Scream Queen Chapter 29

The old woman has never been out of the village in her entire life except for the market below the mountain. Where has she ever seen such a shameless girl?

These years are getting better, and there is always no need to worry about food and drink. When there is a shortage of food and clothing in the early years, this kind of cheeky woman cannot marry.

The old woman is superstitious by nature, and the village worships gods as she is the most diligent and uninterrupted.

Because the family life is good, it is also one of the best in the village. The family believes that the old woman is pious.

Every day, not only did she not constrain her to bring good things to worship, but the youngest son and grandson in the family also bought and changed for her from time to time.

Like these two fishes today, my grandson caught them in the ditch. The water quality of the rivers in the mountains is clean and sweet. You can drink them directly. The fish raised are plump and delicate. Zhu Yang knew it was a good thing.

She used to scold a dog in her heart to compare to the system, but now she doesn’t feel it anymore. Seeing that the environment here is beautiful and the village’s local products are delicious and authentic, there is quite a game that sends her to experience the style of farmhouse.

Zhu Yang planned to re-eat all the good tastes of the farm in his memory, so the eyes of the big fat fish in the hands of the old woman became more and more fierce.

Seeing this, the old woman couldn’t help but hide the fish in her hand. Is this the fish her grandson caught in the river? The Bodhisattva hasn’t eaten it yet, how can it be as cheap as yesterday? This delicious bandit?

Thinking of this, the old woman turned and left, planning to wait for the gluttonous woman to go and come to worship later.

Can Zhu Yang be as she wants? As soon as the old woman turned around, she knocked down the stone statue.

The stone statue slammed on the concrete table and made a loud bang. The old woman turned her head in horror and saw the gluttonous woman put her hand on the altar.

He smiled and said to her: “Grandma, there is no such reason to pray for the Buddha, right? The delicious food will turn around in front of the Bodhisattva, and there is still a saying that it is taken away? You see the Bodhisattva is anxious.”

The old woman was almost scared to death, and she yelled: “You are going to die, you are lacking in heart and lungs-don’t blame the Bodhisattva, you have sores and pus under the hob, it is not a pity for a bad intestine and a belly, it is irrelevant to a good man and a believer. Go find the evildoer—”

Zhu Yang drew his ears, and was impatient to hear the old woman’s rap more neatly than the blacks. To be honest, many people now have racial talents.

That’s because the young people have little knowledge, and you go to the people’s mourning hall when any rural funeral is held? These old ladies can cry and sing without heavy words for three hours without drinking water.

Seeing the old woman’s words, Zhu Yang was so excited, he squatted down and grabbed the head of the stone statue and put it back in place.

But her pointed nails did nothing. In front of the old woman, she slowly cut out two holes in the face of the stone statue, from the eyes down, like two tears.

While digging, he looked at the stunned old woman and said: “The big fish of the grandmother can’t go, you can’t go. Wrap it in egg liquid, then dip it in bread crumbs, and fry it in a frying pan until it is golden and crisp, and the Bodhisattva under the tree is crying. , Adults and children love to eat, three bowls of rice in one breath is not enough.”

“Grandma~~~” Zhu Yang’s fluttering voice was like a ghost urging the soul, and the old woman trembled: “The Bodhisattva said he was greedy and crying.”

Zhang Xin was almost fainted by her. At this moment, the weird idol had been tossed beyond recognition by Zhu Yang.

The greedy and weird grin on his face was cut out with two tears, and it turned into an emoticon.

But this thing is evil at first glance. Didn’t hear the old woman’s words? This guy is good, like what others say is farting, throwing and picking at the taboo, Zhang Xin has no doubt that if the grandmother is not submissive, this **** can screw off the head of the **** for the two fish.

Zhang Xin is scared, let alone an old woman? She knelt down as soon as her legs were weak, repeating sins and sins.

I wanted to call someone, but I saw that the bandit mother had already pressed her hand on the head of the Bodhisattva, for fear that she would have done something wrong again, and how many things she had brought was placed in front of the Bodhisattva with the same sobbing.

As soon as the result was set, the bandit took the fish away: “Grandma, thank you! The Bodhisattva will bless you. How happy do you think he smiles?”

The old woman looked up and almost fainted. It turned out that the corners of the Bodhisattva’s mouth were cut into grinning ears.

Seeing the bandit swaying away carrying the fish, the old woman finally couldn’t bear to sit under the tree, pat her legs and cry–

“Doing evil~~~”

Because this old woman went crazy in the village every day, no one was surprised at what she did. People passing by were too lazy to ask.

Before Zhu Yang left, he still did not forget to cover the stone statue with red cloth. These people easily did not dare to cover the head. The old woman was too old to speak and often didn’t understand her words, and she didn’t notice it for several days.

Zhu Yang threw the fish to Zhang Xin, and the two came to the pork-selling house.

This pig was killed because the family had a happy event two days ago. Now there are a lot of pigs left, all of which are local pork with a fragrant texture.

Zhu Yang bought 20 or 30 kilograms in one go. The pork loin, pork ribs, and hoofs were all available, but because Wang’s wife didn’t have a refrigerator, she couldn’t take it away at once, so he made an appointment to pick it up every time he wanted to eat.

The family was not happy at first, and didn’t want to deal with Wang’s wife’s family. However, Zhu Yang paid generously, and the amount of money per catty of meat was more than twice that of selling it in the town.

They reluctantly agreed, but they had to make sure that at most the two children from the Wang family would come over to fetch the meat. If they were asked to come, they would not open the door.

Zhu Yang spent hundreds of yuan to buy these pork, but these things are also cheap to sell at the mountain market. Such good local pork in big cities is more than three times more expensive.

Her squandering this morning also spent thousands of dollars, which is equivalent to more than 0.1 points. Thinking about the millions that have not been squandered in the real world, she wondered if the game was helping Is she saving money?

This restaurant has only recently finished the banquet, and many of the condiments purchased at home have not been opened. , Zhu Yang asked them to transfer to himself.

The family was naturally happy, so they packed up bottles of various spices, and chatted with Zhu Yang and others.

The situation of Wang’s wife’s family is not good in the village. This is obvious. Zhu Yang brought the topic to the top and asked about it.

Sure enough, when they mentioned their home, the villagers seemed to be resentful, but they refused to say what the specific reason was. They just babbled the woman for selfishness. No matter how many people in the village live or die, it deserves that the man in the family breaks his shoes and is young. Keep a widow or something.

Speaking of such peachy gossip, an old lady and two daughter-in-laws in this yard chatted with each other gleefully.

It is said that Wang’s wife’s family had a good life in the village. Her husband had a business mind and contracted fruit trees down the mountain. He had a good life for several years.

But when a man gets rich, he goes bad. In business, he often goes to the town to eat and drink and socialize, so he raises a mistress, and brings him home directly.

On the contrary, the wife of Wang Sao had to serve her husband and Xiao San like an old mother. The three children in the family were also pitiful, and they had conflicts with Xiao San. Their fathers all slapped indiscriminately.

“Three? Isn’t Wang’s wife just two sons?” Zhu Yang asked.

One of the daughters-in-law was the fastest, and said: “Where, her family Xiuxiu was still there—”

Before she finished speaking, she was hit by her arm by the sister-in-law next to her, and the daughter-in-law closed her mouth and changed the subject.

Later, Zhu Yang also pieced together an outline of the matter in the chat. It is estimated that something happened later that directly or indirectly caused the death of Wang’s husband and Xiaosan at home, and none of the three children. Wang’s family came from the village. Wealthy households have become like family members.

And that incident also made the whole village feel bad about Wang’s wife.

Everything in the gossip room was all packed. The two boys who had sent the things home also came over. Seeing that it was almost lunch time, Zhu Yang brought a group of bags and attendants back to Wang’s house.

Zhang Xin didn’t dare to tell the two boys that Zhu Yang might have caused the taboo here. She was a little lacking in decision-making, but it was natural that she could not survive several games without any merit.

She is attentive and can watch her words and looks. Although at first glance Zhu Yang makes troubles everywhere, but from her quiet questioning skills in the courtyard just now, it can be seen that this person is not blindly relying on not knowing how to get here. Such a reckless idiot with such a strong physique.

When I returned to the Wang’s yard, Wang’s wife just came back from the ground right now. Suddenly there were so many things in the kitchen, and there were several chickens and ducks running in the yard.

She was silent for a moment, and did not ask much. Zhu Yang told her that she wanted to eat the old pickled vegetable twice-cooked pork, braised eel segments, and those crabs wrapped in starch and fried as snacks.

Crabs are small crabs in the river ditch. They can be eaten with their shells and are crispy. They are wrapped in egg liquid and covered with bread crumbs. The child next door cries greedy.

“By the way, take care of the duck and come out after eating. There are soaked radishes at home, right? Make a sour radish duck soup and start to stew it in the afternoon. When the children come back from school, they will definitely be fragrant and bad.”

“Oh!” Wang’s wife responded, and an imperceptible smile flashed across her lifeless face.

The rice is the new rice of this year. There is no good-quality rice in the supermarket that looks round and full, but it is much sweeter than it is eaten. It is used for the rice-flavored book. taste.

Zhu Yang asked the two boys to go to the kitchen to help with the miscellaneous work. I also buried a few sweet potatoes in the ashes, and the roasted sweet potatoes were so delicious.

The only time Zhu Yang gained weight in her life was when she was six years old when she went to live with her aunt’s house for a month, roasting sweet potatoes in the stove every day for her to eat. When she went home, she became a chubby girl. Zhu Weixin was still crying and asking her aunt to pay it back. His sister, he didn’t want to exchange her sister for such a big fat girl. After being beaten by Zhu Yang, he realized the familiar feeling before accepting the fact that his sister became fat girl…

Cooking rice is not an electric pot, but steamed steamed rice. The rice is first cooked until it is cooked and not sticky. This state is called raw rice in rural areas. Then it is washed and steamed in the steamed rice. Clearly sweet and chewy.

The rice soup is also delicious. Put some sugar in it. It’s much better than the messy milk tea drinks sold all over the streets in big cities.

Wife Wang worked very swiftly, and she prepared the dishes in a short time. In addition to the twice-cooked pork and eel segment requested by Zhu Yang, she also fried fresh shredded pork with bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots were dug up by Wife’s work, and there was a fish. Fragrant eggplant, stir-fried tender corn kernels, mixed with garlic and cowpeas, and a stir-fried seasonal vegetable.

Now that the meat and vegetables in the kitchen are full of seasonings, she naturally does not delay Wang Sao’s performance. Zhu Yang knew that Wang Sao’s homemade craftsmanship must be good when she ate chicken last night.

The dishes are cooked so well when the seasoning is limited, the heat is extremely accurate, and it is a large pot of flourishing fire in the countryside, which is very good when it is heated and it is naturally more delicious.

The two fish from the old woman haven’t gotten them yet. I plan to make pickled carp at night and keep them in a bucket.

When the other two girls came to eat at lunch time, they were immediately surprised to see the fragrant food on the table.

They thought they were going to spend these ten days with porridge and small dishes, and the nasty smell immediately stirred people’s index fingers.

The two of them sat down and moved the bowls and chopsticks and were about to eat. They saw that the dishes in front of them were suddenly removed, and replaced by a pot of boiled potatoes and two tortillas.

The two suddenly looked up and saw Zhu Yang, who was sitting across from him, saying: “This is your lunch, make no mistake.”

Qi Qi’s temper is the most explosive, and she became angry when she heard the words: “Why? When is it your turn to be a newcomer to dominate? I thought that the two men fascinated you after running for you, right? This is not your home. In your school, the food prepared by the master cannot be distributed by you?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Yes, just because I bought these dishes with money, other people didn’t pay for anything, and at any rate they brought things to help with cooking. You two didn’t show anything, so I just wanted to eat them when I came to the table. Look at someone like that generous?”

When the two girls choked, they were immediately unable to refute, but they didn’t suddenly expect this guy to spend extra points to exchange money.

Rather, they suspected that these guys had signed up for the group, and the money of a few people would be enough to buy these things, but this shows that they were excluded from the small group of players in such a short morning.

It’s ridiculous whether it’s the dominant player or a new player. Are those three people thinking about it?

Zhang Xin and Fang Zhiyuan were sluggish because of their cannibalism. Although they felt that Zhu Yang was a bit unsympathetic, they didn’t make sense to help the two girls to speak generously.

In reality, it is a matter of multiple pairs of chopsticks, but the money is heavy when it comes to points.

When the two girls saw the others bow their heads to eat and were silent, their hearts became more sinking, and the panic of being excluded suddenly hit their hearts.

This is not a matter of being squeezed out in reality, as long as the heart is strong enough, it is a big deal to be alone.

In the game world, once other players are in a group, information cannot be shared, and nothing is done with you. Although players are forbidden to attack each other, it is possible to stumble a little on the ground that you don’t know.

In the morning, the two of them also ridiculed Zhu Yang’s undisguised expression, but at this moment, they thought a lot and didn’t dare to throw their chopsticks away. That would be a complete anger with other players.

The two of them ate the tasteless boiled potatoes, and looked at Zhu Yang from time to time, thinking that now the initiative was taken over by the newcomer, but in this way, they were afraid that they would have to bow their heads temporarily.

Zhang Xin looked at the two men’s eyebrow lawsuit and took a cold breath in her heart. What is this person’s background in reality?

Even if there is no need for words at all, you can see her domineering and self-willed, but in less than a day, old players like them have turned around her for her to be driven by the horse.

Of course, Qi Qi and Fu Yuan are still wandering in their hearts, but in her opinion, they are sure to be sure. As long as they continue to exert pressure, they will have to bow their heads before tomorrow.

It’s just a small thing now, but in her opinion, a set of actions has taken shape, and what’s more terrifying is that no one realizes it.

Because when Zhu Yang created the group structure headed by her, she couldn’t see any deliberate traces. She herself also lifted weights lightly, just like eating and drinking water or even metabolism.

Sure enough, after lunch, Zhu Yang said that he would go fishing by the river, and this time the group of people fell away.

Zhu Yang still walked in the forefront, in the posture of a village tyrant, and the people behind were carrying fishing rods, buckets and small benches.

The fishing rod was borrowed by people in the village. He said it was borrowed, but in fact it was bought. The family refused to borrow it, so Zhu Yang simply bought it for twenty yuan.

The fishing rods in the countryside are usually made by themselves, and the sticks with good tenacity are made of bamboo. You can buy a large bag of hooks and fishing line for a few cents. The floats made of goose feather pipes cut into small pieces are also very useful.

When I came to the river, the stream was clear and cold. I placed a small bench and sat under the bamboo forest without any heat.

At noon, Wang’s wife brought a large bowl of fried crabs to make snacks. Zhu Yang even pulled some bamboo leaves to recall the boat her grandfather taught her to make when she was a child.

I tried several times and finally succeeded. I put the two-fingered boat on the river and let it float away. I played this boring thing all afternoon.

Several other players were also relaxed by her bachelor’s enjoyment attitude.

Fang Zhiyuan said: “To be able to live quietly in the mountains for ten days in reality is really a luxury vacation.”

After all, in such a pristine place, you have to toss you to death just by walking in a car, but the game is a matter of closing and opening your eyes.

Some farmers who went home in the afternoon told them to go back earlier, saying that there were water ghosts in the river, and there was nothing to play during the day, and they should never be close when it was dark.

When he said that, the clumps of water weeds drifting with the waves in the originally clear river suddenly became weird and enchanting.

Several people saw that it was too early, so they packed up and prepared to go back.

As a result, they ran into two children coming home at the entrance of the village. When they saw Zhu Yang, they ran over, holding a large bag of mulberries in their hands and some wild peaches.

The mulberries are purple and black, shiny and full. The peaches are only the size of an egg, but Zhu Yang remembers that he has eaten this kind of peaches. Although there is no sweet peach, the taste is very delicate and delicious.

When the group came home, the two children looked for the bamboo dustpan at home to wash the mulberries and peaches, and put them in front of Zhu Yang cleanly.

Zhu Yang likes clever children who do things quickly, so he greets them to eat fried crabs. Seeing that their mother has no objection, the two children sit on a stool and eat the mulberries under the crab.

After a while, Sister Wang also made dinner over there, simmering in the old duck soup for an afternoon, and two big carp with pickled peppers.

I fried another piece of shredded pork with fungus, which was picked off the rotten wooden stakes by the river when they were fishing in the afternoon.

Served with a few seasonal dishes, a sumptuous dinner was drooling.

Naturally, the two children were really sloppy, but Sister Wang taught them very well. Zhu Yang and they saw that most of the boys in the village were sloppy and rude.

Seeing a few strangers of them, they were a bit rude, but the two children of the Wang family were very polite in everything they did.

Zhu Yang likes to eat fish, but he never picks out fish bones by himself. He has a younger brother at home, an aunt outside, and attendants at school.

In the last game, there was an ex-boyfriend lurking around, but don’t expect anyone who knows how to wink at this moment.

Instead, she was the child next to her. Seeing that she stretched out some chopsticks to the fish, she saw that there were thorns and threw the fish away. She cleverly went to the kitchen and took a pair of chopsticks again, helping Zhu Yang pick up the fishbone.

Zhu Yang was very satisfied, and finally started to eat well.

Halfway through, they asked Sister Wang, “I heard that we can go to the market tomorrow?”

Sister Wang nodded: “Yes, tomorrow is the market day, but the town is far away from here, it’s almost three hours away, are you going?”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Go and see what’s fun!”

Several other players took a breath after hearing her plan, Zhang Xin said hurriedly: “Don’t forget–”

The words didn’t finish, but the unfinished meaning was obvious. The game mission allowed her to survive here for ten days, so she took the initiative to run out to find death.

Zhu Yang said nonchalantly: “It’s just going to a fair, it’s not going to run, and I’ll be back at night. Is it possible that it also cares where I go to have time for leisure? It’s so generous.”

Isn’t the game lenient as a player?

Seeing them cautiously, Zhu Yang waved his hand: “There is no clear stipulation that you can’t go out to play, don’t worry, the dog is still very flexible.”

This is something that Zhu Yang has determined early on. The game itself is not run by rigid rules or data systems. Since it does not give various rigid restrictions, it means that the original intention is to encourage players to constantly trigger new fun.

If you go fishing like this every day, the game itself will find things for you within two days, so Zhu Yang does not worry about being wiped out as soon as he leaves the village. Even if he does not let out the village, the biggest possibility is that ghosts hit the wall or be teleported. come back.

Just like in the last game, Li Li mentioned that some players ran abroad to avoid ghosts and were teleported back.

Zhu Yang speculates that 90% of the game may not easily obliterate players, and will only force adjustments when they are out of line.

Everyone saw that she didn’t care, and she couldn’t talk too much in front of the people in the game, so she could only give it up.

After eating, Wang’s wife went to clean up the kitchen, and the two children lay down on the stone pier again to do their homework, but during the period Zhu Yang saw them secretly giving the money they got in the morning to their mother.

It was still two full five dollars, and it didn’t cost a cent.

Tonight was a calmer time. It is estimated that the faceless ghost was afraid of being beaten last night and did not dare to come.

When Zhu Yang listened to the gossip of the women in the village today, he kept wondering who the female ghost appeared in the evening, whether it was Wang’s missing daughter or the third.

It’s okay for Xiaosan, my daughter–

No, no, it must be a junior. With that enchanting hair combing posture and malicious atmosphere, what kind of behavior can a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl have?

When I got up early the next morning, breakfast was ready. When Zhu Yang saw that the two children hadn’t gone to school, I heard Wang Sao mention that it was Saturday and the two primary school students were off.

After breakfast, Wang’s wife went to the field to pick a lot of seasonal vegetables, tied them in small bundles and planned to sell them in town.

Generally, people in the farm will sell some vegetables and eggs to subsidize the family when they go to the market, but here is far from the town and can’t make a lot of money. It shows that Wang’s family is in difficulty.

Regarding the matter of going down the mountain to the fair, several players thought about it all night and still didn’t plan to go out.

So where Zhu Yang went, no one would carry a bag to kill the star, and he aroused the elementary school students unscrupulously.

Said that if the two children help her carry things, they will buy the stationery they need when they go to town.

The two little ones were naturally happy, and the three and Wang’s wife also went out together.

There were still many villagers going to the market on the market day, but they avoided Wang’s wife’s family from a distance, and even spit on the ground if they were a little bit mean.

No one in the village has a car, but there is a tractor, so it is naturally impossible to carry Wang’s wife and his party.

When the tractor passed by Zhu Yang, she still saw the old woman who was sitting on it and sending her chickens and fish.

Zhu Yang greeted people warmly when he saw people: “Grandma, how about going to the fair? Do you buy good things for the Bodhisattva? Buy more!”

The old woman shuddered as soon as she heard this, and was annoyed by the withered fingers pointing at her.

Next to him, there was a middle-aged man who looked like her son and looked at the people here with a bit of dignity. He glanced at Zhu Yang, and then at his old mother. Suddenly, there was a thoughtful expression on his face, but he did not speak.

Zhu Yang is now in a strong physique. It’s not a problem for more than ten miles of mountain roads in one breath. Wang Sao and the others are walking fast because they are used to walking.

When the few people arrived at the market, it was less than nine o’clock, which was the lively time.

On the side of the road, there are films spreading home-grown vegetables, or poultry, meat and eggs, and rice-selling snacks, and even cats and dogs pets.

Those who do business in the small stalls in the town will naturally not miss this day. They sell barbecues on a rack, with half a piece of vegetable and a piece of meat. There are also people selling balloon candied haws, even those who pinch sugar.

Zhu Yang felt that time had returned to his childhood, and he had been playing at the market enthusiastically for most of the day.

At noon, I took the two children to a nearby restaurant to eat rice noodles, boiled soup on the bones, and a spoonful of fried sauce. The two children ate so much that there was no soup left.

Zhu Yang packed another bowl for Sister Wang. She still had some dishes not sold out at the moment. She was very embarrassed about Zhu Yang’s expense, but all the things were brought in. Isn’t it possible to throw them away?

I wanted to pay but was blocked by Zhu Yang: “Don’t tell me, you don’t have to worry about these things. I never treat people who serve me well.”

Of course, except for Lu Xiu’s resignation, it is really to serve her and take her as a victim. To be in love with her is to run and be robbed legally.

After lunch, Zhu Yang went on to take two children to play, buy them all the way from the street to the end, and invited them to have a barbecue.

I also bought a TV and refrigerator in a home appliance store in the town. There was no broadband signal on the mountain, so I bought a large stack of discs.

Of course, adding up the ten thousand dollars is not enough, Zhu Yang cashed out a little more.

Sister Wang was almost scared to death by her handwriting, so she stayed for a few days or ten days. Why did she buy these things?

But Zhu Yang waved his hand impatiently: “Do you want to freeze the pork? Do I want to eat fruit or not? There are also ice cream and ice cream. I just wholesaled two boxes and let people buy a quilt to cover it and freeze it. ”

The electrical appliance installation staff urged Sao Wang to get in the car with them, thinking that the dishes were also sold out, and that the few guests in the family had to go back to cook the meals, so Sao Wang had to go back with the people from the electrical company.

Zhu Yang and the others have to buy stationery, saying that they will have to go shopping for a while. The children in the mountain village are so rough that they walk so many mountain roads alone every day, so don’t worry.

Zhu Yang bought a lot of stationery for the two children, and also gave them a small bicycle for each of them. Although the mountain road for them to go to school was rugged, they were flattened for so many years.

As long as it is not raining and muddy, you can still ride to school on a clear day.

It’s okay for the two children to have some stationery, which makes them very frightened. But where is the nature of Zhu Yang’s nouveau riche to allow others to refuse?

When the freshness finally passed, I took the two children home. Naturally, it was the children who took the things.

The two of them hung their stationery on their bicycles, pushing their bicycles, but it was already night, and it was okay to have no car when they came, but when they went back, Zhu Yang found a small car in the town to take them back.

The two small bicycles are still a bit reluctant to stuff them in the trunk.

When the car drove outside the village, it stopped, and then I had to walk some distance by myself, and the car could not get on.

Zhu Yang quickly gave the money to get off the car. At this time, it was dark. The moon was covered by dark clouds tonight, and the visibility was not high.

The three of them walked back in the dark. When they reached the side of the river, Zhu Yang stepped into a pit and fell down. The two children hurriedly helped her up, and it was muddy and sticky.

Zhu Yang was disgusting enough. According to her nature, she was really anxious and could get up to work. She kicked a puddle over it with one foot.

“This is for fish farming.” Wang’s eldest son said: “They like to fish in the river after school. They dig a small pit by the side of the road when they don’t have a bucket at hand, take some water in, and put the fish they caught in it. Go home and pack it in buckets if you have enough.”

This Zhu Yang knows that because children after school will not be able to get out once they go home without finishing their homework, they should have fun outside first.

But now her hands are muddy, her sandals are slimy, and her toes are disgusting.

He said: “Sure, I’ll go to the river to wash my hands first.”

After speaking, the two children stopped him: “No, there are water ghosts in the water.”

Zhu Yang blasted them away one by one: “Where can the water ghost be so scary?”

When he said that, he went to the river for himself. First he lifted his trousers and stretched out his legs to wash his feet. Then he squatted and hunched over the water and began to wash his hands.

Zhu Yang was rubbing the mud on his hands, and suddenly felt that the waterweed or something had caught her hand, and then suddenly pulled her down.

Zhu Yang was caught off guard and was stunned. Fortunately, he reacted quickly, and he didn’t fall off after supporting the shore with one hand.

Otherwise, the mud hasn’t been cleaned, and it has changed.

The underwater end is still working hard, and Zhu Yang is not a vegetarian.

She backhanded the water weed around her hands a few times, and then pulled up with all her strength, like a tug-of-war.

Then something gradually came to the surface of the water, first a round head came out of the water, and then a pale face came up.

No, it didn’t come up, because the thick water-weed hair that connected the frustrated and swollen face was tightly pulled in Zhu Yang’s hands at this moment.

It was dragged up by Zhu Yangsheng.

The water ghost looked dumbfounded and stared at Zhu Yang on the shore. He was always entangled and couldn’t run away. The water ghost was dragged out of the water alive.

This is so embarrassing.


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