Scream Queen Chapter 39

Zhu Weixin’s eyes are very nice, they look like Zhu Yang, but they look much purer than Zhu Yang.

The little deer was watery and bright, and while watching his sister wondering about the situation, she was blinking, very cute.

When he just saw his sister disappearing from his eyes, his heart stopped him, but the next second he saw his sister and he was not so panicked. Although I still don’t understand what is going on, the sister temporarily let it go. The hanging heart.

In normal times, the silly boy brother is so cute, Zhu Yang went to rub two in the morning.

At this time, Zhu Yang closed his eyes fiercely, unable to exhale anyhow, and then raised his hand and slapped her brother’s head.

“I told you how many times I have entered my room and knocked on the door, knocked on the door! This should be remembered if the pig has been drawn so many times, you can’t remember it, it hangs on my door as soon as you come here. Such a big two’knock on the door’, you didn’t see it, did you?”

Zhu Weixin was turned into a top and hugged his head and said aggrieved: “Then we used to sleep in the same room, and I often forget it after we split the room. What door did I knock on in my own room? I wouldn’t think it was if you hung up the number plate. Show it to me. Obviously it was shown to others, such as someone who took a lot of money.”

Zhu Yang was annoyed and laughed: “You are not used to dividing the room. When did we squeeze into the same room? It happened more than ten years ago. At that time, our family was not a nouveau riche. I have adapted well to the day.”

“I can figure it out. You are not obedient, are you? Okay, this is over anyway, I will let my parents have another brother when I go back, and I will teach again, so as not to make me angry.”

Zhu Weixin hurriedly arched her sister’s neck and said: “Don’t stop, sister, don’t be angry, what kind of brother do you have, I am the only brother, there is no second.”

She coquettishly again: “What did I say to you when you were angry? I beat and scolded and scolded. I went through the process and cried again. Then according to the usual practice, this matter will pass?”

“Sister, you just hit me so bad, my head is buzzing, and my body hurts everywhere, do you have that much strength?”

Zhu Yang was so annoyed that he wanted to push the fool back into her mother’s stomach to recreate. Hearing this, he was busy raising his sleeves to check.

She knows that she is strong now, so she naturally has to practice being able to retract and unwind freely in front of others.

Beating one’s own brother naturally subconsciously restrained, but was short of breath just now, and I don’t know if it was confiscated.

Sure enough, the print on this guy’s arm was a bit scary, as if someone was pulling a bamboo board.

Zhu Yang felt distressed immediately, so he fished his head and pulled out his hair to see if there was anything wrong.

Zhu Weixin obediently let his sister play with him, feeling proud and happy, and then asked the topic just now——

“By the way, sister, you haven’t told me yet, where is this? I just saw you disappear on the bed. The next second we will not be at home and we will change our clothes. What kind of clothes are these? School uniforms?”

Zhu Weixin babbled in doubt, but felt that his sister’s hand was stiff, and he stopped touching his dog’s head.

He was so comfortable that he wanted to hum. When he heard his hand, he looked up dissatisfied and saw his sister’s face was so dark that he looked like he was going to slash him.

Zhu Weixin was so scared: “Sister, sister! It doesn’t hurt anymore, I don’t hurt anymore, really, calm down.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Well, I’m calm. There is no time to be calmer than now. If you don’t be calm, you can’t do it. After all, you have to smash something that you don’t know whether it is a living body or a conceptualization.

After a while, she also wanted to understand, that the dog is older than the system to find faults for her. After entering the game twice, it is true that there are risks, but she also believes that she can cover it.

Even if a lot of ghosts and monsters respond to people, the whole game, as a life adjustment, does not bring her completely boring.

But this dog dared to pull her brother in!

Zhu Yang doesn’t think that two people can form a team into the game by staying together. If it is really that simple, you can form a team. There have been old players in the game.

As an outsider who has never experienced any trials, Zhu Weixin shouldn’t be drawn in no matter how you look at it. Zhu Yang didn’t dare to rush him out of the game with a pass, in case the dog took advantage of this time difference to her. What should I do if my younger brother is selected without her staring at her younger brother foolishly?

She wasn’t sure that this was just an accident in the rules, and what follow-up mechanism would be there after going out, or whether it would be the beginning of the player. If it’s the former, it’s okay, but in the latter, it’s really a lot of action.

After watching Zhu Weixin for a long time, I was so angry that I didn’t want to bother him.

At this time, a few other players came over. There were not many players this time, except for the two brothers and sisters of Zhu Yang, there were only three people.

One is a young man in his early thirties named Liu Zhi, a boy in his early twenties named Zhao Shu, and a 15-year-old girl named Xu Wei.

The three of them all wore the same school uniforms as Zhu Yang and the others. The obvious age difference made them feel inexplicably funny when standing together.

As soon as the three of them entered the game, they saw Zhu Yang’s two brothers and sisters being noisy, and it was not difficult to tell the relationship between the two from the dialogue.

The three of them were a little speechless while envious, and only when they saw that they were almost arguing, they started to introduce each other.

What surprised Zhu Yang was that these three were actually quite novices. The most experienced boy was Zhao Shu, who had only experienced four games, while the other two had experienced two games, just like Zhu Yang.

The number of players’ experience level is even far lower than that of the previous game. According to Zhu Yang’s evaluation, this is really abnormal.

Then she glanced at her silly brother, Lu Xiuci said that a large part of the difficulty of the game is determined by the player’s comprehensive evaluation.

This game, shouldn’t it be dragged down by the huge humanoid pendant like Zhu Weixin, the game has reduced her difficulty, right?

Sure enough, Liu Zhi in his early thirties tugged at his clothes and said: “Well, what? Is it possible to arrange me as a student? Am I like a student?”

After speaking, he told several players that he had the honor of encountering an old player who was able to talk about the game last time. The other party told him that the game generally does not make particularly illogical arrangements on certain occasions.

For example, in a school setting, if the players are set to be students, then players of incompatible age will naturally not be selected.

For example, the theme is the jungle search or the wealthy bodyguard. Naturally, players with smart appearance are usually arranged.

Liu Zhi felt that it was wrong to be dragged to such a situation first, and doubted: “Could it be that it was temporarily dragged to make up the number?”

But it’s unnecessary to care about these at this moment, and all of them have come in, don’t they have to bite the bullet and clear the customs?

Without speaking for a while, the school door slowly opened in front of them, and a woman with crossed hair, glasses and a neat suit came out.

The woman claimed to be the dean of teaching and took a few transfer students to the classroom.

Zhu Yang looked around. It was not so much a school, it looked more like a manor. The old exterior walls of the building were covered with thick moss, and the surroundings were also deserted. Except for a few places where students had regular activities, they were everywhere. It’s barren weeds.

It is remote and independent, far away from crowds, but there are not many students. The whole school has only one class, and more than 40 people are all in one classroom.

The classroom is located on the second floor of the main building, and the space is not small. I was led to the classroom by the dean along the way while listening to her introduction.

Everyone knows that this is a recurring class for the third year of high school, and all the students in it are the last year or even the last year’s losers.

Parents at home are not reconciled to the results, they are busy at work and push the responsibility until their children don’t work hard to be distracted by unnecessary things, or there are other reasons.

Therefore, the children were sent to such a so-called closed militarized school and decided to repeat the course for a year and try again.

Of course, these are summarized by Zhu Yang, in fact, the teaching director’s words are much more beautified.

And from the point of view leaked in the other’s words, this harsh-faced woman even feels that the students here are losers who should always be ashamed. It is the right way to receive guidance here, review hard, and repay your parents’ expectations.

“Mobile phone and tablet game consoles, all electronic equipment must be handed in. The boarding house will collect it tonight. Don’t think about hiding it. If you find any electronic equipment in use anywhere in the school, it will be handled according to school regulations.”

But the other party did not say how to deal with the school regulations.

“After class, the monitor will give you a schedule. All students in the school have a unified schedule. You must not delay your absence. Wear uniform uniforms, no alteration and decoration, and no accessories. Girls are not allowed to make up. If you bring any messy things, throw them away. Right.”

“Mobile phones, celebrities, cosmetics, unnecessary entertainment, and no self-controlling habits are the main culprits for you to become losers. Don’t believe in the so-called personal consciousness. In fact, most people need mandatory management. Especially you, have experienced The result of over-indulgence, I must have a deep understanding.”

“Your parents are paying high tuition fees. It is not for the school to bring them the same results. Anyone who is ashamed should not be complacent at the cost of paying more than others.”

“So for the next year, forget to enjoy and rest, you are not qualified to—”

When the dean was talking about this, Zhu Yang interrupted: “You can see that the teacher is a self-disciplined person. I would take the liberty to ask if you have any children?”

The dean was very unhappy that her words were interrupted. If she were the students at school, she would have been angry, but these freshmen had just entered the school. For the time being, forgive them for not understanding the rules.

He pushed his glasses and replied: “Yes!”

“The same is true of your educational philosophy for your children?”

The dean sneered: “I know what you mean. Students like you always like to make all kinds of excuses for failure, and always use the most relaxed example as the standard.”

“Do you think that the teacher is a person who treats others strictly and disciplines himself leniently. You want to attack the unfairness of the system and find reasons for yourself to be lazy?”

Who knows that Zhu Yang waved his hand and smiled: “No, no, teacher, don’t think about it so much. The purpose of my question is not that complicated at all.”

“I just want to say, if you ask your children the same way, forget it and let them go.”

Seeing the dean’s eyes looking sharply, Zhu Yang stared directly at her with a casual expression: “That’s the way you are. Your genes are here. No matter how hard you push it, it’s not like this.”

Seeing that she was about to speak, Zhu Yang took the lead and said: “Teacher, don’t you lead the way? What do you stop for?”

The dean of teaching took a deep look at her, did not speak at all, and continued to lead them to the classroom.

Naturally, Zhu Weixin would not have any objections to his sister’s words. In fact, his sister seemed to ignore him at the moment, and he ignored her when she touched her. He was panicking.

Although the other three players disagreed that she didn’t know the situation and offended people rashly, but in the end, her qualifications are higher than them.

Zhao Shu, the only one who is more senior than her, is introverted, and in terms of momentum, he can’t compare with Zhu Yang at all. It is not easy to speak with a little dissatisfaction.

But Zhu Yang is almost certain now, where is the repeat school here? The whole school was lifeless and quiet, and there was no vigorous atmosphere. The teacher did not say a few words to the new students to suppress the irony.

It’s just a newcomer to be polite at any rate. One can imagine how she talks to the students here.

If it’s just harsh words, these kinds of strict regulations, and the school rules that the other party repeatedly mentions but don’t directly point out, there are all kinds of personality suppression.

This is a military management school? Professor Yang’s withdrawal center is pretty much the same.

Seeing that she was about to come to the classroom, Zhu Weixin quickly grabbed her: “Sister! Don’t ignore me, but tell me what’s going on? Is it a dream?”

Zhu Yang suppressed the impulse to kill him: “Yes, yes, you should be dreaming, but follow me closely and don’t leave in front of my eyes.”

“Then what should I do if I have to go to the toilet?”

It’s not that Zhu Yang didn’t encounter ghosts in the toilet, but he was afraid that his stupid brother would be frightened. He gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll follow you.”

Zhu Weixin’s face blushed immediately, and he poked his sister on the shoulder: “Sister, you hate it~~”

Xu Wei on the side was numb with goose bumps from the two of them. She was selected as a player by miraculously slightly injured when she went out to play and fell from an entertainment facility.

In reality, I have only graduated from junior high school, and I was just at the age of daydreaming, but after living through the trials and a formal game, I was forced to mature a lot.

She thinks this little brother, who is obviously a few years older than her, looks like the most naive one here?

At this time, the instructor had already explained to the class teacher about the new students, the class teacher stopped the class, patted the chalk on his hands, and signaled a few people to come in.

When introducing himself, Liu Zhi, who looked older than his teacher, was a little nervous.

Bit the bullet and said: “Hello everyone, my name is Liu Zhi, I’m twenty this year–”

When he said this, he heard an uncontrollable squirt from behind. He turned his head and saw Zhu Weixin’s trembling shoulders and said, “Brother, you are really anxious at twenty years old.”

Several players have the heart to kill him. This forced the system not only to choose the wrong role, but the people in the dangerous people’s classroom just looked at him with suspicion, but he didn’t pierce it, but there was a traitor among them with a big mouth. Said it.

Liu Zhi looked a little embarrassed with the eyes of the students looking at his age fraud, but fortunately the inertia of the system cannot be violated.

Just like Zhu Yang’s first game, the landlord was so suspicious of them and didn’t chase them out. It’s the same here. Even if the people in the game think that this person is here no matter how much he is still there, he won’t be chased out in thinking. The idea of ​​going out.

Zhu Yang glared at her brother, Zhu Weixin shut up, quite aggrieved——

“Don’t say it’s a dream!”

Zhu Yang couldn’t bear it, shook his head and ignored him, feeling sad.

Although she is stupid every day, her brother is stupid and scolds, but how can her brother be stupid?

At this moment, I was afraid that I was suspicion in my heart before I started to test it. If I kept it from him, it would not last long.

If the dog knew that she would come and go all day long to participate in such a terrible game, Zhu Yangzhen wouldn’t even want to imagine how troublesome it would be to deal with him.

After the five people introduced themselves, they were assigned to the empty seats in the back row, and Zhu Weixin sat next to his sister.

However, the seats in the classroom are not arranged side by side. They are separated by one person. Each group of seats is separated by an aisle about one meter.

The students were quiet and silent in class, and even among the newly transferred students, there were handsome men and beauties like Zhu Yang and Zhu Weixin, and it was useless to show up like their peers.

The girls’ eyes were bright, but there was no loud noise, which shows that the school is strictly managed, not to mention whispering between classmates.

Zhu Weixin managed to get through the first class, and after class was over, she was next to his sister: “Sister, sister! Tell me honestly, did you hide something from me?”

“Don’t you talk about dreaming? In your dreams, why do you follow along, enter such a silly classroom, and listen to such a long class? The reactions of these people are too realistic, and the mathematics teacher is too long-winded The key is that the knowledge points are okay. Also, I always hurt when you started hitting me. If I dreamed of waking up long ago.”

“Sister, sister! Did you participate in any secret gathering? Are there really superpowers in this world? Sister, don’t ignore me, why don’t you also absorb me if you join any organization? Look at those three people, one I don’t wink when I look at it. I’m definitely not clever to help you with your bag. Why don’t you find me? Are you used to it?”

Zhu Yang pressed the guy’s head on the table and said loudly: “Talking, talking, you flies? Have you forgotten that you still have a meal and can’t finish it? If you really can, I will be the first one. Kick you out, your sister, I want to be quiet for a while to hold back your stupid impulse, do you have to run into it?”

“Come here!” Zhu Yang ran to the podium and took the pointer: “I can’t bear it, right? I will satisfy you now.”

Zhu Weixin said aggrievedly while hiding and saying: “Has that matter been over? The arms are all green. We said that you are so angry that you will not stay overnight. You have beaten them, and you ignore me or tell me nothing. Ask you if you get angry and change the subject, don’t rush to quibble, you must be hiding something from me.”

Zhu Yang hasn’t been made crying by Goubi Game for so long, but her brother made him want to cry now.

Thinking about this guy coming in for less than an hour, I don’t know how long this game will stay, sooner or later I have to wear a suit, and it explodes on the spot when I think of it.

She waved her hand tiredly: “Yes, you will be quiet first, and I will tell you later.”

Zhu Weixin snorted with satisfaction, and then saw two people approaching.

The siblings looked around after arguing and found that all the students were watching them with horrified eyes.

Two people who came by, a man and a woman, the man took the lead and said, “What are you doing so loudly? Don’t you know if there are students studying after class? You don’t have a bad mid-term entrance exam, don’t bother others. You two will be punished by the Academic Affairs Department. go with.”

Zhu Yang snorted and didn’t move. Zhu Weixin had a word that was right, that is, when there is a hand in hand, many things do not need to be done by himself.

Although Zhu Weixin’s personality is not as domineering as his sister, he is not a soft person in front of others. On the contrary, he is also a male **** surrounded by everyone at school, and he is excellent and proud. How can he hear this inexplicable challenge?

He stood up from his position, suddenly his height was a lot larger than that of the boy. Condescendingly, he used that face that was not smiling when he was sharp, and his face was cold and handsome facing the boy——

“Tired? Are you talking about yourself? The average value of the entire class and IQ have been lowered by you.”

He pointed to the boy and asked the girl next to him, “What is this person’s job in the class?”

The girl was suddenly startled when she was questioned, but looking at Zhu Weixin’s handsome face, she still whispered, “Mathematics class representative.”

“The class representative can still keep people talking or not? How awesome are you after taking the test?

The girl couldn’t help but said, “96 points in the last monthly test.”

“Percentage system?”

“No, 150’s.”

“Heh!” Zhu Weixin looked at the boy, chuckled, and stopped talking.

But the meaning of the expression was already obvious. The boy’s face was flushed, and some slight laughter came from around.

He turned his head and glared at those people, who were so good at complaining because he was used to being a teacher, so they didn’t dare to go too far.

I was about to ask Zhu Weixin: “Then you can take the test–”

When the words started, Zhu Weixin pressed the top of his head and opened it.

“What are you doing in blocking here? You blocked me from seeing my sister, what do you think about blocking such a beautiful person? Can you think about it for others’ eyes?”

Boys are originally thin and nerdy types, and this has been taken a few steps away. Seeing Zhu Weixin’s physique and shirt on his arm, and the strong muscles exposed in his forearm, he dared not preach any more.

Just remember this pen.

After the boy left, another girl came over and handed several players a schedule for each person, and said that she was the squad leader here, if you have any questions, you can find her.

After speaking, I was about to go back to my seat, so I heard Zhu Yang stop her.

“Monitor, let me ask you.” Zhu Yang pointed to that page of the schedule, and his nails were drawn down from top to bottom: “If I violate all the rules of this form, what punishment will I be punished according to the school rules? ?”

The female squad leader took a breath, then looked at her in horror: “No, don’t you—”

Realizing that her voice is a little broken, the female squad leader paused and whispered: “Don’t be kidding, it’s not so fun to violate school rules.”

“In short, everyone comes to the school to do their best to prepare for the next college entrance examination, right? This schedule looks strict, but you also plan science, and your hard work will always pay off. For the sake of the university and the future, let’s stick to it for a year.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows and pointed to the form: “In addition to the seven hours of sleep, we also eliminate the arrangement of eating and washing to the minute. Oh, yes, you can’t go to the toilet more than twice a morning, and there is a time rule.”

“There are no weekends and holidays throughout the semester, eh! University and the future?” Zhu Yang leaned lazily on the table: “Is there still a life for college?”

Not to mention the secretive school rules.

Looking at the students around, all trembling like little chickens at slightly larger movements, this school is quite interesting.

What the monitor was going to say, when the class bell rang, she just opened her mouth and returned to her seat.

This class is an English class, and Zhu Yang feels upset because he has to talk to his brother about the game later.

So he looked out the window all the time, looking like he was about to become a flying fairy, Zhu Weixin held a class last class, and his sister ignored him now.

He insisted on beckoning her, poking his arm with a pen, and throwing a ball of paper on her desk.

In fact, Zhu Weixin is very novel to be able to build the same classroom with her sister, as if they are as big as they can be inseparable. They are all together in class at home, and I feel a little excited.

The teacher on the podium had been paying attention to these two people for quite a long time. Neither book was opened, and the other didn’t put him in his eyes, and almost dismantled the table.

The English teacher had a small belly and chicken intestines. He took a pointer to pat on the desk, and suddenly the class shivered with a loud noise.

Zhu Weixin looked up and saw the English teacher pointing at him: “You, class is so fun, isn’t it? Do you understand everything just now? Come up to me!”

Everyone looked at Zhu Weixin with sympathy. The English teacher was very perverted when he physically punished the students, but the thugs could come up with a lot of tricks.

Once he was dissatisfied with his English test results. He pulled the backs of his hands with all his classmates under the standard line.

At that time, everyone was hurt and it was winter again, and other teachers would not sympathize with your injury. Several of them almost broke down.

But Zhu Weixin didn’t even stand up. Everyone listened to him: “Understood!”

The English teacher was still chattering endlessly, and the choking voice stopped abruptly by the words.

I saw that Zhu Weixin looked at the blackboard on the blackboard, and then did not even turn through the textbook, so he started talking according to the knowledge just now.

To be honest, it is clear and concise, and it is easier to understand than the teacher said.

The English teacher’s face is getting ugly and his authority has been challenged, but this is not over yet.

After Zhu Weixin finished speaking, he smiled and said, “Oh, right, teacher, your pronunciation seems to be problematic. For example, the room sounds like ‘Luen’ and the tongue cannot be curled. Isn’t this inappropriate?”

“After all, we master a foreign language in order to see the world more and get to know more people and get more job opportunities. Coping with exams is just a small part of it. You are responsible for the future of students. Shouldn’t you as a teacher? Do you require yourself with stricter standards?”

“How about practicing with chopsticks in your mouth?”

The English teacher became angry and took his self-made pointer from the podium to Zhu Weixin.

But as soon as he stepped closer, he was kicked hard in his calf, and he fell to the ground, his teeth knocked to his lips, but the calf was even more painful.

It took him a long time before he turned over, glaring at Zhu Yang, who had not retracted his legs while sitting on his side.

Just about to scold, she saw her condescendingly looking at her, her voice light and frightening, with the horror they usually used to punish and beat students–

“Holding a stick, do you want to smoke at whose brother?”

Zhu Yang has beaten and scolded his younger brother countless times since he was a child, but he wanted others to dare to touch his hair——

The dog hasn’t explained the task yet, but Zhu Yang didn’t care, he was about to step on the teacher’s leg.

I received the task prompt——

Discover all the haunted mysteries of the school!

After Zhu Yang had a meal, the English teacher got up with this effort, looked at the two siblings vigilantly, and finally limped back to the podium.

Zhu Yang knows the urination of the game. The so-called detection, in fact, this game does not consider the fun of reasoning at all, which means that you will experience all the haunted incidents in the school.

It is estimated that she has been in the game and only cares about the troubles of her younger brother, so that it does not matter whether the clearance affects the fun of the whole game.

This dog than the game actually gave Zhu Yang a special explanation of the rules of the accident at this time.

It is said that the game time allows players to choose a hidden and separate location, which is to follow the principle of confidentiality.

Once it is broken by an outsider, in order to prevent the outsider from having an irreversible impact on reality during this period-for example, the opponent is talking on the phone while breaking the player, so even if it is only one second, it is enough to reveal the matter.

Although the risk is small, it does exist. Players who can’t reveal the secrets of the game will never disclose the game to outsiders in this way.

Outsiders are not tagged in the game, and behavior and information networks cannot be located and controlled at any time. Therefore, in order to prevent the risk of game exposure, outsiders must be drawn into the game at this time.

But in order to prevent players from retaliating against people in reality in this way, for example, outsiders who have no idea about the game are involved in the game by using this rule, and then abandoning them and using ghosts to kill people.

In order to prevent players from spreading maliciousness to reality, outsiders will not be life-threatening in the game.

After the game is over and back to reality, the outsider will choose whether to become a player or not. If he refuses, he will erase all memories of the game.


Say it earlier, Zhu Yang breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately became energetic. After swiping in, he was slumped and dark, with a vengeance on the world in his heart.

Of course, it’s best to keep your brother from getting on the game car. Since you’ll forget everything if you refuse it after going out, it’s not that difficult to say many things.

Chang Shu sighed and raised his head, and when he looked at his younger brother, he saw the silly dog ​​looking at himself with admiration.

Yes, my heart is rippling right now, ignore him.

But after class, she ignored her younger brother, and his younger brother came over by herself—

“Sister~~, don’t ignore me if you love me so much!”

Zhu Yangsheng has nothing to love, this silly dog.

Finally, staying up until the end of school in the afternoon, according to the agreement, they had to report to the dormitory, and submit personal belongings registration in the dormitory.

Five people came to the dormitory building, where boys and girls live in the same house, but there are only so many people in the school, which is understandable.

The layout of the dormitory building is certainly not the dormitory of an ordinary school, it is obviously changed from the old villa.

There are three floors in total, the first floor is the dormitory and the teachers, the second floor is boys and the third floor is girls.

There are eight people in one dormitory, so the students actually share less than six rooms, and this villa is quite big, in fact there are many empty rooms.

Su Guan is a middle-aged woman in her forties and fifties, with a face full of flesh and brutality, but a touch of greed flashes in her eyes from time to time, especially when the other three players hand in personal belongings.

She stared at the mobile wallet and other things in the box as if it was hers already.

After the three of them had made friends, seeing Zhu Yang’s two sisters and brothers did not move, she said fiercely: “What? You want to hide and play? Are you here to study or to play? Don’t talk nonsense and put it in, or tell your teacher. You guys are pretty.”

After speaking, I saw a wad of money being thrown into the box that he pushed over to put their personal belongings.

Su Guan was startled, then swallowed at the thick pile of money and looked at Zhu Yang: “What, what do you mean?”

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “It’s nothing. Auntie takes care of so many people’s daily life every day. Please eat something delicious when you are on vacation.”

“Oh, no hard work, no hard work.” The manager immediately smiled, put the money in his pocket, and swiftly zipped the pocket.

“Oh, it would be great if every student was as sensible as you, and well-behaved, and understands the hard work of adults. Come and come, I will take you to the dormitory.”

The three new players saw Zhu Yang’s lavishness, similar to how Zhang Xin and the others saw Zhu Yang buying chicken, duck and fish with points. They looked at her as if they had a bag in their head.

Several people went upstairs, and the three players were arranged to enter the male and female sleeping quarters with vacant seats.

When it was Zhu Yang’s turn, there really was another moth. Each room itself is not small, but the eight beds must not meet her living standards.

She opened a few empty rooms next door and chose a decent one: “I’ll live here.”

Zhu Weixin hurriedly pulled the suitcase in: “I live with my sister, and there are two beds in it anyway.”

Although Zhu Yang didn’t want to squeeze a room with him, but in the end this is a game world that is always dangerous. Even if the dog says that outsiders are lifeless and safe, is it aimed at ghosts or people?

Most of the occasions she experienced, people were more terrifying than ghosts, so she didn’t dare to nod carelessly: “Okay, you live with me.”

Zhu Weixin was so happy that he wanted to spin around, but the auntie said: “This is not in accordance with the rules, you are a man and a woman–”

Before she finished speaking, another wad of money was photographed on her: “My brother has a mental disorder. It would be okay if I didn’t watch and yell and affect other students at night?”

The dormitory received the money: “Oh~~, this is, after all, the dormitory should be quiet. But if your teacher checks that it is different, I have nothing to do.”

Zhu Yang naturally knew, so he sent away.

Zhu Weixin said: “Sister, where do you get so much money? I just looked at a few boxes and there was no money in it, and why is that greedy woman cheap?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Give it to her, just get it back later.”

Zhu Weixin believes that he was taught by his sister. How different can the values ​​be?

It is for sure not to let unhappy people take advantage.

Then Zhu Weixin ignored the others and hurriedly roared: “Sister, didn’t you say to explain this to me? There is no one now, hurry up! Tell me.”

What can Zhu Yang do? I had to tell him from the beginning of the fake Sadako time one to five to ten, and explained some things that he was not allowed to do.

After a long time, a person suddenly yelled from the third floor: “Isn’t the dead ghost on TV dazzled by me?”

Zhu Weixin stood up and paced around the room: “Lu Datou-no, I wasn’t dazzled by Brother Lu that time? He was so awesome and fucking.”

Zhu Yang took him to sit down and slapped him: “You yell, you have already told you everything, you will be obedient to me, pass this level safely, and let me refuse to know if you go out?”

Zhu Weixin didn’t do it anymore: “If it wasn’t for me to bump into this, you are planning to hide it from me for a lifetime?”

“My sister was born and died in a broken game, but I didn’t know anything. After you let me go out, I would be like a fool all day long, until one day I suddenly heard of your death?”

Zhu Yang pumped him again: “Who did you say died? Your sister is so awesome, is she a short-lived person?”

Zhu Weixin’s eyes were red: “I don’t care, I want to be with you.”

“You have a fart with me.” Zhu Yang scolded him: “Didn’t you understand what I just said? Big head Lu-Bah, your brother Lu hasn’t found any team props yet. He still wants to be with me. It works. ?”

“Besides, don’t think about it so simply, those ghosts, hey, you think you are brave enough to watch a few horror movies, right?”

“A lot of people don’t shed tears without seeing the coffin. If you see it, the urine scares you out. Believe it or not?”

Zhu Weixin was angrily: “Then I can’t stand it, you must be more afraid.” He hugged his sister and cried, “My poor sister.”

“I haven’t suffered a bit at home, why are you involved in this **** game?”

“You are so timid, you don’t dare to fight cockroaches, and you love to be clean and beautiful. How can you stand watching those ghosts?”

Talking and holding his sister’s face, there was another cry: “I’ll say why you have lost weight recently, how did those ghosts scare you? They all bully my sister.”

Zhu Yang opened him: “Go, your sister, I am not so unlucky.”

“Also don’t change the subject. You have heard the example I gave. It is not the special performance in the movie. It can really scare you to death, so-”

Halfway through the conversation, I heard a violent flapping sound from the cabinet in the room, as if someone was trapped inside.

Zhu Yang knew from experience and intuition that it was definitely not a normal thing, but before she could react, Zhu Weixin had already passed by.

“Huh! Don’t–”

Anyway, Zhu Weixin has already opened the cabinet. Zhu Yang and his brother are in the same direction, so you can see the situation in the closet.

I saw a dark ghost with only white eyes of other colors sitting in the closet, his arms maintaining the posture of knocking on the cabinet door.

Seeing the cabinet door opened, Zhu Weixin’s eyes were facing each other, then he grinned and pulled out a weird smile, leaning out half of his body and trying to crawl out.

Zhu Yang let his brother hit the ghost without watching him, and was about to run over to deal with it. At the same time, he was ready for his brother to scream and cry.

However, I saw Zhu Weixin pressing the black ghost’s head and stuffing it back blankly.

“Sister and brother are talking about private affairs, don’t disturb by outsiders, don’t think ghosts can ignore the atmosphere, go back!”

After saying that, he was abruptly stuffed people back, then closed the door of the cabinet, and put the wooden hanger next to it through the doorknob, and locked the door.

Then looked back at his sister: “Sister, let’s go on, where did you just say?”

“Oh, the ghost came out and scared me to death, then what?”

Zhu Yang said blankly: “No more.”


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