Scream Queen Chapter 46

The siblings got up from the ground tremblingly, Zhu Yang raised his hand and slapped her brother over–

“You are a debt collector.”

Zhu Weixin was also aggrieved: “Why do you have to try the hooks in the middle of the night? The hooks are not strong? And you can try it with a few catties of pork in the refrigerator, why do you have to stretch your neck?”

“I’m also stupid. I haven’t been so indifferent since I was five years old.”

She looked at his sister contemptuously with a pair of eyes, with an expression of “Look at the three years you have been outside, people are stupid”.

Zhu Yang choked so hard, this little fool doesn’t know anything now, how can you explain this convulsive behavior?

Zhu Yang looked at the silly dog’s “you, you, really worrying” posture. A restrained child turned over and sang badly, and his alveolar tickled.

The key is that there is still a big head standing at the door asking them to explain. Zhu Yang is not easy to say at the moment, so he pulled him in and closed the door: “After a while, what is Chu doing here? Have you eaten supper? Let Asin do it.”

Zhu Weixin was not happy anymore: “Why? It’s fun enough to make a good meal during the meal, I have to take care of him?”

Then he pointed to Lu Xiu and resigned: “Oh yes, I was almost taken astray by you. Are you embarrassed to question us? How did you come in?”

Lu Xiuci raised the key in his hand at him, feeling proud.

Zhu Weixin looked at his sister incredulously: “Why did you give him the key?”

“Why don’t you just die in your idiot’s hands.” Zhu Yang waved his hand: “I’m hungry, cook me some dumplings, and cook some yourself.”

She didn’t say that it was okay. When she said that Zhu Weixin was also hungry, it was only three hours after they had dinner, but the hunger in the stomach at this moment seemed to be like not eating all day.

This is natural, in the game world, this whole day, isn’t it after eating something in the morning and not eating for a whole day?

After sending his brother into the kitchen, Zhu Yang told Lu Xiucai about the game just now.

There was still a lingering fear at the moment: “When I saw him in the game at the beginning, the ghost was not scared to death. I almost scared him to death.”

Lu Xiuci frowned when he heard it: “There are such rules. I haven’t accidentally brought an outsider into the game, but I have heard that someone did it.”

Seeing Zhu Yang look over, Lu Xiuci shrugged: “Desperadoes who are lucky enough to use the game as a gold rush. Originally, they were doing the job of licking blood. If the game is completed well, the rewards are indeed rich. ”

“However, this kind of player is vulnerable to the special attention of the game at the beginning. Ordinary rookie players are rarely divided into a game with such players. The mortality rate of this group is also higher, but most of those who can survive are also very capable. ”

“You haven’t encountered this kind of player, but you still have to guard against it. Although the game prohibits players from attacking each other, the rules are dead, but people are alive.”

Among other things, looking at the so many customs clearance tickets in Lu Xiuci’s hand, you know that there are still many things that can be manipulated. This is a fair deal for you, but it is impossible for some players to act so openly. Up.

Zhu Yang didn’t think about this in his heart, but the players he met so far were all silly and sweet, so he was happy from beginning to end. However, as the forest is bigger, there are all kinds of birds, and it is naturally impossible that the enemy will always be the ghost or NPC in the game.

She curled her lips: “It’s like someone who hasn’t been particularly taken care of by the game.”

Lu Xiu smiled and looked at her.

This is, speaking of being taken care of by the game. Whether it is good or bad, he has never seen a player so favored by the game.

Of course, you can’t say this in front of her, you will be beaten.

Knowing that Zhu Yang is still a little worried about his brother’s violation of Yang Feng, he comforted: “Don’t worry, I’ll try him for you later.”

According to him, outsiders cannot see certain special skill items in the real world.

For example, the talisman Zhu Yang sold to Lin Qian and the others before. This kind of large-scale goods is not bound to the user group, nor does it require special skills to open it. Naturally, it is not within the hidden restrictions of the game.

But many advanced props, such as Zhu Yang’s book, are not areas that people should touch in reality.

So in accordance with Lu Xiuci’s instructions, Zhu Yang took out the paper and spread it out in front of him.

At this time, the little fool came out with three bowls of cooked dumplings on a tray, first put the bowls in front of his sister, and put them down without seeing the book.

At this moment, the man’s paper seemed to have no substance, and it was actually passed through by the dumpling bowl, which shows that her brother is a real outsider.

Zhu Yang breathed a sigh of relief, and took a few sips of the dog’s head that had hugged his silly brother: “Oh, our Asin is the most obedient.”

Zhu Weixin was flattered and blushed and said: “Sister, I will cook a dumpling. As for?”

But as he spoke, he arched his head over: “A few more!”

In the next second, Lu Xiuci pulled back to the chair: “Eat!”

Zhu Weixin angrily put the bowl with the least soup and most dumplings in front of him: “You are jealous.”

Lu Xiuci sneered: “Jealous of you? Your sister will only kiss me longer.”

Zhu Weixin retorted: “Impossible. We have been kissing since we were young, and I would not get up when she didn’t kiss me in junior high school.”

“Yeah! As a result, I kissed you with the bottom of slippers for a week, and the stinking problem has been corrected.” Lu Xiuci took a dumpling and dipped it in vinegar, not to mention that the brown sugar bulb is annoying, and cooking is pretty good.

Zhu Weixin looked at his sister in disbelief: “Why are you telling him everything?”

Zhu Yang stuffed a dumpling into his mouth: “Eat your dumpling.”

This blocked the mouth.

As a result, I went upstairs after eating the supper. It didn’t take long for a jealous Mustang to get out of the guest room, expressing dissatisfaction, jealousy, and a kiss!

Zhu Yang grabbed him and pushed him down on the bed, turned and sat on him: “I have a good idea.”

Then Lu Xiuci saw her skin turn black inch by inch, which was a skill she got from the black ghost.

But this black texture does not look like pure black skin, it has the same transparency as jade, which makes it easier to hide.

At that time, Zhu Weixin praised that the inky **** actually looked fine and had a nice skin tone.

Zhu Yang’s beautiful and better skin would only be more superior, as if he came to life like a black jade statue.

Lu Xiu couldn’t bear his resignation right away. At this moment, Zhu Yang wanted to take all his belongings and even tricked him into signing a soaring price death insurance whose beneficiary was her. This guy was probably able to sign it dizzy.

However, if the dark ghost in the game world knows that his skills are acquired by someone, the first use is to do this, it is estimated to be crying.

The next thing I did was cool.

However, in order to avoid the children being noisy the next day, Lu Xiu resignation was kicked back to the guest room by Zhu Yang when the day was about to dawn.

Fortunately, the soundproofing is good in the villa. The silly brother got up the next day and didn’t notice anything else——

But then again, if the soundproofing is not good, it will not be the embarrassment that will happen the next morning.

Recently, there are many exams near the end of the semester. Zhu Yang is not nervous. She has been a type that never delays having fun, but her grades are still jealous.

This kind of person is simply good for getting in shape with indulging in surfing the Internet, overeating, and being called the three major types of people who make people jealous.

With just a few days of work, she still has time to take her boyfriend to school to show off her screaming, which is simply affecting the normal efficiency of others’ cuddle at the end of the term.

Lin Qian told her with joy that the ghost in the tape recorder had been completely driven away by her.

Then she also found an internship for a late-night exploration show. The host of that show was a well-known uncle in the hobby circle of horror stories.

The words are humorous and the reaction is fun, but his positioning is that kind of timid and easily frightened, so when the show team chooses a partner.

Although the premise is that you need a beauty, you can’t be a timid beauty. Otherwise, the two people overlap, and they will not highlight the very good program effect. It is best to have the bold and calm beauty. This gap is fun.

During the period, I tried countless beautiful girls who claimed that they were okay, but when I went to those gloomy places, I found that they were not as bold as I thought, but Lin Qian’s reaction surprised the show crew.

So she got the offer of the host as a newcomer, and was one step ahead of competitors with the same conditions.

Seeing that Lin Qian has been going well recently, the Sisterhood has found an internship that others would never envy, and her attitude towards Zhu Yang has become increasingly enthusiastic.

There are some doubts whether these two people have any py transactions, and naturally they are not far behind. For a while, Zhu Yang’s reputation is unprecedented.

If the dog has a reputation value in the game, Zhu Yang will not be in the same dimension as ordinary players as soon as he enters.

After the holiday, Zhu Yang returned home with his younger brother without staying here.

Lu Xiuci had gone back a few days in advance, so he was not with them.

When Zhu Yang went back, he didn’t clean up anything. The two sisters and brothers left empty-handed. They had everything at home anyway.

After several hours of flying, the siblings finally set foot on the land of their home city. The driver arranged by their father was waiting for them.

Seeing that their hands were lighter than those who went downstairs to get the express, the driver was not surprised, and asked the two young masters to get into the car.

Zhu Yang’s house is much larger than the place where she lives outside. She has a party in the villa over there, and the loud noise will disturb the people. In her own house, even if the music is playing, the house will be lifted, and no neighbors will come to complain.

Because the nearest neighbor is almost two kilometers away from them, the vegetation in the middle is rich, and there are layers of trees sheltered, no one can affect anyone.

My parents are usually busy, not to mention that Zhu Yang is out of town. Even Zhu Weixin who lives at home cannot see them twice a week.

But today, the first day the eldest lady at home came back from the vacation, no matter how busy she was, the couple would have to push the entertainment together, otherwise this summer vacation would not stop.

Sister Zhu Yang took a shower and took a nap when they came back, and it was almost night when they woke up.

The nanny at home has already prepared the dishes they like and is waiting for the parents to come back and start the meal.

At six o’clock in the evening, the couple stepped on a spot to get home, and Zhu Yang’s face showed satisfaction.

Her father also brought her a small gift back: “Come here! Didn’t you say that your classmate hit a dirty thing last time? I specifically asked Master Xie Tian for a few symbols to come back. You can bring it to protect yourself.”

Zhu Yang looked at her dad speechlessly. From the outside, her dad really didn’t look like a nouveau riche.

Of course, to be able to give birth to such beautiful children as Zhu Yang’s two sisters and brothers, then Zhu Dazhu and Zhuma were at least a flower of their village.

I wish my father looked handsome when he was young. Now he is 40 or 50 years old, and he is not very old. The shrewd character precipitates a wise and elegant taste, but in fact, if he can come to this step from scratch, how can his character look like appearance Duanfang calmly.

But sometimes it’s a bit wise for children, especially if this person doesn’t give things away. If he asks him to pick something, it’s okay if he doesn’t send it. It’s just like going to offend people if it’s sent.

Zhu Yang said: “Dad! I like so many things, you can avoid it perfectly every time. It’s better to get one for me in the mall with your eyes closed. Isn’t it better than sending a few symbols?”

Daddy Zhu’s choke, and Mom’s criticism followed: “Are you sincerely thinking about your daughter hitting evil?”

Then I served Zhu Yang a bowl of soup: “Don’t pay attention to your dad. When he was dealing with me, others had no conditions to ask for a wild flower to marry me. For him, he pulled me two handfuls of wheat from the wheat field and said that after following him I have dry food every day.”

Zhu Weixin burst out laughing as he listened, but luckily he hadn’t had any soup yet.

Zhu Yang spurned her mother and said: “I seriously criticize my dad. Mom, what kind of affection do you show? You are even more exaggerated. You didn’t even prepare anything for me.”

Then I saw the diamond necklace on her mother’s neck: “Oh, this is not bad, the diamond is beautiful, the design is beautiful, it belongs to me.”

I wish my mother covered her neck, and drew her debt-collection daughter’s shoulders again and again: “Come on, you just said how many good things I’ve gotten? It’s really something you can’t put in front of your eyes.”

Zhu Yang grinned and said: “It’s just like you didn’t turn over my stuff. You are an old woman. Don’t be so fancy all day long.”

Of course, these words are purely teasing her mother. Compared to wishing father, wishing her mother looks better, and when she was young, she was no worse than their popular female stars at the time.

People in their 50s are now in their early thirties. They pay attention to maintenance and dress up, just like Zhu Yang was like a sister when he went out.

And she still doesn’t like to wear the so-called ‘dignified’ clothes commonly used by women at this age. She often looks through her daughter’s wardrobe, relying on her good figure and daring to wear any clothes on her body.

Even now, there are still many young men who are twenty years younger than her who are chasing her.

Don’t look at Zhu Yang saying that her mother is an old woman, but I wish my father to mention that she should be dressed up at this age, she will definitely face double bombardment from his wife and daughter.

In short, Zhu’s mother still didn’t keep the necklace. Zhu Yang got the necklace. Looking at the pieces of paper in her father’s hands, it made Zhu’s father hot.

Zhu Yang smiled and asked, “Dad, how much do you get for a piece?”

“One million!” Then, to show that he didn’t pay IQ tax, he hurriedly said: “Your dad still distinguishes between halal capable people and liars. Don’t look expensive. This is really useful. Take self-defense.”

Zhu Yang took out his cell phone and dialed the fake celestial master.

After taking a shower over there, I received a call and lazily said: “What’s the matter? Miss! Is there a job to find me or just thank me?”

He thought that Lu Xiuci had told her about entrusting him to enter the game to kill toads/maggots several times, and she was so happy.

Just listen to the words over there: “The business has come to my head? Are you doing a prosperous job of reselling? Spit out how much you have eaten.”

When Xie Yi heard it, his old face was a little red. When Zhu Zhu took care of him, he knew that Missy had already entered the game.

As far as the clearance evaluation of the eldest lady is concerned, these junior large-scale goods naturally want to buy as much as possible.

Relying on the fact that family members don’t know that doing business that is actually unnecessary is a bit unkind, can the money sent be extrapolated? This simply goes against the will of every cell of his.

Xie Yi chuckled: “So what, understand it, let the family take care of it, there are so many cats and dogs in the house to raise, I don’t want to go to battle like the old way, I like to be tough with ghosts, and ghosts avoid him. He is not happy yet. I am a pacifist. I can rely on props and naturally not rely on my hands. If the ghost avoids me, I may also avoid ghosts. It consumes more and has a hard life~~

Speaking of the end, it’s almost time to sing, and the stubbornness is to cut off the posture of his cunt’s life. Fortunately, Zhu Yang is not connected to the video of him, but to connect the video. This pick is capable of putting cats, dogs and turtles on the table. Sit, all staring at Zhu Yang’s misfortune.

But Zhu Yang’s hard-hearted, how could he compromise with this place, in the end, he still couldn’t stand the coercion and temptation, and returned the money to her——

Yes, it was returned to her, not her father.

I wish I knew that my daughter had asked Master Xie to do things before, but I didn’t expect to be so familiar with her before, and she was afraid that she would offend others because of her innocence.

He nagged: “You, you, what are you doing with these? Can these people be offended? Something will happen in the future, when you ask for help.”

After I waited, I saw that Zhu Yang took out two jade pendants. The jade pendants were not big, but they looked good, not to mention the millions.

Zhu Yang gave his parents a piece: “This is what I asked from a high monk. You should be careful when you run away all year round. Wear it first, and I will help you set it later when I see something better.”

The husband and wife were so enthusiastic that they had forgotten about their daughter.

This jade pendant was purchased in the second game. The difficulty of that game was quite high. There were also one or two good things in the open exchange window.

Naturally, Zhu Yang bought everything without feeling distressed, but he didn’t use it.

But if the jade pendant is obtained in the real world, not to mention its true value, it is indeed a good jade to look at it alone, so thousands of points are not too deceptive.

Zhu Daddy was moved and said: “Before you asked your dad for money, dad really spent it as a shortfall. I was planning to buy gifts for my parents. I said it earlier. My daughter is still filial.”

I wish my mother a full face of approval.

The children asked for the money and the gifts they bought for themselves, but the two husbands and wives were the same as the money Zhu Yang used to save.

You can see the family’s values ​​from this?

After the meal, I wished that my son would go to the school indiscriminately, and he didn’t rush to find his sister.

Zhu Yang is stinking in the room with her mother. It’s summer, which is the season to dress up.

Although Zhu’s mother loves beauty, it’s hard work after all, so she doesn’t have to spend too much money on Zhu Yang, so she has the habit of always looking at her daughter’s clothes and wearing them directly, feeling that buying one more is a waste.

But when Zhu Yang was not at home, she had to look for the new season’s new styles by herself.

Zhu Yang looked at the small suspenders and strappy skirts in the closet, and everyone believed that this closet was a fashionable girl in her early twenties.

While helping her mother match the clothes, she told her: “Mom, I will go back to the country in a few days to put a stick of incense on my grandma and bring some delicious food back.”

Then he said: “Is the money enough? That jade pendant”

I wish my mother is now wearing a dress with thin straps and a Cartier necklace chosen by her daughter on her empty neck, nodding with satisfaction——

“Okay, let your brother accompany you, Lao Liu will take you back here and bring some peaches back. The peach trees in Cotton Slope were planted by your mother back then.”

When Zhu Yang and the others finally finished putting up their clothes and came out to rescue Zhu Weixin, the dog had been swollen three times by his training.

Seeing that it is too late, I wish my parents and mothers to be busy with work early tomorrow morning, so they said good night to each other and went back to their rooms to sleep.

In the end, Zhu Yang received a call saying that there would be a high school reunion tomorrow and asked her if she would come.

At this time as usual, Zhu Yang hasn’t come back yet, so naturally it is impossible to participate, but there is no taboo this year. How can it be unreasonable if it is the same thing as before?

There are still no accounts.

Early the next morning, before Zhu Yang quit the call to Lu Xiu, he came by himself.

At that time, Father and Mother Zhu was about to go out, and she was surprised to see him. This kid used to come to play with their daughters.

After going to college, I was unhappy and separated and never came to the house. I wish Daddy would have contact with him occasionally. He liked this child quite a lot, and even Master Xie was also the lead of him.

Come here so early now, is it reconciled?

He smiled and responded to Lu Xiu’s resignation. The two didn’t say anything. They didn’t care about this kind of thing.

As long as the daughter doesn’t find the unreliable gangsters, it is up to personal fate whether the two decent young people are separated.

As soon as Zhu Weixin left the room, Datou Lu was about to knock on his sister’s door.

The one who appeared early in the morning, Zhu Weixin became unhappy and naturally began to owe——

“Why? Want to stuff bags inside again?”

The biggest black history in his life was mentioned, and Lu Xiu’s resignation immediately wiped out this young man’s heart.

But Zhu Yang, who always slept during the holidays, got up quite early today. When the door of the room between the two of them opened, she could see that she had washed and cleaned up.

Seeing Lu Xiu’s resignation, he folded his arms: “Go, accompany me to put on clothes.”

Zhu Weixin wanted to follow, but not long after breakfast, some of his classmates came to ask him to play games. Can’t you just leave it when everyone is here?

Zhu Yang took Lu Datou and strolled outside for a day. Although three years have passed, the experience of carrying a bag in the previous game has awakened his instinct.

A certain fool is not at all out of touch with the excellent user experience before, and Zhu Yang is naturally satisfied.

In the evening, the things were handed back to the driver, and the two set out to the club appointed by the classmates.

The schools from Zhuyang Elementary School to High School are all very good private schools. Naturally, most of the classmates are from good families, and the places where they usually meet are high-end and clean places.

At this time, in a luxurious box in the clubhouse, the students in the third grade of high school were almost there.

One of them was pretty, and she said to a virtuous girl from the Sisterhood: “Every year people don’t get together, it’s getting more and more boring.”

Someone beside him smiled and said, “Don’t take advantage of your time.”

These people, not to mention that everyone is excellent and promising, but at least the family has the ability to plate you with gold.

As soon as you graduate, it will naturally be a breeze. Almost half of the people who go abroad will come back. Of course it is good to be able to come back during the summer vacation, and there are many who cannot.

At this time, the squad leader suddenly said, “Zhu Yang will also come today.”

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of the beautiful girls who were chatting happily surrounded by the crowd froze.

Especially one of the girls who dyed her hair into fashionable pencil gray, paused for several seconds, and the few people resumed talking about the rhythm: “This is rare. Our class has spent a few years. I haven’t seen each other in a few years, and I don’t know how it is now. how about it.”

It is said that it is so nonchalant, but still a little worried, then everyone knows the virtues of Bitch.

Now even if the days are different, it is not her turn to take care of her, but the memory of the attendants at the time is also deep. If the **** is worried about things, who knows what wicked tricks she can think of?

Seeing other people talking excitedly, a few girls became uncomfortable.

That **** has always been like this. Everywhere is the focus of everyone’s attention. Just now, I surrounded them and praised their more and more beautiful classmates. At this moment, I immediately lost my attention.

It has always been, as long as she is there, it is not easy for others to notice. With that **** and gluttonous and insatiable personality, she can find such a rich handsome man to exploit her.

One of the girls sneered: “Oh, let’s wish the university a flower. I was really anxious at that time. I didn’t say hello to everyone, so I hurried to the field. I haven’t contacted us for several years. It’s just a situation. Difficult, there is no need to panic, right?”

At the beginning, their gambling agreement gave Lu Xiu resignation. In the next two days, Zhu Yang changed his volunteers. Everyone knows that they went to university outside the city.

Therefore, the most common saying is that the proud Lu Xiuci was so embarrassed that he dumped Zhu Yang and forced her away from the city.

Therefore, Zhu Yang had to travel miserably to an unfamiliar place in his life alone, and he didn’t even dare to return home.

A girl started like this, and someone answered, “Yes, I don’t know how she’s doing in the new school. I wish her family is rich, but her hands can’t reach thousands of miles away, right? She called, presumably we hope that the colonel won’t get used to it at first.”

“Haha! How are you not used to it? Three years have passed. Let’s hope that the colonel will also adapt to taking care of herself and understand that the sun is not revolving around her.”

“I can’t get used to it!”

Several girls were talking vigorously when they heard a voice coming in/in. This voice is no longer familiar, but it is definitely not unfamiliar.

When a few people froze, they slowly raised their heads and saw that Zhu Yang didn’t know when he entered the box.

Three years have passed, and everyone’s appearance has changed to a certain extent. Most of the beautiful girls have become more fashionable and beautiful, and ordinary girls have also changed their lives in college.

The girls were all beauties, and they were also members of the sisterhood who had mixed with Zhu Yang at the time. They had been dissatisfied in the eyes of the outside world, and the teacher’s evaluation of them was worse than Zhu Yang.

I think this guy is just more scheming, better at dressing up, and very good at manipulating the public opinion around him. In the past few years, they have become more and more exquisite in dressing up. Sometimes I think of myself thinking that if I stand with Zhu Yang now, I am definitely not worse than her.

But now the real person reappeared in front of her, a little greener than when she was a high school girl. At this time, she has an extra layer of shocking charm.

Standing among them, if it was only the appearance that was more refined at the beginning, now there is indeed a huge difference at first sight. No matter who sees it, she will always stand out.

Everyone watched Zhu Yang walk over with a light and graceful gait, and sat in the middle of the few girls. The few girls subconsciously stepped aside. They should move next to them, and they should get off the sofa and sit on the small leather stool. Small leather stool.

I didn’t do anything yet, and the whole picture became what everyone used to see in high school.

Zhu Yang sat alone in the central high position, and the other maidservants waited carefully in a circle.

Zhu Yang glanced at a few people. Just now because of the three years of forgetfulness, she felt that her lewd power had disappeared. The ironic girls immediately raised their hearts, and they did not dare to look at her.

Zhu Yang snorted: “Don’t say that they are all sisters, they really know me best.”

“I’m not familiar with the place in my life, and I don’t have any good sisters around me. I have to endure loneliness alone, and I have to run in with the’new sisters’ again.”

“The point is that it’s not as clever as you.” He shook the pencil and gray-haired girl’s hair.

The girl only felt that her skin was numb, for fear that she would suddenly pull her hair.

Fortunately, the other party didn’t do this, only the next sentence: “For example, if I want forty-three degrees of coffee, each stupid doesn’t give me forty-four degrees or forty-two degrees. The middle value is so is it hard?”

Looking at the pencil gray girl as if thinking of something: “Oh, yes, I remember that you always gave me forty-five degrees before, and you also blamed you if you wanted to burn me to death. I must apologize to you here.”

“It turns out that you are not the stupid person in the world. Other people look more glamorous than you, but they are actually a little bit better than you.”

Talking with a sneer, this soft sound made the girl’s shoulder jump.

There was silence around, where would anyone dare to take this and speak for her? The girl knew that Zhu Yang would not spare her when she filed a complaint.

But I don’t want to be so embarrassed in front of my classmates. If I go abroad, my home and social circle are always here. If I lose my face today, I can be laughed behind for ten years.

I was wondering what to do, but at the end Zhu Yang gave a chuckle and stopped putting pressure on her——

“So, the people around me make it uncomfortable. My problem is, and I can’t expect it to be corrected in this life. I have no choice but to pick the most useful one.”

Then they saw a cup of coffee handed over, Zhu Yang took a sip, and nodded in satisfaction: “It’s exactly forty-three degrees, or you never disappoint.”

Everyone raised their heads and looked over, surprisingly the person who was serving was Lu Xiuci.

Lu Xiuci hadn’t contacted everyone for a few years, and most people were not embarrassed to get close. There was a huge class gap between the Lu family and them, so it was only before that he forced Zhu Yang away.

Even Zhu Yang’s family is the number one local tyrant present.

The most comforting thing for the girls in the past few years is that they couldn’t get it at the beginning. You Zhu Yang also fought for nothing in the end.

The result is okay, what is being driven away, miserable and lonely, falling off the altar, are all my own dreams.

In the past few years, the handsome guy has become more mature and handsome, and the quality of the boys around is hard to match. That is not the prey that girls of the average class can imagine.

As a result, they didn’t use their rare advantages at all, and hung a cheap and **** crooked neck tree.

Be happy to be taken advantage of.

Lu Xiuci seems to be very clear about his own position. In the daytime today, the cash machine should be the baggage machine that did not live up to its responsibilities, and it was unambiguous when it was time to perform the function of showing off at night.

After Zhu Yang woke up some of the original plastic sisters from their dreamy dreams, and made people sit on pins and needles here, they smiled again and greeted the students to play together.

She can play and is also good at inciting atmosphere. As long as she has the mind, those who play with her will never be disappointed.

The classmates were moved by her in a short while, forgetting the embarrassment just now, the whole room became lively.

It was the first few high-profile and conspicuous girls who sat in the corner all the way back. They were either asked to order songs and pour wine, or they were called the waiter while peeling fruit.

After playing, just wait on people.

The other classmates are not blind. In the first two years of classmates, these girls still feel like a tiger-free monkey is the king of the mountain. In the end, Zhu Yang came to——

Gee, your father is still your father!

It wasn’t until midnight that everyone left. Zhu Yang was satisfied with Lu Datou’s performance throughout the day, so he had a chat with him in the car to express his gratitude.

Lu Xiuci was satisfied with all her unreasonable demands, and according to Zhu Weixin’s words, she was also unkind.

This scheming Dior was looking forward to spoiling people. Since then, no one else can stand him except him. The viciousness of his mind is evident.

Of course this is what Zhu Weixin said.

After returning home, Zhu Weixin’s classmates had already left, but they hadn’t slept yet and saw them come back.

With a cold smile: “I won’t answer the phone, I’m still talking about whether to rush to the road to ask for someone.”

Zhu Yang thought that when he was having fun in the car, he always made phone calls to disappoint, and touched his brother’s head: “Don’t call me next time.”

Zhu Weixin was stunned and hurriedly chased his sister upstairs: “Do you still remember the door control at home?”

In the next summer, Zhu Yang played happily at home, and Lu Xiu resigned because there was something to be done at home, but every time he came over, he had to leave.

But Zhu Yang also went to his house to play twice, cough! It’s a pleasure.

Two weeks later, one day it was a little cooler, and Zhu Yang took his brother back to his hometown.

My hometown is not far away, it’s in the countryside of this city. It’s not the kind of remote countryside in the mountains. The cement roads are built to the doorstep, and it’s only 20 minutes’ walk away from the town.

I drove back from home and arrived in less than two hours.

The old house in my hometown has been unoccupied since the death of my grandma, but I wish I didn’t leave it alone. The memorial items have been taken away. The key was given to the village chief to arrange for someone to take care of it frequently. Don’t let the house break. It’s leaking.

After the outbreak of the Zhu’s family, I did not forget to bring along with the villagers. The road to the door of this house was repaired by my father, and the township-run primary school also paid for the renovation.

As large as the new teaching building, canteen dormitory, as small as desks, chairs, blackboards, and electronic equipment, it also paid for the construction of several factories to process several kinds of fruits that are abundant here, bringing many employment opportunities to the town.

His family’s affairs must of course be done properly.

Zhu Yang and their car attracted attention as soon as they drove into the village. Not to mention the welcome on the road, at least the people they met were all warm and cheerful greetings.

Zhu Weixin asked, “Sister, do we want to visit my aunt’s house?”

Their aunt is Zhu’s mother’s sister, but she is almost thirty years older than Zhu’s mother, and she is their grandmother.

Zhu Yang and the others have several nephews and nieces who are about the same age as them.

It’s not because I don’t promote relatives when I have money, but I won’t arrange jobs, nor borrow money easily. I can’t live in the house to help you repair. If my children study well, they will help you make contributions. Are they seriously ill or injured? Qian Zhi’s help you pay the money.

But my family is raised by myself. If you feel that he always wishes to be stingy, then this kind of relationship can only go to here.

The aunt’s children are relatively ordinary and have little ability to make a lot of money, but they are practical. They are willing to work hard with the help of Zhu’s family. They all bought RVs in the city, so they are relatively close to relatives who walk around.

The auntie was old and didn’t want to move the land. A few years ago, their mother demolished her house and built it into a country villa, but the clay pot and wood stove still remained.

The siblings like to go there to eat delicious food when they return to their hometown.

Zhu Yang naturally agreed, and the two of them gave their grandma an incense, and asked the village chief to collect something for them.

Like the peaches their mother asked for, the new rice of the season, the self-raising chickens and ducks, and the wild fresh loach and crucian carp, in short, a lot of them.

Then I drove to my aunt’s house, which was not far from here. It was two villages away. The country road was not easy to open, but it took ten minutes to arrive.

As a result, when I arrived at the entrance of the village, I saw a family blowing and beating, which was very lively and festive.

Zhu Yang didn’t pay attention from time to time, but felt uncomfortable when she passed by. She had experienced this feeling countless times, and it was a warning that there were wrong souls around.

She drove the car into the garage first, and the auntie saw them now. The old lady who was almost 80 had good spirits. She didn’t use crutches and didn’t allow people to help. Neat.

Auntie saw the two children and smiled so badly—of course, they were dentures.

Pulled Zhu Yang and Zhu Weixin: “Oh, you didn’t come back this year. I felt that I was scared all year round. I kept all the bacon for you, and I also reserved a slice of bacon for Yang Yang, which Junjun wants to bring back. No food in the city.”

Junjun is the child of their eldest cousin’s family and their eldest nephew. He is one year older than Zhu Weixin, and is in his freshman year this year.

Zhu Yang was naturally happy: “Is there any white radish? With that stew, the radish on the outside is not sweet now, I think this bite.”

“Yes, yes!” Auntie hurriedly pulled them in.

Zhu Yang took the opportunity to ask: “Auntie, the blowing and beating at the entrance of the village is very hot, what’s the happy event?”

When the aunt heard this, she curled her lips: “It’s a yin relationship. If you want me to say that the mother-in-law Damei is also tossing, we are not a poor country with no electricity. Do you still believe this? I saw the whole village outside.”——

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The author has something to say:

The status of girls in Zhu Yang’s home city is generally not low. Although his hometown is a rural area, it is considered enlightened. The children in the village are the same as boys and girls.

There are no feudal bad habits, so it’s no wonder that her elder aunt, who is almost 80 years old, didn’t agree with it.

Zhu Yang asked again: “Then why is this kid missing?”

“Isn’t it hot? Several guys just finished the college entrance examination and went to the reservoir to play, but only one failed to get up. It’s also a crime.”

Every summer by the river pond reservoir lake, there is no one who does not drown people. Although this kind of death is violent, but in the final analysis, the responsibility is still with oneself. It shouldn’t be such a big grievance. The water ghost is almost the same.

Gee! Speaking of water ghosts, the gloomy life-demanding species has been replaced by a certain second-force image in Zhu Yang’s impression, and he can’t be serious when he thinks of this term.

The aunt continued: “Isn’t this Damei crying every day? Seeing that she is going to college, she suddenly disappears like this. I really can’t stand it. But what is the matter of getting a yin?

“I don’t know which one is damaging to yin morality. The young man is seventeen or eighteen. For fear of being lonely down there, you might as well burn a few more game consoles.”

Zhu Weixin was happy when he heard the words: “Auntie, you really keep up with the times.”

The aunt touched him: “Good boy, when did your elder nephew get the New Year’s Day money not spent on games? It is called Krypton Gold, and was not killed by your brother. You must be Krypton too, don’t think I don’t know.”

Zhu Weixin said: “I just bought a few sets of skins.”

“Huh? Buy the skin? What kind of skin is your skin so good? Someone used to sell kidneys for apples, but now they sell skins?”

“Auntie, why is it getting chilly while chatting?”

Zhu Yang slapped her brother. She is asking questions here, and a topic drags her far away.

He shut his younger brother’s mouth, and continued to ask the auntie: “Where did the inmates find them?”

The auntie thought for a while: “It seems that the day before yesterday, the matchmaker brought the girl’s uncle over and said that the eight characters match.”


If your parents don’t come to negotiate and ask your uncle to negotiate?


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