Scream Queen Chapter 4

When Xie Xiaomeng saw that he had escaped from this matter, he wanted to leave.

But I didn’t dare to be too relaxed in front of Zhu Yang, who was in a frantic mood at this moment. Secondly, I was frightened and gritted his teeth towards Julina, but I was very happy to see how Zhu Yang was tossing her.

So I poured water to Zhu Yang, opened the refrigerator without authorization, found some fruits, cut a plate and served it.

Two bullies who trespassed in the house to bind and intimidate the owner, on the contrary, leisurely ate fruits and snacks, sitting and watching the owner in a panic.

Although Zhu Lina is unlucky at the moment, the whole person is more immersed in the joy of having escaped bad luck.

I was afraid that Zhu Yang would really mess with her, so I didn’t care about this embarrassing posture, and explained the cause and effect of the matter like a bamboo tube pouring beans.

“Do you still remember when I returned to my hometown during the May Day holiday and encountered a serial car accident on the highway?”

At that time, several cars collided consecutively, the situation was horrible, and the hot news was searched. It happened that Zhu Lina was one of the parties involved.

And she was lucky. More than 20 people were killed in the accident, and only two lucky ones survived.

Zhu Lina was even more lucky. She suffered only minor injuries and was discharged after a few days of observation in the hospital.

In order to celebrate the rest of her life, the people who returned to the school’s sisterhood organized a party for her.

As if to think of something, Julina got goose bumps on her arm: “I thought it was just an accident, and it will be over after it. Many people have encountered such dangerous things, right?”

Zhu Yang was impatient to listen to this and sighed: “I don’t have time to listen to you complaining about the impermanence of life. I have six days left. Time is precious. Can you not waste my life?”

Zhu Lina hurriedly said: “Last Thursday, I suddenly received that CD-ROM, as if I was hypnotized, I just watched it in a daze.”

“But after reading it, I not only received the death countdown call, but also a voice or a piece of consciousness that appeared directly in my mind. It was said that I should have died in the car accident because of the negligence of the king and escape. After a catastrophe.”

“But my life is no longer mine. I have to participate in some games. Only if I survive, my life will continue to be stored with me.”

“At the time I was too scared to think about it, but this videotape, the girl ghost, may be the work of this game, right?”

After hearing that, Zhu Yang backhanded a piece of orange peel and threw her face: “That is to say, you are a dying person. Haven’t been forced to find someone to replace the dead ghost? That ugly female ghost was originally aimed at you.”

“According to you, I haven’t been circumscribed by the Lord Yan, and escaped a life and death catastrophe. My life is clearly mine. There is no reason to participate in any survival game. Since it is a game, there are rules, then Can Ghost Bitch really change targets by himself?”

She sneered at them, regardless of the fact that the ghost might follow them like a shadow, sarcastically: “Looking at her sullen face is the mud that will never be on the wall for a lifetime. You can only be a ghost if you are a ghost. Can a soldier have this authority? ”

Xie Xiaomeng and Zhu Lina listened to her ugly mouthfuls, hello, mud, bitch, **** soldiers, changing tricks to insult the female ghost, for the curse had been washed away, they couldn’t help feeling frightened for Zhu Yang.

I have never seen anyone in the presence of ghosts, yet so arrogant and domineering.

Zhu Lina didn’t know whether the female ghost could change the candidates without authorization, and she didn’t want to know, she deeply hoped that this matter would come to an end.

So he wanted to draw a clear line with Zhu Yang, and hurriedly poured out the remaining things——

“I don’t know anything else. I should explore it myself, but let me talk about my own situation these past few days.”

After listening to Zhu Lina’s words, Zhu Yang sorted it out and had a rough idea of ​​the female ghost’s behavior pattern.

In summary, the time limit is seven days. At the beginning, the existence of female ghosts is weak, and the influence is also low, and the stronger it becomes at the end.

According to Zhu Lina’s experience, only cold and discomfort were felt for the first two days, and occasionally she was shocked when her consciousness was weak and unprepared.

From the third day on, female ghosts can enter your dreams, disturbing people to sleep peacefully.

Zhu Lina was in a trance after her dream was invaded, and then she unknowingly drew the painting in the studio. At that time, she was almost scared to death by herself.

Then she hid home and dared to order takeaway at first, but when the takeaway knocked on the door, Zhu Lina could see through the cat’s eyes. The takeaway’s face turned into a female ghost, and she smiled positively at her.

She was so frightened that she didn’t dare to call for takeout, relying on the stock in the refrigerator to survive.

But when the refrigerator was opened on the sixth day, a big watermelon inside became the dead head of the female ghost. The black hair was covered with frost, and his eyes suddenly opened to meet her.

When I heard this, Zhu Yang was eating a slice of watermelon. He thought it was sweet when he bit it into his mouth. Now he felt awkward and put the watermelon down.

She drank her saliva and swallowed her nausea. She coughed and asked, “It’s just like this? Didn’t really bump into you?”

Julina thought this was not scary enough? He replied: “Well, this is not true, she, she was just laughing in the refrigerator.”

When Zhu Yang heard this, his heart moved and he fell into a moment of contemplation.

Julina cautiously said: “I have said everything I know, look at—”

Zhu Yang looked at her for a long while, and Zhu Lina was stunned by her. Just when she thought that Bitch was going to come up with some tricks to toss her, the other party waved her hand gently, indicating Xie Xiaomeng to untie the rope.

At this time, Zhu Yang’s father also transferred the phone number and money, and she got up and told Xie Xiaomeng to pack the tools of the crime when she left, and left alone.

Xie Xiaomeng suddenly stopped her: “Well, Zhu Yang, don’t worry, I won’t talk about it.”

Julina also nodded and promised: “I won’t say it, I won’t let people watch your jokes.”

Zhu Yang turned his head, but smiled with an unclear meaning: “On the contrary, you publicize this matter, and the more people know the better, if the topic of the school talks within two days is something else, I will only ask you.”

The two girls looked at each other, wondering if this guy would have to stick to the throne of the hottest topic if he was going to die, he still had plans.

After Zhu Yang left, Xie Xiaomeng tidied up the ropes on the ground in twos and threes. Zhu Lina helped her and was stunned by her: “I can take these away, so I don’t need to stay with you when you are behind you. pause.”

Zhu Lina replied: “I never thought about targeting you. Wasn’t it your bad luck to be with Zhu Yang at that time?”

Xie Xiaomeng paused and looked back at Zhu Lina deeply: “Although Zhu Yang is bad-tempered and difficult to serve, I would rather die if you are not her. At least if something happens, she can count on it. What about you?”

Julina’s face was distorted by the words, and the two broke up unhappy.

On Zhu Yang’s side, she immediately contacted the master after getting the number. Fortunately, the schedule was not crowded recently.

In Zhu Yang’s bold and bold offer, the master promised to come tomorrow.

A couple of days ago, the influence of the female ghost was extremely limited. Zhu Yang returned home, except for the cold feeling that followed him, because he had a spectrum in his heart, that day, he was not scared by the illusion that took advantage of the loopholes.

It was during the period that Zhu Weixin didn’t know where to hear the wind. Knowing that his sister had paid two more money, he curiously called and asked.

Zhu Yang heard this and said impatiently: “It’s your shit, I’ll ask you so much about your sister. By the way, I remember that you saved a lot of New Year’s money, all of which will be transferred to me, I am afraid that there is not enough here.”

“Eh, what are you telling me?” After finishing speaking, he whispered in a low voice, “Sister, you won’t miss someone else. You have to spend money to seal it up? Where is the body hidden? Or I should come and help you bury it. Right.”

“By the way, if anyone dares to shut up with the money, and wants to extort endlessly, I’m fine—”

At the end of the video, Zhu Weixin wiped his neck.

Rao Zhu Yang was unlucky at the moment, and was also amused by her brother: “Okay, you want to commit crimes as a silly person, behave at home.”

Seeing that his sister was in a better mood, Zhu Weixin saw a needle and said that he wanted to come over again. How could Zhu Yang let him come over at this time?

He resolutely refused. In the end, Zhu Weixin was not happy anymore. He curled his lips and suddenly remembered something: “By the way, yesterday I went out for dinner with my classmates. Guess who I saw?”

“Don’t guess!” Zhu Yang said casually, putting on nail polish.

“I saw Brother Lu.”

The nail brushing down along the lines paused, and the painting was ruined.

Zhu Yang took a deep breath and said, “I said, if I didn’t let you come, you deliberately found faults to make me feel unhappy, right?”

Zhu Weixin hurriedly said: “I didn’t, and you didn’t have any reason to do that, but I didn’t say this, or–, the way Brother Lu looked a little strange at the time.”

Zhu Yang waved to interrupt him: “It’s OK, I’m not interested, I’m hanging up.”

To be honest, Zhu Yang has never been shocked since she was a child, but there is such a person, she is not even willing to face a ghost.

When I woke up the next morning, Zhu Yang did not go out today because he was waiting for the master at home.

It is rare to make breakfast by myself, and the employed living aunt will come to take care of hygiene every day, fill up the ingredients, and make some quick foods in the refrigerator from time to time.

Zhu Yang took out the freezer box, cooked some dumplings, squeezed a cup of soy milk, and had a simple breakfast.

During the period, she received countless messages on her mobile phone, most of which were from the sisters and the suitors’ condolences.

It seems that Xie Xiaomeng and the others have done the tasks she gave them well, and they opened the campus forum again, and they were really caught up by the gossip she suspected of hitting ghosts.

Because this kind of thing is too ridiculous, it must have been a lot of people watching the excitement at the beginning. Most of them share the supernatural events they have seen, heard or even encountered in the thread below, and they don’t know whether it is true or not.

In the end, I expressed my concern about her condition and concealed my intention to watch the fun.

Zhu Yang is quite satisfied with this effect. It would be best if the master can accept the female ghost in one fell swoop.

If you can’t–

The time to swipe the phone always flies quickly. Soon after lunch at noon, the master called to indicate that he had arrived.

Zhu Yang personally went to the gate to pick up people, but he didn’t expect that the other party was much younger than he thought.

It looked like she was a few years older than her, but the whole person was quite a dusty temperament, which felt very reliable.

No wonder people are so respected by her dad at a young age.

The other party’s expression was cold, and the popular voice said: “My name is Xie, although Miss Zhu’s situation is very clear on the phone, I need to look at the key video tape.”

Of course, Zhu Yang said yes, took the person home, and showed the CD to Master Xie to read it again.

After reading it, the master pondered for a while: “This situation is very rare!”

Zhu Yang poured a glass of water for someone: “How to say?”

“Usually sneaky, it’s nothing more than a ghost in your heart. Most people look to us for psychological comfort. Those things, nowadays, this world usually can’t become a climate. Most of the things I’ve encountered are unconscious and unconscious, just relying on obsessions. of.”

“But you are obviously different from the past. This female ghost has a strong tendency to target you. I don’t know if you pay attention. In the video just now, when the female ghost is dressing in the mirror, she didn’t pay attention to me at all, and her eyes were full. On you.”

Zhu Yang said that the master has two brushes, at least he is attentive and reliable, so he hurriedly said: “Yes, yes, do you think there is a way to solve it? Master.”

The master said: “This kind of thing is the most difficult thing to do. It’s like a dead ghost coming back to settle the debts. There are grievances and revenge. No one can stop it. Although you are not that serious, you don’t know where it is. The female ghost’s desperate hatred is inseparable.”

“But it’s difficult to see you at this point. It’s all here. I’m fighting the risk of serious injury. Naturally, I will definitely handle it for you, but the lost work pay for the next few months—”

Zhu Yang Xindao, this master is immortal, and he is unambiguous when it comes to starting prices.

But she doesn’t care about spending more money, as long as she can kill the female ghost, the ghost hunter will have to eat.

He said happily: “Master, don’t worry, I ask people to do things. There is definitely no reason for people to postpone them.”

When the master saw her on the way, he nodded and said: “Okay, it’s too late today. Tomorrow noon when the sun is full, I will stay here for a few days and come here every day to completely clear the evil spirit. go.”

Zhu Yang had no objection, so the aunt and the master arranged a room and left her to spend the night together.

Dinner was called a delivery service from a nearby five-star hotel. After the guests and the host had a good time, they talked about some industry cases, and the three returned to their rooms.

Today is the third day, and Zhu Yang knows that the female ghost is likely to fall asleep tonight, so he is not willing to fall asleep.

It was twelve o’clock when I was swiping the phone. When I was going to sleep in a daze, I heard a scream from the next room.

It’s not an aunt’s voice, but a master’s.

Zhu Yang put on a coat and rushed into the guest room. After opening the door, he went in and found that the master was standing in front of the sink with water marks on his face.

Seeing Zhu Yang coming in, he turned his head stiffly, and the corners of his mouth twitched and said: “I just played a few potions of King Pesticide. I am not in good condition and always pit my teammates. I was scolded and washed my face.”

“After washing my face, I wiped it with a towel. I only looked at the towel as black. I didn’t think much. But when I wiped my face, it didn’t feel right. It wasn’t the touch of a towel at all, it looked like a woman’s hair.”

“I stripped my hair away, and that woman’s face stared at me.”

Zhu Yangrao didn’t regard the master as a life-saving straw, and he was extremely speechless at this time.

She said: “So? You are a ghost hunter, isn’t it your job to hell? What are you calling?”

At this time, the master had no demeanor at all, and his legs trembled in fright, “That’s because I didn’t expect that there will be ghosts in this world!”

This is a huge amount of information. Zhu Yang looked at him critically: “That is to say, you are really just a liar? Then how did you get such a reputation?”

Master Xie replied: “I’m naturally brave. I’m not afraid of the darkness or surprise. I live in other people’s homes for a few days, and their homes will be much smoother. When I grow up, what kind of haunted house will be haunted. The building is the same, so it’s just listed for business.”

“Yes, but I didn’t expect to see ghosts, alive, for the first time! No, I can’t take care of you. Although you are such a beautiful beauty, it’s a pity that I saw you in the afternoon. It’s not that I haven’t thought about pretending to be forceful, and solving the trouble so that you admire and appreciate it.

“But this is really beyond my ability, beauty, take care.”

Before taking two steps, Zhu Yang held him back.

Xie Yi thought that the girl was helpless and scared to catch the straw at the moment, but when she turned around, she saw the kind and beautiful girl who looked kind and beautiful that afternoon, and the expression on her face was full of ridicule and intimidation——

“Also, your physique may come in handy. It is more controllable than a master who doesn’t know the true or false identity.”

“You live here these few days. If you dare to run, I will let my dad puncture your business, call the police that you are playing a hooligan to me, and then find someone to put a sack to break your leg.”

Xie Yi traveled north and south for several years, even if he was afraid of a threat from a little girl?

Just about to say something, I saw the girl taking out a voice recorder from her pocket and looking at him mockingly: “I know that there are female ghosts asking for my life. Will they record the movements around me from time to time? ”

“Yeah, you guessed it right, the camera is also on, don’t think about it. It was originally for female ghosts, but I didn’t expect people to use it first.”

Xie Yi looked at her dumbfounded, so he said that he had already thought about everything, why go to the master?

The ghost is too, don’t they all say bullying and fearing hardship? How much do you want not to have a meeting with such a villain?


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