Scream Queen Chapter 48

Zhu Yang got in the car, once again confirmed and affirmed that this dog is really on the cost of the game.

To be honest, apart from the first official copy, the game did not expect that she would still spend money on shopping in that environment, and it also brought other players into a rage, and provided a lot of money for the survival of the game.

In the following copy, Zhu Yang, the standard package of the game, is not to be seen. In reality, hundreds of points, which are precious in the eyes of other players, can be used for luxury enjoyment. When it comes to the game world, it is never ambiguous to improve your quality of life.

But this time, the dog game really took everything into consideration.

Because the point exchange currency window, which is open anytime, anywhere, is now closed.

In other words, now Zhu Yang, like all players, except for a mobile phone and one hundred yuan, is truly into the ranks of abject poverty.

And there is one rule in the rule, don’t ask for help. It’s easy to take a free ride on your own beauty, but that’s just asking for help.

According to Zhu Yang, these two roads were basically blocked by Goubi Game against her.

But she was not empty, waited in silence for a few minutes, and probably had a spectrum in her heart, so she decisively stopped a black luxury car.

The owner of the car is a middle-aged person, a little blessed, with a smile on his face, he looks like the type of person who usually smiles with someone.

Although it is a big night at the moment, there are street lights on the platform and advertising light boxes at the station, which do not affect the line of sight.

The owner noticed the group of people from far away, and when he drove a little closer, he noticed a big beauty beckoning at him, and naturally stopped when the brake was stepped on.

However, beautiful women are difficult to wait. They are not willing to get in the car even after they stop, and they refuse to take the co-pilot. They have to get out of the car and open the door and ask them to take the back seat.

But all this is the case, the car owner just murmured a few words in his heart, the action is not ambiguous, and quite a bit afraid of one step slower, other girls impatiently stop other cars.

All the players got on the bus and watched Zhu Yang’s car go ahead of them. They suddenly sighed that they were so good that they could do whatever they wanted.

If this were not the rules of the game, she had to be paid for the car she took. I am afraid that a group of people are really exhausted to reach the destination, and they have already been delivered by a free car.

When they got on the bus, the people continued to look through the map and found that although the destination was only 20 kilometers away from here, the section of the road was a bit strange, and there was even a mountain-ring road.

Fortunately, there are not many stops for this bus. It is almost leaving the city streets. It hasn’t stopped once. It should be a special night shift bus?

At the same time, Zhu Yang, who got in the car first and got faster, had already drove out of the street and climbed up the ring road.

The owner has been looking for a chat suite with her almost–

“Beauty, come home so late? What do you do? You dare to stop anyone in the car in the middle of the night? What if I am a bad guy?…”

After a man babbled for most of the day, Zhu Yang looked up, and what he saw in the rearview mirror was the other side’s lustful eyes.

Zhu Yang didn’t care about it, but rather impatiently and critically said: “Drive your car, what do you do? Is there any sense of service?”

When the car owner choked, he probably hadn’t encountered anyone who took a free ride and was picky, but the sleekness of middle-aged people was only for a while.

In the next second, I will continue to smile and say: “The beauty will leave a contact information, and talk more in the future. If you want to use the car to inform at any time, as long as the brother is in hand, you will definitely take the lead.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “How does the greasy middle-aged uncle deserve to be included in my address book? It depends on your age and experience. How did you gather the courage to find someone to contact? Isn’t it naive to feel that the cheeky solves everything?”

The smile on the owner’s face was completely gone, and the look in the rearview mirror was a little bit more embarrassing and cruel.

He didn’t speak anymore, but the car drove further and further, and even drove from the main road to the grass on the hillside at an intersection.

Generally, girls say that no matter how slow they are at this time, they will feel that something is wrong. The owner of the car is a little proud, but from the beginning to the end, he did not hear the girl in the back seat questioning panic.

He looked over in the rearview mirror again, and the other party actually lowered his head to play with his mobile phone, and he didn’t even pay attention to it. This kind of lack of heart has reached a point.

After driving on the hillside for a while, the owner stopped the car suddenly.

With a grin, he said to the people behind: “Beauty, the place is here, get off the car!”

Zhu Yang looked up and saw that the outside was deserted. She sneered and turned the phone screen over: “There is still half of the journey.”

The owner laughed greasyly: “I’m here when I’m talking.”

Talking about it, I lighted a cigarette slowly, without worrying, I smoked it leisurely—

\”Oh, you women, all pretentious, what’s the result? Anyone on the side of the road is so stupid that anyone on the road dared to get in.\”

\”Don’t worry, ah! I’ll smoke this cigarette first, so you can prepare, it’s a pity that such a beautiful woman, if you were acquainted, you wouldn’t have missed the sun tomorrow.\”

Zhu Yang grabbed the pillow from the back seat and smashed it. Smashed the cigarette in the opponent’s hand.

Opened the car window again, frowning while fanning the wind: “The two ladies in the car, no one who wants to make a face can produce exhaust gas. Ah, but it is a bit embarrassing for you, after all, your breath is polluting the air. .”

The cigarette **** fell on the owner’s trousers, immediately burned a hole in his thigh, and the burnt fabric fiber stuck to the meat, and the pain was immediately irritating.

The owner of the car hurriedly knocked down the cigarette **** and stomped it out, furious: \”You are in a hurry—\”

Halfway through the conversation, I suddenly tasted one of her words-the two ladies in the car.

The owner of the car suddenly got a cold back, but then he comforted the woman’s slip of the tongue or played a clever trick.

But the next second Zhu Yang spoke again: \”You were talking to me on the way, the lady on the co-pilot was dissatisfied a long time ago. If you want to say that you can’t be a human being, they are good to sit on it. , You let me sit in someone’s place from the beginning.\”

“Why? Do you still want to get off the bus? I am embarrassed. Oh, yes, people are still watching you, so you just screamed to answer.”

The owner of the car suddenly broke out in cold sweat, and in the desolate atmosphere of the wilderness, there were only a few screams of the night crows occasionally, which made Zhu Yang’s words even more permeating.

The key is that she stared at the co-pilot’s place accurately when she spoke, as if she was looking at someone.

The owner of the car was a little hairy again, and turned into anger, looking back to grab Zhu Yang’s hair through the gap in the seat.

But at the moment when he turned around, he suddenly noticed that there were more people in the co-pilot.

She was a young girl with fair complexion and slender appearance. She was really good-looking, and most men would be enthusiastic about anyone who saw it.

However, as soon as the car owner saw the other person, he showed a frightened expression, watching the girl’s face turn blue and gray, and one of the faces was more serious, and even began to collapse and rot.

The car owner was so frightened that he screamed in fear, opened the door hurriedly, and ran away in a panic dragging his frightened legs.

At this time, the female ghost of the co-pilot turned her head and looked at Zhu Yang, her expression a little unkind: \”I was planning to crash and fell from the cliff, and died miserably in the wilderness by myself. Now I was scared to escape by you. .\”

Zhu Yang smiled lazily: “It’s just a pig with a fat mind and can’t run far. You can chase it by yourself, and it won’t take a few things.”

\”Or—Do you want me to be such a beauty to bury a pig?\”

When saying the latter sentence, Zhu Yang’s voice was a little soft, but his eyes were fixed on the female ghost.

The female ghost was frowned upon by this look for no reason, as if she had answered in the affirmative. After she did not care about the people in the car, the other party just grabbed her by the hair and strangled her to death.

The female ghost swallowed, and got out of the car as if I didn’t tell you more, and ran after the car owner in the direction of the forest.

Zhu Yang got out of the car, sat in the driving position, turned on the gear and stepped on the accelerator, and drove the car he picked up along the navigation map to the destination.

Although the dog game is aimed at her, even if it is aimed at, it will not deviate from its own theme.

After all, this is a horror clearance game, not a survival game that costs less than anyone else.

When other players were waiting for the bus, Zhu Yang noticed the uniforms worn by the drivers on the bus. The hot black uniforms were tightly buttoned, and they also wore uniform caps on their heads. They looked like the previous school. The costume of the hearse driver seen inside.

Well, even if the attire is just a coincidence, the city has such strict dress code for the bus driver, but when Zhu Yang drove over at the time, the driver looked at the beauties with a chic and comfortable face, and the co-pilot himself A beautiful woman stared at him with a gloomy look.

Where does Zhu Yang still don’t understand? No matter which route you choose, there will be situations in the middle. It is estimated that the two comrades who chose the 11th route will be similar.

Although there was a delay on the way, the time did not last long. When Zhu Yang drove the car to the destination, the time display was less than 11 o’clock.

Zhu Yang got out of the car and looked around. This is an old apartment building with five or six floors.

I don’t know why it’s getting late and the residents inside are all asleep. There is no light coming from inside, and the whole building is surrounded by an ominous silence.

Needless to say, it should be the place that Goubi Game arranged for them, and 80% of them are haunted houses.

I just don’t know which way to toss the players this time. At present, depending on the number of players, it should be difficult.

Zhu Yang tried to get in, but he couldn’t penetrate the barrier at the entrance of the building. It is estimated that he would have to wait for all players to arrive before releasing a formal mission to unlock.

The sex-sex players didn’t let her wait too long, and after a while, they saw two groups of people staggering together.

They are the five players who take the bus and the other two who take the eleventh bus.

They saw that Zhu Yang had been waiting here, and they all cursed with bad luck: “Bah! Sure enough, the game was not safe, and they said let us save money. Okay, saving money and saving almost lost my life.”

A bus player said: \”Where the **** is that bus? It’s a hearse at all. If everyone was stubborn in the game world, the paper driver would just drive the car out of the road and smash it. The cliff is down.\”

Even if the players are strong and physically strong, they are still newcomers after all. Where can they escape from such a high cliff? The car crash is for sure.

Another female player also patted her chest with lingering fear: “Fortunately, Brother Hou stood next to the driver and watched it as something went wrong and slammed the steering wheel.”

\”Is this game so difficult? At the beginning, the official mission was not released, I almost explained it once.\”

This is enough to show that the players in this game are generally not low in experience, at least higher than those in the second game.

In general novice games, it is impossible for ghosts to have attack capabilities so early unless special conditions are triggered.

The first premise of the game is drama. Where are the players who were caught off guard at the beginning who are still worth seeing? So when Fang Yi enters the game, even when he sees ghosts, he is mostly scared.

But this one is particularly different. The time limit for players’ shots was lifted, which meant that all of them faced a tight and intense game rhythm from the beginning of the game.

So the difficulty of this game can be predicted before it is released.

The two players who ran over on the eleventh road also said unhappy: “You have nothing to lose. We ran into the mountain and encountered a ghost hitting the wall. If it weren’t for the last game, we got a one-time item to break the illusion. , We don’t know if we can be here on time tonight.\”

If the task released by the game is not completed, the consequences will definitely not be fun. It is not impossible to directly obliterate the initial number of players.

At this time everyone looked at Zhu Yang: “I learned from this girl if I knew it, why do you save that money?”

After speaking, I suddenly saw a black luxury car parked in the corner.

Several players were dumbfounded and pointed to the lane: “Here, why is this car here?”

\”No, didn’t you pay the fare? Didn’t you ask for help?\” Several players took a breath: \”Could it be that you robbed the car?\”

Another rule of the game is legal. Did this girl follow the rules? Several people thought that she was just taking a free ride and breaking the rules. It seemed that she had already committed a crime.

\”Where is the owner?\”

Zhu Yang shrugged: \”Who knows, in which woods did you die now?\”

Everyone took a breath, wondering what would happen to her breaking the rules like this.

Then in the next second, I heard a prompt from the game, indicating that all players have arrived at the destination according to the rules. Then please enter the apartment and wait for the instructions.

Is this still within the scope of the rules? How does this girl operate?

Someone was going to ask, and Zhu Yang took out the phone that he had exited from the map interface and was able to use it normally, and dialed one one zero.

\”Hello! Uncle police? In this way, I found a car on the ring road, black Mercedes, license plate number XXXX, when I took the owner’s ride home, he suddenly drove into the mountain and got out of the car in a panic I ran away, I was afraid so I drove back home in the car.\”

\”You can check the driving recorder, yes, yes, I know it’s wrong, you shouldn’t just follow people in the car. Okay, keep the phone open at any time, you are busy.\”

After hanging up the phone, the well-behaved and humble expression on his face disappeared. Zhu Yang shook his phone and said to some dumbfounded players: “The owner of the car abandoned the car and fled, I kindly helped him get the car back, I don’t know. Where is the police station can only be driven to where you want to go, where is the law? Should I be awarded a pennant?\”

What the **** can it do? Pick up a car without spending a penny.

These players are also a bit knowledgeable. Listening to her statement, you know that her line was not spared, but they all survived the ghosts, but this product is a chic and easy zero-cost clearance?

To say that the difficulty foundation of Zhu Yang’s side is not lower than the other two lines. When the female ghost lady was thinking about driving the owner and the car down the cliff, she did not worry about Zhu Yang’s life and death in the car.

However, Zhu Yangyi had the immune function from Toad/Mao, and he discovered the flaws with the sharp eye, so that the rhythm was always in her hands.

At this time, the barrier of the apartment door disappeared. Everyone walked in and looked at the layout. There are six households on each floor of the five-story building, and the player’s name appeared on one or two doors on each floor.

It seems that this is the room allocated to the player, but I don’t know if it is random or has another purpose.

Zhu Yang and a male player named Chen Hui were divided into two rooms on the third floor. The six rooms on each floor had three rooms on the left and right, with the door facing the door. The layout was very simple.

The rooms of Zhu Yang and Chen Hui are located in the middle of the left and right sides. They are opposite doors, and they are both sandwiched between the other two rooms.

When Zhu Yang saw the arrangement, he knew that he was not at ease, but when he opened the door, the room was still dusty, dirty and messy.

When Zhu Yang lifted his feet, he kicked the small stool in the living room against the wall and made a bang. This is the place where the dog than the game is even going to give her a moth, right?

The door collapsed without thinking about it, and she planned to leave this ghost place to stay in a hotel in the city without even thinking about it.

Although she only has a hundred dollars, she really rarely can’t live where she wants to live, and there are ways.

When I only went downstairs, I heard the game release mission, demanding to survive in this world for a month, and emphasized that I can only live in this apartment and kill those who find another place to live.

If Zhu Yang wanted to be able to pull the game out, he would have drawn out his intestines and hit/country/finished, but now he has to return to the apartment.

As a result, when I went upstairs, I saw a little boy sitting there playing on the stairs on the third floor. The little boy turned his back to her, holding a ball in his hand and racing him.

Zhu Yang was about to pass by when he heard his immature voice: “Sister! Will you play ball with me?”

Zhu Yang ignored it, and continued: “My sister plays with me, it’s fun.”

Speaking of turning around, his immature face was malicious inconsistent with his age. The ball in his hand was brought over because of his turn. Where is the ball? It is clearly a human head.

Zhu Yang thought about going back to face the dust in the room and felt uncomfortable. He was in a bad mood, and the little devil ran out to take the lead.

Now he cracked his teeth and smiled: \”Okay, but your ball is not of good quality, it’s all shriveled, and it has no elasticity. Shall we screw your head off for fun?\”

\”The child’s head, he is round and tender, and his cheek is pliable and flexible. It’s fun to pat, bounce, pat, bounce.\”

The little boy was dumbfounded. Seeing that the adult was looking at him gloomily, the ghost’s horrible aura was turned into dregs, and he quickly rushed into a room with his head to hide.

Zhu Yang waved his hand and didn’t bother to care. He knocked on Chen Hui’s door and was about to ask him to clean the room for himself. When he saw that his room was messier than himself, and there was water everywhere, he looked like a bucket overturned. Look like.

When I met Zhu Yang, I felt embarrassed and said, “I don’t do human affairs in this game. I have to clean the room by myself so late. I am not good at doing this. The buckets are overturned, and the floor is mopped. Do you know how to use it?\”

It can be seen that he never does housework at home.

Zhu Yang dispelled the idea of ​​calling this guy who was even less active than her, and was about to go downstairs to find other players. He heard Chen Hui say: “Just now Brother Hou called up and said that everyone is cleaning the room at the moment. After hours go to his place to gather to discuss the game clearance.\”

Zhu Yang returned to his room expressionlessly. Cleaning is impossible. It is impossible to clean in this life, but the game also requires them to live in their assigned room.

It can be seen that she was rushing to toss her again. Zhu Yang went around the room. The facilities are complete. The standard one-bedroom, the whole room is just this big. The bedroom and living room are shared, there is no kitchen, and there is a bathroom. It is reasonable to clean up. Too long is just cleaning up the dust and mopping the floor.

There are clean quilts in the cabinet, and the dog than the system knows that things can’t be done too well.

After Zhu Yang looked at the room, she heard a knock on the door in the bedroom. She thought it was Chen Hui on the opposite side.

As a result, when the door was opened, a strange old couple stood at the door, looking at their sixties.

The old man was wearing a black tunic suit. The old lady was indeed very festive in red, but the other party seemed to have eye problems, and the whole left eye was red. The two smiled and held a plate of water chestnuts.

I met Zhu Yang and said enthusiastically: \”Are you the Miss Zhu who moved in today? Let’s live next door, and we will be neighbors in the future. Everyone will take care of it. This is the water chestnut from my hometown. Let it be eaten. \”

Zhu Yang took the plate of water chestnuts and looked at the old couple. When the other party saw that she took it, his face was obviously satisfied.

But Zhu Yang smiled: “Oh, it’s just that I’m worried that I can’t find anyone. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether I am a person or not. The important thing is that I have a clean room to live in.”

Then if nothing happened, the old couple said: “You come in and clean the room for me. My hygiene standards are relatively high. Remember that there should be no dust or dust on the ceiling. Can it be done?”

The old couple’s slightly weird and kindly smiling faces froze: “You, what did you say?”

After asking, Zhu Yang already threw the mop and rag into their hands: “Hurry up, I want to rest.”

The old couple was not happy anymore, their expressions sank and said: “Miss Zhu, this is how you have no rules, how can it be in the middle of the night -”

Before I finished speaking, I saw Zhu Yang pointing in a certain direction. It was their self-reported door. At this time, a crack opened and a small head came out. It was the boy who had just played the ball.

\”If you don’t do it, I will put all the water chestnuts in the child’s mouth and let him swallow it.\”

The little boy panicked when he heard the words, and immediately retracted his head and slammed the door.

The old couple looked at each other, their faces were both uneasy and vigilant, and finally had to take the mop and the rag and enter the house.

Zhu Yang solved the problem of accommodation tonight, and finally felt better. He didn’t want to stay in the dusty room, so he stood on the stairs and played with his mobile phone.

Unknowingly, half an hour had passed, and Chen Hui came out of the room in embarrassment, and didn’t know what virtue had been to clean up the room.

Seeing Zhu Yang being so leisurely, I asked: \”You packed up so soon?\”

Zhu Yang casually said: \”Yeah, I ran into an enthusiastic neighbor as soon as I came here. I have to clean the room for me. The kindness is difficult, and I feel embarrassed.\”

Chen Hui choked, thinking that he would finally give up treatment during the long period of tossing in the room, and only barely wiped the bed where he could sleep for a while.

Then I thought that this girl not only came here at zero cost, but also returned to a car, suddenly a little envious and jealous: “Sister, don’t you have a relative in your family called Yang Chaoyue?”

After speaking, Chen Hui, who saw a plate of water chestnuts on the stone railing next to her, had been busy for a long time and had a dry mouth, grabbed one unceremoniously and threw it in his mouth——

\”This is also from the neighbor? Why didn’t I have it? Oh, yes, I just heard someone knocking on the door, but I could see from the cat’s eyes that I didn’t see anything except a red, so I didn’t dare to open the door rashly. .\”

\”Well, this water chestnut proves to be so fishy? The skin is also crunchy like chewing egg shells.\”

Zhu Yang said nonchalantly: “Oh, this is a dead snail.”




\”Foot~~\” Chen Hui immediately rushed to the window and vomited what was in his mouth. He turned around in disbelief for a long time.

Before it was over, Zhu Yang continued: “The old woman who gave me the snail has one red eye, heh! I don’t know what you can see from the cat’s eye.”

do not know? Does this know?

Chen Hui suddenly got goosebumps. It turned out that when he looked out, there were people—the ghosts—also lying on the cat’s eyes and staring at him.

\”Does this Nima still have to live?\”

As he spoke, the agreed time for gathering had arrived, and Chen Hui complained that he went downstairs with Zhu Yang.

Brother Nahou’s room was on the first floor. It was one of the five players who took the bus before. Because of his vigilance and carefulness, he robbed the steering wheel of the ghost driver and saved all the people in the car. Those five players respected him very much. Because the players over there accounted for the majority of the game.

So this game has a faint omen headed by him.

When I came to Brother Hou’s room, I saw that the others had already arrived. In this game, there are five men and three women. In addition to Zhu Yang, Chen Hui, and Brother Hou, there are also two girls who have seen a good conversation, and the other three men. A middle-aged man in his 40s is older than Brother Hou, and the other two are young people who are 25 or so like Chen Hui.

Everyone is discussing the nature of the game. Zhu Yang didn’t say much at first. Judging from the reactions of these people, he has not hit the ghost yet, which means that Zhu Yang is the first one.

Oh, yes, Chen Hui had a face-to-face meeting. He stared at himself and the ghost, and even Zhu Yang told him about the ghost and a dead snail.

Everyone took a deep breath: “This really doesn’t give us time to breathe? Did you officially show up so soon?”

Brother Hou asked: “That’s it? They gave you a plate of dead snails and left? What did they say and do nothing? Just listen and see, there may be important clues.”

This Hou brother is said to be a player who has cleared ten games, and it is estimated that he will be able to leave the primary field soon to fight even more powerful ghosts.




According to Zhu Yang, he is indeed already considered experienced and meticulous, and the quality is much higher than the previous players.

Before Zhu Yang answered, Chen Hui pointed to her and said: “Go and help her clean the room.”

The air in the room was silent for a moment, and the logic was a little bit out of series–

\”Fight, clean the room?\” The ghost who sent you a dead snail to eat will clean the room for you?

At first everyone thought that Zhu Yang’s room was invaded by a ghost, and they looked at her with some sympathy.

One of the girls said: “Unfortunately, the game stipulates that you can only spend the night in each room, otherwise you can sleep with me.”

Zhu Yang shook his head: \”No, I believe that old man should be quick at work. After all, she is so diligent in finding trouble, so she will have to go back and check if the ash in the corner is cleaned up later.\”

Everyone was silent for a while, and Chen Hui, who was unable to take care of herself in life, was still exaggerating the atmosphere and said: “I said that I must clean her up, but it is hard to be kind, and I don’t know the bad idea.”

Others listened to what he said and then looked at Zhu Yang, where the old **** was there, and they doubted the initiative of the two ghosts.

Zhu Yang didn’t care about it, so he just put aside this topic first.

Brother Hou said: \”The survival time of this game is so long, the neighbors around are not good at sight, except for the sleeping place, only a mobile phone and one hundred yuan are given. Not only to deal with ghosts, but also to survive. .\”

After all, they are not supermen, so they have to eat and dress for a month, right?

Someone said: “It’s not difficult to survive. Our strength is to move bricks to the construction site, and we will be able to live a month before moving for a few days. If we allocate it in a unified way, everyone will start the stove together, and the cost of food will be very low.\ ”

\”The problem is these residents around, we occupy eight rooms, and there are more than 20 other households left? What if every household is so, we have to keep one eye open at night.\”

Everyone feels a little heavy when they hear this. According to the situation where ghosts can already attack them on the way, if there are so many ghosts, and the rounds of harassment day and night, it is not just a gradual intimidation, so this time it is difficult. It’s really too big.

For newcomers.

But it didn’t stop there, when I said this, another message came from each player’s mind.

Said that they had arranged work for them and asked to go to work tomorrow at the assigned place.

Okay, the worse situation is coming. In other words, in addition to staying here at night, the trajectory of the day is also under the control of the game. If the work place is still haunted, everyone will only be exhausted. .

Then suddenly a biscuit box appeared out of thin air where they were sitting, and Brother Hou carefully took it over and opened it. There were several cards in it.

Each card states their work location, and an ID card is also glued to it to cope with tomorrow’s registration.

Give the arrangement clearly.

Zhu Yang took his own photo: \”XXX clothing store on Tianjie in Beicheng?\”

Is this for her to be a clothing shopping guide?

Then other people exchanged their own occupations, basically from the address and store name you can tell what to do.

All eight people were scattered and sent to different places. Some went to help in restaurants, some moved bricks on construction sites, some went to a communication company to answer the phone as a customer service, some delivered food, and some logistics factories.

In short, they are all high-intensity and fast-paced work, which is evident in their sinister intentions.

One of the other two girls did telephone customer service, and the other went to the restaurant. They were envious of the work assigned by Zhu Yang——

\”The clothing shopping guide is good. This brand is also a light luxury brand. The store is fashionable and clean. It’s not like the customer service is answering the phone every second. How nice.\”

Zhu Yang was noncommittal. She said she hadn’t gone out to work yet, but for the first time she dedicated it to the game.

Everyone was discussing work issues, and suddenly they heard a blast of noise coming from the next door. At first, they seemed to speak softly, but in the end the voice grew louder and louder.

After hearing it clearly, I realized that it was the voices of men and women. The sound in the next door seemed to be getting more and more intense. The sound insulation effect of this old apartment was average, but now it is like listening to a small movie live broadcast. Everyone is separated by a wall. Er is also quite embarrassed.

After all, there are men and women in a house.

Chen Hui walked to the wall and made a few bangs, which meant to keep the other party down.

I turned around and said to everyone: “These two people are also in good spirits. They live in this kind of place and still want to drive a roller coaster. It’s no wonder that now horror movies like to sell meat/sideballs, they are all such virtues.”

The voice next door stopped abruptly following his warning, and Chen Hui was about to come back. Before he moved away, there was another voice over there.

But this time it was not an indescribable movement, but rather like a conversation, vaguely heard the word’next door’.

The person next door is naturally a little concerned.

Chen Hui leaned his ears up, trying to hear clearly what the other party was talking about here, but the voice that seemed clear just now was in the mist.

Chen Hui’s entire ears were tightly pressed against the wall, when suddenly a head of a drilling machine protruded from him, and his face was less than three centimeters away.

The drill was still spinning horribly, and if it went a little further, Chen Hui’s head would be drilled through.

Chen Hui immediately stepped away from the wall, panting loudly with lingering fears, staring at the wall, and found that the wall was full of small holes.

At this time, a regretful voice came over there: “There is no blood, it’s so boring.”

Chen Hui’s eyes immediately turned red. He was a bit distressed and couldn’t take care of himself. His courage was considered big among ordinary players. In critical situations, he would choose to rush instead of back.

He immediately walked out of Brother Hou’s room with an ugly face. Brother Hou looked at the small holes in the wall. At first he thought it was a demon made by the previous house owner, but he didn’t expect this to happen, so he followed out.

When everyone saw this, they were afraid that they would suffer a loss and followed them, and they heard Chen Hui knocking on the door heavily.

There was silence inside. No matter what Chen Hui called to scold him, he was pretending to be dead. Later, Chen Hui started kicking with his feet.

Brother Hou patted him on the shoulder: “Let me come!”

Then I continued kicking towards the door. If you want to say that a player like Hou who quickly leaves the novice field, his physique must be extremely strong. Because Zhu Yang is limited by his experience, he really counts, Hou may be better than She is in good physical fitness.

But when Brother Hou stepped down, this inferior wooden door didn’t move at all, so it should be possible to kick it through.

The people inside were helpless, Brother Hou’s expression was bad, and Chen Hui even cursed.

At this time, everyone saw that Zhu Yang didn’t know where to find a bunch of keys, and the key ring was tied with a wire that was hard to find without looking closely.

Then he squatted down and threw the key into the gap under the door that was less than three centimeters wide. The sound of the metal keychain rubbing against the ground was still quite conspicuous.

Then she saw that she didn’t know when there was an extra power strip in her hand, and then signaled everyone not to speak.

Sure enough, within a minute, there were footsteps coming towards the door, and everyone heard the slight sound of the key being picked up and the metal colliding with each other.

Then Zhu Yang quickly moved the plug in his hand to the power strip, and suddenly a spark flashed through the exposed metal crackling.

At the same time, there was a shrill scream from inside, and a slight burnt smell came from inside.

I don’t know if it is the smell of burnt wire and plastic hose, or the smell of something being burnt.

Everyone saw Zhu Yang’s whole routine clearly. This guy turned to two mobile power strips in the living room. There are so many things to rent out the house.

Then one was pulled out from the power socket in the house, and the other tore off the board, leaving only the plug and cord.

He quickly peeled off a large section of the plastic tube, and it was not difficult to detect the metal filament tied to the key.

The people inside picked up the key, and Zhu Yang was energized. Wasn’t it sour?

Everyone gave her a thumbs up, Pi, you are real cowhide.

Everyone’s mood improved a lot after the outpouring, especially Chen Hui, who thanked him when he went upstairs.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: \”Xianyu’s thanks are not fulfilled again, forget it.\”

This guy looks like he is mentally retarded, and he can’t even do it with his classmates. He is simply the most useless type of person in her eyes.

Chen Hui thought she was talking humorously, and when she thought of the exciting thing just now, she was happy.

Then the smile stopped when he went upstairs and saw the old couple coming out of Zhu Yang’s room.

Seeing that one eye of the old woman was indeed red, Chen Hui suddenly felt dizzy.

Zhu Yang walked over without hesitation, and said to the two of them: \”Are they all cleaned up?\”

A general manager of the hotel made a general investigation on the cleanliness of the housekeeping department.

The two old men nodded and were about to go back, they were stopped by Zhu Yang: \”Who let you go? Did I check it? I asked you to perfunctory things. Whom do I call to go back to work at night?\”

Thinking that the door here seems to be unable to be opened violently, he smirked: \”Don’t think about hiding for a while, unless you don’t come out, otherwise—\”

The old couple shuddered, when the other players above the third floor were passing by the stairs.

Seeing her using the ghost as a labor force and threatening her posture, suddenly there was the illusion that this guy was actually bullying the lonely old man?

In short, for the first time in the game, I feel that the evil spirits are quite pitiful.

When Zhu Yang did what he said, he really went into the house to check, and tried dusting off various dead corners along the corner of the bed with paper towels, and the cobweb dust on the ceiling was also cleaned.

Then he nodded with satisfaction: \”It seems that it is convenient to be ghosts. There are dead spots on the ceiling. I have plans to open a ghost cleaning company in the future. I will hire you first.\”

The old couple shook their heads again and again: \”It can’t be done. I’m too old and I can’t eat my body bones. Now I have a backache.\”

Zhu Yang didn’t bother with them, waved his hand and let them go back.

Chen Hui watching the whole process from the side: \”……\”

That old lady, it doesn’t seem to be that scary anymore, isn’t she just an old lady with eye diseases who likes to lie on cat eyes?

It’s pitiful to be forced to work at a young age.

Thinking of this, he greeted the two of them and said: “Hey! My room has been cleaned for me, otherwise, have you heard you? Don’t think I won’t beat the old man.”

The two old ghosts looked back at him, without the trembling when facing Zhu Yang. They looked at the two bad guys with contempt. The old man even gave him a **** and slammed the door.

Except for the previous two episodes, the first night was still calm. The next day the players got up because they had to rush to the assigned place to report, but everyone got up early.

The reason why Zhu Yang didn’t sleep late today was because he was hungry. Fortunately, this apartment was located in this deserted corner, but turned out from the other side, and walked another fifty or sixty meters. The street is outside, and there is not only a place to sell breakfast. , And the variety is rich in all stores.

Many students even come and go, showing that there are schools nearby.

Zhu Yang ate a bowl of noodles outside, and met two other girls out for breakfast on the way, so they put together a table.

After eating and returning to the apartment, everyone was already down and ready to set off.

Although Zhu Yang took a shower last night, he didn’t have any clothes to change, and he was not very excited all morning, so he could only make a note of the game temporarily.

She opened the door of the car she picked up last night, planning to drive to work.

Before the person entered, he was stopped by one of the players——

“Wait, what are you doing in the car?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Go to work, oh, if you are on the same route, you can take a ride.”

Everyone was dumbfounded: “But haven’t you already called the police? The police will come to investigate and pick up the car at any time? Besides, yesterday was regarded as ‘helping others’, and driving a lost car today is not good for private use, right?”

The words ‘help others’ are a bit difficult to say.

Zhu Yang said nonchalantly: “I just picked up someone’s car, so I have to be responsible for it. Parking here is inherently unsafe. Just one night’s effort, the car was cut a lot, if you left it alone, I broke the glass and drove away when I came back from get off work, who should I explain?”

“The opening?” Everyone looked at it for a long time: “Are there any cuts?”

Zhu Yang popped out the car key in his hand and swiped towards the body——

A clear scratch suddenly appeared on the well-maintained car body.

“Now there.”

All players: “……”


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