Scream Queen Chapter 5

Before leaving, Zhu Yang asked the counterfeit celestial master: “In the afternoon, you said that the female ghost had a very strong purpose for me, and it was also a blind bluff?”

Xie Yi scratched his head: “Didn’t I mean exaggerating and bargaining? But it’s not all bludgeoning, instinctively, I can’t tell. Anyway, the murder house I used to see is not as evil as you.”

That’s because you just saw a ghost with your own eyes, Zhu Yang said in his heart. If it didn’t happen, wouldn’t this stupid and daring fight with pesticides?

Seeing that Zhu Yang was going out, Xie Yi hurriedly said, “Well, can you change the room for me? Or ask Auntie to come and accompany me?”

Zhu Yang jokingly smiled: “Are you sure? Auntie hates getting married very much recently. She has blind dates several times a week. Of course it doesn’t matter if you ask me.”

Xie Yi trembled all over, crying with a sad face: “Then what if the female ghost comes back to find me?”

“If you haven’t lied, with your physique, she shouldn’t **** with you so quickly. After all, she’s not strong right now, and it’s not cost-effective to consume you.”

Zhu Yang went back to the room and fell asleep not long after this time, but what was different from what Zhu Lina described was that the female ghost did not fall asleep tonight.

Zhu Yang had anticipated this. Maybe the bad master made the female ghost feel threatened as soon as he entered the door, so before coming to her at night, he wanted to make an effort to drive people away.

But since it hasn’t been driven away, with the current female ghost’s ability, it must be a lot of loss, and even the strength to enter her dream is gone.

Of course, this is just an optimistic speculation, it is also possible that the ugly **** has deliberately disrupted the rhythm and is holding back some big moves.

Zhu Yang can only be more vigilant about this.

The next day was the fourth day. After breakfast, Zhu Yang hadtily tidied up and went to school.

Today, she deliberately did not make up, nor did she wear bright clothes. She wore a plain Mori dress on her body.

The already slender figure seemed even more awkward, and she glanced at her brows all morning, her eyes melancholy.

I looked a little haggard, but it was so beautiful that I sighed. I was straightforward to teach people to look at the desire to protect.

For a while, the gossip in the school forum became more lively, but the general wind direction was pitiful and distressed that Zhu Yang ran into the dirty stuff. The boys had even begun to organize ways to come up with all kinds of dog skin plasters.

It’s the girl’s occasionally that one or two voices are sour. [No illness or disaster, but just having two nightmares, so hypocritical? She turned into the forum. She hasn’t vacillated people who are really depressed or take a break from school for treatment. 】

[But no, if there is a sign of schizophrenia, I should be sent to the doctor as soon as possible. 】

Such kind of ridicule just came to the fore, and all kinds of accusations were put to the bottom, mocking others’ misfortunes, and unlucky things have to be used to compare moral hats such as rankings and so on.

At noon, I have a regular meal with the sorority members. After a day and night of fermentation, everyone who should know knows.

Everyone sat down at the table on the second floor, which had been agreed upon and was dedicated to the sisterhood, and began to inquire and comfort Zhu Yang’s condition.

But even if the expression is worried, the content in his eyes may be gloating, curious, or thoughtful.

Zhu Yang has always acted online, and for a while, the atmosphere is full of joy. The young and beautiful girls support and encourage each other to overcome difficulties together, which is moving.

Suddenly a different voice said: “Um, Zhu Yang, although I don’t want to talk about this when you are in pain.”

Zhu Yang raised his head, Lin Qian walked in front of him, and the triumph in Bi Chi’s eyes could hardly be hidden.

He also made a statement saying: “You don’t have makeup today? You can’t be embarrassed because of your personal emotional image. Sisters must maintain their beauty outside, or just don’t go out at all. This is your own rule.”

“The day before yesterday, Xie Xiaomeng was even said to you, but today you did not abide by the rules you set. As the president, is this considered a principled negligence?”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows when he heard the words, did not rush to answer, but first glanced at the reactions of the people around him.

No one expressed dissatisfaction with Lin Qian’s fall into the trap, but rather agreed with her.

Everyone must abide by the rules that she Zhu Yang ignores herself, not to mention the typical sorrows of people in the Sisterhood. Whoever has a strong momentum should speak out.

Just after Lin Qian was cut back last time. One by one, Zhu Yang didn’t dare to provoke so quickly, but it’s okay to keep silent and develop.

Zhu Yang knew their virtues long ago, and there was no gap in her heart, as long as she stayed absolutely strong.

But with the case of Julina, the Sisterhood will have to beat the individual’s mind hard, and it will save the next time someone dares to dare to mess with her behind her back.

This design not only waited for the female ghost, but it was also important to let each **** realize that the wrong person had been dared to hit her.

Seeing her melancholy and frivolous eyebrows disappeared, her fragile and helpless temperament disappeared, and her eyes returned to the condescending contempt.

Looking at Lin Qian with a faint smile, she sneered, “Of course I will abide by the rules I set.”

“But you, as the card face of the broadcasting department, this makes people concealed and speechless, and it really makes people doubt the overall level of your department.”

“Don’t be embarrassed and maintain your beauty at any time. Did I fail to do anything?”

“But you–” Lin Qian didn’t admit that she was still dead, and pointed to her plain face.

Before I spoke, I saw Zhu Yang recruited someone to come over.

Coincidentally, this is Cheng Senior, a talented journalist who is handsome and has a good family background and a good personality. Because of frequent professional contact, Lin Qian had already secretly promised her.

But after hearing that Zhu Yang recruited the people, he made the pitiful white lotus again: “Senior, I want to ask your boys what they think.”

Xuechang Cheng was flattered: “You said, is there any trouble? Just say it.”

The whole school knew about Zhu Yang being shocked by ghosts, but she didn’t say it personally, so it was not easy to tell it in person.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Yang was talking about other topics: “When I went out today, I also found that I had a bad complexion and a ghostly appearance. When I came to school, everyone was staring at me, and I wondered if it hindered everyone. .”

“You guys have a more objective view, so I want to ask, I’m-okay now?”

When Senior Cheng heard this, he immediately retorted: “Where? You girls just like to think about it, knowing that you love beauty, but when you look at you, you definitely don’t dislike it, or suddenly change your style, which is both fresh and inconvenient. ”

As he talked, he became a little ambiguous, Zhu Yang said with ease: “Then senior, how do you think I put on makeup? Oh, just put on Lin Qian’s makeup.”

Senior Cheng looked at Lin Qian, who was still ambiguous with him but had not broken the relationship, and at Zhu Yang, the most conspicuous and beautiful among a group of beautiful girls.

With a serious expression: “No, I actually appreciate the simple dressing style of Xuemei Zhu today more than Lin Qian.”

Lin Qian looked at the senior in disbelief, Zhu Yang waved her hand lightly: “That’s OK, I’ll interrupt the senior’s meal. By the way, my birthday party may have to be advanced. It’s scheduled for Sunday this week. Please show your face when you arrive. .”

Invited by the beauty in person, Cheng Xuechang naturally has a bright face. There are more boys who want to go to the Zhu Yang party. This is really something to show off.

What’s more, Zhu Yang just found him and took Lin Qian to make a difference. Could it be interesting to him?

The boy left with infinite brain replenishment, and Zhu Yang lifted his legs and looked at Lin Qian and said, “What to do? The old lady just goes out without washing her face, wrapped in a tablecloth, she is still more beautiful than you in the eyes of others.”

I glanced at the surrounding girls again: “Of course, anyone who wants to be confident can do the same. Let me see, just take Lin Qian after makeup as a reference. As long as it is not lower than this standard, I will never say anything. four.”

“Of course, if you don’t know how you look, don’t blame me for speaking badly.”

“Zhu Yang, you–” Lin Qian was anxious. Not only did she seduce the boy she liked in front of her, but she also humiliated her so much.

Using her as a reference does not mean that she is the minimum standard for the appearance of the Sisterhood?

Zhu Yang looked back at her and said coldly: “What? Any comments?”

From the beginning, Lin Qian wanted to take advantage of her illness to kill her, seize the opportunity to destroy the prestige of the bitch, and then pull her down step by step.

At this time, looking at her eyes, there was full of understatement of irony, and then I realized that the so-called fear of hitting ghosts, sluggishness, and so on, are all showing up here.

Maybe it’s because the fishing law enforcement sees their reaction so that they can beat the rushing people down. I hate myself for being too impulsive.

After being distracted by the betrayal of this hacking and ambiguous object, Lin Qian could only swallow the blood, and explained in a low voice that she didn’t mean it.

The girls around just as they had reacted, they all accused Lin Qian of being okay.

Zhu Yang laughed, his smile was bright and sweet, just what he said made his heart tremble——

She said: “I admire Lin Qian, you can afford to put it down, you can save face and become more and more courageous.” She also said to the other members of the Sisterhood: “Oh of course, you are sensitive to the direction of the wind. Being neat also satisfied me.”

This is clearly scolding Lin Qian to see that the situation is wrong, admit her mistake, and quickly confuse everyone with the wind.

But no one dared to reply, and just immersed himself in the salad on the plate.

Julina, who had already come out of the house, was sitting at the end of the dining table, and she didn’t dare to breathe with a loud sound.

She is also entangled by a female ghost, what is she like? What is Zhu Yang? Zhu Lina even felt that this **** could maintain her dominant position even in the last second before death.

Therefore, she sincerely hopes that the female ghost will take her away. If she does not die, she will definitely not know what will happen after the autumn.

In the afternoon Zhu Yang returned home and Xie Yi was still there. He didn’t run away, so he only hid in the room for a day and played King Pesticide.

Seeing that Zhu Yang came back, he threw the phone away: “It’s time for dinner, and you won’t come back soon. Your aunt looked at me and almost bored me to death.”

“When she was doing cleaning, she came and went to inquire about the eight generations of my ancestors. She also said that it is suitable for us to match the Chinese zodiac signs. Sister, you are twenty years older than me.”

“After I refused, she started to sell her daughter again, I…” Xie Yi complained, slapped his thigh, “Are the old ladies now so careless?”

“I said, even though I’m being threatened by you, I will be a humanoid mosquito repellent incense here. My safety is not guaranteed and I have to withstand mental attacks.”

Since his original appearance last night, this guy has simply lost the temperament of a master, and he has fallen into an internet addiction youth.

Zhu Yang was too lazy to listen to his complaints and waved his hand: “I will take care of you. Auntie has clean hands and feet, works diligently, and cooks deliciously. This is enough.”

This Xie Yi admits, especially a pork ribs specially cooked for him, it is really fragrant, no big hotel can produce such a homey taste that makes people unable to stop eating.

Before going to bed at night, Xie Yi said, “The female ghost didn’t fall asleep yesterday, but she must be back today. Do you think of a good way? If it doesn’t work, I can’t sacrifice to accompany you to survive tonight.”

Zhu Yang nodded and pointed to the recorder in his pocket: “Well! There is another piece of evidence for sexual harassment.”

Choked Xie Yi back to the room.

Zhu Yang didn’t understand that tonight, the female ghost would definitely express something, but since the decision was made, he couldn’t persuade him.

According to Zhu Lina’s statement, in the early stage, even in Article 6, he could be **** in any place in broad daylight. There was no substantial attack. There was a high probability that only the seventh day could be used.

In other words, the front is all paper tigers, which are used to weaken people’s will. Of course, many people are already very difficult to get through.

Zhu Yang, who was called a week ago, never believed that she could be tough with ghosts. In her self-recognition, horror movies are good, but it is not the kind of silly and bold that can not be frightened.

I don’t know where I’m broken. On the contrary, facing the female ghost, the only way to kill her is to kill her, but I am not very afraid.

While lying on the bed half dreaming and half awake, Zhu Yang felt that he had come to a narrow and dim place.

The layout of the room is simple, with only one bed, one chair, one dressing table, and a ceiling fan on the ceiling.

Zhu Yang looked at it for a while in wonder, and suddenly he felt aroused. This is the room of the female ghost in the video.

The next second with this recognition, footsteps came from outside the door, and the sound of creaking on the old wooden floor was terrifying for no reason.

Zhu Yang guessed that the female ghost was coming in soon, and he got out as soon as his mind turned viciously.

She hurriedly took off her white silk nightdress, pulled a hanger from the bed and hung it on the ceiling fan, and put the skirt on the ceiling fan with her feet, and then turned on the ceiling fan to the minimum.

In the dimly lit room, a white dress was slowly spinning in the air, which at first glance looked like a corpse in a white coat.

Then Zhu Yang gently hid in the blind spot by the door, and the door opened quietly at this time, making a disturbing creak.

The female ghost sneered along the way, her eyes were poisonous and triumphant, and today she can finally pull Nabichi into a dream.

She didn’t believe that Bitch could survive. If she didn’t scare her into incontinence tonight, she would be in vain.

As a result, when he opened the door, what Doutou saw was not the figure of the bitch, but a pale corpse hanging on the ceiling fan slowly turning.

The female ghost suddenly stiffened, and a screaming scream came out of her mouth unconsciously——



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