Scream Queen Chapter 30

The water ghost looked at Zhu Yang with a dazed expression, and the two of them stared at them with big eyes.

Then the corners of his mouth curled up and his nose sniffed, revealing a sarcasm of the little turtle who dared to hit Tai Sui’s head.

Suddenly, the water ghost is a violent spirit, subconsciously trying to escape in the water, but where is the hair entangled so hard to escape?

This is perfectly disguised as a waterweed in the water. It’s never ambiguous, and it makes people hear the change. No matter how strong you can’t escape the water, how many people have become the hair of this underwater ghost.

At this moment, it became a hindrance to the anti-straining water ghost, and the whole ghost was picked up like a chicken in the hands of that person——

Weak, poor, and helpless!

Wait, it can’t be eaten. The water ghost’s scalp exploded because it suddenly saw this person looking at him with eyes that could remove a few pounds of flesh from his body.

“Well, next time I change someone, will you let me go?” the water ghost said.

“What do you mean?” Zhu Yang looked at it grinningly: “If I didn’t pay attention just now, I will become an underwater ghost?”

“There are still two young children on the shore. What if they come over to fish me and explain to me here? There is a single lady in the family. When the child is gone, there is no hope. What if I can’t think about it?”

“It’s convenient for you to curl your hair and tick it. It’s possible that this light and fluttering is four confession!”

Mosquito airway: “You can only pull one person at a time.”

Just listen to Zhu Yang reluctantly said: “Then it is considered that the two children have escaped the catastrophe, standing on the shore and watching me die, how big a shadow is that?”

“Hey, have you ever seen a beautiful woman like me in the village? Can you talk about the basics as a ghost? Is a beautiful woman like me deserved to die in your creek? Should the soaked body swell and float? ”

“A little bit of humanity, do you want it, just a broken village that can withstand my ray of fragrance? Are you worthy? Bah!”

Speaking of the last few sentences, the water ghost felt that the blasting noise splashed on his face, quite a sense of embarrassment as a dog-blood spray.

It nodded again and again: “Unworthy or unworthy, then will you let me become?”

I also felt that this woman must not be that easy to talk, so she gritted her teeth and said: “The big deal is what you want to eat, come to the river and shout, fish, shrimp, crab, shell loach, I will throw you ashore as much as you want.”

It’s quite cheap. Zhu Yang has been greedy these days, especially like eating fish and shrimps. This water ghost first kneeled down to admit it, but she was extremely winking among the ghosts she encountered.

The plan to break the neck of the opponent is eliminated, but the death penalty can be avoided.

Zhu Yang grabbed its hair and dragged it forward along the river.

Seeing that she didn’t answer or agree, the water ghost thought that my life was dead, and struggling hurriedly: “Sister, big sister! Grandma, you are my aunt and grandma, I haven’t harmed anyone, really.”

“After being pulled down as a substitute for the dead, I didn’t get one. The last time I wanted to pull a child, I tripped over my hair. I was a man before my death. I don’t want to have such long hair. You got it, grandma, did you spare me?”

Where is Nima a woman? She is simply the strong woman who has turned into a vajra and iron rod. If he had such a great strength, he would not have been dragged down to become a dead ghost.

Zhu Yang listened to the way the water ghost said: “You weren’t here before you were alive?”

The water ghost nodded again and again: “No, no, I came here to play, it seems that there are other people here, but I don’t have much impression.”

Zhu Yangxindao is estimated to be a young backpacker who came to the mountains to get close to nature and understand the life of a farmer. It may even be the previous batch of players. It is possible that those who failed to clear the game and die here.

But this did not hinder her decision. She dragged the water ghost to a tree leaning on the river downstream.

Tie the water ghost’s hair directly to the tree, and the whole ghost was hung in the middle of the river like a dried salted fish, and was washed up and down along the current.

The water ghosts were all confused by this man’s tricks: “Wait, I don’t want face? When the villagers see me hanging here tomorrow morning, who will be afraid of water ghosts?”

“Don’t you believe those little boys who dare to pee in the river from now on?”

“So hello! You can break free before tomorrow morning.” Zhu Yang shrugged: “Come on! I’m going to have fried shrimps at noon tomorrow, and let the two kids come to get the shrimps, and get ready by then.”

The water ghost watched the man leaving with the two children in such a blank and helpless manner. He really took advantage of the overlord without letting it go.

At that time, they should have such a powerful role, and they will not be destroyed.

Ok? What is Tuan Mie? The water ghost was puzzled by the word that popped up suddenly. Didn’t it go into the mountains to play with a few people and died unexpectedly?

But the thought only flashed for a moment, and he started to untie the hair tangled in the tree.

Not to mention, it’s really tight, the perversion must be deadlocked.

The two children witnessed all this, and when they walked back, their footsteps were a little erratic. The young children will probably not forget the excitement for a while.

Zhu Yang was too lazy to explain, the three of them continued to wipe the black and walk back.

However, on the way back, there is a ridge, because the sky is too dark at the moment and the ridge is narrow.

Just now, the two children saw Zhu Yang’s violent temper even in a puddle. They were afraid that if she fell again, they would kick Tiancan, so they took her around the broken road and walked towards the back slope, which would be far away. Ten meters’ road, and–

Zhu Yang didn’t care, but when he passed a piece of land, he could see large and small graves.

Some of the tombs were well repaired, with large prominent stone monuments erected, and some of the tombs were isolated, small and short.

But these shabby graves are concentrated in extremes, and there are dozens of them.

The two brothers had been leading the way, and when they passed the graves, they walked straight in. Zhu Yang thought he would go straight through these graves when he returned, so he followed them all the time.

The two brothers stopped in front of a small grave bag, took out the chocolates Zhu Yang had given before, and the big white rabbit toffee bought in town today, and put them in front of the grave——

“Sister! You eat this, and there is juice, but it’s delicious.” Then he opened a can of Fanta and poured it on the grave.

Zhu Yang said that he would buy drinks for the two of them. Why did the two brothers only drink one can together, and thought they wanted to keep it back to drink, but it was for his sister.

Zhu Yang was a little bit sour at once, don’t look at her letting go in the game now, with her willful mood, there are so many pass symbols that it is reasonable to say that her life is temporarily safe.

But if she really died in the game that day, just like the water ghost just now, would her brother Zhu Weixin stand alone in front of her grave?

She stepped forward and touched the heads of the two children: “Let’s go, there is ice cream at home, and I will bring it to my sister tomorrow.”

The two children wiped their tears: “If you can’t see your sister during the day, you will be driven away, and those people will arrest us and go home and scold my mother.”

Zhu Yang moved in his heart and asked, “Why didn’t my sister?”

The elder brother didn’t speak, but the younger brother choked and said, “Married to death.”

“Who to marry?”

The two brothers looked at each other and shook their heads: “Can’t say.”

Sure enough, no matter how Zhu Yang asked, the two children just shut up and shook their heads.

She also no longer insisted, like this kind of closed village, there is always some jaw-dropping bad habits in civilized society.

It is normal for a girl to be forced to marry at a young age. If the parents are cruel and simply use their daughter for benefits, or for better resources for the son in the family, even if the daughter dies in her husband’s house, there is no theory.

Could it be that the bully who married to the village was killed by the chaos? Wife Wang’s husband used to be a business man and was ruthless to his children. Now the whole family is stubborn. Is it possible that the daughter had exchanged things with his daughter during a business crisis?

However, Zhu Yang’s intuition is not that simple, but what is certain is that this village clings to a secret that even children must not reveal the secret, which is probably the key to the whole game.

Zhu Yang followed the two children back, and it was indeed unfortunate that he was implicated in the game by innocents.

But compared to other players, Zhu Yang is extremely lucky. It is not the raw capital she has accumulated from the beginning, which other players can’t reach. This makes her comfortable in the novice field.

This cannot be said to be lucky. After all, everyone is the same. She has received high-level evaluations and rewards based on her ability.

What makes her feel lucky is that she can have a player who is too strong to be easily affected by life and death in front of her. It is a bit cruel to say that, but the correctness of Lu Xiuci has been proved to be an indisputable fact.

Zhu Yang may not necessarily copy his approach, but there is one point that the two people have exactly the same concept.

That is, in the game world, if you only pursue the premise of survival, you will always be led by the threat of life and death. The more you escape from the dog, the more the game will force you to face it.

On the contrary, it is to face up to the difficulties and strive for high-level evaluation and generous rewards to continuously become stronger and strong enough to turn the game into its own playground.

Looking at Lu Xiuci’s millions of points lying there and moldy, it’s nothing more than three years. If you only rely on it once every few months, you only pursue the minimum life-saving every time, and you want to earn this belonging. That is dreaming.

So don’t talk about Zhu Yang’s nature, just tease the chicken and push the dog, he is willing to make trouble. Even if she is a persecution, she has to bite the bullet in order to get rid of it earlier.

When I got home, dinner was already on the table, but no one moved the chopsticks, and the people at a large table were waiting for them.

The refrigerator and TV are already installed and they are in the main room. Sister Wang is still a little confused about Zhu Yang’s approach.

Seeing her back, she couldn’t help asking: “Then-Miss Zhu, how do you take these things away when you leave?”

Zhu Yang started to eat as soon as he got his job. Hearing the words, he said nonchalantly: “Why should I take those? It’s not just what you can do, it’s yours if you leave.”

Sister Wang was anxious: “How does this make it? You spend so much money—”

Zhu Yang entangled this impatiently: “You don’t want to carry it out and throw it away, or you can sell scraps. Anyway, I only use these for a few days. I care so much.”

Sister Wang was choked by her bachelor’s extravagance. This girl has a good heart, but she really doesn’t listen to theories at all when she does her own way.

Not to mention Wang’s wife, the other five players stayed well at home. In the afternoon, a group of home appliance company people came up to the mountain to beat them and shocked them.

In the morning, I was still on the walls. I basically had everything I had for now. The refrigerator, TV, microwave, and all kinds of home appliances are neatly arranged. I also brought back countless snacks in the car.

After the calculation of this event, this guy was 80% redeeming points again. Even Qi Qi and Fu Yuan both knew where the money she spent came from.

Does this person really treat the horror clearance game as a summer vacation in the village?

But still the same sentence, cannibalism is soft, they are now eating others and using others, it is not easy to put on airs, and it depends on whether they are happy or not.

According to Zhu Yang’s personality that she has learned over the past two days, she really shows her predecessor’s style in front of her. You can’t escape a meal, and you will be humiliated.

Because I bought a lot of ingredients at the market during the day, the dinners became more diverse.

I took all the pork I bought at another place and put it in the refrigerator. For dinner, Ms. Wang stewed a braised pork knuckle with soy beans.

The pig’s trotter is stewed to rotten, perfect caramel color, soft and waxy, especially the tendons, not to mention fragrant.

Sister Wang also made a red jujube cake with a newly bought rice cooker. The villagers would not make fancy desserts, but Zhu Yang felt that each had its own flavor and still tasted deliciously.

Because of the good food in the past two days, looking at the lifeless family the night before, it seemed to gradually become more vivid.

After dinner in the evening, a group of people enjoyed the cold in the yard. The watermelon, peach and plum that had been chilled in the refrigerator for an afternoon was washed and cut out by Sister Wang.

In the usual dark yard, Zhu Yang ordered someone to pick up a light bulb. After the two children do their homework, it won’t be dark.

Villagers who came out to enjoy the coolness after eating and passing by from time to time, looking at the recent lively scene of Sister Wang’s house, their expressions were a bit ugly.

But with so many people sitting in the yard, it was not the first day that the old woman walked in and cursed this happening.

While catching the cold, they heard a scream resounding throughout the village. Several players were startled and were about to go out to see what happened.

Just listen to Zhu Yang lazily saying: “What are you running around in such a dark sky? If you can’t see one, don’t expect me to look for you all night.”

Everyone thinks about it, in fact, this kind of game environment is really a bit of a taboo to be frightened. The venue is big and there are no people who run around in the dark.

Sister Wang’s house is not interested in the noise outside, but many people in the village are running towards the river.

After a while, the noise came back, and the two boys came out of the yard and stopped them.

It turned out that a mother-in-law came back from a cow in the dark, and saw a dead person hanging from a tree by the river, thinking that someone ran into the ditch in the middle of the night and hanged herself.

As a result, everyone ran to the tree and there was nothing, but saw a few bunches of hair hanging on it.

“I really saw it!” A woman was shocked and said: “She was hanging on a tree, and she was still floating in the water, her hands were still moving. I was afraid that she would not regret it when she saw me. When the two broke the rope, they fell into the water and washed away.”

“Then you regret hanging yourself? You try to put your neck on and then untie yourself?”

“I really saw it!”

“It’s done, it’s done, or the third aunt saw where the clothes were hanging and washed away.”

“You said, wouldn’t it be a water ghost?” Someone was afraid.

“Hahaha! The water ghost only stays in the water. How can there be anyone who hangs on the branch? Is it possible that someone has pulled him up?”

“If it’s really that way, our river will be peaceful.”

The villagers didn’t know the truth had been blurted out, and after a while, the noise was gone.

The two boys came back with a bad face after inquiring about the news, and said to everyone: “Finally appeared, water ghost.”

“Although I am not sure yet, I have to guard against it. From now on, we will avoid the river, regardless of day and night–”

Before I finished speaking, I listened to the boy doing homework next to him saying: “It’s a water ghost, we saw it.”

Several people were surprised and asked hurriedly: “You saw it when you came back? How are you sure?”

The little one pointed at Zhu Yang: “The one who was pulled up by the sister, the sister washed the mud on her hands, and the water ghost wanted to pull down, but he didn’t win the sister, so he was hung on the tree.”

“There was a senior in our school who had a fight with the teacher, and he was hung up like this.”

Everyone was shocked, and then turned their eyes to Zhu Yang with stiff necks.

After Zhu Yang finished eating a piece of watermelon, he threw the peel into the bucket, and said, “I will let the shrimps that are ready to be offered tomorrow. You can get them tomorrow morning so that they won’t be picked up by others.”

Her natural attitude caused several people to take a breath. If it weren’t for the presence of two small witnesses, several people would definitely think she was bragging.

No, Zhang Xin won’t. Zhang Xin looked at the other four people quite happily now.

During the day I told them about the night, but a few people still didn’t believe it, thinking that she was dreaming of Shi Lezhi, and Zhu Yang was so clever, it was impossible to face the ghosts in the second game.

At this moment, the four of them were blown away by the two children, but they were still a little unbelievable. I was afraid that the children were not bought by Zhu Yang.

The atmosphere was so not embarrassing or embarrassing. Several people stayed there without knowing what to say, so they gathered things and went back to sleep hastily.

Zhu Yang just bought a TV, and he was not so boring with a little pastime. After watching a movie, Zhou Xingchi talked about Journey to the West.

Although I have watched it more than once, I still laugh so much that my intestines are knotted. What’s more, the two children I saw for the first time wanted to see it. They were reluctant to go back to the room to sleep when they were thrown away.

Zhu Yang’s deepest impression of the movie was the last sentence, “Look at that person, like a dog.”

Zhu Yang fell asleep with a trace of the movie. Because of the sky tonight, Wang Sao reminded them to close the windows before going to bed, otherwise the rain would float in in the middle of the night.

The two girls didn’t want to fall asleep in their sleep and did so naturally, but in this way, the air in the room would inevitably not be so transparent.

In the middle of the night, Zhu Yang smelled an unpleasant smell, the smell of a dog.

Nowadays, most people keep dogs very well, but the dogs in rural areas are not so meticulously raised. They are dedicated to the housekeeping, and the rest of what people eat is the dog, not to mention regular washing and care.

Therefore, in general, the local dogs in the countryside have an unpleasant smell when they approach.

Zhu Yang was still wondering if the dog had sneaked into the bedroom at night, but then he realized that Sister Wang’s house did not have a dog at all.

Although it is not uncommon for the households not to be closed at night in the rural areas, the situation of Sister Wang’s family is still not so bold.

Zhu Yang felt that something was wrong, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he suddenly saw a wretched man’s face in front of him.

He still stretched out his tongue and panted, just like a dog is gasping. The unpleasant dog smell that Zhu Yang smelled closer and closer came out of his breath.

As soon as Zhu Yang’s scalp exploded, he blurted out and wanted to scream, but seeing the halazi whose tongue was dripping off made her sick again.

To tell the truth, she was really scared, even the first time I saw a ghost, it was not so scary, not more **** and weird, but disgusting.

I saw a guy with a human head and a dog body standing next to her bed like this. His body was an ordinary garden rhubarb dog, and his head was indeed a greasy and wretched middle-aged man.

Half-bald head, wicked eyes, garlic nose, thick lips, tongue hanging like a dog, he became more and more obscene. There was an unpleasant dog smell on his body, and even the breath he breathed out was stink.

This guy was still sticking his tongue out and getting closer and closer to Zhu Yang, and Zhu Yang just felt that everything he ate at night was pouring in his stomach.

Her whole scalp exploded, and there was a sound of breaking a string in her mind, and then when the dog was still a step away, she threw her hand and lifted the quilt and covered it with her head.

Then he jumped out of the bed and kicked the arch under the quilt. Zhu Yang never thought that he would become a dog abuser.

There was a dull, painful cry covered by the quilt. The voice was a human voice. Zhang Xin was awakened again on the bed. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Zhu Yang jumping wildly on the ground and going crazy.

She hurriedly turned on the light: “What’s wrong? What’s wrong with you?”

After saying this, she was shocked. If Zhu Yang is a real ghost, can she still survive with her sturdy energy?

Zhu Yang ignored her, and since he continued kicking for a long time, he stopped breathing heavily. The expression on the whole face couldn’t be seen. It really made someone annoyed.

During this period Zhang Xin naturally heard the screams from the quilt, and figured out what happened. Is this Nima the second ghost who came to the door and was beaten up?

On the one hand, she was afraid of ghosts and monsters frequently, and she sat up, covering the corner of the wall shivering with the quilt, while watching Zhu Yang’s fierce look and feel happy.

In the past, ghosts drove the players to scream and flee, but when they arrived at Zhu Yang, they dropped all of them.

Then I saw Zhu Yang lift the quilt, revealing a dog with a human head underneath that is more out of air.

Rao is that Zhang Xin is already well-informed, still taking a breath of fright by the ghost this time, the same reason, not the bloodiest scary, but such a long wretched face on the dog, really disgusting The scalp is numb.

Zhu Yang didn’t even want to touch this stuff, but he couldn’t stop there.

He grabbed a piece of clothing and wrapped it in his hand. Then he grabbed the head of the dog and said to Zhang Xin, “Didn’t you bring up several pieces of chocolate for supper? Peel them all out.”

Zhu Yang bought a lot of snacks in town today, and even a box of chocolates. Zhang Xin liked to eat, so he took a lot of them into the house.

Hearing the words, Zhang Xin hurriedly followed suit, and several large packages of chocolate were removed in an instant, which was quite a lot of weight.

After the dismantling, Zhu Yang pushed the dog in front of her: “Feed this dog bastard.”

Zhang Xin shook. Dogs would die if they eat chocolate, not to mention so many, so pure–

“Yes, but he— is it useful?”

Zhu Yang said impatiently: “Whether he is useful or not, let’s talk about it after trying, hello!”

Zhang Xin looked at this wretched-faced human-head dog and was disgusting enough, but didn’t dare to violate Zhu Yang’s words, so she put a plastic bag in her hand.

Forcibly stuffing a huge amount of chocolate into its mouth, after this torture, the dog head dog has looked like it has gone for most of its life.

Zhu Yang was still puzzled. He swiped his Mediterranean head on the wall several times before opening the window and threw it down from the second floor.

At this time, it was already raining outside, and the two heard a heavy object landing.

However, Zhu Yang didn’t allow the window to be closed, and he disliked the smell of the room.

Zhang Xin was afraid that the bed would be wet by the rain blowing in, so he moved the bed inside, and then greeted Zhu Yang to continue sleeping.

Zhu Yang’s quilt covered the dog, and the one she disliked was lifted out of the window, and he was unwilling to squeeze a bed with others.

Fortunately, when I was buying ice cream during the day, I bought a quilt to store it in order to prevent everything from melting when I got home.

After the refrigerator was vacated, the quilt was cleaned by Wife Wang, and it was folded and placed on the chair in the living room on the second floor.

This made Zhu Yang not be uncovered by the quilt–

No, if there is no way, Zhang Xin must be the one without the quilt, she will be robbed.

The next day when everyone got up, they saw a wet and dirty quilt in the yard. Zhang Xin secretly told them about last night, and a few people looked at Zhu Yang blankly.

But he still hesitated about the truth of the matter.

Zhu Yang suddenly asked when eating in the morning: “Do you know this man? He is bald, squinted, thick nose, thick lips, and a gold tooth.”

Wang’s sister-in-law looked at her in surprise, her face suddenly turned ugly, but the youngest son had already answered quickly—

“It’s Dad!”

“Oh~~” Zhu Yang suddenly realized, but suddenly stopped talking, as if he was just asking about it.

But her attitude made other people feel up and down, especially Wang’s wife. The dog’s thing was dead, and there was no burnt left of his family’s stuff. How did Miss Zhu know how he looked?

After a long time, Zhu Yang touched the heads of the two children: “Fortunately, you all look like mothers, otherwise the whole life will be over.”

The older one was unclear, so the younger son asked directly: “Why?”

“Because I don’t talk to ugly kids!”

The two children almost cried at the time, and several players looked at Zhu Yang’s mouth twitching.

Regardless of whether what Zhang Xin said last night is true or not, is there anyone who bullies the child like this?

However, Zhu Yang grew up as a child king, and the title of good expert in gang formation is not for nothing.

After breakfast, I took a few ice creams and asked the two children to secretly bring them to my sister to eat, and then coaxed the two children around her.

Wife Wang went to work after dinner. Zhu Yang looked at the sky. There was so much rain last night, and there was something sunny today.

So he asked a few players to go to the river to get back the shrimp enshrined by the water ghost, and specifically explained: “Let the bag get some more crabs up, not too big, fresh. The fried crabs are good snacks.”

Several players didn’t know how to get to the river, really didn’t know when it started. Everyone was turned around by Envoy Zhu Yang.

Even if it was a stupid command, I could do it myself when I recovered.

When we arrived at the river, the sky was empty on the bank.

Qi Qi laughed sarcastically: “I said Zhang Xin, you just want to lick people, and you can’t pretend to be like this, right? What’s the use of fooling us?”

“In the end, it was all escaped under the hands of ghosts. No matter how hard it is, it will be useless if there is no real ability.”

Zhang Xin also smiled coolly: “You said this in front of Zhu Yang? What’s the use of telling me?”

Qi Qi choked, and the two boys immediately acted as peacemakers and said: “Forget it, just take two steps, just as digestion, go back and tell Zhu Yang, there is no shrimp.”

“Wait!” Zhang Xin stopped them.

She had seen Zhu Yang’s skills with her own eyes, and didn’t think she was bragging, so she said: “Let me try it.”

Then several other people saw Zhang Xin shouting at the surface: “Yes, is anyone there? Let’s get the shrimp.”

How many people have seen such a stupid operation? Qi Qi and Fu Yuan immediately laughed out loud–

“Hey, do you still expect the river to spit out shrimp–come!”

When the word prawn was spoken, a few people really saw dozens of prawns thrown out of the river and fell directly at their feet.

Those shrimps are as long as one slap, plump and fresh, and they are still jumping on the ground.

The four of them were all dumbfounded. Of course, Zhang Xin was not much better, but she recovered first, and hurriedly picked up the jumping shrimps on the ground into the bucket, and then urged a few more people: “You are picking them up, and then jump back into the river How to do?”

“Oh, oh!” The four, including two girls who had been talking coldly for a second, quickly squatted down and started picking them up.

When they finished picking up the prawns, the four of them were still in the clouds, and they heard Zhang Xin continue: “They also said that they want some crabs, not too big, but a small fresh one that will be fried and crispy.”

Qi Qi twitched her mouth and said: “Your request is too precise, even if just now–, where is it so easy–”

In half, I shut up, because many crabs of almost the same size were thrown into the river.

When several people returned with buckets, their steps were floating.

Some villagers passed by and took a look at the contents of their buckets, and said cheerfully, “Oh! I caught so many in the morning? Oh~, this shrimp is still fat, you guys in the city are amazing.”

Several people sent off the villagers with a smile. The two boys looked at Zhang Xin and said with difficulty: “That–”

Zhang Xin rolled his eyes, and before they finished speaking, he quickly said: “I said it earlier, you don’t believe it yourself.”

At the moment, Zhu Yang is doing nothing to eat melon seeds on the recliner. The recliner was bought yesterday. The recliners, bellows, small benches and the like made by the rural woodworkers are sold at the rally.

Zhu Yang bought a foldable and brought back the truck with home appliances. It was a bit hard, but it was better than nothing.

After knocking half a bag of melon seeds, I saw a few people coming back with shrimps and crabs. Zhu Yang glanced over, and suddenly there was a feeling that a few people almost kneeled to her.

However, Zhu Yang saw a lot of this kind of eyes, and he didn’t care, and said lazily: “Is the shrimp back?”

“I have come back, they are all big heads.” Qi Qi suddenly became enthusiastic: “By the way, do you like dry pot prawns? My family runs a Sichuan restaurant. Home cooking may not be as good as Wang Sao, but tastes. I’m still good at it.”

Zhu Yang spit out a piece of melon seed skin: “Okay, but the shrimp thread must be cleaned, otherwise I don’t want to eat it.”

“That’s for sure!” He smiled and went into the kitchen to scoop out the shrimp.

Seeing that the woman was acrimonious and mean, but turned around to please but without ambiguity, they immediately scolded this guy for being cunning, and they were all pouring water and cutting melons.

Even Yuan Bin took a doggie and took a fan for Zhu Yang.

Naturally, Zhu Yang didn’t change his face, and he didn’t even have to knock the seeds by himself. Fu Yuan helped her peel them one by one.

At any rate, she has strengthened her physique and needs more energy. Otherwise, she will eat and drink all the time, and she will get a few kilograms of fat after playing games.

When it was almost noon, a few people thought that they could also process the ingredients first, and get them directly when Sister Wang came back without delay in eating.

When a few people are earning performance, they naturally have work in their eyes.

Qi Qi opened the rice tank and saw that there was no rice in it, so she told Zhu Yang about it.

Zhu Yang was also surprised. It is said that there should be no shortage of rice in the countryside, not to mention that Wang’s wife is so diligent every day.

However, thinking that she earns dozens of dollars in vegetable money every time she walks so far along the mountain road, she estimates that all the grain should be sold.

She didn’t expect this. She didn’t buy rice after buying so many things yesterday.

But this is not a problem. Where is the lack of rice in the village?

Then Qiqi said, “You go back to the house where you live, and the owner tells Ji Mi to eat first, and then ask which Mi Duo in the afternoon.”

Qi Qi naturally had no objection, so she took the money and ran back to her next home, which was less than 20 meters away from Wang’s house.

Sure enough, the owner didn’t disagree, but the cooking hands were wet, so Qi Qi asked to take it by herself—

“There is a rice bucket in the rice tank. If you scoop a bucket directly, it will be more than six catties, so you can count as six catties.”

Qi Qi nodded repeatedly, then grabbed a plastic bag and entered the house. The rice tanks here are very large, more than enough for one person.

Open, covered with a wooden lid, the diameter of the wooden lid is also □□10 cm, this kind of big tank can be found everywhere in the countryside.

Food, water, cured meat and smoked sausage, or pounding glutinous rice cakes during the Chinese New Year, and making pickles in the sun-baked head are more useful.

Qi Qi didn’t think much about it, so she opened the wooden cover–

It was not Bai Shengsheng’s rice that caught the eye, but the girl curled up in the rice jar with her face up.

The girl’s eyes widened, she did not squint, with blood and tears in the corners of her eyes, staring bitterly forward, revealing her unwillingness before her death.

Qi Qi’s heart was grabbed by one hand, and then she burst out with a scream.


At such a close distance, rural houses are generally not very resistant. Zhu Yang from the yard next door naturally heard them.

A few people were so excited, they threw away the things in their hands and ran out of the yard, and within a minute they came to Zhang Xin and the others.

Without knocking on the door, he rushed into the house, and just as the owner came out of the kitchen, two groups of people found Qi Qi together.

I saw the girl’s face pale, her shoulders trembling a little, but she had a few experiences, and she adjusted quickly after screaming.

Normally, this was not the case, but nothing happened in the past two days, and Zhu Yang’s gesture like a vacation made him a little forgotten, and suddenly he was frightened.

Seeing everyone coming in, she was also relieved with so many players staying together, and hurriedly pointed to the rice tank and said: “There is a ghost, and there is a female ghost in it. It is a young girl with blood in her eyes and staring at me.”

Everyone looked forward. Where did the ghost come from the white rice in the rice jar?

Qi Qi saw that the crowd reacted strangely and lowered her head again. As expected, the terrifying female corpse was gone, as if she was dazzled.

But how can there be any dizziness in the game world?

All of them knew it well and were about to suppress their doubts and go out to discuss, but the owner suddenly became angry——

“Where’s the ghost? You’re the ghost? Why don’t you find bad luck in another house during the day? Go out and the rice will not be sold.”

Then everyone was kicked out, and the door slammed shut.

Several people glanced at each other, and they all smelled ominous.

In just three days, Zhu Yang has encountered ghosts three times, and now Qi Qi has also encountered them. This frequency is really not low.

But Zhu Yang pondered, and suddenly asked Qi Qi: “That girl, how big does it look?”

Qi Qi still responds a little bit, but still honestly said: “Not big, no more than eighteen at most.”

Zhu Yang didn’t speak either, only looked up in a certain direction, which was the direction of the tomb that he passed by when he came back last night.

A few people decided to go back to Sister Wang’s house first, and then went out, but it was already noon, and Sister Wang should be back at the usual time, but no one was seen today.

At this time, the whole village was full of smoke and roosters and dogs barking from time to time, like a natural clock.

Zhu Yang was still sitting on the recliner waiting for dinner like the uncle, but the delay of Sister Wang’s return made her feel a little worse.

At this moment, she vaguely heard a voice, as if calling for help.

Zhu Yang’s physical fitness is much higher, and he is naturally more audible and clear. Although not exaggerated, he is indeed more agile than ordinary people.

She raised her hand to stop Fu Yuan from peeling melon seeds and listened carefully.

Then he got up with a sneer and got out of the courtyard, and ran in one direction directly.

When everyone saw this, they were inexplicable, but they also followed, and after a while, Zhu Yang ran to the village where the haystacks were raised.

There are a lot of rice planted here, and there are also many natural haystacks. There is an open space for them. There are more than a dozen haystacks as big as small tents. Zhu Yang also said when the moon can climb up to see the stars at night is also interesting One piece.

The more I ran in, the more exclamation and struggling sound came, and it was clearly audible now.

A few people found the sound coming from behind the haystack, and they saw a man with stupid head, who was pressing Wang’s wife in the haystack, desperately trying to pick her clothes.

But Wang’s wife now has messy hair and looks like a mad woman, but she still struggles desperately, and her face is already red and swollen.

I saw the man slapped her face and said, “Pretend your mother is a chaste martyr. A man has been dead for so long. You can’t stand it long ago? Come on, follow me, and I will definitely not lose you.”

While Wang’s wife didn’t get caught, she bit his arm and didn’t let her go, like she was about to bite off a piece of meat.

The man screamed in pain, and was about to punch his head with his fist. He felt a buzzing sound from his head. The whole head was numb, and there was a sharp pain like being drilled in his temple.


Angrily said: “Mom, what if you are a little boy? Don’t be nosy, believe it or not I yelled too much, it was someone who took care of you?”

But seeing that the most beautiful girl among them stood up, watched him sneer, waved, the other two men rushed up and held him down.

The stupid men seemed to be disdainful of the young people in the city. These young people, in terms of strength, were opponents of the peasants, but under the struggle, they found that they did not move.

The stupid man wanted to call his brother at home for help, so Fang Zhiyuan grabbed a handful of straw and stuffed it into his mouth.

At the moment Wang Sao got up from the haystack and hurried to Zhu Yang and the others.

In this way, this is light and floating: “This shameless baldness is uncomfortable, right? Tsk tsk! I recently discovered a coup for hair loss, which is effective for keeping it, regardless of gender.”

As he said, he snapped his fingers at several people: “Feed the water ghost!”


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