Scream Queen Chapter 45

The dean of teaching watched her walk over as a whole, which was more fierce than evil spirits.

Even the eyes that turned white during the operation were shocked, and she couldn’t say anything: “How is it possible? You are also a student——”

But seeing Zhu Yang didn’t stop because of her words, seeing the other party getting closer and closer to him, the teaching director was busy and focused desperately, and his eyes turned white again.

But where it was still useful, Tongren only turned up and was slapped down by a slap, and she was immediately slapped to the ground.

The dean only felt that his whole person (ghost) was falling apart, like falling from a high altitude, and couldn’t feel where he was.

Zhu Yang’s current physical fitness is already extremely strong among the newcomers, and naturally there is no pressure on this kind of ghost in the primary field.

And she was angry at this time, naturally she didn’t leave her hands, and she almost slapped her palms with all her strength. This was a ghost, if she was a person, she would have become a ghost now.

The dean could not move, feeling the tingling sensation of her scalp kicking and pulling, Zhu Yang violently dragged her hair up, and went straight out of the classroom.

Seeing that the silly brother didn’t keep up, he was probably a little stunned at her sudden anger. Zhu Yang chopped his hand and grabbed his ears and pulled the people while walking and joking: “What are you doing here? The dog’s life almost got rid of it. Are you ashamed of this kind of melon lady’s back?”

Zhu Weixin gritted her teeth in pain, and realized that she was probably stupid just now. Looking at these wires and slings, and when she kicked off the table, she immediately found out that she had just appeared. She bought it for him. The new scarf, let him drill his neck in his hand to try it.

Knowing that he was wrong, he was at a loss, and changed the subject: “Sister, sister, please be lighter, the dialects in your hometown are all out, don’t you dislike dialects? Don’t be angry.”

Seeing his sister sullen and not speaking, Zhu Weixin hurriedly said again: “Sister, I have a scalpel in my hand. You forgot the knife or you gave it to me? Even if the neck is hung, you can still Cut off, not to mention that I am an outsider and will not die?”

Zhu Yang laughed angrily: “Why don’t you stretch your neck back and let’s do a test? See if there is nothing wrong with it?”

Zhu Weixin didn’t dare to speak anymore, looking at his sister with pitiful eyes.

I also know why his sister is so angry. If the situation is reversed, it is his sister who claims to be able to deal with it in all possible ways, and he is absolutely prepared, and he is determined that it is impossible to turn things over.

While speaking, Zhu Yang had already thrown the dean in the middle of the playground—the barren garden that entered the gate of the manor was used as a playground.

He also repaired the flag stand and hung up the national/flag, but the activities that took place inside were really insulting to the national/flag.

The students who had been in chaos to the point of running around noticed this, and then gathered in twos and threes, and the number of students increased.

I don’t know if the original development trajectory happened at the time when the student was hanged or another reason. The students who have always been at a loss, the look at the dean of education at this moment is a bit subtle.

Zhu Yang sneered and threw the instructor roughly to the middle of the playground: “I have done all the bad things in his lifetime, and after death, because of his functions and obsessions, he has gained skills that are slightly better than other ghosts, ruling A bunch of ghost students, ghost teacher, are you very proud, aren’t you?”

Zhu Yang stretched out his hand to the side, Zhu Weixin consciously made a mistake, and now he only dared to shrink his neck to work.

He didn’t use his sister’s explanation at all. He turned his eyes around the playground and saw an iron rod erected in the flowerbed next to him.

The iron rod is a rack tube. The school equipment is messed up. There is a crooked tree in the flower bed, and this tube is just used to rectify and fix it.

Seeing that the aggression of this thing in the entire playground looked the most aggressive, Zhu Weixin rushed over to pull out the steel pipe.

She was also carefully wrapped in a handkerchief before handing it to his sister to prevent her sister from getting mud.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Yang, who has always been clean and obsessed, did not care about the details this time within the limited conditions, so he grabbed the rusty and muddy pipe with his hand.

Then he aimed at the top of the head of the instructor, and pushed her forcefully, turning her whole person through a roasted whole lamb.

The surrounding students exclaimed. At this time, the other three players also came over. When they squeezed into the crowd, they saw Zhu Yang killing people, and suddenly felt that he couldn’t keep up with the rhythm.

But before I had time to ask, I was shocked to find that the dean who was stabbed in the opposite direction was not dead, and there was still a cry of pain in his mouth.

Zhu Yang saw that someone was coming, and the two male players told him: “Go and put out a few lines. Today, let’s cook the whole ghost.”

Zhao Shu asked dumbfounded: “Okay, in which room is the line rack?”

“How do I know? Go to my room and ask the inky nigger, she knows that she was crushed to death by the racket.”

The two of them had their scalp blown up at the sound, but seeing Zhu Yang’s posture as a murderous man, they silently compared them, and they felt that it was easier to face ghosts than to disobey her, so they ran back to the dormitory in despair.

Zhu Yang instructed the students to make a fire. There was no wood, so they moved two tables and chairs out, and they were cut into pieces with two brushes.

At this time, the racks were also moved and set up, and they were placed on both sides of the fire. After that, the envoy Zhu Yang called to rack the whole roasted ghosts.

The dean was slapped and stabbed at the same time, and the pain continued. At this time, the flames rushed up, and the sizzling roasting was just like experiencing the hell.

Zhu Yang also turned the bar in a perverted manner: “Pay attention to the evenness of the heat. Don’t burn on one side and the other side is still raw, which will affect the taste.”


The person who heard this immediately thought about it with horror.

Just listen to Zhu Yang sneered, and said to the students on the playground: “What? The ancients had a saying that they eat their meat, saying that if a person hates another person, he can eat the other person’s meat raw. Here, I even sprinkle salt and cumin on the roast, do I have no appetite?”

The students were so scared that they couldn’t help taking a step back, because the reality and the illusion were intertwined, and some of the resentment and unwillingness they had learned were actually scared back by Zhu Yang’s frenzied operation.

When Zhu Yang saw these guys, he became angry: “So even if you have changed into ghosts, you are still tightly held in your hands by this old lady, and you suffer daily torture day after day.”

“I’ve never seen a ghost doing such an aggrieved thing. It’s silly to be obedient, right? Okay! Since I like to be obedient so much, I will show you the way, sister.

When she came to the dean of education, the woman’s skin was scorched, and she made a scream.

Regardless of her pain, Zhu Yang cried: “I don’t know if you kill you now, if you can still re-enter the cycle, but if the rule is that the person who killed you can become stronger, so many students will be divided equally. , You can’t point to each reset, rely on everyone to be confused, forget the fact that you are dead, and manipulate them over and over again, but you won’t suffer, right?”

Seeing the horror in the dean’s eyes, Zhu Yang smiled and said, “It seems that I guessed it.”

Then, without giving the dean a chance to respond, he took the oil that Zhao Shu handed over and poured her all over her body.

“Pico is a bit dry, add some oil, where is cumin? What about salt?”

Zhao Shu’s eyelids twitched every time they heard a word, and then handed them over obediently, only fortunate that the eldest sister did not ask them to do it.

Zhu Yang was also anxious, and even her brother didn’t want to help. In the past, if he had the right to kill ghosts, Zhu Yang used to call others.

And the book in her hand is convenient. Once there is a hatred relationship in the copy, there is basically no shortage of swordsmen, but now I really don’t want to fake it.

The whole person was stupefied and let Zhu Yang be cooked. The key was that he was still screaming.

Zhu Yang asked people to go to the restaurant to get a knife, fork, and plate, and cut some lettuce, and said to the people around him: “This is more tired, but time is limited and the internal organs are not cut. You will order it.”

The students around were startled long ago, but they didn’t dare to run. Zhu Yang was like a chef at a barbecue restaurant, actually holding a razor blade, with lettuce, cucumber and radish next to each slice of meat. It looks like they are eating an open-air barbecue.

Her movements are also brisk, after all, she has agility and speed blessings, and Zhisheng turned a ghost film into a skeleton with only the head left.

At this moment, the ghost is dead no matter how strong its vitality is, Zhu Yang kicked it and discarded it.

Then he said to the students: “Eat!”

Where did the students dare, but I don’t know why, but a longing gradually surged in their hearts, as if there was something urging them to do this.

Zhu Yang smiled, snapped his fingers, and the curtains of the classroom were opened. Everyone could see the densely packed corpses hanging in a row from the playground.

The ignorance on the faces of the students disappeared, replaced by anger, unwillingness and shame of being fooled.

Then the first student stepped forward and took a portion of the meat, then the second and the third.

Zhu Yang hugged his arms. Although it was just a few tricks and the venting ingredients were superfluous, it is possible that after today, these people will return to the original point and continue the cycle.

The ghost of the teacher can be divided and eaten by the ghosts of the students. If she wants to recover, can she still crawl out of the digested form in the gastric juice, and then make dozens of parts to form a whole?

This is more difficult than the meat sauce of Teacher Qiu’s husband, right?

And even if it were organized as a whole, it would be very weak. The students who were killed by her were hard to say, but the black ghost, the inverted ghost, and the girl who died in the infirmary, three ghosts should be enough to deal with her.

In short, the big boss here has to be crippled even if he does not die.

At this point, Zhu Yang is still dissatisfied. After all, according to the current school structure, the dean is at the apex, and the advantages in rules still exist.

What Zhu Yang has to do is to wipe out this advantage, so that she has no power to come back. Only in this way can this school be completely liberated from the reincarnation of students being abused.

She asked Zhao count them: “Where are the other teachers?”

Zhao Shu and the others didn’t pay attention, but Xu Wei said, “I just looked down from the bedroom window upstairs and saw the remaining teachers escaping. They walked directly to the highway from the bush behind.”

This reaction is also normal. After so many people died, only the teaching director insisted on his rule, especially the teacher. What if the murderer is really hidden among the students and sneaks into the room in the middle of the night to kill them?

But Zhu Yang didn’t believe that they could escape. Since they entered this cycle, there must be no one alive.

I just don’t know in what form they came back.

Then Zhu Yang realized that the students who were far away seemed to have heard what Xu Wei said softly next to her.

Then they looked at each other one by one. There was a weird smile.

Zhu Yang suddenly realized: “That’s it!”

“What’s wrong?” Xu Wei asked.

Zhu Yang always admired her, and didn’t mind saying a few more words: “When the teachers fled, there were no living people in the school.”

“One or two deaths, two or three people can make a place full of grievances, the whole school group is destroyed, how can everyone’s unanimous thoughts make people escape, a school must be neat and tidy, less How are so many teachers in class?”

Even the dean of teachers on the side of the teacher cannot hope that they go. Everyone wishes without exception. The grievances spreading in this school that has turned into a cemetery can only be a ghost if ordinary people can run out.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long to see a car driving straight in from the gate, with a white body and black silk flowers in front of the car. The driver who drove was a rough paper man.

The expression on the paper man’s face was full of smiles, which became more and more weird in this gloomy atmosphere.

Several teachers stumbled through the weeds, ran for two kilometers, and finally ran out of the school’s range.

On the road outside, the English teacher sat on the ground: “I shouldn’t have taken this job at the beginning. The salary was low, the treatment was poor, and the students were not obedient to the discipline. That tricked us into this place where birds don’t shit.”

The Chinese teacher still didn’t agree with him, and said sarcastically: “Forget it, it’s not bad to escape. With so many lives, I don’t know how the principal will deal with it. The smash is a ruthless person, to cover up. Can do it all.”

“We just don’t have the threat of this student. Maybe the principal still wants to leave us a way out. If he gets angry–”

The Chinese teacher shook as he said: “Forget it, I can’t stay here anyway, I will pick up my family and leave the city when I go back.”

The other teachers still agreed with the Chinese teacher’s words, and they nodded their heads, expressing that they could run as far as they could go back.

One of the teachers said: “There are no cars at the moment. Is it possible for so many of us to walk back?”

The English teacher stood up and waved impatiently: “What else can you do if you don’t leave? Go back and sit and wait for the car appointment? Let’s call while walking.”

Everyone had no objections, but they made countless calls, but no one answered them. These were the drivers they were accustomed to appointments. The calls were always open. I don’t know why they couldn’t reach any of them today.

Just about to start cursing, they heard the sound of a car coming from behind, and several people turned their heads with joy on their faces.

It’s actually a big bus, and there are so many people, even if it’s a ride that stops people, it may not be able to sit down.

Several people hurriedly stopped the car, the door opened, and there was no one inside. Only a middle-aged driver wearing an old-fashioned driver uniform and a hat had a smile on his face, even though his smile was a little stiff and his face was pale.

However, a few people did not pay attention and asked the driver: “Master, can you take us back to the city? The fare is still calculated.”

The driver was quite happy to hear: “Okay, take you home, the fare is unnecessary, I’m worried that I haven’t picked up someone for a long time.”

“Where does it work!” Several people got on the car one by one, thinking it was a return to the empty car from where they were going, but they didn’t mention the fact that they must be paid.

Several people were tossed for two days, and they were scared to run out. After walking such a long way, they were all tired, so they closed their eyes and rested in their positions.

There are still more than two hours to go back to the city. The weather is not good at the moment, and the driving is even slower. Sometimes it is time.

But as soon as I closed my eyes and didn’t feel that I was asleep for a few minutes, everyone was woken up by the driver honking the horn–

“I’m on the ground, go back!”

Several teachers still wondered how it took such a long time to squint their eyes, and the windows were dark and there was no flickering in the city.

The driver was still urging, saying he was in a hurry, and a few people had to get out of the car——

They have been in the familiar playground for several years, eating and waiting for death in the hopeless place every day, venting their grievances and dissatisfaction on the students.

Where is the possibility of confession!

When several teachers got out of the car, they saw the students on the playground holding a plate in their hands and eating something. Everyone looked at them with seeping eyes.

A few people turned their heads, the car had already started, and they quickly wanted to run up—

“Master, what are you taking us back for? We give money and fare, you take us away, teacher—”

At the last shout, the person in the driver’s uniform turned his face, pale paper skin, strange and rough smiling face.

The empty mouth on the mouth was talking one by one: “That’s right, you have already arrived at the place. When you arrive at your own place, don’t leave.”

Several teachers were crowded to step on the door, but now they backed away in shock.

I watched the bus that had turned into a hearse drove out of the school gate.

Several teachers turned their heads and looked at the people on the playground fearfully, and they were a little surprised that these people were still thinking about eating barbecue.

The fire of the barbecue hadn’t gone out yet, and several people couldn’t help but glance over there, and they saw the grill left aside.

What was worn on it was a corpse with only human head bones and internal organs.

“Ah -” I don’t know who made a scream first, and several people fled in all directions.

But no one stopped them, and the students smiled and said: “Teacher, come back to class!”

The students were far away, but the voices came from all directions, as if they were in their ears.

Zhu Yang smiled coolly and didn’t care. It was about four or five in the afternoon, and the sky was getting darker.

But strange things, after a while, a few more cars drove in.

At first, Zhu Yang thought it was a few teachers who ran out and were sent back, but as soon as the door opened, the principal and a group of decently dressed people appeared.

There were so many people standing noisily on the playground, but they should ignore them, and they were discussing things while visiting the school.

Zhu Yang also saw someone pass through the students.

Obviously these people in the reality of this world are completely isolated from this space and can’t influence each other.

The fat-headed bald man was still chattering to other people: “This is a good place, remote, isolated from the outside world, and on the road outside, there is usually no car traffic. I can’t run on foot for a while.”

“The troublesome child throws here, so that every day should not be called the ground is not working, it is a little tricky, so that it is very controlled, tell me to say, there is no bad seed.”

Several other people smiled after hearing his words: “I heard that you had a mass suicide incident in the past few years?”


The principal was about to quibble and was stopped by someone raising his hand. The humane said: “Of course, students at this age can understand the pressure to commit suicide. Children nowadays are more and more unbearable, oh! We were back then.”

The principal heard what these people said, and immediately smiled on his face: “That’s it! We have heavy schoolwork here, but there is no way, and I don’t want to live up to the expectations of the parents.”

“So the King Bureau, look at the matter of approval–”

Several people exchanged a tacit look, and everyone was immediately happy.

A school with so many lives has shown signs of resurgence because of multiple interests.

Zhu Yang snapped his fingers and asked the player to tie a few people over.

Zhao Shu and the others stepped forward, but they couldn’t reach a few people, and Zhu Yang changed students again, but still the same.

Xu Wei asked, “Sister, can’t we influence them?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Impossible, in less than seven days, this bald pig appeared here twice, and now it is swaying in front of everyone. It is impossible for the game to arrange him to respond to people. There must be Ways to keep him.”

“A school should be neat and tidy. Where can the principal be missing?”

Zhu Yang pondered for a while, then raised his head and smiled: “I almost forgot, isn’t there one who can connect with the outside world?”

Then Zhu Yang mobilized all the players and students to find the dormitory. So many people are very efficient.

Especially the black ghost who did not participate in the reincarnation, what happened in the dark corners of the school could not be hidden from her.

After a while, he pulled the dormitory out of the cabinet in the cellar, and the woman was still holding the money Zhu Yang had given her.

Even though Zhu Yang bought so many things, there was still more than half of the money left.

Zhu Yang patted the dormitory tube on the shoulder: “I don’t know when I don’t need material supplies, so I have kept your life. It seems that it is right not to be so impulsive.”

The host was trembling with fright: “Let it go, let me go!”

Zhu Yang smiled and said: “Let it go, of course, but first, you throw your bag of money into the grass.”

The supervisor looked very unwilling, but couldn’t stand Zhu Yang’s lustful prestige. After struggling for a long time, he could only reluctantly threw the bag of money through the window and made a muffled noise.

The principal who was visiting here was attracted by the sound, because all the people who came were dressed decently, so it was not good to just step into the edge of the weedy wall.

The principal naturally walked over in person, and then at the corner of the bag deliberately split, he saw the pink inside.

“Principal, what is it?” someone asked outside.

Seeing the crowds at this moment, the principal quickly said, “It’s nothing, the mop by the bed standing upstairs has fallen down.”

Saying that if he went out without incident, no one else doubted that he was there. They continued to visit here to discuss how to renovate and purchase equipment.

After discussing for more than half an hour, everyone left by car.

“What do they do if they leave?” Someone said anxiously.

“It’s okay, as long as he is not blind, he has to come back when he leaves.”

Sure enough, in less than an hour, one of the cars should have returned the same way, and the principal ran back in a hurry and ran straight to the grass.

Regardless of the dirt on the ground, I turned to the bag and opened it quickly, and it turned out that there were piles of money inside.

I twisted a few more to identify it, and it was true.

The principal’s face was filled with greedy joy. The school was abandoned for two or three years. It is not impossible for criminals in the wilderness to hide their money here.

Thinking of this, the principal wondered again. If such a large sum of money is lost, those desperadoes should not die in a hurry? Any accident in that school is possible.

Naturally, the safety of students cannot be guaranteed. It happens that guardians with their own purposes can do what they want.

I just must not come here recently.

Thinking this way, the principal pulled up the zipper of the bag, stood up and prepared to leave.

Then, without stepping out, he was knocked to the ground by a heavy object suddenly falling from above.

A few of those heavy objects weighed ten kilograms, and they fell from the top and hit the headmaster’s head directly, and then fell to the ground with a bloodbath, life and death unknown.

At this time, Zhu Yang and the others gathered around and watched both the headmaster and the principal fall to the ground with blood on their heads.

“Tsk tusk, it really is only useful for the dormitory.” Zhao Shu and the others said: “I just threw the kitchen knife from above and it was useless.”

Zhu Yang curled his lips: “So, I can only use the dormitory as a weapon.”

As a result, the game really did not live up to its own settings. After Zhu Yang realized that there were all dead people here, he was surprised why only the lodgers could buy things back.

At the beginning, I thought that if the player stays in the game world for too long, he needs the necessary supplies. After all, this game has no time limit.

Immediately the principal showed up to react, and the biggest use is here.

At this time the principal had stood up swayingly, he touched his head and looked up.

Then his eyes didn’t want to take everyone to visit just now, and he ignored so many people present, but looked at the teachers and students in horror.

He had no impression of the students, but the teachers had done so many times, and all the people who had died three years ago appeared in front of him one by one, with a strange expression and a grinning smile at the corner of his mouth.

The headmaster was so frightened that he was about to pee. He was about to get up, but suddenly he touched something. Looking back, a guy who looked exactly like himself was lying on the ground covered in blood.

By the way, he had just been hit hard, and it was himself on the ground.

What is he?

The headmaster’s back was numb, and seeing the people around him getting closer, he was in a tendency to surround him.

He was busy with business and twisted and said: “Don’t come, don’t come…”

The students laughed: “Principal, come to class, the school cannot lack the principal.”

“How can there be no principal in the school!”

“How can there be no principal in the school!”

“How can there be no principal in the school!”

The expressions of the people around were stiff, and they yelled mechanically like slogans. The principal collapsed and shouted, but someone had already grabbed his leg, and the whole body was covered with people.

Gradually he was pulled into the teaching building, but the miserable voice never stopped.

Zhu Yang picked up the bag of money on the ground, and at the same time, a reminder of the game clearance came in his mind.

Several players heard it, and everyone was happy.

Xu Wei smiled and said, “The degree of completion is so high.”

“How many are you?” Zhao Shu asked.

“Level A!”

As soon as the answer came out, the two male players were suddenly depressed: “Shall we get up early and cook in the dark?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Do you think the game is testing your cooking skills? People and girls have contributed more than you.”

This statement is not an exaggeration. According to Zhu Yang’s nature, in such a repressive environment, those who are determined not to compromise are absolutely spurred by others at the beginning.

It can be said that the early information sources were all inquired by Xu Wei from the students, so her clearance evaluation will be higher than that of Liu Zhi and they take it for granted.

And Zhu Yang Zhaoli got the S grade evaluation, because the original boss of this game was killed by her, according to the systematic explanation, her guess was right.

If ordinary people just kill the teaching director, she can still reincarnate when the time comes, and then everything will return to the original point. The students continue to forget the fact that they are dead, and they will be bullied all day long.

But Zhu Yang tried a way to bring the principal in. The principal must be the dean in function. So the title of the dean as the principal of the school is naturally scared to death, so naturally she can’t enjoy the regular benefits that belong to the BOSS.

In addition, the principal new ghost is naturally not the opponent of the students, and the strong and weak status of the entire school has officially been reversed.

What the students want to leave, those who want revenge, and those who want to show their parents good-looking, in short, the cycle is broken, and how to develop next is up to the players.

However, it is always the wrongdoer and the debtor. Just in the afternoon, when the director and his party agreed to pass the approval, the eyes of the students were not friendly.

Zhu Yang also didn’t bother to guess the final outcome, it was always a world with ghosts. Since these people had a cause and effect, they would suffer.

This game still revealed a skill. Zhu Yang thought it was a skill to teach the director at first, but it turned out not to be.

It’s a nigger!

Zhu Yang was a bit speechless when she learned about it. She is such a radiant person, and this assassin-like hiding skill doesn’t match her, right?

But thinking of many stupid ghosts screaming and barking in fright, Zhu Yang wondered if it’s possible for her to be more than a dog and make her continue to scare ghosts?

Anyway, after greeting the players, Zhu Yang grabbed his brother’s ears and left the game.

The two appeared in her bedroom at the same time, and as expected, only a second or two had passed.

Zhu Yang also felt that he was unlucky, and the next battle was harder than the devil.

She turned her head to look at Zhu Weixin, and by looking at his expression, she knew that the game was sending him an invitation to confirm to be a player.

Zhu Yang said blankly, “Reject!”

After hearing this, Zhu Weixin’s expression fluttered, and he moved two steps back——

“Sister, you ask me to think about it, how can you make a decision in a second?”

Zhu Yang knew he would not give in easily, and sneered: “When you enter the game, you will tell you the good things. Don’t tell me you don’t remember.”

“Who else told you I gave you the right to let you consider? No discussion, refuse!”

Zhu Weixin said: “The game has said, if I choose to refuse, my memory will disappear. You want me to face life and death threats to my sister, but I don’t know anything?”

“As long as I think about you being so dangerous, I might play games next door and laugh. When I get up the next day, I will probably see your corpse, and I will be so uncomfortable to die.”

Zhu Yang didn’t move: “So, so you have to go through my experience yourself. When I pass the customs, not only do I have to worry about losing my life, but also worrying about whether my brother will come out someday?”

“My grandma has said that you are the root of our old Zhu’s family, and Zhu’s family pointed to you and passed on from generation to generation. What if you are gone?”

Zhu Weixin said with a stubborn neck: “When Grandma said that, you were making a big noise about her patriarchal, threatening her to take me out and throw me away, so scared that grandma never dared to talk nonsense again. Bad, are you telling me about this now?”

Zhu Yang slapped his head and slapped his head: “Talk back, right? Tell me what’s the use of joining? How many times have you told you? The team items are extremely rare, and Lu Datou hasn’t been found yet, otherwise we would be early Team up, don’t I want clever people to serve me?”

“Then he can’t find it doesn’t mean I can’t find it either. What if I’m lucky? Then I can follow you every time.” He said, holding his sister’s hand: “Sister, don’t keep thinking Don’t involve me, am I really afraid that something will happen to you?”

Zhu Yang waved his hand away: “Are you worried about me? Then who almost hanged himself before? As far as your level of clearance is concerned, maybe one of us will die first.”

“I’m an outsider and I don’t have any blessings. I told you that the solution is something. Let’s not talk about the rope scalpel that breaks with one stroke. The thickness can be used by just pulling it hard. I lost weight, do you know how good I am doing pull-ups?”

Zhu Yang was also annoyed when he saw that he was really agitated: “What am I telling you? I asked you to refuse, right?”

Zhu Weixin didn’t speak anymore, but he groaned twice, and once pointed out to his sister where to beat someone, but this time he didn’t listen to her.

“Okay!” Zhu Yang nodded: “Okay, you are great, I know, it’s up to you.”

I wish Weixin a happy face, but before this expression was finished, I saw her sister pull off the bathrobe belt from the bathrobe on the back of the chair.

Then he left the door by himself.

Zhu Weixin was stunned, and hurriedly chased it out: “Sister, where are you going in the middle of the night?”

His sister ignored him and went straight to the hall.

There is a beautiful crystal lamp in the hall, luxurious atmosphere, hanging in the center of the living room.

Zhu Yang went directly under the crystal lamp, moved a chair from the dining room, came over, and stood up.

Zhu Weixin followed his elder sister all the way, and she was dumbfounded: “Sister, what are you doing, elder sister?”

“How about repairing the bulb? I haven’t seen any broken one.”

Then Zhu Yang put the **** the metal hook on the bottom layer, quickly tied a knot, and then put his neck in——

Then I looked at Zhu Weixin and said: “I’m fed up, it’s not enough to be played around by the game, my boyfriend is also in this pit, and my brother thinks the life is too comfortable, so he squeezes in.”

“I really thought it was a fun place. Okay, you want to play, don’t you? Play your own, I close my eyes first, so that I don’t know how long it takes to be afraid of fear every day.”

“If you walk all the way to a high place, just think about burning more money for your sister during the New Year’s Day. I’m overwhelmed with this problem and I won’t be able to fix it. If you are out of luck, my brothers and sisters. Just reunion.”

“It’s just that we are sorry for our parents, raising two children ended up with nothing. But they are all dead to say that these are too far away.”

He said and waved his fingers at his brother: “Bye! You play first, I’ll take a step ahead.”

Then he kicked off the stool, and Zhu Weixin hugged his sister hurriedly, tears came out——

“Sister, why are you so cruel? Why do you push me so hard? I know you are reluctant to die. You deliberately scared me, right? But this is also uncomfortable for me. When can I force my sister to hang herself?”

“Then you refuse or refuse?” Zhu Yang stared at him from above.

When Zhu Weixin heard it, a reluctant entangled expression appeared on his face again. Zhu Yang saw it and started to kick the stool again.

Zhu Weixin hurriedly said: “Well, I refuse, can I refuse it?”

Then he said loudly: “Fuck, can’t you hear the noise outside? Hurry up, do you want to hurry up? Do you refuse to hear?”

It seems that when the game allows Zhu Weixin to make a choice, he will still be harassed within a few minutes.

Zhu Yang got the result he wanted, naturally, his hair was wiped, and his face was sullen–

Xiaoyanger, fighting with her, small enough to sit on the floor and roll, large enough to be intimidating and tempting, she has nothing that her family can’t compromise.

Death is naturally impossible to die. There are so many delicious things, beautiful clothes every year, integrity, youth and beauty. Who would be a hanged ghost with a straight tongue?

But Zhu Yang still stared at Zhu Weixin’s expression, not letting go of a single word.

Then he watched him gradually become blank and blank, and then he looked around: “Sister, didn’t I go to your room to find you? Why are we here?”

Then, seeing her sister’s virtue of hanging herself, she immediately panicked: “What are you doing—”

Before he finished speaking, he was blocked by his sister: “Howl? I suddenly wanted to try if this hook is strong or not.”

Seeing her brother looked at her in a convulsive expression, he waved a little uncontrollably on his face: “It’s done, you get out, I’ll come down.”

“Oh!” Zhu Weixin took a step back obediently, but forgot to let go.

As a result, Zhu Yang was brought out on the stool. Zhu Yang was about to loosen his neck and was suddenly tightened.

She kicked the chair over with a kick, but if Zhu Weixin hadn’t let go, she would hang herself directly.

But that’s the case, the neck is still strangled uncomfortably: “Fool, what are you doing? You want to hang me, right? Put me down quickly.”

Zhu Weixin was anxious: “No, sister, don’t move, I’m just letting it go, don’t move your calves, I’ll go and cover my eyes with your hand, I can’t see above.”

“You hurry up, what am I? So many ghosts haven’t killed me. How can you let your sister be a ghost here?”

The two were in a hurry, and the scene was chaotic for a while. At this time, a water column of the thickness of a chopstick flew from nowhere, and the water column passed by like a bullet.

Zhu Yang heard the sound of fabric cutting in his ear, and the bathrobe string broke.

Zhu Yang’s neck was finally liberated, but the two siblings fell to the ground due to inertia.

When he got up and looked back, he saw Lu Xiuci staring at them with a bad face.

“You just hang yourself for fun at home?”


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