Scream Queen Chapter 44

The black ghost almost cried, didn’t bully the ghost so much, let her swallow the potato chips anyway–

When it was said that it was too late, the pitch **** simply wrapped a mouthful of potato chips into his mouth, bulging his cheeks and looked at the two.

The meaning is obvious, you must be a ghost in death.

Then it was all like this, and Zhu Yang was naturally not polite with it, and he and his brother outflanked the black ghost in seconds.

The black ghost started crying loudly, but the crying sound was not so much afraid, it seemed a pity that it had more ingredients.

A piece of eyes staring at the fried rice and snacks in front of him, whose eyes are especially big because of the darkness of his face.

A pair of you and I are close at hand, but I can’t take you to the stomach, it’s my useless posture of incompetence.

Zhu Yang was sore by it crying. This is the most weird ghost she has ever seen. Even if other ghosts are not too aggressive, they always have confidant obsessions or desire for liberation.

It’s just that the water ghost thought about pulling her into the water as a cushion at the beginning, but this one—

Just like a little mouse, he is staring at food and drink all day long to enjoy. A ghost lives, and desires for materialism are much more urgent than people.

The dean and the supervisor were not greedy, and at any rate they didn’t know that they were dead, but this guy was not the same thing.

From the day they came to meet each other, they haven’t done anything serious.

Zhu Yang slapped it on his head: “Cry a fart, you can’t die from starvation, you steal the kitchen every day, don’t you? You don’t have enough food to eat.”

When they first came up, Zhao Shu said that there would be less leftovers every night the next morning. At first they thought that some students would come down to eat supper by themselves when they were hungry.

But it was wrong to think about it. The students were doing supper for these two days. It was after ten o’clock after eating and drinking enough to return to the dormitory. Where would I wake up in the middle of the night when I was full?

The black ghost didn’t refute: “Then it will be cold when I eat it. Where can I eat it when it is just warm? I was starved to death. I won’t feel full when I eat too much.”

Zhu Yang had never seen such a sassy ghost at 255. For a while, he felt that he was seriously talking with this guy, was he too boring?

Zhu Weixin has seen the young ghost, and when dealing with this dark ghost in the first two sessions, he was anxious to get angry and busy with other things.

This time I looked closely and discovered the difference.

He suddenly said to his sister excitedly: “Sister, do you think it looks like Xiao Hei?”

“At the beginning, I saw a dark cloud. I thought it was a dead ghost who was burned to death. It was not. You see, its skin is all black. You have to shave your head. The proper thing is everyone’s childhood shadow Xiao Hei. Classmates.”

After finishing speaking, he broke his head and showed Zhu Yang: “Sister, look, how dark is this black skin?”

“It’s not black, it’s like the jade is soaked in ink, not to mention it’s pretty pretty.”

The black ghost looked at Zhu Weixin, and he had just become a dog. At this moment, listening to the praise of the handsome little brother, he immediately rippled.

On the black face, he could even see the blushes of two touches.

Zhu Yang felt that he was a little old, and indeed, people of the same age seemed to be more able to communicate.

However, she sold her brother quickly: “Okay, isn’t it just for food? As long as you cooperate honestly, it is hard to say that you are full, but you can order what you want to eat as long as they can make it. You can also match it when you eat. How about eating with a handsome face? No loss, right?”

The black ghost glanced at the fragrant fried rice, various tempting snacks, and the face of Zhu Weixin.

Nodded fiercely: “In!”

As a result, Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu, who were already busy, were called down again and ordered a dozen dishes.

People also made a special note, don’t use plates, use pots!

Zhao Shu only blamed himself at the time when he was the cheapest and asked more: “Sister, didn’t you take things up? Is it not enough to invite ghosts to the room to have a food party?”

Zhu Yang said nonchalantly: “Yes, the ghosts still praise you for the delicious cooking. The ham and rice are fried so fragrant and tasty. The rice grains are strong. I want to eat a second bite without swallowing it, saying that I want to see you. This chef is.”

Zhao Shu was shocked: “It’s not me, it’s me. Brother Liu cooks the food. I only help him wash his feet. My hands are stinky. How unsightly comes up? Sister, you can eat and drink well. Order food.”

Liu Zhi, who was cooking, turned around and glared at him: “Who do you think has bad feet?”

Zhao Shu naturally quibbleed: “Yes, you don’t have bad feet, you want to go up and see people and ghosts, right?”

Liu Zhi also shut up, and the two of them were cooking silently. They never thought that one day they would become ghost masters.

The black ghost answered Zhu Yang’s question while planing fried rice.

“Me, I was too hungry that night, so I went to the kitchen to steal something to eat, but you also saw the student cafeteria. Was that food eaten before you came?”

“I went to the teacher’s dining room and stole two pieces of bread. I didn’t find it after eating. But when the calf went upstairs, he was caught by Yu Fu, who went to the bathroom. That idiot was just a complaint and stepped on The classmate’s back makes me treat better.”

“I was terribly scared, so I found a place to hide. I avoided the cabinets everywhere in the room and all the dark places in the school.”

“But maybe the death of Wang Xue in those two days distracted the teachers. They didn’t care about looking for me, but I didn’t dare to come out. Later, when I was hungry in the sundries room, I wanted to come out to find something to eat, but it collapsed. I was crushed underneath, bleeding a lot, my hands and feet hurt, I was cold and hungry, and finally died.”

The black ghost said that it was a bit low here, but one can imagine how she hid for several days in a dark place where she did not dare to turn on the light, and then died desolately in a no-man corner.

The reason why she became pitch black after her death, so that she couldn’t see it in the dark, was probably because she hid in the dark Middle East before her death.

The black ghost said that Wang Xue was a girl who ate abortion pills and died in the dark room of the infirmary.

The black ghost also told them: “That guy is actually trying to get better, and feels that no matter what, he will live out of this ghost place, grow up alive and grow up just fine.”

“But she failed to grow up.”

When Zhu Yang and the others first came here, the logic was right.

Although these teachers didn’t treat students as human beings, it was not easy to kill them. Wang Xue’s abortion failed and turned into corpses. The teachers were busy hiding their corpses, and there was no time for carpet search for inky ghosts.

The students must also be gathered in the smallest possible range of activities to prevent crashing the dead.

The black ghost replied: “Later, when Wang Xue’s ghost appeared, he unloaded the physics teacher and the school doctor in that small dark room. At that time, blood and flesh were everywhere on the wall. I didn’t know that people could be It’s so broken up.”

Zhu Yang said nonchalantly: “I’ve seen it. There are also the inside of a can of meat sauce that was beaten by a wall-breaking machine and poured into the drain. The blood and meat can be painted in buckets to paint the wall. The child did not see the fuss. .”

At the moment, the black ghost is drinking meat porridge. Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu know that they are entertaining the ghost uncle. They dare not cut corners. If they are not satisfied with the food, what should they do in the middle of the night?

All the minced meat is filled enough, almost half of the porridge and half of the minced meat, which is sticky and warm and appetizing.

But after hearing what Zhu Yang said, the black ghost always felt that the porridge in his hand was very oozing.

Zhu Yang asked her again: “In other words, except for you and the girl who died in the infirmary, everyone else doesn’t know that they are dead, right?”

The black ghost nodded: “Yes, I think it may be the day you arrive is the key, right? Everyone worked step by step that day, and still doing their own duties, class, class and work.”

“Only I and Wang Xue died, we were excluded from this cycle.”

“Every day we look at them ignorantly and stupidly and tired, but I just don’t know why this happens. Wang Xue is worse than me. Although I got out of this building and only swayed in the dark, she She can’t even get out of the medical building, and no one can talk to her unless I go to her.”

“Oh, by the way, she told me yesterday that two people had come to bully her, and her hair was bald. When she wanted to understand that she could have a good conversation, she was ignored again.”

After hearing this, the siblings looked at each other, and both could see the thought of shirking each other’s responsibilities.

The basic situation is almost understood. As for the deaths of other people, because the location was not in the dormitory or in the medical building, and it was daytime, the black ghosts could not be on the road in the light of other places, so they did not know the specific cause and effect.

The only last thing I can tell them is the cause of death of the girl with thick hair.

“She was also annoyed by Qi Yuan. Qi Yuan asked her to go downstairs that day and promised that this would be the last confession. No matter whether she agreed or not, she would never speak again.”

“The girl was also stupid, thinking that she could be cut off if she refused this time, but when she refused, she was strangled to death by Qi Yuan. This person is dead. Isn’t it the last time?”

“At that time, there was a person who went to the bathroom. Qi Yuan hurriedly turned the person upside down and mopped the floor with his hair. Oh, how much the girl likes her hair. She usually wears rubber bands and is afraid of getting marks. If she is alive, her hair will be ruined so much. Fight hard with people.”

Of course, this scene has been reincarnated many times in the eyes of the dark ghost.

Zhu Yang has been listening to her talking about him, and finally smiled and said: “I have said so many other people’s things, how about you?”

“If a person dies in vain, the first thing to become a ghost after death must be to resolve their grievances. This is the same as having to eat when you are hungry. It is instinct. What do you do the first thing?”

The black devil made a meal. She had been looking at someone who was greedy, stupid and not aggressive. Suddenly, a cold hostility erupted from the depths. She slowly turned her head and looked at Zhu Yang. Feels obviously very unhappy.

Then I saw Zhu Yang throwing something on her face.

The inky **** took it down and saw a beautiful dress, followed by several lipsticks, lip glaze and eye shadows.

Zhu Yang said: “It’s all yours.”

Zhu Weixin doesn’t understand his sister’s brain circuit a little bit, this thing can be bought with a skirt and a few sets of cosmetics?

If he is full of hatred and is asked by others about things he doesn’t want to say, he will get angry with anything good?

Sure enough, the bowl in his hands was heavily placed on the table, grabbing the skirt in one hand, and putting the lipstick in the other, looking up at his sister aggressively.

Just as Zhu Weixin was preparing for this ghost’s sudden attack, he saw this guy’s momentum changed.

Flattering: “I don’t like these colors, can I change them?”

Well, Zhu Weixin admitted that it was not this ghost circuit that he could not understand, but that he could not understand some aspects of the girl.

Zhu Yang said generously: “I have said it, it is all yours to cooperate with you, don’t you understand the meaning of the whole word?”

The black ghost suddenly became excited, and even stroked his pen to talk about his murderous experience–

“If I have the patience, I definitely want to wipe out the teacher and the teacher’s doglegs here, but if I become a ghost, I have to abide by the Basic Law?”

“Because I was hiding from this broken problem when I was alive, I can only use my skills when I become a ghost in a dark place.”

“Yu Fu’s dog day, if it weren’t for him to complain, I wouldn’t hide in Tibet and finally be killed. That day the teacher studied at night, and the teacher asked him to go to the equipment room to find something. It happened that the equipment room was dark enough and the switch was not at the door. This is behind the door.”

“The stupid design killed him. I waited until he touched the switch, holding a bench, and shaved his fingers. At that time, I broke two of his fingers. Hahahaha, he fell to the ground and screamed. Tied him up, like before I died, knocked off his limbs and back, carved on his face, and made him hurt alive. I told him to sue, let him be the perverted pugs, let him Step on the classmates to show off their power.”

When Zhu Yang saw the black ghost, the more they laughed, the more madly proud they were, and they slapped her over: “Be quiet, the quality of attention at night.”

“Oh!” The black ghost returned to reality, but it was heartless, and he didn’t think much about unhappy things.

At this moment, I was satisfied with the food, and embraced the beautiful dress and snacks and cosmetics that Zhu Yang gave her.

Then discussed with them: “Can I sleep here at night?”

“No!” Zhu Weixin didn’t even want to refuse: “There are too many rooms, so I can find it myself.”

The black ghost twisted and said: “But other rooms are not as good as here. It is clean and fragrant, and the room is big. Don’t worry, I don’t need to sleep on the bed, just sleep under the bed.”

If Liu Zhi and the others were here, they would definitely be shocked that these sisters would say such a shameless request if nothing had happened.

A ghost sleeps under the bed. Is this to scare people to death or to scare people to death?

But no matter how Zhu Yang and the others refused, anyway, the black ghost had already decided that in the dark and shadowy places like the bottom of the wardrobe bed, don’t even want to stop her, she can sneak back even if she is thrown out.

Zhu Yang knew what she was thinking about, didn’t she just get a good thing, and wished to watch it nicely anytime, anywhere? Just like a child.

After asking the black ghosts, the students who went to self-study did not come back soon, and they ate overnight on the first floor before returning to their rooms to sleep.

Because the teacher can no longer control them, the whole dormitory building is chattering, and the excitement does not stop until the lights go out at twelve, just like an ordinary college.

At this time Wan Lai was all silent, Zhu Yang and the others had already washed up and went to bed for a while, and they were about to go to bed with their phones.

When Zhu Yang finished watching the drama on his mobile phone, the black ghost had to come and watch it, saying that he hadn’t seen the idol drama for a long time.

Later, Zhu Yang and his younger brother simply changed their equipment. He played games on his mobile phone and watched TV on his tablet. Seeing the twelve o’clock inky black ghost, he was still not satisfied.

However, Zhu Yang turned off the electricity, so she had to shrink the bed and rest.

As they were about to fall asleep, the three of them heard the sound of footsteps outside.

No, although the sound is from far to near, the frequency of footsteps is not like this, just like shooting a ball.

Then the voice soon felt that it had come to Zhu Yang’s door.

Zhu Yang snorted displeasedly. Before speaking, he heard the trembling voice of the pitch black ghost: “Sister, is there something coming in? It’s terrible—”

Zhu Yang was so choked by her. He only felt that it was useless to say anything to these two hundred and five ghosts. In the end, he only said: “Even if you come in, you should look for us first. You hide under the bed for fear of a fart.”

The black ghost was greatly relieved when he heard the words: “Yes, I hide the bottom of the bed, and most people will not look down specially, I am afraid of—”

Before I finished speaking, I turned my face away and saw an upside-down face appeared beside the bed, the eyes were directly facing her, and I couldn’t squint.

The black ghost twitched his nose several times, and finally released a scream with all his strength.


Zhu Yang hurriedly turned on the bedside lamp, and when he opened his eyes, he saw the female ghost standing upside down and the black ghost under the bed facing each other. The black ghost was scared to death.

Zhu Yang was screaming with her brain sore, raising his hand was a pillow and threw it at her, and pushed another handstand ghost——

“Roar a hammer in the middle of the night! Both are ghosts, neither are they good-looking, and dislike each other?”

Speaking directly, drag the black ghost out of the bed and push it to the mirror: “Well, you can take a look at your virtue in the mirror? If that guy isn’t physically/positionally inconvenient, who in the dark can see you? Are you embarrassing others by screaming like this?”

“Do you laugh at people’s standing upside down? That’s how you offend people when you are a ghost? Embarrassed?”

The black ghost was so full of rebuke and sat on a small stool aggrieved.

At this moment, Zhu Weixin also got up. He pushed the inverted ghost and said to his sister: “She can’t stand up, and she will be restored like a tumbler when she is pushed down. In short, the whole person is down.”

The handstand ghost, that is, the girl with thick hair, twisted her face and said: “That bastard, that bastard, dare to use my hair to mop the floor, mop the floor—”

Only halfway through the howling, Zhu Yang stomped her foot on the ground and shook her back.

The inverted ghost choked for a while, and said aggrieved: “I have to walk with my head in the future, my hair is woof~, I don’t know if it will be bald.”

“Probably not, Wang Xue was bald on the top of their head the first day, but wouldn’t it grow back the next day?” The black ghost comforted——

“So what are you doing here? It scares me.”

The inverted ghost said dissatisfied: “I heard the movement here, you will enjoy it, right? Eat and drink, have a beautiful dress, cosmetics, and I want it.”

The dark ghost hurriedly took the cosmetics on the table into his arms: “Why, why? I deserve it. I have a lot of news to exchange.”

The inverted ghost hurriedly jumped and grabbed it. Although she couldn’t stand up, she had a very good bounce ability. She jumped from the ground on the stool, then jumped off the table, turning her arms and pulling the black ghost——

“I was busy taking revenge just now, otherwise this good deed can make you round by yourself? Let go, I see a ribbon, can you give me the hair accessory, you don’t need it.”

The two ghosts spent a long time fighting for clothes, jewelry and cosmetics, and finally they were thrown out by Zhu Yanglian.

Not long after throwing it out, I heard a scream of horror from downstairs.

Zhu Yang and the others had to admit their fate, and the inverted ghost who had just robbed the black ghost sneered at this moment.

It is strange that the girls on the third floor seemed to have not heard such a big movement on the second floor.

They didn’t respond to the scream of the inky **** just now, and they can still explain it by some rules, but now the screaming is also the student who forgot to die.

Zhu Yang and the others went downstairs first, and when they came to the male dormitory on the second floor, they saw many people around the public toilet.

Pushing aside the crowd, I saw the boy who killed the inverted ghost being stabbed by the mop.

The top end of the mop pole sticks out of his mouth. In reality, it is impossible for people to do it.

This method of death was too tragic, and it scared the boys into vomiting.

Zhao Shuxin touched her heart with lingering fears, and when she saw Zhu Weixin, she quietly said to him: “I was afraid of him coming last night. I didn’t expect to be here so soon. So the mop he was holding was Kill people, right?”

He got goosebumps on his arm: “You said he looked at me for so long last night, would I—”

Zhu Weixin smiled: “Isn’t he looking for hemorrhoid cream the first thing he changed into a ghost? How charming do you think he loves you deeply?”

“Go go!” Zhao Shu was disgusted.

Finally, Zhu Yang drove everyone back to sleep, and ordered Liu Zhi and Zhao Shu to throw the corpse from the toilet window into the grass downstairs.

When the two heard this request, they were all dumbfounded: “Just, that’s it? Somehow moved to the cellar or buried it?”

Zhu Yang looked at them and laughed: “Do you want to be happy if I have any comments? I just find it convenient.”

Of course the two were not happy. In fact, they all felt panicked just touching the corpse. I also thought that this guy was killed by the wronged soul.

Yes, don’t worry about the deceased’s seriousness, so the two hummed and threw the string of grilled frogs through the window without taking the corpse even the mop.

This method of death shows how resentful the inverted ghost was at mopping the floor with the hair that was once used as a mop, and it also made this boy and the mop fall in love with each other.

Early the next morning, because people died last night, the atmosphere became a little serious when everyone had breakfast.

Liu Zhi and the others simply boiled a big pot of lean meat porridge, fried some mustard, and simply steamed some steamed buns and sweet potatoes, but they didn’t have that thought.

When the big guy finished eating, he went to the teaching building, only to find a person hanging from the window sill of the second floor in the medical building.

The **** eyes all over his body looked so dead that he couldn’t die again. The point was that the thing hanging on his neck was not a rope, bed sheet, or the like, but the intestines in his cut open belly.

The students were frightened and panicked. Zhao Shu, who was finishing the tableware and washing, was shocked when they heard the movement running out.

Zhu Yang didn’t sleep late this morning, and he had already left when he heard the movement.

The reason for the destruction of this school group has basically been revealed. It is nothing more than who killed the other, who died first and turned into a ghost, then killed the living people with obsession.

It’s like a black ghost who died first, and then killed the boy who complained. Then there was Wang Xue. She died of a miscarriage and hemorrhage. After her corpse was transformed, she returned to the infirmary to kill the physics teacher and the school doctor who helped the abuse.

Then came the entangled boy and the girl with thick hair. The boy confessed that he was refused to kill the girl. The girl turned into a soul and took revenge in the same place the next night.

To talk about cause and effect, everyone in this school has their own lines of involvement.

Seven people have now been identified, the black ghost and the accuser, the mop man and the inverted ghost, the abortion girl and the physics teacher, and the school doctor. The causes of death and the ins and outs of these people’s ghosts.

Again, this script is not difficult, just because of the large number of people, and the chaotic context, and the timeline was disrupted by the game of Dogbi.

Then once the player enters the game, there will be a certain chain reaction in the depths, so it’s not easy to sort out the lines out of the water.

Zhu Yang and the others have grasped the context, and it is only a matter of time now.

She thought for a while, if according to the original timeline, a girl disappeared, a girl died of miscarriage, three students and two faculty members would die one after another.

The group of teachers headed by the dean in charge of everything will certainly not think about the spiritual aspect the first time.

More speculation is that some students have committed a murderous attack, and everyone has to panic because of so many lives.

These teachers are used to rough and violent handling methods, and if they find something wrong, they will definitely beat the students and ask them to confess.

Zhu Yang is sure that this is almost a must.

But what happened in the middle that caused the destruction of the teacher-student group? In other words, who has such a big grievance to kill so many people at once?

It seems that Goubi Game sees her unscrupulously disrupting the plot and routine every time she wants to trip her in this way.

Think about it, if she starts doing nothing at the beginning of the game, then the truth will naturally come to her as time goes by.

But she occupied the school in less than two days and derailed things. Now she wants to follow the original direction, but it takes trouble.

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows without showing any regret.

He just called out Xu Wei from the student group and told her: “From now on, you should not act with the students. If you see where their abnormal collective is going, don’t follow.”

Xu Wei hadn’t figured out the reason for this, but knew that the group activities were meaningless now, so she nodded and went with Liu Zhi and the others.

Zhu Yang brought his younger brother to the dean directly.

When they left yesterday, the school doctor ran away frantically, and the instructor held the bag of money and was still repeating the movement to leave the school back and forth.

At the moment they went there to guard, and there was no sign of the dean.

Zhu Yang smiled: “It seems that this cycle is not going on forever. When it’s the next plot, all the actors still have to return to their positions.”

So the two siblings looked for all possible places where the dean of education might appear.

The teacher’s office, the academic affairs office, and her bedroom were not found, but the package of money was found in the bedroom.

Zhu Yang asked her brother to take the money back, and did not hesitate to redeem it back for the points.

The school was in chaos at the moment, and the teachers had never seen a sign in the morning.

Zhu Yang ignored the students who were running around, and continued to find the dean of teaching, and finally found gains in the so-called closed room.

When they saw the dean of education, the other party was still wearing that neat and neat professional attire, but at this time the clothes were messy because of the struggle, and the hair was also disheveled.

The whole person is sitting on the electric shock chair with a distorted expression. This electric shock chair has tortured countless students. I firmly believe that this teacher who can cure their laziness, undisciplined, internet addiction, and rebelliousness through this electric shock chair, I guess I never expected to die on this machine. ?

Zhu Yang and the others walked in and took a look. The number of electric shock devices had reached the maximum. It seemed that no matter who did it, there was really no room at all.

Kicked the dean’s body at random, and the body fell down at the sound, without any reaction.

Zhu Yang was not surprised, he went out of the closed room and went upstairs, the direction was the classroom.

Today there is no sun, dark clouds are overwhelming, the sky is dark, but now it seems to be a bit darker.

Obviously it was a broad day at one or two in the afternoon, but it was like evening outside.

Zhu Yang opened the classroom door, and the curtains in the classroom were drawn, making the room dark and unclear.

At this time, a flash of lightning struck, and the strong light shining from the corridor made Zhu Yang and the others discover the current situation in the classroom.

I saw dozens of ropes stretching from the ceiling. This classroom was originally remodeled, and the layout is naturally different from ordinary classrooms.

The energy-saving lamps on the ceiling are inlaid horizontally and vertically, exactly about 60 cm each. There are several lamps in the entire classroom.

And now the rope hanging down is the official light line of each lamp.

They were tied in a knot, hanging down like a hanging rope, and exactly one student was hanging from each rope.

They are densely packed, neatly arranged in groups, and Zhu Yang’s perspective is exactly at the level of their calves.

There is no wind in the house, but some corpses will inevitably swing slightly or turn around because of the rope.

Rao, Zhu Weixin, who was stupid and bold, was also taken a sigh of relief by this scene.

With such a dense number of people, even ordinary cults can’t achieve such a shocking effect, right?

But at this moment, he heard his sister chuckle: “It really is an extreme obsessive-compulsive disorder, even this kind of thing is so particular.”

“But there seems to be a few of them turning, and then to the left and then to the right. If you don’t try to straighten the thread in the ceiling? Otherwise, if everyone is not facing one side, your obsessive-compulsive disorder must not be forced to death. ”

As soon as she finished speaking, a person appeared in the dark, who was the dean of teaching who had just seen the body in the confinement room.

The current expression of the dean of teaching is no longer the beautiful vision of taking the money and running to a new life, but staring at Zhu Yang with hatred–

“You ruined my discipline and ruined my principles.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “I didn’t press my head to let you collect money? Why? Now that I know I can’t get out, money is no different from dirt to you, so you regard that experience as a stain?”

“It’s okay, I want to start a little bit. Think about it yesterday when you stupidly repeated the action of leaving school dozens of times. Do you think the shame of accepting bribes is not worth mentioning?”

“Haha! After all, stupidity is more unacceptable than greed, right?”

The teacher’s face was pale, but then he grinned with a sneer: “To be honest, I am very happy to have the opportunity to teach students like you.”

“After all, the answer worms are everywhere, and there is no sense of accomplishment in teaching. On the contrary, the personal consciousness is stronger and more challenging.”

“All let the teacher correct you!”

She was vague, but Zhu Yang understood that if he died here as a game arrangement, wouldn’t he really become a student here? Then forget everything related to the game, forget that you are a player, and repeat this cycle again and again with the students.

Just like the water ghost and the ghost bride, if there is no new player’s arrival, triggering various impact clues, they will regard themselves as students here, and suffer inhuman torture time and time again.

Zhu Yang said: “Although the idea of ​​giving you money was to tease you at the beginning, what I said at the time can’t be faked. Relying on the gratification of ruling a group of children to gain power, you really can’t get on the stage. ”

“Since you can’t be on the stage as a human being, why do you feel that you are invincible after you become a ghost?”

“Heh! Then again, your low-level correction—let’s call it correction for the time being. If it is really so useful, the students have undoubtedly become your props for rounding and flattening—”

Zhu Yang’s voice was elongated, and his expression and tone of voice contained obvious contempt and irony, as if he was complacent looking at a waste.

“Why are you so capable and great, why were the students seized the opportunity to backlash, with nose and tears, incontinence, and a person who died miserably on the electric shock stage?”

“I believe it doesn’t feel good, right?”

The dean’s breathing was shaking, as if Zhu Yang mentioned her most unacceptable failure: “How do you know?”

Zhu Yang rolled his eyes: “Because of the continuous deaths, people are in panic, and feel that their authority has been challenged, or they still want to bend into tricks for other purposes. Anyway, no matter what the reason is, aren’t the students who suffer?”

“Why do you show up in the shock room? Is it possible that you are not punishing students, but you occasionally go up and cheer up?”

Then Zhu Yang walked into the classroom without fear or discomfort, and looked at the surrounding circle of hanging student bodies.

Although the director forced the advanced stage of cancer, the corpse of one was very different.

The expressions of other people are all in a trance, as if they can be cut off and placed in the mourning hall for photos.

The only girl Xu Wei had asked before was the one who became timid and timid because it was a thorn in the beginning and was repaired so much.

Her expression was horrified, as if she saw something terrifying.

Zhu Yang pointed to the girl and said, “It’s her. It seems that she has given you a wonderful experience. When you kill all the students, you will treat her especially.”

“I have always wondered why only the teaching director has the right to mobilize all faculty and staff to control instability factors, such as me, now I understand.”

Only those who stand at the apex of this school’s rules have the ability to kill so many students in one go.

The girl successfully completed the anti-kill. She could have escaped her life, but it was a pity that the dean’s desire for control and obsession controlled all the remaining students to hang themselves.

Her obsession is indeed much more aggressive and scaled than the other ghosts.

She must firmly control the students even if she is a ghost?

The dean looked at Zhu Yang in silence for a long while, did not answer her words, but suddenly smiled coldly, ignoring Zhu Yang’s irony, but suddenly his eyes turned white and his pupils disappeared.

The atmosphere of the entire classroom was over again, and a sense of uncertainty was enveloped. Zhu Yang felt something, but he didn’t notice his own abnormality for the time being.

But the next second she saw Zhu Weixin walk in blankly, stepping on a stool, and standing on a desk without her instructions.

On the top of the desk, there was a hanging knot with a ring at the bottom.

Zhu Weixin is quite tall, and he fished the knot directly, and was about to put it around his neck. The table under his feet was kicked far away.

Zhu Weixin also fell to the ground because of weightlessness, and his forehead knocked on the ground, which also made him regain consciousness.

He looked up and said blankly: “Sister, why are you kicking me? Didn’t you let me try a scarf just now? I stretched my neck.”

Yes, this low-level rookie field, even if it is a boss ghost, how strong can it be?

If it is suggested that a student hangs himself, based on the survival instinct, someone must resist and finally break free from hypnosis.

But if you change to a gentle approach, such as trying on a scarf, necklace, medal—

But these are not what Zhu Yang cares about now. She kicks her inexperienced stupid brother.

Looking back at the instructor who was surprised because she was not affected, he grinned with a murderous grin——

“Do you dare to kill my brother?”


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