Scream Queen Chapter 31

The group of people directly dragged the sting-headed man to the river. During the period, Wang’s wife saw that the situation was wrong and found that several young people were really killing them.

I hurried to persuade them: “Forget it, don’t mess around, you guys come out and play, for this kind of person is worthless, I will ask someone to clean him up.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “You can pull it down. It’s not easy to hear the movement of our house far from the haystack, but there are several families close to it. Why didn’t you see people come out when this thing was doing things?”

Aunt Wang’s face turned pale, she knew her situation, and usually the villagers bullied them.

But what she didn’t expect was that she could not even pay attention to this kind of things, as Zhu Yang said, they could hear the movement from their own home far away, just in the few households near the haystack. How can it be impossible to hear when every family is eating at noon?

Then she couldn’t stop being afraid. She was tenacious, her daughter was gone, her husband died, and the family collapsed. She still resisted silently.

The people in the village crowded out bullies, but she was also the master who could do her best if she quarreled, so the people here didn’t wait to see them, most of them stayed indifferent or pointed.

There are still few who really dare to use her or her son. The old woman in the village chief’s house is crazy and crazy from the yard of her house, and it will be over when she does not exist.

Wang’s wife can’t imagine, if today this scorpion really becomes a matter of three things, according to the village’s long-tongue women and the men’s obsceneness, will they have a way to survive in the future.

So he kept silent, and made up his mind that it was a big deal. When the time comes, this shameless village is still a little bit jealous and will not involve a few young people.

In a blink of an eye, a few people had already arrived by the river, and the stout-headed man could only make a whining shout because of the straw in his mouth, and the voice did not reach far.

Zhu Yang pointed into the river, and several people threw the man down, without hesitation.

To be reasonable, most of the players who have had several experiences will not be too kind to the characters in the game.

Although these people are the same as in reality, but those who are involved in the plot, either have their own sorrow and helplessness, or deeply reflect the evil of human nature.

You can’t sympathize with the former, you are too entangled and trapped in it, but you become a cocoon and get tired of your heart knot. And the latter–

That’s not like reality. In reality, staying away or calling the police can do things on the sidelines. But if the player applies the real-world self-preservation method to the game world, he will definitely be implicated when he is soft-hearted.

Zhang Xin and the others have suffered similar losses during the novice adaptation period, but they will not turn into cruel perverts, but they won’t hesitate when they should do it.

As soon as the stupid man was still in the river, he struggled desperately. The water was not deep enough, at most, it flooded the heads of teenagers.

But as soon as he threw it down, Zhu Yang shouted on the shore: “Water ghost, the takeaway is here.”

Then the stout man felt his feet entangled in waterweeds. The river water that reached his chest would pass as long as he stood up, but he couldn’t hold his footing anyway.

As soon as he stepped on it, he wanted to borrow force, but the other foot was entangled, and he tripped him fiercely, as if he was alive.

The stupid man panicked, struggling to shout for help, choking several salivas in succession.

The few people headed by Zhu Yang were holding their arms and watching indifferently on the shore, seeing the stout man about to stop struggling and sinking.

He also said to the river: “Don’t forget the five-star praise!”

After I finished speaking, several big plump fish and a turtle were thrown up in the river.

The meaning is obvious, not only give five-star praise, but also reward red envelopes.

However, it was just the kung fu at this moment that I lost my mind. The hula lala rushed over to a group of villagers. Seeing the stout man struggling in the river, he immediately jumped two people down and rescued them.

It was a sunny day at noon, and the water ghost was still less than 20% left, so I had to watch with bitterness as the dead ghost was picked up.

The villagers breathed a sigh of relief when the person was rescued, and then an old woman with a face full of flesh rushed out of the crowd.

Coming up, I’m going to fight Sister Wang: “Bad lady, I’m a lost star and dare to harm my third son. I’ll kill you today–”

But before they got close, they were blocked by two boys. The rural shrew didn’t know what it meant to be enough.

Seeing someone stopped, he yelled and greeted the son of the family to join him, and all the nasty characters were screaming out.

“Yo~~, in just two days, I got two young boys to help you stop your crotch. I’m afraid that a silly lady might not make waves at home.”

Others saw the Leitou family and the Wang family ripped apart, not only did they not help. Also copy and watch the excitement.

Poor Fang Zhiyuan and Yuan Bin both had to stop the shrews and several adult strong men, and the players had strengthened their bodies and suffered several times.

Zhu Yang saw that the people who watched the lively have their own focus, and they didn’t bother to control the scene.

He went straight to the scar-headed man who had just been picked up, kicked him and threw him into the water again.

The huge splash of water poured on the people fighting on the shore. These people were agitated, and when they turned around, they saw that they were in the water again.

I didn’t even care about making noise and going down to fish.

After tossing back and forth like this, the stout man coughed fiercely again, his nose and tears choked all over his face, and the picture looked slightly harsh.

The mother of the sting-headed man, that is, the old woman with a face full of flesh, holding her son and crying and grabbing the ground, but now she dare not leave her son alone to torment people.

Pointing at Zhu Yang will start cursing, so can Zhu Yang suffer the loss of an ignorant village woman? Oral loss is also impossible.

So eyes quickly picked up the turtle on the ground, raised her hand and slammed it straight on the old woman’s mouth. The turtle shell broke her mouth directly, and she screamed in pain.

Zhu Yang smiled and said: “Here, I will hurt your body, give you a little turtle, take it back and boil it to make up for your big turtle.”

“Who do you say is the turtle?” the old woman scolded, but she didn’t prevent her from picking up the turtle.

Seeing that the old lady was being bullied, her sons immediately wanted to come up and move their feet again. Seeing that the little girl is beautiful, this is the opportunity to do it.

The men in this family are really carved out of a mold. The brothers are all stubborn, and they can do things that are capable of going out of Guantian and Bairi, and the others are also good things with their eyes.

Zhu Yang saw a few people coming around, without having to go out on his own, and the other five players stopped in front of her.

Seeing that the Leitou family was going to fight with these outsiders, the villagers would definitely help their relatives and ignore them.

Zhu Yang turned his eyes around to estimate the number of people. As the saying goes, no matter how high the skill is, he is afraid of choppers. Although the physical fitness of several players is far better than ordinary people, they are not the number of martial arts.

The peasants who work in the fields all year round are not physically vegetarian. A group of people rushed up with pole hoes, and it was the players who suffered.

But Zhu Yang has had constant conflicts with others since he was a child, and this kind of similar situation is not unheard of.

To be honest, it’s not unreasonable to be surrounded by so many people desperately surrounding Zhu Yang. She is used to making good use of all the conditions that are beneficial to her.

What’s more, it looks scary now, and it’s completely different from previous children fighting. But in her opinion, there should not be too many favorable conditions on her side.

Not to mention that the number of the opponent is not at all imaginary, but it is really fighting, kicking a few heads into the water first, and letting the water ghost’s water plants get caught, and you can buy a lot of time.

When the people in the water come up with dehydrated grass, half of them should have been resolved, so it’s the other half’s turn.

The two sides were about to freak, when a voice suddenly rang: “Why don’t you go back to eat at noon and be pestering outside?”

Zhu Yang looked over and saw a middle-aged man with a Chinese character face looking at the majestic middle-aged man among the villagers walking in. It was the man who sat next to the old woman who gave her chicken and fish yesterday, who should be her son.

Listening to other people’s greetings, this person turned out to be the village chief, and sure enough the name of the village chief is better than anything else in this kind of deep mountain village.

As soon as he came there, he disappeared a lot, and the family of sting-headed men hurriedly pulled the village chief to complain.

Wang’s wife hated these people because of something, but she couldn’t remain silent at the moment.

So there is no room for the Leopard family to turn black and white and start arguing: “It was Leopard who pressed me on the haystack and deceived my orphan and widow. A few young people couldn’t stand it and give me a lesson. It’s not a matter of what is coming to me. Regarding them, let me see if this Wangjiacun has no way for me to survive. If it’s a big deal, I will dig out my family show—”

“Shut up!” The village chief suddenly yelled and glared at Wang’s Wife. Seeing that she didn’t dodge, she glared back, looking like a big deal, dead fish and broken nets, thinking that the previous things were also a headache.

After a few more glances at Zhu Yang and a few outsiders, he set his sights on the Luotou family.

At the moment, Leptosan has been healed a lot, and the village saw that this lazy and lazy spoiler was a fire, so he scolded, “Lepsan, what’s the matter?”

Xiao San hurriedly replied: “This lady seduce me, where is half of her old milfs that I’m thinking about? Isn’t she just trying to find a cheap dad for the cub in the family? I’m walking on the ridge, pulling I will go to the haystack field, but I will talk about my daughter-in-law in the future, she doesn’t want a reputation and I still want it.”

This means that the three-year-old child in the village will not believe it. The leitou family is so poor that the house is still a house with earth walls. The men in the family are all tall and magnificent, and they can live so hard.

How can a girl in Shili Baxiang marry their home? Even if you are anxious to marry your daughter to earn tuition for your brother to earn money for marrying your daughter-in-law to repair the house, who can’t get the tens of millions of dollars as a gift?

However, compared with the Liaotou family, it was obvious that the villagers were more malicious towards Wang’s wife, so after listening to the Liaotou three’s explanation, he pointed the sentence on the left and right, and decided the case verbally.

Zhu Yang sneered at this time: “Seduce? You haven’t taken good care of your own virtues just after you have just been in the water? Then you can just catch a toad/fly from the river and look neater than you.”

“Hahaha I’ll be a cheap dad to my child. If we have such a dad, the child will be the first to be able to hold her head up in school.”

Then he pointed to the father of the Leitou family: “Did you not get booed up when you were in school? Oh, sorry, you never went to school. After all, there is no threshold for nine-year compulsory education, so the premise must be personal. , Toad/Mao sit in the hall and let other children learn how.”

She didn’t have a loud voice, and it didn’t seem like a village **** was swearing badly, but it was the virtue of her bright nostrils that made her feel embarrassed.

Zhu Yang glanced at the surrounding women with long tongues who were tricking right and wrong.

“Several aunts are so clever and awful. You can’t hear the movement over the haystack. Instead, the sound of the wind blows in your ears? Listening to what you mean, it turns out that these frogs are in your eyes. Is it so delicious?”

“It’s the kindness of Xiangyueyou, one by one, lead home one by one, so that you don’t have to stretch your neck all day long and worry about it. It’s the person who ran away from the river after choking two sips of water and threw down the bowl. Don’t feel bad. ”

When the shrews heard the words, they suddenly yelled at them, especially the mothers of the Leitou family. They just slapped their thighs in their mouths to come out.

Zhu Yang turned his head and took a look: “Oh! Are you still short of turtles?”

The village head yelled, “It’s done!”

He said to Zhu Yang: “Since the public says that the public is reasonable and the wife is reasonable, then go to the ancestral hall and let the Bodhisattva decide.”

Zhu Yang’s heart moved. The village chief looked at an official business, but the way the protagonist Wang Sao and Liu Tou talked to her directly made her suspicious.

It is true that she has taken the matter over and it is all her limelight at this moment, but it is not so that the conservative and xenophobic villagers will take her as the subject, right?

According to normal practice, places like ancestral halls can be avoided by outsiders.

When Zhu Yang heard the words Bodhisattva, she thought of the stone statue under the banyan tree that seemed to have received a lot of incense, and she wanted to find out. So when the village chief said this, she agreed without thinking about it.

The head lady on the side still wanted to slap, “Ask what Bodhisattva? They ruined my family’s three children like this, so I need to ask?”

“What about the wound on Wang’s face?” Qi Qi Liangliang said, as a girl, there is no one who hates this kind of person.

Leitou three hurriedly said: “She told me to fight.”

As soon as he said this, Zhu Yang said: “Oh, he told me to throw it out, saying that it is impossible to work on a hot day, and nothing else. The water is so cool, and the water ghost inside speaks again. It sounds good. Toads/Mao in the river scream so kindly. Going back to the water is like coming home. He really likes the inside.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “That is the first time I have seen such a strange request as a young man who is happy to help others. I have also been embarrassed for a long time to help him, coming so far from the haystack yard.”

“You fart, how could my San’er say that?” Leitou Niang pointedly cursed.

“It’s a coincidence. It’s impossible for Wang’s Wife to say that. You just believed it very quickly.”

Seeing that the sting-headed wife was wasting time here, the village chief yelled impatiently, which caused her to stop talking and led a group of people to the ancestral hall.

Sister Wang was following Zhu Yang, always feeling something was wrong, but she couldn’t catch the clue.

She was a little worried and said: “Why don’t you just forget it? Where is my business worth working for Bodhisattva? Next time I will pay attention, so don’t go–”

Why would Zhu Yang let this opportunity to find out what happened? He waved his hand to silence Wang Sao.

When I entered the ancestral hall, I didn’t expect that this remote place in this poor country, this place dedicated to Bodhisattvas and ancestors, was well cultivated.

The carved beams and pillars look exquisite, the two mahogany pillars in the hall add to the majesty, and there is a huge Buddha table for the table.

The altar table was actually divided into several layers, with a lot of rankings on it, of course, the most central one was a Buddha statue, but it was also covered by a red cloth.

As soon as they entered the ancestral hall where the Buddha statues were enshrined, several players felt Sen Leng’s malice. If the stone statues that Zhu Yang and Zhang Xin saw under the banyan tree at that time were just uncomfortable.

So there is obviously a big problem with this statue in the ancestral hall. To put it in a more frightening way, it feels more vitality.

Of course, this vitality is not a positive meaning, literally, it makes people feel cold under the skin.

The faces of several players changed at that time, but Zhu Yang watched with interest and focused on the villagers asking the Bodhisattva for the truth.

It’s also simple. The parties concerned Wang Sao and Lep Tau San knelt on the ground and made their own statement about the matter. After the statement, they drew a lottery in front of the Bodhisattva to let the Bodhisattva determine the authenticity.

After the two talked about each other, they began to shake the lottery. At first, the Leitou family was quite confident. No one in the village knew that the king had offended the Bodhisattva. How could the Bodhisattva turn to her?

When the result came out, she would just have a long mouth, which was useless.

Just as proud, they both threw out the lottery at the same time, and the village chief picked it up and looked at them separately.

After reading the result of the signing, he actually glanced at Zhu Yang first. Regardless of the expression on this person’s face, Zhu Yang also felt a flash of satisfaction from him.

After that, the village chief urged the young men in several villages, rushing up and tying them up.

The Leptou family were all dumbfounded, and the village chief showed the lottery: “The Bodhisattva has decided. Lep San insults the widow. According to the rules, she hangs the tree and flogs it. As for the compensation, another calculation is made.”

As soon as she heard this, her eyes were black, she almost fainted, and immediately sat down crying when she recovered.

It is distressed that my son will suffer, and it is distressed that it will lose money——

“Bodhisattva, don’t open your eyes–”

Before crying a few words, he was covered with his mouth and threw it out. The village angrily said, “How can you allow you to be presumptuous in front of the Bodhisattva?”

When Zhu Yang listened to these people’s slurred words, it was obvious that a poor country was doing so ridiculously, and he felt ridiculous about everything here.

She stared directly at the ‘Bodhisattva’ statue in front of her, as if she had an illusion, with her eyes looking at her through the red cloth.

Even if his sight was blocked, Zhu Yang could still feel the sticky and disgusting sight.

She sneered, taking advantage of the noisy family of Leitou to draw her attention, picking up an egg on the altar table and slamming it on the head of the ‘Bodhisattva’, unexpectedly the egg was raw.

Suddenly the yellow and white egg liquid stuck to the red cloth, which was especially disgusting.

Several players were startled by her active provocation. At this time, the village chief also noticed the movement and hurriedly yelled, “What are you doing?”

Zhu Yang threw an egg up and down in his hand: “No, the Bodhisattva wants to eat, let me feed him.”

Said the egg in his hand flew up again: “Look, the Bodhisattva ate so happily.”

The village chief said angrily: “You dare to tease the Bodhisattva, why don’t you kneel down?”

Zhu Yang fished out his ears, this time directly raised a whole plate of eggs, and smashed the ‘Bodhisattva’ head with the egg with a basin——

“Sorry I didn’t hear clearly just now, who did you tell me to kneel for?”

In Zhu Yang’s life, even if he didn’t break out in his family when he was a child, he still lived in love. The countryside in his hometown is not civilized, and there is no miscellaneous rules. It is really a gold under one knee.

In their hometown, only dead people kneel, and the only person Zhu Yang has ever kneeled in this life is the mourning hall of his grandparents.

Just a horror game worshipped by a group of ignorant villagers, don’t know what to make her kneel?

Just him? Is it worth it?

At this time, the movement here also shocked other people. Seeing that the Bodhisattva was so humiliated, these people were frightened and furious, and had a bad temper, and they were about to come up and do something.

Zhu Yang smiled coldly, grabbed the corner of the red cloth and pulled it down, and the entire ‘Bodhisattva’ statue was lifted away.

Sure enough, it is an enlarged version of the stone statue under the banyan tree, and the details of the expression are more refined, which makes it even more so that the wicked face is like a real person, and the full-headed eyeballs really look like living inlaid, making people scalp. Hemp is disgusting.

The villagers suddenly knelt on the ground with their feet weakened, all squatting, but none of them dared to look up.

Zhu Yang sneered: “It seems that the Bodhisattva has self-knowledge. He knows that he is ugly and covers his head all the year round. You are not allowed to see it. How can such a considerate and generous Bodhisattva be angry with me?”

“You–” The village looked up at Zhu Yang, his eyes flashed bitterly.

Zhu Yang handed the lottery to him: “Why? Don’t believe what I said? Then let the Bodhisattva answer you by himself, and ask him if he wants to eat eggs.”

The village looked at the lottery in front of him, was silent for a while, then pressed down angrily and said: “Okay, you can go out.”

“The village chief?” Others were dissatisfied with the village chief who let it down gently, and was glared by the village chief, who pressed it down despite their anger.

Zhu Yang laughed a few times: “I know there will always be reasons. The Bodhisattva will not let people be wronged in vain. Oh, by the way, the Bodhisattva just wanted to eat turtles again.”

Speaking of robbing the turtle who was driven out by the Leptou family and left in the ancestral hall, the head was thrown on the head of the ‘Bodhisattva’ perfectly.

“Sure enough, it looks pleasing to the eye, Green-haired Turtle Bodhisattva, hahaha…”

Talking and laughing made the people in the ancestral hall extremely suffocated, making the players and Wang Sao panic to go out.

But this is the case, the village head actually stopped the villagers and let them leave with a sway.

After walking away, a few players who were about to scare to death said, “What are you doing to provoke that thing? That’s obviously not right. Look at the people in the village, they are crazy and worship such evil things as gods.”

According to the routine, it is definitely not surprising that the routine of this game lies?

“Seven days left, if this is–”

Seeing Wang’s wife aside, they couldn’t speak too deeply, but everyone understood the meaning.

Wang’s wife also had lingering fears and said to Zhu Yang, “Why don’t you leave right away? That thing is not good.”

How many players smiled bitterly when they heard the words and left? If only I could go.

However, Zhu Yang rarely sang against everyone: “Yes, this time the trouble is big.”

“You see that I am about to lift the ancestral hall, and the old turtle of the village chief still swallows me to let me go. It seems that the picture is not small. Alas! What are ghosts? So many villagers are the trouble, they are crowded. what.”

Do you still know the trouble? Do you show sincerity with a scared or regretful expression? Several players slandered.

After hearing this, Wang’s wife had a complicated face and couldn’t help muttering: “Yes, what’s so scary about ghosts? People are scary.”

After returning home, it was past noon, and Wang’s wife hurriedly went to cook, but after this pass, first **** in Qiqimi’s tank, and then the evil ancestral hall.

The danger of the game has now been lifted, and everyone has no appetite.

On the contrary, Zhu Yang said that it was troublesome, but she absolutely did not delay her eating, and together with the two children, the whole pot of spicy shrimp was enough to get rid of.

Just bought back frozen cold beer yesterday, and the two children were coke, and they had a good time.

After dinner, Zhu Yang saw these guys still looking downcast and sneered: “Hey! I said, you are not newbies who don’t know anything, I remember Fang Zhiyuan, you have gone through six games?”

“Which one is that if you don’t provoke the ghosts, the ghosts will let you go?” He sipped a sip of beer: “Moreover, I should find me first.

The appearance of this bachelor has never been helpless. Naturally, it is impossible for several people to put aside their doubts because of her few words, but Zhu Yang also ignored it.

At this time, Wang’s wife was washing dishes in the kitchen, and the two children cut fruits and placed them in front of Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang asked them: “Do you have a sister next door?”

The two children nodded.

Zhu Yang asked again: “It was also married to death?”

Still nodded.

“How long has a sister got married then?”

This time the two children looked at each other and didn’t speak, but the older one reached for the plums in the plate.

Twist it out with your index finger and thumb, but the other three fingers are straight.

Three years!

The truth is not difficult to guess, after all, the evil **** of fools comes and goes all playing old routines.

But to be honest, although the logic of this game field is simple, it is not easy. In only three days, including the water ghost, it hits four ghosts.

Still more difficult than ghosts are the villagers who have been instigated by evil things and have been so enthusiastic about their lives.

As for the specific operation of the other party, he still needs to go and see, but Zhu Yang is more concerned about the water ghost.

She has guessed that the water ghost may be the player in the previous game, but will the player be tied to the game and become an NPC after death?

Zhu Yang is still very curious about the results of the game.

At this time, Wang’s wife came out after cleaning the kitchen, and Zhu Yang stopped talking to the two children.

Unexpectedly, Wang’s sister-in-law took the initiative to speak: “I thought about it, really you should go.”

“It’s also time recently. The village is not peaceful. It’s no good for you to stay here—”

“When is it?” Zhu Yang interrupted her suddenly.

Unexpectedly, Wang’s wife was so keen, her face changed: “No, it’s nothing, don’t ask, just listen to her sister-in-law.”

Zhu Yang also understands that she lives in this village, and her words and deeds may cause disaster if she doesn’t pay attention.

Then he stopped struggling with this, and suddenly changed his tone and said, “Tell me about your husband. Although it is a bit offensive to mention this, I dreamed of a dog with a human head last night. I tried to describe the look of that face, but I didn’t expect the children to say It’s their father.”

“He really turned into a dog with a human head?” Sister Wang reversed her worries, and grabbed Zhu Yang’s arm, her eyes full of hatred and degassing light.

Then he realized that he was too rude, and let go of his hand, but still looked at Zhu Yang eagerly.

Zhu Yang nodded: “Well, the human head, the body of the big yellow dog, oh yes, I also dreamed of a faceless long-haired female ghost before.”

Unexpectedly, Sister Wang burst into a frantic laugh after she said it, she was really dancing like crazy.

“Hahaha…, I know that Xiuxiu is in the spirit of the sky. Don’t even think of a corpse if you become a ghost, a dog with a human head, a dog with a human head, a dog with a beast and a dog.”

“Oh, faceless ghosts, faceless ghosts, shameless ghosts are naturally faceless ghosts, retribution and retribution, have you seen Xiuxiu? Are you happy?”

Everyone was taken aback by the sudden change of Wang Sao’s appearance, but Wang Sao was so happy for a long time before she sat down.

Zhu Yang spread his hands: “So what? Is there anything you can tell me?”

Aunt Wang wiped the tears of her eyes, and said cheerfully: “Oh, it’s nothing, it’s just that those two **** got together to hurt my daughter for a better life, but both got retribution.”

“Let me tell you, that animal lives and dies in the mill at the entrance of the village. The whole person is like a bean, all ground into meat sauce, the bones are all grated, and it flows down the groove to the ground. There is one left. The head stands on the millstone.”

“When they were discovered, several yellow dogs in the village had eaten a lot of meat hahahaha”

“Also, that shameless **** hanged on the tree, the banyan tree. The skin on his face was stripped clean, wouldn’t he become a ghost without a face?”

Wang Sao was happy to say it, as if she had a long-cherished wish to taste it: “Oh~, I just look forward to it, those two cheap lives are not separated from each other from life to life, pity my Xiuxiu——”

Speaking of that, Wang’s wife who had just regained great joy began to cry. Zhu Yang didn’t expect this crazy joy and great compassion.

However, the case can be solved basically, and some words of Wang Sao will be passed.

It’s nothing more than that her husband arrogantly brought a woman back to be served by her original wife. Sister Wang also had to endure for the three children.

But soon, the bad luck that happened once in three years fell on her daughter, and her husband’s factory also had a problem.

Wang Sao originally wanted to secretly let his daughter run away, but the man didn’t care about the child, and put the hope of reviving the business on the ‘Bodhisattva’, thinking that as long as he was sincere, he would naturally turn the danger into a bane——

After all, the village has been here for so many years.

So I personally took the villagers with Xiaosan, and captured the daughter who was almost running out.

Unexpectedly, after the death of his daughter, the man’s factory immediately improved, but the man and the mistress both died in an unfavorable manner, and in an extremely cruel way.

The murderer is still unknown, but it also made people feel very worried, thinking that it was a girl who fled to anger the Bodhisattva, so for Wang’s wife who ignored the whole village, everyone never had a good face.

Wang Sao hated and poisoned the two bitches, the villagers, and the so-called Bodhisattva, but she had to take her two sons here to ask for a living, so she had to keep a secret no matter how she became a silent accomplice.

But now she was overjoyed and miserable, and she was crazy and let Zhu Yang know almost everything she knew.

Several other players watched with trepidation as Zhu Yang was tentatively on the edge of dangerous topics, and bullying others was not clear at the moment.

But thanks to her, everyone’s situation is basically understood now.

Suddenly Zhu Yang asked: “Apart from the girls in the village, are there any other girls who have married here?”

The crying and laughing voice of Wang Sao stopped abruptly, and then she looked at Zhu Yang and the others in horror, thinking of something.

He immediately stood up: “Yes, right, you go, you go quickly, this year’s candidates should come out, no wonder the old dog took you to the ancestral hall, you go, go!”

“Oh~~” Zhu Yang suddenly realized, and then sneered, but his body remained motionless.

When Wang Sao saw that they would not leave them, she almost cried, and Zhu Yang suddenly came and said with interest: “By the way, didn’t the gangster three just said that he was going to be hung up for a meal? Let’s go and watch!”

She said to Wang Sao again: “I will help you get it when losing money for a while, and promise to make his family so poor that they can only wear a pair of pants.”

Sister Wang is a girl who really wants to pump this stupid mallet.

In the afternoon, the group of people really swaggered to the front of the banyan tree. Sure enough, the rules here still do what they say.

The skinny head has been hung up, and now that the big guys have finished their lunch, everything that should come is here.

Zhu Yang counted it coldly. The village looked at the sparse houses, but because the village was so big, there were a lot of people, and there were hundreds of people here alone.

Once the player confronts the Cthulhu, the most difficult thing is not the Cthulhu itself, but the villagers who act as thugs.

The mighty so many people watched a whipping, and the **** head was screamed and screamed. His old lady sat on the ground and cried and cried.

It doesn’t matter, Zhu Yang also sprinkled salt on the wound to care about her asking for money.

She called the village head directly, relying on the old dog to stabilize their plan now, and extorted them with great strength, and finally took three thousand yuan for Sister Wang in compensation.

The money was not enough for Zhu Yang to buy a pair of shoes outside, but it was equivalent to most of the belongings that the Lutou family could now take out.

The horned lady didn’t want to give it, but the villagers who knew the truth had to look at the ghost in her heart.

Because I saw the lively scene in the afternoon, Wang’s wife didn’t go out to work, and it was time to prepare dinner when she got the money and went home.

Zhu Yang saw that the two children brought corn tortillas and pickles for lunch, and heard from them that sometimes it was sweet potatoes or boiled corn. In short, they came and went.

Yesterday, one person bought a lunch box at the market, a blue and a gray plastic lunch box. Tomorrow they will start school again. After the dinner is ready, Sister Wang filled them with two generous lunch boxes.

A two-layer box, one layer is rice, and the other layer is vegetables. The dishes are braised chicken wings cooked at night, fried pork with lotus white salt, fish-flavored eggplant and pepper chicken.

The two children had never brought such a rich and beautiful lunch to school. It was so strange that they would pick up this lunch box during dinner, and put it in the refrigerator carefully before going to bed. Zhu Yang thought that the box would follow The shell is as crisp as an egg.

At night, Sister Wang wanted to persuade them, Zhu Yang yawned and went back to sleep.

After throwing a quilt last night, Sister Wang removed the cover of her new quilt in the morning and washed it, and it was dried in the morning under the sun.

Zhu Yang has a nice smell of saponaria at night, which makes her feel good.

After falling asleep gradually, Zhu Yang felt that he suddenly appeared somewhere, and he looked a bit familiar. He should have seen him somewhere during the day.

But she didn’t realize she was dreaming right now, she was a little confused.

At this moment, I saw a team of welcoming guests coming from the bamboo forest, with weird steps, no blows, and everyone in the team.

The people who took the lead, waved the banner, and carried the sedan chair were all slender girls. They were all dressed in happy clothes and covered with a red hijab, as if everyone was a bride and everyone could perform their duties. .

Then the welcoming team went straight to Zhu Yang and put down the double sedan chair. Everyone pointed in the direction of the sedan chair and asked her to get on the sedan chair.

The bride-dressed people pointed at the same place, stiff as a stone statue.

But suddenly a gust of wind blew and lifted the hijab of a bride in front of Zhu Yang. From the true face of the other party, Zhu Yang discovered that the bride’s hair was golden.

The bleached white gold looks great with the bride’s fair skin, but it is definitely not a person from the village.

Zhu Yang was puzzled, but his mind was stiff at the moment, even if it was strange, he couldn’t grasp the center of gravity.

She seemed to be hypnotized, walking towards the sedan chair step by step, as if the sedan chair had suction?

And just two or three meters away from the sedan chair, suddenly a bride next to the sedan chair lifted the curtain.

Zhu Yang saw that there was already a person sitting on one side of the two-person sedan chair. It was the Bodhisattva whom the villagers worshipped, but compared to the statue in the ancestral hall, this place was truly a real person.

Without the stone slab, the true face can be completely restored. The ordinary look, the corners of the grinning mouth, and the head are all black eyeballs, blinking as if they have their own lives.

Suddenly, Zhu Yang’s scalp was numb, and his whole body instantly became sober.

At this time, the bridal team urged her to become louder and louder and more anxious, which made people feel irritable.

Zhu Yang smiled sarcastically, waved his hand and made a gesture of rejection——

“Ah, sorry, it’s useless to remind me, how can I marry such a ugly ugly one?”

As soon as these words were said, the whole bamboo forest suddenly turned into a sullen wind, the ghost brides stiffened, but the man in the sedan had a grim expression.

Zhu Yang said seriously without knowing it, “You are not happy that this is also true. You can’t get angry just because I told the truth?”

“Ah, it’s wrong. It’s not a question of whether to marry or not. You are so ugly that I can wash my eyes at a glance, don’t don’t, don’t look at me with ignorant eyes, you are not worthy, ah! Read it to me again—

“You do not deserve!”

“Don’t believe me? Would you like to show you my ex-boyfriend’s picture? If you want to jump to your level, it’s not jumping from a building. It’s simply a gap from outer space into the trench. Shouldn’t it be so ugly? Do you give yourself up in the cave? Why come out to show off your ugly face?”

“Ouch! So these big girls, are you just a stubborn deer-headed rat worthy of being a little girl?”

Talking and rubbing his arms: “Oh my god, just one look at it is so ugly that it scares people up.”

Zhu Yang still wanted to curse, only to hear a bell ringing around, the ugly long bag on her head gave her a hateful look, and disappeared as the brides in front of her gradually disappeared.


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