Scream Queen Chapter 51

A bunch of ghosts don’t know how many years they have been dead, and they just wander around in the apartment all day long. The life is idle and leisurely.

After being lazy for so many years, the whole ghost is too lazy, and the work skills are almost lost. It is also the DJ ghost playing every day. It is estimated that the business has not been handed. Others just let them suddenly become humans and go out to work. Out of touch.

But is Zhu Yang someone who cares about such humanitarian issues? She is not going to give warmth to the lonely widows abandoned by the times, to help them regain their confidence in life and find the value of ghosts.

She didn’t talk about getting rich from these guys, but at least her standard of living must be maintained this month.

Seeing the nine ghosts looking at a loss, Zhu Yang smiled and said: “Don’t be nervous, the treatment is preferential, only work ten hours a day, all month, no meals, supplementary traffic subsidies, no five social insurance and one housing fund, hand-paid wages. Calculated by performance, all final explanations belong to me, but each person comes with a set of luxury apartment decoration services.”

“How is it? Good treatment, right?”

This is not to say that the ghost heard a Ge Jialangtai reincarnation, Zhou Jia’s reincarnated eyes looked at her, and even the teammates behind them felt that her exploitation was a bit too strong.

I saw the smile on Zhu Yang’s face slowly converging, and his expression turned into a hideous one who wanted to kill them on the spot.

“After all, it’s just a month’s work. This cost of life is worth living money. I believe that no matter who looks at it, it is a very profitable business. Are you right?”

The six ghost goose bumps were all lifted up, and I felt that the guy’s eyes looked at them as if he had already thought about making them skewered and grilled, or that the knife had found the position of the green sheet.

Even the sauces to be adjusted in the later stage are already in my mind, a brutal look with full experience.

To say that players have a certain degree of sensitivity to ghosts, as long as they stay within a certain space, they can feel the opponent’s resentment or aura.

This can be regarded as a gift from the game. Although this gift is also useful in the real world, after all, you have entered the game dungeon. Except for the trigger branch or early warning like Zhu Yang’s first game, the result is always a peace. These are right.

However, ghosts are not without the intuition of ghosts. Compared with the real world, ghosts in the game world are much simpler. Therefore, seeing Zhu Yang show such a fierce appearance.

There is an instinct to tell them that this guy may have done such a cruel thing.

Hearing Zhu Yang’s remarks again: “However, I am not without the selection threshold for employees. If you want to work under my banner, you must at least come up with a name certificate.”

The ghosts said that this unequal treaty still has to vote for it? Whoever has the skull on it is being exploited.

Seeing Zhu Yang’s expression, it was as if there could only be one kind of ghost in this building, and that was her little brother.

Funeral spree, shake your head and send it.

The ghosts immediately nodded their heads like a chicken pecking at rice, at least they had to survive tonight.

“Okay, since everyone has no objections, let’s sign the contract first.”

All the ghosts, including the old couple and children who were not hung up, looked like they had seen a ghost.

Zhu Yang didn’t let go of their expressions, and grinned when he saw it, and an unexpected calculation flashed in his eyes.

To be honest, she beats and scolds so many ghosts, and often trains and posts one bite at a time, assembly line, ghost qualification certificate and other keywords.

But as for the nature of the game, she didn’t know what it was. It was possible that she was just throwing the player into a haunted place, putting on numerous rules and restrictions.

When it was the second scene where the water ghost and the blonde girl went, Zhu Yang realized that the ghost can have a contract with the game.

Of course, it is certainly impossible for all ghosts to be like this, especially the tortured and yearning for peace.

But the point is the contract!

How is the contract generated? Is it necessary to establish this relationship with the game and the player?

Zhu Yang also tried boldly with a dispensable mentality, but he didn’t expect the result to be so surprising.

However, Zhu Yang also prefers that this kind of cheapness is limited to this instance, because she has almost figured out that the game is for both players and ghosts and must follow the principle of fairness when setting rules.

Players in this game are forced to delineate almost all actions in the planned route of the game. They must stay in the apartment at night. If there is no such NPC as Zhu Yang who is willing to change the rules for her during the day, they can only be restricted to specific ones. location.

Unreasonable ghosts are so relaxed. She asks the little boy to go out to buy breakfast in the morning, first because of inertia, and second, she wants to try something.

The result is that ghosts can actually go out!

It is protected by a door wall and can come and go freely. As long as they do not intend to leave the house to deal with the player, the player can do nothing. Compared with the treatment of the player, this is eccentric and squeaky.

This is not in line with the rules of the game at all. In the last game her brother entered the game, the game almost temporarily adjusted the difficulty and brought in Liu Zhi, who should not have entered the game. It can be seen that this rule is also an iron rule for the game. .

Zhu Yang guessed that the ghosts in this scene took so much advantage on the surface, so naturally they left huge weaknesses elsewhere, and might even sacrifice part of the rule protection.

as predicted.

But then again, if there were no regular restrictions, Zhu Yang would not dare to use them so easily. He would have to hang him for at least ten and a half days, wait on him every day, and clean up the ghosts before he could take up his post.

By that time, there were only a dozen days left, and all the wasted time was money.

Zhu Yang saw that those guys had no ghosts on their faces, pursed his lips and smiled sinisterly, and said to the players behind him: “Have you heard? Go to two people to print the contract. The terms should be carefully considered, and don’t omit items.”

“After all, we are a regular ghost use unit, and not unscrupulous profiteers like games.”

In fact, you and the game can no longer say who is more devil than whom.

A hint of this thought flashed through the hearts of the players, but the next second was overwhelmed by the excitement.

Even Brother Hou couldn’t help but bow down to the wind and said: “Awesome, in this way, we have at least half the difficulty of clearance.”

Even if half of the ghosts have not been caught, once there is a way to control the ghosts for their own use, just letting the ghosts and their internal frictions, has greatly offset the pressure of the night.

As for the daytime, although hard work is accompanied by accidents, if the player wants to maintain energy, it is not a matter to adapt to the level of crisis.

The customer service girl and the biggest player in their middle grade who were assigned to logistics immediately said they would go out to get a contract.

Customer service girl: “I actually work as a clerk. I am familiar with this.”

Uncle Logistics: “I am not too young, but also personal affairs management, I will go with her.”

Zhu Yang nodded, and the ghosts opposite her saw that things had reached this point, and they were basically powerless.

Originally, I was thinking about admitting to staying through tonight, or simply lowering my defenses by working on her behalf and stumbling off these people.

Okay now, but how does this guy know this rule? Most people think of signing a contract with a ghost?

Zhu Yang saw the eggplants that were big with Shuang, and stood up.

Pretending to say: “I know that for people who are out of touch with society, it is difficult to take the first step, but fortunately you have each other.”

“Nine people working hard together is better than a single figure, right?” As she said, she glanced at the first faucet ghost that she hung on the door for almost two days and no one rescued.

Sighed: “The only pity is that you have been awakened, and others are still obsessed with it.”

“While you are working hard to create the future, those guys huddled in their rooms, collapsed on the bed, waking up irregularly every day, watching TV when they woke up, eating fried chicken and drinking coke when they were hungry, or it was dark. Playing games and wasting time day after day, what a depraved life is really going on.”

That’s really a fairy life!

The ghosts themselves also live this kind of waste wood life on weekdays. Being ghosts will not gain weight or become useless by eating junk food. Time is meaningless. Anyway, they can only hide in this building. How can I feel comfortable? .

This person, once he only wants to be comfortable, he is easy to offend others, not to mention so many residents in a broken building, of course it is the same as being a ghost.

Although closing the door, the player and the ghost form two spaces, such as when they kick open the DJ ghost room.

It was silent outside, and the music inside did not disturb the players, but other ghosts were miserable by him every day.

It’s such a broken place, everyone is so noisy, and the sound insulation is poor. Can the ghost relationship between up and down be good?

It was evident that no one came to rescue her after seeing the faucet ghost being hung up for so long. At first, Zhu Yang thought that this guy was too popular.

But now it seems–

The bunched up ghosts are out of balance, so why are they currently under the control of others and their future is uncertain, so those guys can treat the house well?

This is the evil spirit incarnate of hostility, and now evil is born from the guts.

The first person who spoke was the rubber ghost. He shouted: “The couple next to me is very idle and can’t get out of the room all day long. Either it’s just making people, or just poke the wall with an electric drill.”

“In the past few years, no human hair has been made. The wall is about to collapse for them. I have negotiated with them countless times. The wall has collapsed. We can live in a broken apartment. If the one happens to be It’s a load-bearing wall, everyone has to finish playing.”

“The two dog men and women didn’t listen to people. They deliberately amplified the human voice at night. There are children in the building. It’s damning.”

“Boss, I strongly recommend them to work in our company. Since young people have such good energy, why don’t they generate income for the society.”

Zhu Yang smiled and nodded: “Yeah! Look! This is enlightenment, realm!”

“Okay, since you can enter the state so quickly, it shows that you have a strong adaptability to work and are a manufacturable. From now on, you will be the captain on the first floor, and the employees on the first floor will be managed by you.”

The rubber ghost hears this good thing? He was only thinking about not being able to vomit blood by himself, no matter how unlucky he had to bring two nasty ghosts together.

In this way, if the two dog men and women were really caught, he would definitely have to bow his head, and he could step on the house and rely on the fact that two men and women who disturbed the people without shame.

At this time, several other ghosts also began to “introduce” the employees to Zhu Yang.

Yan Gui faintly said: “There is still a chicken next door to me. She took the guest home, but the guest was abnormal and gave a living/corpse.”

“That cheap/before life seemed to be a role-playing custom shop, and would do some shameless low-level dresses all day long.”

“I always wear a nurse’s uniform, a teacher’s uniform, a leather coat and whip in front of me, thinking that I’m pretty and hooked, and I’m proud of my sorrow/eyes. I think I’m old-fashioned.”

“Isn’t she beautiful? Don’t leave home to work, Mei.”

Zhu Yang listened to the humanity behind him: “Have you heard, a 2-3 pheasant ghost, make a record.”

“Oh! Oh!” The players behind hurriedly turned out their small books.

The DJ ghost is not far behind, but it speaks in a unique way, like singing rap: “yo! Next door to me, he can play cotton, when I play DJ, he raises his hand! With a curved bow on his back, he holds a hammer. Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom! Claiming to be an instrument, he can’t coax me. The sound penetrates, the rhythm is powerful, and the music has no boundaries, but he plays it alone, and the instrument is bad, what are you doing?”

After an impromptu rap, the entire third-floor corridor fell silent.

Zhu Yang said to the little boy: “Pump him, straighten his tongue and speak again.”

The little boy hit him with a ball on the face, and the DJ ghost suddenly became angry: “What a fuck? 實子! I haven’t said you yet. You take the ball in the corridor all the time, and you are just like that stinky cotton. child.”

Yo! The accent is still from the Northeast.

The little boy was murdered, his grandparents naturally stopped doing it, and the old man went up to the DJ ghost and cut it–

“You **** are embarrassed to say that others disturb the people? The most arrogant one is you. Didn’t you make a noise in the middle of the night? You also have an impromptu meal.”

“One day my wife got up at night when I took off my pants, and you suddenly quarreled downstairs, and all my pants were on. The pants have not been washed yet, believe it or not?”

The DJ ghost relies on his youth and strength, and where he usually cares about the old man and the children of this family, it’s really scary now.

At any rate, he was also the most beautiful boy on the street dance floor in the bar before he was alive.

Anyway, another note was recorded on the second floor. There was a bomber.

Zhu Yangxindao, this building is really a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, it has everything.

The boy living on the second floor felt lucky to see that in addition to himself, the other five rooms were all rounded up by ghosts.

Living next door to the door, no one thought of looking for him the first night.

Then the otaku who played Pinball Mantis also said: “I live next door with a live charger. This guy has cheated too much, got an egg, and was slaughtered by his girlfriends.”

“There is also a smoker at the opposite door. The smoke in the house often overflows into other rooms.”

Zhu Yang is not interested in the incomprehensible enemies of the otaku and the current person, but thinks the latter one is a bit interesting——

“Smoker? Not bad, not bad!”

Seeing her attitude, the players behind quickly noted her attitude.

At this time, the faucet ghost who was twisted into a twist actually said that he had something to say–

“There is a toilet ghost on the fifth floor. He always likes to hide in the bathroom and watch women take a shower. Sometimes he crawls out of the faucet and becomes sick when he sees him.”

This is why she is so afraid of being flushed into the toilet. If she becomes one with the toilet ghost, will the ghost life be over in a lifetime?

Seeing Zhu Yang’s expression dissatisfied, the faucet ghost said again: “Oh! There is also an old lady with a cat face, a headless zombie, and a ghost doll.”

The other ghosts took a breath and looked at the faucet ghost. She did not expect that she would recruit so many in one breath. Except for the ones she didn’t dare to offend, the others said that the rest had been accounted for.

But this is also the reason why this guy is unpopular. Because she can shuttle through the water pipes, she often runs around people’s homes to rub things shamelessly, inquire about gossip, pull sideways, and interfere with the lives of their lovers.

In any case, no one was waiting to see her down one building, so this guy was caught and all the ghosts were rejoicing, and finally they could not see these eight women for a few days.

The others are almost there, Zhu Yang turned his attention to Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is obviously strong in the whole building, so even if he is **** with a few other ghosts, he still has an aura of disdain and spicy chicken.

Seeing Zhu Yang look over, he still wanted to collapse the boss’ style and not speak.

As a result, Zhu Yang spoke: “Although Spider-Man is interesting, but the stick is not out of the market. The excuse of leaving eight feet is even more fascinating and brings discussion heat.”

She said that she didn’t know who had handed her a kitchen knife in her hand, her eyes were already looking at her arm to figure out where the bones were ready to chop.

The Spider-Man was a violent spirit, and quickly shook out the mirror girl who had been robbing him of the position of the boss.

“The mother-in-law doesn’t have any skills, just pretending to be a ghost and having a good escape skill. But don’t worry, it’s easy to catch her. That ghost doll is her son. If she catches her son, she won’t believe her.”

As soon as Zhu Yang said this, he stood up immediately. The other ghosts would be postponed to deal with it, but this bitch, she would not kill her tonight.

At this time, the customer service girls also called back the contract, and dozens of hot and fresh contracts were released.

Because they didn’t know the specific number of people, they printed more.

Zhu Yang came to the faucet ghost: “Come on, you first!”

The faucet ghost was a little reluctant, Zhu Yang slapped her on her head and said, “My time was wasted for you? Sign it quickly, five seconds, and you don’t have to sign it if you don’t sign it. I will rush you directly into the toilet pipe and Let the toilet ghost be your company.”

The faucet ghost immediately speeded up his action and signed his name in twos or twos.

At the moment when the name was signed, Zhu Yang felt a lingering restraint, as if he had signed the thread that tied this guy in his hand.

Only then did Zhu Yang completely let go of the faucet ghost, and said to her: “Now you go along the water pipe to the ghost doll, open the door and wait for me.”

Then, without delay, the other eight ghosts also signed a contract to sell their bodies.

Then he took the contract and brought a group of people to the fifth floor. At this time, the younger brother group was not limited to the other seven players, but also followed the eight ghosts, a mighty group of people.

Brightly telling everyone that this building is on the verge of being occupied by Zhu Yang.

When I came to the fifth floor, a room had already been cracked.

Zhu Yang pushed the door in and they saw what the so-called ghost doll looked like.

It looks like the kind of waiting European and American dolls, two or three years old, wearing small overalls, and there are several scars on its face. The whole face is not childish and innocent, but it is crazy and fierce.

Just like the ghost baby Chaqi, it can be seen that the dog game is a copy of the famous character of the people.

The ghost doll was holding a kitchen knife in his hand at this time, with agile movements, without any child’s staggering, and now dancing a kitchen knife vigorously, chasing and cutting the faucet ghost.

The faucet ghost was really hit by him several times, but she has a special physique, just like a knife cut off the water, cut and recovered.

Otherwise, it won’t be so annoying and hasn’t been wiped out, and there must be some life-saving skills.

When the ghost doll noticed the people at the door, she ignored the water ghosts, turned to them directly, and looked over with a crazy smile with a kitchen knife.

At this moment, Zhu Yang, who has so many little brothers, doesn’t need to make a move.

Spiderman spit out the spider silk and tied the ghost doll tightly.

Zhu Yang went up and shook the cocoon wrapped in spider silk, ignoring the ghostly and vicious look in her eyes.

With a more terrifying expression than him, he said: “Hehe! You pray that Bitch will have no bounds on your mother’s love, otherwise the shabu ghost film is a delicious way, let alone tender ghost meat, tusk!”

When the ghost doll shivered, the child was more sensitive than the adult, and immediately knew that this woman was terrible and dared not to be arrogant.

Zhu Yang didn’t rush to find the mirror girl, holding the little devil as the ball in his hand.

All the way, according to the information obtained by the ghost seller teammates, he returned to the first floor and pushed again.

Use her if you can let the faucet ghost go in and open the door along the water pipe. If it doesn’t, you can let other ghosts pretend to be visiting and trick people into opening the door.

For example, the pair of electric drill lovers on the first floor, the faucet ghost will definitely be found by them when they go in. One can deal with the faucet ghost and the other can’t help them by locking the door.

At this time, let the rubber ghost pretend to be harassed by the other party to find the door and trick the other party to open the door.

The couple are usually arrogant, especially with the rubber ghost for a long time. Every time they are approached, they will not only ridicule the rubber ghost but also ridicule.

At this moment, I saw each other from the cat’s eyes. Although the player kicked the door just now, he wouldn’t be kicked if he didn’t plan to go out. Naturally, because of their relationship with the rubber ghost, I didn’t know that this guy had made up his mind to go out tonight. The harmer thought he had not been kicked open.

Seeing each other from the cat’s eyes, they opened the door with joy. The couple hugged each other and appeared at the door disheveled, planning to sore a single dog.

As a result, Xiu Enai died quickly, and when he opened the door, he was dizzy and struck by Hou’s head with one hand and hit the wall.

He also rushed in and took out their electric drills, pressed the two ghosts’ heads against the wall, and quickly drilled holes along the outline of their heads.

It is more shocking than pressing a person’s hand on the table and slashing the knife around it quickly.

Brother Hou has enough experience, strong physique, and high agility, but he can’t go too far, but the two ghost lovers are really scared to pee.

Later, I was kicked out of the house and watched a group of ghosts follow Zhu Yang, only to realize that this place was half-occupied and they were sold by their own people.

So a pair of eyes stared at the rubber ghost who sold them angrily, and was slapped on the head by the player——

“Are you embarrassed to stare at you? Sign it and go home and wash your pants.”

The two of them should have been frightened by Brother Hou and their legs were weak. It would not be too shameful to have so many pioneers on the base, but they signed the swiftly and went back to wash their pants.

The pheasant ghost on the second floor is easy to catch, let the Yangui shout outside: “I said I am the most beautiful, do you dare to agree?”

The pheasant inside came out with a flurry of makeup, but the beauty PK didn’t start, and it was covered by a sack.

When he was released, what would be the makeup on his face.

Yangui pointed at her and sneered: “Hahaha! It turns out that you are so ugly, so you can’t pay someone with your face to pick up guests? I think you are more like a painter than me.”

The pheasant ghost pointed at her and cursed: “I bought myself and smiled. I have never seen such a scumbag like you. My mother has never done such a cheap job in her life, so don’t do it!”

Zhu Yang came to her: “Then you want to eat dry food? Think the world is still the same as when you were alive? Just want to make money while lying down?”

As he said, he handed a knife to Yangui: “Go, my new sofa just lacks long leather cushions. Peel off the whole piece, don’t damage the overall appearance.”

“Okay! Don’t worry, I’m familiar with peeling, and I’m sure it’s complete from beginning to end.”

When the pheasant saw the Yangui come over happily, she moved quickly. She was afraid that she would repent, and immediately changed her mind about the current affairs, and the Yangui was quite disappointed.

When I went to catch the cotton ghost again, the players at that time heard the DJ ghost description and felt that something was wrong.

To say that bomb cotton may still exist in the countryside in this era, except for some small workshops in the old city, it should basically be replaced by mechanization.

What’s more, there is not enough space to work in this rental house!

As a result, the faucet ghost opened the door to see that the other party’s tools to play cotton were all taken from itself.

The spine is pulled out to make a bow, the intestines make a string, and he is playing vigorously with a cotton hammer. It seems that the DJ ghost’s statement is correct. Is this true? Playing cotton is used as a musical skill.

When he was caught, the cotton-pumping ghost said to the DJ heartbrokenly: “Music has no boundaries, seek common ground while reserving differences, and seek common ground while reserving differences.”

DJ ghostly said: “Bah, music also has a contempt chain, I thought I was despising the bottom of the chain, thank you, now I know I am not anymore.”

All the players catching these funny comparisons, their expressions are already numb.

To say that at the beginning Zhu Yang kicked the door to catch the ghost, it was normal. It was exciting to find the loopholes in the rules of the ghost party.

Then watched her use the difference between the situation and the contradiction between the ghosts, inciting emotions to betray her teammates, and finally the whole building was almost flattened.

It was only the third night when the game officially started. I came back during the day and was still in my throat for the difficulty of the entire game. I was worried that I would not be able to pass this level. At this moment, watching them have become the absolute dominant side, it really feels like a world away sense.

That was only a few hours ago.

Coupled with the funny comparisons of a group of ghosts pulling and scratching, everyone looked at each other——

This, this Nima was not in this style of painting before they passed the test?

At this time, the uncle among the players suddenly thought of something, and said: “I met someone in the game and chatted with him more speculatively.”

“He told me that after a particularly difficult game, but because there was a super newcomer in that game, he almost lay down and won, and he got the highest evaluation in his history.”

As he said, he looked at Zhu Yang: “He said that the newcomer is a beautiful young girl, luxurious and extravagant, with domineering temperament, flexible mind, thinking that ordinary people can’t think about it, and he also makes ghosts serve her–”

The players are silent, which one of Nima doesn’t match Zhu Yang?

If it weren’t for being busy at the moment, Zhu Yang would definitely find that there were several pendants on his lap.

After that, he pulled out smokers, toilet ghosts, old lady with cat face, and headless corpses.

Among them, the smoke ghost is difficult to deal with. His room is shrouded in thick smoke, and his eyes cannot see anything half a meter away. It is still one of the players who has the blowing skills. Although it is only a beginner, the rental area is also here.

Constantly opening up the sight of other players eventually caught the smoker.

As for the handsome ghost that the otaku hates more, he is not in the apartment tonight. The otaku gritted his teeth and said that he was out to hunt for porn.

It was said that as long as a man could breathe and give up his heart, he would not die. In fact, he couldn’t breathe now, and the same.

In the end, apart from the mirror girl and the current ghosts, everything that should be wiped out was swept out. There were a dozen ghosts and twenty people.

Zhu Yang nodded: “Well! Although the scale is small, it is enough to set up a company in front of you.”

The ghosts trembled and didn’t know what heavy work the black coal pit owner was going to do with their poor group of weak laborers.

Zhu Yang didn’t have the patience to explain, he took the contract and sent everyone back, and he would naturally notify you when he told them they should go to work.

Then he grabbed the ghost doll and came to the sixth floor, the door that had already been opened.

This time Zhu Yang didn’t let a large group of people follow. Sometimes she was really anxious, unless it had other causes and effects, like the dean.

Otherwise, most of the methods are to do the negative test of people, silently.

As soon as she walked into this room, she felt a much colder atmosphere than before.

Turning the ghost doll in his hand twice, he seemed to mutter to himself: “It’s pretty good. My son was arrested and forced to sign a contract to be a child laborer. You can be safe.”

“Do you think that as long as you don’t show up and find an opportunity to secretly slaughter me, you will get paid?”

“It’s a good idea. I’m really happy to play with you when I want to change, but you can see that the money is small and the expense is high. Even if I am a fairy, I have to eat! If you don’t die, come out and make a position, my business is not easy to open. .”

There was still no response in the room quietly, Zhu Yang lowered his head, but suddenly found that the ghost doll in his hand had changed.

It turned into a **** and skinned head, and the blood and water slurry was still dripping down, disgustingly disgusting.

This is how Zhu Yang’s eyes gave her feedback, but there was no sticky and moist touch on her hands.

She sneered: “You can’t hypnotize me completely when I’m not prepared, what are you doing now?”

Then he grasped the ghost doll tightly without loosening it, and squeezed the ghost doll with a scream.

After hearing this scream, the mirror girl finally couldn’t stretch herself. Her figure appeared in the mirror, looking at the ghost baby distressedly, and then turned to Zhu Yang’s eyes to be more harsh.

Zhu Yang smiled and threw a bottle of toilet cleaner in front of the mirror: “Drink, drink without a drop, or I will feed your son all.”

The mirror girl widened her eyes and looked up at Zhu Yang again. She didn’t see a hint of joking in her expression.

Her son was still in Zhu Yang’s hands, just like a ball.

The beauty of Mirror Girl lies in her superb illusion and insidious mind, which often makes people follow the Tao without paying attention, and she comes second in terms of strength.

Seeing that Zhu Yang was actually immune to most of her skills, she knew that she couldn’t get her son back by grabbing, and she saw that she had pinched her hand on her son’s neck.

The mirror girl had no choice but to reach out from the mirror and pick up the bottle of toilet cleaner, just like she hadn’t known the ghost before changing Zhu Yang’s kettle from the mirror.

The mirror girl opened the bottle cap, hesitated, she still swallowed with her neck up, mouth after mouth, the ghost’s mouth has obvious advantages, it can easily reach the back of the ear, and there is no pressure to swallow a bottle of toilet detergent in an instant.

Throwing away the empty bottle, it didn’t take long for the mirror girl to roll in the mirror with her stomach in pain.

His face was pale, and some filth was vomited from time to time, and his intestines and stomach were burning.

But when Zhu Yang saw this, he sighed: “Talent, a broken apartment really delayed you.”

“As far as your acting skills are concerned, not to mention the slinging of the bone shadows, the general actors are not comparable.” He sneered: “You know that the only thing you are useful to me is the visual illusion, relying on a mirror. , I can’t tell by my senses, and show me a good show.”

“But I don’t understand it a bit. How come your son doesn’t react at all when he sees his mother crying out of such a deep love between mother and son?”

Talking about bringing the ghost baby in front of me and my usual: “You are right? Baby!”

Although the ghost doll is only two or three years old, she has already had a mind for many years. He looked at Zhu Yang with fear and began to tremble.

Zhu Yang turned his gaze into the mirror again, and saw that the mirror girl stood there with an ugly face, and there was no sign of embarrassment on her body.

A bottle of toilet cleaner was still in his hand, and he didn’t move a mouthful.

The mirror girl gritted her teeth: “If you are ruthless, I will admit it.”

He said that he was going to put the toilet cleaner in his mouth, but Zhu Yang stopped him: “No, no, I can’t tell it anyway. If your son also cooperates with the acting this time, I won’t be fooled. ?”

After hearing this, the mirror girl not only didn’t breathe a sigh of relief, but her intuition felt bad.

In the next second, she actually saw Zhu Yang tear off the spider silk on her son, freeing him.

Touched his little head and said: “You know the first clause of the contract you just signed? Absolutely obey the work arranged by the leader.”

“Then now the leader arranges for you to go to the mirror and chop Mom.”

The mirror girl was shocked, and the next second the woman who also possessed the ability to penetrate the mirror shoved her son in.

As soon as the ghost doll Fang came in, he carried the knife and cut it at the mirror girl involuntarily, fast and ruthlessly.

But he is sane. Although the mirror girl is powerful, her physical attack skills are really weaker than her son. The mother and son are the most powerful when they are connected, and they dominate Spider-Man all the time.

At this moment, the ghost doll was full of tears and passively attacked her mother. The mirror girl naturally had concerns about her son. At first she suffered several stabs, but her illusion was not effective on her son, and her heart was old when she saw her son in pain.

This cruel torture is better than just choosing to drink the toilet cleaner.

The mirror girl was about to take advantage of the gap to open her plea when she saw Zhu Yang showing a sinister smile——

“Since your mother and son are busy, I will visit again tomorrow and enjoy.”

After speaking, she closed the door for them, leaving behind the desperate and sad mirror girl and ghost doll.

Someone secretly listened to the movement outside, and really felt that this guy was more like a devil than a ghost.

But drag her blessing, everyone can sleep peacefully tonight.

Everyone got up early the next morning to go to work, but Zhu Yang stopped them.

“From today everyone will be very busy, so ask for leave.”

Although everyone didn’t know what medicine she bought in the gourd, they still called the company one after another, but they were rejected.

Brother Hou frowned: “If you are refused leave, you have to go to work. This is the rule of the game. Other places are actively exploiting cheap labor. How can you agree to rest?”

Zhu Yang had to make concessions because his performance was too prominent. To put it bluntly, the decision to go to work was not in their hands.

Zhu Yang didn’t find it difficult to deal with this, and transferred two thousand yuan to the players.

Tell them: “Find your current boss and say that he is sick, let him take care of it.”

All the players are assigned to the low-level work, and the direct superiors are naturally only low-level management such as the team leader. Two thousand yuan is not much, but it is enough to buy with one eye and one eye closed.

Then Zhu Yang said to Chen Hui again: “Oh, yes, you don’t need to. Anyway, you can’t help at home. Go to work and have a lunch.”

Chen Hui protested: “Don’t, I’m just about life skills, it’s still very useful, don’t look down on me.”

After finishing speaking, he said happily: “Hey! Are you dumbfounded? I’m already on leave.”

Everyone was shocked and looked back at him, and saw this guy proudly said: “As soon as I asked the team leader for leave, he immediately agreed.”

“Everyone was moved and cried. While on the phone, I asked me to take a break. I must have fun and get well before I get out. My body is the capital of the revolution. I said that it would be fine for me to take time off for a lifetime.

“I also praised me for considering the shop.”

Everyone understands in seconds, but it’s not for the sake of the shop. It is estimated that this store was also banned by the game due to blood mold, and there was no way to expel Chen Hui.

Otherwise, let him go to work for a few more days, and wash more clothes, and sooner or later the store will cost him.

Zhu Yang was also unable to say anything about this result, and quite a few did not understand who was pitted after the game had brought such a scourge in.

In fact, she is humble. To tell the truth about hurting each other with the game, and vomiting blood three times with anger, ten Chen Hui can’t compare with the status of Zhu Yang in the game’s mind.

After the decision was made, the group went out for breakfast. There is a very authentic porridge shop at the entrance of a high school.

Zhu Yang ordered a bowl of preserved egg and lean meat porridge plus a basket of steamed dumplings. Other players have their own options.

The food was delicious, and Brother Hou asked, “Do you have enough money now? Do you want everyone to borrow some money?”

Zhu Yang took a look at him, and he was so careful as to be ashamed. He was about to answer him, but he saw a few people first.

It was a few high school students who wanted to explore the apartment that day.

Zhu Yang waved at them through the glass. When they saw the beautiful young lady still remembering them, they ran in.

Zhu Yang also ordered breakfast for each of them, and while eating, he mentioned his own affairs——

“Didn’t you say that you are going to explore the haunted house? It’s the day after tomorrow.”


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