Scream Queen Chapter 40

Zhu Yang knew that her brother had basically two styles in front of her and others, but he was still a little confused by his calmness.

Then I recalled the first day he had come to the villa, when he happened to ran into the false Sadako who hadn’t disappeared on the TV.

This guy’s first reaction was not shock and fear, but how to help her dig a hole to hide the body——

Looking at it this way, both of their brothers and sisters are well-adjusted to crimes and crimes, and they are of the kind who have not low criminal IQs.

What did her parents give birth to? Zhu Yang couldn’t help but reflect.

Then the three settled players reminded them to go to dinner together. Because the three are still novices, every time they buy the necessary items in the redemption window, they don’t have any points to strengthen their physique.

Zhao Shu is a little better, Liu Zhi and Xu Wei are really not much better than their initial numbers in reality.

Even Zhu Weixin, a pure outsider, who is good at sports because of his physical health, and learned Taekwondo because of his interest, can beat all three of them in terms of strength.

So the three of them wouldn’t dare to stand out in this crowded school for the time being, let alone ghosts, even if the faculty in the school targeted them, they couldn’t hold it back.

Only then did Zhu Yang really know what the so-called difficulty of the novice field is, and he couldn’t help but yell at the dog than the game.

Compared to her previous two games, the difficulty of this game is really the same as that of the game. Can ordinary people who appear courageous and strong can be straightforward?

But this also gave her a lot of peace of mind, at least according to this reference standard, if anything really happened, Zhu Weixin would not be completely incapable of responding.

A group of players came to the cafeteria, the cafeteria was close, on the first floor of the dormitory building, just downstairs.

When they arrived, the other students had lined up to prepare their meals and started eating.

Sure enough, the whole process was basically silent, one by one, like the walking dead, moved forward, and then sat on the seats one by one and started eating.

Where is the excitement of students running to the cafeteria after class, like wild dogs with **** prolapse?

The dining table is an ordinary long-striped chair. Each table seats four people. Four sets of tables form a vertical group, a total of four vertical groups.

Zhu Yang noticed a phenomenon that the students’ movements were unusually neat. From queuing up for a meal to sitting down, one person would never do anything after receiving the meal. Starting from the first position of the first group, they would sit down in order.

Not a single student disrupted this obsessive-compulsive rhythm during the whole process. When the students in front had finished walking and when it was the turn of a few players, the dining room sat neatly, and even the frequency of eating and chewing was similar.

It’s like a mass-produced robot doing the same action.

Although this picture does not have any ghosts and blood, it is a little hairy for no reason.

It was a few players’ turn, and Zhu Yang noticed that the person who served was the representative of the math class who used chicken feathers as an arrow in the classroom to scold her brother.

This person’s name was Yu Fu. Because he didn’t take advantage of his mouth, he held the breath in his heart. At this moment, he saw a few of them and smiled coldly.

Zhu Weixin was holding the dinner plate of him and his sister in his hand, and he frowned when he first glanced at the dishes in front of him.

I don’t know if the rice is too dry, or the rice is mixed with too much water. The dinner dishes are three dishes and one soup.

A cabbage fried potatoes, a pumpkin fried winter melon, a soybean stew is considered meat, but a large bowl of soybeans sparsely stretched a few meat stars, and a white water bean sprout soup without a drop of oil.

Of course, other dishes are not so oily, they are all watery and rotten, just like throwing a dish into a pot with a spoonful of water and waiting for it to be cooked.

Zhu Weixin is not a kid who can’t endure hardship, but he can eat it and can’t let his sister eat it?

Where does his sister eat this stuff? Even when I was young, I still lived in the countryside. It was because my grandparents never had less meat and vegetables every time they had hot meals. They cooked them full of flavor, fragrant and warm.

Not to mention that when I got rich, I had never eaten the dragon, liver and phoenix in the city, but how could his sister’s picky mouth be easily fooled?

The first consideration even when choosing a school is the quality of the canteen.

Zhu Weixin was despising, the boy put a spoonful of rice into the plate for him, and sparsely made some poor vegetables with little soup and went in, a sticky pile, the key component was pitifully small.

It’s not over yet, the idiot shook his hand deliberately, and the big spoon of rice fell to the ground.

Yu Fu picked it up nonchalantly, didn’t wipe it or wash it, so he started to give him a second copy.

Zhu Weixin grew up so old, when has he been so foolishly tricked? He glanced at the meal that was hit with a dirty spoon.

Yu Fu lazily smiled and said, “Why are you standing stupid? Just sit down and eat after you get your meal, don’t delay the people behind.”

“By the way, the school rules can’t be wasted. You don’t have to eat a grain of rice–”

Before he finished speaking, his face was muddy by the dirty rice.

Zhu Weixin pressed the plate on his face, and when he loosened his hand, the plate fell to the ground.

The other party’s face was still covered with a big sticky pile of rice mixed with vegetable soup, and Zhu Weixin was not as clean as her sister.

He stretched out his hand and wiped those rice on the boy’s mouth and stuffed it into his mouth.

He smiled and said, “Yes, it’s not good to waste food. Eat quickly and don’t spread it.”

Zhu Yang’s face was both vicissitudes and gratification, but he was not his brother. The provocative behavior pattern was the same as her.

What he did was what she would do under the same circumstances. If it weren’t for some worries, she could basically lie down and let her brother clear the way for her. Anyway, in many cases, she didn’t even need to open her mouth to understand what she wanted to do.

Zhu Yang thought so, but the students present were so frightened by the conflict, everyone stopped their chopsticks and looked here.

In this school, there are rules for even breathing, not to mention provoking troubles. It was contacted that the new handsome boy who transferred in the afternoon had offended the youngest English teacher.

All the students couldn’t help but mourn for the rest of his life.

At this time, Su Guan walked in and saw the mess on the dining table, and he knocked with the stick in his hand.

There was a loud noise from the metal table, shaking people’s body: “What do you do if you don’t eat well? Stop eating after you don’t want to eat.”

It may be a threat to say this to others, but here, it is really possible that you will not be given food for several days.

When Yu Fu saw Su Guan came, he hurriedly got up from the ground, pointed at Zhu Weixin and complained loudly: “He, is he the one who picked up the matter? He knocked the plate on my face. You have to come one step later, and he even has food It’s going to be turned off. Is this dissatisfaction with your cooking?”

I thought that the bitterness of the dormitory would make this new student look good.

But Su Guan just received two sums of money for the two sisters and brothers, and turned his face on the back of his short hand.

She looked a little ugly, but she still said, “Rookie? Forget it, it’s the first offender, please clean up the ground and eat.”

Yu Fu was a little confused, and was surprised how this fat lady was so easy to talk.

But I heard that Zhu Weixin actually said: “By the way, my sister is not in good health. There are strict standards for the nutrition intake every day. Can I borrow the kitchen?”

After hearing his words, everyone looked at him like a whimsical lunatic.

The dormitory is also unhappy, but Zhu Weixin’s last sentence: “Don’t worry, teaching the same tuition will naturally be treated equally. Since we have a special situation, the price difference will naturally be made up.”

The master knows that the brothers and sisters are generous, and the little things are wads and wads of money. Why is there any dissatisfaction after hearing this?

It’s non-compliance. When the dean finds out, then she must have pushed the responsibility out. She is a relative of the principal, so naturally it’s not the faculty and staff who can say anything.

The abacus of the dormitory management works well, the cheap photos are taken, and the responsibility is not.

He said with a sullen face and politely said: “Come on, since your health is not good, make an exception, but if the teachers are not allowed, you persuade it yourself.”

It means that she collects her own money and is only responsible for her own attitude.

Naturally, Zhu Weixin didn’t talk to her, and went into the kitchen by himself.

The students’ three meals a day are also done by the dormitory, but looking at the dishes, you know where the living expenses paid by the parents of the students have been deducted.

Zhu Yang sat lazily on the empty table aside and waited for her brother to cook for her. Naturally, he did not follow the same sitting order as the obsessive-compulsive disorder.

This made the students present very awkward, and the other three players wanted to look at the situation honestly and low-key first.

But in line with the principle that players should hold together, I still sat on Zhu Yang’s side, just don’t expect that thorn head sister control kid will cook for them.

One of them cleaned the rice spoon and beat the rice again, and the three of them reluctantly started eating.

After a while, Zhu Weixin brought out two bowls of noodles and said to his sister: “There is really nothing in it, there are not two pieces of meat in the refrigerator, sister, you will eat some first.”

In fact, there are a lot of things in it, but they are all piles of cabbage, potatoes, soybeans, winter melon and hard melons. In short, they are cheap and easy to preserve ingredients. Needless to say, rice noodles are Chen Mi Tuo noodles with a musty smell.

At the moment, there is no teacher in the dining hall, and obviously the faculty members have only other treatment.

Zhu Weixin finally found a handful of dried noodles that could be eaten a little bit, and put a bowl of egg noodles for him and his sister, took out a few sections of sausage from the refrigerator, and cut a few slices into the bowl. It came out to other players.

A few players enter the game naturally not to be greedy so quickly, but compared with the clear soup in this plate, it is better than nothing.

He thanked Zhu Weixin and began to eat.

The chaotic pace of the few of them is incompatible with the surrounding students, and the special treatment and the attitude of the dormitory also make everyone wonder.

They were accustomed to the instructions and felt uncomfortable with the outrageous behavior of the group of people who broke in. Even before this, this was normal and natural in their eyes.

After dinner, there is still evening self-study. The other students naturally leave first after eating early. Zhu Yang and his party will chew slowly and eat slowly before leaving.

It’s just that no teacher is in the classroom at this time today, so I haven’t responded to their violations for the time being.

There are three classes in the evening self-study, language and culture study physics.

The Chinese teacher is a woman of about forty years old, who is very thin, but the students reacted slightly unsatisfactorily during class, and would follow a lunatic on the podium, pat on the desk, threw the stool, and yelled.

Zhu Yang is a little surprised that patients with this degree of mania have not been sent to a mental hospital but have come out to be teachers?

She asked a boy to recite classical Chinese. The boy looked a little nervous and had a little accent, so one word was a little ambiguous.

The Chinese teacher took the pointer down on the spot, tapped the boy, and aggressively let the boy continue.

Boys are already nervous, but now they are even more painful and shocked, and naturally the more they recite, the more mistakes they make.

Every time he made a wrong word, he would get sucked. When the boy stumbled and stumbled, his neck and face were smacked several times, not to mention the body covered by clothes.

One person was dissatisfied, and the Chinese teacher scolded the whole class for half of the class.

Zhu Yang watched coldly. It was forty minutes in class and cursed for half an hour.

She yawned and took out her mobile phone from her pocket. She broke the school and could find the signal.

Don’t think about WiFi, but Zhu Yang didn’t care about the traffic, so he started Weibo on his own.

The students around her suddenly saw it, their eyes widened with fright, let alone how this person left the phone.

It is the courage to watch the teacher being angry and not caring about the violation of the atmosphere, which is also tiring.

The Chinese teacher saw Zhu Yang when she was muttering in her heart, and her endless curses were all overwhelmed by the girl who didn’t pay attention to discipline.

What followed was the prolonged silence in the classroom, the prelude to an obviously greater storm brewing.

The Chinese teacher grabbed the glass on the desk and threw it on Zhu Yang’s head. The glass was a thick-bottomed glass.

The thick bottom of the cup is like an ashtray, and Zhu Yang’s forehead will be smashed when he looks at it.

Zhu Weixin was surprised and hurriedly stretched out his hand to stop him, who knew his sister was a step faster.

Raising her hand, she grabbed the cup agilely. To tell the truth, with Zhu Yang’s current responsiveness, the cup is no different from the slow motion in the movie in her eyes.

She grasped the cup in one hand, and the cup did not stay in her hand for a second, then returned to the direction of the desk, knocking on the Chinese teacher’s forehead.

Everyone heard a muffled sound, and then the Chinese teacher fell straight on the podium.

The students were dumbfounded, and then a panic broke out in the classroom.

Some people even turned their heads and stared at Zhu Yang and reprimanded: “Why are you smashing the teacher?”

Zhu Yang said nothing: “You said the opposite, right? The cup is on the podium, and I am on the seat, the teacher how to smash it, isn’t the most important thing in the middle process of how to cause this result?”

A classmate shouted in a low voice: “Do you know that if you do something to the faculty, the whole class has to be jointly and severally responsible? Don’t drag us into the water if you want to die.”

At the beginning, it was not that no students thought about resisting, but the school had many ways to torture people. Everyone was beaten and beaten.

Challenging the teacher’s authority is the most serious violation. Not only will the parties themselves be cruelly tortured, but other students will also suffer.

Over time, there are people who have that year again, and other students will be stopped in order not to be involved.

But Zhu Yang shot too fast. At this moment, all the students were scared to death.

I saw Zhu Yang standing up and coming to the podium, without any panic of making a big mistake, and stepped on the teacher with one foot–

“The teacher was too excited in class and accidentally knocked to the desk and fainted. What’s so alarming about this?”

The students were shocked. Among them was a girl, the monitor who had a break in the afternoon, and said: “But it’s obviously you–”

Zhu Yang looked at her, then glanced at all the students in the audience: “Oh? Or else the students attacked the teacher and the whole class asks for punishment?”

Hearing the word ‘penalty’, everyone trembled in terror, although they knew that the Chinese teacher woke up and they had no good fruit.

But delaying suffering and fluke are human instincts, and everyone is silent.

Just when they didn’t respond, Zhu Yang snapped his fingers and asked the two male players Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu to say: “You helped the teacher back to the dormitory. The teacher accidentally hurt his brain, so he naturally had more rest.”

He wrote two big characters on the blackboard and said to the students: “Self-study!”

After speaking, sit back to your place and play with your phone.

The crowd became her accomplices in such a muddle-headed manner, and they lived in panic all night.

However, the next two classes were not peaceful. It should be said that the two teachers of chemistry and physics had just met each other since they came.

However, the two of them looked for Zhu Weixin in class, and asked him to answer questions frequently. How often?

Zhu Weixin’s **** took his seat, and the next question started again.

All the students silently said that this was the usual practice of the English teacher. A girl had questioned him in class before, and then in the following week, his class, including other teachers’ classes, frequently asked girls questions.

Girls who have good grades to be able to answer all the knowledge points like fluent, will not be sent here.

Therefore, under the pretext of answering the wrong question, the girl’s hands were smashed. At first, a girl who stabbed her head was sitting in the corner cringingly all day long.

But Zhu Weixin was different. He answered all the tricky questions. Once the teacher asked questions beyond the scope of high school, Zhu Yang was not a vegetarian.

Don’t look at her luxuries and enjoyment all day long, but she is not a stupid idiot who has abandoned her play. If she is really a straw bag, it is impossible to control the beautiful and versatile girls of the sisterhood.

She went to a top-ranked university in China, and she was about to graduate. In terms of her knowledge reserve, she is probably higher than these teachers who don’t know where they come from.

The two siblings almost blocked the two teachers in two classes, but the other students thought how could they show up here with such good grades?

The two teachers failed to grasp the student’s shortcomings in class, so they arranged a lot of homework and dismissed get out of class.

Zhu Yang pondered the amount of homework. It was estimated that it would be three hours before the students were finished, and it was almost ten o’clock after class. They would have to get up at six tomorrow morning, and they had to hand in their homework early in the morning when they came to the classroom.

But compared with that of the Chinese teacher, the heavy workload seems to be not worth mentioning to them.

After returning to the dormitory with the restless crowd, several players gathered in Zhu Yang’s room to discuss this copy of the game.

Xu Wei rubbed the goose bumps on her arm: “Why is this so difficult? The task is to solve all the haunted mysteries in the school, which means that ghosts are plural, not just ghosts, I think this school is already scary. .”

After speaking, he whispered to everyone: “I chatted with the girl at my front desk in the afternoon for a while, and she secretly told me that I must not be locked up in a confinement room, where there are even electric shocks.”

Liu Zhi heard this and said in surprise: “The principal of this school will not be named Yang?”

“There are about ten faculty members here, most of them are men, and they are all big men. There are evil dogs in front of the school. You are making such a fuss today. I am afraid that these people can’t cover it?”

Knowing that this is the third game of Zhu Yang, even if they come out at the late self-study, they will not think how strong Zhu Yang’s physique can be. The five of them, the little girl Xu Wei, can basically be eliminated. If these people in the school really focused on them, without telling how the students reacted, the faculty and staff alone would not be able to deal with them.

Zhu Yang knew that the other party meant to imply that he should converge, don’t let the ghosts and monsters not match up, first confessed that he suffered a big loss here.

Zhu Yang didn’t say anything, but when he asked them to go back to bed, they would try their best to ask the students about the school as much as possible. After all, the source of information is needed.

But everyone is busy doing homework tonight, and there is probably not much time to chat.

After a few people left, Zhu Weixin asked his sister how to deal with the ghost in the cabinet——

“Since the female ghost can get stuck on the TV, it can still be done? In order to prevent it from slipping out at night to do it on us, or let’s catch it in the urn and kill it? Anyway, there is grass over a meter deep outside the window, and the corpse is thrown away. No one else can see it down.”

Then he asked: “If the ghost is dead, it should disappear after a while? It’s much more convenient than killing. Without the most troublesome part of destroying evidence and destroying corpses.”

Zhu Yang wiped his face, and suddenly began to feel tired again: “Why are you—”

“What’s the matter?” Zhu Weixin’s face was pure, and his eyes blinked at her: “Each of these ghosts is a threat to your life? So it’s better to start first.”

There is nothing wrong with something that threatens my sister to kill first.

Zhu Yang has not convinced many people in her life, but at this moment, she is convinced of her brother.

However, when the siblings opened the closet, the black ghost had disappeared. They didn’t know if they went to hang around on their own, or were frightened by Zhu Weixin’s words.

Because Zhu Yang wants nothing here, the extravagant temperament is definitely intolerable.

But this dog is really doing the same thing as her. It is estimated that she could find a way to eat and drink when she went to the poor country last time. This time she simply threw them to a place isolated from the world.

A few players tried it, and there was no way to get out of school at all. Naturally, it is impossible to skip class and go out for shopping.

Then Zhu Yang wanted to use his mobile phone to place an order to buy something, but all the purchases failed, so he was really rich and couldn’t spend it.

In the evening, the two brothers and sisters put on pajamas after washing and preparing to go to bed. The dormitory officer came up for rounds, and they found that they would give them the benefit of opening a small stove in the afternoon.

Zhu Yang wasn’t stingy, he was given a few hundred more, and the money could be a good meal outside.

Su Guan really smiled, and Zhu Yang said again: “Yes, who is responsible for purchasing here?”

“Me!” The supervisor was happy when he lit the money, and said: “Why? Want to add something? Just tell me, but the price—”

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “You said that it is worth what it is worth, but I want a lot of things. Is it okay to send them all within tomorrow?”

“Definitely no problem.”

So Zhu Yang made a long list, which shocked the dormitory. She thought that the girl only wanted some snacks and things, but the list was larger than that of a five-star hotel.

She looked at the two siblings suspiciously: “So what do you buy for so many? By the way, it’s okay for me to bring in some things, right? These are just one or two cars if you just pull in? The school is not dead—”

Before he finished speaking, Zhu Yang raised his chin at Zhu Weixin. Zhu Weixin opened the closet and took out a duffel bag.

Put it directly in front of the dormitory, and opened the bag. There was a mess of money inside, which was dazzling like a drug/goods deal, and directly stunned the dormitory.

She has checked the luggage of these people. Is there such a bag for money? And why do they bring so much cash when they go to school?

But these doubts only flashed past, and were buried in the greed that swept across.

Zhu Yang sat on a chair, tilting Erlang’s legs and said casually: “It’s too troublesome to check out one by one, so let you put the money here first. If you have any expenses, just watch it.”

“Oh by the way, what did you want to say just now?”

That bag of money, at least several hundred thousand, has never seen so much money in his life, and has not saved so much in decades.

After taking the down payment for the family’s son’s wedding room, she was paid, so she zipped up the duffel bag——

“Hi! It’s nothing, I called a bigger car, and a truck was pulled over. It happens to be the teacher’s leave tomorrow, and I will come back at night, so no one else will bother about purchasing.”

Zhu Yang looked at the nails that he had meticulously taken care of and reminded: “But I’m talking about it, I don’t care about the price of things, but don’t fool me with the good ones.”

The dormitory tube naturally continued to take pictures of his chest to ensure that he was impatient to check other dormitories with the money.

The girls who used to get scolded at this time of the day escaped.

Looking at the magnanimity of the brothers and sisters, the dormitory thinks that the family is not simple, but will not dare to judge it as ordinary students in the future.

It’s just that she will complete the task after buying this thing, as to whether it can be used-

To be caught by the dean of education, personal belongings are confiscated, which is better than selling it, even if she can’t take it all alone, it is still a fortune.

The boss who was thinking of good things decided that he could not sleep tonight, but the two brothers and sisters of the Zhu family fell asleep and fell asleep.

Zhu Yang had to admit that he wanted to kill his brother anymore. As far as the class was concerned, his brother was really much easier to use than the players in the previous game.

The bell rang when I got up in the morning, Zhu Yang never got up so early when he went to college, turned his back and continued to sleep.

Zhu Weixin has always had a very regular work and rest habits. He got up after washing and changing clothes and went out, and went to the kitchen to make breakfast for his sister.

Because the dormitory’s hands became soft and rubber at the moment, he not only turned a blind eye, but also gave Zhu Weixin a lot of materials from the small kitchen of the teachers.

Zhu Weixin cooked some porridge with fragrant rice, fried two porridge side dishes, and steamed a few pieces of pumpkin. Then he took the tray back to the bedroom and waited for his sister to wake up to eat.

Almost all the students in the dormitory building had left, and it was now time for early self-study, but Zhu Weixin didn’t care.

Among the players, only Xu Wei managed to get up to keep up with her routine. She is also a middle school student, and the time to wake up is similar to here.

It’s just Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu, a nine-to-five social animal, and an otaku who plays LOL in the dormitory. How can they adapt to these?

After a while, Zhu Weixin heard another rapid footstep ringing on the stairs.

He went out, and looked down the railing to see Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu shaking out of the door, shaking with water, and another person entering the female dormitory next door.

Zhu Weixin walked over and saw a bed in the girls’ dormitory. There was actually one other person besides their player who did not go to school.

Connected to the trembling attitude of the students here, this is really amazing.

Then he saw the man who broke into the dormitory dragged a rubber tube out of the toilet, opened the girl’s bed, and rushed the girl up.

The man pressed the opening of the rubber tube, which made the water potential of the cold water even more rushing and anxious. The girl didn’t seem to be comfortable, she was flushed with her face for a long time, choking a lot of water in.

“Get out of class!”

After speaking, the man threw the tube away and was about to call the next one.

It turns out that the long pipe in each dormitory toilet is used for this?

Zhu Weixin was suddenly stunned, that person had already arrived at the door of their dormitory, and it was their head teacher.

The other party looked at Zhu Weixin with an angry look on his face: “You are already up? Why don’t you get up to go to class? Immediately roll to the classroom. You will stand up in class this week.”

He didn’t pour Zhu Weixin with water, it is probably because he was dressed neatly.

When Zhu Weixin saw the head teacher go downstairs aggressively, he didn’t care. After waiting for more than half an hour, Zhu Yang finally got enough sleep, got up and washed his face, brushed his teeth, and finished breakfast. He didn’t know what happened.

The siblings arrived in the classroom and saw three people standing at the back of the classroom. Player Liu Zhizhao also had a girl. The girl’s face was pale, and her forehead and temples were covered in cold sweat. She was shaking while standing, apparently she had a fever.

When Zhu Yang and the others entered the classroom, they saw the head teacher kick the girl in the knee and kicked the girl down.

“Study early and sleep late. If everyone else can get up, you can’t get up. You stand crookedly and stand up for me.”

The girl got up strenuously and said with a weak look: “Teacher, my period is coming and I have a high fever——”

“Come on! Say, what is the excuse this time?” The head teacher interrupted without listening to her. “When do you have no excuses? You have the most reason in the class.”

“After scratching my body a few times, I said I was allergic to egg whites, I said I was suffering from depression, and this time it was a period of fever again. This is a hypocritical illness, right?”

“Now that you children eat and drink well, they can’t live anymore, right? The teachers used to eat nothing when they were short of food and clothing. They used all their energy to study and work and still have time to be depressed? Fever? I had a fever of 39. The degree still walks ten miles to learn.”

“One by one, now I can’t eat any bitterness.” He looked at the time and said angrily: “Are there two more? It’s time to die.”

After speaking, the girl with a fever fell straight to the ground, and Zhu Yang walked in.

He touched his forehead, his hands were hot, but his hands were as cold as a corpse, and his breathing was rapid. It was obvious that he was extremely uncomfortable.

The teacher in charge saw that they were only here now, and the other simply pretended to be dizzy and was about to yell at him. Zhu Weixin helped the girl up.

The siblings also ignored the violent surge of the head teacher behind them, and got them directly to the infirmary.

The infirmary is not in this building, but in another building besides the teaching building and the dormitory building.

When Zhu Yang and the others came out of the teaching building, they saw a few people coming in from the gate. One of them was a bald man with a fat-headed coat and a smile on his face as if they were introducing something.

Zhu Yang and the others passed in front of these people’s sight. They didn’t respond, not the kind of indifference that didn’t need to be ignored, but as if they didn’t see them at all.

His eyes didn’t focus here.

Zhu Yang’s heart moved, but the girl’s situation was important at the moment, so he went to the infirmary without delay.

In the infirmary, there was a school doctor who was sitting there, playing on the computer, and was very impatient with the arrival of the three.

“It’s just a cold during a period, need to ask for leave to come here?” The other party slowly stuffed the girl with a thermometer, and then sat back to his place to play on the computer.

Zhu Yang was spoiled by his brother and boyfriend again, and knew that the mercury thermometer had to be shaken before it was used, right? The school doctor didn’t do anything, so he just squeaked at the girls.

Ha, she found out that this school is really the darkness of education, and there is really no way to find normal.

After a few minutes, Zhu Yang definitely didn’t have five minutes anyway. The school doctor took out the thermometer and glanced at it. The dense scales on it really doubted whether he could see it clearly.

Then he turned over the medicine cabinet, took out a bottle of medicine, and threw Zhu Yang and the others: “Feed two pills.”

Zhu Yang was about to open the medicine bottle when he suddenly thought of something and glanced at the production date——

This **** expired for three years.

Zhu Weixin saw it too, and the siblings looked at each other, and he saw his sister sneer.

Zhu Weixin didn’t speak, but he suddenly turned back and held the school doctor, dragged the person over. The computer cable tripped and caused the display screen to smash down, and he broke it with a snap.

The school doctor didn’t respond for a while, and when he was going to scold the student for being timid, he was already speechless.

Because Zhu Weixin grabbed his cheeks and opened his mouth alive.

Zhu Yang looked at him condescendingly, casually opened the bottle of cold medicine, and then poured a few drops into his mouth.

As soon as the tablet entered the mouth, the surface layer quickly disintegrated under the saliva, and after a while, the mouth was full of bitterness like Coptis.

The school doctor was choking, coughing and bitter. He wanted to vomit but couldn’t vomit. Zhu Weixin squeezed his mouth and forced him to swallow all these medicines.

Then he let go.

The school doctor was irritated by the bitter taste and couldn’t get up anymore. He went around looking for water desperately. The two brothers and sisters didn’t care about it, and went to look through the medicine cabinet.

Unexpectedly, there are still major discoveries. There are not many drugs that are really used to deal with emergency situations, such as colds, allergies, abrasions, anemia, etc., and some have expired for a long time, but they are strange drugs that are not available in many pharmacies.

Of course, the complicated scientific name Zhu Yang above is incomprehensible, but I checked the two on the encyclopedia, both of which are dangerous drugs with painful side effects.

Seeing the girls sweating profusely, Zhu Yang thought and knew that according to the game’s urinary sex, people can’t be sent out. If you really give players such a loop and can go out smoothly, then the game is not a dog-play game.

She called the dormitory and listed some medicines for her to notify the people outside to bring them.

At the moment, the dormitory is enthusiastic about the money, and is unambiguous about such trivial matters. Anyway, the more you spend, the faster she repays the bill. A call was made to send someone to run errands, but the errands for this account are overpaid. More than ten times.

Zhu Yang didn’t care, so she let her speed up.

After feeding the girls some hot water, the girls regained consciousness and thanked them.

The girl subconsciously didn’t want to fall asleep because she was lethargic in the morning and was awakened by cold water, so she chatted with Zhu Yang without a word.

Zhu Yang asked some information about the faculty and staff in the management of the school. The girls did not know if they were sick and unprepared, or if they were grateful to Zhu Yang.

Without covering up, he told them a lot about this school, but the word order was chaotic, and Zhu Yang needed to organize and sort it out by themselves.

Therefore, Zhu Yang also confirmed the nature of this school. In fact, there is no need for girls to confirm it. It can be seen long ago.

Under the guise of closed militarized management, this school satisfies a bunch of perverted desires for manipulation and torture.

According to the female students, the school’s teachers, including the dean of education, were expelled from the previous school because of various problems. Most of them were violent and disabled students or even died, or mental health problems found that they were not suitable for teaching, and there was also sexual harassment.

The school doctor just missed the time for treatment and died of a fainted student who had missed the treatment time due to malfeasance at the previous school.

This is the secret between their students, and it is the file that the class members accidentally saw when they went to the office to send homework.

Everyone knows that this is not a place for normal people to stay. It is even less reasonable to be perverted with a group of lunatics. For parents who are brainwashed by school, they firmly believe that their children are just getting used to it, and strict management will always change the notion of a fault feel despair.

It is not someone who has never thought of running away, but the end is extremely miserable, so everyone is in danger and lives in school tremblingly.

Zhu Yang said that it is no wonder that if this kind of school has killed a few people in the past, it is normal to be haunted, and normal people will have to drive crazy here.

After chatting for a while, Zhu Yang set up some private information about the teachers, and the dormitory delivered the medicine.

Zhu Yang ate two pills for the girl, which is actually a medical emergency. Whether he gets better depends on luck.

After taking the medicine, she covered her with a thick quilt to let her rest, and her bed over the bedroom was so wet that she couldn’t sleep.

It’s just that the head teacher was disobedient in public, and he didn’t come here to ask the teacher after class was over. This is not responsible for the style of the people here who care about the authority among the students.

When the siblings were about to return to the teaching building, they heard a soft noise from a small door next to the medicine cabinet in the infirmary.

The voice was so small that Zhu Weixin didn’t hear it, but Zhu Yang could hear it.

She stopped and walked over, and Zhu Weixin naturally followed her when she saw her sister looked strange.

Unscrew the doorknob, thinking that there are spare medicines and equipment inside, but the scenery in front of them surprised them.

The space inside is not small, with an operating bed and a chair, and some messy equipment and lines still appearing empty.

It is not entirely empty, because the operating bed, the chairs, and the walls on the floor are all spattered with blood, and the room is full of terrifying and hideous.

Zhu Yang was about to walk in, suddenly half of his body hung upside down on the edge of the door, and the **** water flowed down his abdomen all the way to his face.

Finally, it dripped all the way from the top of the hair that had fallen due to gravity, and those eyes were opened well and Zhu Yang’s line of sight, staring at Zhu Yang nonchalantly–

Ah, sorry, the switch was suddenly cut off in the middle of the codeword, just to prevent this kind of loss of manuscripts, so I used the existing Great God codeword.

As a result, I retrieved the saved manuscript and forgot to read the top sentence of the backup path description. A little angel just noticed that it was garbled at the beginning.

The garbled code has been deleted, affecting the reading experience.

However, the modification of the VIP chapter must not be less than the original number of words, but I can’t think of a place to add some words in this chapter, so I put the explanation in the text to fill in the number of words just sent out.

But don’t worry about the inconvenience caused to everyone, tomorrow I will put a few hundred words in my speech for welfare! What is it!



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