Scream Queen Chapter 27

Zhu Yang, objectively speaking, is beautiful and smart, her mind turns fast, and she is good at taking advantage of her advantages, otherwise, she can’t be so good from a young age.

Is it possible that someone like her, who is so smooth sailing and whose tail is up to the sky, has never floated to the clouds?

In fact, she did a lot of brain damage when she was young, but most of them can be wiped back with her own cleverness and her father’s money.

But one thing is beyond the scope of the entire ability.

In high school, Zhu Yang was very bored with the plastic sisters who were the same at that time and now. It happened that a fresh handsome guy was transferred from the school. Several people took a H family bag as a bet and bet on who could get the handsome guy in the bag.

How confident Zhu Yang is of his beauty! Several other people hit the south wall and covered their heads and retreated, but the more Zhu Yang was rejected, the less it was about the stakes. It was about her charm and dignity——

Well, this is all shit! In fact, she really covets others, but she has more and more desires that must be obtained.

Later, the result did not disappoint her. Under her full firepower, the man still failed to resist, and she was dragged home by her horse and net.

After that is a long period of sweet relationships.

Everyone with long eyes on Zhu Yang’s personality knows that various selfish princesses are sick, and when the two are dating at the beginning, there are people secretly betting on how long to break up.

It is common to bet that Lu Xiu’s resignation can’t stand her temperament for a week, and there are even more serious bets for 24 hours.

After all, when it comes to love, the once unattainable male **** has become a caterer who takes a bag and an umbrella and only pays for his card before three hours.

Even if Zhu Yang’s beauty makes people tolerate her bad temper, ordinary people can’t stand her wallet. Which high school student can withstand such an overwhelming demand?

Facts proved to be really able to withstand, and the hat that came to the head of graduation has been worn firmly on Lu Xiuci’s head, and he can’t take it off.

This is a family in the mine, and because of the tossing of this prodigal thing, everyone has repeatedly evaluated Lu Xiuci’s mysterious family background.

The plastic sisters around Zhu Yang have also been jealous of this **** for a long time. As a result, Ren Lu Xiu resigned and looked indifferent to the people. It turns out that when you talk about love, it is so generous and considerate to girls and there is no bottom line .

I thought that if I persisted a little longer, then the person enjoying this might not be Zhu Yang’s bitch.

As a result, Bitch, who was unbalanced in his heart, stabbed the bet in front of him after the college entrance examination. Anyway, after the summer vacation, he went away separately, and there is no need to worry about Zhu Yang’s revenge.

That Lu Xiuci is such a proud person, can he stand his bet is a bag?

The next day he bought them and they bet the bag was piled up, Zhu Yang made the whole house–

Literally, it really means a whole house, which will fall out when the door is opened.

Zhu Weixin, who was still in junior high school at the time, was frightened and thought that his brother Lu wanted to propose marriage in a strange way.

After all, his brother Lu looked at a serious person, and the actual occasional show operation was really comparable to his sister. When he thought of this, Zhu Weixin thought of the big box of exercises that this person gave him by playing the electric bulb.

The topic is far away!

Anyway, when Zhu Yang comes back to see this scene, how can he not understand that the matter has been exposed?

She was guilty and embarrassed for a while. She was actually seldom embarrassed. Even if she wanted other things to be exposed in public, she would be able to beat her without guilty conscience.

But people who have been with each other for almost two years still rush to outward attraction or motivation at first, but now, how is it possible to say that there is no emotion?

Seeing this posture, I feel that the other party is so exciting, is it possible that she is ridiculing her and embarrassing her?

Zhu Yang also wanted to face, and was even more embarrassed. She felt that this guy’s behavior was simply yin and yang.

So in a guilty conscience, he broke up the blame for the blame, and the next day changed his volunteers and set off early to go to university outside the city.

After that, Zhu Yang still expected him to come and find him, bow his head and admit his mistake and promise not to mention this, and it is not that he can’t give him another chance.

But the guy never chased him, and Zhu Yang’s grievance in his heart grew deeper and deeper, and it was all kinds of irritability to mention him.

Now this guy is appearing in this broken game like her, or a senior player who came in earlier than her and don’t know how long, what else does Zhu Yang do not understand?

Her mind turned fast, and she thought of a possibility in an instant, but this possibility was difficult for her to face when she was not afraid of evil spirits.

So relying on the game has been cleared, she can leave at any time, she saw the true face of the other person and then covered his face with a shameless beep, and disappeared on the spot.

Liu Lu Xin, that is, Lu Xiuci, stood alone for a while, and then sneered.

Before, he was tired of playing games alone, and it was inconvenient to find her because of his life or death, but now it is——

After a while, Lu Xiuci also disappeared.

When Zhu Yang woke up from the dormitory of a member of the sorority, the first thing he did was to check the time and found that the time on the phone was still two o’clock in the afternoon.

This point of a broken game is quite humane, and does not delay things in the real world.

But after tearing up several scenes of evil spirits and learning that her new companion who has been with her for days and nights is an ex-boyfriend, she said how this person is so good.

Can’t it work? I helped her carry the bag for more than two years. I couldn’t even do this and was changed soon?

To be honest, she was raised to be so squeamish and accustomed to calling people, and that guy also made a lot of credit in it.

Zhu Yang was very tired at the moment, so he decided to take a nap in bed before going to class.

The rush happened one after another, and she didn’t have time to count her rewards.

As his first official game, Zhu Yang’s evaluation is still surprisingly high.

Because the game was greatly increased by the existence of Lu Xiu’s speech, Li Li who stroked the water all the way was rated A, not to mention Zhu Yang, the main planner who cleared the game.

Not only has all the hidden branches unearthed, but the evil ghost NPC is also the same as the false Sadako, who suffered extensively during his lifetime, and was killed twice when he died.

More importantly, it also created the only grand occasion where the kind-hearted NPCs helped one after another, although most of her hands did not play an egg.

The comprehensive evaluation has directly reached the highest value of the game: the SSS level, which actually has to thank Lu Xiu.

If it weren’t for his presence, the plot of Teacher Qiu’s family would be triggered at most at the level of three new players. Otherwise, no matter how good Zhu Yang is, he wouldn’t have much work for her.

This is the so-called higher risk, the higher the reward.

According to the meaning of the game, the evaluation of SSS level has not appeared a few times in history. This requires a great opportunity, and the level of clearance points rewards as high as 50,000.

And every time you pass the game, the skill points will increase according to the evaluation. After the E-level pass, the player’s physique and skills will increase by one point, and the D-level will increase by two points, and so on.

Li Li and the others are Grade A this time, and they have directly added five points, which must have become a lot stronger.

But above S level is more generous, S level increases by 10 points, SS level increases by 15 points, and SSS level increases by 20 points.

And the next thing happened that made Zhu Yang want to return to the horror world and hug Xiao Ming’s kiss. He gave himself the egg at the beginning, and after eating it, the skill point reward doubled directly after the game was played.

Now her physique and skill points have been increased by 60 points compared to the initial value, which is already considered as a good personal strength among players. It usually takes more than a dozen rounds for ordinary players to get her. It’s just that she lacks experience and doesn’t Know how this dog will arrange her next time than the game.

In addition to the remaining points spent near the game, her current points are close to 60,000, and she also got a prop book that Lu Xiuci said she came here specifically to get.

Zhu Yang’s coming down this time can be said to be full, and she immediately cashed out a few hundred points, ready to go shopping.

After class in the afternoon, when he returned home, he saw his brother lying on the sofa and watching TV.

When Zhu Yang went up, he kicked him down, sat down on his own, and went paralyzed: “Where is dinner?”

“You have to work if you come to live here. I have taken care of your sister these days, and I will buy you good things later.”

Now she has spent millions of dollars in squandering funds, so naturally she can’t forget her brother.

Zhu Weixin is different from his elder sister. Although he is also the rich second generation of a big money family, he does not have his elder sister’s arrogant and extravagant problems.

On the contrary, this child is very capable, can basically do everything, grades and sports are good, and he is used to serving his sister at home, even cooking and massage.

Hearing his sister’s words, Zhu Weixin said hurriedly: “It’s already done, just wait for you to come back to eat.”

As he said, he pulled his slumped sister up, pressed it on the dining table, and prepared the meal after he was busy.

To be honest, Zhu’s aunty also cooks delicious food, but after all, her brother knows her tastes well.

In the real world, although she had only gone out for a day class, the game world contacted the restaurant for seven days.

There is too much food outside, how can there be home-cooked dishes that are familiar with your own taste? Zhu Yang ate a full meal, and asked his brother to add meals twice.

Zhu Weixin also asked her: “Sister, are you afraid of gaining weight? How did you persuade you to refuse to add food when you were 70% full before.”

Zhu Yang is also a little strange. She has eaten several bowls, and obviously feels that she still has more energy. Is it possible that the increase in physique has increased the appetite?

Zhu Yang didn’t entangle, anyway, she can’t be regarded as a normal person anymore. To be honest, she was really light and light when she kicked her younger brother, for fear of kicking her out of her brother.

After eating, Zhu Weixin washed the dishes, lay on his sister’s lap, handed her an ear pick, and said coquettishly: “Sister, get my ears out.”

Zhu Yang took the bamboo ear spoon: “Yes, you will massage me later.”

The siblings passed the time as the boring monkeys comb their fur while chatting.

Zhu Yang suddenly asked his younger brother: “Well, last time you said you met Lu Xiuci in the restaurant outside, he was in a strange situation, what a strange trick?”

Zhu Weixin got excited when he heard his sister ask, and said dissatisfied: “What? I want to listen now? I told you that I was scolded by you.”

“Are you trying to be hypocritical with me?” Zhu Yang rubbed his head with a smile.

Zhu Weixin pursed his lips and told the truth: “On my buddy’s birthday that day, I booked a box in that store. Then when I went out to breathe, I saw Brother Lu coming out of the bathroom.”

“When he came out, his hair was a bit long, and his face was a bit different. As a result, he returned to his original shape while walking, but he was wicked.”

“But I might have hit an evil recently, right? I always read things wrong. Didn’t I see a long-haired female ghost stuck on the TV the day I got here? I should have read it wrong.”

Zhu Yangxin said that your eyes are really okay. At that time, Lu Xiuci’s Eighth Achievement was just coming out of the game, and he was recovering his appearance changed by himself.

As for why he has to change his appearance even when he enters the game, it is actually easy to understand. An appearance that is too ostentatious is actually not good for the game world.

But Zhu Yang is a unique and wonderful work. In her opinion, death is not as important as her beauty, and everyone knows the rest.

Zhu Yang felt uncomfortable. After thinking about it, he still asked the question that he wanted to work hard to ignore, but still lingering in his mind——

“Then I ask you, when I first came here, did he come to find me?”

“Yes!” Zhu Weixin said: “You drove him out with **** scolding at that time, and then left. After two days, Brother Lu thought you were relieved and came to our house to look for you, knowing this Everything was stunned, and I drove straight to the airport.”

“But I heard that there was a car accident on the elevated highway. Fortunately, I was okay. Later I didn’t know why I didn’t find you.”

Zhu Yang’s entire face was no longer bloody, and her throat was as uncomfortable as the cotton stuffed in her throat, and her eyes were a little hot, but she held it back.

Zhu Weixin saw her sister’s mouth so easy to suffer, and she was ridiculed at this moment. According to his sister’s consistent attitude towards Brother Lu, shouldn’t he be gloating?

Such silence was simply abnormal, so he turned his head to see his sister, and Zhu Yang hurriedly pressed his head back——

“Don’t move, what should you do if you poke your ears for a while? I’m afraid that you will be taken out by accident.”

Zhu Weixin was dissatisfied with his sister’s damage to him and changed the subject: “I said, elder sister, you don’t want to get back with Brother Lu? Then I have to remind you that looking back is not so delicious, especially how can this be a girl Take the initiative?”

Zhu Yang writhed up, and twitched her brother’s head: “Hey! Who eats the grass?”

“Your sister is not the kind of person who can’t make a clear judgment. Let me tell you, I, Zhu Yang, died just now. I jumped from here, and I won’t see that guy again.”

As soon as the voice fell, the doorbell of the villa rang.

Zhu Yang thought it was the school who couldn’t bear the beauty of her younger brother, so he came to the door to cover it.

I was too lazy to deal with it, so I called my brother and said: “Go, drive away.”

Zhu Weixin got up and opened the door obediently. As soon as she opened the door, it was Lu Xiu’s resignation that her sister had vowed not to see again.

Zhu Weixin twitched the corners of his mouth, fearing that it was not because the two of them had stuck together again behind his back. His sister still pretended to be with him and asked him for news.

So he smiled lazily: “Oh! Brother Lu, what brought you here?”

The man standing outside the door has wide shoulders, thin waist and long legs. He has a strong aura and looks handsome. Zhu Weixin compares the men who went out from the villa yesterday morning. It is indeed hard to beat. .

The overall quality of the men around can’t keep up, and it’s no wonder his sister wants to turn her head back, but since Zhu Weixin is actually not very satisfied with this guy, she gave up halfway.

So just as his sister explained: “I’m sorry, Brother Lu, my sister doesn’t want to see you now, she just asked me to send you away, you see, because we are not embarrassed, you still–”

Before I finished speaking, I listened to Lu Xiu’s words and said to him: “You tell her that I have 1.7 million points, 13 kinds of transferable props, 264 pass charms and a number of disposable talisman papers.”

Zhu Weixin laughed when he heard the words: “No, Brother Lu, are you okay? 1.7 million Q coins and game equipment just want to please my sister, the more you live, the more you return—”

Halfway through, I heard the sound of fast footsteps behind him, and then Zhu Weixin was opened.

His sister stood at his original position, opened the door, and the thief rushed up affectionately——

“Aci! Aci, why are you looking for me now? I want to kill you.”

Zhu Weixin was stunned when he watched Lu Xiuci’s enthusiasm and was introduced by his sister, but before he recovered, he was kicked by his sister: “Cut the fruit, why are you standing stupid?” Didn’t you see your brother Lu coming so far and thirsty?”

Zhu Weixin was still enjoying ear-cutting benefits a minute ago. At this moment, he immediately became a self-employed worker without human rights, and he gave Lu and resigned angrily.

Lu Xiuci glanced back at him. Although the expression didn’t express much, Zhu Weixin definitely saw the pride in his eyes.

Zhu Weixin didn’t feel uneasy at once, because he remembered this scene. When his sister used to take this guy as a fool, it was the same as the scene now, but it took too long for him to react now.

Forget it, what’s the matter with the bullies.

Seeing Zhu Weixin’s departure, Lu Xiu asked Zhu Yang about the game: “How are you—?”

When Zhu Yang heard that this guy was so extravagant, he was no longer embarrassed, nor entangled.

He was so busy with his nose and tears how he was implicated by Bitch, and was pitted by the game’s Overlord option.

“You don’t know, I’m scared every day, when will I die. What I regret at the time is that I drove you away without saying anything clearly. I vowed in the game if I could survive. , I must find you and tell you that I am not playing with your feelings, oooooo~, but why are you in there too.”

If it weren’t for Lu Xiuci following her all the way, watching her domineering in the game world, she would really believe her nonsense.

This guy’s careful thinking is to understand, but the reason why the head is taken is because it has nothing to do with IQ. It is really in front of a specific person, and the things in the pocket can’t help running out.

Lu Xiuci took a deep breath: “Okay, if you really think so, don’t screw me up. My pain nerves have not deteriorated.”

“Are you blaming me for hiding your identity from you in the game?”

Zhu Yang stopped talking, she was really upset about this.

Lu Xiu resignedly said helplessly: “When I saw you appearing in the game, I almost doubted life, but the first thing is to determine how adaptable you are to the game.”

“Each game is a random combination. So far, there are no items to form a team. I can’t help you forever. Fortunately, your performance is amazing.”

“In the beginning, I even made plans to use pass symbols for all of your games. Although this is not a permanent solution, the more the later, the more limited the role of the props.”

Seeing him like this, Zhu Yang also put away his contrived posture. To be honest, when he learned that he was in a car accident on his way to become a preparatory player, Zhu Yang felt uncomfortable in his heart, ashamed of his wayward ignorance over the past three years.

But even so, the moment he saw himself in the game, he was still wondering how to save her life.

The eggs that Xiao Ming gave and even the prop book of Wu Yue, the purpose of returning to the rookie field, were all given to himself. These are all coveted benefits.

She didn’t know what to say, so she randomly found a topic and asked, “How did you get so many pass symbols? Not to mention that each player can only buy it once?”

Lu Xiuci smiled: “At the moment of life and death, many people are still willing to exchange the pass for others to save his life.”

“After all, once the pass symbol is used, the game reward naturally does not exist. Instead of this, it is better to let the old players live to the end. Even if the evaluation is only E-level, there are some corresponding points and a little skill point.”

Yes, who wouldn’t want to do this business, but with such a terrifying wealth, it seems that points and props are now dispensable for him, right?

The two talked about the game, and they only closed the topic until Zhu Weixin came out of the kitchen.

Lu Xiuci is now quite at ease with Zhu Yang’s ability, too, because she has always taken advantage of her personality.

Unless there is an exceptionally high-level senior player like him, if he walks steadily step by step, it should not be a luxury to grow to the point of ignoring the level and leaving the game.

This guy is very suitable for the game, but it is a blessing in misfortune.

When Lu Xiuci came out of the villa, many good things in his hand were scraped away, and then he suddenly remembered, in fact, he had to settle some accounts with her at first.

I gave the things after finishing the accounts, but when I heard her cry, a few words were a little bit wrong, and I felt distressed about her innocence, and I forgot all of them.

I also always listened to her sincere words from the left and thought of him, and felt a little wandering.

Lu Xiuci suddenly felt that he was not a fool, so he might as well hide his identity and watch him coldly. He couldn’t find Bei when he was coaxed by this guy.

He was a little unwilling, but there was a big deal recently, and he couldn’t stay here for too long.

So he could only leave the city in an anguish, and wait until the matter was over before clarifying with her again.

Zhu Yang was originally a fortune, and suddenly became a big deal by Lu Xiu’s resignation. He kept meditating on shame and shame, but it did not prevent her from taking advantage.

Zhu Weixin saw that his sister was in such a good mood after Brother Lu had left, and knew that the two people were almost powerless to get back together.

She somewhat despised his sister and coaxed: “Sister, when is your standard so low? What did Brother Lu give you? Now a little bit of Q coins and game equipment will send you away? What game is so fun? I will give it right away. You earn millions of points back.”

Zhu Yang was shocked: “Dare! If you dare to play this game, I won’t interrupt your legs.”

Zhu Weixin was **** off by the differential treatment, and was about to make a theory, so he was sent to take a bath by his sister.

Zhu Yang had previously disliked her brother for coming over to influence her, but it was actually okay, because the game had no intention of having a party recently.

However, the sorority group of Bichi knocking on the table and bowls all the time wanted to see her younger brother, and Zhu Yang also responded to them twice. When was she unhappy about showing off her younger brother?

A few days later, Xie Xiaomeng also came back. It was a bit frightening to see Zhu Lina being hit to death, but these days passed, seeing that Zhu Yang and herself were okay, she felt relieved.

Zhu Yang didn’t know the frequency of the game, so she called and asked Lu Xiuci. At first, she thought that the frequency should be very high, at least once every few days. Otherwise, Lu Xiu’s resignation would not have saved so much wealth in just three years. .

The answer available is that the time is uncertain, but it is usually once every few months. After all, under frequent pressure for a long time, most players are absolutely crazy.

In addition, you can also take the initiative to participate. This is the case with Lu Xiu’s resignation. His frequency is very high, so he can become stronger in a short period of time, but most people are not like him. No fear of this life and death torment.

And why he was so eager to become stronger, stabilize his strength, and not die suddenly in the game that day, he did not say.

Zhu Yang originally thought that since it was once in a few months, the time would be quite surplus. As a result, less than a week after the last time, the game sent an end notice.

At that time, Zhu Yang had the heart to curse, but the next day he still got time to find a place to hide.

This time it was a good time. It was ten o’clock in the evening, and it was enough for her to stay in her bedroom.

Before the game starts, exchanges are routinely open. The points in Zhu Yang’s hands can instantly pile her physique into a big boss who can crush the novice field.

Of course, the game can’t be so cheap for you. The number of passes will also be limited to an upper limit.

For example, Zhu Yang is now at the limit of the second game for novices, and there are not many things to buy, just a few disposable talisman papers, there are still a lot of things Lu Xiu gave her.

Oh, by the way, the advanced rune paper is not usable yet. In short, it is impossible to reach the sky in one step.

Zhu Yangkong has a lot of family wealth that can’t be spent, not to mention being depressed.

In a daze, she appeared on a country road, and there were four or five people walking with her, obviously all players.

Someone led the way, saying that the boarding house was right in front.

The setting instantly spread to everyone’s minds. The identity of their group of players this time is a college student who came to this small mountain village to sketch.

The task hasn’t appeared yet, it is probably the reason why the location hasn’t arrived yet.

Zhu Yang looked at it coldly. The game is close to the setting. This time the players are all looking at young men and women in their early twenties, each with a drawing board on his back.

Zhu Yang also had it on her body, but she took it down and threw it to the side of the road without even thinking about it.

The players around who were introducing themselves to each other were a little confused when they saw her move: “What are you doing?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “This thing is too heavy.”

If it weren’t for the fact that the mountains and old forests here didn’t seem to be able to buy things, the backpack on her back would have been thrown away.

One of the girls hadn’t heard the reason for such a strange thing, and said: “Yes, but our setting is an art student? Even if that is thrown away, what should the NPC suspect?”

“So?” Zhu Yang said nonchalantly.

When everyone saw her like this and she looked so beautiful, they knew that Eight Nine Fifth Times was the first newcomer, and they hadn’t never encountered people who were unrecognizable and self-willed.

However, no one in the game accustomed to others, the girls pouted and ignored her, but two boys picked up the drawing board for Zhu Yang.

One of them helped her carry it well: “Girl, I’m weak, it’s normal to get tired after walking on the mountain for so long, let me carry it.”

Several girls sneered in their hearts, but they just saw their parents look pretty, but after the new girls know that the game is great, it is not surprising that they use their own advantages to seek shelter from boys or veterans. It is estimated that these two men are also thinking about good things.

Zhu Yang nodded when he saw this, took off his backpack again, and threw it to another boy: “Okay, keep up!”

This series of actions by her is taken for granted. How can boys generally refuse the trivial demands of beautiful women?

It’s getting more and more stunned to see a few girls. What kind of **** is this girl in reality?

Half an hour later, we finally arrived at the destination, and a group of six people were given accommodation to three families.

Two boys together, four girls separated in pairs.

A few girls were not very happy to live with Zhu Yang, but a short-haired girl was unlucky by the lottery.

Staying with this kind of newbies who don’t know the heights of the sky, don’t count on taking care of each other, thank God if you don’t hold back.

After putting things away, someone told the crowd to gather at one of the houses for dinner.

The standard farmyard has no tiles on the floor, but it is cleaned and there are no chickens, ducks and geese running around in the yard to excrete.

The host is a middle-aged woman, widowed with her two sons, the family is lifeless, and not very enthusiastic towards several guests.

The two girls who live here feel a little bit irritating. Fortunately, eating here for three meals a day is more popular.

The hostess put the dinner on the wooden table, dragged her son to sit down, and without greeting everyone, she started to eat by herself.

The amount was enough for people like them, but when Zhu Yang saw the dishes on the table, he was sure that the dog was 80% more luxurious than the game because she had lived too extravagantly in the last world.

I saw that the table is full of vegetable whole grains, sweet potatoes and corn tortillas as staple food, there are four dishes——

Fried bamboo shoots, fried pickles, fried wild vegetables, and a steamed egg, and there is no oily water, don’t count on the seasoning, Zhu Yang did not even see **** and garlic.

Several other players sighed when they saw such simple dishes, but they still had to fill their stomachs and took up chopsticks and stuffed them in their mouths.

At this moment, there was a rooster crowing outside.

When everyone looked out the door, they saw an old woman who came in in the yard at some point. The old woman’s face was withered, staring at them lifelessly, and there was some undetectable malice in her eyes.

She chuckled twice, then raised the knife in her hand, chopped off the chicken’s head with one knife, and then sprinkled the blood on the entire yard without her head.

While spreading and chanting, this posture is quite like the curse of beheading a chicken in the countryside, but I don’t know whether to curse them or the owner.

The homeowner, the mother and the child, did not see them, eating their own meals.

In the real world, if there is an old woman cursing someone like this, she can just read a few words silently when she goes crazy.

But the game world involves ghost grievances, and several players can’t eat immediately. I don’t know what unfavorable situation this curse will bring to them.

At this moment, Zhu Yang, who had always been picky about food, stood up and walked to the old woman outside the door.

The old woman had already put down the chicken in her hand at this moment, knelt on the ground rubbing her hands and watched the heavens.

Zhu Yang took the decapitated **** directly in front of her, and the old woman was so shocked that she forgot the words.

Not to mention the players in the room, they said blankly: “You, what are you doing?”

Zhu Yang smiled in surprise: “I didn’t think that there was no oil and water for dinner, and someone sent something delicious.”

Then he raised the chicken in her hand at the old woman outside: “Thank you, grandma!”

The grandmother of the other person has forgotten her words by her.

At this time, Zhu Yang had already handed over the chicken to the hostess and asked her to lay it out. Everyone would eat it together, and the processing fee would not be less for her.

The hostess looked at Zhu Yang, and finally actually silently put down her chopsticks to cook.

Several players’ throats were a little dry: “That thing may be used to curse us.”

Zhu Yang took a sweet potato and waited for the chicken. If nothing happened, he said, “I only know that I want to eat chicken.”

“Broiled chicken, large plate chicken, spicy chicken, stewed young rooster, yellow stewed chicken, chicken pot.”

After she finished speaking, two drooling voices came from the side, and they were the two sons of the owner.


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