Scream Queen Chapter 33

Zhu Yang was going to sleep. The two boys who had just left after seeing them ran back in a panic, as if there were ghosts chasing them.

Not to mention, this statement, in games, is often not as simple as an exaggeration.

Zhu Yang didn’t wait for them to pant well, and said coldly, “Damn it?”

The two became stiff, then nodded, and pointed in the direction of Zhulin.

To say that they are not newcomers, although they are still not as strong as Zhu Yang, seeing the ghosts eat as usual, but they will not be too slow for a long time.

It is true that this time the map covers a large area, with a large number of ghosts and NPCs and unknown abilities, so it’s a matter of carelessness.

However, after just such a short time, the two of them regained their energy. It is really too exciting for the girl to suddenly appear in their back basket. In the past, the scary ghosts and monsters NPCs were scary and they were discovered before they got close. There is also a buffer zone in my heart.

Fang Zhiyuan hurriedly told Zhu Yang what had just happened: “We hurriedly unloaded the basket and threw it away, but we just don’t know whether this is a warning or has already begun to attack us.”

Yuan Bin nodded: “This is only the fourth day, with a ten-day period. The pace this time is too fast.”

The two of them have followed Zhu Yang these days. Although this person often makes people choking silently, but when something comes into her hands, even if it seems like a dead end, they can break the situation in another way.

So the first thing after bumping into a ghost is to come to discuss with Zhu Yang, after all, there are examples of water ghosts first, and no one wants to be trapped in the game and be a lonely deep mountain ghost.

Whoever finished speaking, he heard Zhu Yang smile contemptuously: “Then you just threw the other **** the Tianhu?”

The two choked, what else can I do without throwing this Nima? Bring it back to you for the wine and food?

Zhu Yang looked at them, but their expressions were like the scum of pig’s hoof, or the kind of sauce that was more intense than the bamboo rat eaten at night——

“Oh, when I see someone who is pretty, I will help me with a stroke of my hand. When I see a ghost, I turn my face and throw the NPC **** the ridge at night. How can you two do this?”

“It’s all beautiful girls, it’s a ghost or a ghost. It’s quite obvious that you have a double standard. This night, people fell on the dark fields alone. How scared? How helpless? I really believe in saying that I can help. The evil of you guys.”

Fang Zhiyuan and Yuan Bin’s faces were twitching, “Well, she’s scared at night, she’s a ghost.”

“Ghosts can’t be afraid of the dark?” Zhu Yang Zhenzhen said: “If a girl is sensitive and slender, the same goes for a ghost. I have seen ghosts who are afraid of hearing ghost stories.”

He said and waved his hand, and said to them arrogantly: “You guys, where to go back and forth, to find someone else’s girl to send home, the guy who doesn’t believe in words, I won’t want it in my team.”

Both of them were shocked by her: “No, boss, you just made a joke on us. You also said that there are so many ghosts that Ghost Bodhisattva can drive. If we get the wrong camp, we just have nothing to do. ”

When Zhu Yang saw that the two of them died, they refused to turn around, and he resented it again.

The winks are really bad, the courage is not, I can’t imagine how these two guys came over the previous few games.

Thinking of asking the same question here, Fang Zhiyuan was a little bit sceptical when he heard the words: “Then it was not so difficult in the first few times. The two or three ghosts appearing at the same time in the first few games are considered to be the highest, and the range of activities is also very small, except for the players. Ghosts, just watch more and do less, don’t toss, if there are those newcomers who don’t know the heights and heights of the land attract the attention of ghosts, look more and you will come up with routines.”

“I just don’t know why, this sudden increase in difficulty is so great that it is not an order of magnitude from before.”

Fang Zhiyuan fell dejected, and Yuan Bin nodded in agreement.

Did Zhu Yang know that the real rookie field is so simple? The sure way is to let the so-called newcomers come in and attract the attention of ghosts. Such fools are usually the first to suffer.

And ghosts can harm people without limitation, and there are often traces to follow. The veterans watch silently and indifferently, and always find the game left for players.

It may be cruel to say that, but this game is not a mutual aid club after all. Although most players may not take the initiative to harm others, they are not obliged to pull the stupid stupid, just like the three girls thought of her at the beginning.

This is indeed a generally conservative customs clearance method.

The two have adapted to this set of guidelines along the way, and Zhu Yang can’t bear to pay attention to them.

He took the lead to step out: “Okay, don’t expect you two to suddenly awaken the spirit of the gentleman, lead the way.”

Zhu Yang said with a faint smile: “Maybe people are really in a hurry to go home right now.”

After hearing this sentence, the two of them had not yet grasped the meaning behind them, but they felt that their backs were chilling.

But with Zhu Yang, they dare to go back and find out. After all, this is a bull who can even accept a little brother in the water ghost. Is it possible that the female ghost will fall down by her bastard?

The three of them came to Tiankan, and as expected, the female ghost had disappeared, except for the basket of bamboo shoots scattered all over the ground.

The two boys breathed a sigh of relief and listened to Zhu Yang’s call: “Pick up the bamboo shoots.”

“Huh? You want to eat it?” The two asked in view of Zhu Yang’s recent lack of food.

Zhu Yang said: “I want to open the two heavenly spirit caps to see if it contains almond dew. When you two were reborn, Po Meng was busy eating coconut ice cream. Seeing you two empty minds, one person and one coconut shell were covered. Right?”

“Everyone tells you where her house is, so things will naturally have to be sent back.”

The two of them were ashamed of being scolded, and hurriedly picked the bamboo shoots into the basket.

This time it was Fang Zhiyuan’s memorial. After what happened just now, the two of them were still a little bit embarrassed that someone suddenly appeared in the basket.

However, Zhu Yang walked the front with his head strutting, a pair of gods and ghosts blocking his sword and his head was the black and evil temperament of a watermelon knife.

Not to mention, it’s really reassuring.

After passing through Tian Kan, I came to the house that the female ghost pointed to before. Zhu Yang knocked on the door, and he was probably going to sleep after eating.

It took a while to open the courtyard door. Zhu Yang took a look, and by coincidence, he was actually one of the women who came to send Xifu and Jujube in the morning.

The woman saw Zhu Yang appearing here in the middle of the night, and she was a little wary: “Is there something wrong?”

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “It’s okay. I just ran into a girl after eating and walking around. Let us help take the bamboo shoots she dug home.”

The woman didn’t look good when she heard that, and waved: “Go and find it wrong, where is the girl in my house, there are only three boys in my house, who must be the girl who pointed the wrong way.”

“Huh? Impossible?” Zhu Yang said with a sincere expression: “There are couplets on the door, and the lantern has not been removed. There are three steps facing Tian Kan into the house, right here.”

Seeing the woman closing the door impatiently, Zhu Yang hurriedly took the basket of bamboo shoots and put them in front of her——

“The girl has a melon face, two big braids, and a mole next to her nose. She said that her home is here. Why do you say there are no girls in the house? Strange!”

With an artificial face of ignorance and confusion, she immediately turned the woman’s face pale, and her whole body became stiff with horror. She listened carefully and even saw her teeth trembling.

Zhu Yang smiled again, with a lucky expression: “Okay, what about the things, I have delivered them, the girl said that after digging bamboo shoots for a day, the knife was a little dull——”

“Go to the river to sharpen the knife and come back again!”

In the last sentence, Zhu Yang’s face was still smiling, but the voice was light and weird, giving people a gloomy feeling for no reason.

Then she closed the courtyard door for her as she trembled with fright.

Just two steps away, I heard the sound of a basket tripping over and bamboo shoots scattered all over the floor, and then the sound of a woman running into the house with a panic hiss.

Only then did Fang Zhiyuan and Yuan Bin understand Zhu Yang’s intentions. The two looked at each other, and at the same time saw the same emotion in each other’s eyes.

Awesome! I really have to take it.

Seeing the woman’s reaction, 80% of the girl was the daughter of this family before she was alive. In Zhu Yang’s eyes, there is no reason for her to suffer for others.

Although it does not really have any real impact on this family, if the girls who were sacrificed can get revenge, the bad habits of breaking the village will not continue to this day.

But at least so happy, what does Zhu Yang do? The whole picture is happy for yourself.

The three parted ways after the bamboo shoots were delivered, and the two who were still worried about the appearance of the female ghost just now felt that it was not that sad tonight.

After all, if you want to talk about restlessness and sleeplessness, the family may be more afraid.

When Zhu Yang returned to Wang’s wife’s house, the two children had already finished their homework, and they bothered Zhu Yang to watch a movie.

Zhu Yang showed them another comedy. It was Zhou Xingchi’s Night of the Soul. Although it was funny, it was also terrifying. It scared the two children and wanted to watch it again. She huddled beside Zhu Yang and watched it through her fingers. Finished.

Zhang Xin took a look when he passed the hall after taking a bath, and saw that a ghost in red had been rescued by the master ghost hunter after repeatedly seeking death. In the end, the master ghost hunter accidentally killed the person himself.

She looked at the master ghost hunter in the movie, then at Zhu Yang, and suddenly felt that the two of them had a similar temperament inexplicably.

After watching the movie, the two children were sent back to the house by Wang’s wife. Before going to bed, Zhu Yang reminded them to go to the bathroom——

“Otherwise, don’t you two dare to get up at night and pee on the bed.”

The two children were ashamed and wanted to try their necks, but finally went to the toilet dingy.

When sleeping at night, Zhu Yang glanced at the moonlight outside.

There is no cloud tonight, the moon is still big and bright, but the original clean white moonlight, for some reason, always feels like a bloodshot.

It’s just like cracking an egg to find a bloodshot inside, which makes people extremely uncomfortable.

Zhu Yang had a hunch that tonight would not be peaceful, and she fell into a dream soon after closing her eyes.

It was still in the bamboo forest. This time there was no big bridal welcoming team, and there was another layer of mist in the gloomy night.

Zhu Yang heard the sound of rushing streams and walked along the road to the river.

Then he saw a bald man with his back to her, washing something by the river, and eating it sweetly.

Washing one by one and eating one after another, the sound of chewing was too fragrant, and Zhu Yang was so greedy for no reason.

“What are you eating?” Zhu Yang stepped up and asked.

The other party ignored it and was eating while washing. Zhu Yang vaguely saw the round objects, thinking it was Kyoho grapes.

She became more greedy, and the grapes were soaked and washed in the cold stream, sweetening and relieving the heat, just thinking about it made people’s lips and teeth fresh.

Seeing that the other party ignored her, Zhu Yang was not awake in his dream, but the bandit’s nature did not change, and he grabbed the grapes from the bald head with his hand.

Oh, it’s quite big, slightly bigger than the Kyoho grapes on the market, and it feels a bit uncomfortable to start with.

But Zhu Yang was so greedy right now, he took things through the water as soon as he got them, and then hurriedly stuffed them into his mouth.

As soon as he reached his lips, Zhu Yang realized that something was wrong. How could this grape be born in vain except for a small area?

She took a closer look and found that where the grapes were, it was clearly a human eye.

Hey laughter came from the side at this time. Zhu Yang turned his head and saw that the bald head was still smooth just now. He slowly scrambled to speak, and then one after another eyeballs grew.

In a short while, the eyeballs filled his head, and the slit of each eyeball blinked like an eyelid, secreting some inexplicable mucus.

The bald head turned his head at this moment, but who is the ghost bodhisattva?

He spoke with a cold and rough voice: “Eat, why don’t you eat it? It’s delicious. Hehehe…”

Zhu Yang looked at the eyeballs in his hand, then looked at the Ghost Bodhisattva, the expression on his face turned into a trance, looking at the eyeballs in front of him as if full of appetite.

She gradually brought her eyes closer to her lips, getting closer and closer, and the expression on the Ghost Bodhisattva’s face became more and more sinister and proud.

But when his eyes were less than five centimeters away from his lips, Zhu Yang’s arm suddenly turned quickly, suddenly opened his index and middle fingers, and his eyes fell to the ground.

In the next second, there was the sound of nails poking into the flesh. The sound was thick and watery, and it made the fur feel very cold.

I saw Zhu Yang quickly poke his finger in the eyes of the Ghost Bodhisattva, blinding him directly.

Feeling that the other party was going back, Zhu Yang curled his fingers into the other’s eye sockets, and looked at the ghost bodhisattva with indifferent eyes.

“Eyes, right? That’s how many eyeballs grow on your head, right? Since there are so many, it doesn’t matter if you lose one or two, right?”

The ghost bodhisattva screamed, but in terms of strength, he has been worshipped by the villagers for so many years, and he has absorbed the souls of dozens of women to increase mana. In terms of ability, Zhu Yang is not his opponent.

But it is not so easy to regain the soul, she must be successfully hired, or she will walk onto the sedan chair herself, or use his things.

Usually, women are hired for the first level, waiting for the ceremony to get their soul on the day of the sacrifice. A faintly threatening atmosphere came from this woman, breaking the welcoming hurdle at a critical moment.

But this time, the smaller his limit, the stronger his mana. It stands to reason that he shouldn’t be sober.

In the same way, the ghost bodhisattva relaxed his vigilance carelessly at the door, and followed the Dao coldly.

Zhu Yangguang was not satisfied with poking the blind ghost Bodhisattva’s eyes. When she thought that she had just held the eyeballs in her hand for so long, and almost swallowed it, her whole body was filled with disgust.

Thinking that my hands were already dirty at this moment, I simply gave up on myself, raised my hands and pulled two eyeballs from the head of Ghost Bodhisattva——

“Hey! Isn’t there a substitute for this?” As he said, he put two eyeballs into her eye sockets that were prickled by her.

He continued to dig out the rest of his head one by one and force him to eat.

“Anyway, you can regenerate it on your head if you eat it, which means your bag is to reuse the ingredients forever? It’s so convenient, come and come! Since you don’t spend money, don’t waste it, eat more, you See how fragrant you have eaten before, don’t be polite.”

Poor Ghost Bodhisattva was so capable that he was tortured so much that he couldn’t use it. He had a tricky way, but he was not in strength.

It’s not that I have never met someone who is a little capable in twos and threes, but even if he is close, he hasn’t worked so directly.

Zhu Yang tortured the ghost bodhisattva inhumanely, and he did not forget the meanness in his mouth: “You have said that you have a ugly face, and you are sober at a glance, but you dare to show your face? Ha, I found you ugly to yourself Quite confident, right?”

“Enter your father’s dream every day, you think my dream has no threshold? I have never dreamed of you being so ugly and sloppy in my life. You really lowered the style of my dream.”

“You still eat eyeballs, right? Come on! Don’t be polite and have a good time. A beauty like Lao Tzu is waiting for you to eat. If you say you can blow it for a lifetime, hurry up, this **** leaked a few more.”

The Ghost Bodhisattva wanted to escape, but this girl was tricky and insidious, and her pointed fingers just stuck on the hole in his head that was emptied by the eyeballs, just like catching a bowling ball.

With this pressure and the tragic pain, the ghost bodhisattva could not escape for a while.

He shouldn’t be careless. Since this woman has something that makes him feel threatened, he should be more cautious. It’s just that the easy harvest of someone like her last time made him mistakenly think that these different outsiders are nothing but this.

I don’t know how long it took, and there was a rooster cry in the distance. The Ghost Bodhisattva never expected that one day he would be saved by the rooster cry.

Seeing that Zhu Yang was about to wake up from his dream, he quickly took advantage of this opportunity to escape, and even more sinister malice was brewing in his heart.

Zhu Yang woke up, the sky was already white.

She is in a irritable mood, this kind of dream always makes people feel that she has only slept for a short while, there is a kind of irritability that has not slept enough.

But in the dream, she grabbed the disgusting eyeballs with both hands all night. Even if her hands were dry in reality, she got up and washed her hands impatiently.

As a result, two children rushed out to go to the bathroom, and they remembered last night that they didn’t dare to get up.

The two children went to school after breakfast, and when Zhu Yang and the others finished their breakfast, it was bright.

Today, we go to the fair. Rural fairs are actually quite frequent, usually on the 3rd, 6th, or 1st, 47th.

Because of the dullness of Fang Zhiyuan’s two woods last night, Zhu Yang was also a little impatient to explain the dreams to the players one by one, so by the way, let them be more careful to protect themselves.

Then I urged Sister Wang, who had always wanted to persuade her to leave, to go to the market: “Melon seeds and peanuts are worthless, but those red dates and longans are not bad, you go to the town, you can sell it for a few hundred yuan, go ahead, grab it. A good stall, don’t delay.”

Wang Sao was pushed to the entrance of the village by her and wanted to force her to leave.

At this moment, a few people came over, the village chief was the leader, and he glared at Wang’s wife.

Said: “Maozi’s family, if you want to rush to the scene, just go by yourself, drag the guests to do? What are you doing? Once you come and play for four or five hours, people come to play and try to relax, don’t go down the mountain.”

Zhu Yang smiled and looked at Wang’s wife after hearing this, let’s see! This is not a question of whether they are willing to go, but a question of whether they are willing to let go.

Wang’s wife’s face was even more ugly, and she was about to quarrel with the village chief, but Zhu Yang spoke a step ahead of her.

“I said those things yesterday, but today I started going down the mountain to buy things?”

The village head’s face fluttered when he heard this. He was so cunning that he didn’t know that this person was playing tricks, but he couldn’t hold back that it was justified to the village.

She made this request, or if she did not follow her, it was not her who had offended her. When the Bodhisattva saw it, they would treat them as reluctant to worship more.

So he said with a dull face: “Yes, I’m going down the mountain to buy it now.”

“That’s it, let Sister Wang help check. The material is not good, but I don’t agree. It’s rare for me to be so beautiful. My nine-point beauty is discounted to seven-point by the torn clothes. Would you say that Bodhisattva is happy?”

This is equivalent to directly clarifying the tacit things, and the village chief does not believe that she is really willing, and becomes more vigilant towards her.

But as long as they didn’t think about escaping, he couldn’t do anything with these people. After all, the last time the Bodhisattva liked a foreigner, he could fold into several villages.

Who wants to work hard before he works hard? Every family of men is the lifeblood.

The village chief thought about all the things he had to do, and then Zhu Yang continued: “Did you write down everything you bought for the banquet?”

“Make a note of—ah? What banquet?”

“I said the standard of the banquet.” Zhu Yang dissatisfied: “Hey! Such a happy event, don’t you just want to fool around as usual? I heard your guy talk about the past dishes.”

“Oh hello, who is the beggar to send? Can a beautiful woman like me be the same as your firewood girl? Is there a wink? Then the Bodhisattva will not agree to it.”

The head of the village head hurt when she read it. Seeing her left sentence Bodhisattva and right sentence Bodhisattva holding chicken feathers as order arrows, the partial bodhisattva is really not generous.

No one mentions it, but if you want to mention this, if you don’t do it, don’t the bodhisattvas wonder if they are not happy?

Then it will be for nothing, and it will be unlucky for the next three years.

So the village chief remembered a long list of menus. Although there were no abalones and sea cucumbers in it, the money spread to every household had to make everyone gouge the meat as painful.

After the explanation, Zhu Yang patted the somewhat stupefied Wang’s wife: “Buy things and stare at them, don’t let them buy cheap goods to fool me.”

Then he copied his hands and prepared to go home, and saw a family approaching oncoming, the one they went to send bamboo shoots to last night.

Zhu Yang smiled and greeted loudly: “Oh, my aunt is going to the fair? Your girl didn’t come back too late last night?”

The family panicked and feared that they didn’t sleep much all night, and they were already in a bad spirit. Hearing Zhu Yang’s words, the blood on his face was even scared.

Seeing that their family was like this, the village chief scolded: “What is it like when someone says a few words?”

The man in that family panicked and said: “But they haven’t seen Da Ya again, how do they know what Da Ya looks like? That back basket is also in our family, and Da Ya used to go out to chop bamboo shoots with her back on her back.”

The village head’s face became more ugly, but he still warned the surroundings: “Keep my eyelids wide open, don’t be panicked. She is a stranger, we have a Bodhisattva.”

That’s how it was said, but everyone’s complexion didn’t look good either, half of them were distressed by the money spent on the banquet, and half of the dead girl came back.

Zhu Yang instigated and left, and several of their players are now basically restricted to this mountain.

Today, the village went to the market. There were no people in the whole village, but it was convenient for them to investigate everywhere.

Since the two boys had already taken the photo yesterday, they had almost touched the riverside area, so they continued to look for them today.

However, Zhu Yang took a few girls around seemingly aimlessly.

Although she had the upper hand against the ghost and bodhisattva last night, it was obviously not that simple, and she herself could feel that the ghost and bodhisattva’s ecstasy technique last night was stronger than the day before yesterday.

This is also the consistency of the game, the more the ghost ability is unlocked later, but this also gives the player a buffer zone.

Zhu Yang has not heard of ghosts and ambitions, and has no clue about the real body or weakness of ghosts and bodhisattvas.

If you don’t figure out how to deal with it first, the stronger the other party will become every day, there will always be times when she can’t cover herself.

Thinking of this, she suddenly asked Zhang Xin: “You are the most careful. Do you remember what tributes were placed in the ancestral hall at that time?”

Zhang Xin recalled: “In addition to ordinary chicken, duck and fish, there are eggs, animal organs, and some shell insects.”

“Huh? There are these?” Zhu Yang was a little surprised. She took the egg and smashed the ghost Bodhisattva statue at the time. She was actually surprised when the egg white and egg yolk broke out of the shell.

Do you generally choose raw food for tribute? It’s just that the other tributes are nothing special, and she didn’t think much about it. At this moment, she suddenly thought of this, but she didn’t expect that there were such unreasonable details.

Zhang Xin nodded: “My nose has been very good since I was a child. Although the ancestral hall is full of incense and candles, I smelled a fishy smell as soon as I entered, so I took a look at it.”

“The tribute placed below is okay. The three dishes closest to the ghost and bodhisattva image seem to be cooked food and peanuts at first glance, but I am sure that the internal organs must be raw.”

“Really?” Zhu Yang nodded.

It is eating eyeballs and raw eggs and viscera. If this ghost bodhisattva really has a prototype, it is a sinister thing.

However, this alone couldn’t find a breakthrough, so Zhu Yang took a few people directly to the cemetery.

That is the place where dozens of girls were buried.

Zhu Yang and the others roughly counted it. There were more than thirty. If the sacrifice here is strictly based on the three-year sacrifice, the living sacrifice seems to have lasted for a hundred years.

How this monster was born, what happened a hundred years ago, is temporarily unavailable, but because the ghost bodhisattva was seriously injured by himself last night, Zhu Yang wondered if he could take the opportunity to try to communicate with the ghost brides?

It is also good to know the extent to which the ghost bodhisattva controls the ghost brides, and what is more, can you inquire about other useful news?

She first targeted the Xiuxiu of Wang’s wife’s house and the woman with blond hair that might be a player.

From the water ghost’s reaction, Zhu Yang knew that even if he became a ghost NPC in the game, there is still a certain connection between the player and the player.

On Xiuxiu’s side, Zhu Yang knew which tomb was.

The female ghost that Fang Zhiyuan and the others met last night, if it were a ghost bride, 80% of them could not be free to come out to scare people.

Zhu Yang is more inclined to be ordered by the ghost bodhisattva, sending ghost brides to attack the players separately, creating panic among them and distorting their will. When the players panic and doubt their current situation or even despair, they can easily be killed.

Just like the water ghost and his companions.

In this case, ghost brides are subject to the harm of ghosts and bodhisattvas anyway, why not let female players and Xiuxiu who may be inclined to them take the job?

Zhu Yang didn’t know if this was possible, but she took out a bamboo dragonfly from her pocket and threw it in front of Xiuxiu’s grave.

This was made for her by two children. They said that in the past, their elder sister would do something to play with them. The two children were also clever and learned it by themselves.

However, when making bamboo dragonflies, others cut off a piece of bamboo. Their sister would deliberately bake the soft bamboo slices with fire, so that the corners will be rolled up. The bamboo dragonflies made can fly higher than others.

Zhu Yang dropped the bamboo dragonfly, seemingly joking to Zhang Xin and the others: “Fang Zhiyuan and Yuan Bin, those idiots, rushed when they met beautiful ghosts, why are the ghosts we encountered are crooked melons and jujubes?”

“I want to bump into the good-looking ghost sister too.”

The three of them got goosebumps by what she said: “How can you make your picks when you are a ghost?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Yes, it’s all things we fate, even if the last one is beautiful and the smile is guaranteed to bleed from seven holes, let’s forget it.”

I chatted a little bit at other people’s graves again, and then left with a disappointed look of no progress.

When passing by the banyan tree at that moment, Zhu Yang saw that the stone statue that was unscrewed by her yesterday looked good, and couldn’t help but walk over and lift the red cloth.

Sure enough, the sloppy family of children didn’t dare to say anything, so they stuck their heads back. Anyway, this thing is usually covered with red cloth and no one dared to lift it. It was not noticed for a while.

Zhu Yang smiled maliciously, twisted the head of the ghost bodhisattva again, and threw it directly to Fu Yuan.

Fu Yuan was almost hit by a stone thrown over her head. Fortunately, she had strength, but the head of this thing looked the most infiltrating, and she was also disgusted when holding it in her hand.

Zhu Yang said: “You take this stuff back secretly and throw it in the rice tank where you live.”

He said badly: “I guess there should be a girl in his family who can’t catch her eyes in the rice tank, but it can still be used to hold rice. The psychological quality is good, it depends on how they deal with this ghost bodhisattva.”

Fu Yuan was a little unwilling to take this, and swallowed, “This, what’s the point of this? Even if they are frightened, will our situation change?”

Zhu Yang said: “Who told you that I have to be meaningful in doing things? Isn’t it okay for me to watch every house restlessly?”

He said happily: “If the head of the Bodhisattva returns here early tomorrow morning, it will be fun.”

“Hahaha…, these sincerely worshipped villagers, kick their Bodhisattva heads like a ball.”

Seeing that the round-faced plump girl was still virtuous, Zhu Yang sneered and said: “You touched a stone, you are hypocritical, did I have anything to say about my eyeballs last night?”

“Hurry up, hide things in your clothes and don’t get caught.”

Fu Yuan had no choice but to hide it in his stomach, but the thing was so heavy that he had to spread his hands on it, like an October pregnancy.

Just about to leave, I saw the door of the scruffy kid’s house opened, and the girl from his house came out from inside carrying a basket.

When I saw Zhu Yang, a shyness flashed across his face, and he was too embarrassed to talk to them.

But Zhu Yang, when she saw her, she suddenly thought of Miss Cui in the last game.

The girl was also unlucky, and finally jumped out of the backward circle, but was entangled and ruined for her life by the cricket, and she failed to escape from the shackles of her original family when she died.

Although Zhu Yang’s time period made her happy once, how many times had she reincarnated in her pain before that?

So when he learned that this girl and Miss Cui were in similar situations, Zhu Yang couldn’t bear to feel a trace of regret.

But she didn’t struggle. The opportunity to change her life was always in her own eyes. What this girl would do in the future, would she realize she didn’t know until she died like Miss Cui, but she raised her hand. She will still be happy.

She stopped the other party: “I heard yesterday that you are going to college next semester?”

The girl’s eyes filled with tears when she heard it. At the age of eighteen, she looked only fifteen or sixteen, thinner than ordinary people.

She said: “I can’t make it anymore. The notice was torn.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “It can still be used when glued, or the school has a record, so I have to verify the information and reissue it.”

The girl didn’t speak, where is the notice issue?

At this moment, two wads of money suddenly appeared in front of her, and the girl looked up in shock.

I saw the girl and said, “I remember seeing your parents go to the market in the morning. Your brother is going to school now. You should be the only one at home. You always get your ID card and household registration book now?”

“This is 20,000 yuan, which is enough for the first year’s tuition and living expenses. Now you choose another road to go down the mountain and buy a ticket to the city. You can also use it to work and save money in these two months.”

“Of course, you may also be more willing to listen to your parents’ arrangements, enter the factory in a few days to earn 2,000 yuan for food and housing, and then use your monthly salary for the mentally disabled to go to school.”

The girl was frightened by so much money, and was about to wave her hand, but Zhu Yang was impatiently dragging along here.

“Think about it, this is not 20,000 yuan, it is the future you choose, take it, or not!”

The girl was stunned. The word ‘future’ made her mind deaf. She thought of Xiuxiu who grew up together and the eldest sister who was a few years older than them.

There are also lively running water seats in the village every three years.

Her mother always said that her life is good and that all the girls in the village can live and grow up. She is even more amazing. She can finish high school and is regarded as the girl with the highest education in the village.

But the reason why she can go to high school is because the junior high school teacher sees her grades well, often visits home, and reduces tuition fees. She seems to be thinner than her peers, and no one wants to work for a while. Married matchmakers also say that several schools are available. I’m afraid her head is not good for health.

The so-called good life is to work hard every day to make money to raise her fourteen-year-old brother who can’t remember the multiplication table?

She raised her head and looked at Zhu Yang. This sister is so beautiful, just like a star who came out of a movie at school. Walking in the crowd is different. The chin is raised high, and everyone walks with wind. Not afraid.

This is the real fate!

The girl suddenly dropped her back basket and knelt on the ground. When everyone did not react, she gave Zhu Yang a deep kowtow.

Then he stood up, took the money from Zhu Yang’s hand, clutched it tightly in his arms, and ran back towards the house.

After a while, she was seen packing out an old white bag, tightly holding a notice that had been torn in half in her hand, and walked on the other way out of the village.

The noon sun hit her, as if running towards the light.

Seeing that it was about noon, it was impossible for Wang Sao to come back for lunch today, so Qi Qi, who runs a restaurant at home, was the only one in charge of the cook.

Zhang Xin hit her aside, and after Fu Yuan threw the stone statue head back to the rice tank where they lived, he also came to help.

But when the vegetables were halfway, Fang Zhiyuan and Qin Bin came back in a hurry.

“Found it! The bodies of the last batch of players.”

This was a major discovery. Several people were about to put down their things and rushed. Zhu Yang, this wonderful work, actually said: “The corpse has been there for several years and can’t run away. Eat first before talking, otherwise it will take several hours. Hungry.”

This Nima made a group of people jump anxiously.

They also said: “Okay, if you are really in a hurry, just take somebody and carry them back.”

In a hurry, Zhang Xin failed to control the seasoning when cooking at noon, and Zhu Yang counted countless times back and forth over a meal.

When the meal was finally finished, the ancestor took a can of Coke from the refrigerator and let the two boys lead the way while drinking it.

As a result, when he got there, the water ghost was unhappy at first, and he slapped his head and covered his face at the two boys—

“Eh, you two asked you to go back and call someone, and you fell into the pit, right? Two hours have passed since ten minutes have passed.”

“Don’t you come here only after you have eaten a meal at noon and eat up a meal? I’m both awesome, do you think the game is your father?”

Fang Zhiyuan expressionlessly said: “I don’t know if the game is my father, I only know that Zhu Yang is my ancestor, what can I do if the ancestor wants to eat first?”

“To complain about your boss.”

The water ghost raised his head and looked at Zhu Yang, his face suddenly dissipated, and he smiled flatteringly: “Oh! What I said, you see that being the boss is different from being a choreographer.”

“When a messenger encounters a big fart, it’s like a toad. Like Maku, our boss is generous, and he can’t stand anything.”

“Um, have you eaten well? These two dull guys must rush you all the way, right? Shouldn’t they eliminate food first? Anyway, the bones have been here for several years, and they can’t run for a while. ?”

“Ah, by the way, do you eat watermelon? It was in the water in the morning, and I want to come back in the afternoon to eat it, and I don’t look at him like that.”

Fang Zhiyuan and the others confirmed that this is the real dogleg with Zhu Yang’s brainwaves on the same channel.

When Zhu Yang squatted down, the water ghost hooked his hands, and the water ghost hurriedly approached him.

Zhu Yang slapped his head and slapped it down: “Idiot, you mentioned the game just now, which means that you remembered something, and you still ate your sister’s watermelon. Give it to me.”


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