Scream Queen Chapter 28

After the hostess entered the kitchen, no one spoke in the hall, and the players were uncomfortable by this guy.

Zhu Yang was impatient to pay attention to them and ate sweet potatoes slowly. Although the host’s two children were still silent, they were obviously looking forward to the chicken for a while, and they also slowed down their eating speed.

Not to mention, Zhu Yang just disliked that there was not much to eat on the table, but the sweet potatoes were really sweet.

To say that Zhu Yang, don’t look at being spoiled and hypocritical now, in fact, she is not very high.

Zhu’s family is a well-known nouveau riche in their local area. Zhu Yang didn’t make a fortune when she was young. Her parents were doing business outside, and she lived in the countryside with her grandma.

Before the age of seven, she led her brother Zhu Weixin and a bunch of nasal children in the village to fight with the geese, an authentic yellow mud leg.

So don’t look at her as a hypocritical eldest daughter. In fact, she has a strong and tenacious vitality in her bones. In this regard, both sisters and brothers are like their fathers.

Later, the family broke out overnight, and the siblings were taken into the city to have a good life as the daughter of the daughter and the young master. I wish my parents because they are busy with business all the year round and let their children become left-behind children, and the hardships they suffered when they were young will become more and more unbearable for their daughters and sons. Aggrieved, so it is a great filling material.

After so many years, the extravagant and prosperous life is enough to make people change their faces, but Zhu Yang is no stranger to the various rural areas.

The hostess actually burned a pot of water, and swiftly came to the yard with a large pot of kitchen knife and thick wooden chopping board, scalded the chicken cleanly, and lighted the firewood in the yard to remove the fluff from the roasted chicken skin.

Then he opened his stomach to take out the chicken offal, then splashed water and took things back to the kitchen.

The old woman who cursed just now had already left. At this moment, the yard was filled with hot water and was a little fishy after the chicken feathers were scalded.

Several players were always thinking about the origin of this chicken, and it became more uncomfortable to smell it.

Zhu Yang didn’t like the smell either, but she was always thinking about chicken. The smell of this kind of open courtyard disappeared after a while, and she didn’t care much.

The big pots and earthen stoves in the countryside burn things quickly, and after a while, the kitchen is filled with an irritating fragrance.

Zhu Yang heard the two children swallowing hard again, she smiled, took two chocolates from her pocket and handed them to them.

This is what she found in her backpack. Girls always bring some snacks with them.

Ever since Xiaoming’s egg gave her great benefits, Zhu Yang has shown good senses to similar children, but he hasn’t rushed for the same benefits. After all, that kind of cheapness is hard to come by.

The two children looked at Chocolate, then at Zhu Yang, but did not dare to pick it up.

At this time, their mother came out of the kitchen with a big pot, and she was silent for a while, put a big pot of chicken on the table, and then nodded at the two children. The two children dared to reach out and take the chocolate. Thank you very carefully.

Zhu Yanghun didn’t care, her attention was already on the chicken.

The whole big rooster was chopped up and braised. The seasoning used a convenient and simple hot pot base, and added some **** garlic, mixed with potatoes.

It is full of a big pot, the aroma is tangy, the chicken is burned soft and rotten, the fresh new potatoes absorb the high freshness of the chicken juice and the spicy flavor of the hot pot base, making people unable to stop eating with chopsticks.

The chicken offal was washed and chopped. The chicken gizzards, chicken intestines and heart were sliced ​​into thin slices, and they were fried with pickled peppers and **** from the old farmhouse. The smell was so fragrant that it was so delicious.

As soon as the dishes were on the table, Zhu Yang greeted the three of the owners to eat. Zhu Yang himself was okay. It is estimated that the two children hadn’t seen the meat in a long time, and the food was very sweet.

Several other players saw the casual and brutal eating of the four of them. They were tortured by the fragrance, but they didn’t dare to say anything. They were tortured after a meal.

After eating, Zhu Yang said that she liked this place more than the one assigned, and asked the two girls who lived here to exchange accommodation.

The two girls were eager, they were feeling that the mother and son were so ghostly, and someone cursed for no reason, it was always an ominous place.

According to the urinary nature of the game, this house is definitely not at peace. Is there any reason to disagree if someone changes with them?

But the girl who was assigned to Zhu Yang was not happy anymore, and she screamed and refused.

Zhu Yang had a satisfying meal. The omnivorous free-range **** in the countryside is fragrant and the potatoes are much tenderer and softer than those sold in the supermarket.

Had it not been for the stool on the dining table to be a long stool without a back, she would have lay down on the table with her legs up.

Hearing that the girl refused, she lazily said: “It’s my shit? Anyway, I live here, and I can only change one person, and the other three of you can discuss it by yourself. This is not a binding team, howling shit! , Take care of yourself.”

The girl who was staying with her heard: “Yes, she wants to live by herself, anyway, I don’t move, you two will see who comes to exchange with her, the other one will still live here, anyway, I can’t make up for it.”

“Why? All the points are well divided, and they need to be exchanged together. The lottery draws you and her together. It’s all luck. What are you doing now?”

“I accept the result of the lottery, but why should I be tied together for what she does? Let’s only draw the lottery for accommodation, right? Since she is unhappy, it makes no sense that I have to accommodate everything.”

Then the two girls who originally lived here also had a disagreement. They had only just met, so naturally they couldn’t talk about the spirit of advancing and retreating together.

Seeing that the girl was biting and refusing to come over, it was him who liked to change out, and the two of them started arguing again.

Zhu Yang sat on a small stool in the doorway, watching the beautiful sunset in the distance. There were two children lying on the stone pier to do their homework.

He sneered in his heart, biting the dog for such a mess, and embarrassed to dislike her unconcealed pig teammate.

Zhu Yang doesn’t care what others think of her, but she can’t do it easily if she raises her fingers and can muddle her up. Anyway, she should just watch the lively food after eating.

After the owner Wang Sao cleaned up the kitchen and treated the pile of dirty chicken feathers in the yard, the three finally quarreled the result.

In the end, we had to draw lots again to decide who would live with Zhu Yang.

The girl with short hair was in bad luck when her back was upside down. She was still in the second draw, and she almost cried.

If you knew this was the case, it would be better not to quarrel with others and offend them out of thin air, but the result remained the same.

At this moment, Zhu Yang’s backpack had long been sent by her to two boys to move over, and she had to go back and get the backpack by herself.

There is no entertainment in the farm at night, there is no TV here, and there is no WIFI network.

When Zhu Yang lay on the bed at night and took out his mobile phone and found that there was no traffic signal, he almost used a customs pass on the spot.

But at any rate, the wealth of the current wealth is all saved by the ex-boyfriend. It can be used decently, and there is always a sense of guilt for waste without reason.

Fortunately, you can still play and eliminate music, which is better than nothing.

The two girls didn’t want to talk to each other anymore, so they had to sleep on the same bed or introduced themselves.

The girl’s name is Zhang Xin, this is her fourth official game, and the two girls who have changed accommodation with them.

One with long polished hair is called Qi Qi, and the other with a round face and slightly fat pear head is called Fu Yuan.

One of the two boys is called Fang Zhiyuan, who is thin and tall, and the other is called Yuan Bin, who has short legs and a solid body.

Several people are also players who have experienced three to six games. They are not newcomers who don’t know anything. They already have some experience.

The quality of everyone is probably better than Wang Bei, just like Li Li. Speaking of it, Li Li finally confessed that he also hid his true number of entries.

He said that he only had three times. In fact, it was his sixth game. At the time, he thought it was his own reason to increase the difficulty of the game, so he asked people first.

Later, I found out that I was thinking too much, salted fish, just call six six six, don’t think too much.

After playing for a while, Zhu Yang felt sleepy, so he threw the phone on the pillow and closed his eyes to sleep.

The short-haired girl has fallen asleep at the moment. Although they sleep in the same bed, they each cover a quilt, and the bed is big enough to not affect each other.

Wang Sao’s family has two floors, the first floor is the main room with kitchen and toilet, and the second floor has three bedrooms.

In rural areas, one family usually lives in a house. The house is big enough, but there are few rooms available. When guests come, they crowd each other.

Sometimes it’s common for a few people to sleep in one bed.

A room is vacant in Wang’s house, which can be used to entertain guests.

The room Zhu Yang and the others lived in was well-lit. The bed was placed next to the window. The window was so big that you could see the huge moon hanging in the night sky at a glance.

The air in the mountains is fresh and the visibility is high at night. Not to mention, the starry night-view presidential suite where Zhu Yang went out for vacation, the scenery you can see is not as good as here.

It’s a pity that the hardware match can’t keep up.

While sleeping in a daze in the cool mountain breeze, Zhu Yang suddenly felt a person sitting next to the bed.

At first she thought it was Zhang Xin who came back from the night, but then she thought it was wrong. Zhang Xin was in the bed, and she must have crossed over to her when she got up and got out of bed. She didn’t feel any movement.

Zhu Yang opened his eyes and took a closer look. The figure sitting by the bed was actually a woman with long hair, while Zhang Xin had short hair.

The woman was facing her and suddenly started to move. She didn’t know when she had an extra comb in her hand, and then she began to comb her long hair.

As if feeling Zhu Yang’s gaze, the woman slowly turned her head to meet Zhu Yang’s eyes.

I saw the woman’s face was blank, she didn’t even have any facial features, she had no eyes, but she could feel that she was looking at you, she had no mouth, but she could feel the grin at the corner of her mouth.

The faceless female ghost stared at Zhu Yang for three seconds under the light of the moon. Before Zhu Yang screamed, she heard her expressionlessly: “Do you know what will happen in a while?”

This is not the first time that the faceless female ghost is scary, no matter how bold and unremarkable, she is also staring at her with a guilty conscience and vigilance. There is no such thing as a bachelor who looks at the mentally retarded.

It can be said that the time is too late, Zhu Yang stretched out a hand from the quilt, grabbed the female ghost’s long hair hanging in front of her eyes, and slammed half of her head.

“The back of your head will be as clean as your face.”

After speaking, he sprang up from the bed and held down the female ghost to pull out the remaining hair.

He cursed, “Do you know how the last **** who combed his hair in front of me died?”

“Combing your mother’s hair in the middle of the night, the hair fell out of your dad’s mouth, don’t you? You can’t see the dander flying around without eyes? This Nima disgusts me—Bah!”

The faceless female ghost was beaten dumbfounded, and the needle hurts on her scalp again. When her head was caught, she wanted to struggle, but she couldn’t get away.

She had no mouth and couldn’t speak, so she could only make a whine.

It’s so dangerous that such a big movement of one person and one ghost awakened Zhang Xin. She opened her eyes to see Zhu Yang beating someone, thinking that the gloomy mistress wanted to attack them most of the night and was caught.

Because the game hasn’t released a specific task at this time, it is not easy to hurt people rashly, so I hurried to pull Zhuyang.

And the faceless female ghost took advantage of this gap and quickly seized the opportunity and disappeared.

Zhang Xin turned on the light on the bedside, and when there was no one in the room, the door was closed, and there was a large pile of hair on the bed. How could he not understand that Zhu Yang just beaten him was not a human being?

Zhang Xin suddenly got goose bumps. She didn’t expect this game to be so cruel. The mission hadn’t been released yet, so the ghost came out and took a stroll.

One can imagine the difficulty this time.

But suddenly she stared at Zhu Yang with surprise on her face again–

Wait, this newcomer just killed the ghost directly?

Zhang Xin twitched her mouth: “You, you said this is your second official game?”

Zhu Yang Zhengge responded to the large piece of hair on the bed, shook the quilt and brushed the hair on the ground. He didn’t reply when he heard the words: “Yes!”

Zhang Xin said again: “But you almost killed the ghost just now.”

Although this is a good thing to hear, but the newcomer in Nima’s second game, is there such a high quality and hard-working in the second game?

Until now, they have only seen ghosts to escape their lives. It looks like an artificial **** in countless situations.

Who knew that he thought it was bronze, but he was actually a king?

Zhang Xin only hates herself for having eyes but not knowing Taishan, but this guy’s appearance is indeed too deceptive, and at the same time, she feels that she is still complaining about the bad luck of the game this afternoon, and now she is afraid that she has made a mistake, so she draws twice. The second draw is bound to such a strong player. What is the bad luck? This is a koi.

Suddenly he became more enthusiastic towards people. Seeing that Zhu Yang disliked those hair, he cleaned the quilt for her, got out of bed and went to the corner to take a broom and swept her hair out.

After doing everything, the two went to sleep again.

Only in the second half of the night, I heard a pitiful sob from someone outside the door. Zhu Yang was half awake by the noise, and annoyed he patted on the bedside table.

The crying outside stopped abruptly!

When I woke up the next day, I went downstairs and saw the two children carrying school bags and preparing to go to school.

It is said that the township-run primary school here is seven/eight/li away from the village, and it takes two hours to go to and from school every day, so you can get out as soon as the day is bright.

Wang Sao made two tortillas for the two children, and a small bag of pickles. This is their lunch.

The family’s living standards made Zhu Yang doubt whether this era is in sync with reality.

She had recruited two children, each of whom gave five yuan, and she found a purse from her backpack and there was a lot of small cash in it.

“Yes, buy food in the school cafeteria or store at noon.”

Where did the two kids get so much pocket money? Seeing this, he was a little flustered, and Zhu Yang didn’t refuse them, so he stuffed money into their pockets.

“It’s not for you in vain. After school, pick me mulberries on the road. I want to eat.”

But the money is still too much. Usually the children in the village are called by the adults to play pig grass and break the corn on the cob, and give one dollar a day for pocket money, which makes people smile.

However, Zhu Yang didn’t wait for them to refuse, and pushed the two out of the door.

This is really not expensive, not only for people like Zhu Yang who live in luxury, but also for ordinary people who come from another city.

How much do you sell mulberries in the supermarket? A small box of 100 grams is more than a dozen yuan, which is still average.

On the way Zhu Yang came yesterday, he saw a lot of mulberry trees on the side of the road, with slick mulberries hanging on them. They were delicious and one of Zhu Yang’s favorite fruits.

Sister Wang went out to see this scene and didn’t say anything. How long has it been since her two children had pocket money or snacks? Two cents of ice packs are reluctant to buy.

She didn’t respond, but she became more dedicated to entertain Zhu Yang. There is no water heater in the countryside, but there is running water and a washing tank in the yard. Sister Wang gave them a pot of hot water and used it.

When Zhu Yang and the others finished washing up, the other four people came over for breakfast. When they came to the table, they found that breakfast was more dedicated than yesterday’s dinner.

The boiled polenta is fragrant and viscous. The rice soup is thick and fragrant. It is more appetizing than any messy drink. The corn is the new tender corn, sweet and tender. It makes people unable to stop eating one bowl after another. .

The congee and vegetables were leftover chicken offal from yesterday, as well as a newly-fried vegetable. Several players did not dare to touch off the chicken offal, but Zhu Yang was full of satisfaction.

“There are few tender corn porridges on the market that are so sweet. It’s better in the country.”

What kind of dish is its original taste. Zhu Yang remembered eating the cabbage and eggplant grown by his grandma when he was a child, and just stir-fried it with sweetness. Where is it like now? The all-hard state is too big, but can’t taste that dish anymore.

After the meal, Wang’s wife carried a **** to work on the ground. Several players sat in the yard to discuss the issue of not releasing a mission for this broken game.

Regardless of their position and relationship, every player is unanimous in cursing the game.

The task appeared in my mind without a word of scolding, and the content looked simple. It means that after 10 days in this mountain village, you can pass the game if you are still alive after ten days.

Several other people began to complain about the difficulty of the game one after another. Although this vague task seemed simple, it was assumed that these ten days would not be better.

However, several of them are little experienced players, comforting each other: “Generally, this kind of dungeon, as long as the basic problem of taboo is clear, there may be some legends in the mountains or some evil family that killed people.”

“If you try to avoid this, you should not be targeted by ghosts. Let’s try our best to keep a low profile. If you say that you are sketching, just ignore other things. It’s best to stay in groups of two at any time, even if there is danger. A reference.”

After saying this, the curly-haired girl named Qi Qi sneered: “No separation? It doesn’t matter if we two, is it just that some people can bear it? If you are afraid of asking you guys for comfort in the middle of the night, so don’t talk too much. You die like this.”

This is an unceremonious mockery of the two boys looking at the beauty and their eyes fluttering, and that a certain **** has seen that the game is so powerful that it will mess with moths.

When Zhang Xin heard this, her heart came up. If she had expected to agree with this yesterday, but after that night, she felt terrified for Qi Qi now.

Sure enough, Zhu Yang said casually: “Yeah, why are you so full of words? For ten days, will the unnatural combination of people die in the middle of the process?”

“You–” Qi Qi was furious.

Survival in this shattered game is inherently a lifeless situation. Who can hear the word ‘dead’?

Qi Qi wanted to tear the bitch, but was stopped by several other people.

Then Zhu Yang stood up and said: “Sure, now the task is down, it doesn’t make sense to squeeze here, I’m out to play, see you for lunch.”

Play, play?

How many players are you sure you heard right? Is this **** really taking a vacation?

Qi Qi and Fu Yuan were really irritated by this kind of unfamiliar bitch, but they saw that the two boys saw Zhu Yang go out and followed them.

About to ridicule with Zhang Xin, I saw this guy also got up and followed out.

In the end, it was as if the two of them were squeezed out instead. They gritted their teeth and waited until the real danger came, whether these boys and the grass would be so enthusiastic.

After walking out of the yard, you can see the whole mountain village at sunrise. Zhu Yang took a root of grass in his mouth, followed by three people in the posture of a village tyrant crossing the border.

But she really didn’t come out for nothing. Wang’s wife’s house didn’t have any good food. It was troublesome to eat meat in a remote mountain village, so she basically relied on her family.

But Wang’s wife did not have a single poultry, and Zhu Yang had to think of a solution for the next ten days.

She passed a yard, and there were a lot of chickens and ducks crying inside, and knocked on someone’s door without thinking.

The one who opened the door was a woman with a cross-cut face and a bit mean face. She was still holding a bamboo piece in her hand, and her face was still angered. Seeing Zhu Yang a few strangers, she said gruffly: “What? ”

Zhu Yang ignored her attitude: “Can you sell chickens and ducks?”

As soon as the woman heard this, her face immediately burst into a smile: “Sell, sell! I’m planning to go to the market tomorrow and let his father sell it in town.”

“You came by a coincidence, and it will be gone one day later. You people in the city are just as good as you know. Don’t worry, you are guaranteed to eat local chickens that are free from grains and insects.

Zhu Yang nodded, and then several people were greeted into the yard, which had an unpleasant smell of poultry manure because of the many poultry raised.

But this is not the point. A few people came in and found that there were two children in the yard, a girl looking at fifteen and sixteen, and a sloppy twelve or three-year-old boy.

The girl was sniffing and crying, and the boy still pounded her from time to time. It was obvious that the woman was just cleaning up people.

The woman took a hand and weighed it out from the hall, with a smile on her face: “Don’t worry, it’s all guaranteed. The villagers will not cheat. How much do you want?”

He glared at the girl again, and said fiercely: “Why don’t you pour water for the guests? You know crying when you cry, which girl in the village has such a good life as you? Raising you for all these years, a white-eyed wolf.”

The girl entered the door aggrieved, and the woman discussed with Zhu Yang about selling chickens and ducks.

Zhu Yang said: “Five chickens and two ducks. Do you have eggs? Thirty, do you have any other meat?”

The chickens and ducks in the countryside are delicious, but it is impossible to let her eat them all.

The woman nodded quickly: “Yes! There were people who killed pigs in the village the day before yesterday. You can buy them at Tian Dumen’s house. There are some rice loach and loach crabs beaten by children. Do you want them?”

Naturally, Zhu Yang was round. At this time, the girl poured water out of several people, and the woman was busy weighing things.

According to the price in the town, it cost a few hundred yuan to buy so many things in one go. Zhu Yang didn’t care and gave the money happily.

Especially those wild loach, eel and crab, you may not be able to buy it if you have money, Zhu Yang thinks it is cheap.

When a group of people left this house, a few people asked Zhu Yang where to get so much money?

This time the copy was in an isolated and almost self-sufficient mountain village, and the game didn’t pay much at all.

At the moment each player enters the game, the basic equipment they get is similar. Each of them only found less than two hundred yuan from their carry-on bag, and Zhu Yang would naturally not be more.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Yang said nonchalantly: “The points were exchanged.”

When the other three heard this, they almost didn’t fall because of the answer.

One pitfall of this game is that the redemption window will only be developed before entering the game, and there will be various restrictions based on the actual situation, just like Zhu Yang can’t continue to strengthen himself in this novice field.

But there is indeed a redemption window that is always open no matter when and where, regardless of real games, and that is the exchange of points for coins.

Where you exchanged funds can be used at that time.

But unless it is a copy of the type that does not provide the necessary survival materials and conditions, otherwise which idiot will exchange precious points for money for unnecessary consumption?

Even one point can be exchanged for 10,000, which is enough to eat and drink in this remote poor village, but is this necessary?

For newcomers, even a bit of points is precious, even a life-saving existence.

The two boys finally saw what is called the extreme of big breasts, but Zhang Xin didn’t come to a conclusion so quickly.

Zhu Yang ignored their gazes as if they were looking fools, waved to the two men to send back so many chickens, ducks, eggs and two large baskets of eel and crabs, and together with Zhang Xin, they were going to buy pork. .

On the way to the pork-selling house, the two saw a huge banyan tree. A stone Buddha niche was built under the banyan tree. There were many unburned incense candles around it, which seemed to be worshipped every day.

The Buddha statue in the niche was covered by a piece of red cloth, and it was hard to see the true content—in fact, she couldn’t understand it if she showed it to Zhu Yang.

It’s just that the outline of the shape is a bit strange, unreasonably uncomfortable.

As an experienced player, Zhang Xin hurriedly pulled Zhu Yang: “Go, I’m afraid this thing is not good.”

When he walked out of the banyan tree, he said to Zhu Yang: “In this game, you really have to trust your instincts. If you think something is not abnormal, then it will definitely not be normal.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Yes!”

Then he turned back to the altar under the banyan tree and opened the red cloth enshrined in the stone statue.

The exposed stone statue is not any kind of common bodhisattva, but a hideous and weird stone statue of an evil door that makes people see it.

The stone statues also meditate cross-legged like other Bodhisattvas, but the other Bodhisattvas either look compassionate or angry, but this thing has a wicked grin.

The head was supposed to be the bulge of Buddha’s snail bun hair. Here, there are indeed goosebump eyes one after another, which is really a series of fear of death.

Zhu Yang was also quite disgusted with this stuff. Zhang Xin was scared to death by her, and hurriedly ran over and shouted: “What are you doing? Do anything to provoke her.”

Zhu Yang threw the red cloth back on the head of the game: “Don’t you believe in your intuition? My instinct is to open it.”

He curled his lips again: “Unfortunately, it’s too ugly. There are so many people worshipping this thing every day. I’m afraid the people here are not blind.”

Zhang Xin was almost fainted by her, your sister’s obviously such a wicked thing, if you go to provoke it, you don’t need to say that you have to insult in person.

I was about to pull the person away again, when I heard a voice coming from behind——

“You are going to die!”

When the two looked back, they saw that the old woman who ran away from Wang’s wife’s house yesterday cursed her with a grin, showing her black rotten teeth, smiling and looking at them: “Hey hey! The Buddha’s head is not exposed, and the Buddha’s head is not exposed. !”

Zhang Xin knew that they had stepped on taboos, and they were in the world of horror games. I really can’t underestimate this kind of spreading words.

While panicking in his heart, Zhu Yang saw two fish with straw stalks that the old woman was holding, and in the other hand he was holding paper money with incense candles.

Her face suddenly brightened: “Grandma, how about worship? You worship, you quickly! I can take away the fish after worshipping?”

The grinning old lady’s voice froze, and she followed the duck whose neck was trampled on.


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