Scream Queen Chapter 53

Upon hearing this, several boys stared at Zhu Yang with simple eyes.

It is said that it is a free experience, and this must not charge money, right? After all, Apple is not expensive. These hundreds of thousands of tickets are all free. Miss sister is so grand, she shouldn’t do such a stingy thing, right?

When Zhu Yang saw them looking over, he first smiled, then touched the little boy’s head affectionately.

Sighed: “In fact, we outsourced the project of selling snacks and props. The purpose is also to support the widows and the elderly.”

“Look at this little boy. He was supposed to be in kindergarten, but he couldn’t experience the joy of growing up at school like his peers. The only ones who accompany him all day long are his elderly grandparents and a ball.”

“But grandparents are getting older, so they can only work as cleaning and handyman in the ghost town to make a living. The child feels sorry for the hard work of grandparents, so he also sells some soft drinks to subsidize the family.”

“Being a ghost is not easy, and being a kid is not easy. They cannot enjoy social allowances and subsidies, so they can only survive in this building.”

After speaking, I looked at a few people: “Are you sure you want him to invite you for free? Oh, I remember these apples were bought by him after searching the box under the door of the whole building and finding out the change. I don’t know about the next purchase. Is there any money.”

Several high school students glanced at the little boy, the other’s height was not as high as their waist, because the grimace was a little pale, but there was no doubt that he was cute.

At this time the little boy was looking at them with watery black eyes, with a pitiful look.

Several high school students were immediately struck with a sword in their hearts. There is a kind of idiot in the old society, bullying newsboys from poor families, and intending to rob others of the same day’s income.

“Buy, buy, buy, buy now!” Several high school students hurriedly paid.

Many students now have good conditions, and a single game of Krypton costs a few hundred dollars. It’s just that these guys have committed a crime recently, and their pocket money has been cut off by their family. That’s why they bet others to explore the haunted house before, but even this one hundred dollars can still be taken out.

A few guys collected a hundred dollars from their pockets and handed it to the little boy: “Hey, there is only so much cash.”

When the words were finished, the apple on the top of the box moved, and then a human head emerged from it.

The head was shriveled and skinny, which was terrifying, and several high school students were taken aback.

When I was about to scream, I saw a QR code spit out from the head’s mouth. The meaning was obvious. The cash was not enough.

Several high school students were slaughtered, and suddenly they didn’t feel that this dry head was scary at all.

mom! I can face a dead head without incident.

As a result, the cash on a few guys, the balance in Alipay, and the red envelopes in WeChat were all searched. It’s just that the amount is not much, only two to three hundred yuan.

That’s no way, I received a few poor people.

The little boy gave them 20 apples, and under the guidance of Zhu Yang, began to feed them.

One of them tentatively threw the apple at the pile of cockroaches, only to hit it, and the apple disappeared within a second.

The apple with a big fist was almost wiped out by two cockroaches one by one.

“Wow~~” several people exclaimed, and then threw several apples down at the same time.

It also disappears within a few seconds. The key is the cockroaches’ eating, clean and unambiguous, with the cracking sound of the apple being crushed.

It feels an inexplicable coolness, just like the previous game called Ninja Watermelon. That kind of neat and invigorating feeling makes people a little bit overwhelmed.

Several high school students fed for two more rounds, and there were only two apples left.

The four guys almost fought over who would feed the two apples. The last two are one, each holding one end of the apple, and at the same time throwing the last apple at the pile of cockroaches.

When Apple finally disappeared, a few guys were still a little bit interested, but it was not over yet.

After eating the apples, the cockroaches actually stood up to face them at the same time, and made a compilation of them with their tiny legs, which was more uniform than the army.

These cockroaches are really too big, the size of an egg, they are black and shiny, and the color of their backs is as dark and smooth as a beetle. Except that they were a little scared when they first opened the door, now that they look carefully, they don’t feel too scary. They even thought their looks mighty and handsome.

Several people can clearly see their movements and even their facial expressions. The contrast between the brutal and neat attitude of eating an apple just now and the current naive attitude makes people feel that they are actually very cute.

A few high school students scratched their heads, and immediately blushed, with a sense of pride that they were welcomed by thousands of small animals.

This is the barrage in the live room exploded again.

[Fuck, I was just laughing and watching a few stupid men being slaughtered by unscrupulous profiteers. Now I find that I am also a stupid, and the money in my account is about to move. 】

[Brother upstairs, me too. I actually have an urge to catch cockroaches in the kitchen and feed them. 】

[The two upstairs Xing Xing, this is another exclusive monopoly and can only be slaughtered by stretching out their heads. 】

[But it’s really handsome, that body shape, expression, and carapace are more handsome than the unicorn fairy, and can also be turned into marbles. 】

[Mom save me, I am tempted by cockroaches. 】

[As a girl who screams at the sight of cockroaches, I said that I was also moved, covering my face! 】

[Sure enough, I have been single for a long time, and even the cockroaches look so beautiful. 】

[Wang Zejing, you fools, please feed me more! I haven’t watched enough yet. I think just watching them eat apples, I can watch them for an hour. 】

[Give you a few planes and continue feeding! I want to see the ninja cockroach. 】

Zhu Yang paid attention to the situation in the live broadcast room at any time, and saw many enthusiastic netizens paying for it, so he smiled and said: “Oh! It seems that there is enthusiastic support from off-site audiences.”

“Here, I first thank you all for your care for the little animals, and I also call on you to cherish every species on the planet.”

God **** cherishes every species on the planet, and this sister is really heartbroken if she opens her eyes and talks nonsense.

Believe it or not that all human beings are extinct, and all the cockroaches are still there, is that the species you should care about? In terms of vitality, it should be the cockroaches who worry about when our group will be extinct. After all, there are still a lot of threats to human beings.

But the Tucao barrage hasn’t come out yet, it just depends on Zhu Yang aiming the screen at the cockroaches.

Then Zhu Yang’s voice sounded: “Come on, baby cockroaches, thank you for your brothers and sisters.”

Immediately, the cockroaches turned to the screen neatly, with six legs, the bottom two standing, and the remaining two legs were made into fists for editing, and the two long whiskers on their heads were still trembling cutely.

The spit in the live broadcast room was immediately overwhelmed by a cute scream, and the barrage of various gifts for feeding is almost overwhelming the whole live broadcast room.

Zhu Yang smiled with satisfaction: “In addition to apples, we also provide other feeding fruits. Pears, watermelons, and pineapples have different prices.”

Speaking of throwing a pineapple at the cockroaches, the volume of the pineapple is much larger than that of the apple, the sound is crisp, and a pineapple cockroach will have to bite seven or eight before it disappears.

Although the price is much more expensive than apples, the process of food disappearing quickly in the mouths of these little cuties can be clearly seen.

Huh? Why is this description so strange?

“So if you have the opportunity, I still hope that everyone will experience it on site.”

The sinister intentions of this profiteer business circle are no longer obstructed, but no matter whether it is spitting out in the heart, the yearning heart is still ready to move.

After the little boy brought all the fruits to be fed, several high school students received the benefits of taking pictures with the cockroaches.

Photos can flexibly use cockroaches to pose in various poses.

For example, one of the boys stretched out his arms, and more than a dozen cockroaches stood holding his arms and legs on his arms.

All of them made expressions of looking up and looking at the camera condescendingly, making people want to worship the cockroach when they saw it.

There is also an outstretched index finger that touches the outstretched arm of the cockroach, creating a classic ET middle-and-small boy in contact with an alien.

Zhu Yang showed these photos to the screen one by one: “We have limited imagination, so we can only shoot like this. If someone has a better idea, I look forward to your arrival. As long as the cockroach babies can do the actions, they can satisfy .”

[Limited or limited, I am so envious of my father, labor and management shouldn’t push you to go, I should go by myself. 】

[Big guy, big cockroach big guy is respected by me, big guy, can you stand comfortably, the little boy’s skinny arms must be uncomfortable. Do you mind changing your arm stand? The kind with muscles. 】

[Rolling upstairs, the muscles are not comfortable, they are still fat, soft and elastic, and the experience is definitely not worse than that of a leather sofa. The swinging meat of my arm has finally found value. 】

[Upstairs, don’t make excuses for not wanting to lose weight. 】

[Just now I got up to pour a glass of water, when I saw a cockroach in the kitchen, there was a lot of affection in my heart. 】

[No, I was the opposite of you upstairs. I looked at the cockroaches in other people’s houses, and then at the thing on the wall of my house, and silently picked up the slippers. 】

The experience of the cockroach house was a bit long, but no one noticed it under the atmosphere.

The reward for feeding the cockroaches alone made Zhu Yang a lot of money, not to mention the fact that he was directed to the live broadcast.

It can be said that Zhu Yang has not officially opened yet, but the money he made tonight will definitely not be less.

Leaving the cockroach house, Zhu Yang took them to the faucet ghost’s room.

Open the room, the whole room is full of pipes and taps.

Several people looked at Zhu Yang. Although they didn’t know how to play, they wouldn’t disappoint.

He asked excitedly, “Sister, what are the rules?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “This house is very simple, similar to hitting a mole.”

“At the beginning of the game, there will be successive faucets dripping. You are responsible for closing the faucets. The number of dripping faucets will increase and the speed will gradually increase to increase the difficulty.”

“If a faucet is not turned off within three seconds, it is considered a game failure.”

Several people thought it was boring, but in fact, they couldn’t say that. It was like the tap in an empty room was unscrewed for no reason, and a drop of water fell in a quiet space.

Accompanied by the squeaking sound of the old-fashioned metal faucet and the sound effect, you know today that it is not technological means that turns on the faucet, but someone else who cannot see it.

If you want to change, you will be scared to pee your pants, but after the first three games, the interest of several people has been greatly raised.

I feel that this monotonous game mode without ghosts is so lost in comparison with the previous one.

At this time, the faucet has begun to drip, the water volume is not much, but the sound is very clear.

Click! Click! Click! Smashed into the sink with a loud sound.

Zhu Yang said, “The game has already started, is it still?”

Several people hurriedly started turning off the taps, but when one turned off, the other began to drip again.

Although this game is similar to whacking a mole, the difficulty is much higher.

First of all, the room is so big, you can never predict where the next dripping faucet will be. If the corner one was closed in the previous second, it is possible that the next one is on the toilet.

At first, the four of them had limited dripping taps, but they could keep up with the rhythm.

But gradually, the difficulty increased, more and more taps began to drip, the intervals became more frequent, and the distance became more and more difficult.

The few people were bored at first, and they were immediately caught by the tense rhythm of the game, and there was no room to think about other things.

Just like playing the simplest Tetris, simple rules don’t mean it’s not fun. Sometimes you can’t even tell where you’re addicted, but you just can’t get rid of it.

Gradually, several people were sweating profusely from nervousness and were exhausted in the room.

Someone in the live broadcast room is brushing——

[This game project is good for losing weight. I’m so nervous that I don’t even know I’m tired. 】

[Yes, it’s good, but we look a bit boring. 】

【Hey! Sister Beauty, you want to promote the haunted house, shouldn’t that project be included in the advertisement? 】

Zhu Yang ignored the sound in the live broadcast room, and at the same time, the rhythm of a few boys finally got out of control and could not keep up with the speed of the tap.

A faucet in the center of the living room dripped for more than three seconds without being turned off.

Then there were four high school students on the scene, including everyone in the studio. I saw the dripping faucet, the clear tap water originally dripping from inside, gradually mixed with black threads.

The black thread grew more and more, and it became more and more fluid, like a stream of black water flowing from a tap.

After watching the black water flow for several tens of centimeters, other colors appeared, flesh-colored substances that looked creamy.

Everyone knew what was coming, and all they thought was that this is a haunted house after all.

All the staff held their breath, and saw the thin, finger-sized faucet hole swelling into the head, neck and shoulders, and upper body.

After a while, a drenched female ghost with long hair appeared in front of everyone.

Her upper body appeared normally, but her lower body was wrapped on the faucet.

Several high school students were speechless, thinking that the rubber ghost could retract such a large body into a small drawer enough.

Unexpectedly, he still underestimated the limit of ghosts.

The live broadcast room has also exploded–

[Fuck! Damn it! Damn it! The special effects in horror movies don’t dare to do that. I felt bored just now, but I lost. 】

[It really slipped out from inside, slick, it seems that after the toilet, bed bottom, curtain, there is another shadow area that I might also appear. 】

[This is even better than Oshe Maru, but in this way, the game time is too short, it seems a bit pitted! 】

[Whatever you want, what a profiteer, people don’t have any cover-ups. If you want to play, you can bring enough money. If you imagine yourself as a fat sheep, you will feel better. 】

[I really want to play this. I like to play simple mini games. The way that the female ghost sister plays is really cool. When the game fails, there are benefits. 】

[Then what is the theme of this room? 】

Someone in the barrage finished asking this sentence, as if he had a good heart. The faucet ghost pointed his face at the screen.

“Water is the source of life, please cherish every drop of water on the earth. If you don’t turn off the faucet tightly, you may be visited by me.”

[I was so scared that I immediately went to the kitchen to check if the water was turned off! 】

[I was so scared that I immediately drank the water I was about to pour! 】

[I was so scared that I immediately washed my face with toilet water to calm down! 】

[It’s been upstairs, it’s not so economical to save, just wash your face with cleansing water, just drink toilet water. 】

[Still the same sentence, is the quality of ghosts so high these years? Even ghosts love the earth so much. As a human being, I am a bit generous. 】

Several high school students rubbed their hands, and asked the female ghost lady embarrassedly: “This, can I take a photo this time too?”

To say that the faucet ghost is originally an eight-po personality, and it is easy to join in the fun, naturally, it will not fail to agree.

And this guy is flexible and has many ideas.

For a while, make Aladdin’s magic lamp shape around the body of the high school student, and for a while, pull yourself into a snake-like body, and let several people hug your body to take pictures.

In short, the body is very malleable, and the photos taken are also cool and handsome.

A few high school students were so happy that the audience in the live broadcast room was jealous.

Let’s not talk about anything else today. Just posting the photos to Moments can make people enviable for a while.

I don’t know where it is rarer than those Internet celebrity sacred places that are chaotically punching in.

Leaving the ghost’s room with the tap, Zhu Yang took someone to the ghost doll’s room again.

As soon as I entered the room, I saw that the whole room was covered with Senhan’s knives. There was a huge turntable in the room, and there was a bar not far away.

A kid wearing overalls with scars on his face was smiling at them with a knife.

Laughter is very characteristic of horror movies, and looks very unfriendly compared to the ghosts in front.

The courage of this high school student who had just been strengthened had a tendency to go inside, and he took two steps back.

The more vicious and triumphant the ghost doll’s eyes became, he touched his head with a hand, and said in a gentle and grotesque tone: “Okay, don’t scare the guests away.”

When the high school student looked up, it turned out to be a handsome guy in a bartender’s suit.

The handsome guy has a slightly longer hair, but he combed it to the back of his head and tied it up, leaving a strand on the side of his face. His facial features were exquisite and endearing. He was like a deacon who came out of a cartoon.

A pair of gentle peach blossom eyes came over, not knowing whether to look at them or the screen. A **** voice like an Otome game broadcasting welfare.

Elegant way: “Welcome to the darts bar, distinguished guest. You can have a drink here and enjoy the wonderful knife performance.”

Several people were flattered and sat down dizzy.

Children of this age have not been to a bar, but this kind of elegant and respectful reception attitude makes several frizzy children unable to help but sit up.

As I was seated, I heard the handsome man say: “It’s a pity that there are no lovely ladies in my company. The cocktail I specially prepared today was eclipsed by no one’s love.”

Wait, aren’t they human? What this person said, is it too obvious that men and women are treated differently? How does business work?

But the live broadcast room has exploded again, this time it is mainly girls speaking.

[Ah—-, I want to go, I must go. 】

[When those eyes looked over, my heartbeat missed a few beats, oh why do ghosts look so handsome, more handsome than celebrities. 】

[I wanted to watch the lively on the live broadcast. It was still a bit scary to face ghosts on the spot. I wanted to fight for the handsome guy! 】

[Sisters, picking up your wallet, isn’t it just being taken advantage of this time? Which wild man is not being raised? 】

[Yes, in reality such a handsome guy would never show up in front of me. 】

【Ah! woman. 】

【Ah! woman. 】

【Ah! woman. 】

Below is a disdainful voice.

The female compatriots ignored Dios’s irony, and when they had time, it was better to watch the handsome guy’s bartending action seriously.

That’s really a dazzling, exquisite and elegant. This skill is probably difficult for top bartenders to make.

The **** had been in these places before he was alive, and even worked as a bartender, he has a foundation.

After becoming a ghost, he must be more unrestricted than when he was a human. And the playboy’s ability direction is similar to that of the player. It is a type of agility, and the natural fancy tricks are not a problem.

This guy blinked at the screen while making a drink, his eyes were charming and gentle, and there was a scream of wolf girl in the live broadcast room.

In fact, he was watching the screen, Zhu Yang, who was filming.

However, Zhu Yang showed the smile of a profiteer. Ye Gonghaolong was only willing to experience the curious female consumer group get through the screen.

Although this **** ghost is annoying, but he looks unambiguous, saying that even if he goes to the entertainment industry, he can have a meal, and that hard condition is definitely not a bluff.

And having been a ghost for many years, compared to the average handsome guy, he has a more charming appeal to the soul. This is probably the talent of beautiful ghosts?

In short, most people rarely can stand it.

At this time, reminders to brush gifts to handsome guys abound in the live broadcast room, and of course there is also a lot of noise inside.

But after a while, a classical beauty in a red dress came with a tray in full swing, her figure is like a willow, her eyes are like waves, and she looks at the camera for a moment.

All the ironic voices of girls who are lustful and unable to walk when they see handsome guys are gone, because men are focused on looking at beauties.

To say that Zhu Yang is certainly not worse than Yangui, otherwise he would not attract so many people in the first place based on his beauty.

However, along the way, this guy’s profiteer’s face has been set in everyone’s eyes. Hearing her words, there is a sense of sourness and sourness that this beautiful lady can kill others.

What’s more, Yangui has a style that directly hits people’s inner instincts, and naturally the boys are dumbfounded for a while.

Just listen to this red-dressed **** sister: “I’m sorry, I take the liberty to disturb in another room.”

“I am the owner of the folklore-themed room on the second floor. Because there is an age limit for entering my room, I didn’t have the chance to entertain a few people today. These are some small snacks I made and I gave them to my younger brothers.”

I saw a few pieces of snow-white glutinous rice cakes on the black dumb porcelain disk. The glutinous rice cakes were soft and tender, but they did not hold the jade hand of the porcelain plate very much.

The hand has ten slender fingers, weak and boneless, and even the small gesture of putting a plate on the table is as gentle and elegant as a dance.

When she released the porcelain plate, her index finger seemed to inadvertently rubbed the edge of the plate, as if rubbing it on your skin.

Several high school students blushed and stammered to thank their mature sisters.

Yangui touched their heads: “You are still young, so you can’t come to your sister’s room to play.”

Then he said to the camera: “My room mainly shows you the ancient dressing and dressing steps, and promotes the popularization of ancient clothing culture. Welcome to my room.”

On the one hand, the age limit has been repeatedly emphasized, and on the other hand, the dressing and dressing of beautiful women.

The live broadcast room was blown up by howling wolves–

[Wow! Come, come tomorrow. I am 22 and I am definitely old enough. I just paid my salary yesterday and I am not afraid of being slaughtered. 】

[Definitely come for sure, the decline of our traditional clothing is heartbreaking, we must support it. 】

[This hand looks so sweet, no, this glutinous rice cake looks so white. 】

[All get out of the way, I officially announce that this is my wife. 】

[Smelly Dios Got, obviously they only got the certificate from me yesterday. 】

【Ah! the man. 】

【Ah! the man. 】

【Ah! the man. 】

Now it’s the girl’s turn to taunt. Just as she was about to scold this group of Dios for double standards, she saw a barrage flying by——

[Actually, I want to go too, my girl (cover her face)]

[Me too, sisters, sorry, I want to design her costumes, I have already bent. 】

[Children make choices, adults and men and goddesses. It’s not just money, what’s the use of this money? 】

[Wang Zejing, Ye Chenliang, Zhao Hao, you must die. 】

[Look at your stupid look, I should go, I am envious of my father. 】

This is envious, jealous and hateful to the few high school students present.

However, the Yangui didn’t stay long, and went out after the snacks were delivered. By this time, the playboy’s wine was also adjusted.

Because I was a student, of course, I only adjusted it to a very low alcohol content. It was said that it was alcohol, but it could only be regarded as a slightly alcoholic beverage.

Several people ate glutinous rice cakes with drinks, and only then did the ghost doll, who is the real owner, speak.

He still laughed a second time, and said, “Which one of you will start first?”

One of them thought it was throwing a dart: “Oh, I, let me go first, I wanted to play it a long time ago.”

Speaking of reaching out to pick up the knife in the ghost doll’s hand, the doll grinned twice: “You come first, then lie down on the target plate.”

The student drew back as if his hands were burned, and took a breath and looked at Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang smiled at him comfortingly: “Don’t worry, this project naturally follows the voluntary principle. There are several kinds of prop performances in the dart bar. This is just one of them, for the bold pursuit of excitement guests.”

“But don’t worry, since our company promises to absolutely guarantee the safety of our guests, the staff’s skills are naturally at its peak.”

He said that he didn’t know where to make a pineapple, and threw it at the ghost doll.

I saw the ghost doll swish a few times, and Han Guang showed a knife shadow in the air. When the ghost doll closed the knife, the pineapple fell into the plate, and the surface was still intact.

Zhu Yang stepped forward, took off the pineapple leaves one by one, and slowly unfolded the pineapple skin, and then the pineapple flesh inside had been cut into even slices.

A perfect natural fruit plate was formed. Zhu Yang put the fruit plate in front of several people: “I will give you a fruit plate tonight.”

“So please absolutely trust the skills of our employees.”

A few people were dumbfounded. It was natural to have this ability to throw darts, but even then they didn’t dare to lie down. What if?

[Fuck, what kind of fairy swordsman? My mother asked me why I was kneeling and looking at the phone. 】

[Unexpectedly, the plot in the martial arts novel really made me see it. The surgeon was looking at children under three years old? 】

[Wake up upstairs, people may take out a pot older than you–no, older than you, the input method automatically associates. 】

[Big guy, big guy, do you accept apprentices? Will call six six six. 】

[This ghost is so powerful, not as good as us——]

[By the way, can ghosts participate in the Olympics? I think winning glory for the country should go beyond human beings. 】

At first, the student was eager to try, but the other student actually wanted to challenge the excitement.

He tremblingly raised his hand: “Yes, should I try?”

Without saying a word, the ghost doll came up and took his hand, pressing the person on the turntable target, handcuffing him to his limbs in a large font, with a clean and neat technique, without any muddling.

[This contrast, what should I do if I feel a little cute? 】

[Looking at their three-year-old child, and then at my second child with a runny nose and silly fun, I took off my slippers. 】

Some people worry [Is it okay? 】

[Upstairs making a fuss, people have already demonstrated hard-core technology. It is much safer than those who have no skills and have to pay attention to Qibo, climb tall buildings with one hand, and shoot/shoot at books with a gun. 】

Sure enough, the ghost doll flew the sharp knives in his hand, and the knives straightly pierced the student into a human shape along his outline, and the spacing of each knife was exactly the same, showing the precision of the manipulation.

At this time, the person was put down, his legs were shaking, but the expression on his face was thrilling and exciting.

There was another voice of worship in the live broadcast room.

Zhu Yang appeared on the screen again at this time: “Of course, the skills of the employees alone may not be able to completely relieve the customers, so we have also made improvements in the props.”

As she said that, she took off a knife from the target plate, put her finger on the tip of the knife and pressed it down, but did not see blood flowing out, on the contrary, the blade was suddenly bent.

It turns out that the plastic knife used for shooting is actually a plastic knife. It is true that even if this thing is stuck on the body, it will hurt at most. People who naturally like thrills and thrills have already remembered this project in their hearts.

A few people left the ghost doll’s room, and Zhu Yang asked them if they were hungry.

It has been almost six hours since the four students finished their dinner. They will come over for self-study later in the evening. Naturally, they don’t have time to eat. Just a few glutinous rice cakes are not enough.

Zhu Yang said he invited them to dinner.

As a result, I came to a room named [Cat House Tea Restaurant].

When I opened the door and went in, I saw an old lady with cat face, which shocked a few people, but in the next second, the old lady with cat face disappeared, replaced by several cats of different breeds.

The layout of the whole room is a little mysterious, and there is a thin layer of smoke on the ground, but it does not affect the line of sight, and the reaction is more suitable for a creature like a cat.

A few people still remember the scene when the door was opened, and they were a little trembling when they sat down. The old lady with cat face is a famous folk legend, but it is a national level in the category of ghosts.

At this time, a cat jumped onto the table with the menu in its mouth and placed the menu in front of them.

A few boys were also hungry, plus the staff ghosts here anyway, they gradually lost their fear.

But when ordering, they wanted to tell Zhu Yang about their order, Zhu Yang pointed to the cats and said, “Except for the chef, the service staff in this tea restaurant are all cats, so you must tell you when you order. Oh them.”

A few people looked at the non-disposable menu in plastic in their hands. It was definitely not the kind of direct check. The puppet cat that just jumped onto the table had a paw still on the tearable note pad on the table. , Looking at them urging to order food.

This, does this mean to let them directly report their meal selection? Are you so awesome here that you can communicate with humans and animals?

This is not just a simple instruction like letting the cockroaches compile and listen to the commands for everyone. You are ordering food.

One of them tried to cautiously said to the cat: “Then, then I have a tomato omelet?”

When I finished speaking, I saw the cat pop up his pointed nails and wrote the name of the meal on the paper. The beautiful handwriting is much better than those of them who are learning scumbags.

The cat slaves in the live broadcast room have been blown up-

【what! ! ! ! Team up to steal cats, who wants to sign up? 】

【I! 】

【I! 】

[I want too, I bring my own sack rope. 】

[Go away, the cat is so cute, how can I use that? It must be dried catnip. 】

[The cat slave upstairs, don’t get excited, look at the IQ of others, not necessarily who will kidnap whom. 】

At this time, several people had already ordered the meal, and the cat also wrote the name of the dish in their shocked eyes, then tore off the page of order paper, and took the elegant steps to the kitchen.

At this time, a Siamese cat was holding a tray with three glasses of lemonade on it.

Is this really even a cat for food delivery?

After a few people took the water, some cats jumped on their laps, and they looked cute and cute. A few boys don’t usually like small animals. They are also given by this beautiful and special cat. Conquered.

A touch, it was really soft and warm.

It didn’t take long for the food to be served. The cats still brought the food on the tray. The color of the meal was very cute, and it was similar to the food in the restaurant where couples and young girls were the main customers.

The omelet rice is also painted with cute patterns in tomato sauce.

A few people were also hungry, and ate them hungrily after serving.

A guy is picky eaters and doesn’t like to eat vegetables, so he put the side dish broccoli to the side of the plate.

At this time, the cat on his body jumped onto the table, a cute claw popped out and pointed at the broccoli, beckoning him not to be picky eaters.

The guy had to fork it up and eat it, and then the cat touched his head unexpectedly, looking as kind and relieved as the grandmother.

The student was dumbfounded.

【what! ! ! I don’t care, I’m going to eat, and I don’t like broccoli, I have to touch my head before eating. 】

[I don’t like to eat anything, I only want to feed my cat. 】

[Be careful that people think you bother you. 】

The cat slaves licked the screen desperately, when a daredevil suddenly dropped his fork to the ground.

Busily said: “Excuse me, can you change a pair for me——”

As a result, I looked at the cat on my knees, and I was embarrassed to call. But cats are very professional.

He got up and went to the bar, jumped onto the table, grabbed a fork in his mouth, and came back and handed it to the daredevil.

The tableware, paper towels, etc. are all wrapped in one layer, so you don’t have to worry about being picked up and unusable.

No matter it is adding water, paper towels, and tableware, no cats can’t do it.

Even the last few people cleaned up the table after eating, the cats worked together to collect the utensils, one holding a spatula, the other holding a small broom to sweep the debris, and the one who wiped the table with a rag with his paws, no cats could not do it. Things down.

What is called a cat house restaurant, this is the truly complete cat house restaurant.

At this time, the screenshots in the live broadcast room have begun to post the scarf, and it is necessary to make some restaurants with cat gimmicks reflect on it. I did not expect that once it was uploaded, the heat spread very quickly. Of course, this is a later story.

After eating, several people were taken to the mirror woman’s room. Because the mirror woman’s room was full of mirrors, it seemed to have a large area.

As soon as several people came in, they saw their own shadows appearing in the mirror.

Because I was in a good mood just after the meal, one of them asked Zhu Yang cheerfully: “Sister, how do you play here again?”

But when I spoke, I felt the little friend next to me slapped me in horror.

The man turned his head back and glared at him impatiently: “What? Watching ghosts come up all the way, why are you still so surprised by the little ghost?

Then he followed the eyes of the hopeless little partner, and then the whole body was upside down.

I saw ghosts below, but it was so curious or terrifying in appearance, because considering their age and their limited degree of openness, they showed the least scary side of the entire haunted house.

Moreover, even if the appearance is beyond their common sense, it is a one-sided visual impact after all, but now it is different from the previous room.

This makes them appear weird. What makes them extremely strange and more frightening?

The man turned his head and saw himself in the mirror, his head turned to someone else to speak, but the person inside was motionless.

And when he was motionless and his heartbeat was about to stop looking at the person in the mirror, the familiar and strange guy actually started to dance.

No kidding, very high-level pop dance with cool action.

The children were all dumbfounded. When it was over, a little partner poked him in the arm——

“What do I think is that you can dance much better than yourself. When you dance, labor and capital have seen it, just like a dog got electrocuted.”

Others nodded one after another: “Hmm! I feel like this is the most handsome time in your life.”


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