Scream Queen Chapter 37

Lu Xiu choked on his resignation. As early as when the two were in love before, he knew that this kid was tricky.

Not surprisingly, the two siblings grew up together, and their relationship was good, especially their parents were busy with work. Zhu Weixin was very dependent on her sister emotionally.

Naturally, he wouldn’t be able to see him who robbed his sister’s attention. At the beginning, he was always stumbling on him, but after being cleaned up, he was slightly restrained.

Later, because of some things, his perception changed, but after three years, Lu Xiuci didn’t expect that this kid would have the idea of ​​coming back to life.

Seeing the guy’s lazy and provocative look, Lu Xiuci suddenly said, “You are fine with this.”

“But I don’t just give your sister something specifically, and naturally I won’t forget you.” Lu Xiu said with a smile: “I just got a good bottle of wine a few days ago, do you want it?”

Zhu Weixin’s face changed when he heard this, and he wanted to stop Lu Xiu’s resignation, but it was too late.

His sister’s voice came from behind: “Wine? What wine do you want for A Ci? Do you dare to drink without me?”

Zhu Weixin glared at Lu Xiuci with a look of ‘this is not a human officer’, then turned around and explained to his sister: “No! Brother Lu is kidding.”

“Sister, do you think I am the kind of guy who just cares about other people’s things? Besides, I am not familiar with Brother Lu now—”

Speaking of another posture that wants to push people out of the house: “My sister broke up with her ex-boyfriend who was three years ago. It’s not embarrassing to me.”

After that, he pushed his sister back to the dining table: “Eat your breakfast, it’s almost cold.”

But Zhu Yang was reluctant and unforgiving: “You don’t want to get through, I have told you again and again, you are like a fool if you drink in twos and twos. Drinking outside is dangerous. If you encounter a few people with ulterior motives, you can do it. You abduct it.”

“Who feeds you big pee? It’s not cheap for someone to grow so tall.”

Zhu Weixin replied: “Sister, what you said is a bit reversed, right? I haven’t worried about you spending time outside all the time. Isn’t it just girls who are generally dangerous?”

After he finished saying this, his sister hadn’t reacted, and she heard Lu Xiuci sneer: “Only girls are dangerous? I think you have a deep understanding of this problem.”

Zhu Weixin was so scared to death that he quickly turned around and glared at him, and at the same time let him in unwillingly.

There is no way, the messy things that have been committed in the past, the handle that can’t be held by the elder sister in this person’s hand, can’t deny it.

Zhu Yang glanced at their eyebrow lawsuit, and immediately guessed what the kid had done with his back.

But looking at the recent silly brother’s good service, she didn’t deliberately settle the accounts.

Just remind him: “Tighten your skin, let me know that you are out there with a brain injury, and hang you on the tree.”

Zhu Weixin was frightened. The older sister of other people might be exaggerating and joking, but his sister was serious.

When I was in junior high school, I secretly tried to smoke with my classmates, but I was caught and beaten up. I still remember that.

Zhu Yang’s life is extravagant and lavish, but he is very in charge of his younger brother, and those bad habits are not let him.

This double standard for himself and others often made Zhu Weixin dissatisfied with his protests. He was not really interested in those things, but was occasionally curious, but he obviously won the last thing Zhu Yang’s violent suppression.

After being trained for a while, he was sent to the kitchen to let Lu Xiu leave and prepare breakfast.

Zhu Weixin had just made out with her sister, and now when people come, they are reduced to being a little pitiful who was sent into the kitchen.

Zhu Yang left his younger brother, and then resigned to Lu Xiu: “My dog ​​is a game, is it a bit aimed at me?”

“It’s just that you joined in the first game to increase the difficulty of the game. The scale of the second game is even more scary. If it weren’t for the toad/mao who was careless at first, it would be impossible to say who won in the end.”

Speaking of the clearance information of the second game, I told him roughly, and complained: “This time is okay. Although I lack food and clothing, there are rural specialties that can be used as a holiday. I won’t take it next time. What kind of isolated building is arranged in the playground to toss me?”

Lu Xiuci smiled: “This is the focus of your concern, right? You just don’t think there is a place for recreation and enjoyment.”

Zhu Yang took it for granted: “Of course, I’m going to work hard, and still undermine my standard of living, kill ghosts and stop shopping and eat the delicacies of mountains and seas? What’s the point.”

Lu Xiuci can’t help but can’t help but: “The attitude of light game, you are the only thing I have seen so far. I know a ghost catcher in my job. When I first entered the game, encountering ghosts is like a cat meeting a mouse.”

Zhu Yang said: “Awesome, it turns out that there are such masters in reality? Then this kind of person should be much higher than others.”

Lu Xiuci said with a weird expression: “No, he is the kind of cat who turns around and runs faster than a mouse when he encounters a mouse. He has a pure physique and avoids ghosts, but he trembles with fright every time. Now he is much better. But still make jokes often.”

Zhu Yang twitched his mouth: “You said that timid Taoist priest, would you not have the last name Xie?”

“Do you know him?” Lu Xiu asked in surprise, and then he was surprised again: “Yes, your dad has asked him to do things. You are likely to find him when you are in the selection field. I haven’t contacted him recently, so I don’t know this. What happened.”

“How did you know that I was looking for him–could it be the thread you pulled in the middle?” Zhu Yang said magically.

“if not?”

“That means my dad’s company was really haunted? Isn’t everyone suspicious?”

“Yeah! It was the security guard who used to work in that building. He accidentally fell down the stairs while patrolling the building at night and died unexpectedly. Later, when your father took over the building, all the activities encountered by the overtime employees at night were the ghosts of the security guard. Made it out.”

Zhu Yang did not expect these things to be so close to him so long ago.

However, after digesting this fact, she immediately resigned to Lu Xiu with emotion: “Aci, I am so moved that I don’t know what to say.”

“At that time, we had broken up, and you were so enthusiastic about helping. For several years, you have not forgotten to be taken advantage of—no, you have never forgotten to care about my life.”

“If something goes wrong with my dad’s company, the quality of my life will be lost. I am really touched.”

Lu Xiuci twitched the corner of his mouth: “Why can you always attack me casually while calling people?”

Zhu Yang smiled, forked a strawberry from his breakfast and fed it into his mouth: “This is my long-term solution.”

“If you want to be too good to you, you will be overwhelmed and not so dedicated to serve. Then I see the gap, and I must be dissatisfied.”

“You know what happens when I’m not happy, so in order to avoid conflicts, do I have to beat them often?”

Lu Xiuci had long been accustomed to her selfish logic, and almost laughed: “Then if you say so, any unreasonable harassment is better for me?”

Zhu Yang didn’t excuse him. Instead, he put his hand on his arm and touched it up and down through the sleeve. The movement was very slow, and he could feel the beautiful lines below, but the firm and hard texture.

She leaned closer: “Aci, are you stronger than before?”

Lu Xiuci stopped breathing, and his whole body’s attention fell on the touch of his arm.

Just listen to Zhu Yang then said: “I just finished my birthday two days before I met you in the game. You missed two days of your birthday this year. It’s a pity, right?”

“Give you a chance to make up for it. I have fancy something, will you give it to me?”

Lu Xiuci didn’t even ask about the value of anything, and gave full play to his always-intentioned personality.

Without hesitation, he agreed: “Okay!”

After saying this, Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows, his heart felt bad.

Sure enough, the guy pulled his hand back, picked up the fork and started to eat breakfast on his own: “Look, can you blame me? People will choose the most convenient and beneficial behavior mode.”

“Your own unprincipled indulgence, I don’t blame you for your intention to spoil me, no one will dare to take it in the future, and you are already considerate of your sinister intentions. What else can you complain about?”

Lu Xiu’s arms were empty, and there was a pity in her heart, and she saw her arrogant tail up to the sky.

In this way, how could he bother about it? He was already dizzy with two good words, so he had to slap his face to please him: “Actually, I haven’t missed the gifts for these three years. I’m preparing. I’ll take you when I come back from summer vacation. Look?”

Zhu Yang was even more proud when he heard it: “This is just like human words, just make me happy, what else is it?”

Seeing this guy secretly rubbing his arm over again, Zhu Yang smiled and held it around, pinching his good smell from time to time.

Don’t say, it’s been three years, she is also a little curious about it, this guy tastes more exciting from time to time.

Zhu Weixin brought out another breakfast, and saw the dog and the man sticking together.

He put his breakfast heavily in front of Lu Xiuci: “Eat! Eat and leave. My sister will be in class later, and I will go out for a stroll. No one is at home to greet you.”

Lu Xiuci couldn’t understand his wink at all: “Who wants your child to greet you when you visit you? I’m a little tired from flying in the evening, so I will take a good night’s sleep.”

Zhu Weixin frowned and said, “There is no paved guest room here.”

After finishing speaking, I took a breath: “You want to be beautiful, I only slept in the first day, thinking about the girl’s boudoir, who are you? Stay in the hotel.”

Lu Xiuci took care of your strange expression as a child. Zhu Weixin was so anxious when he saw this insult, he looked at his sister and said, “Sister, look at him!”

Zhu Yang just touched the tendon on his arm and it was also rippling. If it weren’t for an important lesson in the morning, she would want to skip class and ride a wild horse at home.

He coughed twice, and said solemnly to his brother: “Your brother Lu is tired when he rushed over so early. Isn’t there no bed at home, how tired of running the hotel? Don’t be so naive, forget that Brother Lu is kind to you. He also sent you two boxes of exercises.”

Zhu Weixin didn’t spit out a mouthful of blood, almost crying: “Then if I want to sleep in your bed, you will push me out.”

“Tsk! Brother can’t play—no, you are not allowed to fight at home anyway, I have to go to class.”

He said that regardless of his brother’s complaint and Lu Xiu’s complacency, he hurried out with his bag.

Zhu Weixin gritted his teeth and took the person upstairs and opened a room: “Here, go in.”

Lu Xiu didn’t even bother him: “How could I possibly smell a milk smell without going in a kid’s room.”

“Yo~~, it tastes better than your pig’s feet in sauce.” Zhu Weixin despised: “My sister is just being polite with you. She came back at night and smelled that her room was full of pig’s feet. Squirting deodorant with a fierce temper.”

“Although it is indeed your sister’s virtue to dump it after you have used it, the premise must be used first.”

“What do you mean?”

“What is the kid asking so much for?”

While making noisy Lu Xiuchi, he found Zhu Yang’s room, the bed was still messed up, and he didn’t care. He unbuttoned the button and fell on it, taking a deep breath.

Zhu Weixin, who was about to scold him, had a scalp: “My sister said you are a pervert, I still don’t believe it, now I believe it.”

Seeing this guy shamelessly, Zhu Weixin couldn’t help but cursing for a long time.

After the child slammed the door and left, Lu Xiu finally calmed down. He wanted to go to the bathroom to take a shower, but suddenly he found a mobile phone beside the pillow.

A very ordinary smartphone is a cheap brand with average performance, and Zhu Yang would never use it.

He took it, and there was no touch screen lock code lock, and it opened with a single click.

Then I saw a photo on the desktop. It was Zhu Yang wearing a red bridal gown, standing among the beautiful scenery, smiling just right.

But the moment Lu Xiuci saw this photo, his mind buzzed and opened the phone album, and sure enough, there was still more in it.

Reminiscent of the game content she talked about at the dining table before, why don’t you understand what’s going on with this phone picture?

His heart rubbed like a flame on firewood that was soaked in gasoline, and a blaze ignited.

He has not experienced this copy of the game, but someone has experienced it.

Since entering the game, he hasn’t got the team props and couldn’t pass the level with Zhu Yang, but Lu Xiu still has the props for repeatedly entering the game that has passed the level.

He suppressed the murderous hostility and dialed a call–

“It’s me. Is there any rural toad/magic ghost bride theme in the game you cleared? If you don’t have one, ask someone else. I’ll hire someone to do something.”

The other end replied: “Yes, I will ask someone I know, but let me say it first. Different players in the same game enter different times and the time is very different.”

“Especially you said that this kind of thing spans hundreds of years. It is possible that the time background of the person I found to participate is the Republic of China.”

Lu Xiu resigned: “It doesn’t matter, I just want that thing to die a few more times.”

“Hey!” He seemed to hear his alveolar ringing over there, and said in a bit anxiously: “It’s just a low-level toad/magic, so it won’t offend you so deeply, right?”

Lu Xiuci didn’t speak, and hung up.

Looking at the photos on the phone is simply raging–

He, he hasn’t even enjoyed her wearing a wedding gown for herself, a toad/fight is what He De can.

Zhu Yang didn’t know that someone was already bad at home, and he went to school to attend class, when he sat in the sorority position for lunch as usual.

Although for these people, they only met yesterday, but for Zhu Yang, the last time I saw them was ten days ago.

Sure enough, looking at a table of beautiful girls eating, it was more than looking at a bunch of ignorant and vicious villagers.

The attendants this time are not working well, there are not two children and water ghosts clever.

Because of this, Zhu Yang rarely gave smiley faces more often today, but everyone in the sisterhood was heartbeat.

This **** smiled so brilliantly, shouldn’t he be holding back any bad idea to do something?

The plastic sisterhood is also hopeless.

Zhu Yang was quite disappointed when he saw the quails with necked necks one by one, his eyes swept around, and he found that Lin Qian was not there.

If Bi Chi was going to be there, it would definitely be the first gossip to ask.

Zhu Yang asked Xie Xiaomeng next to him: “Where is Lin Qian?”

Xie Xiaomeng looked at it: “Did she not come today? I didn’t see her at noon two days ago.”

Zhu Yang had been in the game for ten days, but he did not have such a consistent impression. Hearing Xie Xiaomeng’s words, he suddenly remembered that he hadn’t seen Lin Qian for several days.

But when Cao Cao arrived, the girls were discussing that they hadn’t seen her at school these days, and saw Lin Qian hurriedly approaching.

It’s just that compared to the usual glamour, she was panicked and wilted at this moment, her makeup was still not applied, she was wearing dark circles, and her hair was not well taken care of. Although she did not bury her, she still lacked the exquisiteness of the usual. sense.

When she saw Zhu Yang, she hurried over to squeeze Xie Xiaomeng and sit in front of her, and whispered: “Zhu Yang, last time your house was not—”

Before he finished speaking, Zhu Yang interrupted him: “Why don’t you wear makeup? Didn’t I say that the daily image of the Sisterhood is based on you as the lowest standard?”

“No makeup is even the lowest standard. How do you want to lower our average appearance?”

Lin Qian choked and panicked to death. How could she forget that this **** was a ruthless person who used to be a show to ring the alarm for everyone?

For a moment, he opened his mouth in embarrassment, and forgot what he was anxious to say.

The **** beside him began to hold his feet again–

“Perhaps she has some misunderstanding about her appearance, right? She thinks she is at the top level among us, and even plain makeup can beat us vulgar fans.”

“Tsk tusk! Don’t say anything, Zhu Yang’s vision for letting us use her as the lowest standard is also nasty. It turns out that Lin Qian doesn’t make up so many blemishes on your face? So big pores?”

Lin Qian had been entangled in trouble for the past few days, she suffered from insomnia for several days, and she was in panic all day long, and her natural skin condition was poor.

But since she was able to bid farewell to Zhu Yang for so long, naturally she was not bullied by other Bitches.

She turned her head and sneered: “I want the makeup technique to be like yours. It’s better not to change it. Knowing that your nose is not high, I like to put highlights on the bridge of the nose desperately.”

“When I just ran over, the restaurant’s lights came down, and I thought you had a light-emitting tube on your nose.”

The girl’s face became stiff, and Lin Qian was delayed a hundred or eighty times in her heart, but she still took out the mirror silently to see if she really had too many highlights.

Zhu Yang ate the salad and cheated and listened to them fighting over and under. He was in a good mood. Today’s Sisterhood is still so energetic.

Lin Qian stopped a bitch, and then whispered to Zhu Yang: “Well, Zhu Yang, I’m the hell.”

Lin Qian spoke cautiously, and she looked around from time to time, showing that she had been frightened into a bird of fright.

But when Zhu Yang heard it, the expression on his face immediately became energetic, it was obvious that he was gloating at the good show——

“Oh? Really? What the hell? I asked you to come here or did something wicked? Just to scare you? Doesn’t it also hint at your life? When? We are ready to prepare wreaths and money.”

Lin Qian almost didn’t vomit blood. She was really swearing when she wanted to put it in front of others.

But Zhu Yang failed. First, she hit the ghosts to death, and dragged everyone into the water to form a secret circle headed by her. With this scheming and courage, she was scared to think again. Can pull Zhu Yang down.

What’s more, she has experience with ghosts, and now she counts on her.

She gritted her teeth, and then quickly laughed: “Really, it’s really not what I did. You know me, I am too timid to kill cockroaches. Where can I go to death and offend people?”

“There are unreasonable strange things in that person, and there must be ghosts.” He said that his eyes were red: “Zhu Yang, can you help me, aren’t we good sisters?”

When Zhu Yang saw that Bitch was frightened, he was very happy. At that time, she was the most gloat for this guy when she hit a ghost.

It was her turn back, but it was really quick to get retribution.

She hypocritically said: “Then I can only support you mentally. You see that my incident has just passed, but it frightened me. I still dare not turn off the light and go to sleep. Even though I have escaped by fluke. , But you can’t take my survival as a skill? This kind of thing must be to find a celestial master. What is the use of finding me?”

Lin Qian was almost crying with fright, Zhu Yang saw that it was almost done, and stopped walking her.

After all, the sisterhood only died of Julina, which can be said to be an accident, but if Lin Qian dies in a few days, their sisterhood will be overshadowed by speculation.

She would not allow this kind of unwarranted low-profile thing to happen.

Lin Qian almost cried when she saw that she promised to go back with her at night.

Regardless of having class in the afternoon, I followed Zhu Yang step by step.

Of course, Xie Xiaomeng was also with him.

Xie Xiaomeng is beeping a dog. She was involved in the transfer of the curse by Zhu Lina before, and she saw Zhu Lina’s death with her own eyes, and she adjusted her spirit.

The mother, Lin Qian, held her tightly again, because she was always there during Zhu Yang’s collision with the ghost, and she had to come to help when it was her turn.

Xie Xiaomeng thought, is our relationship good? If you are dying, I will deduct half of the money that the family asks for as pocket money. This is the plastic relationship between us. Thank you.

As a result, Zhu Yang suspected that Lin Qian was not worthy of carrying her a bag, leaving Xie Xiaomeng to stay, and Xie Xiaomeng had all the thoughts of swallowing Lin Qian.

However, seeing Zhu Yang’s ability last time, she was fascinated and confident in her. In the end, although she muttered, she did not go away.

At three or four o’clock in the afternoon, Zhuyang School was finished, and he was about to leave school and go home.

Lin Qian and Xie Xiaomeng naturally followed. According to Lin Qian’s statement, the ghost did not appear until after nine o’clock in the evening, so it was naturally impossible to wait there for such a long time.

When I arrived at the school gate, I noticed a commotion.

Stepping away from the crowd, it turned out that two handsome guys were waiting outside.

He’s really handsome. It’s not the kind of actor who directly sells his looks on the TV. To say that there are many schools in the university town, there are many students, and there are many talents who hide dragons and tigers.

Only in the presence of these two people, the greedy senior male gods immediately became dull.

Xie Xiaomeng and the others knew Zhu Weixin and were brought out by Zhu Yang to play twice, but the other one didn’t know.

Then Zhu Yang walked directly over, pulled the strange handsome guy, and kissed him on the neck.

The surroundings exclaimed, and even a lot of people were busy taking out their phones to take pictures. It can be seen that the forum will blow up in a while.

As the focus of the school, Zhu Yang would be a curious conversation if he fell in love, not to mention this handsome guy who didn’t know where to come out.

Both of them are very outstanding types, just looking at the pictures are eye-catching, not to mention that there is a younger handsome guy next to him with a despising face.

One opening picture is enough to make a big show.

The person concerned doesn’t care about this, Zhu Weixin urged: “Not in the car yet?”

I despise Lu Xiuci’s scheming, this guy knows that his sister loves to show off, so the two of them are already in the kind of relationship that is still a layer of paper, and wants to reconcile.

This person deliberately stopped at a crowded place, so there are so many girls and children around who look greedy?

With her sister’s domineering exclusivity and vanity, he would write the name upside down if it didn’t help.

Sure enough, he kissed him and his status was restored, and he was still this person.

Xie Xiaomeng and Lin Qian came out with Zhu Yang. They were surprised but couldn’t help but envy them, and then they felt like years of unsolved cases were solved.

Zhu Yang has never lacked suitors in the past three years. She has seen all of them. Before seeing her brother, she was guessing if this guy was of a high standard. At this moment, it was really the case.

Also, since there is such a spare tire, how can you be moved by the school?

The two felt that they were getting in the way with Zhu Yang now, but Lin Qian felt that fate was more important than not longing, and he took Xie Xiaomeng and was not allowed to leave.

So the two boys who came to pick up Zhu Yang filled the seats when they returned.

Lu Xiuci told Zhu Yang that he had set a position in a well-reviewed restaurant. He originally wanted to have dinner with Zhu Yang, and by the way, he also verbally finalized the reunion.

However, Zhu Weixin relied on being a light bulb, and even tricky to see that he was driving out to pick up his sister from school, so he squeezed into the car.

This is the future brother-in-law. It is not easy to kill, Lu Xiu resigned to warn himself.

Then I saw that Zhu Yang had an appointment with the two girls, thinking that there was no difference between a light bulb and a group.

So the dinner for the two ended up simply becoming a multi-person dinner.

Xie Xiaomeng and Lin Qian are sex-loving handsome guys, but the lewd prestige taken by Zhu Yang doesn’t dare to make jokes with her eyes, but her brother can still make fun of them.

It’s just that this little brother is committed to sabotage, and he has no time to talk to them, so he has a chat with each other.

After a meal, the atmosphere was brisk.

It was almost eight o’clock after dinner, and the three girls were about to leave for Lin Qian’s apartment.

Zhu Weixin wanted to follow, but Lu Xiu who received a wink stopped him, saying that he would go back and put hot water for his sister first.

The person who has a relationship with that game booth is equivalent to entering a world that has not been touched before, and the true side of this world will gradually be exposed.

Various things will follow one after another, this phenomenon is normal.

As for why Zhu Yang’s second game was so difficult without advanced players, Lu Xiuci also explained to her.

It is because of her continuous high evaluation and skills and props. Although the experience of the game is an important criterion for judging players in the game, Zhu Yang’s ability has far exceeded the novice player in the concept of the game.

She has also repeatedly confirmed this. Lu Xiu resigns and she is afraid that she will not pass a few more games, and will enter the intermediate or even advanced field from the primary field.

Leaving her to grow up much less than ordinary people, Lu Xiuci now dare not even tell her some of the convenience of the game too much.

Because this understanding will also become a game evaluation standard, so the test in reality may not be a good opportunity to accumulate experience.

Lin Qian is not a foreigner, but after going to college, she also came out from home like an excuse.

The family gave her a high-end apartment, and Zhu Yang and the others had also come to play. The decoration was made by Lin Qian herself. The fresh Nordic style is not bad.

Lin Qian opened the door, and Zhu Yang really felt the unique chill as soon as he walked in. It seemed that Lin Qian was not suspicious, but there was a real problem here.

When Lin Qian came in, she found a jacket to put on, and explained to Zhu Yang what happened.

It turns out that Lin Qian has a hobby of listening to the radio on the radio, and having an emotional channel that starts at 9 o’clock every night is also her favorite.

As long as she is at home, she will turn on the radio at one point.

Just three or four days ago, when she was listening to the radio, the female anchor inside was telling stories in an emotional, elegant and **** voice at first.

As a result, the conversation suddenly became messy in the middle of the journey, and the anchor’s voice changed, accompanied by various insults, like someone scolding her from the radio.

At that time, Lin Qian thought there was a problem on the radio station. As a loyal listener, she was very angry. As a journalism professional, she also felt that this kind of omission was very unprofessional.

So I called the radio station to complain, and the radio station responded that their broadcasting conditions have been normal, and there was no situation where the anchor was abusing the audience.

She didn’t believe it, so she posted about it in the fan forum of the show, but was ridiculed by the group. Other listeners said that she didn’t have anything she said, and they retelled the story roughly.

Lin Qian realized that it was a little weird, but when she listened to it the next day, the insults inside became worse and her voice became clearer and clearer.

On the third day, she actually scolded her name directly from the radio. All kinds of unbearable insults also involved her personal information in reality.

Lin Qian wanted to turn off the radio, but she suddenly found that the power plug of the radio was not plugged into the power supply from beginning to end.

Yes, she unplugged the radio when she felt something was wrong the first night.

This discovery made Lin Qian, who was already half scared to death, even more collapsed, and ran out of the hotel outside home in the middle of the night and spent the night nervously.

But fortunately, she was more useful than Julina. No matter how scared, she sorted out the abusive words the other party had said on the radio.

It turns out that there is a strong sense of jealousy in that kind of pertinence, and the direction of insults is mostly emotional and interpersonal, and even keenly captures a key.

That is, when the radio scolding her narrated an incident about her hanging a spare tire, it mentioned the reputation of Senior Cheng (who had an ambiguous relationship with Lin Qian), and also accused her of being proficient from the perspective of Senior Cheng. .

Lin Qian went to school the next day to find some information, and immediately found out the news that a girl died in a car accident when she went to school for an internship last month.

That girl was from their department, and she had a few intersections with her. In various events, she also looked at Senior Cheng with a look of Ai Ai.

With Lin Qian’s superb **** scheming, how can ordinary girls want to chase after someone she likes?

Senior Cheng is not the kind of person who can appreciate the soul through the skin, and naturally he has no impression of him.

It’s just that the girl unilaterally regarded Lin Qian as an enemy. The highest obsession during her lifetime was that Senior Cheng was attracted by this scheming watch, and she hoped that she would be torn out of her disguise one day. Stubble.

Zhu Yang sat on the sofa and ate Lin Qian’s snacks to listen to the matter, then spread his hands: “That’s it?”

“Huh?” Lin Qian thought she would be comforted: “Yes, yes!”

“You have also seen that the female ghost came at me at all. If she accidentally recruits someone, she can still ask someone to leave, but I heard that this kind of obsession is the most troublesome.” Lin Qian Cried, obviously he had already found someone for this matter.

Zhu Yang sighed: “Why cry? I look at you so distressed.”

“I don’t care about the female ghost’s obsession, I’m asking you.”

“You are special but I pulled into the Sisterhood with one hand. Although I regret it when you pulled in, you are eligible in terms of hardware. You were ambitious and stared at my position before, although you can’t help yourself, but this I admire the aggressiveness and the undead hard work.”

“That female ghost, she didn’t dare to put another fart in front of you when she was alive. You won’t even take the initiative to remember her. You have to check the roster to find out that the other person is dead. Tell me you are afraid of her?”

“You are the target of me, tell me you are afraid of her? Where do you put me?”

Lin Qian was stunned: “Yes, but she is a ghost—”

He said that, but he seemed to feel that what Zhu Yang said was reasonable.

Zhu Yang waved his hand impatiently: “It’s done, I only knew you were stupid before, but today you let me see your incompetence again.”

Looked at the time: “Come on, now the time is up, turn on the radio, I will only teach it once, next time, don’t give me a big deal next time, just lower the sorority’s style. Throw you out.”

Lin Qian and Xie Xiaomeng shrunk their necks, and Xie Xiaomeng glared at Lin Qian—you are the only one who is particularly involved.

Lin Qian didn’t care about her and turned on the radio tremblingly.

Just as the opening music of the show finished, the elegant and **** female anchor sounded slowly.

After all the jokes and jokes from the opening remarks to the anchor, to the part of reading the story——

“Xiao Yao’s family loves her very much, but she has a withdrawn personality and has always been alone. After graduating from college–”

The story is about how a lonely urban soul meets love. With the soft voice of the anchor, it is said.

Within a few minutes of the story, the hero and the heroine have already met and are in love each other. The heroine is an introverted and lonely social freshman, and the heroine is a successful and handsome news anchor.

Then the plot came to the ambiguity of the hero and heroine, another glamorous and enchanting female anchor jumped to their company to pursue the hero.

“Miss Lin is tall, fair-skinned, glamorous and beautiful. She has many suitors, but she – but she is a bitch!”

The original content was supposed to be’but she does not say anything,’ but after the words’but she’ appeared, suddenly the voice on the radio became sharp and ironic, and the voice of the female anchor no longer existed. This strong fault and gap, Lin Qian and Xie Xiaomeng had been prepared for a long time, and they were shocked.

The atmosphere in the entire apartment took a turn for the worse, and the sound on the radio continued–

“That **** drifted between several men. She used her beauty and wrists to drift between several men, but she knew that she had no results with these men. She was just playing and waiting for something more suitable. aims.”

“She told her favorite senior on Saturday that she would go to the TV station to visit, haha! As a result, she came out of the hotel after visiting the hotel. Her so-called’visit’ is to let another man appreciate her as a female/dog in bed. Haha, Lin Qian, you When talking to Senior Cheng, can he smell the stench of other men in your mouth?”

This can be said to be very unbearable.

Lin Qian was in a hurry. She quickly explained to Zhu Yang: “She fart, that visit to the radio and the engagement dinner of a relative in my family collided.”

“The hotel banquet room they booked, and the boy I came out is my relative.”

Zhu Yang shook his head and looked at her with incredible contempt: “What are you telling me about this?”

“Huh?” Lin Qian dumbfounded, is she here to help?

Zhu Yang said: “Don’t tell me that you can’t win a fight of this level. You are the runner-up of the sorority.”

Of course the champion is Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang pointed to the radio: “Have you never heard this kind of low force Dios to find fault? How did you scold people and cry? Is there any difference now? It’s a ghost and your mouth was sawed?”

“Also ‘she fart’!” Zhu Yang made a weird look, mocking: “Are you at this level?”

Then he pushed Lin Qian in front of the radio, pointed at the radio and said: “Swear! You won’t stop if you don’t curse.”

Lin Qian was dumbfounded, she had never heard of the operation of arguing with ghosts.

Zhu Yang came here to help her deal with ghosts, right? She was trembling at a loss when she realized that it was a ghost on the radio.

But at the moment, Zhu Yang and Xie Xiaomeng were here, and they were shocked. They calmly thought about how Zhu Yang killed the female ghost last time.

Well, it seems that this guy really got a lot of trouble from the beginning of the operation, and she herself is one of the important operators.

Thinking of this, Lin Qian suddenly sank, her body stopped shaking, her mind became clear, and her tongue became flexible.

He opened his mouth and cursed at the radio: “You also know that I was talking to Senior Cheng, so how many words did you say to him during your lifetime?”

Hearing this sentence, the insulting voice on the radio froze.



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