Scream Queen Chapter 52

These few high school days are also late to leave and leave early and do not have to do their studies, otherwise it is 8/9 o’clock now, they should have been sitting in the classroom for class time, they wandered to the school gate.

Hearing Zhu Yang’s words, a trace of embarrassment flashed across the faces of several people.

The last time I was interrupted, I didn’t go to the haunted house and left empty-handed. Niubi blew it out again early. It’s only strange that I didn’t get booed in going back to school these two days.

That’s why they slowly wandered outside the school, and could stay inside for a while.

One of them drank a bowl of seafood porridge and nodded: “Yes, I just said that the time will be changed, otherwise, don’t want people to forget about it in one semester.”

\”But sister, do you all live there?\” Several students look at them.

Although the evil door of the haunted house is well-known far and wide, most young people’s views on the rumors are based on misrepresentation. Looking at so many people coming out to eat in broad daylight, it must have found a new tenant.

So what else can’t you go?

Zhu Yang smiled and shook his head: “Almost, it is now under my management over there. We have created a haunted house adventure project, and it will be a trial operation the day after tomorrow.”

\”Since there is such a destiny, please be the first batch of guests.\”

When a few students heard that this eldest sister was once again in awe. So many people died in that apartment. Not only did this great guy live in casually, he also used gimmicks to do business. This really requires someone to know that he was so consumed. Not to be **** off?

In the eyes of most young people, the myths of ghosts and ghosts are called erroneous rumours, but they can’t help but hold a kind of vigilance in their hearts that they would rather be trusted than what they are.

But since it can be spread to the point where the whole city is well known, there must be quite a few people interested in it.

Several students were happy, and they all flattered themselves: “Sister, you can do business.”

He also expressed his affirmation and agreed that tomorrow night, all the guys who were full of food and drink were all sent to class by Zhu Yang.

When the time is full, there are only less than two days left, and their time is relatively tight.

After eating, Zhu Yang made a long list and divided the players into four groups to purchase all the necessary items and tools.

They don’t even want to find a renovation worker for this apartment, even if they have the courage to believe in evil, they will definitely sit down and raise the price.

Zhu Yang is not willing to spend the cost here, a ghost of a building plus seven players is not enough.

Brother Hou glanced at the long list. After buying all the two hundred thousand in Zhu Yang’s hand, he had to pay more than half.

If he wants to change someone else, he must be worried about whether such a large investment can be made back in this short time.

However, Zhu Yang has proved to them that she is not only the eldest lady who can enjoy luxury, even if the haunted house business is not ideal, her ability to sell clothes will never make her unable to pay off the loan and pass the customs.

The players are divided into labor, and the efficiency is fast. The big samples that are urgently needed are bought back in the morning, and the remaining bits and pieces need to spend more time in the wholesale market.

In the morning, Zhu Yang also asked the ghosts in the building to clean the top floor of the apartment, adding plants and flowers, rattan tables and chairs, and swing parasols.

The corner of the roof of the haunted house immediately became a fresh and casual rooftop cafe.

Zhu Yang was sitting on a swing sipping freshly ground coffee, looking into the distance, a little regretful: “Unfortunately, I don’t have much cooking skills.”

After speaking, I saw the man in the electric drill couple who was pointed at by the ghosts.

Although this couple hates them, let alone their good looks, handsome men and women are also pretty.

As the first rubber ghost to taste the sweetness, this time, it fully displays the value of doglegs and spares no effort in finding fault for the electric drill couple.

\”This guy used to sell stir-fried vegetables.\” He pointed to the man in the couple: \”His daughter helped him, and she opened a roadside stall if she didn’t have the money to rent a store, and the business was getting better.

It can be seen that there are indeed two brushes who can attract a large number of customers under the fierce competition in the university town.

Zhu Yang said: “Okay, the man will be a chef in the future, and the woman will be a waiter on the fifth floor.”

The couple immediately took their lives: \”Don’t, don’t separate us, we are both together.\”

\”Bah! Last class gave me a farewell set for the next life? Believe it or not, I took your bed?\”

He said impatiently and waved his hand: \”Well done, I will buy you a water bed, absolutely fresh experience, better than your old creaky wooden bed.\”

The couple happily agreed, and yearned for the waterbed.

Zhu Yang let them show off their hands and taste the craftsmanship again, which is really good, and it is said that this male ghost is not only able to make Chinese-style small stir-fry.

Some common Western-style meals are also good. The couple originally planned to set up a roadside stall to save money for a romantic Western-style restaurant.

Specializing in selling coffee, pastries, pasta, omelette and other things that young couples like.

Zhu Yang nodded: “Sure, it just so happens that the atmosphere of this rooftop restaurant is also suitable.”

He ghostly said to the DJ: “The roof area is quite big, and you can have an open-air party late at night. It just needs a baking atmosphere and DJing.”

The DJ ghost’s eyes lit up when he heard it, and he hugged Zhu Yang’s chair legs: “Boss, Boss, I promise to control the sound effects so that everyone who comes in will be scared.”

Zhu Yang didn’t have any expectations for the IQ of the ghosts, and said coolly: “Yeah! Then everyone goes around and dances on your dance floor?”

The picture is too beautiful to imagine, DJ ghostly said: \”Then, then I can relax a little.\”

At noon, some of the plumbing appliances that I bought first came back, and Zhu Yang ordered the ghosts to install them.

In order to create a horror effect, every room needs sound effects, right? Zhu Yang approved dozens of players in one go.

It’s good to be a ghost. You don’t need to wire or pull signals, and you don’t even need a socket.

Put it in a hidden place, the DJ ghost can naturally transmit the sound to any place he wants anytime, anywhere.

There are also faucet ghosts. Her theme field needs to install a lot of faucets. Fortunately, she can freely shuttle inside without water.

The most troublesome thing is the smoker. After all, many themes need smoky special effects, and each room has to be opened by a hidden pipe.

Otherwise, the smoker will not be able to appear in multiple rooms at the same time, and there will be more businessmen in the future, and he will also lack skills.

Fortunately, although a group of people and a group of ghosts have no technical experience, all of them have extraordinary skills.

Just so frightened and set up the entire countertop.

At this time, Zhu Yang went to the mirror girl slowly. At this time, the ghost doll had been put into the mirror and killed each other for almost 20 hours.

Zhu Yang opened the room, and the screams from inside immediately spread into his ears, accompanied by the sound of the kitchen knife being danced vigorously, as well as the dull sound of the knife cutting into the flesh from time to time.

Zhu Yang walked over and saw in the mirror that the ghost doll was still “working”, and the mirror girl was already embarrassed.

Seeing Zhu Yang coming over, the mirror girl hurriedly said: “I was wrong, I was wrong, do whatever you want, let him stop.”

Being a ghost is not infinite energy. On the one hand, the mirror girl is heartbroken for her mother and son, and on the other hand, watching the ghost doll who has been exhausted and is constantly cutting her at her is also very distressed.

If that guy keeps not yelling, he will really grind them to death.

Zhu Yang sneered: “Now that I have this consciousness, why did you go there early?”

However, he also gave an order to stop the offensive from the ghost doll. As soon as the ghost doll stopped, she passed out from exhaustion.

The mirror girl hugged him quickly, and at the same time a contract was thrown in——

\”Sign it! There is no preferential treatment for child labor here. If you come out to work, your son will naturally relax.\”

What can the mirror girl do? No matter how reluctant it is, naturally he can only sign the word, and since then he is controlled by others.

She thought that Zhu Yang would continue to toss her for the first time, such as the toilet cleaner who had not drunk last night and drink again.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Yang actually took the contract and ignored her, let her take a good rest for a day to recharge her energy, and officially work tomorrow.

As far as the division of labor is concerned, the ability of Mirror Girl is quite important. Seeing that Zhu Yang is about to be opened, it will not be able to disable people.

In the afternoon, other things came back one after another. The rubber ghost’s room bought closet boxes and drawers all over the wall.

Except for a bed and necessary passage space, it is full of boxes.

The rooms of the two female ghosts, Yangui and Pheasant, are decorated very fragrantly, just like a custom shop.

It’s just that the style of Yangui is carved wooden beds, light veil curtains and incense burner red candles. And the pheasant here is the charm of modern atmosphere.

The two female ghosts were so happy that they kept spinning in the room, and secretly determined that they would never let the **** next door compare.

Zhu Yang, the big brother who plays cotton, simply gave him a studio, but the string made him put his intestines away: “The bow and the hammer do not need to be changed, and you can make adjustments according to the guests’ feedback. It’s a bit bloody, some people don’t accept it very much.\”

The Pansi Cave in Spider-Man’s place was already perfect. Zhu Yang didn’t change the layout, but bought a lot of small gifts to hang on it.

The spider-man was dumbfounded, and stretched out his eight legs to point to the present on his spider web: “What is this?”

\”Oh! You are here for the welfare link, as long as you dare to walk in and take pictures with you, you can collect a gift.\”

Spider-Man suddenly became angry: \”I am here for the welfare link? I am not tall and majestic or scared enough? Those small/forced cubs come in vertically and I let them go out horizontally. You let me take pictures with people to give gifts?\”

Zhu Yang comforted him: “Don’t worry, there will be a charge for group photos, which is much higher than the cost of the gift. Anyway, we will definitely earn it.”

Spider-Man thought it was you who made a fortune and made a fortune. A small weather ghost who was forced to work is already hard enough to raise his head. You want to make him a mascot?

In the end, he had to refute. Seeing Zhu Yang’s smiling face, he knew that there was nothing to say about it.

The otaku’s room ordered him to clean up all the **** and throw away all the furniture today, leaving him with a bed that can be folded to the wall, and the whole room was emptied of its own use.

The room of the old lady cat face is set up as a horror-themed cat house cafe. Not to mention, it’s quite heavy, but it’s absolutely unique.

The mirror girl’s room was smashed into a full mirror by Zhu Yang. A huge turntable was installed in her son’s ghost doll, which allowed daring guests to experience flying knife acrobatics.

Of course, the target is the guest, and it is still a chargeable item.

As for the headless corpse, Zhu Yang didn’t think of a particularly good idea, because even people like the headless corpse can create a similar illusion through clothes. Many people have actually played such pranks. It’s not uncommon and can only be sent to him The back kitchen serves as a pier, helping to wash and cut vegetables.

The Headless Ghost was quite dissatisfied, and felt that he had not looked down upon him at all.

Zhu Yang sneered and said: \”Why don’t I put the head in the child’s hand on you?\”

The headless ghost hurriedly waved his hand, who would want a waste head that was used as a racket by a child?

As for the old couple and the little boy’s family next door to Zhu Yang, don’t take your fate as logistics.

The two old cleaners should pay attention to the sanitary condition of the apartment building at all times. In case of vomiting and incontinence, they should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid affecting the experience of the players behind.

The child bought a lot of melon seeds and potato chips soda cigarettes for him and sold them in the whole building with boxes.

The child took an apple and said, “How much does this cost?”

\”20 yuan.\” Zhu Yang replied without raising his head.

\”A catty?\”

\”Do you know how to use a scale? Of course it is one.\”

The little boy looked at the ordinary-looking apple in his hand. Although he had become a ghost and could not grow up, he still felt the sinisterness of an adult.

Because I found a good cook, Zhu Yang’s picky tongue personally verified the pass at noon.

In the afternoon, I asked other players to buy a lot of ingredients and let the ghost lovers clean up the table.

When it turned out to be cooking, the ghost dude who had been out for several days came back.

As soon as he entered the corridor, he felt something was wrong, and the whole building was full of vitality.

This is not the feeling that some people can come in. There are so many ghosts in this building that they can’t be supernatural, and they are full of resentment.

Anyone who comes in will be affected by the aura here, trembling all day long, where did this scene appear?

But he didn’t think about it too much. It is estimated that the group of people who came this time had particularly strong yang energy, right?

This kind of person is the most troublesome for their ghosts. Generally, those with yang energy are accompanied by excellent luck, especially when facing ghosts.

Sometimes you can’t kill him if you have the ability, and you really help him.

If you want to take it down, you have to grind, and the **** walked upstairs thinking about it.

As a result, on the second floor, I actually saw the Yangui who hadn’t paid much attention to him, wearing red clothes, leaning on the door and looking at him.

Playboy considers himself to be a tasteful person. There are two beauties and ghosts in the whole building. Let the ghost people vote here. There are both sides.

Although the pheasant ghost is gaudy and vulgar, it is not uncommon for everyone to see the **** appearance of the Yan ghost after skinning, and it even hit a tie.

But from the perspective of Playboy, it is natural that the special classic style of Yangui is better.

So when I saw him, he immediately said eagerly: \”Yo, haven’t you slept yet? Waiting for me specially?\”

Yan Gui didn’t speak, and ran a wink at him. Turning around, she turned gently into the room with her elegant skirt, but the door was not closed, leaving a gap.

Did not say a word, but the invitation in the body language did show to the end.

The playboys are all happy and crazy, and they have been hunting outside for the past two days. They only find some vulgar fans, and they are not very happy.

Seeing the rare posture of a pornographic ghost, how can there be any reason not to follow?

So he immediately followed and pushed open the door of Yangui’s room. Inside was a flamboyant/sexy red, mahogany carved bed, red tulle curtain, bronze candle holder and tear-dropping red candle.

The breath of a moment of spring evening comes from the shop.

Where can Playboy sit still? Shut the door and pounce on it.

As a result, the moment the door was closed, there were two more people behind the door, who were holding their arms and looking at him like the piglet who was selling at the same time.

The Yangui sitting on the bed with the snow-footed enchantingly looked at him, and the look in his eyes changed from charming and charming to a big fool who was easily hooked.

\”This, what’s the situation?\” The **** clearly felt the breath of the two men.

I was shocked, then I saw Zhu Yang’s face, and forgot all the questions I wanted to ask.

Yan Gui contemptuously said: “I really don’t understand why this guy hasn’t died today, oh no, he has already been dead by a woman once.”

The **** ignored him, and walked over to Zhu Yang excitedly and pushed away Brother Hou who was standing in front of Zhu Yang.

Brother Hou’s physique is also one of the best in the hands of old players, and he was actually pushed aside. Although he didn’t expect his reaction to be caught off guard, it can be seen that this guy is among the ghosts of the entire building, which is a rare type of power.

It’s no wonder that I can’t walk when I see a woman and haven’t been killed.

He stood in front of Zhu Yang: “Beauty, your new tenant? I told you that this building is very dangerous. There are scary dirty things everywhere. In the middle of the night, ghosts come out of the tap or cockroaches. Climbing under your bed.\”

\”It’s very hard for a girl to live here. Don’t resist it by yourself. If you have a man, just rely on it. By the way, what floor is your room on? Let’s talk alone about how to prevent such dirty things?\”

As soon as the words were finished, a candlestick was thrown on the head by the Yangui: “On dirty things, who can compare the whole building to the stuff in you?”

Seeing that this guy was so stupid and unambiguous, Zhu Yang took out a mirror girl from behind to perform illusionism contract——

\”Sign it, it’s mine after signing it.\”

The whole ghost of the **** is dizzy: “Huh? Is it a yin and yang marriage certificate? Isn’t your beautiful girl count the characters for you? The fate is too hard to get married with the ghost?”

\”Oh, don’t you believe this, the older generations have their own meanings. Where do I sign? I can fulfill my obligations tonight, right?

Zhu Yang pointed to a place: \”Here.\”

Playboy immediately signed the name, and then said: “Come on, you also sign.”

Zhu Yang took the contract and kicked the whole ghost on the wall: “Well! Welcome to the Ghost Adventure Game Company, and then get along with other employees.”

At this time the contract became the original appearance, and the signed **** also felt the nature of the successive .3 contract.

Zhu Yang and Brother Hou have already turned around and planned to go out, and said to Yangui: “The new employee may be a little uncomfortable when entering the workplace at first, from depression and frustration to doubting life, at worst, he collapses and cries. Please comfort yourself and come up for dinner later. \”

With the door closed, Yangui glanced at Playboy contemptuously, and wanted to ridicule this guy without any colleague’s care, but unexpectedly the other party lay on the ground.

Looking at the direction of the door with a trembling M, he blushed: “I haven’t encountered such a person before, even hitting people are so beautiful, so exciting.”

Okay, this guy is not saved.

To say that the **** is also handsome, he really has food in the entertainment industry just by looking at his face, but if he is asked to go in, it is estimated that the brokerage company has not made money yet and helps him wipe the **** of the scandals of promiscuity all day long.

Zhu Yang felt that it was okay for this guy to deceive the ignorant girl, so he arranged for him to sell souvenirs at the game outlet.

The last ghost also signed a deed, and the entire building was officially and completely occupied by Zhu Yang.

At this time, dinner was also set. Eight people plus the number 20 ghosts gathered together. It is estimated that there has never been a game where players and ghost NPCs have been so happy.

If the game is to pay attention to this place around the clock, it is estimated that Zhu Yang will live to death.

After all, having dug so many pits and laid so many rules, she thought it was the limit difficulty that her current ability could bear.

Unexpectedly, it was broken in less than three days. It didn’t matter. It was more powerful than ever, and even more shamelessly, he wanted to make a fortune through cheap.

The ghosts can’t eat directly. The dishes they have eaten seem to be on the plate well, but if they want to take it over and taste it, it will be tasteless and tasteless.

Everyone was satisfied with the food, especially the ghosts. Although they were able to go out, they also had a lot of restrictions. Except for the fact that the **** can go out for several days because of the nature, other ghosts can’t leave for too long.

It is impossible to buy any supplies, change the furnishings in the apartment, and often enjoy food.

After the meal, the DJ ghost claimed to have to try out the special effects on the stage. Two impromptu scenes came. The colorful spotlights were shining, and there was knee-high smoke produced by the smoker.

Not to mention, the effect is much better than dry ice at night.

In the middle of the night, a group of people went downstairs and went back to their rooms to rest, but they did not know that the surrounding residents were trembling with the noise of the haunted house tonight.

It’s okay for someone to dare to go to the grave, especially the high-floor residents around. From the balcony, it’s like a crowd of demons dancing.

The key is that except for the eight players, everyone else is still visible for a while and invisible for a while, isn’t it scary?

The next day everyone went on to do the work that was not completed, or adjust the equipment.

It was almost ten in the evening when a few high school students arrived as scheduled.

This was also explained by Zhu Yang and asked them to come back after evening study. At that point, students have time to swipe their phones after class, otherwise how can the heat spread out?

If you just rely on word of mouth, these goods are obviously of the type that is often bragging, and they cannot spread quickly and in real time.

When a few people arrived downstairs in the apartment, looking at the dark haunted house at night, they felt even more permeating. At this time, they saw Zhu Yang walking over.

The high school students breathed a sigh of relief: “Sister, how do you play this?”

With a mobile phone in her hand, Zhu Yang has opened the live broadcast room. She said to a few people: “Tonight is just a trial operation. I will open a few themed rooms for you to visit and play.”

When she said this, she introduced the background of the apartment. In fact, she rarely knew the city without introducing her.

But now it has just started broadcasting, and there is no heat, but because of her beauty and curiosity themes are attracted in, it is rare to withdraw, but there are not many people temporarily.

\”Of course, because of the limited time, the focus of tonight is to visit, let me lead you to try it out, mainly to introduce some of our haunted houses for horror adventure lovers, so stay tuned.\”

At this time, the live broadcast room was still looking at the beauty of the young lady, her voice was good and her temperament was good. Sometimes, there were a few who were more worried, so that they should not be killed for the attention of the blog. The apartment really had an evil sound and was suppressed. .

Zhu Yang did not forget to ask a few high school students to pull familiar people in their school into the live broadcast room. It didn’t take too much. As long as there were a few, this matter would immediately spread among the students.

\”Then, let’s get started.\”

In order to achieve better shooting results, Zhu Yang walked behind a few people.

Several high school students felt a little hairy, looking back three steps to confirm whether Zhu Yang was following.

After entering the gate and up the stairs, he entered a room following Zhu Yang’s instructions.

Inside are all closets, drawers, boxes and cabinets, and the full storage furniture makes the room look a little cramped.

Zhu Yang walked in last and closed the door. At this moment, the quiet room suddenly remembered the sound of the old iron door being opened.

Several students were taken aback, and quickly turned their heads to see that Zhu Yang was still holding a mobile phone on the live broadcast, and comforted them: “Don’t be afraid, it’s the sound effect.”

Of course, I knew it was the sound effect, but it was really scary when the haunted house suddenly came.

At this time, someone in the live broadcast room is brushing the barrage-

[These few persuasion, the pretty sister is so persuaded, the real man just wants to pee his lower body in front of a woman, and his upper body is still a solid support. 】

[Above you know a fart! You will beep when you copy the keyboard. You silently see if your computer chair is wet. 】

[It’s really scary. The sound effects are ordinary horror movie sound effects, but it’s not the same as ordinary haunted houses looping all the time. When the atmosphere comes to you suddenly, I was shocked just now. 】

[The four idiots inside are my classmates. 】

No one paid any attention to the barrage. At this moment, Zhu Yang said again: \”Then the problem is, if you are locked in such a closed space, how would you find a way to get out?\”

The four people saw her calmly and relaxed a lot. One of them said: “The theme of this room is to decrypt escape? There are boxes and cabinets everywhere, and the clues must be in them.”

Others nodded: \”Generally, this kind of game hides a lot of keys. According to the clues of opening the box and trial after trial, the key to open the door is finally found.\”

\”I have played, the door key is usually hidden behind the safe or mural, but to open the safe you need other keys, anyway, if you are lucky, it is possible to go through the whole house.\”

Zhu Yang smiled, noncommittal: \”Then you are the truth?\”

At this moment, several people were aroused by the game and went looking for the key.

On the way to find the key, there were still suspenseful sound effects that would appear from time to time, and they violently opened the cabinet.

There was nothing inside, and the sound effects waned like disappointment.

When I opened the second place, the suspenseful sound effect came up again.

Someone in the barrage has already swiped it again-

[Don’t mention anything else, the sound effect engineer’s salary should be very high, right? The atmosphere is booming, and the actual experience is okay. 】

[The venue is a bit small, but the haunted house, the gimmick and excitement make up for it. 】

[Look at it for fun first. 】

[Wang Zejing, why are you idiot looking for the key to open the big box? Open the small drawer first. 】This article was posted by a few high school students, friends and friends.

[No way, I will bring more people in to see you stupid. 】

Then they didn’t know if they had received the resentment of the barrage, and several people finally turned their eyes to the storage drawer.

The drawer was half high, and several people slammed open the drawer again with the sound effects.

Due to the inertia several times before, they thought they would hear the faint sound effect again, but this time the sound suddenly rose.

It’s like celebrating the first prize.

However, they did win the jackpot, because in the small drawer, there was something beyond the folding limit of human beings, and they were looking at them with angrily eyes.

The sound effect in the haunted house suddenly disappeared, and it was as silent as death. The live broadcast room was also a situation, because they also saw several boys from the same perspective.

Then someone screamed, which suddenly broke the calm on both sides of the screen.


The other people also awoke and rushed out, but they found that the door had been closed and could not be opened no matter what.

A few people turned their heads, looked at Zhu Yang, and tremblingly said: “Sister, sister, let us go out? No offense.”

\”Yes, yes, you didn’t invite us, we won’t bother you.\”

This is obviously treating Zhu Yang as a ghost.

Zhu Yang smiled and said: \”Didn’t you say it? This is a trial game, even if you don’t clear the level, you will be released. But you have to open more drawers so that other audiences can understand the rules.\”

At this time, the voice was restored in the live broadcast room-

[Fuck that is a prop, right? Is it a prop? Almost scared me to pee, it was so realistic. 】

[I took back what I said just now. It seems that not only the sound effects engineers are paid high, but the props masters are also not cheap. It doesn’t matter if you just use this real-life experience, games or something. 】

After only brushing a few words, I saw the guy who had just been identified as a prop slowly stretched out half of his arm from the closet.

Then he pulled a thin thread that was specifically tied to the handle of the drawer, and silently closed the drawer back.




[Fucking ghost——]

[How are the brothers in the room? Let me see your hands, hello! Wang Zejing, Ye Chenliang, Zhao Hao, he didn’t say anything when he died. 】

[It’s over, I shouldn’t have swayed you to go. I knew that place was evil. 】

[Is it just me, that ghost—very polite? 】

Suddenly there was such a message in the live broadcast room, and others were about to spray it.

I heard Zhu Yang’s face appear in front of the screen and smiled and said: “Yes, I forgot to explain, enter the haunted house, our company absolutely guarantees the safety of the players’ lives, and our staff are also warm and friendly, please don’t panic.”

As he spoke, he opened the drawer, and the hand inside stretched out, and shook Zhu Yang’s hand–

\”Look, we are all pacifists. Coming here, you only need to enjoy this wonderful experience.\”

Sister, you are awesome!

Perhaps it was her words and the interaction that gave some comfort. After a few high school students ran away in tears, they still trembled and continued to unpack.

Finally found a key in one of the drawers, but if it weren’t from the door, relying on this, if you opened a box, there was a long note with clues written on it.

Several people looked from the left to the right and did not understand, they raised their heads to ask Zhu Yang for help, and Zhu Yang shrugged, saying that if the clues can’t be connected, it means that it is not enough, then continue to open the box.

The four had no choice but to open the box again, during which rubber ghosts were opened twice.

To be honest, even though I was mentally prepared, I would be terrified every time I saw a ghost that had no bones at all and shrunk in an extremely small space.

The point is that the ghost is still staring at them, and when it’s the third time, the rubber ghost is on fire: \”Is it over?\”

Shake the yelling shoulders of the children, and watch him continue to slam the drawer door shut.

Then something weird happened. The note that the four of them had written before disappeared. There were a lot of words in it, and there were no more clues in series, so I definitely didn’t remember it.

This is Zhu Yang said: “It seems that Mr. Ghost is dissatisfied with being disturbed several times, and withdrawing an item that the player got, it’s a pity.”

At this time everyone also knows such a rule. If a ghost is shot three times in a row, a useful item will be taken back.

At this time, the number of people in the live broadcast room has increased, and all kinds of people who brush 666 and brush gifts, who were originally in the live broadcast room also rushed to tell each other, pulling people in.

As soon as I came in, I was caught by the decryption game of this seemingly real haunted house. The focus is not on the game, it is a ghost.

[The ghost is very temperamental, let alone a few idiots, I was shocked by the roar. 】

[It’s a good thing to be violent, I’m afraid he will pull you into the box without saying anything. 】

[It turns out that ghosts also have this? 】

[But in this way, the difficulty of clearing the level is really high, ghosts are everywhere, and the same item is confiscated after three times. How long will it take to get out? 】

Zhu Yang seemed to notice this message and replied: “The time limit for customs clearance is one hour. If you can’t pass the customs at the time, you will be expelled from the house. If you successfully pass the customs within one hour, you can choose an experience theme for free.\”

[Wow! Profiteers, this kind of difficulty is only given for an hour, and I am afraid that I will be charged for the second time. Is this obvious slaughter? The fool went. 】

This message just flew past, and I heard Zhu Yang say to a few high school students: “There are still many projects you want to experience today. Due to time constraints, let’s move on to the next topic.”

\”Come, say hello to Mr. Rubber Ghost from the staff before going out.\”

Several people took a sharp breath, and were about to refuse, they saw the drawer closest to them slowly opened, and a person’s upper body slowly squeezed out of it.

Unlike just reaching out, the visual effect this time is even more shocking.

The other party was like a rubber man who had been vented and put away, and then his head and neck and upper body, gradually swelled and deformed and looked like a normal person.

However, the curved marks on the arms still clearly show that the opponent is boneless.

Several students looked at each other dumbfounded, their legs were frightened, but they were a little excited and curious in their hearts.

I saw the other party stretched out his hand and came over: \”Thank you for your advice.\”

Since I shook it back dizzyly: “Many, thanks for your advice, you have worked hard.”

The rubber ghost drill glanced at the screen before returning: “The idea of ​​this game is to encourage everyone to be diligent in organizing.

\”Especially boys, don’t think that you have a mother at home and don’t care about everything. Have mercy on your mother. She opened the closet and drawer and saw the mess inside. The mood at the time was the same as when you just opened the drawer and saw me. How much better.\”

\”Good! Absolutely clean, I will wash the smelly socks that I have stored for a week when I go back.\”

\”Me too! I will throw the pile of clothes under the bed in the washing machine when I go back.\”

The live broadcast room is also dumb–

[The ghosts nowadays all talk about four beautiful things like this? 】

[No, what should I do if I am cute? 】

[I just said that people are profiteers, come out to be beaten, obviously very deep. 】

[I want to go and see, I also think, even if I don’t play games and shake hands with ghosts, it will be enough for my life. 】

At this time, the live broadcast room is already very lively, and all kinds of barrage gifts are constantly refreshing.

Although it is a free experience for Zhu Yang to come to these students tonight, looking at the current trend, the live broadcast income must be able to offset the loss.

Then she took a few people to the second floor, this time let them open the room by themselves.

A few students were very excited just now to shake hands with the ghost, and now they are much bolder.

But when I looked at the door, I saw a curved bow that pulled my spine nearly two meters long and used it as a tool to play cotton.

Of course, because there are a few broken boys here, the cotton-pumping ghost didn’t make him bloody. Keep the intestines away.

But the naked upper body and the vertebrae growing out clearly under Zhu Yang’s lens were also shocking.

The guy played very attentively, regardless of people entering the room, his intoxicated expression, no matter where he was playing cotton, the pianist was not so forgetful.

At this time, accompanied by the sound of work, there was a melodious commentary——

\”Pumping cotton is an ancient craft in our country. With the sound of a whistle, the flowers fly, and the warm quilt is completed in this simple and ancient craft…\”

Several students were so speechless by this wonderful picture of popularizing traditional craftsmanship, and they were speechless in the live broadcast room——

[I, I can’t watch this kind of film, I actually watched it intently today. 】

[Plus one, the only record subject I can see is China on the tip of my tongue. I didn’t expect that one day I would seriously look at people playing cotton. 】

[Sure enough, tradition is popular, are ghosts better to use than people? 】

Zhu Yang appeared on the screen again at this time: \”Menggui handmade cotton wool, handmade on-site, you can visit the production process, you can take a photo with the craftsman, a bed is only 9999, buy home, keep warm, avoid ghosts and exorcise evil. Absolutely a must for home.\”

Isn’t it right, if the cotton of the ghost bomb is stained with dirty things, other ghosts will stay away if they are far-sighted.

[Me, I kind of want to buy a bed, what should I do? 】

[Wake up upstairs, what quilt is so expensive? Don’t be fooled. 】

[Upstairs, you know a fart, 9999 is too cheap according to the rarity? A ghost bomb quilt. It was not played by your uncle at the entrance of the village. 】

[What is the theme of this room? In addition to zaike. 】

[Call on everyone to protect the intangible cultural heritage. The three views of ghosts are so upright, let us behave a little bit square. 】

The live broadcast room was still lively, Zhu Yang agreed to a few people and the Bomianka ghost photo request.

They didn’t think of it, but Zhu Yang reminded him that he regretted not taking a photo with the rubber ghost at the moment.

Back to school tomorrow, these two photos alone will take a semester.

After they came out, Zhu Yang took them directly to the fourth floor. Because Zhu Yang was living on the third floor, he didn’t want to arrange the theme on this floor.

The two beautiful ghosts have missed everything, because it belongs to the adult/human project, and children are not suitable for dealing with pornographic ghosts.

Opened the otaku’s room directly, the otaku was already ready.

Several students looked down and saw hundreds of egg-sized cockroaches crawling on the ground, and their scalps were numb.

But immediately after the cockroach’s body curled up, it turned into dark marbles, and then changed from marbles back to cockroaches.

A sense of novelty was evoked by a few people in an instant, and then seeing these cockroaches obediently moving in a certain area, they would never run around.

Moreover, the shape and regularity, which form an S for a while, and a B for a while, are obviously manipulated.

At this time, I heard Zhu Yang said: “This is the feeding link. Of course, it is not easy to domesticate small animals. The snacks taken out may pose a threat to their health, so they can only feed the food sold by the company.”

A little boy didn’t know when he appeared behind a few people, holding a cardboard box in his hand, full of apples on it——

\”Brother buy apples? Twenty one.\”

Let alone these four people, the profiteer in the live broadcast room is also speechless.

No, tell me first, what food is okay if people eat it, but it is harmful to cockroaches?

You simply despise the most powerful creature on earth.


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