Scream Queen Chapter 26

Li Li reacted quickly. Seeing that the machete was about to fall, he slammed the door shut.

Almost at the same time, the door of the room was instantly broken open with a big hole, three fingers wide enough to be split by a machete.

Teacher Qiu’s husband’s face appeared in the crack of the door, and the people in the room could clearly see his grinning smile and sulking eyes.

Although this villa is a bit old, even the floor is neglected to maintain and the floor creaks.

But the people in those days were more practical, so in fact, the furniture and equipment were really good.

The doors are made of solid solid wood, and they are polished and waxed carefully by the craftsmen, so they are actually very strong.

Even Li Li who strengthened his physique couldn’t cut it through with a single knife, and this thin man who could even be the weakest of them, Wang Bei, opened up such a big hole when he came.

It can be seen that the player’s physique no longer has a crushing advantage at this moment, and in terms of power comparison, they have become the real hunted party.

The man outside seemed to hate these people a lot, and wanted to torture them calmly like a cat and a mouse.

I saw his face slowly pressed against the vertical seam in the middle of the door, and a sinister eye looked through the seam to appreciate the panic of these mice.

Li Li and Wang Bei took two steps back from the terrifying sight. Their reaction was as if they had pleased something outside the door. They heard him make a few gratuitous laughs.

However, in the next second, his laughter suddenly distorted and turned into a violent cry.

It turned out that it was Li Li who opened the door by Zhu Yang, stood at that position by himself, then stretched out his pointed fingernails and poked at that eye——

“Ah~~~, ah——!”

Her action caused the shoulders of the three people in the room to jump. It really hurts to look at it, and the screams outside the door were also deformed.

It took a long time to recover, and then the people outside became visibly angry and no longer had the patience to take it easy.

Through the door cracks, the people in the room can clearly see that the other party raised the machete again, with the first force, fearing that the entire door would be split apart by another two strikes at most.

Li Li and the others breathed into their throats, but when they saw the knife slashing fiercely, Zhu Yang suddenly opened the door.

They were all scared to pee by this guy’s actions. They couldn’t stop it twice. You still let him in?

Unexpectedly, Teacher Qiu’s husband leaned forward because of the accumulated strength, and when the knife was swept away, he staggered and fell in, and rushed forward several steps.

Without waiting for him to stabilize his center of gravity, Zhu Yang kicked him on the ground with inertia, and drew a bottle of wine on the TV cabinet next to him.

As soon as the mouth of the bottle knocked on the wall, the whole bottle of wine poured over the man.

The man’s experience this time was tragic. The whole person was beaten into meat sauce, and after condensing, there were cracks everywhere.

Just like a wounded person being drenched with alcohol on his head, all kinds of sour and refreshing tastes can only be experienced by him.

“Ah——, ah——!”

The man curled up in pain on the ground, and the liquor seemed to seep into his skin, just like countless ants chewing.

Li Li and the others saw that this man played for less than three minutes and had already been smashed twice. Seeing Zhu Yang’s steady operation even though he lost his advantage, they immediately understood that it was their turn to call six. It’s Saturday time.

Busily left and right said: “The boss is really amazing, the boss is amazing, what else does the boss need to do? You say, we just do it.”

Zhu Yang arrogantly said: “What are you still doing? The red wine meat filling is marinated, and then grill the hamburger.”

Wang Bei immediately took out the lighter. After all, he had to escape. Basic tools and weapons were still prepared.

As soon as the flame touched the ground and cried out that thing, it immediately swept through the body, turning the whole person into a fire.

The sizzling sound of the red wine barbecue and the subtle overflowing fragrance came, and the four of them looked at the person who was about to be cooked, and sneered a few times and went out.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he stepped out of the room, he heard a loud noise inside. Everyone turned around and saw that the man actually stood up.

The fire on his body was actually extinguished, and the whole person showed a subtle brown sauce, like roasted meatloaf.

There was a scream from the other party, not like a human voice. Then he picked up the machete on the ground, and was already close to Zhu Yang and the others.

The speed is so fast that it is not the same as the ghosts that I usually encounter.

Several people were forced to the sink while avoiding, and Zhu Yang saw that when the thing was chasing after them, the flesh was still falling on his body.

Busily connecting the rubber tube next to the sink to the faucet, he was about to use his full horsepower to give the barbecue man’s hot body a two-way fire.

The man suddenly stretched out a hand behind him, pressed his head and slapped it against the wall.

It turned out to be Teacher Qiu. She was also covered with blood at this time, with successive red marks on her neck, limbs and other places. You can see how tragically she was dismembered before she was born.

She smiled at a few people: “My son has nothing to do, so I’m bothering you, don’t laugh, just take him away.”

Then he dragged the man back to the room.

However, when facing the players and a group of men who are arrogant and prestigious, when they get closer and closer to their once rented house, they are so scared that they look defiantly——

Although he is no longer like a person, the fear and flinch in those eyes show that Teacher Qiu was tortured by this person’s domestic violence when he was alive, and eventually turned around and changed his position after death.

When the man’s body was dragged into the room, his feet tried to hook the edge of the door and struggled not to get in, as if going in there was endless torture.

Xiao Ming, who was jumping around behind, saw it, stretched out his short leg and kicked the man’s instep away from the door frame, then turned his head and smiled at Zhu Yang and the others.

The family of three disappeared in a dark room.

Teacher Qiu’s help was of course a pleasant surprise. Li Li and the others have never encountered such a cheap thing.

But no matter how difficult it is for the man to become a ghost, this is only one of them. There are ghost NPCs willing to help them contain it, which is also a relief.

When everyone was about to leave here and go downstairs, they felt that the wall of the sink was creeping.

The whole movement was still very huge, causing the entire corridor to sway a bit, and several people were busy supporting the wall to stabilize their figure.

After a while, a fat body emerged from the concrete wall on the other side of the mirror.

Just like the lady ghost at the time, the texture of the cement at this time seemed to become mud that was easy to come and go freely.

And the landlord’s fat body actually slipped down like a soft and boneless slippery loach, sliding quickly on the ground in an S shape, and immediately approached them.

This fat loach-like figure is very funny to do this kind of action, but the terrifying speed of the fat head fish stares at their heads, and the teeth are covered in cement, showing the grinning grinning teeth, making people unable to laugh at all.

The man’s goal was also obvious. First, he pointed directly at Zhu Yang, but when he was about to touch Zhu Yang’s trousers, his entire body was frozen.

However, Zhu Yang swiftly copied a chair by the corridor and directly jammed the landlord’s head and shoulders.

Just as a beast with great disparity in subduing strength has to trap the opponent’s head first, the strength of the head is the key, and if you catch it, you can’t easily break free.

Sure enough, the landlord was struggling with a fish dying from lack of oxygen, but Zhu Yang was not satisfied with it.

She pierced the landlord’s head unambiguously and nailed her entire head to the floor.

Then he withdrew the chair and signaled that Lu Xin used the chair to reach her struggling body, then raised the knife and chopped off his neck.

The poor landlord finally waited until Suo Hun Ye could come out. Before he could show off his skills, Zhu Yang was separated from him.

Before that, Li Li and the others were going to kick people away to relieve Zhu Yang’s pressure. As a result, the thing hit the street in less than five seconds, and they were all dumbfounded by the quick operation.

Zhu Yang looked at the strangeness of the two, and despised: “What? Haven’t you seen the killing loach in the vegetable market?”

Of course I have seen killing loach, but also nailed the head to the board, and then began to slash.

But this–

At this time, the female ghost lady came out of the mirror and was unhappy when she saw it.

She complained to Zhu Yang dissatisfiedly: “I said, sister, can you move so fast? I want to wait until he thinks he will get revenge soon, and come out to scare him to death when he is proud. It was abandoned by you.”

“Didn’t you say that you should give me a chance to perform? You can’t take my chance to perform.”

Li Li and Wang Bei’s expressions are numb, okay! This female ghost lady was from their camp at the beginning, and she was a ghost before Suohunye, and it seemed normal to help them.

Zhu Yang waved her hand and motioned her to stop chattering, and pointed to the fat corpse on the ground: “My head is still useful for the time being. Take the corpse back. Think about how long you have been sealed? Only two or three days later, you will come out and let go. Beautiful to him.”

The female ghost was deeply impressed and moved her sister to think so much about herself, and then swiped the landlord’s body into the wall with a wave of cement.

The power of all ghosts in Suohunye has greatly increased, and the female ghost lady who has been dead for several years is naturally the first to be among them.

Moreover, very few people on her branch were triggered. Even if it was triggered, most of the players were afraid of increasing the difficulty of the ghost NPC for Suohunye escape. So before Zhu Yang, no one had released her.

She died in vain, and the grievances that had been tormented day and night were naturally strong once they broke out.

However, although the ghosts of each branch are powerful, they have many restrictions. For example, Mrs. Qiu’s family and Miss Ghosts belonging to the second floor belong to the second floor. Once the player passes through this area, they can’t interfere.

It doesn’t work to save or harm people, otherwise the lady ghost wants to **** her sister out directly, but unfortunately the rules of the game will not have such a cheap loophole.

Zhu Yang and his party left the corridor safely and came to the top of the stairs. When they were about to go downstairs, they saw that the landlord’s wife at the other end of the stairs didn’t know when they had come out.

The whole person was lying on the stairway and was about to climb up, and Zhu Yang’s scorched face was looking up at them with a vicious smile.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Yang was happy when he saw her, then raised his hand and threw the head in his hand towards her——

“Here, here you are, so that you don’t have to say what I said without believing. When what I said by Zhu Yang does not count?” Pointing to the landlord’s wife subconsciously catching the head: “Said to let you two meet in the evening Just let you meet.”

The landlord’s wife held her head in her hand and faced the landlord’s face. This was a real meeting, literally.

The landlord was actually still alive after his head was chopped off, and he came all the way from the corridor to yell at Zhu Yang and his party.

As a result, he was thrown out abruptly, and when he was caught and focused, he saw a rotten face in front of him.

At the same time, the landlord’s wife discovered that it was her husband’s head, and the couple screamed at the same time.

Scared by the other party!

Then the two ghosts who hadn’t reacted were dragged by Zhu Yang and his team, **** the power cord of the fan, and put it into the mirror again.

When the landlord was about to be stuffed in, he was still screaming for mercy: “Don’t shove me in, I don’t want to see this woman’s rotten face, you just throw me back upstairs, I’m lying in the cement and being a neighbor to the ghost it is good.”

Upon hearing this, the landlord’s wife suddenly felt grief and hatred: “Who is it for me to be like this? You still want to stay and fly with the little fairy, right? Let you look at the face of my old lady every day. .”

Zhu Yang was taken aback, knowing that these two people were holding back each other so much, she would not waste such a lot of work.

Just as he was about to clap his hands and continue walking outside, his waist was violently attacked.

Zhu Yang was knocked down immediately, and the pain swept through her. She felt that she was kicked hard.

At this time, the other three people suddenly became vigilant because of her attack. Lu Xin’s eyes flashed harshly, but he pressed the hand that he had subconsciously raised, and did nothing.

Just stepped forward to help Zhu Yang up.

At this moment Li Li was also attacked, and his whole body was shoveled to the ground. Wang Bei, who was standing closer to him, suddenly became extremely vigilant.

Zhu Yang’s time has also slowed down at this moment, her physical fitness has really become very strong, but her eyes, who have rarely been beaten in her life, are suddenly filled with crazy hatred.

She picked up the drinking fountain next to the front desk and slammed it on the ground, exploding the ordinary plastic bucket of raw rubber.

The entire area where they stood was covered by watermarks, and then there were footprints on the floor that appeared out of thin air on the water beach.

Just less than two meters away from Zhu Yang, it seemed that he was about to launch a second attack on her.

Zhu Yang grinned and said, “I caught you!”

That string of footprints immediately wanted to escape, but since he had the advantage of being invisible, he couldn’t compare with other ghosts in other aspects, and even his physique hadn’t improved much.

Zhu Yang caught the opponent with his bare hands as quickly as possible, and then pressed heavily on the ground, winking at Lu Xin again.

Without her order, Lu Xin found a pot of paint in the corner of the wall. The bumps and bumps in the old house are everywhere, and there will always be such things.

Toutou is a pot of paint splashed down, and this invisible ghost can’t hide.

Only then did Zhu Yang let go, Li Li and the others pressed the person well and pulled the huge fan beside the front desk.

The air conditioner in the lobby broke down a long time ago and the place is not small, so I usually rely on this big fan to deal with it. Before, Zhu Yang broke the wire and hanged the landlord’s wife in front of the landlord.

But the next day, there was no fan and it was too hot, so Lu Xin was repaired.

She lifted up such a big fan with her bare hands and tore open the wire fan cover, leaving only three big metal fan blades.

This kind of fan is so powerful that Zhu Yang was not able to operate it alone, so Wang Bei turned on the switch for her, the gear with the highest horsepower.

Then the bare/exposed metal fan blades crazily turned out of the afterimage, and Zhu Yang grinned and motioned Li Li to move aside.

Then he pressed the electric fan to the ghost on the ground.

Suddenly the screams resounded throughout the hall, and Zhu Yang’s voice disappeared in the screams.

She calmly said: “Without a chainsaw, if this one is dull, you will be able to use it.”

I don’t know when Ms. Cui appeared around them, watching the horrifying flesh and blood, and said: “My god! This thing is the worst in history, right? Why bother, only 200,000 Yuan, I have to smash you to death, now it’s okay, smash yourself to death.”

Everyone knows from Miss Cui that this guy’s trouble lies in his invisibility. Maybe he was a stalker before his death, but his ability after death is worthy of his title.

Miss Cui is willing to help them, but this ability is really not good, and you have to hold back and wait for his flaws.

I didn’t expect it to be cleaned up so quickly.

Miss Cui said: “We also said to support you for help. It seems that you don’t need it?”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “That’s not the case. Fortunately, this is not strong. If you think he is as strong as the guy upstairs, or the things he holds in his hands can be invisible.”

“We probably died the first time we were attacked. Thank you.” At least, if Miss Cui has this thought, she must have a way to defeat each other, and as a player, she also has an extra layer of protection.

However, this game is still a bit conscientious. Although the difficulty is not decent this time, it still considers the limit that new players can bear.

In this way, the ghosts in the house are almost solved, and there is still one Wu Yue left, but it shouldn’t be hindered by his posture at the time.

Just as a group of people thought that customs clearance was close at hand and was about to step out of the gate, they suddenly found that the gate was full of flowing black.

Like asphalt sliding on the ground, it feels extremely ominous. The black stickiness is still spreading forward.

Several people retracted their legs and wanted to move back. As a result, they did not know when they were also surrounded by this blackness.

At this time, Wu Yue appeared on the second floor, looking at them in his spare time, and said: “It seems that he is not willing to be taken away, it is struggling hard.”

Once these words came out, why did Zhu Yang still not understand?

These black sticky things that don’t know what to do, or the representation of malice or curse, are probably the will of the book Wu Yue gave her?

Are the props in the game so difficult to bring out? But looking at Wu Yue’s vowed manner, the benefits need not be said.

Now, the greater the reward, the greater the risk.

If it weren’t for Wu Yue to stand far at this moment, Zhu Yang Tieding would pull him over and beat him up, making it clear that even the best things are not for her to judge?

If Wu Yue could hear her thoughts, he would definitely mock this guy for fear of tearing himself up three pages and threatening others to blow paper tempura alive.

Liang Zi has already settled down, where is the question of whether she chooses or not?

Seeing the encircling circle getting smaller and smaller, and the black getting closer, Zhu Yang asked Wang Bei for a lighter, lit the fire and threw it down.

But the tiny flames were swallowed in an instant, and the physical attacks that Li Li and the others did did not work.

Zhu Yang took out the book and tore it in half without distress. Unexpectedly, it was different from the last time in the kitchen. Not only did the black color not disappear, but the scroll became more and more crazier, and he would counterattack in the next second.

These gadgets don’t keep their hands and they have their own lives. They are not of the same magnitude as other ghosts.

Also, this is something that the body can drive ghosts and monsters. If other ghosts are physical attacks in the novice field, then this is a high-level psionic attack and should never appear in front of novice players.

Seeing that each line has its own attack area limit, it can be seen that the game still has to set an upper limit for newcomers.

Zhu Yang guessed that if only she and Li Li and Wang Bei were involved, this thing would never be triggered. And now something beyond the upper limit of their experience and abilities appeared.

Zhu Yang glanced at Lu Xin, presumably because of the brutal consequences of this immortal guy.

Fortunately, this guy still nodded his face, and he didn’t draw the water anymore. When he flipped his hand, a piece of talisman paper appeared.

Just when Zhu Yang thought this was a rune paper that could repel evil thoughts, his mouth was suddenly stuffed.

But it was Lu Xin who directly stuffed the talisman into her mouth when she was not paying attention.

Don’t talk about Zhu Yang, even Li Li and Wang Bei are dumbfounded. What have you done so bravely?

Zhu Yang wanted to vomit, but the thing melted as soon as it entered her mouth. At her current speed, she didn’t even react at all.

She was pecked by the wild geese all day long, and she didn’t need to fix Lu Xin, the black suddenly seemed to be stimulated.

Suddenly speeding up, he suddenly came under their feet, and in the blink of an eye, they had covered their feet and crawled on their knees.

Zhu Yang originally hated these slimy things, and his scalp was numb with nausea. At this time, Li Li and Wang Bei had been climbed up to the waist by black.

She herself was not much better. When Zhu Yang thought that her body was found, it was probably a scorched black body wrapped in asphalt, and it might be swallowed by this strange water and turned into withered bones, or even worse. After absorbing the essence, the appearance becomes like a mummy old woman.

A beauty who considers herself to be in her prime, this way of death is not in line with her aesthetics, or that every cell of her is strongly protesting.

Seeing that the black color had come to his neck, Zhu Yang finally couldn’t care about the restrictions he set for himself, and screamed out——


This voice is as sharp as a needle, piercing directly into the eardrum of a person, and its penetrating power is really only seen in the life of ordinary people, even those female ghosts, in front of this talent, they sigh.

As soon as the sound came out, the ghosts in the whole house immediately felt unstable and in danger of being shaken away. The nearest Li Li and Wang Bei almost ruptured their eardrums.

Looking up at Lu Xin, the courageous attendant had already covered his ears, and right now he was the only person in the house who calmly responded.

This is not the most important thing. The most important thing now is that they tried their best before, pouring water on the fire and tearing the black sticky thing that the book could not do.

He actually retreated in an instant in Zhu Yang’s scream that broke through the clouds, peeling from them until they disappeared.

The sudden surprise shocked the two of them, and they said with grief, “So sound attack is needed.”

Li Li said to Zhu Yang with a grin: “But then again, your screaming sound is really, hahaha like a whistle–”

Before she finished speaking, she saw Zhu Yang staring at him with a pair of eyes, as if he dared to speak more, she dared to send him back to be company with the ghost in the house.

Zhu Yang was so angry that the corners of her mouth twitched. She was amazed by her screams since she was a child. It was sharp, long and penetrating. Those who could not understand her before laughed at her at this point.

Zhu Yang suppressed the nickname, because no one dared to die before her, but she didn’t like her screams.

So usually when you are frightened, you will be forced to suppress it. Over time, you have a high tolerance for fright. If it hadn’t just become an ugly corpse, even if it was a beautiful way of death, she might not call it out.

Li Li said that the thing was forced to retreat because of the sound attack, but Zhu Yang clearly felt that some energy was strongly diffused through the sound at that time.

You don’t have to think about it to know that it is Lu Xin’s credit.

At this moment, a few people have already left the gate of the villa, and the customs clearance requirements have been fulfilled. Zhu Yang was preparing to clean up Lu Xin when they saw Teacher Qiu and the others came to the gate.

A door is indeed a yin and yang.

Miss Cui shook her head: “Oh, I’m going, you’re such a great ability to say early, your soul was almost shaken for you, but fortunately, we are far away and returned to the enchantment, otherwise we have to explain to you tonight. .”

Teacher Qiu also touched Xiaoming’s head: “Just scared the child to cry.”

Xiao Ming could also look up at Zhu Yang pitifully.

Zhu Yang twitched the corners of his mouth, and the wiseness of the whole game was completely ruined.

But fortunately, when they said goodbye, everyone didn’t poke her sore spot.

The female ghost returned: “Can I see you in the future? I’m still waiting to be beautiful and enter the sisterhood.”

Zhu Yang is now giving up on himself, bachelor said: “No need no, anyway, there will be more opportunities to deal with ghosts in the future. I will simply set up a sisterhood in the ghost world. The standards are the same. You and Miss Cui are tentative members. ”

Added another sentence: “Oh, Teacher Qiu can’t do it, Teacher Qiu is over the age.”

Teacher Qiu was stabbed for no reason. To be honest, after she became a ghost, her aura was much stronger than when she was alive. Looking at a confident and powerful female ghost, I didn’t expect that there would be another day of being excluded. A few hours ago What about good sisters?

Xiao Ming also comforted his mother and said, “Mom, don’t be sad. Although my sister didn’t choose you, she didn’t choose me either.”

Ok! Good son.

After making some plans, it dilutes the sense of separation, and finally the lady ghosts and the others reluctantly returned to their place.

Lin repeatedly emphasized that Zhu Yang will become stronger quickly, and when he becomes stronger, there will be a way to meet the ghost, not to mention that she now has such convenient props in her hands.

When the ghosts entered, the door of the villa was closed, and the clearance evaluation and rewards also came down.

Li Li and Wang Bei were happy when they heard the prompt in their minds-

“A grade? I have never received such a high evaluation.”

“Me too, C-level is rare.”

And this time the customs clearance was so easy, they can almost be said to pass the customs lying down.

The two excitedly said to Zhu Yang: “If we didn’t know each other in reality, I really want to go directly to you.”

As soon as this topic came out, Zhu Yang realized that the original game was designed to isolate players and to prevent players from clinging together in reality.

After the game, the appearance, voice, and any reality recognition information between each other will be forgotten.

In reality, it is impossible for players to assemble through the Internet or secret codes. They will be automatically blocked by the game. This is also the reason why Zhu Yang found nothing on the Internet when searching for fake Sadako.

Of course, if you are someone you know in reality, you won’t have this problem when you get out of the game. So Li Li was quite envious when he knew that Lu Xin and Zhu Yang knew each other in reality, and that’s why.

However, everyone was not familiar with it at the time, and these were not specifically explained.

If you are both a game player, you have had a pass experience before, and you accidentally met after returning to reality, and your tired information will be unlocked.

For example, Zhu Yang will forget Li Li and their faces after going out this time, and their presence will also be mosaic when recalling the details of the game. But once they re-recognize in reality, the memory is no longer limited.

Hearing this, Zhu Yang once again confirmed that the game was ill. When the player returned to reality and summed up his experience, he remembered a bunch of mosaic faces getting along with him day and night, deliberately responding to others?

In short, Li Li and Wang Bei sincerely expressed their gratitude to Zhu Yang, and looked forward to the opportunity to put them into another game field.

After the two left, Zhu Yang pierced Lu Xin with eyes like a knife.

She pushed people to the corner step by step, then put her hand on the side of his face——

“Go ahead, who are you?”

Lu Xin shrugged: “Didn’t I say that? In reality, you would never know someone like me.”

“Pretend, right? You said you are my university alumnus?” Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “But my university alumni will know about my screaming?”

Zhu Yang came here to go to university on a temporary basis, thousands of miles away from her hometown, her only dark history is impossible to know.

Lu Xin used her voice to attack and reacted calmly throughout the whole process. He was obviously from his hometown.

Zhu Yang sneered and said: “As expected of an old player, you’re awesome, aren’t you? What kind of effort can be saved, and other people’s calls are not wasted?”

Lu Xin smiled and said: “I can’t do it. If I do it, the book belongs to me. The game has a strong sense of belonging to the props. Whoever gets it is whoever gets it, so you must force it back. .”

He can only take advantage of the loopholes to provide props, although providing props at his level can be regarded as cheating-like help.

Lu Xin smiled gratifiedly: “You did a good job. You can pass the customs with just one person. You don’t need anyone’s help. This is very reassuring.”

His way of speaking made Zhu Yang very upset, even if he knew that she was taking advantage of the boss at the moment.

She aggressively said: “I don’t remember knowing you as a person in my hometown, and I don’t think a person would do this to a stranger.”

“What is your purpose for doing this? Or who on earth are you?”

Lu Xin didn’t look surprised when she asked her, just said, “I thought you wouldn’t ask.”

In fact, Zhu Yang had long felt that something was wrong with him, but she didn’t plan to ask questions at first.

Is she the kind of person who has to keep track of everything until she takes advantage? She is not so upright, making a fortune in a muffled voice is actually more in line with her personality.

But Zhu Yang didn’t choose to be so confused and let it go. She had a strong instinct in her heart to tell her that if she didn’t take off the details of this guy now, she would definitely regret it later.

Zhu Yang said: “Am I familiar with you? He thinks he knows me well.”

“Before you put on this posture of unprovoked dedication, would you let me see what you really are? There are so many skill items in the game, and the gadgets you reveal are so strange. You must have the ability to change your appearance. Or are there no props?”

Said Zhu Yang closer and closer: “Who are you?”

Lu Xin tilted his head, his ordinary face was now deliberately low-key, and it became full of presence.

He smiled and said to Zhu Yang: “Are you sure you want to look at my face? After all, you said that you don’t want to see it again.”

This sentence gave Zhu Yang a bad foreboding, but she nodded surely.

Then I saw the changes in Lu Xin’s facial contours and facial features visible to the naked eye, not only his face, but also his hair color, height, and physique gradually changing.

The chestnut hair became pure black with a soft luster, the slightly yellow skin became white as jade, the outline of the eyes became larger, and the tails of the eyes were raised, turning into an unruly arc.

Some of the flat noses became deep and erect, and the dull lip color became cold and pale pink.

Zhu Yang was stunned. How could she not recognize this face? It was this stunning beauty and cold temperament that once fascinated her.

but now–

This is so intuition that she will regret it later if you don’t find out his details. If you find it out, you will regret it now.

I saw a smile on the corner of the other’s lips, and he was about to speak, but Zhu Yang covered his face.

“I thought for a while, meeting is fate, why go back too much? Let’s just don’t live it if everything happens!”



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