Scream Queen Chapter 3

The two returned to Zhu Yang, and Xie Xiaomeng found the CD in the flowers according to yesterday’s impression.

It was a bit wet by the morning dew, but it should not affect the playback.

Zhu Yang sneered when he saw the CD-ROM, and asked Xie Xiaomeng to put it in his bag, and the two men went to Zhulina aggressively.

Zhu Lina is a member of the Department of Fine Arts. The first prerequisite for the selection of members of the Sisterhood is to be beautiful, and of course the family background should not be shabby.

Therefore, Zhu Lina rented a high-end apartment in the central area. Zhu Yang had never been here, but she had all the information about the members of the sorority, and she knew it by checking.

After getting there, Xie Xiaomeng found a place to park, and Zhu Yang went into a tool shop.

I took hammers, tapes, nylon ropes, etc. all the way from the shelves, and threw them at the cash register for the salesperson to check out.

When the salesman saw this, he joked: “This situation is like going to kidnapping. What are you doing, beauty?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Isn’t it just kidnapping? I have to buy props by myself. The things are dead and heavy. It’s really not a job that ordinary people can do.”

The younger brother nodded while scanning the code and said, “That is, if you want kidnappers all over the world to be as beautiful as you, do you need props? In exchange, I will go with you voluntarily.”

“A total of 328, eh, do you want to add a WeChat? The employee discount can be 40% off.” He said diligently, “Living nearby? Do you want to deliver it to your door?”

Zhu Yang scanned the QR code at the checkout counter, paid for it without saying a word, and said casually: “Forget it, it’s only a hundred dollars cheaper. I will add someone who is seriously not up to the standard of entering my address book. Let people know where to put my face?”

The little brother hadn’t reacted from this slurred description at first, and his smile froze when he tasted it.

At this time, Xie Xiaomeng, who had finally found a location and parked the car, also walked in, Zhu Yang chin and ordered a large bag of things on the cashier counter——

“Come on, go!”

Xie Xiaomeng confessed his fate and brought it up, quite heavy, and followed Zhu Yang, who was lightly paced, out of the store.

The salesman is a little stunned. Beautiful women don’t call men anymore these days? Is it a beauty that calls another beauty?

When he arrived at Zhu Lina’s house, Zhu Yang did not go up directly, but came to the management office.

Panicked and anxiously said to the person in charge: “We are friends of 1806 resident Julina. She hasn’t come to class for several days, and she doesn’t answer the phone. The more we think about it, the more wrong we are, and we are afraid that something will happen to her at home and we can help. ?”

This is a high-end apartment, and entry and exit are strictly managed, and the owner’s backup key management office is also available to prevent unexpected accidents.

When the management office saw that the two girls were young and beautiful, their psychological defenses were low first, and they checked the phone numbers in their address book, which were consistent with the phone numbers on their files, and they could be sure that they knew the residents.

The person in charge used the landline to call Zhu Lina, and as expected, no one answered even more than a dozen calls. At this moment, it was certain that the two girls were worried.

He said to Zhu Yang and the others: “Yes, you follow me up to see.”

Zhu Yang looked grateful, but Xie Xiaomeng took her aside when the person in charge went to open the safe to get the key.

Muttered: “How do you know that she can’t answer the phone? If she picks up the lie we told her, not only will she be exposed, but she will also let her run away?”

Zhu Yang curled his lips, his contempt was overwhelming: “It’s her? People don’t dare to go out, and they can’t be sure whether I watched the CD or not, whether the curse has been transferred or not, it is intimidating to fight you.”

“Let me ask you, if you receive that seven-day life call, would you still dare to answer the call?”

Xie Xiaomeng’s body shook fiercely, not to mention that she personally received it, it was just that she witnessed Zhu Yang pick up the call that day, she has been shut down since she went back yesterday.

For fear that the bell rang, there was also a hoarse voice telling her “Sevenday”.

Zhu Yang smiled coolly: “Whenever you encounter something, you will rush to make yourself inhuman and ghost, and point to me one by one and I want to be the boss after retiring, so I know why I am the boss and you can only be a follower. Right?”

Usually Xie Xiaomeng would only smile and slander when he heard this, but he could come over carefully.

Zhu Yang is really different from them. On the surface, she is just as squeamish and affectionate as them, but when something really happens, her first reaction is always to solve the problem head-on.

This kind of aggressive character is particularly reliable in comparison, if you don’t feel anything in ordinary times, but can encounter terrorist events beyond understanding.

I followed the administrator to the 18th floor by elevator and knocked on the door for a long time. There was still no response inside. The person in charge had to take out the key and open the door.

Once the door was opened, it was useless. The worried and grateful expression on Zhu Yang’s face disappeared cleanly. He pushed aside the person in charge by the door and walked in by himself.

The person in charge was pushed back and forth, looking up to see her suddenly switching to tearing posture, the whole person was dazed.

Busily said: “Eh! You are not—”

Before they finished speaking, they saw the two girls opening the bedroom door looking for someone on their own, and then in one of the rooms they found Julina, who was trembling like a bird with a quilt and earplugs.

Zhu Lina saw Zhu Yang appear in front of her, her pupils suddenly shrank, like a ghost.

Seeing that the posture was wrong, the person in charge hurriedly asked: “Are you her friends at all? How do I think she is more afraid of seeing you?”

Seeing that Julina’s appearance was really wrong, she soothed: “Are you okay?”

Zhu Yang sneered and asked Zhu Lina: “Why? My friends come to see you, don’t say you are welcome, and you won’t even explain why you were misunderstood to enter the door without permission?”

Zhu Lina is now the first one to be afraid of female ghosts, and the second one is that Zhu Yang comes to the door. She asks for help and looks at the administrator, planning to call the police and get them away.

Just listen to Zhu Yang said: “Speaking of this year, it’s not too much trouble to copy a video to the Internet. Your parents, sister, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, oh and Mr. Zheng from the art department, you must be patient to watch a one or two-minute video Right?”

Zhu Lina is desperate, female ghosts are not easy to provoke, and Zhu Yang will not be easy to provoke. This **** is really crazy. You can think of any unheard tricks, and you can’t kill you every minute.

Julina laughed more ugly than crying, and said to the administrator: “No, it’s okay, it’s my friend.”

I have said so, the administrator can only explain a few words about paying attention to safety and keeping in touch with the outside world. Don’t leave without answering the phone next time.

As soon as the door was closed, Xie Xiaomeng threw the bag of things under her feet. She was also full of fire, holding her arms and staring at Zhu Lina with a sneer like Zhu Yang.

Zhu Lina wondered why the two Bitches solved the case so quickly. She sent the CD anonymously for less than two days. Zhu Yang first saw the video tape yesterday afternoon, and it was only one night.

On the one hand, he was brewing in his heart how to cry about his difficulties, although it was not necessarily useful.

But when I glanced into the bag, I saw all the tools for committing crimes with fear: “You, what are you doing?”

Zhu Yang didn’t talk nonsense with her, went up and grabbed her hair and pulled the person off the bed, and then dragged him to the living room.

Xie Xiaomeng, who couldn’t keep up with her rhythm, scolded, “What are you doing in a daze? Take the rope out and tie up the bitch. Pigs are smarter than you.”

“Oh!” Xie Xiaomeng hurriedly pulled out the rope.

Of course, Zhu Lina was struggling desperately. It is said that the fighting power of the three girls is actually about the same.

However, she was entangled by the female ghost for several days and didn’t eat much. The whole person described her as withered. Where are the two menacing opponents?

So tossing for a long time was still tied to a chair.

After he **** the people, Zhu Yang asked Xie Xiaomeng to turn on the TV and player.

Seeing her plan, Zhu Lina cried desperately and begged: “I know I was wrong, don’t you spare me like this? You can transfer the curse if you show this video tape, don’t you hate Lin Qian, Zhu Yang? You show her a good look not good?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “I know that the curse can be transferred, isn’t this being transferred?”

Then he drew a piece of cloth and stuffed it into her mouth, leaning close to her and whispered: “If Lin Qian goes out for 200 yards, I must be in a good mood, but this matter—”

“I pay attention to the wrongdoers and the debtors.” Seeing that Xie Xiaomeng had pushed the disc in there.

Zhu Yang got up and sighed regretfully: “Lina, Lina, the first thing you think of when you have something to replace the dead ghost is me. I thought we were good sisters, which really broke my heart.”

It’s just like their plastic sisters who don’t know who they are. Seeing that the picture is about to appear, Zhu Yang and Xie Xiaomeng smiled and put on earplugs, their backs to the TV.

Just as she was **** and sat facing the screen, Zhu Lina hurriedly closed her eyes.

But it was useless. The two of them stared at her every move. When they saw that she wanted to close her eyes, they opened her eyelids one by one.

Zhu Yang also replied: “I don’t know how the rules of the videotape can be regarded as a real view. You can consume it, we have time.”

Julina was desperate. Even with her eyes rolling, she still inevitably saw most of the video tapes. This is the source of her recent horror, and it is even more terrifying to watch again.

When the video ended, the room fell into silence, and the three of them fell silent in unison as if waiting for something.

Even Zhu Yang was so arrogant, he couldn’t help but anxiously look forward to it.

Finally, after an unknown period of time, maybe five minutes or five seconds, the phone rang.

It was Zhu Lina’s mobile phone vibrating, Zhu Yang finally let out a sigh of relief, and laughed happily——

Ignoring Julina’s desperate crying face, followed the vibration to find the phone, slid down to connect, and put the receiver to her ear.

But when the two were forcing Julina to answer the phone like an amnesty, it was not known whether the death countdown voice set by the curse for the second time was not just ‘Sevenday’.

In short, I feel that the call inside has become a lot longer.

Zhu Yangzheng suspected that this unfamiliar call might not be a female ghost, but a coincidence of express delivery or sales promotion. He saw that Zhu Lina’s whole person was reborn in despair.

His eyes lit up suddenly, filled with the light of the rest of his life, and then nodded in surprise.

Then turned to look at Zhu Yang, and said with joy: “The female ghost said just now, she hates you Bitch more than me, and wants to kill you anyway, so the curse of me and Xie Xiaomeng is offset. .”

“Now that she has closed the curse transfer channel, before killing you, she would rather curse temporarily not to spread.”

He was moved and cried: “Zhu Yang, I didn’t expect you to be able to hold the hatred so steady. Sure enough, it is right to find you in this matter.”

After speaking, Zhu Yang looked at her terribly. Zhu Lina knew that this guy was already a dead person who had been spotted by the female ghost.

But even if he were to die, if this guy couldn’t move the female ghost to retaliate against her, he still couldn’t resist, so he immediately shut up and didn’t dare to get overwhelmed.

Zhu Yang looked at her and sneered: “You are finally scared and confused? Also, instead of waiting for death in despair, it is better to avoid yourself. I believe you will have a ghost.”

However, the world has already confirmed that there are ghosts. As soon as Zhu Yang’s voice fell, his cell phone rang.

She shook in her heart, opened the bag and slowly took out the phone, again showing an unfamiliar number.

At this moment, Zhu Yang’s heart was just like a layer of frost for no reason, fear and anger breed even more crazy stubbornness.

She answered the phone without believing in evil, and there was a dry and rough female voice that was exactly the same as yesterday: “Six days left, hehehehehe…”

The terrible ghost smiled triumphantly.

Zhu Yang broke the string in his mind and sneered: “Oh~, this time I know how to talk? I thought you were going to **** with me in that crappy English. Wouldn’t it be that sentence? ?”

“Why would you rather curse non-proliferation? Just like you, it’s just relying on the title to swindle to attract people. I really put my face on the cover and want to go the Ivy route from the female ghost. No Dios will buy it.”

“Can you not make a phone call every day? Do you know that my address book has a threshold? You are absolutely impossible for a humble loser like you to come in. Don’t think that you are a ghost and make an exception.”

“Okay, six days, right? Kneel down!”

Speaking no matter where, he clucked his teeth with trembling voice, and hung up the phone neatly.

Looking back, Xie Xiaomeng and Zhu Lina looked at her dumbfounded.

Zhu Yang glanced at them coldly, and warned while dialing the phone: “Keep away the silly look on your two faces, don’t think that the old lady can be slapped on your nose when you are stared at by a mere ghost.”

At this time, the other end of the phone was connected, Zhu Yang ignored them, and said to the other end of the phone: “Hello? Dad! Last time you said that the office building was not clean, you found the master to settle it. What is the master’s number? ”

“No, when did I say that people cheated money? You remembered it wrong. Yes, there is a classmate who suffered an evil in his family, yes, yes! You can send it back later.”

“Oh, by the way, I just hit a bumper, you turn a million, I want to kill her.”

After hanging up the phone, she called her mother non-stop, and for the same reason, she made another sum of money.

Then he stopped, then looked at Julina and kicked her chair over—

But she sat down on the sofa arrogantly and asked Xie Xiaomeng to pour her a glass of water.

“Let’s talk about it, what is the origin of the female ghost, and what routines and patterns do you have, tell me everything you know.”

“If you dare to miss a word, you know that although I am a dying person, it is not difficult for you to make the rest of your life worse than death in the remaining days.”


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