Scream Queen Chapter 41

To be honest, a ghost sprang out in such an abrupt manner, and Zhu Yang felt that he was vomiting because of the horror technique.

First of all, if most of the horror effects in a horror film are such a handicraft, it can be said to be a bad film.

However, considering that this is a rookie field, the newcomer’s capacity is limited, and the overall adaptability must also be considered. Zhu Yang is really too lazy to care about it at the moment.

But Zhu Weixin looked at his sister blankly and froze in place, but was anxious–

“Sister, sister, are you okay? Scared?” He patted his sister’s face, and pointed to the dead ghost hanging upside down on the door: “What’s so scary about this? You forgot about your grandma’s 70th birthday. When do you kill pigs at home?”

“Isn’t it the same to hang this shaving upside down? A pot of hot water washed down, so it stayed above the head.”

After that, I grabbed a handful of medical scissors next to the school doctor’s computer desk, not sure if it was used to show nails.

Going up and grabbing the female ghost’s hair just clicked, and after cutting it, she raised her elder sister: “Look, isn’t it the same? It’s not much different from the pig killer borrowing a knife to shave her hair.”

The female ghost was so **** stunned. When she came out, no one was scared. There was a meal of ginseng rooster on her head, and her hair turned into the Mediterranean when she finished.

Really, it’s chilly!

A **** and terrifying female ghost suddenly turned into a bald ghost who looked funny, and crawled over to someone on the ground when she was killing her.

What people saw was not Black Shuosuo’s hair and dripping blood, but a circle of light on the top of his head. This was not a serious life-saver.

The female ghost felt sorry for her hair and thought about her future. She was so angry that she wanted to reach out and strangle the bastard.

Zhu Yang spoke at this moment and cursed at his brother: “Fool, what are you doing with her hair?”

“80% of the ghosts who die here are opposed to the school. They are all ghosts. It is inevitable that they will come across the house in such a broken school. Just ask her to solve the haunted mystery here. Why do you offend others? ?”

He also shaved his younger brother’s head: “I have had two violent tempers and hurt a good ghost twice before, so don’t be so irritable after an accident. If you want to figure out the situation is a group, how embarrassing?”

As soon as the female ghost heard this woman, she would speak human words, thinking that if they sincerely apologized and then met her request, this matter could not be turned over.

Just listen to the woman’s next sentence: “But if you offend it, you can’t help it. If you can’t make the way of favor, come hard, grab her, tie her on the operating table, and pry something out.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Weixin nodded, showing my sister’s expression as expected, reaching out to see that she was about to pull the female ghost’s remaining hair and pull her down from above.

As soon as the female ghost heard the word operating table, the most painful memories of her life filled her mind, and she disappeared in fright.

Zhu Weixin caught a few strands of hair and scratched it.

“Sister, what should I do?”

As soon as the female ghost ran away, the dark room inside suddenly changed greatly. The sorrowful bloodstains everywhere were gone, and the furnishings remained unchanged, but even without the tragic bloodstains, it looked cold and scary.

Zhu Yang walked in, looked around, even reached out and touched certain places, a trace of doubt flashed in his heart.

The phenomenon brought about when the female ghost appeared is the tragedy that happened here? But in the details, Zhu Yang felt that there were several violations.

But it’s meaningless to be entangled at this moment. Zhu Yang took a scalpel and went out and handed it to her brother: “Take it, defend yourself.”

Zhu Weixin said: “Don’t you think you should hold it?”

After speaking, she saw her sister pinching the steel pipe on the hospital bed and twisting the twist out with a turn of her wrist.

Zhu Weixin was stunned for a while, and then rushed into his sister’s arms, Xiaoniai said humanely: “Sister, you must protect me.”

It can be said to be very contrived.

The siblings returned to the classroom, and the second class in the morning had passed. This break was a bit longer, but for the students here, it seemed that there was no difference between get out of class and class.

I always lower my head to do questions and do questions, and occasionally say a few words in a whisper.

As soon as the siblings entered the classroom, everyone glanced over, and then deliberately looked away, as if they did not exist.

Although no one had taken the initiative to communicate with them before, the looks of Zhu Yang’s two brothers and sisters are here, except for the blind.

At this moment it seemed too deliberate, and the collective exclusion breath rushed over his face.

To tell the truth, the conditions of Zhu Yang’s brothers and sisters have never been subjected to collective cold violence in reality. This experience is new.

But they are a narcissist with a strong personal consciousness, and the other has a sister in front of me who cares about others, I don’t have time to bird your extreme sister control.

Without lifting his eyelids, he took care of himself and returned to his seat, and then saw Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu standing at the back of the classroom holding textbooks——

“What are you two doing?” Zhu Yang asked.

Zhao Shu whispered: “The head teacher said that you have to stand after class, and you will be fined one week if you dare to sit back.”

At this moment, Zhu Yang really felt that this dungeon was so thankful that she had her brother as a portable attendant, so she didn’t even bother to do anything unexpectedly.

She said in the last game that those guys were the worst attendants she had ever brought, but the result was good, the dog beat her with facts in the game.

Let you see that there is no worst, only worse.

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows and smiled: “Co-ally, do you plan to be here for a long time? One week of fine? What does the fine for one year have to do with you?”

Seeing that the two of them still had to bow their heads under the eaves, Zhu Yang waved his hand and said impatiently: “Sit back to your seat and don’t get in the back of my eyes.”

The two weighed for a long time between the school’s evil forces and the tough and arrogant teammates, and finally chose teammates.

Then Xu Wei leaned over and whispered to Zhu Yang: “Did you notice the atmosphere in the class? It was instigated by the English teacher in the second English class.”

“He said that you two are black sheep, bad class discipline, not studying yourself, but also a burden to others. He said that you two have good grades and the wealthy family and the elite education can afford it. You are here for fun, but others are different. The mock test took the results to talk, and you two will not be punished for them if you are affected and punished.”

“Sister, he deliberately let the students isolate you.”

Zhu Yang looked at Xu Wei, then at Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu, the contempt in his eyes was almost written directly on his forehead.

Look, it’s not as transparent as a teenage girl.

Before Zhu Yang was still lamenting that dogs are more frenzied than games, and junior high school students did not let it go, but Xu Wei’s short-term performance is not only the first time among them to integrate into the students, but also at a young age and keen. , And good at using age advantage to weaken one’s sense of existence to achieve self-protection.

What is rare is that she is not the kind of player who has been more stable before, and is eager to avoid. Seeing Zhu Yang’s ability to do things, and intuition about the news is unambiguous.

Meeting such new players, except for the Xibei goods from Lu Datou, in Zhu Yang’s opinion, this little girl seemed to be able to go far.

Zhu Yang laughed ironically when he heard the words: “Intimidation and intimidation make people feel at risk, and they put us on the opposite side of the group and emphasize the inequality to provoke jealousy to achieve the goal, right?”

“When I ganged up to play this set, I guess they were still giving it to my boss… well, I guess they’re still licking it now.”

In fact, it is not just this abnormal school. In reality, many teachers use their power and mature emotional intelligence advantages of adults to collectively isolate students who they are not comfortable with.

Campus bullying has never been more than student to student.

Zhu Yang asked Xu Wei to return to her seat, and then coldly took a look at the various sentient beings in this small depressed classroom.

Although this school is extremely repressed, the so-called happiness is always similar, but unfortunately they are different.

In this short period of time between classes, Zhu Yang discovered several people who had a strong sense of presence in the class.

Of course it is not the conspicuous sense of presence, but the dangerous sense of being on the verge of collapse.

The first is the female class leader. Her name is Mo Can. Generally, she forwards everything that the class teacher wants to explain.

At this time between classes, she was sending out the test papers the day before yesterday. The players hadn’t come yet, so naturally they didn’t have them.

The papers were sent out one by one, and many people did not do well in the exams. Some were a little timid, and cried the moment they received the papers.

Upon seeing this, Mo Can comforted: “It’s okay, just work hard next time.”

On the contrary, these words made the students who did not pass the exam find a way to vent: “It’s okay? It’s not you who are punished for copying homework. You stand and talk all the time and don’t have backache. If you do well in the exam, you deliberately satirize us?

Mo Can hurriedly said, “No, no, it’s useless to say that you are angry with me. Who made you fail to examine the question carefully.”

The person next to him frowned upon hearing this: “Don’t put salt on the wound.”

Then there were several students whispering about her dissatisfaction.

Mo Can bit his lip, his eye circles were a little red, so he stopped staying here, biting his scalp and continuing to curl up.

A squad leader whose emotional intelligence is not so high that he can’t speak so that he is not human inside and outside.

Another girl was also very conspicuous. She was sitting in the corner of the last row, in the same row as Zhu Yang, but she hadn’t spoken to them since yesterday.

The girl hunched back in the seat, trying to reduce her presence all the time. Whenever someone around her became a little louder, she would shake her body like a bird with a bow.

This person’s name is Sun Ningning. According to the gossip Xu Wei inquired about with the sleeping girl at night, this person was a notoriously problematic girl before coming in.

The character is very arrogant and domineering, stubborn and disobedient, so he was sent here by his parents.

At first, she even sneered at this place. She also scorned the English teacher in class. Then from the second day on, except for the Chinese teacher who was at odds with the English teacher, all subjects in class took turns to ask her to answer questions, just like last night. I wish Weixin like that.

I was beaten on stage if I couldn’t answer. After a week of continuous torture, my hands were ripped off. Naturally, it is impossible to talk about what to do in the routine mock test because of the constant torture. Sun Ningning couldn’t hold the pen with both hands, so who answered the question? understand?

He was framed by the teacher for deliberately polluting the noodles, which was more serious than handing in a blank paper.

After coming out of the inside, this is the virtue.

A poor girl who has been tortured and collapsed.

There are two other people, a man and a woman. The women have bright black and fluffy hair. They have a lot of hair, at least twice that of ordinary people.

Obviously girls also cherish their hair. Girls are not allowed to wear jewelry, or even to tie colored hair bands. Girls do not use rubber bands, but use black matte ribbons to tie them around and tie them. A small bow.

But the key is not the girl, it’s another boy. As long as the boy is free, his eyes are staring straight at the girl, unabashedly admiring.

But the girl didn’t respond at all, and felt very anxious at his unshitting gaze. Her brows were frowned and frowned, but she didn’t dare to make a loud noise here.

As a result, the two of them seemed particularly sharp in the atmosphere that was on the verge of an outbreak but had to be suppressed.

In the short ten-minute period between classes, I can see a strong depression at a glance. In addition, there is also a weak depression in the infirmary, which is characterized by the teacher as a squeamish and hypocritical girl.

Zhu Yang became more and more skeptical about the mission of this game. Is this thing posting the wrong mission?

Because in her opinion, the atmosphere that will explode sooner or later is more serious than in the first villa.

But she didn’t think about how long she went to class again, and the Chinese teacher came in.

The Chinese teacher was stunned last night and was sent back to the dormitory. He woke up in the middle of the night and made a fire. The upstairs and downstairs heard movement.

However, the subject teachers did not have the right to forcibly take the students away. It happened to teach the director to take a vacation for a little bit of private affairs today. This is why Zhu Yang and the others were only targeted for fouls in class and no one came to take them away.

The Chinese teacher suffocated his stomach and complained to the head teacher for a long time. He had to wait for the teacher to come back, and took several crimes and punished the freshmen to make a good reform.

I didn’t mention the matter of last night or directly targeted Zhu Yang in class. It is estimated that I was afraid of being smashed again.

Zhu Yang said that this mania mania is mania, but not stupid.

However, it didn’t take long for the other students to avoid trouble with Zhu Yang for the time being. Other students were not within the scope of scruples.

Because two students failed to answer a question about reading comprehension even when they called it, this person took the pointer and pumped the podium several times, scolding and pumping.

Knee bends while pumping. If you want to speak at the table, there is definitely an MMP to say.

After the table, the Chinese teacher walked down with a messy forehead and an angry face. It seemed that it was the student’s turn.

Coincidentally, one of the people who didn’t get the correct answer was Sun Ningning. It was because the English teacher took turns to find faults and finally locked up in the closed room. From a stubborn sister to a gloomy girl.

The Chinese teacher took the position in front of the boy several times, and went straight to Sun Ningning like a mad dog. Sun Ningning looked at her with more horror than seeing a ghost, and the whole person was shaking.

To reach Sun Ningning, you have to pass by Zhu Yang, and as she approached, Zhu Yang tripped the woman with one foot out, and the posture of the fall was the same as that of the English teacher before.

The Chinese teacher was thinner and reacted more flexibly. He stretched out his hand habitually, but didn’t hit his nose or mouth, but it still hurts after falling so coldly.

Before she could turn over, she felt that she had stepped on a foot on her back, and she couldn’t turn over because of this foot.

Upon seeing this, the surrounding students took a breath.

I heard Zhu Yang say: “I wish the doctor’s spiritual lecture hall is starting! The teacher has an old temper, and it is always bad to bite in class. What should I do?”

Zhu Weixin took the conversation: “It’s mostly rabies, wear a collar, put on a rabies mask, and just have a meal!”

“What if I can’t get a meal?” Zhu Yang flicked his nails.

“One meal can’t be done again, but an increased dose will always be good, supplemented by electric shock has a high curative effect, and the healing effect cannot be wrong.”

Zhu Weixin may not have the eloquence of his sister, but it is absolutely unambiguous to praise his sister.

Zhu Yang smiled with satisfaction, then ran over his own shoes without getting up, but his upper body leaned down.

The voice was light and terrifying: “Have you heard? Teacher, you can get a cure. I wish the doctor have given you the treatment plan. Let’s enter the treatment early!”

Then he stretched out his hand at her brother, and Zhu Weixin took off the school uniform and tie tacitly.

Zhu Yang put the gloves on the Chinese teacher’s neck and slowly pulled it back. The continuous tightening of the knot made the Chinese teacher’s breathing more difficult.

The face that had been flushed with anger was now becoming scarierly swollen with congestion.

There was a dead silence in the classroom, only the gurgling sound from the Chinese teacher’s mouth.

The surrounding students breathed extremely lightly, and their eyes were panicked again. At this moment, there was a strange change in the silence.

A weird light flashed in everyone’s eyes, full of unspeakable pleasure and even anticipation.

They couldn’t hold back their hearts, and at the same time an idea came up–

She just strangled her like this!

But things went counterproductive. When the teacher had already rolled his eyes, Zhu Yang loosened his tie.

The air rushed in, the Chinese teacher coughed for a long time, and then took a deep breath, his nose and tears were all over his face, and finally I realized the feeling of rejoicing after the disaster.

Regardless of her image, she crawled forward until she escaped from Zhu Yang’s range, and then she dared to look back at her.

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “While in class, why should I be so angry? I also took care of the quality of the class before I started to let the teacher go to the fire.”

“Is there still a fire?”

The Chinese teacher saw that she was so indifferent that she almost killed someone just now, with a chatting and laughing expression, and subconsciously stepped back.

Upon seeing this, Zhu Yang said: “It can be seen that the fire has been extinguished, so don’t you continue to class? Old teacher!”

In the end, the person named “Teacher” is simply creepy, at least in the ears of Chinese teachers.

She wanted to escape from the classroom, but those eyes stared at her and looked at the door again. The meaning was obvious. She dared to leave the room for a second, and she would have good fruit.

So the Chinese teacher had to re-enter the stage and began to talk tremblingly, with a hoarse voice.

The students in the class were still not satisfied with the scene just now, and they were disappointed again.

Seeing that the pace returned to the classroom state, I had to withdraw my eyes and start to concentrate on listening.

A student in the hallway outside the classroom looked back at the window subconsciously, and was suddenly frightened with a short scream.

In order to prevent people from outside the corridor from affecting the attention of the students, the two panes under the window next to the corridor were covered with black paper.

But the top grid is not covered, because it is convenient for the class teacher to inspect outside at any time.

As soon as the student looked up, he saw the head teacher’s face on the glass window, and he had a full view of the scene just now.

The thoughtful and insidious expression seemed to be thinking about how to spread the account just now on this person in the classroom.

This scream also shocked the entire classroom. Everyone looked at it, and the head teacher did not evade, a strange smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

The students have a cold back–

However, Zhu Yang got up and walked out of position, and when he reached there, he raised two tables that were in the way. Of course, several students around were also lifted and almost fell.

She walked to the window and smashed the glass with a fist. The glass shattered and pierced the head teacher’s face.

There was a scream outside, Zhu Yang withdrew his hand: “In class, you are your mother’s smirk, you are responsible for the decline in grades? Do you have professionalism?”

After speaking, he spit out, then returned to his seat, took out his nail polish and brushed it slowly.

This bright red contrasts with the monotonous colors around it, really conspicuous.

Seeing that his eyes fell on him, Zhu Yang raised his head impatiently: “Listen to my class, what kind of a small run? The college entrance examination still counts on me to answer the questions for you?”

The students shuddered and withdrew their eyes.

Those who were instigated by the teacher to ignore the exclusion only half an hour ago are now unstoppable and cannot stop the desire to sneak at her.

It’s as if a flying insect saw the light.

The Chinese teacher saw that the result of the head teacher was not much better, and he became even more disturbed, and the head teacher did not jump in unexpectedly.

The students present here have been taking this Chinese teacher’s class since they enrolled, and it was the first time that they had been so quiet for more than twenty minutes without seeing her lose their temper.

When the bell rang at the end of get out of class, the Chinese teacher sighed with naked eyes.

I was hurriedly packing my things and planning to leave the classroom, so I was stopped by Zhu Yang——

“Teacher, it seems that I can still teach quietly.” He said with a perverted smile: “Hehe, I thought it was a mental disorder that was difficult to correct.”

He said to Zhu Weixin next to him: “Doctor Zhu, the effect is good.”

Zhu Weixin shook his head regretfully: “It’s a pity, you can still try electroshock therapy in the severe stage.”

Zhu Yang comforted him: “Hey, don’t be discouraged, if it happens repeatedly, it’s not a chance.”

The Chinese teacher was so frightened that he hurried out of the classroom, and he didn’t know what the office had exchanged in the ten minutes after class. In short, the teacher Ke below also behaved honestly.

During the school, a large truck drove in, and it took half an hour to unload things back and forth. Zhu Yang also went to see it. The dormitory looked at so many good things and was happy, as if these things were already hers. The same.

Daily necessities and furniture were moved into Zhu Yang’s room. She felt that the bed in the bedroom was uncomfortable, so she simply bought two more and bought a small sofa. If the room is not spacious, it is estimated that there will be.

Clothes, skin care products, cosmetics, and snacks that she and her brother love to eat are not too small. They also bought a tablet for Zhu Weixin to play games.

He has recently become obsessed with pesticides, and he is always pitted by his teammates.

Well, the ID of the pig teammate is Xie Tianshi, Zhu Yang always feels that the world is a little small.

There are still some messy things, but I don’t know what Zhu Yang used to do, but the supervisor did it for her, and cleaned up an empty room.

The most important thing is that she purchased a large number of fresh and diverse ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits, meat, vegetables, rice noodle seasoning, what she wanted, and also bought a lot of cooking machines.

The battles were much larger than in Wang’s house. After all, Wang’s house didn’t open so many mouths.

Because the dormitory’s cooking was not good, Zhu Yang didn’t want to eat the meal cooked by the sloppy woman, so he took the charge and transferred Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu from students to faculty members.

It happens to be a cook and a stick.

The supervisor knocked Guazi’s hand: “This, isn’t it in compliance? Only the dean of personnel has the right to appoint personnel.”

Zhu Yang said: “I will naturally explain to her, she will agree, and now it’s just bringing the result in advance.”

“If you are afraid of taking responsibility, you can just say that I am good at advocating, and you will not be involved.”

What else is there to worry about? I don’t need to cook yet, I just have fun.

Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu entered the dream amnesty, and immediately took off their school uniforms: “Oh, thank you for not killing me in the previous school, thank you for teaching at that time, and the most anxious teacher who only drew the palm of my hand.”

“I **** out of this game, the first thing is to buy fruit basket supplements to visit my teacher.”

Although Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu are not master culinary masters, they can still be good at home cooking when they live alone for a long time. Liu Zhi usually has no hobbies, and he likes to make delicious food at home.

Zhao Shu can’t cook any big dishes, but washing and cutting vegetables won’t bother him. Players have strengthened their physical fitness, and their agility and coordination are naturally better than ordinary people. Even if they were not good at knife skills before, they are not too bad now.

When the morning class was over, the lunch bell rang, and the students came to the cafeteria, but they weren’t faced with the sparse soup and water sparsely placed on the counter.

It’s the sumptuous meals on the table. The main dishes include stewed hoofs, roasted ribs, and boiled fish. The long table in each group is filled with two bowls of each dish.

Stir-fry is a variety of home-cooked dishes, fish-flavored pork shreds, pork moo eggplant, braised tofu, green pepper and potato shreds, tomato scrambled eggs, and a preserved cucumber egg soup.

Several copies of each are also laid out one after the other to ensure that every student can get it and the weight is sufficient.

The meal has already been served, and the bowls are placed in front of the seats. The rice is full of crystals, soft and hard, and there is still visible heat.

The whole dining room is full of warm aromas. These were just ordinary food before they came in. After months of clear soup and water, they are more attractive than any delicacy of mountains and seas.

At this moment, Liu Zhi and the others broke off two rows of ovens and came out: “Eat, sit down and eat, I also handed over some dried sweet potatoes, I will pay attention to making snacks later, I can prepare so much if I don’t have enough time.”

Pointing to the stewed pork trotters and spare ribs again: “These two are pressured in a pressure cooker, and the taste is not very satisfying. I will make the taste with you at night.”

The students looked at them, and then at Zhu Yang, who was obviously the master of all these, quietly seated, picked up the bowl and started eating.

Halfway through the meal, I didn’t know where there was a small sob, but no one looked up, because the rice in his bowl also dripped salty tears from time to time.

Zhu Yang and a few players sat at another table as usual. After lunch, they asked Liu Zhi to pick up the girl from the infirmary.

Her bed was wet, but Zhu Yangrang added something when she took the medicine, and she was immediately replaced by someone when she came back.

Liu Zhi cooks a lot of food, but the students are all finished, and they return to the classroom to do their homework.

The teachers in this school have a mediocre teaching level, but they are very good at assigning homework. The students have shown the necessary physiological behavior anyway, and the rest of the time is basically writing.

When the dean of teaching came back in the evening, he was surrounded by several teachers. A group of people in the office didn’t know what was said.

Before the end of the evening self-study get out of class, Zhu Yang was called to the Academic Affairs Office.

When the news came, the atmosphere of the whole class was frozen, and they looked at Zhu Yang worriedly.

Zhu Weixin stood up directly, anyway, where did his sister go.

The squad leader who brought the news back bit his head and said: “She is the director of teaching, she will only let classmate Zhu Yang go there alone.”

Would Zhu Weixin care about this? Just about to go with my sister, Zhu Yang was pressed back to his seat——

“The newly bought bed hasn’t been made yet. Will you go with me back to the dormitory? I have to wait for you to work slowly?”

“Okay, you go back and make your bed and wait for me.”

Zhu Weixin was still worried, but seeing his sister made a twisting motion on her hand, remembering the twisted steel pipe, she reluctantly said: “Then you come back early, and you will pay after I make the bed. I’ll find you before I come back.”

Zhu Yang nodded perfunctorily, and brought an empty bag out of the classroom. If anyone noticed it, he would find out.

The moment I left the classroom, the light and fluttering empty bag suddenly became full of feeling, as if it was carrying something heavy.

When he came to the Academic Affairs Office, there was only the dean of teaching. Zhu Yang was so happy that he didn’t have to find a way to clean up the people, so he locked the door and threw the bag aside, and sat down opposite the dean.

The dean of teaching looked at her as if thinking of something, and an unpleasant chill flashed in his eyes.

Then I said: “Let’s see. On the day I was on vacation, I first maliciously teased the English teacher to disrupt classroom discipline, then beat the Chinese teacher to faint, failed to hand in ideas and products, failed in the dormitory allocation, opened a small stove for meals, and arrived late in the morning. It lasted three hours, less than a minute later, and left the classroom without authorization. He attacked the teacher again to disrupt discipline, assaulted the class teacher, bribed the dormitory to buy a large number of irregular items, intervened in personnel transfers, and changed dining standards.”

After finishing talking, the dean sneered coldly: “This is the first time since this school was established several years ago that I have encountered a student who can commit so many major violations in such a short period of time.”

“According to the school rules——”

“Sneez—” Zhu Yang sneered, seeing that the dean’s eyes were getting worse and worse, and he didn’t think of restraining it.

Instead, he said leisurely: “School rules? Who made the school rules? Are you?”

“You count my guilt in such a serious manner, and the serious face of an absolute judge is really funny to me. Dominating a group of children really makes you feel the thrill of power?”

The dean’s face changed: “You–”

Zhu Yang raised his hand to signal her to be safe and restless, leaning on the back of the chair with her legs up, relaxed and leisurely, without being affected by the atmosphere.

She asked, “Actually, I was a little curious about the teacher’s leave from last night to today. It is said that it is a full two-and-a-half hours’ drive from the city. Of course, the location is so remote to prevent students from escaping.”

“Then teacher, you don’t hesitate to spend five or six hours on the road so quickly, why are you going back?”

The dean of education said with an ugly face: “You don’t need to worry about the teacher’s personal affairs. Just like students only need to study when they come to school, the teacher only needs to perform his own duties here.”

“Driving duties? I’m afraid that’s not the case?” Zhu Yang glanced at him: “Isn’t it a sad woman who failed in marriage, career, and life, hiding in this isolated corner, making her own words here, Do you rule over dozens of underage-built kingdoms, complacent and paralyzed?”

“Bang!” The instructor stood up suddenly, slapped his hand on the table, and sneered: “It seems that routine dialogue is superfluous. This student doesn’t have the slightest intention of reflection. Let’s just lock it up.”

After speaking, two people rushed out of the data room. It was the two teachers with the strongest physique. The fierce and vicious were about to arrest Zhu Yang.

Obviously three consecutive successful attacks on the teacher made them more cautious, so Zhu Yang alone was allowed to come over, and two people were hidden in the reference room to reduce Zhu Yang’s defense.

The dean smiled: “You lock the door yourself, which is convenient for the teachers.”

Zhu Yang didn’t show any panic at all, and he didn’t even get up: “I locked the door myself, of course, I can only make myself cheaper.”

Then the cocked foot kicked forward quickly, twice in a row, just to the knees of the two teachers.

With a clear ‘click’, the two teachers fell to the ground and cried out while hugging their knees.

One of them was the head teacher. Zhu Yang sat down on a chair and looked at them condescendingly: “Hey! Didn’t you say that you have to crawl to study after a broken leg? Teacher, you said that you can endure hardship, just a little bump. It doesn’t match what you are saying.”

The dean of teaching saw her help two brawny men in such an instant, the situation was too unexpected, and he was a little flustered.

However, seeing Zhu Yang kicking them one by one, he continued to say to her: “Teacher, it is very disappointing that there are so many more people in a separate conversation.”

“But I was thinking about the first offense, so I don’t care about it this time.” He said to the dean with a deep smile: “After all, strictly speaking, my teacher and I are the same people, and I can’t stand others against me.”

The dean thought she was going to shoot herself, but saw a bag suddenly thrown in front of her, and the sound made her startled.

Zhu Yang motioned to her: “Open it!”

The instructor looked at her defensively, but still stretched out his hand with difficulty under her gaze, and slowly opened the zipper of the bag.

There were piles of money in it, dazzling people.

Then I heard Zhu Yang’s voice: “Teacher, you have to believe that I am fine here, not for justice.”

“Like you, I’m just for fun.”

Seeing that the dean of teaching was confused by her series of operations, the look in her eyes was like a lunatic.

Zhu Yang smiled: “Why do you teachers show up here? I have already found out when I came here. They were expelled from the last school, and the regular school could not find a job. It just so happens that you can have a teacher with a cheap salary. Resources.”

“I have to say that the principal is really shrewd about the idea of ​​increasing income and reducing expenditure. And you–”

“Because of corporal punishment of the student, he was expelled, and his husband divorced due to conflicts with the child’s educational philosophy. Because of the loss of work and financial resources, he did not grab the custody of the child.

“You keep saying that students are losers and you want to transform them into qualified products that meet your parents’ expectations, but you don’t want to accept this result more than anyone else.”

“Teachers get comfort and satisfaction from nurturing and educating people. You don’t have this characteristic. You only have satisfaction with the desire for control and power. Don’t doubt, I just despise you.”

“How much is the scum of failure to find power in a teenager? Haha! Because you know that comparing yourself to your peers is a complete loser.”

The dean of teaching was photographed by her lewdness and the charm of money. Hearing her unsound ridicule in his ears, his breath was heavy and rapid, and his chest was violently rising and falling.

Seeing her like this, Zhu Yang didn’t care: “But I need a scum like you now.”

“Cruel indifferent, inhumane, and can ignore everything.”

Speaking of his chin, he clicked on the bag of money on the table: “Take it back, then take it back and throw it on your ex-husband’s face, and try to see what is the dominance and satisfaction that a real adult should enjoy.”

She said this in a tone of charity, but the director looked at the money and couldn’t say rejection.

The salary of this school is extremely low, but even so, they can only accept teachers who cannot find a regular school job and have no other skills.

Naturally, the principal will not have extra investment in this area. How much money can be used to deduct students’ food and daily necessities? This is not something she can monopolize.

The dean can’t remember how long he hasn’t bought a new dress. The meager salary pays the daughter’s monthly alimony, the parents’ alimony, and there is little left.

With this money, with this money–

Feeling uncertain about her, she heard Zhu Yang say: “Perhaps you think I can talk to the principal directly?”

The dean looks up, the principal? The bald man with a fat brain can’t eat anything. With so much money, he doesn’t care about the teacher’s opinion and the life and death of the students. Only if he can afford it, he can pack everyone up and sell it.

Zhu Yang had a thorough understanding of her private information only one day after coming, which made the dean of education believe that the two siblings were not troubled by the parents, not to mention the huge sums of money they brought with them, and they were clearly prepared.

If she does not agree, she has no doubt that Zhu Yang can easily contact the principal.

This logic seems normal, but there are some things that can’t stand scrutiny when you think about it, but the dean of teaching has a great tendency to accept the money.

Under this tendency, naturally he desperately found a reason to convince himself.

She asked: “What about you, what do you want?”

Zhu Yang smiled softly: “You are a frog at the bottom of the well and I don’t know the vastness of the world. I will send you a ticket to go out and see. But I am tired of traveling around the world, so I will go for a ride at the bottom of the well temporarily.”

“What I want to do is similar to yours, but don’t mistake us for the same pattern.”

The dean understood, she looked at the two teachers who were dizzy underground, rolled her eyes blankly, and then took the bag.

He got up and smiled at Zhu Yang: “Yes, the structure of a school is complete. It is not only the filling of various positions, but also leaders among students. Zhu Yang’s classmates are both excellent in character and learning, and have a sense of leadership, and they must be able to lead this year. Go further.”

Zhu Yang got up: “The teacher is so sensible and I am very pleased.”

Then the teaching director ignored the two teachers and other accomplices who had been sold on the ground, and personally sent Zhu Yang out.

But Zhu Yang turned around, a sneer flashed across his face, this game money is really a versatile pass item.

In the past two days, I have exchanged hundreds of points. Although it’s just a fraction of her net worth, she still said that her things will not be cheap if they rot. If they are really cheap for a while, they can make up for it. At least double the starting price.

Don’t go, there are text benefits for writing——


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