Scream Queen Chapter 43

Zhao Shu was surprised by this sudden discovery, but this time he dared not go to the toilet again.

The quilt that felt a bit sultry just now suddenly became leaky, and he shrank into a ball tremblingly.

I didn’t even dare to open my eyes to see which bed in the dormitory was empty. After all, there were eight people in a room. This was only the second night they stayed, but they didn’t have such a good memory to check people into seats so quickly.

After a while, the door to the dormitory opened, and someone walked in, and Zhao Shu shrank himself into a shrimp.

He couldn’t help but open a gap again, trying to see which bed the other person was sleeping in, only to see the person walking straight in his direction.

Zhao Shu’s scalp was numb, his breathing stopped, and his whole heart was hanging in the air, afraid that he would come and kill others.

Under the shock of horror, he had forgotten that his physique could overturn this boy with one hand.

Then I saw the boy standing by the bed for a while, because Zhao Shu was in the upper bunk, and the boy stood in front of the bed as if looking at him.

Just when Zhao Shu felt that he couldn’t hold his breath, the boy finally lowered his head and got back into his bed.

Only then did Zhao Shu realize that this guy’s bed was originally his bunk?

Realizing this, he let go of the breath and raised it again, and his mind was full of ghost stories about the lower bunk and the bed.

What good friends are back to back, what is the dead body under the bed, what is the dead body nailed to the top bunk bed, what is stabbed up to pierce him.

In this way, Zhao Shu felt that what he was sleeping on was not a bed board, but a soldering iron, which was uncomfortable for the thief.

It was so scared and scared for several hours. After dawn, when people in the bedroom got up, Zhao Shu was relieved.

I was busy preparing to rush out of bed to find Liu Zhi for breakfast, only to turn over, I heard someone ask a question——

“Qi Yuan, why are you holding on to the bed and looking at Zhao Shu?”

Zhao Shu’s body became stiff. The dormitory bed was naturally the most common metal bunk bed. There was a gap of ten centimeters between the two beds.

Because the boy on the opposite side is facing this side, Zhao Shu naturally can’t hold his foot to the house, and the sleeping position is also where the two beds are joined together.

Hearing these words, Zhao Shu stiffened his neck and bowed forward and looked down through the bed.

Suddenly, he met the boy who came back in the middle of the night in the lower bunk. He didn’t sleep on the pillow at the moment, and he held it up for a long time.

In this position, after he went to bed, his eyes stared at his head unblinkingly.

Zhao Shu only felt that he was unaware of the top of his head, as if he had suddenly been shaved off his scalp.

The boy smiled at him when he saw him. Zhao Shu was so scared that Zhao Shu crawled out of the bed and just hit Liu Zhi, who had just come out of the bedroom next door, and dragged him Sa Yazi and ran downstairs.

When the two of them were making breakfast, Liu Zhi heard him say that it was also a scalp: “Are you sure that’s hair?”

“The light is too dark, but the hair strands and the mop are still different.” Zhao Shu said: “Besides, I was wrong at night, but the boy’s reaction in the morning was obviously not right.”

But Liu Zhi’s experience is not as good as Zhao Shu’s. The two of them couldn’t figure it out. At this moment, Zhu Yang and the others didn’t get up again. They had to sleep well before waking up. They had to wait for the morning to follow up. They discussed.

The two had something in their hearts, but they still had to do the work. There was not enough time to do complicated things. Liu Zhi made a lot of steamed buns and rolls, boiled a big pot of eight-treasure porridge, cooked a big pot of soy milk, and cooked some oil. Pan fried dough sticks.

Zhao Shu used a small pot on one side to fry some side dishes like fried sauce.

As a result, the two of them did half of the meal. Several students brought in a bag of flour, which was a little moldy and lumpy. Obviously, it was not the fine goods Zhu Yang bought with money, but the moldy noodles in the warehouse.

After a few students came in, they asked them to make some gnocchi with these noodles.

Liu Zhi and the others hadn’t reacted yet, they were urged by a few students to do it. They still regarded these babies as accustomed to being abused, and couldn’t bear to waste food, eating the old and the new together.

It didn’t take long to hear a commotion outside–

The salary levels of the faculty and staff here are based on the principal’s consistent exploitation of operating costs. If the school does not cover board and lodging, and the occasional deduction of the share, it’s really difficult to support oneself, let alone support the family.

Such a low salary is definitely a big blow to the enthusiasm for work. Generally speaking, if there is no class in the morning or the class is in the later period, it will not be too early.

The students are critical when they are asked, but they themselves are another set of standards.

The students took out the keys from the dormitory, and opened the doors of the teachers’ rooms one by one. There was a basin of water poured into the bed.

Except for the dean who had been prepared to escape, the teachers were furious, but who were defeated by each at this moment, where were they the opponents of the unprecedentedly united students?

“Teacher, get up to class, don’t you have to prepare for class if you don’t have class? Yesterday there were so many mistakes in class, and you still have the face to sleep in? It’s because of your lazy work and rest that you can’t get into regular schools, you can only stay Here you can eat and wait to die.”

These words are the same as they used to teach students: do you need to review without a teacher? The last time you made so many mistakes, you still have the face to rest. It is your lazy habit that one by one failed to enter the school that your parents are satisfied with. You can only spend more money to repeat here.

Several teachers were dragged to their small dining room. Without exception, the clothes were all wet, and the gnocchi was already done.

The stronger boy took the pot of noodles and put it on the table with a bang.

Several teachers looked at the bowl of noodles, sticky and sticky, and they could smell a musty odor from far away, and the side dishes they brought were also pickles that had been rotten for a few days.

This is what the students found out of the old refrigerator.

A few teachers are depriving students of food. Although their salary is not high, they eat better than outside. Where have you eaten this stuff?

Seeing that they didn’t do anything, a student took the bowl for himself: “The teacher has been working hard in class, and it is natural for the students to help serve the meal.”

Then everyone had a big bowl and placed it in front of them, and then all the students looked at them intently.

“Teacher, eat! Every time the teacher starts to eat, it is not good for our students to eat first. It will be no good to delay the class today.”

“Yes, eat, teacher!”





The surrounding people shouted neatly, and the entire space was filled with a sharp and tense coercive atmosphere. Although these teachers are long-term abusers, they are not so unique and stable, with strong hearts.

Otherwise, they will not get mixed up to this point and seek spiritual balance by bullying the children.

With the urging and persecution of dozens of people, the conformity mentality of the weak constantly jumped out to cause trouble, and then a female teacher couldn’t help but picked up the spoon, and then things went smoothly.

Seeing that they had finished eating the gnocchi, the students returned to the dining room with satisfaction. When they turned around, they heard a nausea.

I don’t know who reminded me: “Teacher, don’t spit it out. It’s shameful to waste it. You know how to deal with it.”

It has always been a small restaurant with big fish and big meat and the student restaurant leftovers. Today the students returned to the restaurant to eat hot steamed buns, soy milk fritters.

The soft and salty steamed buns rolls are sandwiched with chopped pork and fried pickles. The fried dough sticks are fragrant and crisp. You can hear the sound of Katz when you bite it, and the whole person feels comfortable and soft. of.

When Zhu Weixin came down to grab breakfast, Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu hurriedly stopped him and said what happened last night.

After listening, Zhu Weixin looked at Zhao Shu strangely: “Then why didn’t you go out to confirm if the mop was a human head?”

Zhao Shu choked: “It’s easy for you to say it. You didn’t see how evil the kid was at the time, and he was able to turn people upside down as a mop, can he be a normal person?”

Zhu Weixin said: “But I heard that you, a player who has gone through several games, should have one or two hundred kilograms even if it is a waste of arms?”

“The kid you can pick up with one hand, why is he scared because he is a pervert? Isn’t perversion a kind of spiritual attribute? It can’t be transformed into an idea for you.”

Hearing his words, Zhao Shu suddenly felt that his knees were pierced, and only his mouth was dry, and he finally defended it: “But he looked at me in the cracks of the bed for a few hours, it was scary.”

“Then people are so proactive, and you don’t even talk to him? If he ignores you, you will be embarrassed if you ask questions, but the result is all implied, why are you ignoring him?”

Zhu Weixin said nonchalantly: “Is it difficult to ask a question? Hey! There is something wrong with the mop head you just mopped the floor, it’s a human head? Tell me, I promise not to tell anyone. Just say it, is it so simple Is it difficult to organize?”

“Brother! You are my brother!” Zhao Shu almost knelt to him, folded his hands to Zhu Weixin: “Brother is me, it’s useless, I wasted a great opportunity, don’t say anything, you just leave it alone Tell our sister, will you succeed?”

I wish Weixin had a good memory. When he came out of the kitchen, he silently counted the number of people in the restaurant. There was not one less, and he was a group of people from the day they came.

So if the mop that Zhao Shu saw was really an upside-down corpse, then this matter must be considered.

Zhu Weixin brought the breakfast back to the room, because the fried dough sticks must be eaten hot before they are crispy. When it is cold, they are old, crumbly, tough and hard to chew, so he took the initiative to wake up his sister today.

When Zhu Yang washed his teeth and had breakfast, when she heard her brother talk about it, she reacted to Zhu Weixin.

“It’s okay to be afraid of ghosts. I am afraid that people count as a ball. I didn’t catch them and play for a while. If I didn’t get any money, I would keep my personal spoils and get them? I really can’t count on it at all.”

After eating, the brothers and sisters went to the teaching building, and Zhu Yang looked at the girl with thick hair and bow tie at the first glance in the classroom.

Seeing people sitting in a good position, the boy named Qi Yuan still stared at them with sticky eyes, staring them violently.

That’s all. Did Zhao Shu see someone else in the mop head last night?

But let’s not talk about this rare hair volume. The boys didn’t look at others very much in the classroom from beginning to end. Zhu Yang wondered if he could recognize the classmates.

But just in case, she recruited the monitor and asked if there were any other people besides the existing ones.

I didn’t expect it to be!

“Two girls didn’t come. One was asking for leave, saying that her stomach was sick, and the other didn’t know. The head teacher was still cursing over in class.”

When Zhu Yang heard this, he immediately laughed and said: “Can you ask for leave if you feel sick?”

The girl named Zhou Jia who fainted because of menstrual fever and was treated roughly, why do you make her feel so embarrassed?

The squad leader was silent for a while, then bit his lip, lowered his head and whispered to Zhu Yang: “Actually, the girl who asked for leave is a representative of the physics class. The physics teacher often leaves her to teach alone, but that person—”

An embarrassment flashed across the monitor’s face: “We suspect that the reason why she can ask for leave is because she can’t hold it anymore.

This reason is in line with the logic here, but Zhu Yang didn’t seem to look good after hearing it. She asked the monitor again: “The other one, the girl who hasn’t appeared for several days, what kind of person is she? How is her hair, is it too much?”

“One, normal!” The monitor was a bit at a loss as to the point of entry for her topic: “I’m shy and timid, a little greedy and enjoyable. I was beaten before sneaking into the classroom restaurant to steal something.”

“Oh, by the way, she committed something on the last day she appeared. Everyone guessed whether she hid to escape punishment. I thought that she would not be able to hide for long. I didn’t expect it had been a few days, but she hadn’t been found yet.”

Speaking of the obvious envy in the monitor’s tone, if anyone had the ability to easily escape, the students here would have escaped.

After Zhu Yang listened, he probably had the context in his heart, and the rest was to verify and figure out the context.

But for deeper questions, the squad leader looked at a loss, and recruited a few more students, knowing less than the squad leader.

After a while, the class time came. Compared with the trembling before, the students seemed to look forward to the class time more and more.

Yesterday the teachers suffered a loss in class. On the contrary, they are increasingly repelling class, but they still have to come. If they don’t come, the students will be able to make more trouble according to the new school rules.

Now this group of students is crazy, and the class is highly concentrated, which is more effective than the previous violent coercion.

They just focus on the trouble of finding teachers one by one. The injuries on the hands of English teachers and Chinese teachers have been swollen brightly, but they still haven’t aroused the sympathy of the students.

That’s just a joke. When they drew the students into the flesh, they didn’t lower the standard because of the injuries on their bodies. It was ridiculous that the perpetrators expected mercy when they were beaten back.

Zhu Yang and the others are not interested in the situation of a scumbag.

The students just turned over the next day, and the long-suppressed nerves are not loose, and they are easy to get sick. Although it looks a little bit up, it is not yet time to pull the reins.

Actually speaking, Zhu Yang and the dean are not very different in this respect, but perversions are also divided into benign and vicious, dynamic and static.

In short, the world of the wicked is all sorts of strange things, like her brother, Zhu Yang looks a little bit choked at the moment.

Thinking of this, I can’t help but touch his dog’s head: “Oh, my family is owed to me. I want to let you grow up alone. There is no moral anchor. Left-behind children like you have long lost their studies. It’s not surprising that the social news channel sees you.”

Then he sighed in intoxication: “I’m so sorry for this family!”

Zhu Weixin didn’t know why his sister had this feeling, and said in a confused way: “It’s right to use you as an anchor. That sister, you are not a good person, you are all good, how can I be so stupid to be caught?”

Take a look! What are you talking about? People just can’t cut it too finely, otherwise what is waiting for you is the three views of shattering. Under normal circumstances, it can be treated as a joke. When it comes to the extreme environment, you will know everything.

Leaving Xu Wei staring at the situation among the students, Zhu Yang took her younger brother out of the classroom.

Go straight to the office to catch the physics teacher and drag him to the infirmary.

When the physics teacher was dragged away by the evil spirits, he screamed in fear and was hit by Zhu Weixin in his stomach.

Sneered and said: “If the girl and the baby can make a sound, they will definitely be more painful than you when they die.”

The physics teacher turned pale, and shook his head again and again: “It’s none of my business, it’s none of my business, I said I went to the hospital, and they said it’s okay.”

The siblings ignored his sophistry and kicked people in after opening the door of the infirmary.

The school doctor is also in it right now. Although he is also a helper to the abuser, the students are busy tossing the teacher. A building is separated from him, but the fire hasn’t even reached him yet.

When Zhu Yang kicked in, the grandson was planning to pack things.

Seeing them as if he had seen a ghost, Zhu Yang walked over to open his bag and glanced at the contents.

Smiled: “You are clever, knowing that you don’t need to take anything, but the evidence of your own life must be taken away.”

The school doctor saw that Zhu Yang had directly hit the point, and the physics teacher was also arrested, thinking that everything had been exposed.

Trembling: “Are you a police/inspector? It’s none of my business, it’s him, it’s all his good deeds.”

He pointed to the physics teacher and said loudly: “This guy has made the female student’s stomach bigger. Seeing that he can’t hold it, he can’t bear to spend the money when he is sent to the hospital. So he prescribes the abortion pill, but the girl is bleeding heavily. Come, I was forced by them too.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “Huh? Your confession is different.”

The physics teacher yelled at the school doctor: “Isn’t it because I didn’t send it to the doctor? It’s because you don’t think it’s such a big deal. Calling a car back and forth is troublesome for hours, and it’s too late when you find something is wrong.”

The school doctor would definitely not mention him carrying the pot: “Isn’t the **** stuff in your stomach made by you? People still yell that their stomach hurts before they die.”

“Is this my responsibility alone? If her belt isn’t loose–”

Before he finished speaking, Zhu Yang was slapped in the face. Zhu Yang used his hand in disgust, grabbed a notebook and drew his face.

With her strength, the pain was still terribly painful, the physics teacher was slapped and his head buzzed, and his teeth felt loose.

Zhu Yang sneered: “It’s you? A silly face is printed on A4 paper and it is posted on a telephone pole in the corner. There is no need to remark any words. People will know that it is a wretched male rapist/rapist at a glance. People still think about robbery.”

“When I was born with a pair of pigs and dogs, I made the wrong bar when I was born with a pair of pigs and dogs. Your mother thoughtlessly raised your placenta as her own child. Didn’t it count?”

“No one is patient when picking up soap in prison for your kind of **** old man, huh, your belt is loose?” Zhu Yang waved his hand and motioned to Zhu Weixin to tie him first, and then slowly slaughter him.

Zhu Weixin was **** with the school doctor. The school doctor trembling, he saw Zhu Yang sitting on a chair playing with his nails and asked: “Apart from that girl, what else did you admit here?”

The school doctor shook his head quickly: “No no! That girl is also an accident. We haven’t been established here for a long time, and there have been no major incidents, otherwise the principal can’t help it.

But when I saw the female ghost in the infirmary, the blood volume in the whole room was not caused by a mere abortion.

Zhu Yang carefully observed the attitude of the school doctor, and even the physics teacher did not let it go, but it did not seem to be lying.

She changed the topic again: “Tell me about the principal. The day before yesterday I saw a bald man with gold teeth on his teeth and brought people to visit here. Is he the principal?”

The school doctor was at a loss: “He is, but has he been here? It is impossible for him to come without saying hello to us.”

Zhu Yang nodded clearly, then stood up, took out a bottle of medicine from the glass cabinet, glanced at it and put it back.

Suddenly opened the door of that room in the infirmary, and as expected, nothing was seen this time.

The siblings dragged the school doctor up: “Let’s go, take us to find the girl’s body.”

Leave the physics teacher alone in school medical affairs.

What can the school doctor do? Had to lead the way trembling. But Zhu Yang left the infirmary door, but said softly: “Enjoy!”

I don’t know who said it to.

The three came to a clearing behind the medical building, not to mention that the school was overgrown with weeds, killing people and throwing corpses was an excellent venue, and there was no need to worry about being discovered for a while.

The school doctor pointed to a certain place, but Zhu Yang and her brother didn’t move and threw the shovel on him: “Dig! Is it possible to expect us to dig?”

The school doctor had to dig up, humming and digging vigorously, but the three of them saw the dean coming from another direction.

She held a heavy bag in her hand, the one that Zhu Yang gave her, and she was surprised to see the three of them.

The school doctor asked her: “What are you doing?”

The dean said: “Oh, my ex-husband called and said my daughter is sick, I’ll go back and have a look.”

The school doctor curled his lips and looked at the fart. It was nothing more than the school’s wind direction was wrong and he was going to hide. This girl would hide quickly when eating breakfast in the morning.

But Zhu Yang and the others did not stop him, and the school doctor had to suppress their dissatisfaction and watched the dean escape from this ghost place.

Zhu Weixin glanced at his sister and asked her if she wanted to stop people back. With his sister’s temperament, how could such a person be allowed to swagger away with her money?

However, Zhu Yang smiled playfully, and raised his hand to her brother, expressing his urgency.

The two elder brothers were extremely silent, and they were talking well. The more they were like this, the more panicked the school doctor, so they could only work hard.

Then after about half an hour, the dean of teaching came back from the same way, the expression on his face was a little dazed at first, and when he saw them three, he was suddenly startled.

The school doctor laughed angrily, and mocked: “What? The car called to let you dove? What are you doing back again?”

It’s more than two hours’ drive from the city, and there are few cars passing by. It is natural to make an appointment in advance to return to the city.

But the director of teaching listened to his words but looked at him inexplicably: “How did you know that I called the car? Oh, yes, my ex-husband called and said that my daughter was sick. I went back to have a look. At noon, other teachers asked about you and They said.”

The school doctor smiled coldly: “Okay, it’s good to be able to go out to’see my daughter’, you don’t have to emphasize it twice.”

The dean knew that they must be dissatisfied, and did not listen to his weird yin and yang, turned and hurried into the direction of the highway.

She is also shrewd, knowing that the students are out of control now, so she will never go to the main entrance. Instead, she drills into these thick grasses, where people can hide inside with a slight bend over. If she is found halfway, she will be able to deal with it. .

The school doctor saw her leave in front of her twice in a row, but the siblings behind did not stop her, and her heart became more and more unbalanced.

But after digging for a while, the dean returned from the original direction again.

This time the school doctor finally couldn’t hold it back, and threw the shovel to the ground.

Before the dean could respond, he took the lead in cursing: “Are you **** in the end? Change with Lao Tzu if you don’t want to go out. Lao Tzu promises to disappear with a sigh of relief.”

The dean was taken aback by his appearance, and dissatisfied: “I was scolded by you as soon as I came out of the dormitory. Did I provoke you? Oh, yes, my ex-husband—”

“Call to say that your daughter is sick and let you go back and have a look. I want someone to ask me at noon to help you talk about it, right? Do you believe it or not you will mention this excuse. I will cut it for you with a shovel?”

Instructor difference: “How do you know?”

The school doctor’s murderous heart was gone, and Zhu Weixin slapped Zhu Weixin’s back on his head, which was like a frustrated ball.

Zhu Yang also smiled and waved to the dean: “It’s okay, he was asked to work in a bad mood, you go back first.”

The dean of teaching was naturally amnesty, and the idea was to fly away with the money.

She deleted all the resumes belonging to her in the school, no matter what the origin of these people, in short, as long as she leaves this school, everything here has nothing to do with her.

In this way, the school doctor and Zhu Yang watched the dean back and forth more than ten times during the digging process.

Zhu Yang and the others pretended not to know anything. Every time they saw the dean, they would say hello at will, and then let them go.

The school doctor is stupid no matter how stupid it is, why don’t you know that the dean of teaching was hit by a ghost? Not only did the ghost hit the wall, she herself didn’t know it, and every time she came back here it was as if she was just about to set off.

The reaction of the two siblings really made him creepy. At first, he was still envious of the dean’s ability to go out, but according to the current situation, where else could he go out?

The school doctor trembled and dug the hole. They buried it deeper. At first, the school doctor couldn’t dig the movement and didn’t pay attention, but it was almost one meter down, and there was still nothing inside.

The school doctor was sweating profusely and his face turned pale. The whole person was like a madman, and he was digging down again and again, thinking that the dean was still ignorantly hitting the wall. This has no medical ethics and can expire without confirming the illness Take medicine, give him abortion medicine without any professional guidance.

People who didn’t believe in karma finally started shaking.

This was just a chuckle from the ground, and the sudden sound made the school doctor’s scalp numb.

He looked up stiffly, and saw Zhu Yang curl his lips and said: “This girl seems to be the master of practice.”

She didn’t name her name, and she said nothing, but the school doctor just understood. He yelled in horror, threw away the shovel and ran out frantically, even colliding with the dean who appeared here again. on.

Zhu Yang stayed here for a long time and didn’t see anything, nor was he disappointed. He didn’t eat with the students at noon, but he could hear the noise in the teaching building all day long.

The two went to the restaurant and ate some lunch left by Liu Zhi. They cooked steamed pork ribs and burned a taro chicken at noon today.

Zhu Yang didn’t eat much chicken. He only ate so many rural chickens not long ago. These frozen chickens are not in her standard.

But the taro is delicious. I didn’t buy the taro mother. Although the taro has a stronger aroma, the stew is still sweet and sticky, and easy to taste. Zhu Yang ate several at once.

But this thing is hot, if you swallow it in a hurry, it will definitely burn you sour all the way from your throat to your stomach, so Zhu Weixin blows to her and blows one to her.

Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu looked at the posture of the siblings eating, the younger brother really served him well anytime.

When the two of them had lunch, no one noticed the screams from the medical building, which was covered by the noise of the noisy teaching building.

After the physics teacher waited for a few people to go out, it was not easy for him to break free for a while because he was tightly tied up.

But it is obvious that the other party’s ruthless words have already been put here. If you said something for the family to consider before, stay here for the time being and bear it for a while.

But now it’s about life and death, how can you care about your family?

He moved for a long time and finally moved himself to the medicine cabinet with the heavy bed. He didn’t know where the kid had learned the trick. The knot was so tricky that he couldn’t solve it by skill.

He stretched his leg and kicked the medicine cabinet several times, and finally kicked the cabinet. A bottle of medicine fell from above, and the glass bottle shattered.

He was busy using his feet to come over and cut the rope. He had been busy from beginning to end for more than two hours, and finally the rope was about to be cut. He felt the binding loosen.

The physics teacher was overjoyed and made up his mind to run away now. If you can stop the car on the road, you will stop. If you can’t stop, you have to go out.

But at the moment when the dawn was about to be seen, there was a sudden creak of the door being slowly opened.

The voice was sour, and the physics teacher looked up in horror, thinking that Zhu Yang and the others would return, but saw that the infirmary door was closed properly.

He breathed a sigh of relief, but his scalp numb the next second–

Since the door is not open, there is only a small door in the dark room, but there is no one inside, who opened it?

The physics teacher turned his head stiffly in cold sweat, the scarlet room and the things crawling out of it made him scream in horror——


After Zhu Yang and his brother had finished their meal, and the leisurely sentiment, they went back to the dormitory to rest for a while. After three o’clock in the afternoon, they went out again slowly.

At this time, Zhu Yang already had a booklet in his hand: “Let’s compare them one by one, the dog is really cunning than the system this time.”

“It’s not difficult, it’s troublesome. If you don’t find it, it will not determine the end of the game.”

After all, their task is to solve the haunted mystery of this school. At the very least, to find out the origin of all ghosts, right?

“Yeah! Three have been determined now.”

Zhu Yang called to recruit all the players, not even Xu Wei who was arranged in the classroom.

At the beginning, she felt that even if the school was occupied, how to settle down was still a problem. After all, the misfortune of these students was rooted in the parents’ ignorance and selfish blindness.

Even if this school is equalized, if parents already feel that their children need to be disciplined in a harsh place, there will always be a second such school.

But now, these problems seem to be no more worry.

Zhu Yang had some regrets. She said to the three players: “Speaking of which I have been driven by the rhythm of this school these days, I haven’t even done the most basic map investigation to enter the game world.”

A few people also reacted, but this was not an oversight, if it weren’t for a player like Zhu Yang who can instantly reverse the form of force and money.

Based on the current qualities of the three of them, it is estimated that they are still adapting to the student’s schedule. After all, once you enter the game, the NPC will not give you preferential treatment when it finds trouble.

Zhao Shu only ran into the evil spirit at night, and he felt a little hairy at the moment, so he proposed to team up to explore, and Zhu Yang agreed to the three of them together.

He also told them: “If you dare to attack you when you see a ghost, tell the ghost what it does to you, and I will do the same to it.”

Although the feeling of being covered by the boss was very reassuring, Zhao Shu suddenly drew his mouth.

“Sister, what if it licks my ass?”

After speaking, Zhu Weixin kicked it out: “Then I will help you to cut off the **** meat to avoid infection.”

So Zhu Yang and the others inspected the teaching building in batches, and the other three inspected the dormitory building.

Zhu Weixin probably already guessed his sister’s thinking, and asked: “Sister, when did you find something wrong?”

Zhu Yang casually said: “A lot of details are in violation. The bald headmaster met our two big living people and didn’t look to this side. Your sister is so beautiful, and the one who doesn’t look at is blind.”

“There are also the date on the medicine bottle, and the traces that disappeared after the female ghost in the infirmary disappeared. Even if it is cleaned, it cannot be cleaned so cleanly. Unless it is repainted, the equipment will not be placed properly. .”

“But the dog is more cunning than the game. It is actually set up to buy things. People and things from the outside can come and go freely. This makes people habitually not think about it. They think that this place is still functioning normally and has regular material exchanges with the outside world. The place.”

“I always thought that the ghosts that have appeared happened in the past. When the ghosts appeared, they brought the surrounding environment to the past moment, but here is the opposite.”

Zhu Yang smiled, and definitely told the essence of the game: “The time the player enters is an illusion of the past, and the leaked corner is reality.”

The reality is that the people in this school have long since become dead souls. Everyone is trapped here and can’t get out, even forgetting the fact that they are dead, and doing the things before their lives in a proper manner.

Therefore, the dean of teaching can’t go out, and she doesn’t even know how many times she has gone through the same cycle. The last time she took a vacation, she said she went back. It is probably the trajectory that happened during her lifetime, but she herself probably wandered in unknown places for a day. .

Then at night did he return to the Academic Affairs Office with the memory of returning.

The siblings started on the first floor and started searching along the rooms one by one, and then they found the place where the equipment was stacked in the corridor.

A boy was strapped to a chair and sat, covered in blood, his limbs twisted and his hands and feet tendons were broken.

The forehead and face were engraved with a utility knife: “Traitor”, “Smuggler”, “Smuggler”

Although his face was scratched, he still saw that the other party was the dog-leg of the teacher in the class. His name was Yu Fu, who was cleaned up by Zhu Weixin during the meal.

Zhu Yang took out a small notebook and wrote one more on it: “Now there are four, okay, continue!”

Then the two brothers and sisters didn’t even look at them, so they planned to leave the equipment room.

But the boy who was sitting on the chair alone and died here seemed unhappy.

He suddenly moved his hands and feet, but he still looked soft and weak because his muscles and bones were broken. The whole person was still tied to the chair, but he crawled here with both hands and feet.

The twisted and fast movements made him look more disgusting than a squirming caterpillar, but he crawled to the door.

The door slammed shut, and the boy couldn’t brake and his face was straight.

I heard a voice outside: “Being afraid of being in the tank with the shell of the turtle, don’t make trouble, ah! If you run out, you have to catch it back. It’s really tiring not to raise the turtle.”

“Sister, when did you raise turtles?”

“I haven’t raised a turtle, but a water ghost has raised one. I always love to play with turtles. In short, I’m a fool.”


I left here and looked for other houses, but nothing was found later, which is not surprising.

The time of the meeting is not certain, in fact, it is good to find it.

Dinner time has passed, and Liu Zhi and the others have to cook, but they haven’t seen them on the phone. It is probably not a gain.

When Zhu Yang went back to dinner, he told them about the equipment room, and it was all here, even the dull people would understand what was going on.

Because Zhu Yang said that the boy was alone in the cafeteria just when he was eating.

I must also understand that these students are not ordinary people. That also explains why Zhao Shu met the boy last night holding the corpse as a mop, but everyone else the next day. The most important thing is that the girl with thick hair appeared in the classroom. .

Xu Wei said: “Sister, this is already passable, right? Just tell the answer.”

Zhu Yang shook his head: “This is too superficial, and there is no achievement in the game. The clearance evaluation is only B at most. This evaluation is an insult to my IQ.”

“Look at me digging up the ground up here, clearing them one by one, and then overturning the whole school.”

The three of them shook. Before, they thought that Zhu Yang was lying about claiming that this was only the third level. It looked like her physique was like an experienced person at level seven or eight, and she was still not lowly rated again and again. .

Is the B-level evaluation a stain for her? Different standards, can’t afford to provoke, can’t provoke!

When it was time for self-study in the evening, Zhu Yang and the others went to the infirmary, and they found that the physics teacher had died there.

And the look of death was strange, his expression was terrifying, his stomach was covered with blood, and a hole was broken when he looked closely, as if something had crawled out of it abruptly.

It’s like being parasitized by aliens.

When Zhu Yang saw this, he knocked on the small door: “Hey-although he is dead, but killing it again is still a relief, right? Come out and have a chat?”

However, it was quiet inside, and Zhu Yang opened the door. There was no change inside, there was no blood stained on the wall, and there was no ghost hanging down suddenly.

Zhu Yang rarely softened his head and said: “It’s not good to shave your hair and ignore you at night because of trouble and delay in sleeping, but is this a remedy?”

There was still silence. This female ghost proved what it means by her actions, ‘you ignored me yesterday, but today I make you unable to climb high. ’

Zhu Yang was unhappy and slammed the door shut: “Bah! Don’t come out, forget it, it must be because you are bald and faceless to see people, so don’t come out in the future.”

The female ghost didn’t know what to do to make Zhu Yang angry, and she didn’t plan to entangle more in the game if the situation was clear.

Finishing the work early and sending Zhu Weixin out early, this dog is determined to join the game against her will.

It is true that with his mental quality and intelligence, as long as his luck is not bad luck, he should be able to clear the customs early.

Can Zhu Yangneng just let him mess around like this? All his thoughts must be crushed to death, that is the real tough battle.

I don’t want to waste too much time in this school where nothing can be changed.

I was in a bad mood. When I came out of the building, I heard that the classroom was still noisy, and Zhu Yang suddenly became angry.

Go straight to the classroom, and as soon as the door opened, the students were tossing about the English teacher and the chemistry teacher.

The two have a good relationship. Whoever offends the English teacher, he likes to make other teachers trouble the student indiscriminately throughout the day. Now these two solid allies are being forced to slap each other.

Of course, students cannot be said to be excessive, because they have done this to students themselves.

Once two students were too late for their homework, so they copied each other’s questions, and the result was naturally wrong.

At that time, the two students were called up by the English teacher, saying that your relationship is good, right? If the relationship is good, slap each other.

Straight away a friendship.

Knowing that they are all dead at this time, there is no retaliation. Later, the victim will become the perpetrator, which endangers the concerns of the society.

If you can’t get out anyway, hurt each other.

Zhu Yang didn’t have any comments either, just that he didn’t make any progress here, and he was upset when he heard the noise here.

Then he said: “Okay, if you have enough time for class today, I will come back tomorrow. You have to combine work and rest to know?”

A group of high school students are excited right now, where will they bother her?

Several of them waved their hands impatiently: “I know, you know, you don’t even realize that you just go back to the bedroom, where is so much nonsense?”

When Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows, he lifted a table and hit the blackboard.

It was so powerful and mighty that the entire blackboard sank into a pit, and the floor was shaking enough.

The whole noisy classroom suddenly seemed to press the pause button.

Zhu Yang walked in and stood on the stage, ignoring the two teachers.

He said directly: “You **** is afraid that you have forgotten who led you to turn over and sing, and you can’t find North in just one day?”

“The days are long, and when you are playing and vomiting. Each of your bones is so light that you want to go to heaven? You, what about you, why stand on the table? The desk is used to stand? Who teaches your virtue? The whole floor You can hear your voices everywhere.”

No, there are no other classes on the whole floor.

At this moment, Zhu Yang kicked the leg of the table and lifted the person off, causing the entire classroom to shake shoulders.

When I finally left, I said: “On self-study! Dare to make a loud noise and make you look good.”

Then everyone sat back silently, opened the book and studied on their own.

Zhu Weixin followed out of the teaching building and was busy comforting his sister: “Sister, don’t be angry, we are not in a hurry. A bunch of children have been oppressed for a long time and they are just so complacent. Just follow the vine.”

Zhu Yang sneered, “Go! Only when I’m tired and don’t want to move, when I really want to dig into the roots, it’s not something I have to wait for if others don’t cooperate.

After speaking, he took his brother to the kitchen, and took a few hot and delicious supper that had just been made. He also tore her snacks and put them on the table, poured out a bunch of cosmetics, and unlocked the tablet. Put it aside. ”

After doing everything, he thought of something to his brother: “Sorry, I forgot to go to the infirmary to untie the physics teacher. I have tied it up for a day, and it will be another night. His arms will be broken, and it will be bad if something big happens. .”

Zhu Weixin did not reveal why his elder sister had seen the physics teacher die again, so she said so.

Very winking cooperation said: “That’s right, let’s go there first, it won’t be 20 minutes in total. The food should be warm when I come back.”

So the two siblings took the flashlight and went downstairs.

Hearing their movement and walking away, a figure appeared in the cabinet, and then quickly got out of it.

Looking at the table full of delicious and fun, and scattered cosmetics, there is no need to worry about being noticed if it is messy.

The black ghost seemed to have never seen these things. They were so rare that they would feel for a while and sniff.

The elegant fragrance and exquisite tones of high-end cosmetics are dazzling just by looking at them.

There are also beautiful skirts that are randomly thrown on the bed. It is even more enjoyable when you compare it with it and look in the mirror.

Seeing that the tablet has been unlocked, it swipes busyly, and the colorful sound of the idea makes it very enjoyable that it has not been in touch for a long time.

There are also hot midnight snacks. The midnight snack is very simple. It is two bowls of ham fried rice and some side dishes and dim sum, but they are all scattered. It should be okay to steal a bit?

The black ghost swallowed, first picked up a potato chip, and was about to stuff it into his mouth, when the door suddenly opened.

The two brothers and sisters who had agreed to go to the medical building for a full twenty minutes stared straight at it, like it was a fish from the Internet.

The inky **** almost screamed.


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