Scream Queen Chapter 32

Zhu Yang woke up vigorously. At this time, dawn had broken, and the sound of rooster crowing came from the courtyard.

The chicken was bought the first day, because I went to the market to make a big purchase the next day. Now I have too much food at home, but I haven’t finished eating it yet, so I just kept it in the yard.

She recalled the dream just now, but she couldn’t understand how the old dog of the village chief walked her to the ancestral hall like this. It was obvious that the “Bodhisattva” was quite satisfied with her, so she hurried to hire her that night.

It’s just that the frog/toad/mao has a bigger appetite, so I’m not afraid of breaking my teeth.

After recalling it carefully, the clues that had just been confused and unable to grasp the key points gradually emerged.

Without mentioning anything else, the blonde-haired bride is unlikely to be a person from such a conservative and backward village, or even the player in the previous game.

Zhu Yang did not expect that not only the villagers, but even the dead girls would have to be driven by the ghost bodhisattva.

Then the opponent’s ability is obviously not something that can be scared away by Chenming’s cock.

Seeing that the time came to the fourth day, with a ten-day period, Zhu Yang guessed the same as the previous two games. The closer the deadline, the stronger the ghosts, no matter how limited the early stage is, there are still many.

Otherwise, with this lineup, dozens of ghost brides and hundreds of villagers, as long as the ghost bodhisattva gives an order, the player has no possibility of surviving.

Zhu Yang took advantage of everyone to get out of bed and went out.

Then again, this game is a real novice, right? Although the context is simple, the abilities of the ghosts are average so far, except for the ghost bodhisattva who does not know the depth, they pose no threat to her.

But this number and situational challenges are currently more difficult and dangerous than the last one. The last one focused on Wu Yue’s book, which is a difficulty that a novice player cannot trigger and cannot survive.

If there is no way for Lu Xiu to scream, it will be impossible to pass the customs.

However, there should be no advanced players hidden in this game. Zhu Yang estimated that Ghost Bodhisattva’s ultimate killer might also have a cracking method that their newcomers could find.

But objectively speaking, the difficulty of the game is still too high. Why?

With this kind of doubt, Zhu Yang came to the river, picked up a stone and floated into the river.

“come out!”

Then the surface of the water in front of her was suddenly overgrown with water and grass, a large net and a large net floated strangely along the river, and then a few blisters appeared, and gradually one head protruded from the river surface.

The water ghost’s face was still pale and wet, and it looked a little shocking, but the next second, this guy suddenly showed a flattering smile——

“Hey! Sister, can’t sleep? Have you eaten your turtle? That thing is good for nourishing yin and blood.”

“Haha! Who caused my inability to sleep?” Zhu Yangpi smiled.

The water ghost immediately shrank his neck, Zhu Yang didn’t let it go, and cursed: “You can get the takeaway delivered to your door, so why are you such a waste snack?”

“Ah, I found out that you didn’t really come up with it, right? Why? I’ve been together for so long, and I’ve had a relationship with the soft-shelled turtles and toads in the water. I found it hard to bear it?”

“No, no!” The water ghost hurriedly danced his hair, and said in a whisper: “Then I didn’t suffocate that stubborn turtle grandson at the sight, I was a bit overwhelmed, and I didn’t want to repay your kindness in delivering meals.

“Thinking that it’s not a water ghost right away, I’m afraid it’s not so easy to send you fish and shrimps, so quickly pick a few of the fattest ones and throw them to you first? Who knows that the group of turtles and grandchildren come so fast, just like that. effort.”

“Tsk tusk tusk!” Zhu Yang looked at it, another idiot with a recipe, and suddenly said, “I said, you are the type that puts your phone in the hot pot when you eat hot pot, right?”

“How do you know? Sister, do you know me when I was alive?” The water ghost said happily: “I said that when I saw you, I felt kind. Anyway, I feel different from the people here. I think we belong to one country.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Don’t! If I knew a fool like you, I would be so angry.”

However, according to the water ghost, it is more and more likely that it was a player before his death.

To be honest, the characters in the game are really no different from reality, but only the player can feel the faintly incompatible difference.

But the point of Zhu Yang’s question is not here. She said to the water ghost who was instantly wronged: “You can clearly remember the daily life before your death, but the memory of your own death is blurred?”

The water ghost suddenly became at a loss, and he was a little at a loss when he said: “Yes, yes! I just remember that I came here to play with my good friends, and then I was pulled into the water by the water ghost, huh? I still remember my bank. Card password.”

It seems that the memory of customs clearance has been concealed by the game. This is understandable. If the player is imprisoned and turned into a ghost after death and can maintain the memory and will of his life, then their experience will be equivalent to cheating for the later player.

Even if the dead players are not willing to help future generations, but with the right bargaining chips and benefit exchange, presumably the situation is equivalent to opening the strategy to play the game.

But Zhu Yang still didn’t give up. She asked again: “I think based on your physique before death, if it’s daytime, the water ghost is definitely not for you. You see, today two men can drag people up.”

Players who can reach this level of level, the physical fitness is equivalent to four or five young and strong.

“So you must be the Taoist at night, but the water ghost in the water has been circulating here for a long time, and there will be people who will remind you if you stay by the river for a long time, you will not be stupid to walk by the river at night? Why are you so big? Run to the river at night?”

Zhu Yang’s analysis of these layers made the water ghost who remembered the chaos of this place fall into his mind, and then a bright spot was caught.

“Yeah, why should I come? I have said that I will never come close, I am, I am—”

“It’s to save people!” The water ghost said suddenly nervously: “No, I can’t stay here, someone is calling for help.”

“Where to call it? Here?” Zhu Yang pointed to Hegou.

But this time the water ghost was at a loss again: “No, where are you shouting?”

Seeing that he couldn’t find any more, Zhu Yang gave up for the time being, and calmed the water ghost: “It’s okay, don’t worry, if someone points to you to save your life, you will have died 800 years ago by now. Don’t be afraid. Can’t keep up.”

Then he cried a water ghost angry.

At this time, Zhu Yang stood up and waved his hand: “It’s done, crying is a fart, you will listen to me in the future, there will be takeaways, there will be some for the dead ghosts, think about it, see if you can I can’t think about the starting point anymore, maybe we can still find your friend’s bones, if he is in the same situation as you now, then don’t dislike either of you either.”

The water ghost choked and nodded, formally worshipping the mountain to recognize the boss.

To say that the boss is really interesting, a few catties of fish and shrimp will be exchanged for the dead ghost, although the chopsticks are not sharp, the meat in the mouth fell to the ground, it does not prevent the boss from doing things righteously.

Just talk, it hurts.

Seeing that the sun was about to come out, Wang’s wife and two children should also wake up, Zhu Yang said to the water ghost again: “Get me a fish, I want to eat fish porridge in the morning.”

“Oh, good!” The water ghost quickly caught a fish and threw it up. The poor fish hadn’t woken up yet.

Zhu Yang said with dissatisfaction: “How do I take it like this? Is it possible for me to grab this greasy thing with my hands and go back? Will I do anything? There are more ghosts in the radius of ten miles here, so I won’t change it. It’s easy.”

Where can the water ghost be happy? I quickly caught the fish, swiftly pulled the water weeds through the gills to wear them, and picked up a dry bamboo stick on the shore.

Then he handed it to Zhu Yang: “Come on, sister! Take it this way, don’t dirty your hands, look, the sticks are all done.

Zhu Yang took the fish just now, and when he left, he still said: “Be clever!”

The water ghost naturally nodded and bowed, and he was relieved after Zhu Yang left. He also thought that he was the boss, and even the posture of holding the fish was so hypocritical-ah no, pay attention to it.

Sure enough, Zhu Yang came back and saw the two children cooking breakfast. They definitely didn’t have time to wait for Wang Sao to cook the porridge slowly, so they usually ate the leftovers from the previous night and just warm them up.

However, the food at home is very good these days, and I go out early in the morning and can only eat at noon. Compared with porridge, dry rice is more resistant to hunger, so the two children eat very well.

Zhu Yang handed the fish to Wang’s wife, sat at the square table watching the two children eating, and asked, “Is your school big?”

“It’s very big!” The eldest son replied: “There are elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools. Every time you do exercises, the playground is full of people. However, the school building is far away and you are generally not allowed to run around.”

This is affirmative. Dividing areas facilitates management and prevents opportunities for higher grades to bully lower grades.

Then he heard him say: “There is a school here, and everyone in the town also goes to school here. There are only five classes in our grade.”

Classes in village schools are not like schools in the city. Each class has thirty or forty students. Many private schools even have a class of twenty or so.

In the countryside, a class must be at least 50, and a school covers elementary, middle and high schools, and one grade of elementary school has a few hundred students. That is indeed very large.

Zhu Yang touched their heads: “This is a good thing!”

Although the village is not small, the number of children who can get together is still limited. Although the two children are excluded in the village, they can go to school every day and get in touch with more people. Those people will not be affected by this crazy and weird ancestral bad habits.

Although there are still limitations, at least the two children can live in an environment outside the village, which is also good for their growth and personality shaping.

As he said, he took some snacks from the refrigerator and stuffed them into their schoolbags: “Share these with your classmates. If the children in the village bully you at school, you will not play with them or give them food.”

The younger son was a little ignorant, but the older son nodded thoughtfully.

Zhu Yang is quite relieved. This person, he has to find a way if he is excluded. The two children are not stupid. Why are they bullied at school?

The boredom at home all the time and the boredom at school are not conducive to physical and mental health.

At this moment Wang’s wife came out of the kitchen and saw this scene a little red, but they were more worried because Zhu Yang refused to listen.

When the two children were pushing their bicycles to school happily, the others came over for breakfast.

Seeing that the breakfast is actually fish porridge, I have a great appetite.

The tender fish fillets and extremely finely sliced ​​ginger shreds are salty and appetizing, and the pores of the whole body are soothing to eat.

Fang Zhiyuan also asked: “I remember the fish ate yesterday, where did this fish come from?”

“I went to teach the unskilled guy in the morning and brought it back by the way.”

A few people froze and almost coughed up. Who else is that unskilled guy?

This guy is really awesome. He has tamed people and water ghosts so that they can catch shrimps and never fish. They can eat frogs and frogs and are never picky eaters. They can also bring oral education?

Before they were shocked, they heard Zhu Yang flutteringly: “Oh, yes, last night I dreamed that the ghost bodhisattva greeted her, and stared at me and wanted me to go to the sedan chair.”

“Bah! I didn’t look at my frustration, and I cut it back. But this also means that the game has officially started.”

“It is impossible for me to start. According to the thinking of the victims of the water ghosts and their players, it is very likely that they will be able to defeat the player groups and fall apart. Therefore, if you see the ghost, deal with it carefully and stop the low-level way. ”

How many people were dumbfounded, you were almost taken away as a ghost bride? Why use today’s fish fillet. It tastes good, but it lacks a bit of salt, but it’s okay. It’s just right to eat with side dishes and say such a serious matter?

Especially Qi Qi, this made her very unable to get off the stage when she saw the ghost girl in the rice tank was scared into a screaming chicken.

Originally, the game world is so cruel, and you can understand how to lose your attitude, but why do you feel hot now?

It was Fang Zhiyuan’s deepest experience, he grasped the key point——

“Wait! How did you confirm the last player team? This, this is the fourth day of the game, right? We basically share information together every day, right? Did we miss something?”

Zhu Yang now knows the benefits of teaming up with Lu Xiu at that time. That guy pretends to be a pig and eats a tiger, but he can figure it out without explaining anything, and it doesn’t take her to spend a lot of words. When you need to work, just win over Understand that, no matter when you are in the situation.

The starting point/point is too high, naturally for later players who can’t keep up with the rhythm, they will not have such a tacit understanding when clearing the level together.

She had no choice but to speak out the few words that the water ghost asked and her speculation.

After several people listened to it, they were concerned about the result of the complete destruction of the player team, which made them feel concerned about this challenge.

Zhu Yang saw their salty fish look unpleasant, and despised: “You are the worst attendant I have ever brought.”

To be honest, although the last player’s group destruction was tragic, it is necessary to find their souls trapped in the game, not to mention whether there are any hidden rewards for super players.

Now, it is basically possible to determine the two players in the water ghost and bride team, which means that the ghost party has the possibility to cooperate with them.

But this is the difference in thinking between the adventurous and the conservative and the moderate, and they cannot change each other.

But several people still agreed with Zhu Yang’s judgment, so in the morning, Fang Zhiyuan and Yuan Bin, two boys, got Zhu Yang’s order to look for clues along the river.

Naturally, the water ghost claimed to have saved people and was pulled into the water, so he ran to the river. It might also mean that another player was also calling for help nearby, right? Of course, the blindness of ghosts and monsters is not ruled out, but there may be other discoveries by looking for them.

During the period, the water ghost appeared twice, and with vague memory, they denied the choice of two routes.

Fang Zhiyuan has experienced six games and Yuan Bin has four. This is the first time he has encountered ghosts and monsters living in peace in the ghost world.

The ghosts are so kind. They look like the younger brother in the hands of the same boss on the same hill. They are all the same followers, so we should get along well with the boss and strive to improve efficiency.

This ghost is so aggressive, making them feel more ashamed, and feel that this copy is more magical.

After searching for the whole morning, they found nothing. When the two returned home, they saw Wang’s wife’s house, except for the mad old woman who had been cursed, a home that hadn’t been visited for thousands of years. Today, many people came.

As soon as I entered the yard, I saw several wives including the village elder’s wife, and they were happy to hand over something to Wang’s wife.

The two of them approached and saw that it was a set of red clothes with a neatly folded mandarin duck playing in the water pattern on the top.

Although folded, it is obvious that this is a bridal suit. In addition to these, the village women also carried several baskets, which were filled with festive objects such as melon seeds, peanuts, longan, and red dates.

Several wives happily handed things to Wang’s wife: “Oh~~, this place of your house is really a blessed place. If you have two people in a row within five years, which one has this beautiful scenery?”

“Hurry up and put things away and wait for a good letter. This is a happy event that no other family envy can envy.”

The faces of these women are smiling and full of joy. Where is there any indifference that has met Wang’s wife before or scornfully, or avoids like a snake?

Wang’s wife turned pale in fright, and pushed things out: “No, no, you must be mistaken, how could it be possible.”

The village elder’s wife saw that she had been evasive, and the smile on her face immediately collapsed: “How can you make a mistake in the letter sent by the Bodhisattva? It is your family’s blessing to leave your house, don’t know how to promote it.”

After some threats, he slowed down and said, “Do you think about the harvest of your family in recent years? And your second and third children, two boys grow up day by day, eat and study, and later marry a wife, why don’t you need money? ”

“Without the blessing of the Bodhisattva, you are a widow mother. You think that in the future your son will be like the Leitou family, and the daughter-in-law will not be able to marry? You have harmed the child like this?”

Wang’s wife was chased by a few women and she couldn’t speak, but she couldn’t tell her at this moment, otherwise these people would directly arrest Miss Zhu and the others, then it would be all over.

She looked at Zhu Yang anxiously, and saw her sitting on the recliner now, shaking and watching the big show at the door.

The other three girls, one shakes her a fan, one peels melon seeds for her, and the other helps to arrange the edamame because Zhu Yang wants to eat salt-boiled edamame as a snack.

Fortunately, the other three girls all showed varying degrees of vigilance and worry on their faces, but Zhu Yang, who really said that this matter had nothing to do with her, had a happy expression after watching the show.

The village chief’s wife could not explain at this time, because she was afraid of scaring these people away. Judging from the fights yesterday, she still had some strength, so she came over to explain to Wang’s wife.

It is intended to be optimistic about them, who thinks that the mother-in-law is so ignorant of good or bad.

While pushing, I heard Zhu Yang say: “I said my sister-in-law, the folks are so enthusiastic, and everything is delivered to the door. There is no reason for people to take it back the same way? The countryside is not so careless, right? Hurts face?”

“Accept it, accept it!”

When Wang Sao wanted to smoke her, the village elder’s wife was amused: “Yes, you are not as sensible as the other girl.”

Then he simply put those things in front of Zhu Yang: “Come on, girl! Do you like it? Accept it if you like it.”

Aunt Wang hurriedly came up to stop her, and was squeezed outside by a few women.

Zhu Yangxin said that this ghost bodhisattva was really efficient anyway. Last night, he was rejected in a dream to welcome his relatives, and today he let the ignorant village women come and fool him.

But according to them, I am afraid that the girl who has not sacrificed for three years was not decided by the village, but the ghost bodhisattva chose it himself?

That means that the ghost bodhisattva has its own set of methods to communicate with the villagers. The most likely one is to have an agent. Naturally, this agent has a high probability of being the village chief.

Zhu Yang reached out and flipped through the basket and nodded: “Yeah! Peanuts are good, you can make peanut syrup tomorrow morning, and dates are good too.”

I didn’t buy a mixer before going to the market, but the earthen method is also convenient for making peanut puree. Clean the garlic stirrer, soak a small bowl of peanuts overnight, mince and boil it in water the next day. It’s simple.

After picking the melons and dates, the smiles on the faces of the women grew deeper, and Zhu Yang came to the wedding suit with his hands.

Cursing his lips, he sneered and lifted his clothes on the ground. At this time, the chickens and ducks in the yard ran past, and there were a few footprints in an instant.

The faces of several women changed drastically, and Zhu Yang ridiculed them: “I have never seen such an earthen dress, why? Your village married your daughter just sent a set of corduroy red padded jacket these days?”

“I won’t talk about wedding dresses. I guess it’s also embarrassing you. Our traditional wedding dresses are not unsightly, but you can take a look at these stitches? What color? What’s the matter with the ducks?”

“That’s a mandarin duck–” one of the women couldn’t help saying.

“Yeah! Two short-necked ducks pretend to be mandarin ducks. Didn’t I hear that the villagers are handy? You don’t have express delivery here. How did you get this ruined Taobao nine-dollar package?”

“Who made the clothes? Stand up!” Zhu Yang’s preaching posture was too natural, and a woman really stood up.

Of course she couldn’t help standing, everyone else was looking at her.

Zhu Yang looked at her up and down, just like the person in charge interviewing a rookie who had just graduated, especially this guy who is still wearing the Donggong empress’ posture to enjoy the coolness——

Correction, not the personnel supervisor and rookie. The woman who did the wrong thing was dragged too far behind.

The woman felt at a loss for what to do, and she forgot that she was here to take her to death.

After Zhu Yang’s eyes were picky, he had a contemptuous expression: “I just bought a vegetable pencil for the two children yesterday, and I can’t expect you to make decent clothes.”

“Well, I will design it myself. At night, you will come over to get the drawings. I’m telling you how to process it and where to use what fabrics. Don’t worry, don’t worry, what good fabrics can you buy in this ruined place? It should be ready.”

“Isn’t it going to the market again tomorrow? I buy the materials again. If I can’t produce decent clothes like this, I don’t follow it.”

After training a woman-ah no, village woman! Then he said to the others: “Although the peanuts and longans are good in appearance, I can see that you took care of it when preparing, but it’s not so shabby, right?”

A few women shook, thinking of the extravagance that this woman had since entering the village, that is the Jiao lady who can fill up the house of the family with only a few days here.

Suddenly, there was a bad premonition. As expected, the next second, Zhu Yang said quietly, “I don’t need to say like a chicken, duck, and pig, right?”

“I seem to see sheep on the hillside–”

“That won’t work, that is to save the baby for next year’s tuition.” One of the women said immediately.

“Oh, save the tuition?” Zhu Yang sneered: “Do you believe it if you don’t have a Bodhisattva to bless your son who can’t even go to school? Eat your sheep-ah no, you can see your sincerity when you worship a sheep.”

He shouted at the sky again: “Bodhisattva, have you seen it? This lady is not sincere.”

The village woman was scared to cry, she was picked up and stared by the village elder’s wife, with a smile on her face.

“Yes, yes! It happened that two sheep were watching heatstroke in the past two days, so why don’t we—”

Zhu Yang waved his hand satisfied: “Okay, I will tell you what I think of.”

Only then did the person leave, the posture was like ‘kneel down! ’

Wang Sao originally wanted to cry, but the others dared to be angry but didn’t dare to speak. At this moment, seeing Zhu Yang’s series of strange operations is really a robbery sitting on the floor.

Several players looked at each other, really, thinking that this guy would be serious when he met a ghost and greeted his relatives. It was really naive.

Zhu Yang was stupid when he saw each one: “Why? No need to eat? Those who cook should cook, those who burn fire should burn.”

He pushed a few large baskets of melons and dates to Wang’s wife again: “Stop a bowl as a snack, and you can go to the market to sell the rest tomorrow.”

Only then did Wang Sao come back to her senses and quickly said: “Yes, right, we will go to the market tomorrow. Many people in the village are going out. I will take you to escape from another road.”

Before he finished speaking, Zhu Yang interrupted: “What’s going on, I want to eat mutton, and don’t I have to cook big dishes for weddings? I haven’t eaten it in more than ten years, I think it’s a big mouthful.”

Wang’s wife was so angry that she made lunch while crying.

After lunch, the two boys went out to find clues. Zhu Yang’s painting was not very good, and he certainly couldn’t compare with Zhu Lina’s level.

But when she first came to the city when she was a child, her big-ticketed parents enrolled a lot of interest classes for their children.

There are all kinds of pianos for painting and dancing, but because the two are busy, no one plays. Zhu Yang only learned everything. After a while, he was interested in designing things by himself, but he was able to draw some design drawings.

When Zhang Xin saw her painting bridal gowns really enthusiastic, they twitched their mouths and said, “You, don’t you really want to–, thinking about that stuff makes you sick, what kind of bridal gowns do you design? ”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “I’m idle, I’ll find something to do well for them, besides, I always wear good clothes for myself. If my phone is not connected to the Internet, I can always take selfies, right? I look at myself. It’s also fun to be beautiful.”

Seeing a few people see her eyes become more and more weird, Zhu Yang was impatient: “Okay, if you want it too, I will design some bridesmaid dresses for you by the way.”

“Don’t don’t!” The three shook their heads quickly.

In the afternoon, the mother-in-law came to get the design drawings, and Zhu Yang told her a lot of precautions in detail, and sent her away, but saw that it was so late and the two children had not returned.

Zhu Yang was about to let people go to the village to have a look, and he saw two people coming in from the outside in frustration.

His hair was messy, there was mud on his body, and his clothes were torn apart. There was one bicycle per person, and now only the one in his brother’s hand was left.

When I entered the yard, I saw Zhu Yang. The little teardrop fell, and he didn’t speak yet, Zhu Yang, who was used to seeing scenes since he was a child, could not know what happened?

He asked directly: “Let’s talk, who did it?”

The two children were still on the road to discuss an excuse and didn’t want to trouble their sister. Tomorrow they would take it back by their own ability and fight again in a big deal, but before the lie was told, they were exposed.

The little one’s psychological quality was almost too bad, so he cried out: “Yes, Shuanzi did it.”

After inquiring, it happened that it was the scruffy child from the previous chicken and duck shop.

Zhu Yang, if he remembered correctly, the child looked like he was already in junior high school. After asking this question, he heard two children say: “No, I left two levels, saying that the junior high school teacher doesn’t want it.”

The key is too dumb and sloppy.

Zhu Yang took the two children out and found the house directly.

Before I got to the door and knocked on the door, I heard the screaming and crying inside——

“The job has already been found. In the factory in the county seat, food and housing are more than 2,000 yuan per month. You have to go or not.”

“Mom, let me go to university. I have passed the entrance examination. It is the best university in our city. I can make more money after graduation.”

“What’s the use of the girl’s earning so much money? Raising you for four years, hasn’t it been cheaper for someone else’s house? Your father went to the principal last week, and your brother’s enrollment this year is still a bit hanged. There is no eye for breaking the school. Why isn’t he smart? You’re clever, you make a few thousand dollars during this summer vacation, and your brother will have the sponsorship fee to go to middle school in the district and county.”

“But my brother couldn’t memorize the multiplication table completely. After paying the sponsorship fee, he was thrown into the bad class. I have inquired that this kind of student and the experimental class of the same grade are not even in the teaching building. What do you expect my brother to learn? ”

“Nonsense, can you have a teacher to understand? I understand that you just look down on your brother, as shallow as an outsider, you think about how you can rely on someone other than your brother when you marry in the future?”

“Mom, don’t I rely on my brother to make it? I don’t want my family’s money to go to college. I can apply for student loans.”

“It just fails. Why are you so dissatisfied? Look at the big show with you, where are you now? You live so big, you can go out to work, and you can marry someone to live your life. Your life is so good, you are still What are you doing?”

The mother and daughter were talking about a conversation while her son was playing with a new bicycle in the yard. The woman did not ask when he saw that his son had brought back strange things.

In fact, her son often comes back with different things, and she also boasted that his son would take money in his hands.

At this time, the door was knocked, and the woman opened the door and saw the girl from the country who bought chickens and ducks, and also brought the two cubs of the Wang family.

Thinking she was here to buy something again, she smiled and said, “What do you want?”

Zhu Yang went straight into the yard, ignoring the woman, came to the scruffy child, waved away the child who was playing with the bicycle, and took the bicycle back.

Seeing that the bicycle had been robbed, the child immediately rushed over to beat Zhu Yang. Zhu Yang was disgusted when he saw the snot drooping, holding the bicycle lightly with one hand, and waving the child to the ground at the front of the car.

Seeing that the child couldn’t be robbed, he immediately sat on the floor and cried and sneered.

“My car, my bike!”

Seeing this, the woman quit immediately: “Eh, why are you running to someone else’s house to grab something, and return it to me. This is my embolic car.”

Zhu Yang smiled contemptuously: “His? How do I think I bought it for more than a thousand yuan in the town yesterday?”

The woman was shocked when she heard that it was more than 1,000 yuan, and she immediately sneered: “You said yes, then I bought the same for my embolism, you don’t want to grab it, otherwise I shouted and some people came to comment. ”

“There is no reason for us to break in and grab our own things in the country.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “Calling someone, right? Okay!”

She put the bicycle on the ground, patted the two children staying here temporarily, turned around and went out.

The women were proud, and a foreigner wanted to grab something in the village, and he didn’t weigh and yelled some people out to help.

The scruffy child saw that the bicycle was coming back, and his nose was bubbling to come and get it, but before he touched it, he heard a loud noise coming from the yard.

A large pile of rocks fell into the yard, smashing the ground into a hole.

After being out for less than a minute, Zhu Yang came back. He grabbed the bicycle with one hand and pointed at the stone on the ground and said, “Okay, you call someone.”

The woman was about to shout and looked back at the stone on the ground. She was almost frightened to death. It turned out that the stone was the head of the Buddha statue under the banyan tree not far from her house.

The women knelt on the ground again and again, knocking and worshiping: “Bodhisattva sins and sins!”

After reciting the words for a long time, he stared at Zhu Yang with a wicked look.

Zhu Yang smiled and said: “What’s the matter? Shout? Let everyone come and see how your furniture cuts the Buddha’s head. Oh, this sin, how much resentment you have to the Bodhisattva? Such an offense, won’t you be hanged?”

“You fart—” the woman would scold.

Zhu Yang cut her off: “Then call someone, let everyone decide. My delicate little girl is just coming to ask for the stolen bicycle at night. I don’t have the ability to screw off the Buddha’s head, but you Here, hatchets and machetes are everywhere, um! The tools are very convenient.”

The women turned pale when they heard the words, and thought that in the afternoon the village elder’s wife summoned them to say that it was Wanwan to stabilize these young people, and immediately stopped talking.

Zhu Yang relied on the dullness of these people to the ghost and bodhisattva. He had expected such a result and handed the car to the children.

Arrogantly walked out of the yard, and when he stepped out of the threshold, he suddenly said–

“Oh! I heard that your son is going to junior high school? Hahaha! Save it, and don’t expect to be able to rely on your son to support the elderly if you are mentally retarded until 30 years old. But your daughter is not allowed to go to a key university—well, I know Where did my son’s mental retardation come from?”

“Oh, by the way, tell your idiot to stay away from our children. It’s easy for someone with mental retardation to play outside these days.”

The women were so angry that they cursed in the yard, but at this moment Zhu Yang had already left. She only vented her suffocation, but she didn’t realize that her daughter looked at the back of the three people leaving, and a bright light flashed in her eyes.

Sister Wang knew about it when she got home, but she didn’t say anything this time, but thanked Zhu Yang.

As for herself, it’s okay to be scolded a few words coldly, but if she dares to do something to her child, she will hit the door even if she is weak.

In the evening, they ate bamboo rats. Fang Zhiyuan and the others went out for a day, but they did not find any clues. In the afternoon, they brought two bamboo rats back and they were wild.

Originally, they didn’t move so fast, they were still clever, and they tripped the bamboo rat when they stretched out their hair.

The two fell apart, and this water ghost really seemed to be on the same channel as Zhu Yang as a little brother.

Don’t forget to eat it?

The guy was still plausible: “You see that you have been busy for so long, and there is no result at all. If you don’t bring something back, doesn’t it mean running for nothing? The boss will be angry, take it back and eat it, I heard it tastes like a pig hoof.”

“You can remember so many things before you were alive, and you don’t even forget common sense, but you remember how you died?”

The day’s search ended in Fang Zhiyuan’s cry of collapse.

Not to mention, the taste is really like trotters, Zhu Yang eats it very fragrantly, and the two children also like it. Tomorrow’s lunch box is still full of meat.

After eating the bamboo rat, Zhu Yang praised them: “It seems that letting you go out for a day will be a great harvest.”

Sister, have you forgotten why you sent us out?

When Fang Zhiyuan and Yuan Bin met on their side, their legs and feet were floating. Of course, the reason why they walked all day today cannot be ruled out.

When passing by the bamboo forest, the two of them were walking with their heads depressed, and they saw a girl standing in the bamboo forest with her back facing them.

The two thought it was a girl from the village, and it was uneasy to stay outside so late and not return.

So Yuan Bin yelled in his mouth: “Hey, don’t you go home yet?”

The girl turned around, she was pretty, white and clean, with a small melon seed face. Although she couldn’t compare to Zhu Yang’s stunning beauty, she was really rare in this mountain village.

Boys always have a natural affection for such a small girl, and I saw the girl embarrassedly point to a back basket on the ground.

“I was digging bamboo shoots. I didn’t expect to dig too much, and I can’t carry it. Can you help me carry it back?” He pointed to a lighted house in the opposite door of Zhitian: “Just there, not far.”

The two boys were only asking, but when they saw that they really asked me to ask, they were only so far away, and the two big men took care of them, so it was hard to refuse.

“Sure, let me back it, you lead the way.” Yuan Bin said.

The girl was immediately happy, watching Fang Zhiyuan lift the basket on Yuan Bin’s back and walk lightly in front.

It was okay at the beginning. The three of them chatted a few words on some topics, but when they went to Tian Kan, Yuan Bin felt that the basket on his back became heavier and heavier.

Halfway through, he called Fang Zhiyuan: “You help me pad it, and I will rest for a while.”

Fang Zhiyuan naturally had no objection. Seeing that the girl was still walking in front of him unconsciously, he called her: “Sister, slow down, we can’t remember—”

Before finishing speaking, the girl in front disappeared, and the two of them were taken aback for a moment.

I heard a voice coming close to my ears: “What’s the matter? Recite!”

The two of them bowed their heads, and the girl who was still in front suddenly appeared in the basket.

He looked up at them and urged: “Hurry up and carry me home.”


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