Scream Queen Chapter 47

The status of girls in Zhu Yang’s home city is generally not low. Although his hometown is in the countryside, it is also considered enlightened. The children in the village are basically the same as boys and girls.

There are no feudal bad habits, so it’s no wonder that her elder aunt, who is almost 80 years old, didn’t agree with it.

Zhu Yang asked again: “Then why is this kid missing?”

“Isn’t it hot? Several guys just finished the college entrance examination and went to the reservoir to play, but only one failed to get up. It’s also a crime.”

Every summer by the river pond reservoir lake, there is no one who does not drown people. Although this kind of death is a violent death, but in the final analysis, the responsibility is still with oneself. It shouldn’t be such a big grievance. The water ghost is almost the same.

Gee! Speaking of water ghosts, the gloomy life-demanding species has been replaced by a certain second-force image in Zhu Yang’s impression, and he can’t be serious when he thinks of this term.

The aunt continued: “Isn’t this Damei crying every day? Seeing that she is going to college, she suddenly disappeared like this. I really can’t stand it. But what is the matter of getting a yin?”

“I don’t know which one is damaging to yin morality. The young man is seventeen or eighteen. For fear of being lonely down there, you might as well burn a few more game consoles.”

Zhu Weixin was happy when he heard the words: “Auntie, you really keep up with the times.”

The aunt touched him: “Good boy, when did your elder nephew get the New Year’s Day money not spent on games? It is called Krypton Gold, and was not killed by your brother. You must be Krypton too, don’t think I don’t know.”

Zhu Weixin said: “I just bought a few sets of skins.”

“Huh? Buy the skin? What kind of skin is your skin so good? Someone used to sell kidneys for apples, but now they sell skins?”

“Auntie, why is it getting chilly while chatting?”

Zhu Yang slapped her brother. She is asking questions here, and a topic drags her far away.

He shut his younger brother’s mouth, and continued to ask the auntie: “Where did the inmates find them?”

The auntie thought for a while: “It seems that the day before yesterday, the matchmaker brought the girl’s uncle over and said that the eight characters match.”


If your parents don’t come to negotiate and ask your uncle to negotiate?

It was the first time that Zhu Yang saw this kind of thing, so he didn’t know the customs and laws.

But thinking about it from a different standpoint, if you can toss the bones of a girl for tens of thousands of dollars, it can be seen that this kind of thing will not be faked by others.

After all, there are tens of thousands of dollars in total. After so many hands, if there is something dirty, it will be a loss if you pull it off.

This thing doesn’t have any legal weapons to back you up. Strictly speaking, it can’t be on the stage at all. Naturally, the fewer people there, the better.

Zhu Yang asked her aunt again: “Do you know this matchmaker? Which village is it from?”

There are not many people in their two hometowns, and the distance between the village and the village is not too far. Zhu Yang himself does not know many neighbors, but every time he comes back to listen to the auntie, the people here do all kinds of things. A lot.

For example, the neighbor of the house next door to the aunt, Zhu Yang also ran to her house to play when he was a child.

It is said that her family specializes in delivering births. Twenty years ago, every one of the ten mile and eight townships had pregnant women who gave birth. They all came here to call people in the middle of the night, but now they all go to the hospital.

But it is said that Zhu Yang and his mother delivered the baby.

Besides, there are honey farmers who make coffins, pig killers and ducks, and popcorn brewers. Zhu Yang even vaguely remembers where there was a blacksmith when he was a child?

In short, although many occupations have been eliminated by the times, there are people who are born in any local work, so Zhu Yang asked Auntie, the matchmaker, if he was a local.

The aunt said: “Where are the locals? Said it is from Damei and their natal village. Don’t let me go! I don’t know the people in Panshui Village? Your second aunt married over there. How can there be such a person? ”

Zhu Yang smiled and didn’t say anything. Unlike the aunt’s house, they and the second aunt’s house had almost broken off.

The second aunt is not a few years younger than the eldest aunt, but she is not bad, but she is not soft-hearted.

What I have for my whole life is the principle of getting married from the husband to the son. The husband has already passed away, and the children are nothing.

When Zhu Yang’s family first got up, all of them squeezed their mothers and wanted to swallow them, all with big faces.

She didn’t know how much she gave, and she gave it all as it should be. Her father threw it out of the house.

Then came the rumors and smears of returning home to Shili and Baxiang, but I wish you all to see the generosity and pull of your hometown. Who would scold the entrepreneurs who promoted the development of the entire hometown for your family’s delicious lazy poppies?

I heard that my second aunt is also pitiful these years, and her children are not filial, so she won’t be driven out.

But giving a bed to sleep and stutter, nothing else. I often make a few hundred bucks a month by picking up some rubbish.

Auntie hates her and she often visits her and gives some food and clothing subsidies. Zhu Ma turned a blind eye to this matter too.

But it’s useless to give as much as you can. In a blink of an eye, you’ll get into someone else’s pocket. Every time those daughter-in-laws see their aunt, their faces are broken. What can be done?

From time to time, I miss some petty benefits, and some children are afraid that one day they will carry people to sleep in the pigpen.

But the aunt wants to take her over to live with her and be a companion, but she is not happy yet.

After nagging some homework, the aunt went to cook for them, wishing Weixin volunteered to burn the fire.

He also said to his sister: “I’ll bury you some potatoes in, and they will be burnt and fragrant.”

Zhu Yang doesn’t have anything on his hands anymore. Usually, he will help pick the dishes, pour some water, and beat him.

However, the blowing and beating from a distance, and the festive suona always had a sharp and gloomy feeling in her ears, as if the wronged soul was roaring unwillingly, making Zhu Yang upset.

So she simply said hello to the aunt, went out the door, and went straight to the house where the funeral was held.

Zhu Weixin is Zhu Yang’s tail, and he must follow along as usual. But the auntie is cooking here. The firewood in the kitchen is only straw, not burnt wood and corncobs, so she can’t get out of her for a while.

Although most of the houses in the countryside are not as good as those in the cities, they are worse than their spaciousness. In addition, there is a dam in front of every house, the area is generally about 30 to 40 square meters, so generally it is enough to do funerals and funerals at your own door.

There are a lot of wreaths placed along the doorway, specially inviting the country funeral band to play and preach suona, and there are some musical instruments that Zhu Yang does not recognize.

The musicians are all middle-aged uncles in their 40s and 50s. They are generally handed down craftsmanship from the family. They usually work in farming and funeral music is their sideline.

Looking in from the door, Zhu Yang saw a mourning hall made of white and yellow paper flowers, inlaid with photos of the newlyweds in this yin marriage.

Some people burned paper under the mourning hall, but not many people in the room. After all, this matter seemed absurd to their locals. Normal people would only find it infiltrating. Apart from close relatives who hindered the affection, no one was willing to participate.

Zhu Yang glanced at the photos on the mourning hall. The man looked like a very energetic teenager, and the woman was several years younger. The photo looked like he hadn’t graduated from junior high school, and was younger than Xu Wei.

The photo is not serious at all, pursing lips than scissor hands, it doesn’t look like a photo adapted to the occasion that a family pulls out from a family album.

Anyway, it is like a screenshot from the WeChat Moments, the picture quality is not very clear.

But the key is not here, because Zhu Yang actually saw two coffins under the mourning hall.

The coffin has not been covered, and you can see that there are people in both coffins at a glance.

This yin marriage is actually not a marriage between the two parties exchanging birthday pictures, just go through the scene.

As I said before, there are few customs in their hometown. He responded to the call more than ten years earlier that if a family member died, he would be taken to the town for cremation. In recent years, there has been basically no burial.

However, Zhu Yang has tasted it again, precisely because every household is cremated. This family is so sincere when they are married to this family?

I heard the aunt said that the family spent 100,000 yuan to marry this in-law. According to the custom of cremation here, what if someone fools you with a can of ashes from unknown sources?

It is even possible that it is not even the ashes of a person. Is it necessary to burn a cat and dog to accompany his son?

If you can’t buy a rabbit or scatter an eagle, the seller will naturally ——

Zhu Yang’s entry attracted the attention of others, and one of them asked, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

Zhu Yang said casually: “I am your son’s classmate, come here to express my condolences and change my sorrow.”

When he was finished speaking, an old woman broke through: “Isn’t this the niece of the old Yin family? Why would you be classmates with Qiangzi?”

When other people heard it, there were some changes on the surface. In particular, there was an old woman and a middle-aged man in her 40s. They winked quickly to make people drive away outsiders.

Zhu Yang was not embarrassed after being dismantled. Instead, he took three incense sticks and inserted them into the rice bucket in front of the mourning hall.

Slowly said: “Why not? The township-run kindergarten here, I have also attended classes for a few days. Although the time is short, I can barely make it an alumnus.”

Rounding up is not a classmate, although when Zhu Yang went to the kindergarten here, the other party was not born yet.

The old woman and the middle-aged man were winking, and their eyes were almost blinking.

However, Zhu’s local reputation is really great, and if she is willing to go to a place where she usually sits, that’s a brilliant thing.

At this moment, although she was inexplicable, the owner would not offend her, even crying to her.

“What’s wrong with me? There is such a lone seedling in the family, and it has been so hard to raise it to such a large size. I owed him in my previous life. He wants to collect debts like this?”

Zhu Yang sighed when he heard this, and looked at the woman with pity: “Who said no? Your life is suffering.”

The woman suddenly thought that she had met her confidant, and she would inevitably like to talk endlessly like Xianglin’s wife.

But before she started crying, she heard Zhu Yang continue to say: “In my previous life, I had an enmity with someone. In this life, people will come to your house to collect debts, and let you white-haired people send black-haired people.”

According to the current situation, you will have to go through this in your next life. But I think about the current situation, I guess the debt collector in the next life will be more ruthless.

The woman’s cry stopped suddenly, as if she was suddenly pinched. Other people in the room suddenly lost their voices when they heard this.

An uncle who looked like a grandfather of a child stood up and said angrily: “Did you study and study a dog’s belly? Did your father teach you to use a few money to be unruly in front of the folks? Even a silly laugh Look where it is, you are not afraid of retribution in front of the dead”

Wish shrugged, instead of leaving, she sat down slowly.

“It’s okay, people are looking for you too. What does it have to do with me? After all, I don’t have such a big son. I need to get married and kill a little girl.”

The room took a deep breath, and a commotion began.

“What are you doing? Who killed someone? Zhangkou ran to someone else’s house and said nonsense.”

“That’s right, this is a good thing for the two babies, both of them are so young, and they are good companions on Huangquan Road.”

“The child’s uncle brought him the birthdate eight-character ID card. Coincidentally, it was also drowned in the past two days. Is it possible that there is a fake?”

“Furthermore, we only need to hire a wife, where can we ask so much? It’s really something, it’s not the matchmaker’s mouth.”

What I said just now was so vowed, and in the next second I put all the blame on the matchmaker.

It’s okay if you don’t say this sentence, it proves that they know it well.

These people may not personally plan a murder for a shady marriage.

But just like in previous years, there were often thiefs carrying a basket to sell groceries in the countryside. The goods inside were all stolen, and the price was naturally low, and it was loved by many people.

Don’t they know it was stolen? Even the sellers never shy away. But what does this have to do with them? They didn’t steal it. If they didn’t buy it, others would buy it.

Now that it is related to human life, people who only think of themselves will naturally use the same set of logic to justify themselves.

But in fact, they are the murderers who made the girls unfortunate, even more sneaky and shameless than the real murderers.

Zhu Yang chuckled lightly, stood up, and walked directly to the girl’s coffin, without the young girl’s fear of the corpse.

Before others stopped, she had already removed the girl’s neckline clothes.

The bride’s shroud was not thick, and when it was opened, there was a circle of bruises on it.

Zhu Yang turned his head and looked at them with a sneer: “Drowning, huh?”

“It seems that we have a murder case here.”

As soon as she said this, the whole house fell into a dead silence, but the music was playing outside without knowing it, and loud music continued to come in from outside.

But in the next second, everyone was confused.

Some people scolded and ran over to pull her away, some yelled at her for bullying, some were trembling for fear of getting involved.

The two people who attracted the most attention of the Central Committee, the old woman and the middle-aged man, came down from the bench in silence and planned to leave secretly.

But when someone came to the door, the brazier of burning paper was kicked over. The flames were everywhere, and the wreath beside the door collapsed.

The wreath fell down like dominoes, blocking the way at the door.

The two wanted to escape without making a ring of flowers, and felt that they were caught on the back of the neck.

A sound came from: “What are you going to do? The newcomer hasn’t done it yet. The child and her parents can’t come. You are an uncle, why do you have to drink two glasses of wedding wine for others.”

He said to the matchmaker: “Xie matchmaker hasn’t given it yet. You see, this family is willing to give out a gift of 100,000 yuan. Xie matchmaker will not be stingy.”

But they can see the light when they are doing this. When the police come along, they both have to finish the game.

So the two struggled desperately, but this little girl, the two adults, one of them was still an adult man, and couldn’t escape.

Zhu Yang was impatient and kept pulling the collars of these two stinking people, bumping their heads against each other, and the two fainted with soft legs.

“Ah, murder.” At this time, the hall remembered and screamed: “The daughter of the house murdered—”

When Zhu Yang was a child, he saw a lot of this kind of vixen tricks in the countryside.

There is a kind of human concept that there are no things that Sapo can’t solve.

But it’s not useless. Once instigated here, the bloodliness of some rash guys is aroused.

A man rushed inside and took a **** out: “Are you going to make trouble in front of my son? The big deal is that I will stop living if I go down with the hoe. My son is gone anyway.”

Zhu Yang threw away the collars of the old woman and the middle-aged man, and turned around and said, “If your son is dead, you will receive the gold medal for exemption from death, right?”

She sat down on a stool beside her, and said to the menacing humanity in the room: “Come, wave down.”

“I want a finger to be touched by you today. Believe it or not, not only is your son gone, but also your ancestral grave.”

Everyone changed their faces and hurriedly grabbed the man’s father.

Zhu Yang’s family does not say that they are ranked in the top ranks of the city and the province, but their hometown, the entire town and the entire district, benefited a lot from the return of Zhu’s father to his hometown.

In several villages and towns near their hometown, how many people have not directly and indirectly benefited from others? It’s just that the road that I walked under my feet was repaired with money.

I really want to touch someone else’s daughter here, and I’m still at a loss, and I’m sure to be accused by thousands in my hometown.

In the past, rural funerals did not pay much attention to land planning. The land on the mountain where the ancestral tomb was buried was not yours. People bought it and pushed your ancestral tomb. There was no place to cry.

The fathers and mothers of Qiangzi have lost their sons. Now they are not clear. Since they are close relatives, they must be the same ancestor. How can they be allowed to offend others like this?

Then everyone hurriedly stopped the couple, but Zhu Yang, the provocative, sat at their house without panic.

The police arrived after a while, and the town police station was less than ten minutes’ drive away.

According to the basic information provided by Zhu Yang, the police inspected the girl’s body and initially judged it as murder.

At the moment, the matchmaker and the so-called uncle have not yet woken up, but the police have taken this matter seriously.

Let’s not talk about a murder case, which may involve a criminal marriage interest group.

This matter was discovered by the children of the most well-known local entrepreneurs. It is estimated that the call has already been made to the mayor.

The family who got married was also in decline and was invited to the police station.

The funeral band noticed something was wrong when they started making trouble in the house, and had already left.

The wedding that was still lively just now, now only a few dusts of fly ash floating on the ground.

At this time, Zhu Weixin came out to find her sister for dinner and watched the police car pulled a large number of people away.

He asked his sister blankly: “What happened here?”

Zhu Yang said nonchalantly: “It’s nothing big, let me tear up a marriage.”

Zhu Weixin thought about the policeman who had just left, and what the aunt said, and immediately put the logic together.

He took a breath: “No, there are people who can do such a terrible thing now.”

Zhu Yang looked at this dog’s fuss and thought, just pretend, then pretend.

This guy really adjusts his three views on things according to the conditions and environment.

There is nothing in the real world, so he just pretends to be innocent.

In the game world, acting like a baby is not the first prerequisite. It’s how to behave well and try to get his sister’s permission to enter the game.

That’s a cruel person, and he didn’t hesitate when he tossed the ghost and threw the body.

Zhu Yang rubbed his hair and walked back around his shoulders.

The villagers who were alarmed by the police just now came to the dam with their bowls during lunch time, and they discussed the matter while eating.

“Oh, how many people have come and gone before to persuade their homes not to listen, and they only spent 100,000 yuan in the water.”

“Unexpectedly, he would marry his children so badly inside. How many knives would the strong son have to pay for his father and mother?”

When I went back, the sisters and brothers told the aunt about this, and the aunt was too scared.

While committing sins, he slapped Zhu Yang: “It’s not right, you just call the police station. Whatever you run in, those black-hearted murderers can do it, what happened to you, how can I explain to your mother? ?”

Naturally, Zhu Yang refused to admit that he had created chaos inside. He even took a look outside, fearing that the corpses did not dare to enter. The whole person was obedient.

The scallops have been washed and chopped, mixed with the water drawn from the well and **** added, and simmered in a large antimony pot, but they can only be eaten at night.

They ate ordinary home-cooked meals at noon. Auntie fried them with cauliflower bacon and braised pork ribs with potatoes.

The savory smoky taste, the unique firmness of bacon, the cauliflower and potatoes also absorb this flavor, ready to eat.

Because there are only three people, I didn’t make many dishes. There is also a stir-fried Chinese cabbage, which is enough for three dishes.

The cabbage is grown by my aunt herself. The ground here is good, and the fruits and vegetables they raise are especially sweet.

In the past, a boss from another place was interested in a large field and wanted to contract to make vegetables in a greenhouse but was rejected.

Because I am afraid of fertilizing indiscriminately, affecting soil quality.

Zhu Weixin still buried a lot of small potatoes in the stove. They were all cooked by now. Remove the skins and sprinkle with cumin salt. The outer layer is charred and crispy, and the rosin inside is soft and delicious.

After eating, I went back to my village to get things, gave the village chief the money, and ordered the driver to take the things back first, and then pick them up tomorrow.

Originally, Zhu Yang planned to make a round trip today, but there are hooves stewed in the pot, how can he go?

After the meal, Auntie went to help them dig bamboo shoots under the bed. This kind of bamboo shoots are not the wild bamboo shoots eaten in the copy before.

But the government subsidies in the past few years have allowed everyone to use a good variety of bamboo. The bamboo is thick and large, but it does not grow as tall as ordinary bamboo. There is also no tenacity, not suitable for knitting.

Planted, they are specialized in eating bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots are very large, with three or four ordinary ones. They have to dig some out every time they come to freshman.

Brother Zhu Yang went to the backyard to play for a while. There was a tree over there. When they were young, their children liked to play on it.

Zhu Yang has a domineering personality, and she has no other children in her place. Who can play and how long she can play is up to her.

At that time, their eldest cousin made a swing for them. Zhu Yang sat on the swing and exchanged with her younger brother in turn, and unknowingly played the afternoon.

From time to time, I went to the kitchen to look at the pot on the stove, smelling the more and more fragrant lati soup.

Seeing that the hard hoofs were simmered so softly, the chopsticks made it through with a single poke. The soup became milky white like milk, and the sweetness and greasiness of white radish. When the aunt came back from digging bamboo shoots, the two sisters and brothers were already greedy. She has to be urged to cook again.

The same is rural. The conditions of the aunt’s house are naturally much better than those of Sister Wang’s.

This villa has three floors and has rooms exclusively for Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang also referred to her opinions on the layout of the room at the time. Looking through the window, you can cut out a picture of the farmhouse’s beautiful mountains, forests and fields.

Because Zhu Yang drank too much soup at night, he got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. There is only one toilet on the first floor.

The reason why there is not one room is because I am afraid that it will be troublesome to clean up.

Zhu Yang found out that there was no toilet paper after going to the toilet, and wanted to call her aunt to send some.

As a result, a voice came from outside the door: “Do you want red toilet paper or white toilet paper?”

Zhu Yang: “…”

What a classic toilet horror section, it really puts these short stories into a book, and made a ranking. This article is among the best in terms of nationality.

Zhu Yang never thought that she would be lucky enough to experience it, and now she also feels that she has encountered the greatest crisis in history.

Compared with the so-called selection field shattering three views, knowing that there are ghosts or being dragged into the world by the game to experience life and death copies, it is urgent.

The point is that the timing is too awkward.

The outside voice is still urging: “Red toilet paper or white toilet paper?”

Zhu Yang has the heart to blow up the toilet this time.

She suppressed the airway: “No, you should choose now. You have two choices.”

“First, you continue to ask. When I can’t bear it anymore, I will rush out to kill you regardless of putting on my pants. I will be in a very bad mood and bad. You don’t have the severity of the action. What kind of death is your brain? Make up.”

“Secondly, you go to the toilet downstairs and bring me a roll of paper. I haven’t heard anything just now.”

The outside voice was quiet, and it is probably unexpected that someone actually called the ghost to get the toilet paper.

Listening to the breathing inside, getting more and more impatient, the people outside immediately squatted down so that Zhu Yang could see what he was holding from the vent page of the toilet door.

No, I will ask you to use the red packaging or the white packaging?

Zhu Yang looked over and saw that the guy outside took a roll of unopened toilet paper in one hand.

One red package, one white package. It’s really **** red toilet paper and white toilet paper, in the literal sense.

Zhu Yang didn’t curse in a good way: “Then you can just give me the fuck? What do you ask about something interesting? Fortunately, I have gone to the bathroom. If I have constipation, you will be responsible?”

The outside voice whispered: “No, I don’t think you are very particular.”

Zhu Yang didn’t want to pay attention to her, and washed his hands and opened the door after receiving it.

Only then did I see the true face of Lushan who was standing outside, the girl who had **** with me during the day.

Girls wear school uniforms, which are typical of our country’s white-blue sports school uniform.

The other party said gratefully to the central government: “Sister thank you, but fortunately you interrupted your yin kin, otherwise I have to wear that old and ugly shroud as a ghost.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “It’s pretty ugly.”

The concept of this girl is the same as her, at least she must die beautifully.

Zhu Yang said: “I thought you couldn’t show up.”

After all, if it were possible, there would not have been a ghost in the mourning hall before, and Zhu Yang could only feel her presence and resentment.

So at that time Zhu Yang was still guessing whether the ghosts in reality are really so difficult to become a climate. The ghost who hid on the radio and harassed Lin Qian couldn’t be transformed. Zhu Yang thought it was a lack of opportunity, and his grievance was almost gone.

But this girl died of murder, and it was a normal situation, which shows how hard their real world is for ghosts.

The girl smiled and said: “It wouldn’t work, but I have to pay back.”

Zhu Yang raised the toilet paper in Yang’s hand: “A piece of grace?”

The girl smiled shyly, and Zhu Yang understood that she couldn’t do much more, so he waved his hand: “Go go.”

“Be smart in your next life. There will be a lot of bad guys outside, so protect yourself.”

The girl’s face turned hideous when she heard this: “It’s not from outside, he is my uncle.”

“I wanted to go home after school, and I ran into him on the road. He told me to go to the next town to buy something, and asked me to do him a favor. After that, he gave me 200 yuan as pocket money.”

That’s why she was tricked to come here to kill. My dear ones, who will be more prepared? .

Zhu Yang didn’t expect this to happen, but there are statistics. It is said that most of the crimes occur between acquaintances.

It is said that the little girl said that she had met the husband’s parents before she was alive.

It can be seen that the other party was inspecting the goods at the time, and people outside of this kind of thing just sounded creepy.

My uncle will drive his own niece out of the market like a sheep, letting people choose the fat and the thin, and if he is satisfied, he will cut it down.

Zhu Yang hurriedly asked where they met? It certainly can’t be in the village.

It’s not easy to hide people from the village, and they only saw a living girl. Within a few days, the corpse married your son before the spirit of your house, but anyone with normal intelligence can’t figure out what is going on?

The little girl said: “In a teahouse in the town, the middle school students have a good memory, and they also reported the name of the teahouse and the appearance of the teahouse owner. At that time, I thought it was my uncle who had an appointment with someone, but I didn’t think much about it. When he bumped into the proprietress and poured tea all over, the other party should have an impression of her.

Zhu Yang did not delay, and even if it was midnight, he called the police station.

The police collected evidence overnight and finally solved the case, but the girl’s uncle was not a member of the gang’s interest, but was temporarily fooled by the matchmaker.

This matchmaker is carrying the big case on her back, and she may be able to bring out some big fish.

The next morning, when sister Zhu Yang was about to go back, she actually received a pennant from the town.

Zhu Yang was also choking silently. There were so many things from his father that they used them in the districts and cities of the town. Zhu Yang did not expect that he would receive this stuff someday.

On the way back, Zhu Weixin laughed.

After Zhu Yang put the banner on his head and made a posture to murder his brother, the guy stopped.

After returning home, Zhu Daddy called and said that he had received a call from the district chief, and grabbed Zhu Yang’s aggressiveness as a curse.

Zhu Yang can say that your girl can kill a cow now. Isn’t that scumbag actually a problem? Can only listen!

However, the game is probably because she has been living well these few days, and she has hit a ghost in reality, thinking that the game will also be covered in rain and dew, so she can’t wait to summon her.

Zhu Yang took the initiative to enter the game before the summer vacation to enjoy the whole summer vacation, but after playing this game again, she was suffocating her alveolar itch.

He resigned from the phone with Lu Xiu, and Lu Xiu was speechless. He said, “How much does this game favor you?”

“what did you say?”

“It’s nothing, is the pass token still enough? Don’t carry it, just retreat when it’s time to retreat. I recently made dozens of more. It’s not enough for you to care about me.”

“I don’t even have one yet.” Zhu Yang rolled his eyes.

But when the time comes, I still have to go to bed obediently and wait-how can this statement make people even more popular?

But this time Zhu Yang locked the door and closed the curtains, knowing that no matter how small the probability is, it is impossible to get lucky.

The familiar feeling of weightlessness came, and Zhu Yang appeared on a feasting road when he opened his eyes.

Standing on the road with her, Zhu Yang counted, this time there were eight players.

Two more people are better than the ghost Bodhisattva copy in the second scene.

Everyone used their eyes to determine the identity of the players, and they were about to introduce themselves, and they felt a shock from their hands.

At this time, Zhu Yang noticed that everyone was holding a smart phone and a small bag in their hands.

The smart phone displays a navigation map, where they are standing, and another flashing red dot.

Looking at the display above, they are nearly sixty kilometers away from the dot.

At this time, the game sent a task to let the players set off before 12 o’clock to reach their destination in a legal and lowest cost manner without asking for help.

When the players looked at the time, it was already ten o’clock, which meant that there were still two hours left.

He opened the small bag with the palm of his hand again. There was only one hundred yuan in each person’s bag, but it was thoughtfully scattered. There were fifty yuan and ten yuan, and several coins.

The implied meaning is already obvious. Some players immediately took action and turned on their phones to find bus routes.

It’s only 60 kilometers, and there is no traffic congestion at night, so the fare is only two yuan, right?

Of course, there are also more demanding ones. The 60km road is not difficult for the player’s physique. Jogging for more than an hour is enough.

Then a group of people stopped the bus, and the warm-up began to warm up, because they couldn’t ask for help, and couldn’t hitchhike.

If you call a taxi or Di/Di, the money may not be enough.

The two players who planned to rely on the 11th road have already set off, and the remaining five people waited for a while, and they also saw the bus coming from the bus route from a distance.

Several people were waiting for the car to enter the station, and they saw a beautiful girl who was the same player as them, beckoning to a black luxury car that drove over.

The posture of an appointment for a special car, not even the door opened by himself, but the driver came down to open the door diligently.

Then she saw her long legs lifted into the car.

Everyone looked a little confused, this person, does she have enough money to pay for the car fare?


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