Scream Queen Chapter 50

It is estimated that the faucet ghost hanging at the door still has some deterrent effect, and Zhu Yang did not encounter any dirty things all night.

However, she still does the basic insurance measures. After all, the quality of sleep is good. If you are caught coldly in your sleep, you will capsize in the gutter.

The trick is so tricky this time, I have to guard against it.

The props on Zhu Yang, except for the large-scale goods in the exchange window of the novice field each time, the better ones are actually found by Lu Datou.

However, even if many things can be transferred, they cannot be used until a certain level, and Zhu Yang has not been very keen on using props.

First, the donated props will more or less affect the comprehensive evaluation of the clearance. Second, Zhu Yang is usually more passionate when dealing with ghosts——

When I remembered using the props, I had already torn the ghost almost to the point.

This night, Zhu Yang put amulet around the head of the bed, and also hung a pendant to resist an injury on his neck, so he could sleep peacefully all night.

Everyone got up at about seven the next day, obviously the ghosts here will not only greet Zhu Yang.

There were also players who won the lottery at night. They were the girl who lived on the fifth floor who worked as a telephone customer service and the boy who delivered food on the sixth floor.

It is also strange. It is reasonable to say that the effect of the apartment building diaphragm is not good, but no other player has heard and checked how they shouted in the room when they hit the ghost.

The door couldn’t be opened, and there was no signal for calling. The whole room seemed to have fallen into a different space, making it impossible to call every day.

After all, he also had some experience with ghosts, and he also had a couple of useful props in his hand, which was not explained at the beginning of the game.

When they opened the door in the morning and came out of the house, the two ran into the stairs, and at the same time guessed from the haggard look of each other who hadn’t slept all night.

The boy said hello first: “You too?”

The customer service girl tiredly said: “Yeah, anyway, I got out of the room alive, what about the others? Wouldn’t everyone meet them?”

At this time, another player on the fifth floor opened the door and walked out, with good spirits. Obviously, it was a good night’s sleep to cultivate enough energy.

Well, it seems they are the unfortunate ones.

All the way downstairs, the two players who gathered to the fourth floor were a little bit embarrassed about it.

“This is only the first night. It makes people exhausted during the day, and doesn’t stop at night. It doesn’t matter if you just show up, you can physically attack so quickly. This is the rhythm of killing our group. ”

“Bah, baah! What’s unlucky to say? By the way, what kind of ghost did you meet? How did you get it away? I’m afraid there are a lot of ghosts in this building, but there is a limit to it. The ghost characteristics and weaknesses are summarized. If someone encounters it next time, it is better to prepare early.”

This shows that the quality of this player is basically out of the category of newcomers.

According to the previous occasion, it is good to have a player in a team who is so calm and clear, but this time everyone has their own advantages.

The customer service girl said: “When I was about to go to bed after taking a shower, there was a sudden sound in the room, and it was a horrible sound effect, do you know? It’s more complete than the horror sound effect video I specially collected before.”

“I answered the phone all day during the day and wanted to be quiet for a while. At that time, the whole person was about to explode. I found an old tape recorder under the bed. I wanted to take it out and smashed it. I almost didn’t get strangled by the power cord that was suddenly entangled. .”

“Fortunately, I was careful. I kept holding the talisman in my hand, and after a long period of tossing, I pushed the thing back. I couldn’t sleep anymore.”

After that, he showed everyone a red mark on her neck. If it were careless, I’m afraid it would have died.

The takeaway boy scratched his head, and said in a shameful tone: “I, what I met is a dazzling ghost.”

“She undressed as soon as she came, that face, that figure, that style, I, I was pretty happy at first. As a result, she took everything off and continued to take off.”

“I pulled out a zipper from my neck and took off the whole human skin completely. I was scared at the time. Really! You want to find the difference. Don’t be so wicked. What do you mean by bullying a single otaku?”

“Then she was going to put that piece of skin on me. I wanted to put on that piece of skin, would I become the **** person inside? I said nothing, and I couldn’t escape. You chased me in the house and ran away most of the night, and then you found a chance to burn her flesh and blood with props and then forced her away.”

When several people heard it, they looked at him with contempt.

The boy struck his neck and said, “Just forget the girl, what do you mean? You didn’t see anyone there, it’s so beautiful.”

“What about Zhu Yang?”

“That, that’s not a type. Besides, the ghosts here are all very skilled, I don’t believe that you can deal with it calmly when you meet them. Who is so awesome? If you have the ability to hang up the ghosts, I will The ghost swallows.”

After I finished speaking, I stepped through the corner of the stairs and saw the third-floor corridor, clearly hanging in front of Zhu Yang’s door, the slippery and greasy ghost that was twisted into twists, and the shocking warning sign on it.

Several other players made a gesture of inviting the salesman, and said thoughtfully: “Would you like to add some cumin? We are so poor that we can’t afford underwear. It’s okay to get together to buy a package of spices.”

The takeaway boy closed his mouth tightly, like a saw-billed duck.

However, the joke is so open, and the few people are once again in awe of Zhu Yang inside. They originally thought this girl was a type with uninhibited style and flexible head, but she turned out to be an all-rounder.

The stronger the player’s companion, the more likely it is to pass the game smoothly, which is a good thing anyway.

However, a few people didn’t meet Zhu Yang when they went downstairs for breakfast, and they didn’t see her leaving when it was time to go to work.

Fearing that she would be late for work, other players went up to call her, and even brought her breakfast by the way.

Zhu Yang’s strength has made other players inevitably courteous. Besides, they distributed their fruits yesterday. So far, the atmosphere of this player team is still good.

Avoiding the faucet ghosts who dared to be angry and did not speak, everyone knocked on the door of the room.

After a while, Zhu Yang opened the door lazily. It was not the player who caught his eye, but the ghost blocking the faucet in front of him.

She slapped her hand over: “It’s so pretty here? It’s blocking your father’s sight. Do you want us to shout through you? Don’t look at you, just go.”

The faucet ghost silently sobbed and moved the twist-like body, and the caterpillar crawled on the door frame with difficulty, because the body was sticky to a certain extent, but did not fall, and then shrank like a jelly candy on the wall along the door frame, trying to reduce the existence sense.

Everyone saw this slow scene from the beginning to the end, in a tragic posture that the residents dare to be angry but dare not speak.

Especially the few people who also met with ghosts last night, compared to their exhausted look of tossing, there is an urge to kneel down and call Dad immediately.

Chen Hui twitched his mouth and brought the breakfast to Zhu Yang: “It’s almost time for work, can’t you get up? Here, I brought you breakfast.”

It was a cage of xiaolongbao and a cup of soy milk, but I didn’t know how Chen Hui owed it to him. Soy milk splashed out.

Seeing Zhu Yang’s look of contempt, Chen Hui silently put the things down: “I, I like to throw things around, unconsciously. When I was a child, Timmy threw rice on the ground everywhere and was beaten.”

Well, now everyone really understands his parents’ feelings at the time, because they also want to beat him, this guy is really a pure life mental retardation.

Zhu Yang once suspected that the game arranged for this person to come in to add to the obstacles for himself, who had to be served everywhere.

Rolled his eyes and said, “Just like you, you should give people money to wash clothes.”

He said to everyone again: “You guys should be busy, I’m on vacation today.”

Everyone was stunned: “Take a vacation? Did you take a day off last day?”

Zhu Yang: “No, don’t I drive without a car? How can I go to work if I can’t go?”

Wake up, besides luxury cars, there are bus and taxi options in this world, otherwise there are eleven roads.

Seeing how she took it for granted, everyone was a little unsure whether it was their own cognitive error.

Brother Hou twitched his mouth: “The rules of the game are quite strict. Even if your current money is enough for a month’s living expenses, the rules do not allow you to resign.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “I didn’t say I’m going to resign. It can’t control the normal vacation, right? It’s just a week off the previous day. When I wake up, I will call the shop again. They will agree.”

After talking about pushing everyone to go to work, I finally remembered what I said: “Oh, yes, five or six thousand is enough for a month. You are also millionaires. Don’t charge people so much for consumption. Just make money. You have to contribute to the market economy. Make money and work hard.”

A group of people walked out of the apartment building in a daze. To say that millionaires are indeed right, they are not as tight as they were when they were pure newcomers.

There are still food reserves that are poor for a few hundred points, not to mention that Hou Ge, who immediately enters the intermediate field, is also rich by realistic standards.

If the game is not chaotic, everyone is not the kind of people who are reluctant to exchange one or two points if they have no money to eat, but they are all limited to this, and she can’t restrain her extravagant nature, and her consumption standards will never give in.

That’s really a wonderful flower standing upright in the wind.

Not to mention, go to work and earn the daily salary of seven or eighty yuan.

Zhu Yang slept for another two hours and got back to sleep until almost ten o’clock.

The store manager didn’t call her to go to work at all. She was ready to be late today, but Zhu Yang’s leave call was waiting.

The store manager said: “Well, isn’t this bad? You see, we just closed one eye when you are at work, anyway, you still don’t do attendance, but you always come to the store for a walk.”

Zhu Yang lazily said: “Oh, I can’t help it if I’m sick. The company can’t ask employees to take up jobs with illness, right? You let me raise my talents, and sales can get twice the result with half the effort. Isn’t it just a week of sales? Come back to make up for you.”

What can the store manager do? One day’s sales are for your entire shop. This kind of person, not to mention taking a week off last day, is only working for one day a month, or simply doing occasional part-time commissions, it is impossible to refuse.

However, the store manager would also speak. Seeing that the situation had already happened, he told her to have a good rest in a gentle voice, and in short, he said a lot in a nice way.

Zhu Yang was also a little hungry after hanging up. Although there were fruit snacks in the house, Zhu Yang never dealt with breakfast casually.

He opened the door and saw the little boy next door playing in the corridor.

Zhu Yang beckoned him: “My child, come here!”

The little boy was a little afraid of her, but he walked over and saw that she handed himself a hundred dollars——

“Go, buy me a breakfast, and you can buy snacks for the rest of the money.”

The little boy was dumbfounded: “Grandparents won’t let me go out.”

Zhu Yang grinned: “Who has discussed with you? If you don’t go, I will screw your head off and replace it with the one in your hand. He will definitely be happy to go.”

When the words were finished, the little boy opened his eyes with the head in his hand and laughed excitedly.

The little boy slapped his head on the ground twice in embarrassment, and finally took the money, went home and wore a thick dress that wrapped his own tightly. He also hit a black umbrella before leaving the house.

As soon as the old couple left, the little boy tremblingly came to the door, saying that it was for Zhu Yang to clean up.

Zhu Yang sat on the chair and summoned the two old people, feeling no guilt in his heart.

After a while, the child bought breakfast and bought a real ball for himself. It was not expensive, Zhu Yang didn’t care.

After this guy got the ball, the head in his hand fell out of favor and spent the whole day shooting in the hallway.

Zhu Yang went out shopping after dinner. It was a little late when he got off work yesterday, and he only bought urgently used things.

Today I went to the business district to make a good purchase. The table, stool and bed in the apartment were not satisfied, and the faucet was torn out. I could only wash my face with a shower this morning.

Although it’s not extravagant, it cost tens of thousands.

But when the delivery address was filled in, the staff gave her a strange look and said that the place was not within the delivery scope.

Zhu Yang negotiated with the other party for a long time before agreeing to send it to the crossroads, not even downstairs, not to mention moving up, even if it is not doing this business, he is determined not to do it.

In the end, Zhu Yang didn’t bother, he agreed on a delivery time, and went back to the apartment after having lunch outside and watching a movie.

It was already a big afternoon, and when Zhu Yang came back, he ran into a few high school students on the floor of the apartment.

It’s still school time. It is obvious that students who skipped class and ran out nearby. When Zhu Yang walked in, they found them pushing and hustling——

“You are the first to go.”

“Why am I the first one? Who said to try? Why, I’m afraid now?”

“If you are not afraid, then you will go the first one. It’s just that it’s very popular. How can there be ghosts in the world? Let’s take some photos of each floor and go back to see those who refuse to accept it.”

“No, I won’t go the first one, I will be the last one.”

“You want to be the first to run. Are you so unjust?”

She was pushing and was interrupted by Zhu Yang: “What? Want to go in for a visit?”

A few high school students turned their heads and saw that it was a beautiful young lady, blushing, and stubbornly saying: “Yes, what’s the matter? What’s up to you?”

“I live here.”

A few people were dumbfounded, seeing her really coming back from the outside with the key, suddenly awe-

“Brilliant sister, I dare to live here. Almost 20 households have died. We live in and die one by one. Our whole city is a famous haunted house.”

It’s no wonder that Zhu Yang has the key in his hand.

The police heard that she had a strange expression when she lived here, and that she was not delivering goods at the mall.

It is not a one-time disaster to want a house, but a continuous death of so many people without exception, not to mention the entire city, it is not surprising that the whole country is sensational.

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “Then what are you doing here?”

The faces of several high school students were embarrassed. In fact, Zhu Yang didn’t need them to answer. Each age group of bear children has their own bear methods.

Vanity fighting will show off with excitement, and there are all kinds of strange reasons for death.

When asked by Zhu Yang, he was embarrassed to go in again, but before leaving, Zhu Yang stopped them and asked them to write down their phone numbers.

She had an idea in her heart, maybe a few young bears would be useful.

There is no reason why the pretty lady wants to call, but they see Zhu Yang holding the phone in his hand.

Why write it down? You just report your phone number and we can call you.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “I have a call threshold. If you do not meet the standard, you cannot appear in the communication record.”

The children didn’t respond at first, and they didn’t know what they were saying. After leaving the phone and leaving, they came out of this scene and realized what it meant.

Suddenly looked at each other with a look of decay.

Because Zhu Yang ate late for breakfast and lunch, he didn’t feel hungry after 6 o’clock in the afternoon, so he simply waited for other players to have dinner together after get off work.

As a result, when the players came back in time, the game was not simpler than they thought.

Because even two players were injured, the takeaway brother and the customer service girl.

Because the two of them basically didn’t sleep last night, they naturally lost energy at work today, although this work is mandatory and they have to participate.

But everyone does not intend to get a promotion or raise salary, nor does it seek to find meaning in life. With a minimum wage of tens of yuan a day, there is no burden to be lazy.

It’s this slack, so something went wrong.

The customer service girl answered the phone here because of what the other side said. She was perfunctory here, a little chattering, because she was too tired and even fell asleep.

Originally this was nothing. In fact, the office is a relatively safe working environment. As long as you don’t care about the superintendent’s blank eyes and the ensuing storm, everything else is fine.

Unexpectedly, there was a pervert because she ignored her placement and rushed to the company with a knife, and found her job number accurately.

She rushed up and slashed her with a knife.

The girl was drowsy at the time, but the exclamation and commotion around her, as well as the nerves that were always vigilant in this world, made her not completely unprepared.

Subconsciously raised his hand to block, the person was fine, but his arm was chopped and bleeding.

The girl relied on the player’s physical ability to easily subdue a person. If the game hadn’t sounded a warning not to harm ordinary people, she would have broken the opponent’s neck directly.

However, the supervisor did not take her leave, and asked the infirmary to come over and wrap her up and ask her to continue to work, otherwise there would be no salary today.

Girls have never been so humble for dozens of dollars, but the game requires that they can only work here. Although according to the game settings, these places should not take the initiative to expel players.

But every day without that salary, there would be no food for tomorrow, so I didn’t come back from work until evening.

The courier brother was in frequent orders. He had a car accident because of fatigue. At any rate, he was fine, but the overturned food was not at all accommodating for him to compensate.

The takeaway boy also thought that the medical expenses should be offset, but the other party must have a one-to-one attitude, and the medical expenses are reported, but the goods must be compensated.

In this way, today plus tomorrow’s salary is also lost.

Everyone took a sigh of relief when they heard this, and the sinisterness of this copy was actually more shameless than they thought.

Again, the coincidences in the game cannot be explained by coincidences at all. They are all triggered inevitable settings.

Coupled with the inhumane handling methods of the two bosses, it seems that daytime work is not just as simple as consuming their energy. Not to mention the danger, even the dozens of dollars per day may not be able to actually take Get it.

Day and night is equivalent to taking turns, both sides are both holding your energy, and accompanied by danger, thinking about killing the player.

Thinking about it this way, Zhu Yang, who chose to take 26 days off for a month, instead made the wisest decision. At least he could avoid one end, but he can think of his own income——

I don’t know who will win the lottery tonight. The situation of the customer service girl and the takeaway brother today is their tomorrow.

Seeing everyone looking depressed, Zhu Yang clapped his hands: “Let’s go to dinner, I will treat everyone to eat delicious.”

The others are okay. Of course, the three people who didn’t get paid today looked like a savior.

Well, there is no doubt that Chen Hui’s salary today is still not enough to cover the damage. The game arranges the player’s job to torture the player, but to arrange the job for him is to torture the store.

He goes to work every day just for the staff meal, and he has already planned it himself.

Anyway, with his clumsy hands, it is estimated that he can’t get his salary. At the beginning of the game, the one hundred yuan was split into three yuan a day for breakfast. He eats in the shop at noon, and the players eat together at night, cheeky rubbing his chopsticks.

As for the daily transportation expenses?

I think too much, and there are also transportation expenses. How good is the 11th road, low-carbon and environmentally friendly to strengthen the body. It is only a dozen kilometers away every day, running!

Zhu Yang was also generous. She never went to the fly restaurant when she invited dinner. There must be no shortage of delicious food near the university town.

They found a hot pot restaurant with high-end decoration, and despite the variety of meat, vegetables and drinks, a group of people gradually became active and fierce under the stimulation of pepper and atmosphere.

This put aside the unhappiness of the game.

At the time of checkout, the meal cost nearly two thousand. The players were a little embarrassed. Zhu Yang only had five or six thousand in total, which was one-third of it all at once.

But according to what she said in the morning, this girl is really not enough for her basic living expenses at five or six thousand a month.

When everyone left the hot pot restaurant, it was the agreed time for the delivery.

When I came to the intersection of the road, I saw a furniture car parked, and Zhu Yang walked directly on it.

Seeing that there are so many of them, the staff felt relieved that they didn’t need to temporarily embarrass them to move.

Open the door happily to unload the goods.

Zhu Yang clapped his hands and said to some dazed players: “Well, since I’m full, then work, leave these things in my room, Chen Hui is not allowed to move, you just need to keep breathing.”

Everyone just finished her meal, so naturally they don’t mind this. It’s better to say that compared to how so many things came from, doing coolies is not worth mentioning.

They looked at Zhu Yang, not knowing what kind of sorrow she had done: “You, aren’t you only five or six thousand?”

There are a bunch of things in the ground floor, beds, sofas, chairs, soft pillows, and a mess of unnecessary things. There are tens of thousands of things in a car.

Zhu Yang said: “Oh, I applied for a personal loan. It is still very convenient. After all, I have prepared an ID card for us, which shows that we have legal identities in this world.”

The other person’s mouth–

This Nima will do?

If Goubi Game knows that she uses her ID card to borrow money everywhere, it is estimated that her intestines will be green by now.

Then she took out her mobile phone and grabbed it: “Let’s see, each of us’s identity and credit records are pretty good. Mantis Borrowing, Jumbo Loan, several lending platforms can lend as low as 30,000 yuan, I have already Two hundred thousand have been mentioned, um! That’s enough for living expenses alone.”

“Yes, but is this to be paid back?” Everyone can no longer express their feelings about her heroism.

Zhu Yang shrugged: “It’s only two hundred thousand, it’s not a big problem. Besides, it’s not enough for me. I can’t always wear this dress repeatedly for a month, right?”

Yes, they are sales geniuses with a daily income of tens of thousands. What is the same with us ass?

Everyone in a daze helped her turn things back.

Chen Hui reacted the same: “No, what do you mean by saying I only need to breathe?”

The customer service girl rolled her eyes: “It means you have nothing to use except for being alive.”

Chen Hui: “…”

When I went to Zhu Yang’s room to install the furniture for her, I found that she was the only one who was really clean and dust-free, even when the bed was changed, there was no dust.

When the new outfit is put on, the whole thing seems to be in two styles with their accommodation.

The group of people had to sigh that they would live their lives, but they just wanted to, and they didn’t have the courage to ask ghosts to do sanitation every day.

The faucet on the door is still hanging. This time I learned a good lesson. When I saw someone coming in and out, I consciously moved myself aside to avoid being beaten.

The furniture was only installed, and the two old ladies next door came over with a rag. The players knew that these two were ghosts.

But what is the difference between this busy man and a housekeeper who came out to ask for life at an age, each went back to the room in disillusionment.

After taking a bath, Zhu Yang put on new pajamas and planned to go to bed, but today he felt thirsty after eating hot pot, so he got up to drink water.

Because of the limited area of ​​the room, many things can only be used for more than one thing, like a table, she bought a makeup table with glass.

It can be used as a table, and there is no need to go to the dim bathroom for makeup.

He picked up the glass jug on the makeup table and poured a glass of water. Zhu Yang was about to drink, but his picky and sensitive tongue immediately noticed something was wrong.

What is the smell of chemicals? Even if the two old ones on the newly-purchased kettle did not carefully forgot to wash them, they would not taste so great.

After realizing this, the taste on the tip of the tongue became more and more serious.

Zhu Yang spit in the trash can several times. When he looked up in the mirror, he saw a woman grinning, obviously disappointed that she could not drink the water.

And Zhu Yang looked through the reflection in the mirror, and the kettle in his hand turned into a bottle of toilet cleaner.

Zhu Yang’s entire face was green, and he grabbed his hands in the mirror, but the ghost was agile and disappeared all at once.

Zhu Yang took a moment and left his normal reflection in the mirror in the next second.

Where has she suffered such head-on loss since entering the game? Suddenly the hostility of the whole person soared.

It is said that the immune phantom skills she gained from defeating Toad/Mao, although her experience value is too low to be upgraded, but the novice field is barely enough.

Unexpectedly, there are ghosts that can make her stumbling here. Although the confusion is not perfect, except for the visual effects, the other five senses are only weakened to a certain extent. Don’t be stupid or find a lot of flaws.

But since the other party can do this, it means that her illusion is definitely better than the previous teaching director and others.

Compared with the old man and the faucet ghost next door, the cunning and powerful female ghost is not on the same level as them. It is possible to say that she is the boss of this apartment.

Zhu Yang’s heart is clear, but reason will not prevent her from venting her anger.

Originally thinking of gradual progress, it seems that some guys can’t wait to push their noses to the face.

Zhu Yang changed into his pajamas and opened the door, banging on Chen Hui’s door.

Chen Hui was half asleep, and opened the door with a confused expression: “What are you doing?”

“You, go and wake everyone up and gather on the first floor.”

Chen Hui didn’t know what she wanted to toss about at night, and she didn’t agree very much: “I don’t have to go to work tomorrow—”

“Hurry up!” I was yelled halfway through.

Chen Hui leaped on his shoulder and had to go upstairs obediently with his neck shrunk, watching the trembling ghost hanging on Zhu Yangmen, and reacting to it, it was probably something serious.

Chen Hui knocked from the sixth floor to the second floor. The other players were unambiguous when they heard something. When they went downstairs, they saw that Zhu Yang had moved a stool and sat at the end of the corridor. Brother Hou had already come out and stood beside her.

When everyone saw this, they said, “Anything new? Why don’t you talk in the house?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “There is a new discovery, and the new discovery is that the ghost here is shameless.”

“I also want to recruit them in a humanitarian spirit and put on a thirsty posture to recruit them. Who knows that some cheap ones just want to do coolies.”

“Success, let them look at the exploitation/exploitation nature of capitalists.”

Then he got up and said, “Come with me!”

Her voice was so violent that everyone shook their shoulders when they heard her, and then she hurriedly followed behind her like a big sister about to go out.

Then I saw Zhu Yang kicking the door one by one, because there was the experience of Brother Hou that they couldn’t open the door the night before, and everyone thought she would return without success.

Unexpectedly, it was true that she didn’t even kick the two rooms at first, but after one kick, she stopped entanglement and changed to the next one.

As if they believed it would be successful, the third fan really opened.

Everyone was shocked, wondering how she knew this law.

Then Zhu Yang sneered: “Although the game is a dog, the rules cannot always be beneficial to the ghosts.”

“They can enter our room at any time to harass, and we want to fight back, but they are protected by the door wall. How can there be such a good thing?”

“So there must be rules for opening the door, such as–” Zhu Yang turned around in the room, did he open the cabinet door, or draw the curtains, or kick the bed open.

Then she came to a table. There was a drawer under the table, a very narrow and small compartment, about thirty centimeters wide and ten centimeters high.

Zhu Yang’s voice stretched, and suddenly he opened the drawer, and a curling person appeared in it.

It’s just that the narrow space made him deform the entire body, in a posture that is physically impossible.

Zhu Yang smiled grimly: “For example, if you choose to go out tonight, you will naturally not be blessed by the door wall.”

In the horrified look of the other party, she pulled the ghost out of the drawer. After the ghost came out, the whole person really wanted to be boneless, like it was made of elastic rubber, and it looked hairy.

However, they didn’t know that Zhu Yang made his back chill even more in the eyes of the ghost.

Zhu Yang asked: “Tell me, whose house are you planning to visit tonight?”

The rubber ghost didn’t speak, but couldn’t help but glance at Chen Hui.

Chen Hui immediately exploded: “Damn! I passed the round last night, come here today? I beg you to get all the rain and dew? I am a vulgar fan, I can’t afford the grace.”

After speaking, he was slapped in the head by Brother Hou, and then he shut up.

Zhu Yang sneered, and threw the rubber ghost in Chen Hui’s hand: “Yes, since it is troublesome for you, you are responsible for stopping it.”

Chen Hui felt that the ghost had no bones at all, and his scalp numb, but although he was born with a mental retardation, he did well in the game.

The disgusting action on his face was also unambiguous, and he asked other players to find a piece of rope for him, and tied the ghost up quickly, like Zhu Yangyi rolled a spell on the rope to prevent it from running away.

After catching the first ghost, one is the excitement of the successful first step of the counterattack, and the other is that the breaking of these door rules has made everyone excited.

Push up from the first floor one by one.

Except for the rubber ghost on the first floor, no other doors were opened, but the second floor was very rewarding.

Actually kicking three doors in a row, there is no need for Zhu Yang to kick the door.

The players have already turned into doglegs without the old ambassador’s wink.

On the second floor, I caught the colorful ghost that the takeaway brother met last night, the sound ghost that the customer service sister met, and a spider man.

When they kicked the door open, Yangui was still combing her hair in the mirror happily, and she was about to sing two operas to entertain herself.

Zhu Yang, who was the fastest, rushed in from the door in less than a second, pulling her hair and knocking on the mirror.

Although Renyangui is essentially a painter, he should make a discount in front of a natural beauty, but whoever has met her, how can anyone treat her like this?

When I was pulled up by my hair, the mirror cracked, and a hole was knocked out on his forehead, and I immediately cried distressed.

Zhu Yang threw it to the takeaway brother: “Yours!”

“Oh oh!” The takeaway boy caught up in a hurry, and he didn’t pity the other party’s beauty and style.

No matter who is chased by the flesh and blood under the skin in the middle of the night, he has to enter the sage mode.

As for the sound effect ghost, it turned out to be a DJ man who played around in the room. The sound of such a loud music in the room did not reach the outside. Maybe the room where the ghost lives is a closed space.

Said that they killed people all the way, but there was no ghost who noticed the wind and fled.

When everyone kicked the door open, the DJ ghost still wore earphones and shook his head hight.

This time I don’t need Zhu Yang, the customer service girl has a hideous face and rubs his head on the disc player.

“Sound effect master, right? Hight, right? Come on, cool!”

This customer service girl was also agitated by the toss of last night and today’s suffocation. She was stabbed by someone outside and couldn’t retaliate. She had to settle the account here.

In the end, Zhu Yang’s words were kept useful, and the customer service girl didn’t take out the props to kill the goods.

The ghosts and monsters in a building have mixed abilities, these are just ordinary goods, find the opportunity to take advantage of them and the players can fight back.

Like Zhu Yang and Hou Ge, the problem of frontal anti-killing is not big.

Most of their power lies in the fact that the players are in the light and they are dark. Tonight this situation is completely reversed, so the players are all the way through.

Of course there is something more powerful, that is the spider man.

It’s Spiderman, not Spiderman. Although the opponent has a human form, his limbs are like spiders, with eight legs growing from the arms.

Each leg has three sections, each section of the upper limbs is the same as an elbow, and the three lower limbs are in the shape of a leg with palms and soles.

It looks a little big, its ignorance is simply a hole in the wire, and it is also the most vigilant. As soon as the player kicks the door, it reacts, trying to spit out the spider silk to stick everyone.

It also succeeded, and the two players who kicked the door were instantly swept in by it.

But Zhu Yang’s reaction was not slow, so he took out the lighter, wiped out the flames and threw them on the spider webs.

The force of force suddenly became a big fire, and the spider was a little embarrassed by the fire. Originally, these players were probably not its opponents, but the eight players were together.

Not to mention how good the cooperation was, it was exhausted even with the props on the body.

When Spider-Man was gagged and **** with his belly button, his hair was all burned, and it turned out to be the most miserable one.

There was no harvest on the third floor. On the fourth floor, we caught one otaku playing with marbles. The whole room was filled with smelly domestic garbage, so marbles and cockroaches matched better.

Zhu Yang didn’t want to go in. The pinball man belonged to Chen Hui. Chen Hui entrusted the rubber ghost to others to lead, roll up his sleeves and tie up the pinball man.

This guy wanted to resist, and suddenly dozens of marbles came out on his body. How could Chen Hui let those marbles collide with him and turn into a giant cockroach? When he jumped up, he knocked the opponent out with one punch, and the marbles failed.

The door was not kicked on the fifth floor, but the sixth floor was kicked, but there was no one inside.

Zhu Yang guessed that this should be the **** where she used to replace her water with a toilet cleaner, but she also has the mirror movement skill, so she wouldn’t be able to hide it for a while.

Zhu Yang sneered, and slammed the door back to the third floor, and asked everyone to hang the tied ghost on the corridor, knocked on the door of the next door and the old man’s family rolled out, plus the faucet ghost she had captured before. .

Zhu Yang asked people to move out of her sofa, and the boss sat on it with his hands and legs crossed. There were seven serious players behind him.

In front of them were five constrained ghosts who were **** and hung, and three were standing against the wall.

It’s the same posture that the gangster is caught in front of the black/boss and will be tortured for questioning.

Zhu Yang smiled suddenly, sweeping away the horror just now, like a big-tailed wolf black coal mine boss tempting an illiterate to sign a life and death contract——

“Don’t be afraid, ah! I’m a pacifist, and I don’t know how to fight at first sight.”

Boss, if you want to say this, can you let me wipe the blood off my face first? The ghosts thought.

Just listen to the boss continued: “The reason why I called you here, there is no other plan, just to introduce you to a job.”

The ghosts looked up blankly, Zhu Yang grinned: “A very good job.”


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