Scream Queen Chapter 36

Continuing the speech from the previous chapter, there is free text in the speech, refresh and read it again, so as not to skip the plot——

The mouth of the leper/toad/mao naturally has no teeth, and there is no tongue bite.

But this ghost bodhisattva is not just a toad/magic form, more strictly speaking, it should belong to a combination of toad/magic and corpse.

It has both the habitual nature of toads and the shameless greed of the wicked.

Although the various characteristics of the evil corpse tended to become more and more frogs with the practice, the sharp weapon like a mouthful of teeth is not in the scope of eliminating it.

On the contrary, just like the mouse spirit, the ghost bodhisattva even sharpened the teeth.

So if I bite it down, I almost broke my tongue, and the taste of my tongue is sour and refreshing. I think most people have experienced it.

The Ghost Bodhisattva immediately covered his mouth and rolled on the ground in pain. It was a toad/mao, not decent.

The big, fleshy, soft palms and soles that looked like boneless slapped on the ground, and the long tongue that was dragged out, and the blood hole full of blood, looked terrifying and shocking.

The old lady of the village elder was so frightened that she shook her head. The elderly were not very self-disciplined, so she immediately urinated her pants.

To say that the village chief’s mother is in the village, she should be the first one to count whoever worships the Bodhisattva most diligently.

But now the Bodhisattva is right in front of him, but he is frightened to sift the chaff, just as several players have recently thrown Buddha heads at various houses every night, but no matter where they are thrown into, they will be silently stolen the next day. Put back the reason.

This belief is so ironic.

The ghost bodhisattva himself was panicking with pain, and suddenly looked back and saw the ghost old lady withdraw his eyes and drooling mouth, making it even more scary.

As soon as it was frightened, it struggled even harder. The more it moved, the more scared the old woman was.

One person and one ghost hurt each other for a long time, and there was a crisp sound outside the ancestral hall, the sound of the lock being broken and falling to the ground.

Then the door was pushed open, and the Ghost Bodhisattva and the village head’s wife looked over, and saw that none of the six outsiders appeared at the door.

The leader was naturally Zhu Yang who was holding his arms and watching this scene with interest.

She laughed and said: “Oh! Some people, no matter how you tell them, they just don’t know how to tell, they look ugly and don’t know, and they feel good about marrying beautiful brides everywhere.”

“Look, match it with something as ugly as it, it’s actually frightened.”

“Hey, why are you panicking? You don’t look in the mirror? You don’t look in the mirror? There is no mirror. Doesn’t the toad/magic also have a skill called’Pee pee and take pictures of yourself’? You can’t vomit when you look at it. The old lady was so frightened.”

“What do you make the old lady think? The old lady doesn’t have human rights? People worship you for decades and kowtow to you every day. Why do you chill people’s hearts?”

Several players listened to their mouths and laughed, and it was reasonable to get the ghosts through in the games they had experienced.

This ghost bodhisattva toad/magic is the most difficult boss so far, sitting on dozens of ghost brides army, and the fools of the whole village at his command.

No matter how you look at it, it was a cross-layer difficulty, but after this faction was operated, now it is face-to-face with this century-old ghost, and everyone is not afraid.

I just thought that this stuff, Xiao Xiang, a happily beautiful girl, turned out to be an old woman with rotten teeth under her head.

If this is a normal man, I am afraid that it will be possible to sing and sing back to the mountain from now on. What’s more, this toad/maojing has been tossed and hurt by Zhu Yang repeatedly.

She hadn’t really felt it before, but now she really saw the real person, the embarrassed head, and the dry and dehydrated color that is estimated to consume too much salt, and I really feel that the boss of this level is really a miserable one. .

She was brutally destroyed by Zhu Yang from the moment she showed up.

At this moment, the whole monster is lying on the ground soft as boneless, holding his tongue painful, but where can he be afraid? I only think that they are the bad guys, and the other side seems to be a poor little tortured within the time limit of the game.

Qi Qi’s mouth was unforgiving, and now she smiled meanly and took Zhu Yang’s words–

“Oh, I said you too, grandma. Take a good look. This is the Bodhisattva you have enshrined for a lifetime. Now that the Bodhisattva comes to marry you, what a blessing!”

“During the dinner just now, your son also chanted with us dozens of times? What bodhisattva is willing to fall in your village and let you be blessed by it for hundreds of years. This is a great blessing.”

“I also told us that no matter who’s female, it’s a great thing to be selected to serve the Bodhisattva. You see that you have been pious for so many years, and finally your dreams come true. The Bodhisattva appreciates your sincerity and will pick you up to serve you. You should be happy? What pants are you peeing for the Bodhisattva?”

Fu Yuan bumped her with her arm: “How do you know that the grandmother of the family had a diabetes collapse because she was too happy? And what if the Bodhisattva likes this set.”

Qi Qi suddenly patted her forehead: “Yes, yes! I forgot, the Bodhisattva likes pickling noodles. We are worried that you will eat the bodhisattva tasteless. How many catties of salt are added to the bucket?”

“Bodhisattva, do you think it’s ok?”

The ghost bodhisattva hated this group of people to death. First, he was carelessly digging his head and eyes, the method was almost broken, and then he was soaked by the deadly salt.

It has never suffered such a big loss since it became a fine spirit, and now only one or two things can be achieved because of the great loss of energy.

But now that this group of people appeared in front of them, new hatred and old hatred were added together, it is not easy to move at the moment, but the ghost brides are not just good-looking.

This sacrificial night was originally when the ghost brides were full of grievances, and they were more powerful. These people had some origins, but they also had no way to go to the sky and no door to the earth.

Thinking of this ghost bodhisattva, he smiled, and didn’t know what it did. In the ancestral hall that was empty just now, a ghost bride in a red wedding gown suddenly appeared.

Then the second, the third, and the fourth. After a while, this small ancestral hall became crowded.

The brides exuded a bleak resentment, the whole house became ghostly, and an ominous atmosphere enveloped the area.

The bright red all over the room seemed to break through the shackles of the walls, making the moon in the sky stained with blood red.

Several players were shocked, and they felt bad at once. Looking at the miserable look of the ghost bodhisattva, he thought it was the end of the crossbow and was too smug.

In fact, just picking up these ghost brides, the fierce resentment exuding from them can be equal to the ghosts in previous levels.

And now there are thirty or forty such characters, and ghosts and bodhisattvas don’t need to do anything at all, but these brides, when they are unwilling and resentful on the night of sacrifice, they are not able to cope with the connection.

What’s more, we must guard against the villagers who may be alarmed at any time, and now they don’t have children in their hands as a bargaining chip.

Several people opened their positions, each of them had already squeezed out the talisman paper props they had exchanged before the game started, preparing to fall into a bitter battle.

Toad’s smirk and the murderous intent of the ghost brides mixed into an atmosphere of sinister trembling.

The ghost bodhisattva will give an order to let the ghost brides take these people.

But the tongue, which was two meters long before it could be retracted, was stepped on by Zhu Yang.

The standard equipment for the female players to enter the dungeon this time is a pair of flat sandals and a pair of sports shoes. After all, the game field is in a rugged mountain.

But Zhu Yang went to Ganjitian and still bought a pair of high heels. She didn’t wear them much before. It was the night of the decisive battle when she went out. She was wearing such an inconvenient outfit. At that time, several people were slandered for several rounds.

But at this moment, the sharp heels of the high-heeled shoes slammed toads/mao tongues, and with Zhu Yang’s strength, he chopped through the tongues and nailed them to the ground.

The ghost bodhisattva was relieved from the severe pain of being bitten by himself. This was another more violent shot, and immediately screamed with pain.

The people present could even clearly see that he was shaking all over.

Zhu Yang grinned with a grin: “I still want your lair to be too far away from here, and the girls are not in the summoning range. Even if other ghosts come out and chop you out, it will not be enough to relieve the party. ”

“Haha…, I didn’t expect you to call out all the people first. You are always so empathetic when giving heads away. I don’t know who I should give the first prize this year.”

“Don’t worry, your name must be in the candidate.”

The ghost bodhisattva felt bad when he heard this, the more threatening the woman revealed, and the genius of the monster’s nature for survival directly urged it to escape.

It’s just now that its tongue is nailed to the ground, where can it escape? The constant pain made it lack the courage to survive by docking.

But the ghost bodhisattva still endured the severe pain, his cheeks slammed, and an amplitude was emitted. The ghost brides sensed the amplitude and turned to several players.

Even if you don’t want to, your body is out of control and will vent your unwillingness to this direction.

At the same time, a book appeared in Zhu Yang’s hand, and he turned to the page that belongs to the ghost bodhisattva.

Then she saw that she took a bunch of blood-stained paper and wiped the pages of the book, and the ghost brides who were rushing towards them stopped moving.

It’s like the pause button is pressed halfway through the TV.

The ghost bodhisattva had never encountered such a thing before, and was about to urge these ghost brides to do something, but in the next moment, he felt it.

My own control over the ghost brides is broken.

Just like controlling a string puppet, if the string is cut, the stringer can feel it for the first time.

Then I heard another bang from the ground.

Zhu Yang took a cloth bag from Qin Bin’s back and threw it in front of the ghost brides. The cloth bag was shaken apart by falling to the ground.

The contents inside were scattered, and there were a lot of knives of different shapes and styles.

□□, utility knife, folding knife, fish knife, fruit knife, sugar cane knife.

These were bought by Zhu Yang yesterday with two children.

In rural areas, there is no such thing as control/system/knife/tools. As long as the grocers in the town are bought by someone, they will sell more.

The two children lied that matsutake mushrooms had grown on the mountain recently, and the villagers wanted to buy knives to dig them. In fact, digging matsutake mushrooms didn’t need a knife at all, and the vendors didn’t need to know the reason.

Just these two children came back with two schoolbags and all kinds of knives.

Zhu Yang sneered coldly: “Girls, what are you still doing in a daze? For you, it must not be hard work.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a bride took the lead in picking up a handful, and then impatiently lifted the hijab on her head, she was a blonde female player girl.

Then came the second one. Picking up a folding knife and opening it dexterously, he tore off the hijab impatiently. This is Xiuxiu.

Then the third and the fourth, most of the people in them don’t know, but the Miguan girl who scared Qi Qi before and the big girl who had met Fang Zhiyuan and the others are all inside.

The ghost brides are pale and gloomy, but they can still see the true face of Dushui before they were born.

At the same time dozens of people turned to Ghost Bodhisattva.

The Ghost Bodhisattva finally panicked at this time, even if it hurts, he can’t keep his tongue to save his life, and bit his teeth.

It bit off the whole tongue alive, and without the shackles it was about to disappear and escape.

But the ghost brides have been controlled by this toad/magic for so many years, and they have found out its nature, habits, and behavior patterns.

Just before she broke her tongue, she was stabbed in the blood hole in her head with a knife.


The ghost bodhisattva has not been relieved from the sharp pain of the tongue, the method is pierced by the pocket, and the mana can’t stop leaking, where is there a chance to escape?

At this time, all the brides gathered around, looking at her with spiteful eyes, and some even began to cry blood.

They take turns playing, and the knives in their hands have their own purposes.

He nailed his hands and feet hard, cut the skin thinly and sharply, peeling the skin inch by inch, with a sharp slash.

The brides are very slow and do not rush, as if this thing can be done forever, and let it be less painful for a second, which is the unwillingness to be tortured over the years.

Although the ghost bodhisattva is the essence of the toad/magic eating the evil corpse, the evil corpse has no longer been a skin in the past 100 years, and it has been repaired by its essence.

The torture of a knife made it hurt like burning in the fire of karma. It was not over yet, the female devil at the door threw a few bags in again——

“Oh, I almost forgot. By the way, I asked the child to buy a few packets of salt.”

When the ghost brides saw the salt, they thought of the tragic situation of the toad/maggot eating the salt-mixed water offering a few days ago and almost died of dehydration.

They had picked up the salt with a grinning smile, and sprinkled a handful of them on the skin of the toad/magic, naked/exposed.

Toad/Mao’s reaction to the salt was obvious, and his limbs twitched violently. The miserable manner of being killed by them on the chopping board made the girls very happy.

The karma in the ancestral hall continues, and this night is still very long.

But the time had passed twelve o’clock at this time, and it was the eleventh day, which announced the smooth clearance of the game.

Not to mention that the ghost bodhisattva has no power to recover, even if it suddenly returns to its heyday, according to the rules of the game, it is impossible to attack them.

They are safe!

To survive another level alive makes everyone very excited, but the key is that it is so easy this time, eating and drinking, watching the mountains and watching the water, hasn’t fallen a bit.

There was a boss who commanded, and there was a boss who managed to stabilize the hatred value. After ten days, they even encountered a ghost once each, and it was a false alarm.

However, everyone did not rush to leave the game. After all, this village is really a gathering place for a group of demons, and it is inevitable to regret not seeing its final outcome.

Fang Zhiyuan asked Zhu Yang: “So you asked me to get the village head’s blood for this? Why can his blood let the girls out of the control of the ghost bodhisattva?”

After asking, I was surprised that this was someone’s prop, so it’s not easy to ask casually.

He fought with Yuan Bin, haha, and changed the subject: “It’s easy to talk about the blood of the old dog. When I hid a nail in my sleeve and pushed and toasted with him, it was cut.”

“The excuse that I helped set up the color table in the morning and didn’t pay attention to it. No one doubted it.”

Country folks generally live rough, minor injuries and minor illnesses don’t really matter. Who does farm work all year round, chopping wood and bamboo, and who doesn’t suffer several injuries?

Several people watched here for a while collectively dissecting toads/maggots. Seeing that the girls might still be able to play for a long time, they also temporarily left and came to the river.

At the same time, the village chief’s family was looking for his mother with a flashlight outside in a hurry.

Today at the wedding banquet, I had to work hard, beware of those outsiders, and had to deal with a large group of hungry and dizzy children, all day long, no one noticed where an old lady was going.

The countryside is no better than the city. It’s just such a piece of land. The folks in the country know each other. If she doesn’t see anyone, she will only rush over there to join in the fun. No one will always notice.

When I got home almost ten o’clock in the evening, the whole family was greasy, only to realize that the old lady hadn’t come back, and there was another piece of news that no one had seen grandma today, including the brothers and the big and small boys.

Only then did I know the bad food, but I didn’t think much about it. I just thought that old people fell down and couldn’t get up. This is common in the countryside.

The family spent a long time searching all over the village with a flashlight, and returned home several times to gather, but no one was found.

The people in the village are also busy all day, and they can help him find them if they want, but it’s so late now, who would be happy to step in the pit in the middle of the night and fall into it?

What’s more, what should I do if the Bodhisattva picks up the bride tonight and strays into the Bodhisattva outside?

The village chief’s family can’t do it, but they can’t help but find the old lady, so they split up and searched everywhere.

Seeing that it was past midnight, the village chief found the river by himself. There were water ghosts by the river, so he was very careful.

Suddenly he heard a whining sound, a bit like his old mother’s voice, and hurried over.

The light of the flashlight passed, and it turned out that it was his old lady. She was half of her body buried in the water at the moment, wearing a big red dress, and the whole face of the wet red and white water hanging on it, which shocked the village chief. .

Take a closer look at his mother who is still tied up. Needless to say, if it wasn’t for the few outsiders who could do such a wicked thing, he would write his name upside down.

Now that the happy event has been done, those outsiders should not even think about going out. After all, the blessings of this bodhisattva, the less people know the better.

The village chief had a murderous heart in his heart, but he did not forget to save his mother first.

He ran to help his mother, and before he could untie her the rope, he saw his mother shaking her head desperately at him.

Before the village chief could react, a net of water weeds sprang up from the river surface and wrapped his arms tightly.

The village chief was startled, and was busy trying to break this thing, but when he looked down, he suddenly found that the half of his old lady in the river had long been entangled by the plants.

At this time, a huge force dragged down. It was midnight, when the water ghost was the strongest, and the boss swore to become the master of the fish pond.

In the past few days, he has been desperately multiplying water and weeds, and his ability is different from that of the beginning. How can the village chief, a middle-aged person who is almost fifty years old, resist this tremendous force?

He subconsciously grabbed his old mother, grabbed the old woman’s hair, and pulled it painfully.

Although it is temporarily floating on the surface of the water and not being dragged into the water by the whole body, how long can it resist this posture?

The village chief hurriedly opened his mouth to call for help, but at night, there was an advantage in that the voice spread far.

But when he finished shouting, he saw six people pacing slowly.

The village chief’s eyes widened from shock, and although the flashlight fell off, it was still clearly distinguishable by the moonlight.

Isn’t this the few outsiders? But the leader was Zhu Yang, who was supposed to be in the ancestral hall and was being adopted by the Bodhisattva at the moment.

She smiled and said: “Oh! Village chief, fell into the ditch? Why don’t you sleep at home most of the night and wander around? This is accidental.”

The village chief pointed at them: “You, you, you–”

The smile on Zhu Yang’s face suddenly turned cold, looking sinister and terrifying in the night——

“If you want to say that the village chief, you are really a great filial son, it is unambiguous for my old mother to become a second-time relative to celebrate the wedding.”

“I heard that you drank several pots on the table, and you can see that you are very happy for your old lady. But a pity, when the Bodhisattva came to pick up people, he didn’t seem to be very satisfied.”

The village chief looked at his old mother in horror, the red, white and white makeup, and the bright red clothes. He said how the clothes were so familiar, and I didn’t see her wearing such gorgeous colors.

I think that I personally sent my mother to worship with the Bodhisattva today, and tied her up and waited for the Bodhisattva to pick him up.

This person didn’t know that the current Bodhisattva had become an open toad/mao, and realized that he had offended the Bodhisattva severely today. He was so scared to death that he almost forgot that he was being entangled by a water ghost.

In panic, the village chief felt something pouring out of his stomach, and felt nauseous.

He didn’t think much at first, until he seemed to have a frog jumping in his stomach.

At this time, Zhu Yang suddenly said again: “Oh, yes, when we ate dinner last night, Yuan Bin accidentally sprinkled a few pieces of Bodhisattva meat in the spicy chicken in front of you. I just wanted to remind you. You eat it yourself, I’m sorry.”

He patted Yuan Bin on the head again: “Dreative, apologize!”

Yuan Bin smiled and said insincerely to the face and cold sweat of the village chief: “I’m sorry, the village chief, but you also said that it’s all meat anyway, so you are so particular about eating wherever you go, I guess you don’t mind?”

Hearing this, the village chief looked at his wife, both of them had expressions of horror.

No one knows the meaning of Bodhisattva’s meat better than them. Just now, when he was a village chief who had stomach cramps in cold water, he suddenly vomited loudly.

But when he was vomiting, he felt something squeezing out of his stomach, his throat was rattling.

Then he actually spit out a toad/magic!

The toad/magic is no different from a normal toad/magic, but just such a toad/magic is creepy.

Those small eyes were full of fierce looks, and the bulging on his back, if you look closely, turned out to be tiny black eyes.

Toad/Mao prepared to escape as soon as he came, and then just jumped up, he was stabbed to the ground by a sharpened bamboo pole.

The toad/mao twitched his limbs on the bamboo pole a few times, and then there was no movement.

But the village chief and his old lady were scared to death by this phenomenon. The village chief pointed to his throat and pointed to the toad/magic body——


Zhu Yang threw away the bamboo pole in his hand, his face mocking: “What? This thing is the incarnation of a Bodhisattva at first glance. Didn’t you say that if you are selected by a Bodhisattva, is that a great blessing?”

“Blessing comes out of your stomach, this is the first time in history? Village chief, you should be happy, what do you do with a blank face?”

But at this moment the village chief was so scared that he couldn’t speak.

Zhu Yang suddenly felt boring, too, the greedy and insidious generations were mostly high-sounding when others were sacrificed, and it was not a standard that it was their turn.

She snapped her fingers, and the water ghost, who had not been able to exert any force, grabbed the village chief’s limbs and began to gradually pull him into the water.

Seeing this, the village elder mother tried desperately to stop her, but once she was **** by the big five flowers, how could she do anything about it?

I can only watch the village chief struggling to be pulled into the bottom of the water. The river is clear, and his expression can be clearly seen even after pulling it down.

The old woman has worshipped the Bodhisattva for a lifetime, and whoever dares to be disrespectful to the Bodhisattva will be able to sit in front of others for ten and a half consecutive days and yell.

Because of the incident three years ago, Wang’s sister-in-law’s wife dumped dirty things into her yard and cursed at her house every other day.

But now I can only watch my son struggle painfully in the water, and gradually lose his voice, and then the aquatic plants release him, and a corpse is already floating up.

At this time, the water ghost emerged from the river, and uttered at the village chief’s corpse: “I remembered again, this old turtle broke my friend’s head with a hoe, and threw the person in the river. of.”

She looked at the old woman grinning again: “This is not a thing either. In our case, the ghost and bodhisattva originally chose her granddaughter, but she had to marry her granddaughter to the town and gave out 50,000 beauties. There are so many males in the family who have to rebuild. For a house to marry a wife, she has to find someone from us to replace the dead ghost. She often runs to the river to burn paper to suppress us evil spirits, saying that if you want revenge, don’t find their home.”

Despite the advancement of the game, even if no one framed the player, he would have to be targeted by Ghost Bodhisattva. But what the old woman did was certainly true.

The old woman was crazy watching her son’s body float up, but the water ghost dragged him down without mercy: “Since you can’t bear it, let’s be company with your son.”

But no one pityed her because of her old age, she could live without disease and disaster, but pity the girls who would never grow up.

The water ghost pulled two pads back, and felt that the soul was being released.

At this time, a Bai Yingying soul emerged from the river, completely different from the swollen and pale face before. He was a young boy with a delicate baby face, looking about the same age as Fang Zhiyuan and the others.

When the boy came up, he looked at himself with joy.

He opened his mouth and said to Zhu Yang: “Boss, look, boss, I’m shining! What a shit, do you think the king and eight turtles in the river will surround me at night?”

Got it! When he opened his mouth, he was still familiar and stupid.

Zhu Yang disgusted and said: “Actually, to be honest, you really like the job of water ghost, right?”

Several people thought that the water ghost would refute, but he scratched his head: “Hey! I’m not responding to your call. I think it’s the job of a hopeless talent to pick and choose from a situation.”

“After hearing what you said about the river god, I realized that being a water ghost also has room for improvement.”

“If you die anyway, try to live a ghostly life.”

He reluctantly said: “Well, boss, the game just asked me if I want to accept a job, I agreed, I may not be able to meet you on other occasions in the future.”

“Don’t forget me, I will invite you to eat turtles.”

You’ve already let us eat, everyone looked at this big-hearted water ghost, and they didn’t know for a moment whether they should be surprised or disgusted.

But if the players who turned into ghosts in the game have another job opportunity?

This is a huge amount of information.

A few people ignored the two corpses in the river and returned to the ancestral hall. The ghost brides had already stripped the ghost bodhisattva, skinned and cramped, and Ling Chi died.

Seeing a few people came back, a group of girls were about to thank them. Without the control of the ghosts and bodhisattvas, their souls were also liberated and they could leave on their own.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Don’t come to that imaginary set, waste time, I think there are more places you want to go than here, right?”

The ghost brides glanced at each other, then gave Zhu Yang a blessing, and then each walked towards different places in the village.

If you are wronged, the debt is the owner, the ghost and bodhisattva’s account is settled, and other murderers should also pay for the debt.

Xiuxiu and the blonde girl are left.

Goldilocks said that she had also received the notice of the game and had to leave soon.

She thanked her sincerely, but in the same way, Zhu Yang was very impatient with this kind of grind.

To put it bluntly: “If I have a chance to meet in the future, I will naturally ask for this favor. If I don’t have a chance, it will be useless to say more. Let’s go, let’s go, go faster and catch up with the water ghost.”

“Oh, by the way, be smarter if you are a ghost. If this dog has any business training than a game, you can fool it. Anyway, the ghosts trained are all silly ghosts with formulas. Don’t be delayed.”

Goldilocks was so shocked by her remarks that she went on her way with a reorganization of her worldview.

Then Xiuxiu returned to Wang’s wife’s house with a few people.

Tonight, there were horrible howls and screams in the village one after another, but the only family of three Wangsao shed tears in their sleep.

When they woke up the next day, the three said that they had dreamed about Xiuxiu, saying that it was a dream that told them to leave the village at dawn and never come back.

Wang’s wife had this intention, and she was neat and tidy at her daughter’s instructions in the dream. After packing up her parcel and money, she took her two children down the mountain.

Her family is already surrounded by walls, so the things Zhu Yang bought are temporarily inconvenient to take away, so let’s put them aside for later.

It was almost ten o’clock in the morning when the three of them packed their things and left the village. By this time, there should have been people coming and going around in the village.

What’s more, there were things to be cleaned up in the banquet yesterday, but the village was silent all the way, and life was not heard.

Wang’s wife was startled, she faintly thought of something, and then she took the child to speed up.

The two children kept looking back, watching Zhu Yang, who was standing at the entrance of the village, getting further and further away from them, and finally couldn’t hold his hands and began to wipe tears.

At the same time, a new waiter was added to a fast food restaurant in the main urban area far from this village.

It is said that it is a student who has just moved into the city to settle down and will prepare to enroll in the next semester, and will work to save some living expenses during the summer vacation.

This student looks shorter than his peers, but he has great strength, is quick to do things, and is willing to endure hardships. Everyone in the store has a good impression of her.

After busying the lunch rush, my colleague handed over a working meal: “Ah Qiao, have dinner.”

“Okay, thank you!” Ah Qiao took the lunch box and huddled in the corner of the kitchen with his colleagues and started eating.

As she ate, her colleague asked her why she was smiling silly.

Ah Qiao realized that he was laughing again, but still couldn’t help but smile: “No, I just think it’s great to come out to school.”

“Fortunately, you have to earn your own living expenses.” The colleague is heartless.

But the sweetness in it, only she knows.

After Wangsao’s family left, several players did not bother to explore what happened in this quiet village.

It’s always my own cause and effect, and there is nothing to do with them.

The game’s clearance rewards have come down, and not surprisingly, several players are A and B levels.

This made a few people happy and surprised. Generally speaking, although killing ghosts has an A-level rating, when there are more players, this is still a contribution.

They thought they didn’t do anything during the whole process, and they all acted on orders. Since they all have this reward, how high is Zhu Yang’s evaluation of customs clearance?

However, there are many ghosts and monsters in this game, and the super ghost bride should be a merit, so even if they have a lot of people, but the game issued so many high-level reviews in one go, it can’t be considered generous.

This Nima counts dozens of ghosts in one game.

Having tasted the sweetness of lying to win, several people were convinced of Zhu Yang’s ability, and like Li Li last time, they expressed their good expectations that they would have the opportunity to play the same game next time, and they left the game reluctantly.

However, Zhu Yang’s game evaluation this time is not as high as the first game. Of course, it is also S-level. After all, the road on the side of Ghost Bodhisattva has been miserably played by all kinds of games.

Zhu Yang guessed that the reason why this lineup is not better than last time is probably because of the book, right? The game counts it as part of its own strength.

Naturally, it is impossible like the first game, the first game empty-handed to kill so many fierce ghosts that amazing debut.

But her luck is still good, points are not the most important thing, what is important is that she broke a skill of Ghost Bodhisattva.

It can resist the charm of ghosts and monsters, so the chances of her doing Taoism in her dreams are much smaller. Zhu Yang is quite satisfied with this skill.

After counting, Zhu Yang also left the game and woke up from the bed.

It happened to be busy all night in the game world, Zhu Yang was still a little tired mentally, so he fell asleep.

When I woke up early the next morning, I saw Zhu Weixin helping her make breakfast when I went downstairs.

Zhu Yang asked her brother while eating breakfast: “Do you remember the big pot in our hometown? The cooked rice is delicious.”

Zhu Weixin rolled his eyes and said, “Why don’t you remember? We are hide-and-seek, I can be found by you when I hide in the stove.”

“I didn’t say if I found it, I told my grandmother that it hurt me.”

Zhu Yang squeezed his nose: “It’s a good meal to beat you. You got out of it with a look of coal, almost scared me to death. I don’t have such an ugly brother.”

“When I was taking a bath for you, I thought that if the washing was not clean, I would throw this brother away and let our parents have another one.”

Zhu Weixin choked with anger, and stopped eating breakfast. When he ran to his sister and grabbed her neck, it was a moment of arching——

“Who do you dislike? Who do you dislike? You rubbed my **** red with a loofah net, and I didn’t charge you.”

Zhu Yang was tickled by him and touched his soft hair: “Let’s go back home during the summer vacation, burn incense for grandparents, and bring some fresh rice dishes back to eat.”

Zhu Weixin is naturally happy: “Okay, I still have a bit of it. Sister, do you remember killing the pig before? I want to have a big pot banquet.”

Zhu Yang thought that your sister, I have eaten enough, just to take you little fool back to enjoy.

The siblings were getting sticky and the doorbell rang.

When Zhu Weixin opened the door, he rolled his eyes when he saw the person outside.

Lu Xiuci raised his eyebrows: “What? You have to pass your level every time I come?”

Zhu Weixin lazily said: “I thought, could my sister let you in, can I stop it?”

Lu Xiuci smiled and rubbed his hair: “You are right to be conscious of this.”

Naturally, Zhu Weixin liked being touched by her sister, but when others touched it, she felt underestimated.

Especially this guy, when the two of them were together before, he was still in junior high school and he could be said that he was young. Now that he is so old, he is always inexplicable as a child.

Seeing him leaning against the door, Liang Liang said with a smile: “Brother Lu, you said that every time you come here, you have to leave something in the end before leaving. You don’t understand.”

“I understand that you come so often, and you travel thousands of miles back and forth from City X.”

“You’re so far away, I’m embarrassed to watch it aside.


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