Scream Queen Chapter 25

The stalker surnamed Zhang is extremely cautious because he carries a huge sum of 200,000.

He hung his head and covered the bag in his hand, hurriedly thinking about going to the bank and depositing it in the card.

I don’t know that it’s okay to walk frankly. Just pick up a plastic bag and who cares what you have in it?

On the contrary, this kind of flinching and flinching style is easy to attract the attention of others.

Therefore, until Zhang was caught by a group of gangsters, he didn’t understand how he was being targeted.

Until he saw Wu Yue from the crowd!

He has been pestering Miss Cui for almost two years, and he knows everything around her. Wu Yue is also a long-term tenant there. Even if Wu Yue himself is indifferent to the outside world, he may not be familiar with the stalker, but the stalker can recognize it at a glance. his.

The surname Zhang suddenly realized, pointing to Wu Yue and said: “Wow! I’ll just say how you give money so easily, it turns out that there are some tricks waiting for me.”

“Want to play fairy dance, right? No way!” If Zhu Yang suddenly appeared, they might be afraid.

But Wu Yue is just a high school kid who has been bullied for a long time. How could the surname Zhang be afraid of him?

He even suspected that this gangster and this group of gangsters knew that he had money, so maybe the adults in the villa were ill-intentioned. After all, if it were those adults, they wouldn’t be bothered by such trouble, nor would they be guilty of finding a large group. The lax mouthful knows this.

But when the gangsters heard his so-called “give money,” they believed Wu Yue’s statement more.

Thinking that this was used to buy the life money of their gang, it was even more natural that it should be one’s own.

So instead of talking with the long-winded surname Zhang, a few people went up and held him to grab the money, then covered their mouths and went into the alley.

The gangsters who run around all day are very familiar with this road. As soon as they enter the alley and open the plastic bag, they see the tightly packed money inside, and it really takes twenty steps.

Where did these **** see so much money in one go? All of a sudden, his eyes straightened and his mood was in a kind of excitement.

Busy collecting the money, I took Wu Yue and Zhang, and walked along the less crowded lane to the fast food restaurant.

In fact, Wu Yue’s clumsy lie can be dismantled within a few seconds by a sensible person. Even if the words are misunderstood, it’s not like a killer just looking at the stolen money-spoofing surname Zhang. People should be low-key and secretive now.

But these gangsters are used to robbing and blackmailing classmates at school, all of them are lazy and wretched and greedy.

These people just leave them on the street. It is not surprising that one day the money is not enough to commit crimes and robbery. Let these people know that there is someone on the street carrying 200,000 cash and you just ignore them. They may be malicious.

What’s more, gave them a reason to be so ‘righteous’? People are willing to believe what they are willing to believe, not to mention interest related.

So no matter how loud the surname Zhang was, saying that it was his own money, no one would pay attention to him. On the contrary, he was afraid that his movement would attract the attention of the police. I don’t know who would just take off his socks and stop him. mouth.

When I arrived at the fast food restaurant, it was still early, and the restaurant had just opened. It was impossible for the chef to work this morning, so there were only two small workers cleaning.

Wu Yue’s uncle is not in the store, but his aunt is counting yesterday’s turnover.

As soon as I saw Wu Yue, he cursed and said, “Where did you die in the past two days? Yesterday morning, I ran without cutting the food. Do you know that I was so busy at noon that I almost couldn’t provide it? I called you and didn’t answer the phone. Work personally.”

“Wash the dishes. I will keep them for you today if they were not washed yesterday. Don’t expect others to do your own affairs. Don’t want your living expenses next month, so you don’t need to raise a delicious lazy product.”

After speaking, a large group of people squeezed in after Wu Yue. At first, the eldest aunt thought it was a guest, but this posture was really different.

As soon as he came in, he drove the small workers out of the shop, and he threatened to say: “Repay the debt, and the unrelated people get out and don’t make trouble.”

After rushing out the extra people, he pulled down the shutter door of the store amidst the questioning of Wu Yue’s aunt.

The two small workers who were kicked out have also worked here for a while, knowing that the boss and his wife are stingy.

Every month, the wages given to them are depressed, dragged, dragged, and deducted for various reasons. Employees’ wages are deducted and deducted, so the supplier’s payment is naturally no exception.

When they work, they often encounter material bosses who come to ask for money. Sometimes they will vomit bitterness to them if they are not blocked. In short, every time they ask for money, they owe them three or four times.

When the two employees saw this battle, they thought that the supplier of the boss finally couldn’t stand the two men’s hard work. In addition to gloating in misfortune, they were afraid that something would really happen.

So I called the boss.

The gangsters here have **** the lady boss to the chair, and when she saw the lady howling, a few slaps in the face stopped.

With two hundred thousand stimulus and millions of bait, and the greed of a group of people fermenting each other, there is no reason at all.

Now this group of bullies can be said to be real criminals.

Wu Yue and the one surnamed Zhang were also pressed on the chairs, sitting side by side with the eldest mother and being surrounded by the gangsters.

Because Wu Yue did not make any noise or trouble and cooperated throughout the whole process, he didn’t endure much hardship. The faces of Zhang and the eldest mother were not good.

One of the gangsters said, “Oh! Unexpectedly, our little broken place is really Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, a fast-food restaurant, and it is 200,000 for a nephew to sell it, so generous.”

The lady boss had a terrible pain on her face, and she was a little confused when she heard 200,000: “What is 200,000?”

The gangsters kicked the surname Zhang: “What the **** do you pretend if you get the stolen goods? Isn’t it the two of you who gave this **** 200,000 yuan to buy our brother’s life?”

“Our brothers are not as black-hearted as yours. It is reasonable to say that killing is worthy of life, but people cannot be resurrected if they die. Today, I will tell you clearly. Although my brothers have a bad life, they are barefoot. I’m not afraid of wearing shoes.”

A group of high school students who didn’t know who they were learning from were desperate, threatening: “The 200,000 yuan was our compensation at the time, but it belongs to the boss. Our brother’s 1 million life money must be handed over. of.”

Of course, it is only them who knows whether the 200,000 yuan belonging to the flatheads will eventually be allocated to them.

The eldest mother was confused when she heard it, and the one with the surname Zhang next to her was struggling to deny it again, but her mouth was gagged and she couldn’t speak.

After finishing these few words with great difficulty, the elder mother sneered: “I think you guys are poor and crazy, right?”

To Wu Yue said: “He? I will give him 200,000 to buy your life, is he worthy? Why don’t you say that my billionaire loves to burn money all day long.”

Seeing that she didn’t admit it, the gangsters weren’t here to fight her blushing. After all, this kind of thing involves confessing fate, and it is a ghost if it is really easy to admit.

They kicked Wu Yue and said, “How to say? Your uncle’s family didn’t admit to giving you 200,000.”

Then he took out the money in the bag and said, “Where did the real money come from? Isn’t it your own?”

At this time, the speaker was not intent, but the listener was intentional. After Wu Yue’s family occupied his property, he always felt that the number was a little wrong.

In fact, Wu Yue’s father raised her little San, and she was pregnant. He naturally spent a lot of money. Almost all of the family’s savings were filled there. After Xiao San died, she was ignored by her family.

Therefore, Wu Yue inherited the inheritance of the house and shop, and there was very little money left. The uncle’s family has always been cherished by this.

But because I don’t know the specific financial situation of Wu Yue’s family at that time, I just felt that it must have been missed since I opened the store.

So the eldest aunt suspected that the money Wu Yue brought to the market, but don’t it be this little **** who hid it by himself?

Suddenly, Aunt Wu Yue’s eyes became a little scary. She was all tied up, but it did not prevent her from pursuing the money.

Her voice said fiercely: “Wu Yue, what’s the matter? Where did you get the money?”

When Wu Yue heard this, he raised his head and glanced at his elder mother, and then quickly lowered her head as if she was frightened, and said, “No, I don’t have money. They heard it wrong. How could I have money? Our family has no money. .”

What he said was retrieving a confession, but the flinching and fearful posture coupled with the big aunt’s fierce and dangerous eyes, it was like being forced to change his mouth.

The gangsters all laughed angrily, and they all reached this point, with such a bright red cash in front of them.

Even if the uncle’s family and the surname Zhang have cut themselves clean and proved themselves innocent, is it possible that they would say, ‘oh yes? It seems that you have really wronged you. You can collect the 200,000 yuan, and I will disturb you. “Such words?

Therefore, seeing the eldest mother dared to force others to withdraw the confession in front of them, a few people went up and slapped again.

“The stinky lady doesn’t make sense, do you? Still thinking about this matter, we can cover everything you do when we take the money. It’s good for both sides. You have to see the coffin without crying, right?”

“Call her man, believe his man knows what’s good or bad, tell him, don’t withhold for a little money, and let the family break down.”

Aunt Wu Yue was slapped several times again, her cheeks were so hot and painful, a gangster took out her mobile phone.

But before they dialed, his phone rang, and the caller ID was Wu Yue’s uncle.

Then there was another round of confusion, then the chickens talked to the ducks, and finally the mixed ups became angry. Uncle Wu heard that there was still a million thoughtful process.

Because the deaths of those three high school students have recently become a lot of trouble, three people died in a row within two days in one school, which just happened to be not a quiet way of death.

Recently, half of the city has been discussing this matter. Uncle Wu’s family opened a restaurant after dinner and heard a lot.

They knew that Wu Yue was bullied at school, and based on the current situation, they extremely suspect that Wu Yue took the hidden money to retaliate.

You don’t believe my words on both sides, and I don’t believe your words either, but I have no doubts about Wu Yue’s implied expression.

After all, I still believe in the possibility of benefiting myself.

In the end, the conversation on both sides of the phone was obviously broken, and the other side threatened to call the police, but the gangsters didn’t believe it.

“Don’t think that we are foolish if we don’t have any knowledge. If you dare to call the police, I write my name upside down. When the note comes, do you first greet our victims and gather a crowd to make trouble, or you guys will swear.

“I can tell you, the murderers are here, if you dare to get lucky—”

The words were not finished, there were sirens sounded outside, and not long after the police shouted outside and was surrounded.

The gangsters are all dumbfounded. I never thought that this old turtle would really dare. He was not afraid to stab him with life on his hands?

But rather than hesitating about this, the first thing they thought was that the police came in, not to mention the invisible one million, even the 200,000 in front of them could not be kept.

They are not afraid to go to the police station and sit in the police station for years of committing crimes.

Simply thinking about taking away the 200,000 yuan first, and waiting for two days, if the police/chazhen came to the door, they would have spent it too. It was just hobbling thinking.

As a result, a group of people slapped the elder mother several times, kicked her and carried the money and tried to escape through the back door.

As soon as the group ran away, the eldest mother was relieved, but the surname Zhang became anxious. As a result, these people talked to themselves all the way, and it was his money that they robbed.

When the person holding him was gone, he immediately ran out to chase him. This guy was afraid of the people in that house who couldn’t be offended.

But for a high school student gangster, as long as he doesn’t take a knife, there is still a limit to fear, not to mention the two hundred thousand that is almost all his belongings.

There is a back alley behind the fast food restaurant, and the surnamed Zhang chased out and saw a group of gangsters scattered and fleeing.

He found the person with the money in his hand, and when he caught up, he threw him to the ground.

The two wrestled with their bags. How old was the grown-up, the surnamed Zhang and the gangster finally got the money back.

Thinking that running around is always unsafe at this moment, what if you hit a bully on another road and be besieged?

It’s better to go back to the shop and wait for the police to come in and let someone send him to the bank to deposit money. Anyway, his money is clean. What’s he afraid of?

Thinking of this surname Zhang, he retreated to the alley, but as soon as he turned around, he was hit by a motorbike that was speeding up.

The surname Zhang was hit on the ground like unloading cement, but it was a motorcycle, but he still hurt all over and couldn’t stand up for a while.

He was about to curse when he saw the man on the stopped motorcycle, wearing a leather black jacket and a helmet.

The other party reached down, picked up the bag of money from him and finally took it back, and then drove away.

The surname Zhang was dumbfounded, and he lay on the ground for a long time without responding. Today, his 200,000 cash came in and out of him.

Finally this time, it was seen that it was taken back and taken away again. The person who took it away was not a gangster who could find the backing by somehow, and he didn’t even show his face.

The surname Zhang suddenly wailed and ran back to the fast-food restaurant with severe pain.

At this time, the police had broken in. Seeing that there were only Wu Yue and his aunt in the dining room, the kitchen door connecting the back door was wide open, and several people went out to chase people.

At this moment, the surnamed Zhang stumbled in and grabbed Wu Yue’s collar: “It’s you. You pay me back. My money is gone. You pay me back.”

After some confusion, the man was soothed by the police and asked about the situation.

Wu Yue naturally inherited his usual personality, saying that he didn’t know anything, so he just went out and was stopped by the group.

He wanted him to frame him again, and he wanted him to bring them to lie to his uncle.

He said that he had been bullied by those people at school for a long time, and he didn’t dare to resist for a while. He didn’t dare to tell the truth when his aunt asked about it. As for the money surnamed Zhang, he probably just came out and walked sneakily. Was hit.

At this time, the two gangsters who had escaped were also caught back. Hearing Wu Yue’s confession, he quickly said that he was a lie.

He also told about the death of the three of them when they played together, indicating that it was Uncle Wu’s family.

But this also proves how nonsense their claims are. The three cases have a huge impact and are subject to serious investigation.

It turned out that it was really an accident. This group of gangsters had also been investigated at the beginning. They were all **** that bullied their classmates at school. They were made up for any reason.

The previous conviction was found in school before, but the focus was on the murder case and there was no more investigation.

But at the moment, there are street robberies, and the number is huge, and even the kidnapping for extortion is serious. It is not a matter of oral education.

The 200,000 people who finally claimed to be robbed by motorcycles were the first suspects.

Now the basic situation has almost come to light, and the police initially classified this as underage blackmail and robbery.

Although the two hundred thousand had been proved to be Zhang, the uncle Wu and his wife were obviously not reconciled. Although the store was not successful, the money earned was still surplus.

But since they had money, the two of them have spent extravagantly, and they have also become addicted to cards. They will not lose their homes and deaths. However, they often export the wages of the sales and payment employees, which is not small.

So he became more and more concerned about the possibility that Wu Yue might have cash in his hands.

I think his mother hanged when she said she was hanged, but her only son couldn’t have made plans, right? It’s just that he saved a sum of money for Wu Yue, so he can use it when he grows up?

Otherwise, where did the little three raise the family?

In the eyes of Mr. Wu and his wife, Mr. Wu Yue’s father and mother are dead. He has eaten and lived from them for the past few years, and he also provides monthly living expenses for the uncle.

In the end, this little **** still guarded them. The money was in Wu Yue’s hands, just like the flesh that was smashed from them.

So when the police were investigating, the two of them sang like a diligent parent, and cursed the gangsters bloody.

They also testified how his children were bullied and blackmailed. In short, they were not so affectionate as real people, in order to stabilize Wu Yue so as to get the money out of his hands.

After the police investigated, the couple was about to send them away, but they did not notice that Wu Yue showed a sneer when he found the chef came to work and went straight to the back kitchen.

Immediately afterwards, there was a scream from inside. The police nearly drew their guns in fright, and rushed in, only to see the chef standing in front of the chopping board without a face.

Pointing to a pot of minced meat in front of him: “I, I plan to make meatloaf, but only after stirring it twice, I saw this.”

The police stepped forward and saw the fingertips of several people in the pot of meat.

They who were planning to retake the team suddenly became serious, and the uncle Wu and the eldest aunt looked desolate when they saw the thing.

Quickly explained: “We don’t know, when did this thing come? Our safety and health standards have always been very good. If you don’t believe me, please check, you have to believe us, Comrade Police.”

But this matter was heard, so the two were handcuffed and taken directly to the police station.

They didn’t do it at the beginning, but it was a matter of life. As the boss here, they are the current prime suspects. How could they be allowed to?

When they went out, they saw that there were already many people around the shop. It was almost the noon peak period. There were many people watching before the robbery.

In such a short period of time, the chef and the two handymen had already talked about the kitchen. There were many diners around who had vomited on the spot.

Uncle Wu Yue and his eldest mother’s faces were pale, and even if the suspicion was cleared, the shop was already finished.

Don’t be afraid of 10,000, but just in case, others are panicked at the thought of this, no matter where they dare to step in and eat, even if they switch to another business, it is a truth, even if the store wants to sell out, it will have to depreciate.

Because Wu Yue was carried by a gangster, and the police did not leave their sight after entering the door, he was temporarily ruled out of suspicion.

After making some transcripts, he was put back. After returning to the villa, I saw him go out for just half a day. The villa has changed a lot.

There are simple decorations everywhere, champagne delicacies and balloon lights. Although it looks like a hurried arrangement, it is obvious that the person who arranged it has good taste and the atmosphere is also very good.

This villa, which made him feel depressed and desperate, was full of trivial chatter all day long, suddenly seemed to be changed, as if the sun was shining in.

Wu Yue had to admit that from the moment he became an orphan, his life has never been as relieved as it is today.

Even after he cursed the three.

But now he knew that it was really such an easy task to destroy those scumbags. It didn’t even need to be too complicated. As long as they were lured and contradictory, they would perish themselves with the greed of these people.

As she said, you don’t have to lose yourself at all.

When the people in the room saw him coming back, they all smiled and greeted him.

Teacher Qiu pressed him on the sofa, and Miss Cui handed him a plate to eat—

“Are you hungry? Eat and eat! I wish you a guest, I ordered a delivery in a five-star hotel.”

This table full of meals is indeed luxurious, all high-end seafood steak desserts that they can’t normally consume, and even a crispy roast suckling pig.

He, Teacher Qiu, Xiao Ming, and Ms. Cui have been shackled to change their faces since yesterday, put on glamorous clothes, and cut out spiritual hair.

At this moment, in the twinkling of the cups, these people who have been dumbfounded by the repression of life for a long time are as if they have stepped on the track that they could only desire, and their dreams have shone into reality.

In the past, the three of them didn’t have a good relationship, even if they lived together for so long, they just nodded their heads.

But now when you step into this room, even if you know that it is dissatisfied with ghosts that ordinary people can’t accept, you really have a sense of peace of mind at home.

In these two days, the scumbags who dragged their lives into **** were resolved in one breath. It is reasonable to celebrate.

But Li Li and Wang Bei couldn’t understand this logic at all.

At that time, Zhu Yang sent Lu Xin out to work during the day, and then sent them out to buy wine, food, and various decorative flowers, both of them were dumbfounded.

Sister, do you remember that tonight is Suohunye? Are you still thinking about having a party?

Zhu Yang did tell them plausibly at the time: “I know that once the Night of Soul Sucking comes, our physical advantage will no longer exist.”

“With so many ghosts, I can’t guarantee that I will survive tonight.”

“But even to die, the old lady has to die in flowers and candlelight. Oh, yes, I bought the duffel bag from house G before. Who of you will write a note and put a label on it so that anyone who sees my body can use that Fuck. I don’t want to lie down in a cheap body bag as dark as you.”

During the period, she still complained that the conditions were limited and the time was limited. She could have done better.

Both Li Li and Wang Bei were shocked by this person’s copper liver, iron gall, and strange obsession.

When Lu Xin came back from work, I wanted to spit on him. When he came back, he enjoyed the gourmet champagne without changing his face. He also praised Yangding’s floral fragrance.

The two of them suddenly felt self-doubt, and then felt that if they were dead, they might as well enjoy a good meal before then, and they also threw off their arms and began to immerse themselves in the party.

When everyone was full and chatting on the sofa, Zhu Yang remembered the money that Lu Xin had taken back.

Although these people will turn into ghosts in a while, it is good to be able to enjoy these promises of satisfaction and peace with ignorant hope at the last moment.

So he put the money in front of Miss Cui, and said: “This is the two hundred thousand, which can be regarded as the mental loss that has been entangled with you for two years, wait until the limelight passes, and then don’t treat your losses as self-dedication. Now, live your life well.”

He returned the book to Wu Yue: “This is your thing, so don’t use it in the future. No one who should read this book is qualified to let a good person pay for them.”

He touched Xiaoming’s head again, but didn’t speak.

Seeing that the time was approaching twelve o’clock, Wu Yue and Ms. Cui looked at what they put in front of them but didn’t move.

Especially Wu Yue, he even pushed the book back to Zhu Yang: “You can keep it, it should help you.”

Zhu Yang said that her blood does not necessarily have spiritual power. She admitted that she had thought about it when she knew that the book might be a prop, but she had to spend her life to make a deal or thank you.

I was about to refuse, but when I looked up, I found that Wu Yue’s temperament was completely different, and instead of the cowardice and shyness he had before, there was a dark silence that settled down by time.

He smiled and said: “This time I feel very satisfied, this is what you deserve.”

Zhu Yang was taken aback for a moment, and a bold guess suddenly appeared in his heart. Ms. Cui smiled and said: “Actually, you are not the first person to help us.”

“After repeating so many times, I have met good people. Whether it is based on goodwill, another path, or other plans, I will eventually compromise in the game.”

game? These undead ghost NPCs said the game, which surprised all players.

Then Teacher Qiu said: “Those who are seeking will not really consider our results, and kind-hearted people are easily burdened by guilt.”

“Miss Zhu, you are the first person who knows the uselessness, but still takes us to the ending we have longed for in our lifetime. Really, thank you!”

Miss Zhu is not a delicate person. In fact, she is more willful and rude than most players, but in the end, she is the only one who changes from the heart when they are still humans, and changes in such a way that they can actually be successful together. Their ending.

As if there was no death, tomorrow would really be a new day.

It’s a pity that they are all souls who are bound in this house, and they can only welcome batch after batch of players, and their memories are reset again and again, until the seventh night to recover.

Among so many players, even fewer can trigger all events. Most of them waited for the seventh day from the first day, and boring scripts were staged again and again.

After Mr. Qiu put down the wine glass in his hand, there is no need for Zhu Yang to emphasize now, she is already an elegant, confident and powerful beauty, and Miss Cui has a more beautiful and strange temperament.

Teacher Qiu took Xiao Ming and said: “God knows how much I want to take that guy off before my death. This time I finally got my wish.”

Miss Cui also stood up: “It has always been my regret that I didn’t sever the relationship with my family before death.”

Wu Yue said: “I never thought it would be so simple to deal with a dozen people at a time.”

After speaking, the three of them went back to their respective rooms, waiting for the result that was coming, everyone tacitly knew.

The four players looked at each other, and I really didn’t expect it to be like this. Although Zhu Yangban speculated that he was half trying to be refreshed, various powerful harassment operations changed the position of the victim and the perpetrator NPC.

Even if the result is not satisfactory, at least she did not regret the process, but none of this person died, and suddenly they woke up one by one to know that they were arranged.

This, it makes her a little embarrassed.

Immediately afterwards, the mirror in the hall suddenly heard a thumping sound, which shocked Li Li and the others.

Following the reputation, it turned out that it was Zhu Yang who was unable to reveal herself without any action before. At this moment, she actually appeared. She smashed the mirror and looked at them with negative eyes——

“Hey hey! Little bitch, say yes to let me see my husband tonight, you break your promise. If you don’t let me see, I’ll come out and see by myself.”

The force of knocking on the mirror became more and more violent, and it felt like the mirror would be broken in the next second.

Li Li and Wang Bei stepped back two steps, their fierce and mechanical violent looks a little frightened them.

However, Zhu Yang stepped forward, without thinking that another talisman was stuffed into the landlady’s mouth——

The landlord’s wife immediately uttered a painful scream. Zhu Yang clearly felt that the other party was a lot stronger than before. Although the paper talisman was still useful, it was not as effective as the first use.

But she didn’t care, and said to the painful lady boss howling and rolling in the mirror: “Come out, you are coming out, sour mouthwash waiting for you, believe it or not, you have to plug each mouth?”

Li Li and the others saw that this guy was still so stubborn on Suohunye, they didn’t take these ghosts seriously, but they were not as optimistic as before.

Because they know the price of charms, how rich can a newcomer buy a few? Zhu Yang estimates that the stock is running out.

If they knew that Zhu Yang had finished using two of them, they would be even more distressed.

However, at this moment, when the set bell rang, the time came to ten o’clock in the evening, which was the time when the murder in the plot began.

Several players who were in the living room one second before appeared in the bedroom the next second, and the bedroom door was closed and could not be opened.

Only then did Zhu Yang understand that the so-called So-Hun Night Escape is nothing more than this, no matter where it is, anyway, you can get out of the room now.

Li Li wiped his sweat nervously, and then said to the three of them: “When the time is up, the door can be opened, let’s flee, be careful of the ground, be careful of the stairs, and pay attention to the surroundings.”

“The ghosts in this house are earth-bound spirits. As long as we can break through the ghosts’ interception and run out of the villa, we will be cleared.”

“So simple?” Zhu Yang said.

“Jane, simple? Miss, you will count the number of ghosts first.”

It is true that they have lost their physical advantage and cannot compete with the ghosts. All they can expect is to run faster. But with so many ghosts, even if one person is entangled by a ghost, this room seems to be a short distance from the villa. Hard and dangerous step by step.

Then they were silent, because there was a lot of noise outside.

There were teachers Qiu’s screams of sorrow, Miss Cui’s hurried struggle, and strange noises in Wu Yue’s room.

It was as if they were restoring the tragedy of the time, which made the people who were enjoying the party at the party uncomfortable to listen to, and also felt a sense of powerlessness.

It is estimated that what Teacher Qiu said is that no good people have thought of helping them, but they are all forced to retreat by this kind of powerlessness and extension, similar to the tragedy of Teacher Zhu’s family?

After almost half an hour, there was finally a crisp sound from the door, heralding the start of the flight.

Li Li opened the door abruptly, and then took a breath.

I saw Teacher Qiu’s husband outside the door, the man who had been chopped up and beaten into flesh, carrying a machete and staring at them ghastly.

His body is full of fine lines, and the dense numbers are countless, as if the flesh is gathered again.

I saw the man lifted the knife with a grinning grin, and was about to chop it down with a knife—


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