Scream Queen Chapter 35

Zhu Yang and his party came to the riverside, and when they arrived, the water ghost appeared.

When I saw the boss, I screamed: “Oh, I’m scared to death! Last night I was out of the water to get some air, but when I caught my head I saw a girl with a pale face squatting on the river bank, looking at me face to face. ”

“She was still covered with a hijab. The two colors of Hong Sensen covered it with miserable white, and grinned and handed me a **** white cloth, which scared my hair into knots.”

As he said, he pulled out a bunch of plants to show Zhu Yang: “Hey, boss, look, isn’t it as smooth and energetic as yesterday?”

Fang Zhiyuan and Yuan Bin twitched their mouths: “Aren’t you also a ghost? Are you embarrassed to talk about other girls to scare you? Before you say this, don’t you look down on your own virtue?”

“Let’s be fair. That lei/toad/mao’s nausea is disgusting, and his eyesight is still spicy. He focuses on pretty girls, a pretty sister in her teens. Isn’t her face pale, her complexion a little worse, that big Don’t some girls have that few days a month? You said they scared you?”

“Don’t look at your swollen face like steamed buns, do you want to say who knows you are a water ghost? Everyone believes that it is a mantou essence. Don’t frighten the little girl, you are embarrassed to complain.”

Although Fang Zhiyuan and Qin Bin were frightened by the ghost bride, the little girl was beautiful, and Zhu Yang told them to apologize to each other.

Knowing that these little girls are all involuntarily and poor people, they can’t help but feel pity in their hearts. How can these two force water ghosts slander?

Seeing that there was a disagreement, the three younger brothers were going to do it again, and Zhu Yang called Qiqi and the others to take what was in the hands of the water ghost.

It was a ball of white cloth with blood, and a small glass bottle filled with some minced meat, which should have been secretly hidden by the ghost brides when they cleaned the wounds for the leprosy/toad/magic.

Seeing the three second-hands arguing about who scared whom, Zhu Yang smiled and said, “Aren’t the brides all covered with hijab? How did you see her face?”

The water ghost replied: “Then when I am alone in the evening, I like to let my mind go empty, lying in the water face to the sky slowly surfaced, how artistic? The girl stretched her head over the water and looked down, don’t we two face each other? ?”

“Oh, it turned out to be hypocritical at night. You must have been posting to Moments in the middle of the night before you were alive?” Zhu Yang curled his lips: “Are you still worried?”

“Hey boss, what do you know?” The water ghost looked like a five-body dogleg.

Fang Zhiyuan and Yuan Bin saw each other, and only felt that he was a fool who had just talked with this fool.

After taking the things and walking the water ghost, the group returned to Wang’s wife.

The true face of Lei/Toad/Mao, although only Zhu Yang has seen it, is cold enough to hear her description.

Naturally, Zhu Yang refused to touch the object, and Qi Qi held it with sharp hands and feet with disgust.

When I got home and saw Wang Sao, she thought that one of them was injured, and was fooled by the crowd to go to work.

The banquet tonight must be a Hongmen banquet, but it is also a pity that Wang’s wife is not trusted by the villagers, so it is impossible to get some news in advance.

But Zhu Yang couldn’t just think of the water coming to cover her. Her counterattack has always been a strong offensive style.

So he closed the courtyard door, carefully arranged work for the players present, and disrupted the team, forming a team of Fang Zhiyuan and Qi Qi. They both have important responsibilities.

Although Fang Zhiyuan’s style is conservative, but the most experienced here, the physique is the strongest below Zhu Yang, and although Qi Qi has a sharp temper and unpleasant words, she does things safely.

Of course, there are also indispensable water ghosts, all of whom have their own quests, but since it is still early, we will not show them for the time being.

Zhu Yang asked Qi Qi to put things on the table, not knowing when there was an extra book in his hand.

This dog has a more convenient place than the game in that the skills and props that belong to it can be collected at any time.

Just like the talisman bought at the opening of the exchange window at the beginning of the game, as long as there is a meaning to use it, it will automatically appear in the hand.

Of course, it is limited to game props. If you want to use it as a portable space, it is a dream.

When several players saw the book, they immediately understood that this was a plot item, and it certainly wouldn’t be obtained in this game. It must be the last one.

This Nima last game was her first game. There are still props available for the first game?

Looking at her all the way, she didn’t shy away from ghosts, and even took the initiative to provoke a contradictory and rigid customs clearance style, it is no wonder that the reward is so generous.

After all, there is high risk and high reward, and it is exactly at this time that several people wavered in the line they have always believed in.

I saw Zhu Yang spread out the pages of the book and pointed to a blank page and said to them: “Put the white cloth up.”

It seemed that he didn’t intend to touch the leper/toad/magic thing at all, Qi Qi quickly put the blood-stained white cloth on the blank book page.

Immediately afterwards, everyone saw the gauze being absorbed by the pages, replaced by circles of obscure runes, even the full name of the ghost in the upper right corner was not fully recognized by everyone.

Only toad/mao was barely recognized, and Zhu Yang put away the book with satisfaction.

“Just, that’s it?” Everyone was dumbfounded: “What’s the use of this?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Otherwise, then wait for the toad/mao/jing to die.”

Although the process may have some twists and turns, the result will only be this one.

Unlike the previous game, Zhu Yang can feel his connection with it after bringing out this prop book.

After □□’s blood-stained white cloth was absorbed, she could feel that the thing had been labelled as life-death.

Zhu Yang has no doubt about the ability of this book, after all, old players of Lu Xiuci’s level will enter the game specially for it.

Several people saw that she was confident. Although they didn’t know the origin of the book, she had a clear arrangement and had a clear heart. They also inexplicably increased their confidence in whether or not to pass the game.

Now that the gauze was enough, Zhu Yang didn’t throw away the pieces of minced meat. They were grilled and put in a small bottle for later use.

It was Yuan Bin who was in charge of the barbecue, because a few girls did not do it, Fang Zhiyuan relied on his own task and pushed him off.

Yuan Bin had no choice but to admit that he was unlucky, took the iron wire and threaded a few pieces of minced meat into a string, and randomly ordered a few branches in the yard, and it was baked in a while.

Not to mention, the meat is quite fragrant, but the scent makes people think of the origin of meat, which is more disgusting than smelly.

After baking, he wanted to give it to Zhu Yang, but Zhu Yang disgusted and said: “Why do you leave it to me? It’s terribly disgusting, take it with you.”

“When you have a banquet for a while, you try to sit next to the village chief and look for opportunities to let him eat the dishes in front of him.”

Then he said: “Oh, right, wait until I’m almost done eating, or I will lose my appetite for eating.”

“Oh!” The boss hated what he didn’t want to do, and the younger brother could only take his pains.

After a while, Wang’s wife came back to cook lunch. As soon as she entered the yard, she smelled a scent of meat and a small pile of burnt ashes on the ground.

He also asked: “What do you bake at home?”

Zhu Yang didn’t blink his eyes: “After roasting two frogs, Yuan Bin said he wanted to eat frog legs.”

Sister Wang immediately said: “Oh, don’t eat randomly, can you tell the difference between frogs and frogs/toads/toads? Then, can you bury them in your urine?”

Yuan Bin’s mouth was smoking: “Yes, yeah, it tastes mediocre without seasoning, do I feel boring if I don’t bake two?”

Only then did Wang Sao tell him not to think about eating everything, and then went into the kitchen.

Sister, I want to eat everything when I see it, shouldn’t it be the few people on the recliner who are serving melon seeds?

Because I had to eat a table in the evening, I didn’t have too much complicated eating at noon. I fried a potato shredded pork, steamed a fish, and made a few vegetarian dishes, and had a light meal.

At four or five in the afternoon, Fang Zhiyuan and Qi Qi went out.

Although the people in the village guarded them from escaping, they didn’t care when they saw that the direction they went was not the way down the mountain.

The key is that the main Zhu Yang and four of them are here, and they must not be able to run.

After a while, someone called Zhu Yang and the others to eat.

The four players, including Wang Sao, went to the ancestral hall and saw that there were already three tables on the dam in front of the ancestral hall.

The dishes on the banquet were all requested by Zhu Yang. Although they were not as exquisite as the banquet in the hotel, they were cooked in a warm local pot, and the smell made one’s index finger move.

When the village chief saw them coming, he greeted them with a smile and asked, “Are there two other young people?”

Zhu Yang said: “I want to eat thorns, let them pick it for me.”

The prickly pear is the raspberry, that is, the raspberry. It is delicious, but it is not convenient to pick, and it is more delicate than the strawberry mulberry.

Besides, the ones on the roadside are generally long, and they have been picked up and eaten by the gluttonous children who were going to school. If you want to eat, you have to look for them in the mountains.

The village head disagreed and said: “Just those thorns, when are they? Don’t delay eating.”

Zhu Yang, Dala Lala, went to the upper position: “Is it important to pick me fruit for eating?”

When the village chief choked, he felt that where college students went to the countryside to sketch, it was the eldest lady who took the maid out to escape the heat.

However, this group of people has been wicked and wicked for only two nights. As long as things happen today, the Bodhisattva will naturally not be able to get out of the sky.

Only three tables were set up for the trial table, so it is naturally impossible for everyone to come. The people who can sit here are naturally named and surnamed in the village.

Naturally, it’s all men, and women can’t be served here.

The village chief said some toasts while holding a wine glass, and then everyone took their seats and opened the banquet.

Since Zhu Yang knew that these people had thoughts in their hearts, he would naturally be greedy for the earthy taste of the table, and would not be so stupid to let go of eating and drinking.

Now they are almost at the door, and if they really talk about a meal, it will be the ship overturned in the gutter, and it would be embarrassing to say it.

Seeing her lack of interest, the village chief naturally knew that these people were on guard, so he took the lead in taking a few bites, suggesting that there is no mystery in the dishes.

At this time, several women served a pot of braised mutton. The sauce was full of color and fragrance. The peculiar smell of mutton was mixed with rich spices, which made people drool.

The village chief happily put a piece of mutton into Zhu Yang’s bowl: “This is my wife’s specialty. You will definitely not be able to eat such authentic dishes in the city. Come and taste it!”

As a result, the bowl was thrown away in the next second and the dishes inside were dumped.

After pouring the bowl, he threw the bowl on the table and laughed disgustingly: “I said the village chief, and talk as soon as I talk, can we not use the chopsticks?”

“It’s not appropriate for you to have a bad breath for a little girl like me?”

The village chief was immediately ashamed and angry, and was about to get angry. Yuan Bin next to him hurriedly pressed him down.

“The village chief, don’t mind, her mouth is like this, you can’t get angry with her.”

I put a chopstick to the village chief and the spicy chicken in front of him: “I will accompany you for her, eat and eat!”

The head of the village was pressed by the young man, and he was one of the best in the village when he was young. It is not as good as before, but it is still worthwhile.

These outsiders are just like those last time. They are all hard ideas. He is caught in the middle from left to right at the moment, and it is not easy to make trouble.

I had to sit down and ate the meat in the bowl, which was regarded as a compensation for Yuan Bin.

It’s just that the meat doesn’t feel like chicken when it’s eaten, but it’s also possible that the woman who cooks the rice sprinkled the pork in it. The vegetables are prepared by themselves, so naturally it’s impossible for them to take it easy.

The atmosphere was suddenly tense when Zhu Yang poured the food just now, and because of this, there was a little relief, and the table was lively again, persuading food and drinking, and drinking.

The village chief saw that Zhu Yang didn’t move the pot of mutton all the time, and he was a little anxious when he saw that the meal was halfway through.

Can’t wait any longer.

So he stood up, pretending to go to serve food, but as soon as Fang left the range of the table, the village chief stood still.

The voice was a little light, but there was no doubt: “Miss Zhu, the lamb is so delicious, try it!”

Zhu Yangxin said that this person is enough for a chicken thief, so he coped with it nonchalantly: “Is it delicious? I think it’s average? Otherwise, why didn’t you move your chopsticks?”

The village chief saw that he had already exposed the stuff, he also tore his face, and the bowl in his hand fell to the ground——

“Young people, people in the mountains are hospitable and sincere. If they don’t eat what they bring, they look down on us. If they look down on people, in the eyes of our mud-legs, it is a desperate event.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “I originally looked down on you, when did you have the illusion that we think you can afford it?”

The village chief sneered. At this time, the three people present at the table, besides the four players and the bewildered Wang’s wife, all stood up, and they were indeed a strong young man.

“Today you have to eat, and you have to eat if you don’t. The Bodhisattva wants to be hired, so there is no reason to not accept it. You dragged it to now. A few days ago when your little girl was thin-skinned, now you can’t be willful.”

The atmosphere during the banquet was tense, and the villagers also squeezed their feet, as if they would swarm them to stop them with the slightest touch.

Zhu Yang counted a few people. There were more than a dozen in a table, which would add up to a total of 40 young and strong men. Don’t say it, hardened, they really didn’t have the upper hand.

But she still looked lazy: “What? The Bodhisattva hired? Why don’t I know? When did it happen? Haven’t I already taken over Xifu Heguazao? The banquet is more concerned than you, this If you still doubt my sincerity, it would be a bit chilling, right?”

“Then why don’t you go to the sedan chair in your dream? You also took the Bodhisattva–” the village chief almost missed his mouth, and stopped the rest.

But Zhu Yang would not save face for the Bodhisattva. She suddenly realized that she patted her forehead: “Oh, you said that I didn’t go to the sedan chair and beat the Bodhisattva again, and it was the matter of having his head full of eyeballs?”

Upon hearing this, the villagers present took a breath.

Just listen to Zhu Yang embarrassed and said: “Then what, what is in the dream, I am not awake, where can I control it?”

“When I saw a ugly man inviting me to go with me, how could I be such a beautiful woman to let the ugly approach me? It was not enough for him to take his own humiliation. The next day he used eyeballs to scare people. I was so excited. Point, it is excusable, right?”

“Like you hit a woman in your own home, didn’t the outsider also say that it was a passionate beating when mediating? Where did I react that it was a Bodhisattva?”

Looking at the village chief suspiciously: “The village chief, you know this process so well, shouldn’t you go through it yourself?”

The village chief trembled, and was angry and afraid of this girl’s sharp teeth and mouth. This person said nonsense in front of the Bodhisattva. It doesn’t matter if you are going to die, but don’t cause the whole village to be angry by the Bodhisattva.

I didn’t break with her, and winked, a woman came forward, picked a few pieces of meat out of the bowl, and brought it to Zhu Yang–

“Girl, since she didn’t know numbers in her dream and offended the Bodhisattva, she should be sober at the moment. If you really have that sincerity, then accept the offer, right?”

Speaking, I swept away at Wang’s wife and several players: “It also saves everyone from coming over to eat happily and making any uncomfortable things.”

This means that you have to eat if you eat, and you have to eat if you don’t.

Zhu Yang glanced at the bowl in front of him, and slowly brought it over. Sure enough, the pieces of meat were chopped and mixed, not like mutton.

Eight accomplishments are the flesh of the ghost and bodhisattva himself, and the woman is controlled by it when he goes on his sedan chair or eats his flesh.

The female player at the time had the Dao in her dream, so she couldn’t run out anyhow, she was caught and went back, and finally her teammates were wiped out because of exhaustion.

This meat was cooked specially mixed with mutton and heavy oil and salt. It was overwhelmed by the smell of mutton itself. If you didn’t pay attention, it was really eaten by mistake.

Zhu Yang smiled, stood up with the bowl and walked into the ancestral hall.

A few young men hurriedly stopped her, and the village head hurriedly said: “What are you doing? Don’t think about playing tricks until now, and get hired obediently. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be bad. Just take a mouthful.”

Zhu Yang said: “Since it is a bodhisattva’s appointment, it is natural to receive it in front of him, and there is no reason for a group of outsiders to talk to themselves.”

“Why? Tomorrow is the bodhisattva’s happy event. You still don’t let me see that the Bodhisattva is not successful?”

He didn’t care about obstruction, pushed a person away and walked straight in.

With this wave of her, several people were pushed back and forth by her one-handed, and she also saw this person’s ability. Before she did not move, she didn’t want to just come up and die.

After hesitating for a while, Zhu Yang entered the ancestral hall, slamming the bowl in his hand against the Bodhisattva.

Then, with one kick of the foot, the offering table collapsed, and the bodhisattva fell to the ground, his head and body suddenly broken in two.

When everyone saw that she was really in trouble, they rushed forward, and several players were also approaching.

Just listen to Zhu Yang shouting hurriedly: “Don’t get excited, don’t get excited, I don’t want to choose something. Since I am hired, I now know that my daughter is delicate, so naturally I follow my rules.”

The village chief was so angry that his nostrils were trembling: “Oh? Which rule is to set people off the ancestral hall?”

“Hello from my family!” Zhu Yang took it for granted: “My dad said, she is just a daughter like me, not anyone who wants to marry can marry.”

“To be my son-in-law, the first thing is that he has to kneel when I stand.”

“Then I’m standing now, there is no reason for the hired person to sit on top. My dad has worked so hard to raise me so big, what happened to the Bodhisattva kneeling? I think it is understandable.”

After speaking, he raised his leg and stepped on the Buddha’s head and crushed it. “Oh, my dad said, don’t make a smirk on serious occasions. Since it can’t make other expressions, I have to Help it, we don’t exist.”

The village chief didn’t bother to listen to her turning black and white upside down, and screamed: “They are all arrested, and the others are **** and thrown to feed the water ghosts. This is to the meat bundle in the ancestral hall and wait for tomorrow’s happy event.”

The villagers were about to act, but Zhu Yang didn’t care: “Huh? Instead of having trouble with us here, you might as well go back and check if the children at home are back.”

“It’s getting dark right now. It doesn’t matter if the children are delayed on the way back, but they haven’t come back for a long time. The family is always worried, right?”

Everyone’s complexion changed. After hearing her say this, they reacted. It is true that from the opening of the banquet to the present, the usual village is full of naughty boys and girls, but today they quietly did not hear a child’s voice.

Because their nerves were tense and focused on dealing with a few outsiders, they didn’t even notice this.

At this time the village chief reacted, his face changed greatly: “The two did not come.”

Zhu Yang snapped his fingers: “Isn’t it someone who can be the village head, it’s a group of pigs, but anyone who can be a pig’s head has a little bit of skill.”

She pushed away the stunned villagers there: “Go away, the sourness of my body is blocking my nose, and it prevents people from breathing?”

Only then did the person who was pushed woke up and hurriedly said: “You return my baby.”

Others also reacted: “My baby must be short and long, I will fight you hard.”

“My three boys are out of school together~~”

Of course, it is obvious that it is the boys who are distressed.

Zhu Yang paced slowly: “Oh! It turns out that your posture just now is not going to fight me hard? It scares me, so I can only be embarrassed to tell you bad news.”

Then he sneered and said, “Don’t say, this is the point in this village. Everyone is in the same school, and the way back is the same.”

“I have people carrying two boxes of snacks and stopping on the road. It is much easier than catching bamboo rats.”

After speaking, I turned around and saw that the villagers looked at him with anger but not speaking.

Zhu Yang said again: “Look! Originally, this thing that you love and is happy must be so stiff. Since you want to throw my people to feed the water ghosts, then I have to take some insurance.”

When the village chief heard this, he knew that today this action would not be possible. There are so many children in the village, and every household is in it.

His grandson is also there, even if he is willing to give up his grandson, other people may not be able to give up their children and fight for their lives.

The village chief exhaled heavily and changed his face: “Misunderstanding and misunderstanding! Bodhisattva is overjoyed, how can we break the rules? Since I wish Miss sincere enough, then we will wait for tomorrow, and go back to sleep early tonight. Well, don’t lose energy until tomorrow.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “It would be great for the village chief to be sensible. In the future, it will be scary if we don’t move at all. It is embarrassing that we didn’t understand the rules when we first arrived.

The village chief repeatedly said yes, and then asked: “That kid—”

“Haha! What’s the hurry?” Zhu Yang laughed: “Tomorrow’s happy event will naturally be shared by everyone in the village. Children only expect a meal of meat in ten days and a half, so they will naturally not miss it.”

“Don’t worry, you can meet people at the banquet.”

When he said that, he took the people and left the ancestral hall. Some people tried to stop and question the child, but the village chief scolded him.

This woman had been prepared long ago, and she had just arrived at the **** battle at the head of the knife. How could she let her go with a few words?

The heads of a group of people are big, and it is the Bodhisattva’s confession that the trembling bodhisattva has not been done, and they are worried about the shortcomings of the children in the family.

I was afraid that the children in the village and many middle-aged people would have to fill in their lives, so they could only pin their hopes on the Bodhisattva.

When the Bodhisattva came to collect her at night, everything would be solved.

Not long after Zhu Yang and the others got home, they heard the voices of mothers-in-law and daughter-in-law calling their children everywhere in the village, crying like cuckoo blood, and they were both worried and desolate.

But the group of them didn’t feel the least bit of iron-heartedness. This worry and distress for their own boy and baby, as long as it can be shared with the girl in the family or the daughter of other people, so many tragedies will not happen.

Not long after Qi Qi and Fang Zhiyuan came back, they said to Zhu Yang: “Everyone is hidden by the water ghost.”

Not to mention, if there were no water ghosts, so many children could not be hidden in one breath.

Qi Qi sneered and said, “What do those people look like when they know that their lifeblood is gone?”

Fang Zhiyuan also said: “Hiding these children would be regarded as stumbling the villagers. Without them, the ghost and bodhisattva would not even harm people.”

Although Zhu Yang’s method is more like a bad person than a bad person, it is more practical and effective.

But seeing that tomorrow is a living sacrifice, the Bodhisattva still failed to control Zhu Yang, so he couldn’t be careless in order to prevent the dog from jumping over the wall.

Because Zhu Yang and the others did not have enough to eat there, and Qi Qi and Fang Zhiyuan hadn’t eaten dinner before, Wang Sao gave them a bowl of noodles.

She was worried to death at first, but seeing that they had such a means, she was always willing to deal with the people in the village, but now she put down her snacks.

As for the children in the village, she doesn’t have much enthusiasm for the people in the village, no matter adults or children.

Tonight, the two children didn’t make a fuss about going to the movies. Although they didn’t know what happened, the children were sensitive to the atmosphere and made them return to the room early.

On this last night, Zhu Yang fell asleep again.

It was still the bamboo forest. This time it was not Xiuxiu, but the blonde female player.

She took off the hijab herself, except that her face was pale and full of life, it is not difficult to see that she was a beautiful and fashionable girl before she was born.

She stretched out a hand with a bright red strawberry on it: “The Bodhisattva told me to cheat you to eat it anyway.”

“It’s the eyeball again?” Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows.

The blonde female player smiled stiffly: “Yeah, all these tricks come and go, I really don’t know how I fell into such a stupid trap.”

Zhu Yang said: “Perhaps you are not in control.”

Goldilocks choked, then sighed: “The toad/mao intended to send someone else, I told it, in the same situation I died but you were fine. I am very jealous. I will lie to you no matter what. Eat it. That’s why it agreed with me.”

“You are different from us. You are much smarter and more capable. Now that spooky thing is hurt by you. As long as you can’t control you, you can take the opportunity. Kill it!”

Listening to this Goldilocks’ resolute words, one can imagine how resentful the other person is for controlling her soul and keeping her trapped in this unlucky village.

Zhu Yang suddenly said, “But if you take this military order, will you die if you go back like this?”

Goldilocks was taken aback, surprised at her sharpness, and then she thought, too, how could the ghost toad/magic suffer such a big loss if she is not so smart.

She didn’t care: “If you really want to be able to choose, I would like to be like a few other players from the beginning, with a frightened soul.”

Zhu Yang tutted: “Why can you live and die? Being a ghost is a different way of living, not to mention giving the lep/toad/fuck to the funeral, it is not too cheap.

Then I asked: “You can enter both my dreams and other people’s dreams, right?”

Goldilocks nodded and looked at her in surprise.

Zhu Yang grinned: “You go and feed this thing to the village head and his mother.”

Goldilocks took a breath, and then she was too happy to find Beibei by this wicked idea, and she felt a sense of sudden realization.

Then last second, she felt that it was a big deal when she went back to death, and she went in another direction happily.

Why not? At this moment, the ghost toad/magic mana is weak, and she may not know what she is doing.

If it is exposed, the situation will return to the worst plan she had made at the beginning. If it is not exposed, then the scene tomorrow will be fun to think about.

Goldilocks left Zhu Yang’s dream, and she woke up, but it was only midnight, and she fell asleep again after a while, without dreaming after that.

The next day, Zhu Yang got up just after polishing Zhu Yang, and awakened Zhang Xin who was on the side, and let her go out to do something without waiting for her to wash her face.

Not long after Zhang Xin came back, the village began to blow and blow off firecrackers, creating a festive atmosphere.

Zhu Yang and the others casually finished their breakfast, and drove out the women who wanted to come to help freshen up and let them pick up in the afternoon.

Before he rushed, he said: “By the way, come here with a suit, you can’t wear this one.”

Several women were taken aback for a moment: “Didn’t you make a special one? You watched you run around wearing it the day before yesterday?”

Zhu Yang said: “I thought about it, the Bodhisattva still looks too ugly, the ugly guys are not worthy of marrying such a beautiful daughter-in-law, although the ragged clothes will not hinder my beauty, but I can’t be too particular about him, just take your previous Right.”

Several women were choked, but still had to do it, in case she refused to go out with this excuse, it would be another entanglement.

As long as you can satisfy her, please satisfy her first.

Zhu Yang took the happy clothes, returned to the room, and smiled at the other three girls——

“Then, let’s start dressing up the bride, don’t let the bridegroom officer wait in a hurry.”

The three girls chuckled, “Yes, I promise the bride will surprise her tonight.”

“Oh, it seems that Zhu Yang’s eyeballs have been picked out, and there is nothing to lose.”

After talking about a few people, he smiled and walked to the person **** by the bed. It was the village chief and his old lady, the old woman who sent chickens and fishes at first.

When the old woman gets older and feels less, she will get up every day when she polishes up. She either feeds chickens and ducks, or worships Bodhisattva, or goes around in the village.

Zhu Yanggang had blocked people at the door of the village chief Zhang Xinche early in the morning. It was still dark, and the children were all **** by them without going to school, and he was a stranger.

Just tied the old woman here.

I don’t know if Goldilocks gave her something to eat in her dream last night, but it doesn’t matter.

Zhu Yang commanded several girls to put on the old woman’s clothes and put her makeup on.

After applying a thick white/pink, the puff on the face wrinkled, the puff fell down, thick black eyebrows, round and red blush, and a thick layer of aunt red on the mouth , With that rotten tooth.

The whole person is really scarier than ghosts, and the old woman’s characteristic withered air gives her a kind of evil spirit to bury the paper people.

Several girls were startled: “Oh my god! This is scary at first glance, even scarier than Sister Chun (Note 1).”

Qi Qi nodded: “Compare with her, what is the girl you saw in the rice jar before?”

Then there was a noisy dress for the old woman. The old woman must not have the same figure as the little girl. Fortunately, she was thin and should be quite tall when she was young. Now she is a little rickety when she is old, and she is not much shorter than Zhu Yang.

The suit was looser and bigger, and several girls pulled out their underwear and stuffed them a few times for her to put on them, and rolled up their sleeves to completely cover their hands.

After tossing for a long time, anyway, after putting on the hijab, there was no flaw at first glance.

In the blink of an eye, it was night, and the village came to pick up people again.

Zhu Yang put on another set of happy clothes-the one that was lifted by Zhu Yang was sent at first, and later Zhu Yang let Wang Sao wash it off. It was the old woman.

Zhu Yang is now wearing the new suit she wanted in the morning.

As soon as the women opened the door, they saw Zhu Yang sitting on the bed, dressed in a neat manner, but not playing tricks.

Just about to come in to pick up people, they were kicked out by a few girls——

“Walk around! Who wants you to help me with rough hands? We can’t do it by ourselves? Just hit the firecrackers all the way, and you will lead the way.”

The women were not reconciled, but watching Zhu Yang put a hijab on this side, the two women with her lifted him up from the bed and walked out the door.

I was relieved when I watched it with my own eyes, and Qi Qi was a bit acrimonious on the side, and several people were rushed downstairs.

And just after a few people got down to the hall, the bride behind stepped to the corner of the stairs.

There was a small door at the corner. The granary inside was suddenly opened, and someone pulled out from the inside, a person wearing a uniform and hijab exactly like Zhu Yang, but Zhu Yang got in and closed the door smoothly.

The entire exchange process took less than two seconds. The two women turned their heads and saw that the bride was coming down step by step without realizing it.

The old lady was stuffed with a large amount of cotton in her mouth, and then sealed her mouth with tape, so she couldn’t make the whine.

Two female players supported her from left to right, with the strength of female players comparable to several adult men, suppressing a dying old woman is simply stable.

The village chief and his party waited at the ancestral hall. The entire dam was filled with dozens of tables of running water seats. They were relieved to see the group coming over.

Just about to ask Zhu Yang when he released the children in the village, he saw a large group of children running from the direction of the river.

One by one, it wasn’t a big deal. It was just that the water ghosts used their hair and hid them in various caves in the ditch for one night and one day. Everyone was panicked with hunger.

When Fang Zhiyuan went to the river to let the water ghosts release and drove people over, all the children swallowed fiercely while watching the big fish and meat on this table.

As soon as the families who had lost their children saw their children came back safely, they were busy looking for their own children and crying.

The children are hungry again, yelling and clamoring for dinner. Can the little ancestor in this family be negligent? The scene suddenly became a mess.

The village chief was urged to have a headache and had to hurriedly start the sacrifice ceremony.

This living sacrifice is actually similar to the marriage process. After crossing the brazier, and the Bodhisattva’s chapel, the ceremony is completed and then the bride is left to sit in the ancestral hall and wait for the Bodhisattva to accept his wife.

Eat and drink on your own. After one night, the Bodhisattva picked up his daughter-in-law, collected the body and buried it.

It’s so chilling, but this has been something that the village has been accustomed to for hundreds of years.

Zhang Xin and Qi Qi helped the bride during the whole ceremony. Of course, this was actually in line with the rules. From beginning to end, most girls were not happy.

Naturally, the strong women in the village bowed to the ceremony. This forced behavior became more and more, and naturally it became a part of the etiquette.

The girl was hypocritical and was not willing to be touched by the villagers, but it was nothing, anyway, it did not hinder the use of the Bodhisattva.

When the kowtow was over and the ceremony was completed, the villagers breathed a sigh of relief and tied the bride to the ancestral hall according to the rules to prevent the bodhisattva from being displeased by the collision of the pillar and the door.

Then the people outside can start enjoying the running water table cheerfully.

Several players also sat at a table with peace of mind, and told the village head: “Send a table of dishes to Sister Wang’s house. Our sister is happy to be attached to the Bodhisattva, but Sister Wang always thinks about it, so she won’t come here now. Eat, feel stunned at home.”

“But it’s a happy day, the boss must want her to be happy too, and send her a table.”

The village chief knew that Wang’s wife was crazy, her daughter was like that back then, and she never thought that the Bodhisattva was a blessing to herself.

But a few outsiders said so, he was not stingy with these dishes, so he ordered the mother-in-law in the village to deliver them.

Actually, where is Sister Wang going to eat? Because Zhu Yang has an old woman as a substitute, it is not convenient to come out at this moment, and it is impossible to miss this great banquet. Naturally, a few people have already explained how to speak.

After the matter was explained, several players also sat down to enjoy the deliciousness of this Tujia farm banquet.

After eating a table for three hours, people changed one after another, and the light bulbs on the dam were as bright as daylight.

The beaming atmosphere of the whole village is really something that everyone is handling this as a happy event in their hearts.

It was nearly ten o’clock before the banquet was withdrawn. Naturally, it’s not easy to wash dishes and wash basins in front of the Bodhisattva, so each family divided the dishes that had not been eaten, and the things that should be removed were moved away, and the dam was swept away. This was deadlocked. The door of the ancestral hall.

Waiting for the evening Bodhisattva to pick up the bride by himself.

Don’t go, there are benefits in the text


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