Scream Queen Chapter 34

A group of people came to a depression downstream, the entire river ditch passed through the village, and merged into a lake at the lowest point.

The lake is not big. It is said that some people have contracted to raise fish before, but there are often large pieces of fish dying, one by one turning white belly floating on the lake is spectacular.

The fish farming contractor paid for his pants, and no one tossed in this lake afterwards. Although no one can make a fortune by this, it is a good thing for the ecology of the whole village.

The water quality of this river is also clean from beginning to end.

The corpse was in a bend near the small lake. I don’t know if it was the buffer of the terrain or another reason. In this piece of living water, the corpse was not washed into the lake until only bones remained.

Otherwise, they won’t find it anyway.

In fact, it is not so easy to find here. After all, the deeper the water is, the lower the visibility, not to mention that there is a cave washed out by the water blocking it, making it even more dark and invisible.

Fang Zhiyuan and Yuan Bin still had nothing to gain this morning, so they thought somehow to get something to go back on business.

I was told by the water ghost all the way that they were useless. Every time I had to rely on him to get some fish and shrimp to go back for business, so if you really want to calculate it, they are not doing things well. Until now, the dog’s head has not been blown up. The blessing of his father water ghost.

The two boys were so confused by the water ghost who was reborn by the fly, the three of them quarreled and scolded him for being so capable in the game.

The two of them dissed each other with cursing, and naturally they had to do the job of catching fish and turtles.

Fang Zhiyuan and the others were still talking about grabbing big turtles, but they sharpened bamboo poles and prodded them into the water col. What they brought up was a human skull.

The bamboo pole just penetrated the skull’s eye socket, and was suddenly brought up from the water. This crooked beating was confusing the two of them and a ghost, and returned to God and hurried back to inform people.

But the emperor did not rush to death the eunuch.

At this time, the water ghost had gathered up the skeleton, and the two boys were placed on the ground in order, forming a human form.

Obviously the other party is a man, and the clothes he wears are also incompatible with the village, and he is obviously dressed as a foreigner.

The water ghost was cut off by Zhu Yang, desperately recalling his memory.

After watching the corpse silently for a long time, he said in a bleak voice: “I remember we were going to escape, but we couldn’t escape anyway. No matter how we walked, we were spinning around in this bamboo forest.”

“Later the villagers chased, and the girl among us was arrested. We fought with them and pulled four or five people as a back cushion, but there were a lot of them. This guy was still cut to his head by a hoe.”

“They threw him into the col, and I wanted to go down to save him, but after going down, I didn’t come up.”

Zhu Yang and the others looked at the skeletal bone, and sure enough, there were different degrees of bone fractures on the head and body, and they had obviously been severely injured during his lifetime.

The situation of the water ghost is naturally not much better. With such a serious injury, it is natural to send food to the water ghost when it enters the water.

Several players were uncomfortable after listening to their experiences. Although they have not recalled all of them, the description of the tragic picture before death by the water ghosts can already be seen how they were driven to despair by sneaky and more terrifying people at the time. Up.

Fang Zhiyuan and the others are a little uncomfortable. This water ghost has no legs, and talking with him is also annoying, but this person can die to save another player, in their opinion, it is true.

So he felt embarrassed: “Since this corpse is in the river, you don’t know why, aren’t you good at catching fish and turtles?”

The water ghost said vigorously: “Then I am a water ghost and not a river god. I can only feel the things that move on the water plants. I want to be able to contract the entire fish pond and take revenge early.”

When he finished speaking, Zhu Yang slapped his head again: “Since they have all become water ghosts, why can’t you run towards the river god’s goal and work hard?”

“Look at the ghost Bodhisattva in the village. It looks like it can’t be served on the face. It is estimated that the roots are only water fleas or frogs/toads/maggots. People can coax a bunch of fart people around, offering offerings and repairs. In the ancestral hall, he also married more than 30 beautiful girls.”

“You look at you again? I’m swaying in the ditch all day long without being aggressive, I am a water plant, a carefree water plant, a carefree water plant Hey water plant! These years have passed, the achievement of taking people as dead ghosts You didn’t get it done, but you’re wise to fish for fish and shrimps.”

“At the moment I knew you were a player, do you know how desperate I was in my heart, sister? It turns out that this dog than the game’s screening criteria for players really does not include IQ? Billowing! Fish ponds can’t be contracted. Wild ghosts are not worthy of being my little brother.”

The water ghost became anxious when he heard it: “Huh! Don’t boss, I’m very aggressive. I was not proficient in business before. Now I figured out the trick. From tomorrow on, I will try my best to grow aquatic plants in all places. Once there was a little movement in the river, I couldn’t hide it from me.”

“I must contract the fish pond for you, boss, don’t fire me, okay? I must be more useful than the two melons.”

He stretched out his hair and pointed at Fang Zhiyuan and the others.

Fang Zhiyuan and Fang Zhiyuan were also beeping dogs, and they jumped into the water and had a fight with him. The water ghost had the home court advantage, but this time it was limited in daytime. The two boys have great strength, but the water ghosts come and go without a trace in the water.

In the end, the three of them were evenly matched, and they were separated by several girls with swollen noses and swollen faces.

Of course, among these girls, Zhu Yang is going to open up. This guy is happily watching the seeds while drinking Coke.

Then everyone took the player’s skeleton to the edge of the cliff welcoming the sunrise, dug a hole and buried it.

Unlike the water ghost, the player’s soul has nowhere to go, and it is impossible for a game of this difficulty to have only three people. Now it is known that the only souls trapped here are the water ghost and the Goldilocks.

Obviously, even if they die in the game, everyone’s ending is different.

The water ghost didn’t know his true situation in a muddle-headed manner. Goldilocks became the bride of an evil thing and couldn’t be superborn, while the others were mostly dead and souls, and disappeared completely.

Although the dead player is not necessarily willing to sleep in this mountain village, all they can do is to let him look down on the sneaky ending of the village where the sun is shining.

Rest assured, it will make you satisfied.

After doing this, a few people went down the mountain, and the villagers who went to the market at this time also gradually returned.

Naturally, including Wang Sao and others, the basket that Wang Sao Dan went to the market was empty, and the things were selling well. After all, it was related to the Bodhisattva, so naturally she did not dare to neglect.

Each is carefully selected and has a good natural appearance. It didn’t take long to go to the market before being sold out.

She felt anxious about Zhu Yang and his entourage, but she was helpless for a while and had to follow the purchaser.

A group of people came back with the things they bought and picked them directly to Wang’s wife’s house, and showed them to Zhu Yang. Zhu Yang was picking and picking for a long time. After disgusting things all over, he nodded and asked people to prepare, especially the woman who was convincing. Various explanations were given.

When I go out, I scold others: “It’s not so troublesome to be a phoenix robe for a queen empress.”

She was hurriedly covered her mouth and dragged away. The woman was tossed again after hearing it. Can the Bodhisattva be pleased?

Wang Sao planned to give Zhu Yang the four to five hundred dollars from selling melons and dates. Zhu Yang didn’t even look at it. Zhang Xin and the others hurriedly persuaded her to take it back, and then went to the kitchen to bring her warm food.

The stove of a large rural stove is not so easy to cool down. After cooking a meal, burying a few sweet potatoes in the stove ash can be cooked.

Put some water in the pot, put two chopsticks, and put the rice on it. It will be warm after two or three hours.

Wang’s wife was eating, and Shuanzi’s parents walked into the yard aggressively, seeing the posture and knowing that the visitor was not good.

Sure enough, the lady opened her mouth and said: “You return my girl, a kid who kills a thousand knives! I have no knowledge of bullying the country folks, and she tricked my girl away by rhetoric.”

Wang’s wife knew that this woman was not stingy, so she put down her bowl and said coldly: “Shanzi, mother, you have to make up a good explanation if you are looking for something, not to mention that the young people in my yard are not like that at all. They are all here, where can you kidnap your daughter?”

“Ah Qiao of your house is called by you to work every day, cutting piggrass, breaking the baggage, digging the ground and cutting firewood. You are busy all day long. Why don’t you go to the ground to find it by yourself and come to my house to spit people?”

Chuanziniang pointed at her and cursed: “The third aunt saw it. She didn’t go to the market. When she went out after feeding the chickens, she saw these people talking to my A Qiao, and my A Qiao took her from her. After I got the money, when I came back, I saw that the box was pried, and the ID card and her registered permanent residence were gone, so I still threw the notice in the pile.”

“They must have deceived my daughter out of my family. Alas, I’m a good girl! I was born and obediently and didn’t say anything to me. I worked so hard to raise such a big child. Seeing that I and her father can relax for two years, Just give us the toss and stop.”

Those who didn’t know this thought that her daughter had gone, and she said to Wang’s wife again: “You mother-in-law, don’t want to deny it, but let’s ask the village chief to comment, the third aunt saw it.”

“Oh, did you see it?” Zhu Yang interrupted suddenly: “It’s good to have witnesses, otherwise I don’t know what to do. To be honest, I’m very generous now.”

Shuan Ziniang didn’t understand the meaning of her words. When she came in, why didn’t she look for Zhu Yang and the others, but instead looked for Wang’s wife.

On the one hand, Zhu Yang didn’t make her suffer, and on the other hand, it was Wang’s wife who received several thousand yuan in compensation at Lezi’s house.

This girl ran away. Although I guessed that the dead girl must have gone to college, after all, there is still so long left to go to school, and there is no one to go to school.

Who knows where the dead girl is going now? If you don’t know where the person is, you can’t just go to the city to inquire, if the person is gone, who feeds the pigs at home? Who feeds the chickens and ducks? The most important thing is who will take care of his son studying?

Another point is that I have stayed in the village for a long time. I haven’t traveled farther than the town in my entire life. I’ve been playing tricks in the village, but if I want to go to the city, I want to have a daughter in someone’s college, Shuanzi still feels Stupefied.

But the girl is gone, where will the sponsorship fee for my son go to school next semester? Isn’t it just that Wang’s wife has money in her hands?

Thinking of this in her heart, Shuan Ziniang didn’t care about the meaning in Pin Zhuyang’s words.

She always pestered Wang’s wife and said: “I don’t care, my girl’s job has been done, and I can get two thousand per month if I provide food and accommodation. My Shuanzi still points to the money to go to school. You tricked my girl into running away. Yes, you have to lose me money.”

“You have to pay me money, right?” Zhu Yang said coldly from the side.

Shuan Ziniang turned her head blankly and said, “I, why did I lose your money? You smashed my girl and disappeared, so you still take care of me to grab the money? Is there a king?”

Zhu Yang Xindao is your broken village, saying the word Wang Fa is the funniest joke she has ever heard.

She smiled and said to the mother-in-law: “Do you have any evidence that we lied to your daughter? Just rely on an old woman to see us talking from a distance? The case is not so decided, right?”

“Obviously all the big guys went to the market in the morning. After we finished our meal and strolled outside, we were stopped by your girl. She said that she had just received a call from school and her brother had epilepsy and was sent to the hospital. She brought 20,000 yuan in medical expenses.”

“Then even though I don’t have much friendship with you, my life is dead, and I can’t just sit back and watch, right?”

“Just now you came in and said that your girl ran away and I was shocked, thinking that I would not get the money back. Fortunately, three aunts saw that I did take the money out.”

“Okay, since your girl cheated on money and left, I won’t let me be an outsider to suffer a loss, let me pay back the money!”

Shuan Ziniang’s face paled: “Fart, my home doesn’t have a phone at all, Shuanzi is fine at school.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Then I don’t know. All I know is that I took out 20,000 yuan. This money was taken by your girl. If someone sees it, you have to pay it back.”

When Zhu Yang saw that she was still talking, she interrupted first: “I know, I had to return the bicycle to your house before. You have a grudge against me. If something goes wrong with me, you must suspect that I am upset. Kind.”

“But you have to think about it, oh, I instigated your girl to run away, but gave her 20,000 yuan? I’m afraid it’s not that I was full and I spent so much money just to find you not happy. I have only heard of kidnappers. The scammer scams money from other people. I have never heard of a scammer who would get up to send money for nothing.”

Seeing that there were a lot of people in the yard at the moment, Zhu Yang shouted: “Who is going to call the village chief for me? Otherwise, we have to go to the town police station to solve this problem, and the son and the debtor will pay the general Is it right?”

With the help of ten people here, eleven of them are blind to the law, Zhu Yang can flicker, not to mention, these people cannot let her leave the village.

Sure enough, the village chief came over soon.

His complexion was not good, and he had never seen something so troublesome, and it was so disturbing that the village was disturbed.

Maybe not to tear the skin, or it is better not to tear it, because it is not cost-effective to pay for this kind of thing.

What’s more, the dead are not easy to comfort, just like last time.

This guy is also an old treacherous and cunning, thinking these people have been alive in a few days, what is money? Pay it to them. They can’t run in the village anyway. Shouldn’t the person be given back to whom if they die?

So after pulling Shuanzi’s family and muttering, persuading and frightening for a long time, Shuanziniang reluctantly took out the money to temporarily compensate Zhu Yang.

Twenty thousand yuan is not available, and only fifteen thousand yuan is found in the house.

Zhu Yang took the money and didn’t order it. He threw it on the table at will, and sarcastically said, “That’s right! No matter what the outcome is, my intention is to save lives.”

“You said you are like this. If the heart of enthusiastic people like us is chilled, it will be your son’s turn to be hit on the road in the future. Who else would dare to help him?”

“Who did you say was going to be hit? My embolus is so good that you are going to be hit to death.”

“Hey! Be careful when you speak. I only agreed that the five thousand people owed the remaining five thousand first after looking at the face of the village chief’s package. Not only are you not grateful, but you still talk to the creditor like this?”

Shuan Ziniang was glared at by the village chief, she turned her head angrily, and glanced at the money that was casually thrown on the table before leaving.

In fact, this **** is not short of money at all. Seeing that she has lived here for a few days, she has added so many things to the Wang family, and bought them in one trip, which is less than 20,000 yuan.

These rich people in the city, 10,000 to 20,000, actually didn’t look at it at all. The money was taken in the past and it was not looked at or not, and it was thrown aside like a pile of newspapers.

There was a vicious flash in Chuanzi’s eyes. The money belonged to her. When the Bodhisattva solved these people, he had to look through their bags. There was no benefit.

The village chief asked her to pinch her nose to take the loss temporarily, and then she can’t let others grab the benefit.

Thinking of this, Shuan Ziniang’s eyes rolled again for a burst of greed.

Several other people, especially Fang Zhiyuan, who went out in the morning to look for something but didn’t see it. At this moment, they listened to Zhang Xin and the others before they sighed at Zhu Yang.

As a result, the girl went to school and the money for the girl was still paid by the stingy wife who only cared about her son.

Zhu Yang didn’t plan to redeem her points anymore. Her current points can be said to be inhumane. Only the game prevents her from spending it.

The mobile treasury is being taken advantage of-no, the sponsorship of the ex-boyfriend who has a wink and a handsome personality has been stabilized.

Even if it is her own points, it is also the richest among the newcomers, and Zhu Yang has always believed that money is earned, not saved.

In every game, she rushed to get as many benefits and rewards as she could, how could she withhold money and reluctant to spend it?

Zhu Yang directly put the money in front of Sister Wang: “This semester is over, you will take this money, and the money that was paid by the toad/mao, the things at home should be cleaned up, sold and sold, so collect some money. Go live in town.”

Wang’s sister-in-law was dumbfounded and heard Zhu Yang continue to say: “You are good at craftsmanship, and you can support yourself by selling box lunches at a stall on the street. The two children are also old. Do you think they will always live in this unknown village? Being pointed and pointed by a group of long-tongued women, my personality became more silent and inferior, ruining my whole life.”

“Even more, do you become the kind of men in the village?”

Wang’s wife took the money in a daze, she was used to pushing Zhu Yang’s decision.

Most importantly, she didn’t want her children to become the men in the village. She was stupid and cruel, lying on the girl’s life and sucking blood. She was blind to marry a man in this village.

To settle down in the town, she still saved some money in her hand, which is the tuition that she desperately saved for the two children. There is almost 20,000 yuan here, which is enough for her to settle down in a short time.

She has hands and feet, and can endure hardships. She is not tired after a day’s work under the sun, and naturally she will not be unable to support herself and her children.

Ah Qiao ran out of the village, and she had hope for a lifetime. The girl was smart, and she played with Xiuxiu since she was a child. Both girls are smart.

Her two sons are not bad, and they must have this day.

Seeing that Wang’s wife was uncomfortable, Zhu Yang naturally saved the effort of pushing away.

Because the water ghost threw a turtle up again at noon, he prepared to boil the turtle soup in the evening, and the soup was boiled so fragrantly, and the two children came back from school.

The two brothers pushed their bicycles and talked and laughed and entered the courtyard gate. First, they washed their hands and wiped their faces with a kerchief.

After wiping off the sweat from returning from the summer, I cleaned the mulberries picked for Zhu Yang on the way and put them in the refrigerator. It tasted better after a while.

They rushed over to tell Zhu Yang about today’s school. They said that they had spoken to the students on the initiative recently, shared snacks, and lent them bicycles to ride in the playground.

Then everyone became enthusiastic about them and called them together when they peeed. Then they realized that they didn’t talk to their classmates very much before, and they weren’t so difficult to get along with.

It’s different from the kids in the village who bullied and screamed. You laughed at others and they laughed at you. They also tasted each other’s lunch together. There were so many fun places in the school that they didn’t know about. They were taken these two days. Turned around.

He also secretly picked the lotus in the pond and was almost caught by the teacher.

The two children also showed Zhu Yang the lotus seed they brought back, saying they were making lotus seed soup for her.

Compared with the two puppet-like children I saw on the first night, the change was really great.

When Wang Sao saw them while cooking, she couldn’t help making up her mind.

After dinner in the evening, I watched a movie and went to bed routinely. This time I watched a superhero movie. The two kids looked at the mecha and their eyes lit up. When they were urged to sleep by their mother, they were still talking excitedly. Non-stop.

Tonight Zhu Yang entered his dream with some expectation.

If it is as she wishes, then things will go smoothly, so when she dreamed of the bamboo forest again, she was quite happy.

Because what she was doing tonight was a lucid dream, which was different from being ugly and disgusted and regaining consciousness two nights ago. She knew it was a dream when she came in.

This also means that either the person who pulled her into the dream is not malicious, or her current consciousness has the upper hand, whichever is a good thing.

Sure enough, not long after he left, Zhu Yang saw a girl by the river, dressed in a bright red dress and covered with a hijab. Like the ghost bride team he saw that night, she should be one of them.

I just don’t know if she is the Xiu Xiu of Wang’s wife or the female player.

The other party turned his back to her, as if looking at something, Zhu Yang called out, ignoring her attention, and slowly walked over.

When Zhu Yang approached, he saw several corpses lying on the ground, all of them tragically dying. They were all young and strong men, but they were simply dressed in rags, not even like those of this era.

It’s quite a style of anti/Japanese/drama mountain bandits.

When Zhu Yang was about to question, he saw the ghost bride reaching out and pointing at one of the corpses.

The corpse half-length was soaked in the river, the stomach was stabbed horizontally, and the internal organs flowed out, looking like a dead end.

However, when Zhu Yang took a closer look, he was surprised to find that this corpse actually looked exactly like the Ghost Bodhisattva.

Except for the lack of full-headed eyes, bald heads, ordinary looks, and fierce brows, at first glance they are robbing houses, looting people.

It’s not over yet. I don’t know when, a lep/toad/mao jumped up from the ditch, jumped onto the broken belly, and began to gnaw on the exposed internal organs.

Zhu Yang has never seen a toad/mao eat, but he knows that it is a carnivorous animal, but generally it’s just the appearance.

But don’t animals such as frogs toads eat directly with their tongues into the digestive tract? This unusually huge leprosy/toad/magic, eating the offal of the bandit, was fierce and fierce, and it made a terrifying chewing sound.

After a while, Zhu Yang saw what was exposed and was chewed empty by it, and then went down the big opening into the belly of the corpse.

There was another horrible chewing. Later, Zhu Yang even saw something on the exposed skin of the corpse bulging and wandering from time to time.

At the end, the mountain bandit’s staring staring eyes suddenly fell, and was caught by the empty skull inside, and then another one.

After the corpse was eaten up, after a while, the corpse stood up dangling.

Then I went to dig and eat the eyes of several other corpses, as if after eating a corpse, I finally found which part was the most satisfactory.

Then when it finished eating, the bald head began to show cracks like Zhu Yang saw last night, and then opened, there were only chilling eyes on the top of his head.


Zhu Yang was flustered by the nausea, wanted to eat two candies to suppress his nausea, and then found out that this was a dream and couldn’t get the candies.

Now I finally know the real body of the ghost bodhisattva. It turned out that it was a toad/magic/evil who swallowed the corpse of the wicked person and turned into a monster.

Now I know why the ghosts and bodhisattvas have raw eggs and animal entrails, and they can also make a response plan based on the other person’s real body.

What she hinted in front of Xiuxiu’s grave during the day, she did not expect people to understand so well, and the harvest would be more than expected. She is indeed a smart girl.

She said a few more words to the other party, and this time the girl took care of her—

“The head of the Bodhisattva is full of blood holes. He is very weak and healed. He can’t get out temporarily, but he won’t let it go. Be careful.”

Zhu Yang said: “Heal again? Then can you figure out a way to get some of its blood or minced meat?”

“Wrap **** cloth, or clean up the minced meat, but don’t dream it, you have to be in reality, put it in the bamboo forest tree that crosses the river, and the water ghost will collect it.”

The girl nodded and said she could think of a way.

Zhu Yang asked again: “Are you Xiuxiu or blond?”

The girl slowly took off her hijab and had similar eyebrows as Wang Sao and two brothers. At the age of fifteen, she was sold by her father and sacrificed alive.

At this time, there was a bamboo dragonfly in Xiuxiu’s hand, the one that Zhu Yang threw in the cemetery.

She said: “Thank you, and Da Ya, she asked me to apologize like you, we became ghost brides, subject to the Bodhisattva, doing a lot of bad things, killing a lot of people.”

“That’s not what we want.”

Zhu Yang had already guessed about this. Every time he marries a bride, the ghost bodhisattva is equivalent to an extra force, which is getting stronger and stronger.

She waved her hand to say not to care, and then said: “You just go back like this, will you not be suspected?”

Xiuxiu didn’t speak, and it was impossible to think. Even if she was not suspected, the Bodhisattva’s flaws would be reported, and because of her bad temper, she came out and went back lightly, and she would definitely not be pleased.

Zhu Yang nodded: “Yes, the toad/mao/jing didn’t please himself. I will definitely be jealous if you go back well. Forget it, instead of being tortured by it, let me come.”

and many more! What are you doing here?

Xiuxiu hadn’t reacted, she just hit her face with a punch on her head, and then she was caught and beaten severely by her hair.

Xiuxiu is dumbfounded, she’s a group of people, right? But why is she being beaten?

In the end, Xiuxiu’s face was swollen, her hair was messed up, her clothes were torn apart, and she fell to the ground, holding her face and sobbing.

Zhu Yang broke off a bamboo stick and dropped it into his mouth.

She stepped forward and patted her comfortingly: “Don’t worry, I’ll be responsible for you, you won’t be in vain, ah!”

Xiuxiu cried: “Will you let me call back?”

“Oh, that’s not the case, when the time comes, the ghost bodhisattva will let you stabbing a few times!”

Xiuxiu chuckled and ran away, really as if she was sent out by the ghost bodhisattva to find the fault, but was repaired and fled.

When Zhu Yang woke up in the morning, Crocodile felt a little guilty.

When I went downstairs to see the two kids eating, I took several boxes of ice cream from the refrigerator to them——

“Bring it to your sister when you go to school.”

Children don’t know why, but naturally they are not unhappy.

After breakfast, Wang’s wife went out to work again, and Zhu Yang wandered around like a village tyrant.

First, I went to the river to explain to the water ghost, saying that something might be delivered to the door in the past few days, let him check it, and put it away for her in the first time.

Since the water ghost has promised not to be a salty fish and water ghost, and his goal is to become the owner of the fish pond here, it is natural to remember the words of the boss.

Several players heard the water ghost slap a lot of flattery, and then they left the river in a panic.

When passing by the banyan tree, as expected, the Buddha head that was thrown into the rice jar by Fu Yuan yesterday was sent back.

The hypocritical piety of the people in this village makes everyone feel funny. They are not so much fanatical and superstitious ghosts and bodhisattvas, but they are fanatical and superstitious about their greed and weakness, and want to get something for nothing, right?

Fu Yuan also said: “The two old guys went out sneakingly at night. I heard the movement and deliberately got up and pretended to go to the toilet and asked them what they were doing with a bunch of things.”

“They almost freaked out hahaha…”

Ever since they knew where they lived, they had sacrificed their daughter alive, and the body was still put in a rice jar after it was finished, just like a dead chicken or duck at home, so you can throw it somewhere leisurely, and then you will be free the next day. Go buried.

When they think of this, the two girls have a chill on the back of the family. Of course, there are many such families in the village.

The daughter is nothing but a sacrifice, the same as the chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep on the altar, or spare commodities reserved for the younger brother to go to school or marry the wife, just like the sheep raised on the mountain, when needed, Sold the thing.

Fu Yuan was a little scared yesterday, but today he felt excited, and asked Zhu Yang: “Who do we throw the Buddha’s head to?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “It’s up to you, just throw it into someone’s yard at night, just don’t be found.”

Disturbing the village and shaking the faith, although it may not be useful, it is just a matter of hand, and I don’t mind having more fun.

A few people wandered to the vicinity of the ancestral hall, and unexpectedly found that several buckets and buckets were carrying some things in, and they could smell the stench from far away.

Without Zhang Xin’s spiritual nose, everyone could tell it was the internal organs of animals such as chickens, ducks and pigs.

Zhu Yang thought of the real body of the Bodhisattva Xiuxiu showed her last night, and walked over with a grin.

To the village chief who was urging in a hurry, he said, “What are you doing? Why are you carrying the filth in front of the Bodhisattva? The co-author ancestral hall is your sewage ground. You want to smoke the living Bodhisattva and your ancestors?”

The village chief saw her face change, but in the end, she was so cunning and turned her eyes as an excuse–

“Didn’t you explain that you want to be lively? Do you have to wait for the chicken, duck, pig, and sheep to be eaten that day? How long did it take you to prepare for a banquet? Go! Go! Didn’t you see you busy? Don’t mess around.”

Zhu Yang actually didn’t get entangled, and said: “Then be prepared!”

He swayed and led people away, and the village chief was relieved to see them walking far away.

But as soon as Zhu Yang returned to Wang’s wife’s house, he let the salt in the house be searched out, and asked several other people to steal the salt from the two houses where they stayed.

How much can be obtained.

Zhang Xin asked her what she was going to do, Zhu Yang smiled: “No, it just seems to be very irritating to pour the leprosy/toad/toad with salt, especially the injured leprosy/toad/tooth.”

After a long time, when the ancestral hall was finished, everyone left, and the village left to do the work at home. Only two boys sneaked in.

Sure enough, there were several buckets of animals under the tribute table, raw, fishy, ​​smelly, and steaming, apparently just slaughtered.

Before the Ghost Bodhisattva had time to use it, the two hurriedly stirred the salt into the lower bucket, and it didn’t take a few minutes to finish everything.

Then, just like when he came, he left silently.

After that day, for two consecutive nights, Zhu Yang did not dream. Not only the ghost bodhisattva, but also other ghost brides were not sent out.

Several players happily threw the Bodhisattva’s head to each home every day, and each time they would be returned to their original positions the next day.

During this period, the bridal gown requested by Zhu Yang was also ready.

Let alone, although these women are not good at aesthetics, the handwork is really good. After all, they have been stitched and mended for a lifetime, and the details that Zhu Yang explained are all done well.

She couldn’t wait to put it on when she got the dress. She also specially made a classical hairstyle for herself, which looked like a model coming from a Chinese show.

There are mountains, waters and beautiful scenery around, so Zhu Yang took pictures with his mobile phone everywhere.

I also made a light board out of cardboard and handmade colored paper I bought for the two children before, and the younger brothers were taken around.

They were almost scared to death when they watched Zhu Yang wear this evil costume, but this guy really thought he was making a fashion movie.

On the cliff, in the bamboo forest, beside the stream, one is responsible for lighting, one is responsible for taking pictures, two are responsible for wind special effects, and one is responsible for moving benches, tables and chairs, and drinking parasols.

Not to mention a few players being stupefied, the villagers who saw their strange virtues were also stupefied all the way, all wondering if this person is really a rare Bodhisattva and can’t wait to marry a Bodhisattva.

Then why do they keep guarding all day?

The key is that when we got to the stream, the water ghost came out to flatter——

“Ouch! Boss, absolutely, I have never seen such a beautiful woman. To be fashionable and fashionable, to have a good temperament, and to be classically appealing.”

“Even if you don’t edit these photos, you can just hang them up in the photo studio to advertise them to ensure a wide range of customers.”

“Hey! Over there, Fang Zhiyuan, how do you find the angle? And Yuan Bin, will you light it up? It pierced the boss’s eye.”

After that, he flattered Zhu Yang and said: “Boss, do you want special effects? Water plants and splashes are fine, or if you lie in the water, I will let the turtles dance with you in a circle?”

Fang Zhiyuan and Yuan Bin had tolerated him for a long time, and before they had time to start, Zhu Yang first beat him up.

“Turtle turtle! You idiot stayed inside for a long time. Don’t look at the turtle and feel beautiful, right? Then we ate the one that you reluctantly gave me the night before?”

The water ghost knew that he had said the wrong thing, so he held his bag and had to shut up for special effects.

Not to mention that a ghost is really a prop master, in a certain environment.

When Zhu Yang finally took the photo and returned home contentedly, he looked through the photos on his phone with delight, although the conditions and costumes were limited, but the scenery background was extremely rare.

Zhu Yang admired his beauty for a long time, and then regretted: “It would be great if I could take it out.”

“Yes!” Fang Zhiyuan said: “Every time the game arranges the props attached to the identity, it can take ten points to bring it back to reality when it comes out of the game.”

“Hahaha…, but which idiot will spend a full ten o’clock bringing some mass-market clothes and mobile phones back? If there is information about other players, it will not be displayed—”

Before I finished speaking, I saw Zhu Yang nod in surprise. It seemed that he had already made a decision.

Several people were sore by her extravagance again. She entered the game and at least exchanged fifteen points, right? It’s all meaningless expenses-

No, it’s not right to say that, at least they are comforted by her for food, drink and housing these days.

Several people were chatting, and they saw the village head coming in and said that there would be a table to eat at noon tomorrow. According to the rules, although it is not a main table, there is still a test table one day in advance.

According to Zhu Yang’s request, it is all authentic farmhouse flavors fried in a big pot.

Naturally, Zhu Yang agreed, but suddenly asked: “The village chief, has this village been gangstered before? A long time ago, it was probably during the War of Resistance.”

The village chief said strangely: “How do you know? There was such a thing. At that time, a group of gangsters rushed into the village. They should have been broken up by the army outside, and they wanted to rob them in our village.”

“At that time, all the young people in the village came out. Many people died and killed the bandits. At that time, the village chief was still my grandfather.”

“Oh, your village chief is still hereditary?”

The village chief was not very happy when he heard this, and when the matter was notified, he left on his own, turning his back and his face was full of smirks.

But he didn’t realize that in the yard, Zhu Yang looked at the back of them leaving with a look of bad intentions.

Early the next morning, the preparation of the banquet was already very busy. After all, tomorrow is the main table, and the semi-finished products that should be prepared have to be prepared.

A large table of hundreds of people is indeed not a matter of a while.

Zhu Yang was waiting for the noodles at noon after breakfast. Fang Zhiyuan and the others ran in, saying that the water ghost had already received something.


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