Scream Queen Chapter 42

When Zhu Weixin ran to the teaching building, his sister had already come out, and was slowly walking down the stairs.

Zhu Weixin breathed a sigh of relief, even though his elder sister is now physique with the strong female King Kong-Bah! Similar to the peerless heroine, how many chances have she been spoiled for in recent years?

The most vigorous moment in his memory of his sister was when she took him to fight with geese in the countryside when she was young.

It’s unfamiliar if you haven’t done much for so many years. What if you suffer from insufficient combat experience?

So I saw his sister Biandian and ran over: “Sister, are you okay? Is it all resolved?”

Zhu Yang told his younger brother about what happened, and was about to ask him if the bed was made. When he passed by the building of the infirmary, he noticed that one of the rooms was turned on.

Of course, the statement of the medical building was flattering. Seeing the hidden shock room, Zhu Yang and the others understood why a medical office should be set up in another building separately.

According to Xu Wei’s inquiries, various punishment occasions such as the confinement room were concentrated there, presumably to prevent the screams from affecting the students in class.

At this time, a room on the second floor of the building was lit up. The color was different from ordinary incandescent or warm yellow, but a horrible red.

And a girl with long hair who couldn’t see her face waved to them at the window.

Zhu Weixin said: “Sister, it seems to tell us to go there? Are you going?”

Zhu Yang didn’t even think about it: “No, I don’t look for something during the day. I have to go to bed at this time before I ran out. When I’m on standby 24 hours a day, waiting to take care of them?”

“Being a ghost is so hypocritical, it deserves to have no future, wait until you are free.”

I don’t know if it was Zhu Weixin’s illusion. After his sister said so, the **** the windowsill seemed to be beckoning her stiff hand.

Zhu Weixin didn’t care, shrugged and took his sister’s hand, flashing a flashlight and the two sisters and brothers went straight back to the bedroom.

The **** the window sill beckoned like a beckoning cat for a long time without being answered.

When he returned to the bedroom, Zhu Yang saw that there was no quilt on his bed. After asking, he realized that the strange incident that had happened that ghost ran off her bed and enjoyed it.

Suddenly disliked: “Tsk tsk! There are idiots in the market, this one is particularly numerous. The restlessness of being a ghost is so scary, I actually enjoyed it secretly while I was standing.”

“This ghost is not good, and the one just now is the same. It’s the same as being silly. Because of the burden of your dog, the game has jumped to the third level of normal difficulty. This step is too large. It’s like talking about eggs, it really makes me uncomfortable.”

Zhu Weixin was unhappy when he heard the words, and ran to his sister, holding her face in front of her and said: “Sister, are you enjoying it?”

Zhu Yang opened him: “Then I want to be serious. I can’t be serious with you and a bunch of silly ghosts around me.”

When he said that, he opened a packet of potato chips and asked his brother to make the bed again while eating.

Because nothing at the broken school meets her standards, she bought double or even several copies of everything, but there were spares.

During the period, Zhu Yang looked down through the window with a flashlight. As expected, there was nothing else but the quilt on the weedy ground.

Zhu Yang then scolded her brother again: “Next time you come, don’t hit and throw it away. Look, if we meet two ghosts together, we can try to pry something out, but you will come and hit one. , Come two, you beat a pair.”

Zhu Weixin said in his heart that there was a door-to-door facing you and his hand was about to be broken. You didn’t care?

But I definitely won’t mention this stubbornness with his sister on the face, and he also made a humbly taught look: “Yes, I will meet again next time. I wrapped the spring rolls and didn’t forget to throw them downstairs, using a belt. Bund up.”

Although the fact that the ghost dared to appear in front of him was doubtful.

After making the bed again, Zhu Yang lay on the bed and surfed the Internet with his mobile phone after washing, and Zhu Weixin also lay on the bed and sprayed pesticides after washing.

Zhu Yang repeatedly heard the sound of him being bombed by his teammates. Compared with the silence of everyone in the dormitory upstairs and downstairs rushing to do their homework and writing, the atmosphere here is happy and harmonious.

On the second day, Zhu Yang naturally slept again. Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu woke up early today because they were poured by cold water yesterday.

And now they don’t have to go to class and have new tasks, and they feel sorry for the students, so they naturally tend to be cheap and lazy.

I woke up early in the morning and started to make breakfast, because I am not a professional chef, Bai An is not very good at it, but simply bake some buns and bread.

I boiled a large pot of preserved egg and lean meat porridge, and put in a large pot of noodles, with enough ingredients, and fried fried sauce.

I also cut a large plate of watermelon orange pitaya to make a snack.

Although the breakfast variety is only so small, it is warm and delicious. The flour for steamed buns is well used. Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu are males. They strengthen their physique. They are strong, and the kneading dough is naturally strong.

The steamed buns are soft and delicious, served with pickles with diced ham, fragrant and satisfying.

The preserved egg and lean meat porridge is also soft and fragrant, with some **** in it, which warms the belly and is appetizing. That noodle was also added with broth, boiled in a large pot before going to bed last night, and simmered for five or six hours to the minimum.

All the deliciousness in the bones was squeezed out, and the noodles and fried sauce were drunk one by one until the belly was round.

The girl who came into a coma on her period yesterday also boiled a small pot of **** jujube sugar water for her alone, the girl drank a bowl, and the others gave her a big thermos for her to take to class.

The girl didn’t dare to take it. Yesterday, Zhu Yang was called away and never saw her because she had to do homework when she returned to the dormitory. No one saw Zhu Yang when she came back.

At this moment, everyone didn’t know how she was going, but seeing that their breakfast was still being prepared, they put a little snack.

But I still dare not violate classroom discipline.

They can only drink the bottled water in the classroom. The cups are low-mouth cups that can be put into the belly of the table, saying that they keep the table tidy.

Such a large vacuum flask will certainly not fit.

Seeing the girl didn’t dare to accept it, Xu Wei smiled and took the cup: “I’ll take it. I just want to drink something hot too. If you want to drink it, just take the cup and pour it.”

The few girls around saw that she was still so young, two or three years younger than them, but they were considerate and responsible, and it was not a feeling of sourness in their hearts.

Zhu Weixin got up and took care of it and went downstairs to see that the breakfast made by the two of them was good, everything was delicious, so instead of firing alone, he took the share left for their brother and sister and returned to the room.

The rest of the restaurant saw him as if nothing had happened, and took two more breakfasts to go back, but they were sure that at least Zhu Yang was fine.

As usual, Zhu Yang woke up after the first class in the morning. After washing and eating breakfast slowly, the cheap and inferior school uniforms were naturally eliminated as soon as the new clothes were in place.

At the end of the second class, Zhu Yang took his younger brother to the classroom slowly.

When everyone saw her, they breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked at the fashionable dress of the two elder brothers and sisters, and the breath that had not been relieved turned into a cold breath and sucked back.

Students are not allowed to wear any clothes other than school uniforms when they sleep at school. Even the clothes that teachers usually wear are dull in color, popular in style, and there is no aesthetically speaking.

These two handsome men and beauties who wore the latest fashion models of the fashion brand in the season became incompatible with the entire space as soon as they stepped into this classroom.

The students didn’t know why Zhu Yang had committed so many serious things in one breath and had to come back all at once. Not only that, but also intensified, coupled with the arrangement of personnel as if nothing had happened.

Their sense of existence became more and more mysterious in everyone’s hearts.

Then I saw Zhu Yang handing a piece of paper to the monitor——

“You, go to the Academic Affairs Office to find a photocopier to copy it out and send it out manually.”

The monitor was dumbfounded: “Here, what is this?”

Zhu Yangdao: “Comparison of the teacher’s code of conduct and the penalties after violation.”

She doesn’t speak loudly, but the teacher is always quiet, and everyone’s attention is on her, so everyone who hears every word can hear clearly.

Everyone in the classroom breathed in their lungs again, and even the monitor dared not read the content on that page.

He felt as if he had pinched a piece of red-hot iron, which was terribly hot but he didn’t dare to throw it away.

At this time, the boy who liked to report to the teacher immediately jumped out and said, “Don’t go too far, what is the duty of the student? I just have to violate the school rules. Now I want to pull everyone to rebel together? ?”

He said to the other people: “Why are we here? Working hard to prepare for the next college entrance examination, not deliberately making trouble for the school teachers.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Weixin held his head to the side, and directly lifted the chicken-like figure to the ground.

Zhu Weixin ridiculed: “You are going to be born a hundred years earlier. There is definitely a strong stroke of yours in the history books. It is a pity that you were born at the wrong time and you have fallen in love. You can only give a bunch of stupid perverts in such a broken school. ”

Zhu Yang also sat back in his seat and swept around with his legs–

“I forgot to notify, and I blame it. It’s naturally misunderstood.”

“Then I’ll officially notify it again and listen carefully.”

“From now on, I am the responsibility of the school. Any rule-making, personnel appointment and dismissal, and reward and punishment system are all my responsibility. In other words, I am your new dean.”

“So, can you understand?”

Understand a ghost, let alone students, even the other three players were shocked.

Although knowing that these two siblings are strong, and relying on bribes to temporarily gain the convenience of the dormitory, all these meals have a decent meal.

To be honest, they knew that the contradiction in the middle must erupt, that is, the confrontation between the player and the school management.

They also believe that one step is one step. As a result, who can tell them what happened this night?

Why is the school occupied by the two of them? What about the process? Did they miss something when they kneaded the noodles and boiled the soup?

At this time, the class bell rang, and the topic was suspended. Everyone returned to their positions. Liu Zhi and the others did not delay in the classroom, and went back to the dormitory with stunned faces to prepare lunch.

The ingredients over there must also be watched, one might be stolen by the dormitory.

This class is an English class. When the English teacher entered the classroom, he was surprised to see that the two brothers and sisters were out of sync.

Last night, the dean of teaching had already gone back to rest when he talked to Zhu Yang, so he didn’t know what happened, but thought that since the dean of teaching came back, the matter should have been handled.

Unexpectedly, today these two people are not only good, they are even more arrogant as teachers and the system is like a dead person.

The English teacher opened his mouth before class and incited the students: “Some people don’t come to school even when they come to school. Students are not like students. They are not responsible for their own future, but they also affect the people around them——”

Zhu Yang interrupted when he finished speaking, “Huh? I accidentally saw the teacher’s resume yesterday. Do you actually think you have anything to show off in front of me? You have been a teacher for a long time, and at that time the assessment threshold was not It’s too high. If you change to now, ha ha! High school English teacher, you can dream.”

The English teacher’s face turned ugly, and Zhu Yang continued: “Although I don’t have a great talent, I am lucky to be a popular competitive major among the top ten universities in the country.”

“According to this standard—ha! You, the teacher who has seen your head all your life, are you talking about the future with such a promising young student like me?”

After everyone heard her words, she was more at a loss for the amount of information than her tough teacher.

After all, I’ve seen her cut the teacher several times, but what she means is that she is already a college student, right?

No wonder they are more mature than them, but why are you a college student running a repeater class?

Is it really the new airborne instructor? Some students faintly had such an idea in their hearts, not so much a guess, but rather an expectation.

The English teacher was pouted and his face was blue, and he realized that his lips were not so slippery, so he could only hold back his anger and start class for a while, planning to ask the dean of the dean again after class.

But because he didn’t pick things up, it didn’t mean that Zhu Yang would let him go.

Throughout the class, Zhu Weixin was picking his thorns, from pronunciation to grammar to the emphasis on knowledge points and even on the topic, one by one he singled out countless faults for him.

The key is that this is not a targetless point. Zhu Weixin’s rebuttal is all-inclusive, not just a rebuttal. After correcting according to his words, other students even think that he speaks more clearly and scientifically.

Just as the English teacher and several other subject teachers continued to find fault with Zhu Weixinti’s question that night, the English teacher was stunned by almost no words in this class, and the whole class never said a complete paragraph.

By the last five minutes of get out of class, the face of the English teacher was too dark to see.

He threw the book on the lecture table: “So capable? Are you capable of speaking up.”

Zhu Weixin said lazily: “I didn’t get this salary, so why do I help you work?”

“Then shut up!”

“But I can’t just watch you misunderstand others. These are two different things.” After saying that, he smiled maliciously at the English teacher: “By the way, teacher, do you remember how many mistakes I pointed out during the whole class?”

The English teacher did not reply, his face was embarrassed, Zhu Weixin did not expect him to answer, and said to himself: “27 places!”

Then he took out the piece of paper his sister had planned, and his slender fingers stopped in a row from top to bottom——

“According to the new school rules, a student found an error in the classroom and was punished with a pointer. In this way, the teacher will have 27 pointers. Um! It happens that you have your own pointer.”

“Bamboo, tough and hard, the taste of it is worthy of its quality, it can be seen that the teacher knows the goods.”

“Then, let’s get started, old-teacher!”

The English teacher saw him stand up, and took two steps back subconsciously: “What new school rules? Why haven’t I heard of it? What are you still doing? Stop! Where’s the class leader? What about the study committee? Want to rebel?”

Seeing that Zhu Weixin still kept moving, the English teacher who had suffered a loss finally couldn’t help but want to run outside the classroom.

But as soon as she turned around, she saw the little girl sitting next to the door kicking her desk forward.

The desk slid over and blocked the door and blocked the way for the English teacher.

Xu Wei retracted her foot, and the little girl smiled and said, “Teacher, it’s okay not to lead by example? If you make a mistake, you must admit punishment. Is this the most basic?”

The English teacher saw that this group of children had always been allowed to squeeze and squeeze, and they had always taken a superior posture.

At this moment, I saw this little girl, and Zhu Weixin approaching step by step, and the one who sat in the seat without saying a word but was obviously the leader of the group.

Three young faces made him feel terrified.

At this time, he felt his neck tighten, and then his whole body turned around, and he was already lying on the podium after he recovered.

The physique of the English teacher is not bad, but it is not up to the standards of a big man, and when he is middle-aged, he is naturally not an opponent of Zhu Weixin who is energetic, hardworking, and has certain professional skills.

Zhu Weixin lifted the person off the table and used skillful strength to stop him from struggling to turn over, then grabbed his arms and spread them out.

At this time, Zhu Yang had already arrived in front of him and had taken the English teacher’s own pointer.

“I heard that teacher, you like the back of your hands? Yes, compared to the palms with flesh, naturally only the skinny backs of your hands will be hit harder and the recovery will be slower. If you hit them a few more times, it will hurt your muscles and bones.”

“People are accustomed to recovering from scars and forgetting to hurt. Teacher, you understand very well, so just such a beater can make you figure out such a truth.”

“Yes, the teacher is very hardworking, so we can’t live up to it, but this time you made a lot of mistakes, teacher. Remember to keep a long memory after the fight.”

Zhu Yang lashed the back of the English teacher’s hands with one whip and whip. She didn’t use too much energy. It would be no fun to be disabled.

But even so, the English teacher screamed, and the entire classroom was silent except for the scream and the whip of the pointer.

All the students were silent, and those whippings seemed to be in their hearts. If yesterday was just a lawless violation of school rules, then the position between the students and the teacher now completely caused something in their hearts to collapse.

This is something that has only been established, but it is very strong.

Twenty-seven shots, no more than no more, after the smoke, the skin on the back of the English teacher’s entire hand has begun to burst.

But no one feels terrible, because they have seen many students get drawn worse than this.

When the bell rang in the next class, Zhu Weixin let go of the English teacher.

Said to him: “Teacher, pay attention to the next lecture. What you shoulder is the future of the students. How can you be careless?”

The English teacher ran out in a panic like seeing a ghost, but no one kicked the table to stop him.

He went straight to the Academic Affairs Office to find the dean of teaching, and passed him in the corridor, and the Chinese teacher he almost hit was cursed sick.

The Chinese teacher was almost strangled yesterday, and he was expecting the dean to come back at night to clean up the freshmen.

When I left the teaching building, I knew that the dean had already arranged it, so the Chinese teacher thought that there should be no two people in the classroom.

But as soon as he came in, he was shocked by the two conspicuous people, and the reaction was no different from the English teacher just now.

The Chinese teacher muttered in his heart to teach the director to be procrastinated, but he had to bite the bullet and go to class first.

With yesterday’s lesson, she didn’t dare to roar and jump into anger.

But Zhu Yang is determined to find fault, how can he care whether you have your tail caught?

Just picking up the wrong place of the English teacher requires a certain amount of knowledge. Besides Zhu Yang, Zhu Weixin can do it.

But it is easy to find fault with the Chinese teacher.

Although Xu Wei is a teenage girl, she knows how to judge the situation, and she doesn’t know that the reality is still a game.

This time, there is no need for Zhu’s sister and brother to make trouble, she just picked out the problem.

The Chinese teacher was able to speak vigorously, and when she saw a student raising her hand below, she said displeased: “If you have a problem, I will talk about it later.”

Xu Wei ignored her: “Teacher, is there any difference between now and later? Anyway, you only retell textbooks, retell test papers, and retell learning materials in class. Everyone has eyes, just look at it for yourself, and you can answer my doubts. Will it prevent everyone from attending class?”

The Chinese teacher’s face is not good, she has no technical elements in her lectures, and her teaching style blindly urges students to learn by rote, which is actually nothing for liberal arts.

But this teacher was particularly incomprehensible. What worked and didn’t work, and his mind was right. According to what Xu Wei heard in the evening, even her junior high school student felt ridiculous about the things she had to recite.

To give an example, the teacher actually asked students to memorize the appreciative composition. The energy of being a senior high school student is unlimited.

In the previous school, I was brushed down because all the indicators were not met, so I naturally didn’t grow up here.

Xu Wei randomly picked out a book of exercises and pointed to the uncommon classical Chinese essay above: “I don’t know the word teacher, what do you read?”

How far can the Chinese teacher see clearly? Zhu Yang and the others stared at it, so they had to hold back their impatience: “Come here.”

“Huh? After listening to my first few sentences, shouldn’t the teacher understand the content below? Why is it so troublesome? You can just tell me the next sentence, or say-you can’t recite this one?”

Then the little girl made a startled gesture: “No? The teacher always asks us to memorize all the words we see. I think you have been teaching for many years, and these things have long been treasured.”

She covered her lips with the back of her hand and smiled contemptuously: “So you can’t remember it.”

The Chinese teacher was blocked and blushed for a while, but Xu Wei turned her head and asked Zhu Yang: “Sister, the teacher is not rigorous in class preparation and can’t deal with students’ normal questions. How should the new school rules deal with it?”

After Zhu Yang experienced so many players, she really met a wonderful person who made her look different.

He smiled and said: “This is a big problem. According to the standards set by the teacher himself, he can’t do it. If he really takes his teaching philosophy seriously, it’s impossible to be so negligent. The teacher repeats what he emphasizes to the students every day. It’s really shameful to ignore it.”

He took out the book and threw it on the podium, and threw it in front of the Chinese teacher.

“Teacher, recite! Ten minutes is the limit. After ten minutes, I will let people recoil. You have demonstrated the consequences of each wrong word.”

“Are you crazy? How dare you—”

The Chinese teacher’s irritability is about to attack again, but he dared not get off the stage to get closer to Zhu Yang.

At the beginning of the conversation, Zhu Yang opened her palm and placed it on the desk, with her fingers bent and swiping down.

Just so light, the solid wood table top has five more scratches no less than one centimeter, just like a beast’s paw.

When the Chinese teacher heard the sound, his teeth were sore, he saw Zhu Yang’s eyes lifted: “Teacher, there are nine minutes left, don’t you hurry?”

At this time, the classroom door was blocked, and the students were silent as if they were dead. The Chinese teacher wanted to yell at other students to help stop it.

But the voice was stuck in her throat before it came out, because she saw the expressions of every student with great expectations and enthusiasm.

In the last class, it was pumped on the back of the English teacher’s hand again and again, and the skin spattered and fled in panic.

Although these students did not respond, something had already fermented rapidly in silence.

Chinese teachers have always been used to splattering in the classroom. Looking at the students, they only think that Yumu’s head is stupid and annoying, but he never thought about being afraid of this classroom.

Everyone’s eyes focused on her, not the usual flinching, but a frenetic concentration with malicious intent.

The Chinese teacher seemed to be in a terrifying claustrophobic space, with all his hairs rising.

Then I heard another voice: “Eight minutes left.”

She was agitated all over, then took the book, silently began to recite.

But an uncommon and obscure classical Chinese text, unless someone has a good memory, it takes several minutes for most people to read it through, and the final result can be imagined.

Zhu Yang looked at the teacher with disappointment, and said with her usual mantra: “You can’t even memorize rote, you pig head? I need to get you out, right?”

There was another scream in the teaching building. After class, the Chinese teacher was waiting for the classroom with scars on his face.

The entire teaching building is not as quiet as it is today. Even if you speak softly, there is still necessary communication, but now everyone seems to have lost the ability to speak.

But when everyone looked at everyone’s expression, there was a kind of undercurrent surging happily flowing crazily, and it was about to open the bottle cap and shoot out.

By the last class in the morning, two teachers in a row were bullied. No one dared to come to class anymore.

Five minutes after the class bell rang, no one came to the podium from outside.

Zhu Yang took the loudspeaker handed over by her brother and turned it on to the maximum volume——

“Please ask the teacher to observe the class time, don’t be late and absent from work, be responsible for the students and for yourself.”

It was not enough to say it and repeat it again, and finally concluded: “Now the class time is in the past eight minutes, and there are forty students present. Five hours are wasted. Please don’t waste everyone’s time, or you will be at your own risk.”

The sound of the loudspeaker came from the empty corridor to the teacher’s office. In the office, the faces of several teachers were as heavy as iron, and their foreheads were sweating.

One of the teachers urged the teacher in charge: “You should go first? Otherwise, the two will find the office, and how will they mess up the office?”

The head teacher sneered in his heart, not just because he was afraid of being implicated and accidentally injured, he calmly said, “Where is the teacher?”

“Go back to the dormitory to get something.”

Oh, it took two full hours.

But the head teacher couldn’t bear the urging of everyone, and saw the miserable situation of the English teacher and the Chinese teacher, and was in a dilemma.

After he finished it, he faced Zhu Yang head-on. He and one other person was kicked unconscious, and it was already midnight before the two woke up.

Knowing that I encountered a hard idea this time, I also know that the little girl who has torn her face is obviously starting to find the fault and fight back, so naturally she will not be stupid to send food.

I was about to go out with an excuse, but before I stepped out of the office, I saw two more people in front of me.

Then came a bucket of cold water poured in front of him, pouring him a chill from head to bottom.

Zhu Yang threw the bucket aside, and only said two words: “Class!”

The head teacher has been caught, where can I escape? I only regret not leaving earlier.

Then everyone saw that they were all wet, with gauze on their left knee, and the head teacher walked in.

He bit his scalp and began to talk about the papers of the last mock test, determined not to leave the stage.

At most, only the next or two rows were swayed, but just like that, something went wrong.

When I walked to the second row, the head teacher suddenly felt that his knee was kicked. Zhu Yang’s knee was kicked, and there was pain in his knees, and the whole person fell on the ground habitually.

He looked up and saw Zhou Jia’s deliberately stretched foot, the girl who was in a coma because of her period and fever yesterday.

This self-proclaimed depression, taciturn, and bad health often makes troubles. In the eyes of the head teacher, the girl who is squeamish and squeamish is now looking at him condescendingly.

Said: “Teacher, what’s wrong with you? Continue teaching? Why did you fall? Is it because of the knee injury?”

“It’s just a small injury, where is it so serious? It’s not going to stand up? Didn’t you think that you were bitten by a dog and crawled to class? Don’t you always say that you can stand for hours under the big sun? Why does your child flutter?”

Like robots, other students in the classroom turned their heads strangely and uniformly, looking at the girl.

The reaction from the previous three players was stronger.

Zhu Yang smiled at the corners of his lips, and the gap opened.

This long-repressed dissatisfaction, the veiled hatred under the shock of violence and terror, is like a gasoline barrel touching sparks.

It has always been a difficult class for students, and the position has been completely reversed. Today, the teachers have become cautious.

It’s a pity that the last class in the morning has passed, and other students have a wish and have to press down and send it again.

At noon, the students went to the restaurant to eat. The teachers finally found the dean who was hiding in the dormitory and questioned her current situation.

The dean sighed and threw out the materials of several teachers——

An imminent posture said: “I don’t know what the backgrounds of those freshmen are, but they definitely have a background, and they are not caused by their parents being fooled by the principal or thrown into their own lives.”

“People just come in and play, we have been spotted a long time ago.”

Everyone took the file folder. Not only they themselves, but also their family and children’s information were on it, and their faces changed suddenly.

Someone who is decisive, simply said: “Okay, I have to be replaced here and can’t wait any longer. I’ll leave, right?”

The dean sneered: “You haven’t figured out the situation yet? Do the students here come and leave as they want? By the same token, everyone has already come in. Can you let you go by yourself?”

“Believe it or not, as long as you go out tonight, the next day your family will either receive the corpse caught in the river, or your family will not be able to receive it, because they will all be thrown into the river to accompany you.”

Then they lobbied one by one and said to the Chinese teacher: “Think about your brothers in the drug rehabilitation/drug/drug treatment center, these people, it is not too easy for a drug addict to die.”

Then he said to the head teacher: “Your son has only been admitted to a key university, and he has a bright future. Do you want to watch him run on the street?”

The head teacher was furious: “You threaten me?”

The dean patted the table more arrogantly than him: “I threaten you? If I have this **** energy, would I rarely shrink to teach in this shabby place?”

“Others don’t know. Didn’t you know yourself last night? That was the young lady who came out on the road. All these materials were thrown on my face by her, and there are my daughters and my parents in it.”

When everyone saw that the dean was like this, they dispelled their suspicion, and then she said again: “Fortunately, I heard their tone that I was boring and wandering around. It shouldn’t be long.”

“Oh! Go ahead, after a period of time to send away a few plague gods, no matter how the students turn the sky, they can still come back.”

He said with a sneer: “Which student was not lawless before coming in?”

The other teachers got bad news out of thin air, but when they were threatened, they had to swallow their anger first. No one was alone, and the few new students, especially the two siblings, were indeed evil, which everyone saw with their own eyes.

After everyone left the room, the dean of instruction locked the door and took out the package of money to examine it carefully.

The corners of the mouth are full of ironic sneers!

Therefore, the most terrible enemy never comes from outside.

On the other side, Zhu Yang at the restaurant, they are all stars Gongyue.

Because Zhou Jia set a precedent and completely broke the gap, the others stopped watching and turned to Zhu Yang’s side.

Compared with the cruel teacher, at least Zhu Yang would feed them well. It’s not that no one had thought of gathering everyone to resist.

But in the end they were all disintegrated. The power gap between adults and hungry and exhausted minors is on the one hand, and on the other hand, the leader has never been so powerful.

Destroyed, changed his position in an instant.

The squad leader had already copied out the new school rules with interest and distributed them to everyone.

The person who received it replied: “This is the first thing you have sent that is not disgusting.”

The squad leader realized that it was not her that the classmates hated, but her anger every time he brought bad news.

During the meal, the girls gathered around Zhu Yang at his request, and some of them were bolder and expressed that she would be the boss.

Zhu Yang waved his hand in disgust: “Don’t, I have never brought you such a useless little brother.”

Everyone was suddenly depressed!

Zhu Yang rushed them back to eat: “Although it is useless, but I will listen to me in the future, and you will eat meat.”

“If you want to break the school, you have to read the book carefully. Don’t think that you can choose a few teachers to be lawless, and don’t think about whether it is your own credit and concentrate on preparing for the college entrance examination.”

I don’t know why, after hearing her words, there was a moment of silence in the restaurant, which was different from other times, it was even more unusual.

It’s just that this time is too short, no one cares.

At the end of the day, the remaining teachers were tossed enough by the students.

However, Zhu Yang knew in his heart that what these students did can only be done in the same way, and they should not delay their studies. The growth of maliciousness must be carefully controlled.

Otherwise, what will be the difference between them and these teachers in the future?

But letting them stay here is not a long-term solution. As far as the game is concerned, the game is limited to this school like an island.

So it has to be a long-term plan, but before that, it seems to figure out the haunted incident in this school.

Then Zhu Yang asked the students, the feedback he got was all blank.

Only the squad leader raised his hand suddenly: “I heard that this school seems to be built on a cemetery.”

Yes, nine out of ten schools said that, and the remaining one said that he was repairing in a mass grave.

The students couldn’t ask anything here for the time being. Zhu Yang asked the school doctor to be arrested. There was a **** scene in front of Zhu Yang and the others, and there was no life in which Zhu Yang’s name was written upside down.

But no matter how intimidating and intimidating, the other party also strongly denied that Zhu Yang watched the guy’s reaction coldly and it didn’t seem to be lying.

It is an indisputable fact that there is a ghost here, but the result obtained after inquiry is such a result, Zhu Yang is not satisfied.

But it was late and a little sleepy, so I chose to check again tomorrow.

In this way, she should have gone when the female ghost by the window recruited her, but it was a pity that they didn’t come out tonight.

Zhu Yang had a good night’s dream here, but Zhao Shu, who lives on the second floor, did not sleep well at night.

He drank too much soup for dinner, went to the toilet several times before going to bed, and was awakened by a burst of urine at two o’clock in the middle of the night.

But when he was going to the toilet, he suddenly heard a noise outside, and he asked, “Who?”

No one answered, he was a little wary, took his trousers and went out, and saw a boy in the same bedroom mopping the floor.

Zhao Shu breathed a sigh of relief: “Where did you drag it in the middle of the night?”

The boy said, “I accidentally kicked the bucket when I just washed it out. I will drag it to prevent someone from getting up and slipping tomorrow morning.”

Zhao Shu thought so, so he yawned and went back to the dormitory, turning to bed and sleeping with his eyes closed.

A few minutes later, his eyes suddenly opened, and a layer of cold sweat spread on his back——

The mop that the kid used just now, he felt that the cloth was too dark when he saw it, and he hugged the mop stick.

Now wondering, where the **** is cloth? Obviously it was a thick long hair, the kid was holding a person in his hands, and seeing him come out and turned his head upside down as a mop to mop the floor and fool him.

The person held by him is still alive?


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