Scream Queen Chapter 38

The voice on the radio stopped, but Lin Qian started to talk incessantly–

“Why? The co-author also made up my brain into the heroine of the novel. The beautiful ones are all glamorous and cheap to keep you and your real son flying together, right?”

“What is the basic quality of the heroine, don’t you know? Even if she is beautiful, the screenwriter insists on saying that she is ordinary, so you are so fooled and lame, right? You think you have a funny soul and kind heart. Kind of substitution.”

“I’ve seen your picture, with a flat face, crumbled teeth, squinted nose and squinted eyes. If the heroine is replaced by your virtue, would it still be called an idol drama? That’s an insult to the male protagonist and the stomach.”

“What do you see in the end? Look at the face!”

The more Lin Qian scolded, the more she recovered her state, she lifted her hand to hold the radio and stomped on the windowsill–

“I think we girls are popular everywhere with our beautiful, long-sleeved, good dancers, and have robbed your crush on the male god, right? Bah! People are not blind, don’t like beautiful women, do they like sesame sesame biscuits?”

“Do you losers like God all the time thinking about unfairness? Sitting on the bed at home and dreaming, expecting a male **** to discover the shining point of your soul, and wake up and kick our group of coquettish **** to you?”

“That’s it, stuff your pillow up high, don’t stop! You have everything in your dreams. You have sloppy hair, your clothes are buried, and you feel good about your body at a young age. Come and feel good about yourself. Come and come, tell me I have no taste and no hygiene. Where do people without self-discipline come to think that they are better than us?”

“Oh, by the way, you dissed my makeup and dressing taste the night before yesterday, right? Do you know what cosmetics cost? How difficult is it to learn makeup well? Just try your own eyeshadow, blush, brow and lip color on your face. Trouble? When your **** pig slept in the morning, I got up an hour or two in advance to take care of myself.”

“Do you also know how many meals a week does my old lady have to eat in order to put on these strapless, backless skirts perfectly? How many hours of exercise do you have? Never forget to wear sunscreen when you go out?”

“You **** don’t know, because when the old lady is working hard, you pigs are busy sleeping, daydreaming, and eating and drinking while swiping the phone.”

“Then ate and drank enough, and collapsed on the ground. When the old lady passed by you beautifully, you cursed unfairly in your heart and complained that the male **** had no eyesight.”

“But the truth is that my old lady used your lazy time to work hard, so she became what you dreamed of. You **** squirted yesterday and said I had a plastic surgery, right?”

“Oh~~, do you look down on plastic surgery? In fact, in my opinion, some plastic surgery girls are more powerful than you. They save money by saving money, and they can afford to use a knife on the face and can bear it. The pain and the surrounding guidance.”

“Oh, you are a poor, ugly, ugly fool who is still content with the status quo and is good at pulling people and sinking together. Others are not diligent, but they are diligent to give pointers to others.”

The sound on the radio stopped for a long time, as if trembling by the **** two days ago, the reaction started to be a little stunned when the fire was turned on today.

After Lin Qian’s a series of scolding and prodding, the sharp voice on the radio continued to ring–

“Ah…, you’re a bitch, bitch, bitch, why don’t you die? Why didn’t you die? You, you, why are you still alive…”

Lin Qian vented the curse, the fear in her heart was almost dissipated, and her clever and clever mind became more active.

At this moment, listening to the terrifying curse on the female ghost radio, I was not afraid at all, but felt contemptuous and ironic.

Zhu Yang was really right. A fool who didn’t dare to let go of a fart in front of her before his death, how much more can he become a ghost?

A few days ago, I was frightened and silly, and I didn’t touch my heart. Now when I heard it, this stupid curse was just going back and forth about the silly things that usually spread rumors about her.

If you talk too much, you start to talk incoherently, except for the dirty points, it really has no technical content at all.

Lin Qian sneered: “If I hadn’t checked it out on purpose, I can’t believe that you are from our journalism department. Hey, don’t say Zhu Yang, now I have a little doubt about the admission standards of our school.”

“There is no logic at all in this business, only the words of the car wheel, why? Since I chose to make a debut on the radio, should I use the professionalism of the anchor? Can I be a ghost? Now? You don’t need to be cautious about the profession? Other listeners thought the broadcast was stuck.”

“I remember that you were doing an internship before you died? Oh, which company is so lame that even yours is worth it? Listening to your voice is not the life of the anchor, and there is no logic in your brain and people have no sense of news. Who dares to use the press release you wrote?”

“Oh, shouldn’t your so-called internship be doing miscellaneous work there every day? Just like you, buying coffee for me, I’m afraid you bought it wrong. And I found out that your charging place is so weird?”

“I haven’t been in any other place all day long, do I specialize in the forums of DIAO cancer? I found that your talking is no different from those nasty men? Hahaha, do you still complain that Senior Cheng doesn’t like you? I just found him. Maybe it’s still very sharp, knowing that there is a wretched man under your shell, so stay away.”

Zhu Yang and Xie Xiaomeng listened to Lin Qian screaming and screaming the female ghost on the radio. The small radio seemed to contain a vegetable market, which was very lively.

Zhu Yang is okay. After all, Lin Qian is also one of her own defeated opponents. If she wants to be really swearing, she still dislikes this guy for not poking hard enough.

But Xie Xiaomeng had nothing but admiration. He thought that Lin Qian was worthy of being a news reporter, and her line skills and voice were really good.

For such a long sentence, she said that there was no knot in the middle, and the speed of cursing individuals and tongue twisters was not much different.

Finally, at the end, Lin Qian triumphantly said to the female ghost: “I have to be willing to ask for Senior Cheng, right? I will bring him back tomorrow, and I am not afraid to tell you that I am tired of crooking that person.”

“You still treat him as a treasure, don’t you?” Then he pointed at Zhu Yang: “Do you know that your male **** and other goddess hooked his finger and wagged his tail and leaned forward, and found that he couldn’t get it and turned around to hook up with the old lady? Entangled, haha! How about using Lin Qian as a spare tire?”

“I will call him here tomorrow, and throw it in front of you after playing. If you have the ability, you will also speak out at the time. Let’s see or leave.”

This Lin Qian is also a ruthless person.

I just listened to the radio scream that broke down like blood, and then the noise disappeared, and the voice of the female anchor was restored. However, the program had come to an end.

Lin Qian scolded happily, took a glass of water from the drinking fountain, poured it down fiercely, and then put the cup on the table——

“Happily, I have been suffocated to death these few days, and I will scold her when that idiot comes again.”

Suddenly it came to pass that people are ghosts after all, and his heart and liver trembled and asked Zhu Yang, “Then, will it be okay if I curse like this? Do you think she will get out of the radio someday?”

Zhu Yang said nonchalantly: “Isn’t that a piece of loose muscles that came out? You can’t beat her in daily fitness?”

Lin Qian shook: “No, didn’t I hear that ghosts have a lot of methods? It’s hard to guard against.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand and said affirmatively: “No, it’s so easy for a ghost to kill people, so there are not so many bad guys in this world that can get away with it. This stupid doesn’t know where the chance came, and he can make living people notice him, but it is also That’s it.”

“If you were scared by her into a trance, panic all day long, and accidentally had an accident, would this be what she intended? Otherwise, why didn’t she come out to pull your hair when she was so angry?”

Lin Qian was a little relieved to hear her say this, but Zhu Yang actually summarized it based on what Lu Xiuci said.

According to him, like the usual work done by the timid Master Xie last time, it actually involves ghosts that disturb the people, and most ghosts in reality only have this climate.

If you want to directly harm people, grievances, chances, and leading causes are indispensable, and even if this is the case, if the person’s life is too prosperous, like Xie Yi’s, they will often turn the bad.

Therefore, an ordinary female ghost who has been dead for such a short period of time has no obsession with blood and blood. Even if it is a bit of luck with shit, it can’t really do anything to strangers.

But of course this is what Zhu Yang said, which is actually scary enough.

Zhu Yang got up: “Okay, you have also seen that the so-called female ghost is this kind of stuff. As long as you don’t be affected by her ghost status, you can tear her alive with a little finger, and you will see it next time. Let’s do it.”

Seeing that Lin Qian was still a little frightened, she gave her a piece of talisman paper in case of accidents: “Take this with you. If you really can’t cover it, please find me again.”

With joy on Lin Qian’s face, Zhu Yang continued: “Five hundred thousand!”


“Eh what eh? I spent so much money to buy it myself. You don’t think I will give you such an expensive thing for nothing? This is not a popular item in the temple for kowtow and burning incense for peace of mind. It is a real encounter with dirty things. You save your life baby.”

In normal times, Lin Qian would be crazy to pay this IQ tax, but contacting Zhu Yang to deal with ghosts is a **** example of the female ghost who died in her TV before.

At this moment, he is really stained with dirty things, and the life-saving money will not be too expensive.

Busily took the talisman paper: “Okay, but I don’t have that much now, I owe you a few days.”

Zhu Yang shrugged and said nothing. These guys would not dare to owe her any money they owed.

Then Xie Xiaomeng also expected Ai Ai: “Well, give me one too!”

This kind of rune paper is the most common item in the redemption window that opens before the start of each game. It is still useful in the novice field, but it may be of limited use later.

There are two in the newbie gift bag she bought, but it’s better to say that the focus of the newbie gift bag is the pass charm. This low-level charm is just an incidental gift.

It can bring pain to low-level ghosts, but the landlord’s wife who has only been visible for two days can’t die, just burns her face and hurts, and he can recover in a little time.

Therefore, the average player will not spend too many points on this talisman paper, which is not cost-effective! If you have extra points, it is better to save up to upgrade your physique and skills.

But at the same time, this kind of rune paper is also indispensable, because the rules will hurt the ghosts and the clearance evaluation will be upgraded.

So all players are using it carefully.

However, Zhu Yang has a lot of these things in her hands, and the ones that can be used are also limited. She has the skills herself, and many times when she thinks of using talisman paper, she has already abused the ghosts to death.

Seeing Xie Xiaomeng’s persuasion, he was not stingy and gave her one directly. Just buy a peace of mind.

After coming out of Lin Qian’s house, Zhu Yang went downstairs and saw Lu Xiu who was waiting not far away in the car.

Zhu Yang was quite satisfied, and was abandoning the trouble of taking a taxi. As expected, he was the most winking follower in the world.

She walked over and asked, “Where is Asin? Can he actually see you out alone?”

Lu Xiu said with a smile: “No, he was afraid that I would abduct you when I went out alone. So I took him to the bathroom and locked him in the house.”

“Hahaha…, you are so wicked.” Zhu Yang can imagine how his younger brother was frustrated at home.

Lu Xiuci was not ashamed but proud to say: “That’s why we are so good-matched.”

Zhu Yang was happy, grabbed his collar and kissed him. The two of them were outside at night with an atmosphere of thunder and fire.

Xie Xiaomeng knows that after doing all kinds of multi-functional miscellaneous uses such as carrying bags and strengthening courage today, it is time to retire.

Seeing that these two people probably didn’t have time to pay attention to others, they had to resign themselves to Lin Qian upstairs and ask her to drive home by herself.

When Zhu Yang got in the car, the first sentence was to let Lu Xiu leave without driving home.

Lu Xiu looked at her in surprise, and listened to her: “There are children at home, it’s not suitable for horse riding.”

Lu Xiuci had long been used to her giving herself some weird titles, but after he gave her off the horse on the day he and her formally dated, this statement couldn’t get around.

He came here this time thinking that it would be good to make sure that the compounding matter is good, but he didn’t expect such a good thing to happen.

He breathed heavily, his Adam’s apple moved, and he turned the steering wheel to change paths.


“I don’t like hotels!” Zhu Yang said: “Go to your place.”

As soon as Lu Xiu’s speech was frozen, Zhu Yang sneered: “You pretended that Lu Xin didn’t know our school very well. I didn’t doubt that you were not a student here until the end.”

Speaking to his ear: “I often run here to spy on me in secret? Those common sense are not something that people can inquire about.”

Then he licked his ears and picked him up with goose bumps. Then he sat back: “I just said you are a pervert, right? I think people can’t be wrong.”

“But you also want me in this way.” Lu Xiu looked at her and said seriously.

“Yeah, this is enough for you to blow for a lifetime.”

The car quickly came to Lu Xiu’s resignation place, unexpectedly not far from Zhu Yang’s villa. There is a binoculars on the balcony. Zhu Yang tried to aim her home in the past, and she could just see her balcony where she usually basks in the sun, drinks coffee and listens to music.

She also likes to relax here often, often staying for half a day.

At this moment, Zhu Yang still saw her brother in the living room where the curtains were not drawn. Her brother was making a call in a desperate manner with his mobile phone, and didn’t know how he got out of the toilet.

In the next second, Zhu Yang felt her phone ringing, but Lu Xiuci had already picked it up for her first and pressed the shutdown button.

Zhu Yang pointed to the binoculars: “This is a criminal tool that people have stolen and obtained? No one is holding you, you are getting less and less particular.”

Lu Xiuci hugged her: “You let go of the rein yourself, no wonder I caused some trouble, things are like this, what else can you do?”

Zhu Yang pushed him in and lifted his shirt. His sturdy and beautiful body was more mature than when he was a teenager.

Zhu Yang couldn’t help but licked his upper lip: “What can I do? The wild horse will naturally have to be controlled again.”

In short, this evening, Zhu Yang let people see the various places for horseback riding, living room sofas, floor-to-ceiling windows, bathrooms and kitchens.

It seems that horse racing can be done anywhere.

As a game player, physical fitness has long been different from that of ordinary people. That is really——

In short, if this house is self-conscious, they would be ashamed to want to sell themselves.

After the end, Zhu Yang dragged his body torn apart by Ma Ye, and said with a panic: “What’s the matter? Shouldn’t it? Can’t it?”

Lu Xiuci pressed the rubbing medicine for her, and said: “Yes, it’s been several years, the body has to adapt again, right?”

Zhu Yang said: “Doesn’t this broken game produce any candy pills that make people blue instantly?”

“Do you have any misunderstandings about the game? Is it so considerate?”

“Why not?” Zhu Yang said with a stubborn neck: “He also sent me a ten-day tour of the farmhouse.”

Lu Xiuci smiled and pressed her on her body: “Who complained to me yesterday morning about poor mountains and bad waters?”

Although it has been a long time without anything, and misunderstood the adaptability of his body, Zhu Yang still had a great time this evening.

So before returning home the next day, I was in a good mood.

But when he returned home and opened the door, seeing Zhu Weixin staring at them with red eyes and black face, the pride on his face had to be reduced.

Zhu Yang hurriedly hugged him and rubbed his face several times: “Oh, our good dog, what’s the matter? The eyes are so red, why didn’t you sleep?”

Zhu Weixin opened her hand and opened her mouth to complain: “I knew you would leave me behind as soon as he entered the door. How could you treat me like this when I came to play with you?”

“What did you two do last night? Is there anything funny you have to leave me alone? Can’t you play with three?”

“This, this really can’t.” Zhu Yang twitched the corner of his mouth.

Zhu Weixin almost cried: “You dislike me, right? I’m leaving now.”

He turned around and went out. Zhu Yang ignored him and sat on the sofa with his legs folded. Lu Xiu resigned and opened the refrigerator to help her cut fruits.

Zhu Weixin waited outside the door for a full five minutes, but did not see her sister running out to chase him distressedly. She was embarrassed and came in silently from the door, pretending that she had never gone out.

Zhu Yang saw him: “I’m back? Go to make breakfast, I haven’t eaten yet.”


Zhu Weixin shrugged his head and went into the kitchen. There seemed to be a bgm sound while cooking, making his figure more and more desolate.

Within a few minutes, Zhu Weixin got angry and took a picture of the kitchen knife: “Who puts the phone here in Erquan Yingyue? I don’t want to eat anymore, right?”

Saying that, the video line stared at Lu Xiuci, who smiled and took the phone back to turn off the music: “Well, in the morning, listen to the music.”

“By the way, your sister and I have fried eggs on one side.”

“I don’t know if she is my sister? I want you to tell? Where is she that I don’t know?”

“That’s too much.”

Seeing this guy’s yin and yang strange, Zhu Weixin grinned: “Are you still proud? I remember your cooking is not good, then my sister can only find me if she wants to eat the family’s loving breakfast anytime, hehe! We have time. ,Take it easy.”

Lu Xiu’s face turned black, which means that the two-kilowatt electric bulb with the cowhide cover can’t be shaken for a lifetime, right?

Although Zhu Yang bullied his younger brother this morning, he was unambiguous when it was time to coax him.

Before the hundreds of points were spent, I took him out to buy things for him in the morning.

Seeing that her sister is so extravagant, Zhu Weixin thinks about her previous finances before, and she just scraped her own money away not long ago.

Although it was useless, it was returned to him, and his sister should still have the two sums of money pulled over by his parents.

However, I have been buying luxury goods recently, and I bought several bags at one go, not to mention shoes and high-end clothes.

It stands to reason that her money should have been spent almost, but recently she hasn’t bothered her parents to ask for it, and she still keeps buying——

After pondering the account, Zhu Weixin stared at Lu Xiu, “Huh! I don’t want a gift with his money.”

Lu Xiu replied coldly: “Don’t think about it all the time, because men’s money is for women. How can there be anything about boys?”

“Furthermore, you have a backbone now, and you haven’t confiscated my benefits before.”

Zhu Weixin looked at him incredulously: “I accept, what benefit did I accept from you?”

“The two boxes of exercises.”

Zhu Weixin grinned his alveolar thoughts, Zhu Yang rubbed his head: “Haha! What do you think, your sister has made some extra money, is it possible for my brother to use it?”

Zhu Weixin immediately became proud and pestered his sister: “Sister, what are you going to give me?”

“You will get your driver’s license when we go back on holiday soon and order a car for you.”

Zhu Weixin immediately became excited, and he glanced at Lu Xiu’s speech on the side: “So, this brother is always his brother, and there is still a fundamental difference in treatment from the big one.”

After shopping for a whole day, when Zhu Yang had time to play on his mobile phone in the evening, he checked the school forum, and she was screened by her boyfriend.

Since Zhu Yang was a child, he should never make a public statement about the advantage he should take advantage of, but there is no ambiguity about what he can show off.

With a beautiful post, I enjoyed the envy, jealousy and hatred that everyone has toward her. Today’s spiritual food is also full.

After Lu Xiu’s resignation, he also had his own business, and he couldn’t stay here long, but seeing Zhu Yang and the others are going to have a holiday too, it would not take such a short distance to meet during the summer vacation.

Zhu Weixin wanted to fill out the volunteer here, but Zhu Yang was forced to change it.

The dog didn’t listen to what he said, until Zhu Yang grabbed his ears: “I said you are stupid? I will graduate soon. Next year, I won’t go to school in the name of an internship. Why are you here?”

“Oh, I graduated and returned home, but you stay here alone for four years? Yes, if you are willing, I have no problem. I live in the house, so I won’t come to visit you often.”

Zhu Weixin was so excited that it was only then that his sister had reunited with the wrongdoer. Naturally, there were no taboos in his hometown, and he would be left here alone.

So Pi Dian Pi Dian changed his wishes.

Zhu Yang relaxed for several days, during which Lin Qian happily told her that the female ghost on the radio had been driven crazy by her.

The method is actually simple, and Zhu Yang is still a pioneer.

It’s nothing more than finding all kinds of contempt for the stupid deeds during his lifetime. The reason why some people are low is really not closely related to their usual behavior.

It is said that the goods are also extremely unwelcome between the bedroom and classmates.

It’s useless and passive, and she’s a glass-hearted mind. It doesn’t matter if she is passive. As long as there are friends around or roommates who want to do something, she will try her best to beat others’ self-confidence and pull others to sink.

She did something carelessly, and the person in charge was just a few formulaic criticisms. She was already wronged, and she was advertised everywhere that she was excluded and bullied, as if I was weak and reasonable.

I always like to owe money and not pay it back. Of course, there are countless other problems, and Lin Qian is too lazy to talk about it.

Now that the deceased is the big one, it is not convenient for everyone to discuss it. In fact, before she died, she still owed several thousand quick money to Shiyouyou. Everyone was a poor student. Although the money was owed over time, it was all her own hard work. Hard work or the amount given by your parents is really not an amount for the students.

So after the funeral, he mentioned the matter to the girl’s parents, and also showed the call records and transfer records of the loan.

But the girl’s parents only received hundreds of thousands of compensation, and they didn’t admit it. They scolded the girl who was in debt, saying that the other party was cold and uneasy.

Lin Qian felt aggrieved when she thought that she had been frightened by such low products for several days, and changed her way to humiliate the female ghost every day when the time came.

In the end, she invited Senior Cheng to her apartment and set off on the topic, letting Senior Cheng know about such a person, and let the girl hear the contempt of her crush.

Every day’s ghosts were driven mad, Lin Qian and the female ghost were addicted, and she was still a little bit unsatisfied. Seeing that the female ghost hadn’t appeared for a few days, she still disliked that she couldn’t fight—

“Bah! It’s so useless, for a while, I’ve never been to a ghost before, and the opportunity is rare and it’s not so dedicated.”

Xie Xiaomeng looked at her. This **** is indeed the most aggressive guy below Zhu Yang from the sisterhood, and he has hit so many times here at the South Wall who has only recently learned how to behave.

Speaking of which, Xie Xiaomeng had encountered ghosts before Lin Qian, but from the point of view of this moment, she believed that her psychological quality was not as good as this guy.

And this guy obviously looked like he was on his head.

She chuckled, “What you mean, it’s as if you would like to meet a ghost in the future.”

Lin Qian said proudly: “Of course, I only found out now that ghosts are not so scary. I didn’t dare to watch horror movies before. Now I watch two movies every night before going to bed.”

“I think I will have a broader path in the future. Even if I host the Horror Channel in the future, it is not a problem to interview the haunted house cemetery in the middle of the night. I have already figured out how to set up a man, the beautiful and courageous beauty anchor, and scream with those people The coquettish **** is definitely different.”

Zhu Yang spooned a meal and glanced at her: “What’s wrong with screaming?”

Lin Qian wanted to make a contempt statement, because Zhu Yang has never been frightened and screamed since she was impressed, so she wouldn’t be able to poke her shortcomings, right?

But looking at her expression and eyes, her powerful survival instinct still made her turn her head: “By the way, I transferred the 500,000 yuan to you in the morning. Have you received it?”

“Oh and, my mother brought me a lot of dim sum, which was made by my aunt. She is really amazing in making dim sum. I will bring it to you tomorrow.”

Everyone in the Sisterhood saw that Lin Qian, who is usually the most favorite and good-bye to Zhu Yang, looked like a dog, even Nahan.

While Zhu Yang was enjoying the glamorous and comfortable daily life, he didn’t know that someone accepted the commission and returned to the playground where he once spent time.

Xie Yi actually doesn’t want to take this job very much. In his opinion, he is boring. What is his current status? Went to the rookie field to find a toad/magic trouble, said that the price would be too much?

It’s just that when someone asked about him, he didn’t think much about it and said that he had participated in this event. Not long after he refused, Lu Xiu resigned and found the guy himself.

He still thinks there are many twists and turns inside, it turns out that the toad/magic wanted to eat the swan meat and the mouth was broken. It doesn’t matter if it collapses, the swan meat is still the eagle’s mind.

Xie Yi couldn’t help it, Lu Xiu offered a high resignation. They occasionally had a pleasant exchange and cooperation, and it was not easy to offend, so they had to go.

Entering the game, this village is no longer the modern background of Zhu Yang and the others at the time, but this backward primitive mountain village, at first glance, has not changed much.

It’s still the same road, and there are still a few players walking on the way into the village, but the clothing of the players has become the style of the Republic of China, and the luggage is not a backpack but a cloth bag.

The reason for entering the village is not the college students’ sketching, but the war outside and the mountains to hide.

It’s easy to avoid disasters. People who can’t tolerate outside die in the mountains. Naturally, it is easy to deal with.

Xie Yi vaguely remembered that when he played this game that year, his level was not high, so the difficulty of the game was average. There were two reckless newcomers who accidentally lost their lives, but the others didn’t get through the game too much. Not so dangerous.

In this game, female players usually have more dealings with that toad/magic, after all, male players are not interested.

He had seen the real Toad/Mao Jing once and almost scared him to death.

As soon as a few newcomers arrived and were still introducing themselves, they saw one of them suddenly ran towards the village in a certain direction.

The newcomers were a little confused, but they were afraid of being involved by this daredevil, so they followed.

Xie Yi didn’t care. In short, finish the work early and go back early. Kill the boss before the survival mission is released.

He ran ahead, followed by a bunch of people behind, and it didn’t take long for him to arrive at the ancestral hall in the village.

At this time, the village chief was kowtow to burn incense inside, and Xie Yi kicked the door open and walked in.

Before the villagers made a sound, one by one grabbed their collars and threw them out: “Worship, pay a fart, your ancestors knew that the bandit who had bothered to hack to death was enshrined by their own turtle son, and they were so angry that they got out of the coffin. jump out.”

The villagers were shocked, and they were clamoring and confronting Xie Yi, and the newcomer players behind arrived.

One of them, a man in his 30s, who was mature and reliable, scolded, “What are you doing? The mission hasn’t been released. Don’t mess around, if you–”

Without saying anything, I saw Xie Yi jump on the altar table and lifted the red cloth, revealing the true face of the offering. When a few players looked at the thing, they knew that the village was evil and the evil place. Bacheng is also on this.

They didn’t understand that they were both newcomers, and where the young boy came from, they came straight to this side.

Still thinking about it, he saw that he stretched out his hand to the stone statue, and his hand passed directly through the Buddha statue and pulled something out of it.

The thing kept struggling with a dazed expression, but it was still pulled out easily by Xie Yi. The process was a bit like pulling out the soul from the body in a special effects movie.

As soon as Xie Yi pulled out the thing, he threw it to the ground. The villagers and novices looked over and found that it was exactly the same thing as the stone statue, that is, their Bodhisattva.

The full-headed eyes were blinking in horror.

Xie Yi rubbed his arms and said with a cold voice, “I’ve said that I’m afraid of these things. The emissary surnamed Lu is simply unreasonable to make trouble.”

He said to several new players: “Which of you have killed a bullfrog?”

The few newcomers were all dumbfounded, one of them, blankly raised his hand: “Me!”

Xie Yi breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good, come and come! You kill it, although it is big but the principle is estimated to be similar, I will give you a thousand rewards after killing it.”

The newcomer realized that he had met the boss and nodded quickly. When did the other people see the points so well earned? They also recommended themselves one after another.

Xie Yi put them in: “Success! It’s all right, anyway, no matter how painful it is, you can’t let it die lightly.”

“You kill first. I’m going out. I’m timid and can’t see these things. I covered my mouth. I was worried when I heard the screams.”

Boss, are you kidding us? But a few newcomers are just thinking in their hearts.

The villagers outside were stunned by the picture of the Bodhisattva dragging them to life, and saw that the Bodhisattva was really terrifying, and there was no resistance in these people’s hands.

Their devotion to the Bodhisattva comes from greed and cowardice, so naturally they don’t have the courage to fight.

Xie Yi sat on the tree outside the ancestral hall with grass dangling in it for a long time. When the door of the ancestral hall opened, a few newcomers walked out to ask for credit.

Immediately retreat two steps: “Don’t don’t don’t, don’t go forward, you are just like a team of chainsaw murderers, don’t laugh so oozingly, little girl, your teeth are bloody.”

The female player refused to follow her, turned angrily, and waited for the player to take care of herself before she could be counted in the eyes of this self-proclaimed cowardly hypocritical bigot.

The boss was very happy. One person gave a thousand points, and several people immediately received the news that the game BOSS was killed in advance, and the occasion needed maintenance, and the player left the game early.

In order to compensate for the fact that the evaluation of the clearance of a few people is not low, a few players are as happy as they are. They have never encountered such a short and easy pass. They also received a thousand points in vain. It is a small fortune. Up.

A few people are grateful to the boss, and sincerely ask the boss to go to the novice field if there is nothing to do.

Xie Yi also left the game and returned to the real world, but within five minutes, he used the props to return to the village.

“The hard task given by Lao Lu is to kill at least three times. Let the poor brides do it this time.”

He wiped his eyes as he said. I don’t know whether to cry or not to cry: “Poor girls, toads/daughters.”

The few newcomers who were introducing themselves looked back and looked at this suddenly babbled guy like two fools.

Naturally, Zhu Yang didn’t know how many crimes the ghost bodhisattva suffered after being tortured by her life. The key is that from the timeline, the toad/magic is still a tender toad/magic.

Of course, she knew that she wouldn’t express any thoughts about toad abuse/magic abuse.

On the eve of summer vacation, Zhu Yang plans to play the game again, and then enjoy the whole summer vacation without interruption.

I submitted the application in my mind, and picked a night that was fine the next day. In fact, instead of letting the game arrange the time by myself, I guess it would be better to apply in advance.

It’s easier to adjust the time, place, and things in reality, but most people are mentally prepared for the last day of their lives every time before entering the game, and rarely do it in advance.

That day Zhu Yang and his brother had finished eating, and watched TV together for a while before returning to their rooms to rest.

At this time, it happened that there was still more than half an hour before she entered the game. Zhu Yang closed the door, took a shower and changed into pajamas, took a look at the phone, and there are still two minutes before entering.

He lay on the bed slowly, adjusted his posture and waited. When the time came, the redemption window opened, and Zhu Yang bought the props that were open for redemption.

Her physique still can’t grow anymore, because the rewards of S-level have increased by ten points after the last clearance, so she has reached the stage limit again.

After buying something that works, Zhu Yang suddenly heard that the bedroom door was opened.

Zhu Weixin’s excited voice came: “Sister, Dad just called and said–”

As soon as the speech turned to panic, Zhu Yang opened his eyes and saw her brother’s scared face. Before he could react, he was sent to the game world.

The surrounding scenery has changed from my bedroom to a strange place.

Zhu Yang was hit by his younger brother because of this extremely tricky time, and he didn’t know how worried that guy should be right now.

Although in the real world, she will go back in the next second, but a whole big living person suddenly disappeared out of thin air for a while. Is this something that can be fooled casually?

Thinking of not knowing how long he was going to stay in the game, Zhu Yang was filled with irritation.

She looked up and noticed that there were several players around her before her eyes were focused, and then she heard a familiar voice coming from the side——

“Sister, what’s the matter? Aren’t we in the bedroom? Why do you suddenly appear here?”

At that moment, Zhu Yang only felt that her heartbeat stopped, her neck was stiff like a puppet, and she slowly turned her head.

I saw her stupid brother looking at himself blankly.


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