is used to pretending to be like the wind all the year round. In the world of horror, he wears sunglasses on his face and a pair of hateful feet on his face. Because of the hot weather, the attendants who are accompanying her are both holding umbrellas and giving her. Hit the fan.

When the taxi came all the way, the taxi driver looked a little confused, so hypocritical that he couldn’t stand it. According to the routine, he was definitely the first **** to die.

But it’s such a bitch. At the end of the call, it has a large group of younger brothers, players, NPCs that will become ghosts, NPCs that have become ghosts, and everything.

It is unbelievable how this routine developed.

Perhaps it was because of the horrible world. The sense of presence of the police/surveyor was infinitely weakened. According to common sense, life cases were only committed during the day. At this time, the surrounding area should be closely monitored and guarded, and it is actually left unattended.

Of course, this is actually reasonable. The game is still logical under normal circumstances, but as a game, it is naturally impossible for the government to interfere so much that the player has no expressiveness. Just watching the police solve the case is not in line with the original intention of the game.

As long as you understand the urination in this aspect of the game, in fact, for players, there are still a lot of loopholes that can be exploited.

When he arrived at Teacher Zhu’s house, Lu Xin knocked on the door. After a while, the door was opened from the inside, and a strange woman came out from the crack in the door. It was Wang who was wearing imitation makeup and could not see her original appearance. Bei.

Seeing that everyone was coming, Wang Bei hurriedly let them in. Sure enough, the man had been gagged and tied into rice dumplings and threw them into the living room.

Teacher Qiu was also sitting on the sofa in the living room, staring straight at the man with a gloomy expression, not knowing what she was thinking.

Zhu Yang looked around. The house is a three-bedroom house. The layout of the room is clean and warm. You can see designs specially designed for children everywhere, and the toys next to the sofa are neatly stored.

It can be seen that although Mr. Zhu’s family of three is not rich, but the husband is diligent and kind, and the wife is able to take care of the family. The original happy family was destroyed by a vagrant and gloomy, unfounded jealousy.

The corpses of the family of three were not together. Among them, Teacher Zhu died at the door, his wife died at the kitchen door, and their three-year-old daughter died at the dining table.

It’s easy to imagine that this guy was waiting at the door of someone’s door early in the morning. When Teacher Zhu opened the door to go to work, he suddenly stabbed at the other person the moment they opened the door.

Then Teacher Zhu fell back home, and the man collapsed in from outside and closed the door smoothly.

At the same time, the little girl screamed after seeing her father bleeding to the ground. The wife of Teacher Zhu, who was cleaning the pots and bowls in the kitchen, ran out after hearing the sound. Just stepping out of the kitchen, she was chopped over by the man who stopped her first.

Then, sitting alone in the children’s chair and slowly eating breakfast, the little girl who saw her parents fall in front of her could not escape the poisonous hand.

At the corresponding location in the house, the outlines of the corpses of the three were also drawn with white lines. The corpses were moved away, but the blood stains were not cleaned up. You can imagine the tragedy at the time alone.

Not to mention Zhu Yang and the others, Miss Cui and Wu Yue also felt shocking.

After the group came in, they closed the door, and Zhu Yang walked over and kicked the man on the ground.

It may be because of the murder. This person’s courage has actually grown a lot, and they have not shrunk before seeing Zhu Yang.

On the contrary, a pair of eyes stared at them strangely, and he smiled.

Miss Cui and Wu Yue were so scared by him that they took two steps back, but they saw Zhu Yang kick him.

The man present suddenly felt cold, let alone the man himself. His strange and terrifying expression just became distorted and painful, and the whole person bowed into dried shrimps. This extreme conversion suddenly made him look funny and sad. Look. It doesn’t look so scary anymore.

Zhu Yang snorted and sat on the sofa, his legs curled up, and he said coolly: “Many people think that crime can make people powerful. This is an illusion.”

“This vagrant thinks that he has killed three people and has experienced the thrill of overriding life. Of course, it is normal for people to fear murderers, but you must understand what you really fear is the fear of death. The malice of mutual mischief is also an alarm from the survival instinct.”

“You can be afraid, but don’t be disturbed by fear.”

As she said, she stretched out her index finger and pointed at the man on the ground lightly: “This stuff on the ground may have become a devil in her heart, but no matter how strong malice is being sealed by an incompetent skin, that’s all. In fact. Trash or trash, you see, I even disdain to consume manpower on him.”

These words made several plot characters on the scene a shot. Nothing else, it is indeed that Ms. Wang alone can easily control each other.

Wang Bei is different from Zhu Yang, who was a big player at the beginning, and Lu Xin, who was a veteran player. Li Li still has a little initial advantage as a male, while Wang Bei has relatively little experience as a female, and his physique is really not that strong.

It is slightly better than the average adult male.

But this man has been drinking and buying drunk for a long time, smoking and playing cards, his unsound body has long been hollowed out, and he usually deals with real ordinary women and children like Teacher Qiu, if it is not a surprise attack.

I really told him to face teacher Zhu and was knocked to the ground within two rounds.

The man just killed someone this morning, and he is immersed in this unprecedented pleasure. After losing his job, he seems to be wiped out. What about those people no matter how good they are? Isn’t it just let him get the result?

But now Zhu Yang’s words were a fan of the powerful kick he was so proud of and thought he had broken through.

He struggled, whimpering in his mouth, and his eyes were bitter, as if he was regretting that the target of the pick this morning was the wild man’s family instead of this bitch.

Zhu Yang smiled and said: “So, low force is always low force, and even a little bit of sesame can be narcissistic and float up to the sky. Believe it or not? If you do it again, the three-year-old daughter of Teacher Guangzhu’s family can break him. Ten thousand corpses?”

She now mentions the deceased for no reason, making Teacher Qiu a little bit tragic for the tragedy, but Miss Cui, who just experienced the scene where the stalker was dragged into the mirror, seemed to feel a little bit.

I saw Zhu Yang recruit Wu Yue and asked him: “This book can indeed summon resentful spirits?”

Wu Yue seemed to know what she was thinking and nodded, but he still said, “It needs a price, if it is done, I will come!”

He didn’t want to live anyway, although the group of scumbags hadn’t been killed, but three dead were enough.

If you can pull another scum before death, it is considered to do something for the innocent soul.

Zhu Yang slapped his head and slapped Zhu Yang’s head when he finished speaking, “Come on? Your eyes are starting to be bloodshot. How long can you last? With such a talented talent, you can make money if you grow up with a celestial master.” They are full of pots, and they said don’t be a scumbag. You didn’t hear a word, did you?”

After scolding the high school student, Wu Yue was dragged behind by Li Li sullenly.

But after confiscating the book, they asked about the curse principle of the book. It turned out that the evil spirits in the book they thought helped the curse-caster kill the enemy.

On the contrary, it is the evil spirits around the cursed person who really react when casting a curse. The evil spirits that happen to be nearby will kill people in the same way that the cursed person imposes them on him.

For example, the gangster who died on the first day was probably caused by the ghost of a car accident on that road.

The red-haired girl was done by the ghost of a student who had experienced the unbearable jump to death in the school, and the flat head was directly lit by ghost fire by the ghost in the game hall.

These ghosts are usually not easy to kill people, and ghosts must meet certain necessary conditions to kill people, otherwise the world will be messed up long ago.

But this book has the ability to summon and drive wraiths, but the price is the life of the operator.

Zhu Yang made people pull a piece of the man’s hair and put it on a blank page. Then the page absorbed the hair, and the man’s name and dense spells appeared on the blank page.

There is a blank space in the center of the charm, which means that the head will appear on it after death.

“What else is needed?” Zhu Yang asked Wu Yue.

Wu Yue pursed his lips and replied: “A drop of blood is dripped on it, but the blood of a layman has no spiritual power, and it is of no value to ghosts and ghosts, and there will be no ghosts willing to be driven.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I will definitely be willing.” Zhu Yang believed in himself.

Just when Wu Yue thought that Zhu Yang was also a psychic-too, how could a person who can squeeze a ghost into a mirror and walk through the edge of the spiritual world with his bare hands without spiritual power?

He was a little anxious, this person also told him not to pay for the scum, but she did the same thing herself.

But shortly afterwards, he saw Zhu Yang walking up to the man on the ground with a book, and took the fruit knife in the fruit bowl on the coffee table and scratched it.

The other party’s blood immediately dripped on the page, and then disappeared.

Wu Yue couldn’t believe it: “It’s impossible, how could he—?”

At this time, Wang Bei smiled and patted Wu Yue’s shoulder suddenly: “You think, other ghosts don’t want to work with no spiritual power, but who are the ghosts here?”

Everyone now recollects, who is the most resentful person in the dead family of Teacher Zhu? The enemy is right in front of you, as long as you have the opportunity, let alone work in vain, you are willing to pay.

Sure enough, as soon as the blood melted, the atmosphere in the whole house felt different. Before the air conditioner was turned on in the hot summer, the back was infected with a trace of cold for no reason.

Then everyone saw three people appearing where Teacher Zhu’s family had fallen down.

The players have already expected this situation, and it is good for Miss Cui and Wu Yue to watch the shocking scene in the villa.

Only Teacher Qiu almost screamed, but when she saw that the third-year queen slowly stood up, her neck and heart, especially the little girl who was a few years younger than her son, was hit directly on top of her head. Son, the blood can’t stop flowing down.

She never knew that such a small child could shed so much blood. Compared with fear, she felt more sad and hoped that the man on the ground would die.

When the man on the ground saw the family of three, his eyes that were not yet humiliating suddenly became terrified. Even if he was blocked by cloth, he still heard funny screams.

He wanted to escape, but he couldn’t move his whole body tightly. No matter where he could escape, he could only watch the family of three surrounded him.

He now no longer has the excitement that he had been excited after killing, and felt that his illusion of omnipotence was instantly destroyed.

At this moment, someone chuckled: “Look! I told you that waste is waste. It is obvious that there is no decency in the face of people who kill themselves. Do such people need to be afraid?”

It was that woman, he was wrong, that wicked woman, with such strength and strange ability of a group of people, he actually felt that he could face these people directly.

Through the family of three, he looked at the people around him pleadingly. He would rather accept legal sanctions and let the police take him away! ! ! !

But no one around paid attention to him. The first person who met him was Mr. Zhu. Mr. Zhu was stabbed in the heart and died because of excessive blood loss.

He stretched out his hand slowly and moved slowly. Teacher Qiu’s husband couldn’t easily lower his head because he was tightly bound. He couldn’t see what he was going to do, but suddenly he felt cold.

The man was so frightened by this sudden sense that he breathed heavily like a bellows, and the pain like a blunt knife cutting meat suddenly spread to his whole body

He watched as his heart was tossed with bare hands, but the magical thing was that he did not die.

Next was Teacher Zhu’s wife. She was chopped off her carotid artery and died on the spot.

I saw the woman whose neck and half of her clothes were covered in blood stretched out her hand to twist the skin of his neck, and then suddenly squeezed it tightly and began to twist it with her index finger and thumb.

The skin on the neck is delicate and tender, and this pain is even more so. The man’s facial features are deformed in pain, but he clearly hears the sound of ‘pop’ in his ear.

It was like the sound of a fish bubble being twisted, but he knew that the skin on his neck was twisted.

The man felt that something was being picked out constantly, he even felt the wind blowing into his throat, but he was still alive, not even unconscious, and the unbearable pain and torture seemed endless.

At last he heard a small chuckle from above his head

The man rolled his eyelids, and was so shocked by the sight that he was speechless, even though he had no ability to speak.

He often beats his wife at home, so naturally he will not let his son go.

To him, the child is so fragile that he can be beaten and scolded at will, so he never thought about it. Every day there will be a three-year-old child that makes him so scared.

The child’s face is like golden paper, and the wounds before his death are still there. A three-year-old child looks scarier than those stillborns.

She giggled, her laughter was pure and crisp, just like she was alive, but in this scene, it was even more shocking than the eerie smirk.

It was as if her parents were playing some funny game, she was amused by her, clapping her hands and laughing.

From time to time, the little hand patted him twice, wherever he went. Then there appeared a black child’s handprint.

The fingerprints were like iron burnt on the body. Suddenly, people felt anxious and intolerable pain.

The man’s pain is like a curled loach, and the scene of an adult’s body twisting wildly is funny and evil.

Ms. Cui is a little dizzy, but when she thinks that the family of three should have dinner and watch TV around the table at this time, she doesn’t think this horrible picture is too much.

I don’t know how long it took before the man was finally tortured by a family of three so that he couldn’t see the human form.

The entire abdominal cavity is now empty, and the neck that connects the head to the body is only left with bones, and the body is also covered with small black handprints.

Zhu Yang then went up and waved to the family of three who had returned to their former appearance after the revenge of the extinction door: “Okay, it’s troublesome, go to reincarnation if you have your wish.”

He also touched the little girl’s head and said, “The kid shouldn’t touch things indiscriminately. What should I do if I am infected by a stupid and become stupid?

When the little girl heard this, a trace of panic really flashed across her face, and her mother smiled and touched her head.

The Zhu family looked at the people in the room, bent over and bowed at them, then the figure faded and slowly disappeared.

At this time, the man on the ground can save a lot of props by directly putting on the horror film and doing special effects, but his eyes are still turning around. Although full of fear, he is still alive.

Zhu Yang smiled happily: “Isn’t this dead?”

It certainly wouldn’t be that he was immortal. This was not the case when Wu Yue used that book to curse people. Those three people had already died thoroughly.

She guessed that it might be because this man is one of the main ghost NPCs in the villa, so either he won’t be killed until Suohunye, or no one else can be killed except in the hands of Teacher Qiu and Xiaoming in the script Really kill him as a human being.

So if Teacher Qiu’s husband is in this situation, the same reason means that the landlord who was dragged into the concrete wall by the female ghost is also in the same situation?

It’s a bit weird to think about it this way. They wash their faces every day. Is that guy still watching in the wall? Zhu Yang thought without sincerity.

But the innocent teacher Zhu’s family who was involved in the innocence has been avenged. In this way, they have to clean up the stall. Although tomorrow night will be over, as long as they are alive, they will be able to leave the game, but the corpse here is always a hidden danger.

What’s more, it’s still a living body, how bad is it to scare people or be a demon outside?

So Zhu Yang said, “You can’t just put him here, the goal is too big, let’s find a way to take it away.”

These words sounded lightly tasting, but a little bit of a product is quite creepy.

The goal is too big, and it is trying to transport it away, how can it be transported? The answer is obvious.

Except for Lu Xin, the surrounding dumb thugs with the background board took a breath.

Really, this man thought he had killed someone and dared to challenge Zhu Yang. Look at people, this is not a murderous frenzy better than a murderous frenzy. If you are a crippled man, don’t use malicious intent in front of the big devil. Up.

Both Li Li and Wang Bei knew that she was a newcomer, and they didn’t know how such a cruel temperament was cultivated in reality.

At this time, Teacher Qiu raised his hand tremblingly: “I, let me help.”

When everyone turned their heads, she saw that her expression was a little strange, that kind of sad and desperate trance. This is a bit strange, because even when Teacher Zhu’s family took revenge, she was not like this.

Then everyone saw that she had an extra black handbag in her hand–

“This is what Miss Wang brought with him when he caught him. At first I thought it was the carry-on luggage he brought with him for his life, but it was not like that when it was just opened.”

The bag was thrown on the table. The mouth of the bag had been opened. Inside were several bundles of rope and some knives and tools that didn’t look like doing good things.

Teacher Qiu took out a small notebook from the side of the bag again, and showed it to them.

A simple picture is drawn on the book.

Although there were only connecting lines on the sides of a few planes, Teacher Qiu could tell at a glance that it was the exterior wall of the room they rented.

And what is drawn on it is exactly how to turn in the road map with rope and tools.

There were Zhu Yang and the others in the villa. The man didn’t dare to come in openly, so he had to find another way, and what did he want to go in.

Looking at this package of tools, sharp knives, machetes, saws, everything there is, the answer is ready.

Tears shed tears on Teacher Qiu’s face: “It’s me, it’s all my fault. I was blind before I found such a beast. Not only did it tire me, it also hurt Teacher Zhu’s family.”

“This beast is no longer a human being. He even kills his own children. It’s ridiculous that I even reported a fluke, thinking that everything would pass if I left him for a long time.”

Teacher Qiu’s eyes became cold at the moment and her expression was numb. She took out the tools directly from the bag.

Those murder weapons that were supposed to be used by men on her and her son in the plot flashed a trace of ruthlessness and determination: “Don’t you want me and my son to die? Sorry, our wife will not be accompanied.”

“On Huangquan Road, you should cross the Naihe Bridge by yourself.”

Speaking, Teacher Qiu took the knife and walked over slowly, in the unbelievable eyes of the man.

He has never returned his hand after he fought for several years. He never thought of anything threatening to him. As long as he wanted to, his wife who could do anything to her, raised the knife in his hand and pointed at him. A knife is a sharp chop.

With her face stained, Teacher Qiu smiled and said, “Actually, when it comes to using knives, I am more skilled than you.”

“You used to work overtime a little bit, and yelled that the man who supported the family didn’t give you a good supplement. How many chickens did I kill? How many fish did I break? How many ribs and hoofs were chopped?”

“Hahahaha…, I only now know that the bones and meat of chickens, ducks, pigs and sheep are much more solid than yours.”

“Look, you just need to find the correct angle, and with a little bit of dexterity, you can dismantle you personally. Hahahaha, tell you to beat me, tell you to beat children, tell you to kill, tell you to kill children.”

Every time she said a word, the knife fell down, and the voice was sour that Miss Cui and Wu Yue dared not look at it.

After everything was done and the man turned into several copies, Teacher Qiu finally wiped off his sweat, turned the man’s head to him, looked at his eyes and said, “Now you will hit me again?”

Then Teacher Qiu didn’t need other people’s help. She did her job quickly. She found some black plastic bags in Teacher Zhu’s house, and packed the things in packets.

Li Li and Wang Bei quietly bit their ears when they saw this——

“I said, have you ever experienced such a customs clearance mode? Before, we were all chased by murderers and wowed by ghosts. How come this time, I feel like we are bad guys?”

“I, I also have this illusion, but the clearance experience this time is really exciting, and it released my stubborn energy since entering the game.”

“So, can you hold that thigh?”

“I don’t care if you hold it or not, I hold it anyway.”

Then Wang Bei smiled openly and took a bag to Zhu Yang, and said with a smile, “Where can you pick it up? It’s not convenient for you to wear these shoes. I’ll be fine.”

Li Li reacted slowly, and the errand was snatched away.

Ms. Cui and Wu Yue stared at them like they were crazy. How can these two people even rush to mention something so permeating?

But in the end, Li Li helped Zhu Yang. He took his bag for Lu Xin, because Lu Xin was responsible for fanning Zhu Yang.

The group swaggered back to the villa, and a pack of unspeakable things made them feel like the queen has returned from shopping.

When I got home, the takeaway I ordered halfway down the road arrived. After dinner, Teacher Qiu coaxed Xiao Ming to sleep well and went to the kitchen alone.

Take out the things you brought back, put them into the wall breaker and break them one by one, and then pour them into the sewer and wash them away.

The ping-pong-pong was busy until the middle of the night, when the kitchen movement stopped.

After all, it’s dozens of kilograms, and several breakers have been used out. Zhu Yang saw that Teacher Qiu was very interested and asked Li Li to go out and bought ten breakers at a nearby home appliance store.

Li Lida was asked to buy a bunch of things back at night, and he sighed: “So, never provoke a woman. How come these men can’t think so much.”

It was late at night after everything was done, and everyone went to sleep separately.

Wake up the next day, the time has come to the seventh day, which is tonight, the real test of life and death for the player will come.

Perhaps Zhu Yang’s series of fierce operations yesterday was already active enough, and the next morning he didn’t receive any news of the game.

But the game is content with the status quo, but Zhu Yang doesn’t do it. If she wants to keep her busy, she has to go round and round. If she wants her to be quiet on the last day, she has to be quiet when the end comes?

It’s not such a good thing.

After breakfast, Zhu Yang first asked Miss Cui to take out the money transferred to her by the stalker yesterday, and then asked Li Li to make a call.

When Miss Cui and Wang Bei came back with 200,000 cash, Zhu Yang led a group to the mirror in the hall.

He knocked the mirror again and released the stalker who had been squeezing with the landlord all night.

The stalker had a sour and refreshing night. Because of the crowding inside, he was stunned and awakened soon after he was in a coma.

The landlord’s wife didn’t wait to see him either, because he thought he was squeezed in and was as timid as a mouse.

After the evening, it was hard to get used to it a little bit, but it was already the next day.

Just after being released and seeing the sun again, the stalker was almost madly happy, and he kowtowed to Miss Cui: “I won’t mess with you anymore, I won’t mess with you anymore, I can’t marry a woman like you, I Can’t it be refunded?”

He wanted to know that the people in this house were so evil, did he give him ten courage and didn’t dare to pester Cui Yuan?

He thought that because of their entanglement, he would suffer another crime. He had already prepared the worst plan for being abandoned and thrown out, but unexpectedly, he was very easy to talk now.

Cui Yuan handed over a bag of money, took twenty steps, and then said: “I understand it. After knowing that grandma is not easy to provoke, I will put the trick on the spot.”

“The money will be returned to you so that you know that grandma did not deliberately blackmail people.”

The stalker repeatedly said that when she ordered some money, it was all real money, and the amount was okay, although she did not understand why the transfer was so convenient, she insisted on taking the money out.

But under the surprise that he could get the money back after his birth, this problem disappeared in a flash.

The man packed the money carefully, wrapped it in a plastic bag twice before leaving the door cautiously.

As a result, he went out on the front foot, and nearly ten thugs found the villa on the back foot.

As soon as I saw Wu Yue coming out of it, everyone rushed to grab the kid and wanted to beat him up.

“I’m **** your mother, I’ve long felt that your kid is wicked, it turns out that the death of the boss really has nothing to do with you. Okay, since you want to kill us, let’s abolish you first.”

Wu Yuesheng got kicked and shrank into a ball, and said what Zhu Yang taught him——

“It’s none of my business. I just found out just now. My uncle knew that I was bullied at school, so I found someone. I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s the person in front who just took 200,000 cash from here. It’s really none of my business.”



A group of bullies heard these two words, their eyes lit up, and a few people looked at each other.

“Well, this money is the money for the three of the bosses. They die first if they are out of luck. Why can’t we get it?”

“But with so many of us, 200,000 are afraid to be–”

This group of greedy guys, consciously afraid of fear, can one person swallow ten or twenty thousand things? not to mention–

At this time they grabbed Wu Yue: “Hey! Isn’t your uncle going to have another move?”

Wu Yue looked terrified, and he was beaten twice before he said: “He, he also prepared 1 million, buy it, buy all of you——”

Before they finished speaking, they slapped both of them in the face, and several people dragged Wu Yue over and followed the man in front.

Angrily said: “Let’s go, grab the person in front, and find his uncle.”


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