Scream Queen Chapter 49

Zhu Yang drove away in the car, leaving behind a bunch of players who were unfamiliar with their lives and had to ask for directions and crowd the bus.

In this time of survival, the game seems to be really stuck. People use the player’s physique or ability to facilitate trouble.

Must go to work in designated places, must not violate the law or discipline, and must not use force against ordinary people.

Before entering the game, most players are still ordinary people who are diligent, even if they have a criminal record, this time they will block the way for you.

Many players have long known that dogs are more urinary than games, and making so many additional regulations is not as simple as it sounds.

If they were just asked to work for a month to ensure self-sufficiency, it would definitely not meet the urgency of the game and the special arrangement of work. As long as the task of the game personally, it must be a pit, nothing to say.

The place where Zhu Yang is going to work is less than half an hour’s drive from the apartment, so he would drive faster by himself.

However, Zhu Yang didn’t rush there, but first drove around the neighborhood. As expected, this neighborhood is the university town, and the main consumer groups coming and going are young people.

After slowly learning the information he wanted to know, Zhu Yang drove to the clothing store.

It was almost ten in the morning by now.

Generally, such large commercial districts basically open at ninety o’clock and leave work at the same time in the evening.

However, the staff in the store usually arrive an hour early to touch up makeup, change uniforms, clean the shelves, and do a lot of work in the morning.

Zhang Qian is the manager of this international luxury brand Beicheng Tianjie store. She is twenty-eight years old this year. Because fashion brands have requirements for the appearance of front-line employees, everyone who can work here are young and beautiful girls. .

As the flagship store in this city, the Beicheng Tianjie Store has long been the top in sales. Those who can enter this store naturally have a higher threshold.

Yesterday Zhang Qian received a notice, saying that an intern employee reported today, and she was not very happy.

Their shop generally does not bring newcomers, and they always pick and choose from sales veterans in other districts. As long as the district manager does not give people the opportunity to refuse, Zhang Qian guesses which of the related households may have dropped by.

Sure enough, I didn’t see anyone early the next morning. When everyone in the shop finished their makeup and cleaned up the shop, they brought up the matter when the morning meeting was held. Other employees also expressed dissatisfaction.

After all, your newcomer doesn’t understand anything when you come here, so you still have to rely on the old staff to lead them. They are not willing to lead people. The newcomer’s work attitude is still so bad, so the newcomer hasn’t come yet, and the impression on the store is bad.

Then almost eleven o’clock, there was a black Mercedes parked at the entrance of the store.

At first the clerk thought it was an old customer, the young and handsome male clerk immediately went down the steps to open the door for the customer.

Zhu Yang got off the car and entered the store, and the male clerk drove the car into the garage for her. Although the customer was born, the whole process was taken for granted.

It can be seen that they are rich girls who are accustomed to spending in and out of major luxury brands.

The manager immediately greeted him warmly: “Welcome—”

Before I spoke, I saw Zhu Yang pull out an entry form: “I’m coming to work!”

The store manager choked, the professional smile of excellent quality stiffened for a while, and he glanced at the car that had just been parked by his colleague.

Is that Mercedes-Benz a CL-class sports car? Say less than two million. She thought which district manager or administrator’s related account was dropped, but this condition is necessary for the popular sales industry?

In addition, the regional manager also confessed to the other party’s daily salary, without giving a commission, just according to the basic salary standard of the interns.

Although newcomers generally cannot sell such expensive products unless they are lucky. However, sales depend on performance, and the basic salary is generally not high. What’s more, newcomers have to spend energy on training, and the basic salary is even lower.

Anyway, the daily salary is not a hundred yuan, just enough for survival.

It sounded a bit like a relationship household that the middle-level management didn’t want to take care of himself. It was the same as a summer worker who made some pocket money, but it turned out to be such a situation.

At the beginning, the store manager who planned to wait for someone to do some serious work was disrupted by Zhu Yang’s arrogant and high-profile momentum.

Quite politely, he took Zhu Yang to the studio connected to the warehouse behind, registered her, scanned her ID card, and talked about the basic rules of the store, as well as what product activities are currently available in the store.

Relatively high-end clothing brand activities will not be too high, and they will not get some cheap logos to put on the hanging poles of the display racks, so employees have to remember.

Zhu Yang has never done this work. Every time he buys clothes, he sees that these shopping guides have a good number of model codes for each quarter, and even the number of models in the warehouse is reported without checking the computer. This shows the work behind this profession. It’s also huge.

After the basic procedures are completed, it is already time for lunch. The store manager will go to the commercial neighborhood committee for a meeting in the afternoon, so he handed Zhu Yang to an old employee to get her familiar with the environment first.

The other girls in the store were very curious about Zhu Yang, and when the store manager left, there were no customers at the moment.

They gathered around to say hello, curious about her airborne and outfit.

She drives a luxury car to work, but the clothes she wears are just ordinary styles, but she is beautiful, and she is very conspicuous in the places where the beautiful women gather, and there is only a strong aura, so that everyone will not doubt her. Family situation.

I just think that the daughter of the boss suddenly wanted to experience life below? The little brother who had just parked Zhu Yang was also embarrassed.

At this time, a girl came out and drove everyone away, her attitude was very impatient: “What are you doing around here? What do the guests see when they come in?”

She was the old employee who told Zhu Yang before the shop manager left. The name was Qiu Fengqin, but this name really didn’t match the environment, so she got a job code named Annie.

Then she said to Zhu Yang: “And you, you were late for work the day before, why don’t you just come back from get off work? What kind of clothes are you wearing? Don’t mess around in the store without a uniform, which will affect the appearance of the store.”

With Annie’s roar, everyone returned to their work in anguish, just disdain that the other party was holding chicken feathers as an order arrow, but the rules here are strictly true, let alone crowding and chatting, it means that more than three people stood together and were arrested by the shop. There is a fine for living.

Annie seemed not afraid to offend people at all, and she never knew where she took a set of work clothes and threw it to Zhu Yang: “Change it!”

Zhu Yang didn’t stretch out his hands, and didn’t even touch the work clothes. I don’t know if it was left by the last employee who left or who was dirty and didn’t have time to wash it.

All in all, it was crumpled and could smell a sweat even far away.

Zhu Yang smiled softly: “Is this what you just took off? You can wear old sauerkraut leaves on your body casually, I can’t. But I can understand you, after all, with such a face, it is indeed easy to give up on yourself.”

“Eh, you–” Annie didn’t expect the other party to be unrighteous, and sneered: “Miss who drives a luxury car to work? If you don’t have the heart to go to work, where can you go to play? But now you know you are here Staff, just to show off perfunctory, you can go to the warehouse to rest, don’t make fun of the entire store’s business.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “So what? What is your turnover today?”

When Annie choked, it is certainly impossible for a luxury brand store to come and go like a supermarket. In fact, there are rarely more than five customers in the store at the same time. Most people are embarrassed to come in, and once they come in, they usually have no purchasing power. low.

This morning, I had more than 20 guests, and Annie had three rounds, but she was out of luck and only tried and didn’t buy, so it didn’t open today.

When Zhu Yang asked, she gritted her teeth and sneered: “I have such a big appetite, I really thought that my performance was brought by running water? You try—”

He didn’t say anything, and saw Zhu Yang remove a dress from the shelf. The light and concise design, capable and elegant.

Zhu Yang casually took off the hanger and threw it to her: “Since you have a difficult opening, I will give you a performance.”

By the way, I took another pair of high-heeled sandals, went in and changed my clothes, and suddenly the denim shirt turned into a high-heeled skirt.

Annie didn’t react at first, but she woke up after she came out and said, “What are you doing? You can’t try this on.”

Zhu Yang ignored it, opened the curtain of the fitting room and pointed to the pile of clothes and shoes on the ground that he had thrown away: “Throw these away for me! And, no thanks!”

The impulsive charity makes people want to be mad, but other people have already reflected it. This girl has been here for less than two hours, and the class is not clean, so I spent the money first.

This skirt and a pair of shoes cost less than 30,000 yuan. The interns have no performance commission for the time being, and their monthly salary is less than 3,000 yuan.

Although everyone is happy to see Annie being smashed, and a little envious, after all, there are more difficult guests, and the performance is real money.

The whole shop became more and more sure that Zhu Yang’s journey was not small, and naturally he would not be offended like Annie’s convulsions, so the whole afternoon was still fine.

When it was almost dinner time, a customer came to the store. She was a middle-aged lady who was a little blessed, but she still maintained an S-shape, which was barely of the type of plump and fat breasts.

At this moment, it is Annie’s turn to do it well, but as soon as the lady came in, Annie was a little reluctant, but she adjusted her state and greeted her with a professional smile—

“Mrs. Chen, you are here, and a new product has just been released recently. Are you still thinking about when to call you.”

Mrs. Chen raised her chin arrogantly, and said impatiently: “What call? How annoying to answer sales calls all the time? How many clothes did I buy from you? Don’t know when you will get new ones?”

But in fact, if they didn’t call her, the other party would ridicule them as to whether the store had grown bigger, and they would not be notified when they were new, and they would wait for them to pick someone else’s choice.

In short, this Mrs. Chen here has eyes on the top of her head, and she likes to be critical of them, and she likes to show off her superiority. She also buys clothes, but she is not as generous as she herself said, and it is difficult to do it.

And when I try on clothes for a long time, I may only buy one or two or even not buy them. Everyone is unwilling to receive her after occupying the seat for so long. Anyway, when she comes, who will be her turn? Only bad luck.

Sure enough, in the next period of time, Annie was evoked by the audience and tried most of the clothes, but she didn’t reveal which suit she was interested in.

But when Annie is a little impatient or moves slowly, what greets her is all kinds of harsh words——

“What do you mean I can’t wear size 6? You know if it’s all right? This style is loose, so I want to wear a tight effect, can’t it?”

“Yes, yes, no problem.” Annie’s head is two big: “But don’t look at it as a whole loose, the cuffs are very tight, it will be tight when you wear it—”

“You mean my arms are thick? Afraid that I will try to break the thread for you?”

“No, no, it’s meaningless.”

“Then you take 6 yards and I will try.”

Annie is about to explode. If the **** connection is really broken, will this shrew honestly confess? According to the company’s usual implementation standards, the repair costs must have fallen to her again.

Even if the shop here is profitable and the salary is high, this is not the way.

Seeing that other people have come and gone to pick up several waves of people, they have all achieved some success. Even a refreshing customer tried a dress of more than 100,000 yuan in less than ten minutes after entering the store, and wrapped it up and bought it on the spot.

Annie became more anxious, and the flow of people was good today, so she couldn’t just delay the fat woman.

At this time, someone patted her on the shoulder. Annie turned her head and saw Zhu Yang. She didn’t get angry and said, “What are you doing? Are you busy? Don’t make trouble.”

Zhu Yang didn’t care about her attitude, and said, “You can transfer this customer to me, and you can pick up others?”

Annie was taken aback for a moment, and she was right. Although newcomers generally don’t arrange to receive guests alone for fear of performance loss, there is no clear stipulation.

Throw this upstart wife to the newcomer, and you can get away. Annie was a little annoyed. She had to think about this earlier, and she probably owns the dress list.

So he hurriedly pushed Zhu Yang to the door of the fitting room: “Come on, just wait for her to come out and say something nice, as long as you don’t offend people, it doesn’t matter whether you sell the goods or not.”

After speaking, he immediately went to the door and started to re-arrange. At this time, Mrs. Chen also came out of the fitting room, wearing the pink dress that she had to try.

I didn’t see the shopping guide who just served her and didn’t care. I thought I was helping myself with the clothes, so I stood in front of the mirror and admired the effect of fitting.

He said to himself: “It’s pretty good, I know this M size can also be worn, and the cuffs are a bit tight to change.”

After I finished speaking, I heard a voice from the side: “Are you serious? You look like a pink pig now. Although this version is loose, the design is in these folds. You can support the folds and you will consider Have you ever experienced the designer’s feelings?”

As soon as Mrs. Chen heard this, she turned into anger, she looked up and saw a young girl standing behind her in the mirror.

The other party is extremely beautiful, tall and perfect, just standing there gracefully, you can see the strong self-confidence of the other party without any expression.

Mrs. Chen is a nouveau riche herself, and she is a little bit high-spirited. Don’t look at her nostrils to the shop assistants, but when she sees other wealthy wives, she usually smiles.

Seeing Zhu Yang like this, one could tell at a glance that it was the daughter of a wealthy family, who looked better than the wealthy daughters at the high-end banquet she attended, so she chewed the curse in her mouth.

I saw the girl’s slender and delicate fingers tracing the garment on the display rack.

Mrs. Chen saw that she was so beautiful everywhere that she couldn’t move her eyes away, and she was envy and jealous for a while, and her momentum naturally went all the way to the end.

At this time Zhu Yang had already taken off two pieces of clothes and threw them to her: “Go, change them!”

The posture of this sub-command was too dignified, and Mrs. Chen went in obediently with the clothes.

I didn’t react until I changed it soon. Why did you listen to that little girl?

But only the zipper was not pulled, and I would simply change it out. As soon as I went out, I saw the other party nodded in satisfaction: “Well! This is the truth.”

Mrs. Chen turned around hesitantly and looked in the mirror. She was also surprised. She was now wearing a black close-fitting skirt.

Generally, they are a little bit blessed, and their belly is slightly prominent, but they will not consider this too simple and close-fitting style at all. It is a disaster to not cover the meat.

But although this one looked plain, it was two yards thinner than the naked eye when it was worn on the upper body. It should be obvious, and it should be covered. It suddenly changed from a bloated rich woman to a plump buttocks.

Mrs. Chen was surprised and delighted: “This—”

Zhu Yang casually gave her two accessories in the accessories area, and threw them directly over in a lazy command gesture for her to wear.

Mrs. Chen was obedient this time. In fact, she doesn’t usually like simple and single-toned clothes, but when she is older, she prefers bright dresses. After wearing jewelry, the whole body looks less dull.

Zhu Yangdao: “This waist stitching technology has special processing. Although it is not visible at a glance, this cut is very waist-covering, and it is not too deliberately conspicuous like the fold processing. I knew it at first glance. Designed specifically for women with plump bodies.”

“But the girls in the store are all slim and wear size 4, but they don’t show its uniqueness.”

Mrs. Chen repeatedly said: “These little girls are uniformly trained, and they can’t afford such expensive clothes. How can they know these tips? Oh, your necklace is just right. I thought I could not wear this thick neck for a lifetime. What about pearls.”

The modest and polite posture is almost two faces from the other clerk who just faced.

Zhu Yang smiled: “Where is the other one? Go and change it too, and I’ll find out if there are other suitable ones for you.”

It was a condescending tone of kindness, but Mrs. Chen was really flattered.

As a result, after half an hour, Zhu Yang matched Mrs. Chen with seven or eight sets of clothes. She has a good aesthetic, and has a vicious look. There is always a surprise effect, which makes Mrs. Chen happy.

Some customers passed by and looked at her skillful ability to fit so many clothes with precision, and asked her how effective she was when she tried on the clothes.

At the beginning, it was only a question. Seeing that Zhu Yang could grasp the key in a few words, although she spoke viciously, and she didn’t just pick and don’t give a solution. After a little bit of her, the effect was often beyond expectation.

In the end, the few guests didn’t want to go with the shopping guide at all. Five or six ladies and wives sat next to Zhu Yang. Zhu Yang also asked the male colleagues in the shop to buy afternoon tea desserts at the cake shop next door.

A group of people sat drinking tea, enjoying instruction, and chatting with each other. Several wives exchanged business cards with each other. They bought clothes and turned into a wardrobe salon.

But telling the truth is really much more enjoyable and easier than buying clothes. Even a few rich wives are used to Zhu Yang’s poisonous tongue, and they are also joking with each other.

Mrs. Chen took a blue dress and asked Zhu Yang: “Miss Zhu, do you think I can wear this dress?”

Several wives laughed at her and said: “Oh, this is also used by Miss Zhu. You must wear this one for a dolphin hahaha…”

The clerk ladies looked at each other, but there was no alternative. Customers could choose whether or not to purchase shopping guide services. If not, the customer’s consumption performance would be shared equally by all employees.

Although customers are sucked away, there is nothing to say about how you can divide your performance if you don’t work.

When it was eight o’clock in the evening, seeing that there were still two hours left before get off work, Zhu Yang was also a little tired.

He stood up and clapped his hands: “Okay, I’m here for today. I also have a bit of dry mouth. Please settle the bill and go.”

It was just like humiliating others, and the rich wives let out an unfulfilled boo.

However, they were very obedient, saying that they would stand up one by one when they were allowed to leave. The other shop assistants rushed to pack the clothes they were satisfied with, and put them into the brand LOGO bag one by one.

Five or six were busy at the cash register, and they were all excited to see the higher and higher sales displayed on the computer.

Generally, the rich wives who are in these brands will not hesitate to meet the satisfaction of things, and will not ask the price.

Even Mrs. Chen, who has always been difficult to stingy, has already developed obedience to Zhu Yang, and on the other hand, after she is unwilling to leave other wives, she even bought almost 20 pieces of jewelry today, and paid the bill without hesitation. of.

Zhu Yang escorted them to the door, and several wives remembered and asked: “Miss Zhu, what do you do for work? Are you not going back now?”

Zhu Yang said: “Me? I am the shopping guide here, otherwise why do you think I help you match clothes?”

The wives choked, and then they realized that it was probably the boss’s daughter who went to the shop to inspect. After all, this kind of tolerance, this extravagant courage, could not be an ordinary part-time job at all.

So he happily said: “Come to your store next time to play.”

Zhu Yang didn’t get entangled, shrugged and returned to the store. At this time, today’s total performance has been calculated.

Zhuyang alone sold hundreds of products today, which is equivalent to the usual total sales of 10 days.

At this time, the store manager came back, because the entire brand is networked with performance, and can see the real-time performance ranking and total sales of the day in the same city.

She had just come out of a meeting on the property side of the business district, and when she turned on her mobile phone, she saw that there was a sudden increase in sales by several million, which was shocked.

I thought it was an error in the store and repeated the entry many times, and then hurried back to the store to find out the situation.

She looked at Zhu Yang, who was sitting on the sofa. The sofa in the store is absolutely prohibited for employees during working hours, but no one has questioned this at the moment.

Including Annie, who stabs her at the moment. After all, everyone in the store today has received at least tens of thousands of performance commissions this month.

The store manager naturally smiled on his face. Seriously, people who have reached a certain level of skill, it doesn’t matter if they really have rules.

What is being late? The true god-level sales talents, even if they only work one hour a day, are still rushing for them.

Just about to say something nice to encourage, Zhu Yang said: “I can get off work now?”

“Yes.” The store manager doesn’t care about her leaving early. Anyway, she doesn’t check in during the internship. It’s reasonable to keep people here first.

By the way: “I pay you today’s salary.” Then he took out the change bag.

Zhu Yang smiled: “Manager, I don’t think my salary is calculated like that?”

The store manager was a little embarrassed: “In terms of the system, there is no performance commission for newcomers, but you can rest assured that tomorrow I will be as reflected in the above. Generally, it will be an internship period of one to three months. I will apply for you for three days. If you find anything in the store, it will be corrected immediately.”

I believe the regional manager will not refuse to see these sales.

Zhu Yang sneered, “I don’t make it difficult for you to do things you can’t do. How about you call and ask the regional manager? If he gives the same answer, I think the opposite store is pretty good. To be honest The decoration style in the store is more in line with my eyes.”

The store manager’s face changed when he heard the words, and immediately said: “You sit and have a cup of coffee, I’ll make a call.”

Then he entered the warehouse alone, and did not make Zhu Yang wait long, he came out after about ten minutes.

I have said a lot of beautiful things, what company values ​​you especially, what this company always has a good promotion platform, what is your ability to make sure the future is limitless.

In the end, after playing enough cards, she looked like she took special care of you and agreed to give her a commission for today’s performance.

Among them, Mrs. Chen belongs to Zhu Yang’s own client. The performance of the other wives is evenly divided, and Zhu Yang has also made a lot of money this day.

More than 20,000 of them paid for the dress on her body, and the manager should give her more than 5,000.

Annie was so jealous that Mrs. Chen was the guest she let out, but what could be done? When she was in her hands, she didn’t even want to buy anything except to grind.

Zhu Yang took the money. At this time, the male compatriots in the store had helped her drive the car over. She thanked her and left early in the spotlight.

I went to the mall to buy some underwear and other daily necessities, and then drove back to the apartment.

I received a call from the police on the road, saying that the car owner’s body was found. I was investigating on the spot today. I will send someone over to pick up the car and take notes by the way.

When Zhu Yang arrived at the apartment, several policemen were already waiting there.

At this time, other players also came back from get off work. It can be seen that the game is not favoring one another. They are all more than ten hours of work, and one by one is exhausted.

Tired is second, after all, the player’s physique is here, the key is to toss people.

Seeing that the police came to pick up the car, I did a transcript and did not pursue the damage to the car. After all, the owner of the car is dead. Not only that, but he also brought out that the other party was likely to be related to the case of a girl who was thrown away in the wild by a ride on a ride a while ago. Who else A scratch on the ATC?

It’s just that the two police officers looked at this apartment and saw that so many more tenants came back from get off work. They looked strange for a while, but they didn’t say anything.

Everyone got together, most of them hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so they found a small food tube to have dinner together and exchanged daytime work information.

This is simply a complaining meeting-

The girl who went to the restaurant to help said: “I really haven’t seen such a busy visit in my life. From the early days to the evening, there is a steady stream of guests, and I can’t sit down in the long queue and have to wait.”

“I haven’t done this before, and I was called in circles. The lady boss scolded me for having no work in my eyes. My God asked me to clean the table, and at the same time, he asked me to bring the guests paper and toothpicks, and then I would add soup and food. Did you **** own hands or when I had eight hands?”

The girl looked very gentle yesterday, and at this time she was so angry that she was swearing: “There are still people taking advantage of me. The most **** thing is that I was crowded and I didn’t even catch anyone.”

“A day’s salary is eighty yuan, only so much, no more points. If it weren’t for a **** game, why would you be so busy to hire someone for eighty yuan?”

Another girl who went to customer service also said: “I haven’t stopped my mouth today, and my head is about to explode all day. The key is that there are so many boring perverts who call to find faults and curse people. Those who tease you, and those who sexually harass, didn’t make me sick. My ears hurt now.”

Chen Hui went to the laundry room with a suspicious expression on his face: “Why, why should I go to that kind of place? Will I do laundry? Why do I send me a hand washing task? My salary is less than 100 yuan a day, today It’s all paid in.”

Everyone looked at him with unkind expressions: “In other words, you have to share the money for this meal, right?”

Chen Hui immediately licked his face and smiled: “Well, many people have more than one pair of chopsticks, please also for breakfast tomorrow.”

When everyone choked, the others complained again and again, and then everyone seemed to be sure of the game’s intentions.

This thing is meant to exhaust them during the day and the death harassment of ghosts at night. It really wants to grind them mentally and physically to death.

You still can’t be rude to ordinary people, you can’t even threaten to raise wages with violence. Just cursing them is not the opponent of other bosses, so I will scold you every minute.

Then I came to Zhu Yang, and the two girls realized that Zhu Yang had changed clothes.

Take a closer look, this dress doesn’t look like a big-ticket item-isn’t this a skirt of that brand? One piece costs 20,000 yuan.

Reminiscing that this guy didn’t take an unusual way yesterday, she simply took a car back to save costs.

The two girls wandered and asked: “Zhu, Zhu Yang! What is your income today?”

“It’s more than 30,000. After paying for the skirt and shoes, there are only five or six thousand left.”

The table that was picking up rice suddenly became quiet, one by one raised their heads, half-opened their mouths and looked at her blankly——

“More, how much?”

“Thirty thousand?”

Even though this guy even had such an embarrassing condition so extravagant is amazing, but there are still five thousand left, which is enough for the basic expenses during the game.

Everyone hurriedly said, “Why, how is it possible? Didn’t we say that we didn’t have a commission? How could it be done?”

Those who are all experienced, naturally know that the rules of the game do not favor one or the other, they average 70 to 80 yuan a day, and Zhu Yang should be the same.

Although it is in a luxury store, the basic salary is similar to them.

Zhu Yang shrugged: “I sold millions of goods, telling them that if I don’t give a commission, I will switch to the opposite store.”

“Don’t you let you quit?” Chen Hui said blankly.

“They don’t know.” Zhu Yang took it for granted.

Yes, yes! But this method does not apply to them. If they also make millions of achievements a day, they will definitely be crying and yelling and nodding promises when they ask for processing funds, rather than being scolded.

Everyone was congested, and they thought what kind of fairy newcomer this was, perhaps the least experienced among them, but how could this series of routines and sao operations be so unlike the style of a world.

After dinner, everyone bought some necessary daily necessities with today’s meagre salary. Don’t say anything else, you have to ask for toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, underwear, right?

Fortunately, the weather is hot at the moment, and the clothes can be worn properly the next day after being washed at night, otherwise they will be stinky within three days. After all, they can’t afford clothes.

When everyone was holding on to toothpaste and dared not to buy too good, Zhu Yang went directly to the fruit area to buy some expensive boutique fruits and some snacks. Everyone felt the gap even more.

But she was not stingy. Each of them took a few fruits back, and the two girls even gave a pack of snacks.

This moved everyone.

Chen Hui relied on staying at the opposite door, and also wondered about going back cheeky.

It was almost ten o’clock when they got back to the apartment, and Brother Hou explained that they had better be alert when they went to bed at night.

It’s really impossible to put a few talisman at the head and end of the bed, although it is estimated that there are not so many talisman enough for a full thirty days.

But today, everyone went to work on the first day and did not adapt to the rhythm. It was when they were exhausted by tossing, ghosts and monsters might take advantage of the void.

Everyone agreed naturally, and then went back to their rooms.

When Zhu Yang came back, he went to the bathroom to take a shower. The bathroom here is also very old and terribly old, but fortunately there is hot water, but the lotus is the style of 800 years ago, and the water is not good.

After the two old ghosts cleaned up last night, Zhu Yang also focused on checking the bathroom to make sure that all the old dirt was gone.

She wouldn’t use the toilet if it was a bit pickled.

I was washing happily, when I heard the sound of water. To say that Zhu Yang is taking a bath with hot water now, he should have not noticed the sound.

But the slow, dripping acquaintance of the unfastened faucet has the same sense of existence in the silent night, which makes people unable to ignore.

Zhu Yang wiped off the water on his face and looked back.

The wash basin in the bathroom is made of cement, and the faucet is the most old-fashioned metal faucet. The outlet is very small and the size of an adult’s pinky finger.

But Zhu Yang saw that one or two black threads gradually flowed out of the water outlet with drops of water.

Then the thread became more and more dense, flowing out like a column of water.

After flowing about 20 or 30 centimeters, the color of what came out changed from pure black to flesh-colored, just like a sausage coming out of a sausage machine.

But the flesh-colored dragon head began to swell and deform, and the real forehead was the nose and then the chin.

It actually swelled into the shape of a human head, but before the neck of the human head came out, the head seemed to be attached to a faucet with the thickness of a thumb, and it looked astonishingly large.

The human head came out and could only move a little, lifted his head from the sink, and smiled strangely at Zhu Yang.

Then he began to squeeze out again, slowly showing his neck, shoulders, and chest.

Just like that, a person was about to squeeze out from the gap of the thumb.

Seeing that the place where it came out was almost at the waist, Zhu Yang calmly washed away the foam on his body, then wrapped a bath towel and walked to the sink.

The volume of the sink is limited, so the upper body of the ghost that has come out is now squeezing in it.

Seeing Zhu Yang coming over, looking at himself condescendingly, he was about to show a terrifying smile.

Just listen to the other party chuckling: “What? When you have a Tibetan antelope shawl? People easily wear the ring, you are more powerful, wear a tap.”

“But you’re not slippery enough. You waited for a long time before you came out halfway. Your mother felt uncomfortable when you gave birth to you?”

“Come on! I’ll help you.”

When she said that, she tore off the faucet violently. The metal faucet was disconnected from the plastic water pipe, and the female ghost was torn out of the plastic management, but her waist was still hooped by the water pipe.

That is to say, her current body shape, the upper body is normal, the lower body is normal, but the waist is only the thickness of the water pipe.

When she interrupted the rhythm, the female ghost turned into anger, opened her mouth and made a gurgling noise, speeding up and trying to break free from the tap.

It was a prop to create horror effects, but now it became her restraint.

But where would Zhu Yang do as she wished, she broke her hands and knotted the metal water pipe in her hands alive.

The female ghost was naturally tied into a knot by the whole person. Since this guy’s body was so smooth, Zhu Yang also pulled a wire to tie her neck and ankle tightly together.

The female ghost screamed when she was struggling, and Zhu Yang slapped her head: “Call a hammer, dare to make a sound, I will flush you down the toilet hole and make your tap ghost turn into a **** tap ghost.”

The female ghost shook, and suddenly did not dare to scream.

Zhu Yang hung the female ghost at the door of his room and wrote a book—

[The dreamer dies! 】

In order to prevent the ghost from escaping or being rescued, she even took a few charms and tied it around. The female ghost dared to move it is absolutely sour, and other ghosts dared to touch it.

About to close the door and return to the room, I saw the old couple and the little boy next door watching this scene through the crack of the door.

Seeing Zhu Yang looked over, he hurriedly curled his neck to close the door.

But the leading actor called to stop and said: “Every day I go out and remember to clean the room. Really, I don’t know how to do it without telling me. There is no work in my eyes.

This family is already regarded as a housekeeping ghost, and they dare not speak.

Zhu Yang went back to his room and fell asleep, but Chen Hui was not at peace.

Because he was thinking about Zhu Yang’s snacks, he always felt that his mouth was tasteless, and he couldn’t sleep while lying in bed.

Then there was the sound of marbles rolling down, and he didn’t pay attention at first because he had heard of this principle of marbles.

But gradually something went wrong, and the sound from the building at the beginning, bounced and rolled with each round of falling, getting closer and closer.

It seemed to appear in his own room from upstairs, then to his bed, then to his ears.

How could Chen Hui not know that something was staring at him, he bounced and stood up, holding a talisman in his hand.

I saw a black marble slowly rolling to my feet.

When he was about to touch Chen Hui’s feet, he quickly moved aside.

The marble smashed into the air and hit a stool leg in the corner along the inertia, and then Chen Hui’s scalp numb.

Because he saw that the marble suddenly turned into a huge black cockroach. The moment he hit the stool, he opened his mouth and gnawed at it, and gnawed half an egg-sized gap at the foot of a solid wood stool.

If this speed and the mouth of his teeth gnaw on his feet–

Chen Hui didn’t react too slowly. He flicked and stomped over the stool. Fortunately, the cockroach was not as hard as a diamond, but Chen Hui was crushed to death with the legs of the stool.

After a while, the sound of marbles in the room disappeared.

But there is a saying that once a cockroach is found, there are at least several hundred in the house?

Chen Hui was worried that Zhu Yang would also encounter this, so he opened the door and wanted to go to her to remind——

By the way, a few packets of snacks would be even better.

Only when I opened the door, I saw a ghost who was hung at the door and twisted into twists, and there were a few words of threatening blood on it.

Look, it seems that people don’t need to remind themselves.


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