Scream Queen Chapter 54

The boy grabbed the little friends and gave them a thorough understanding of their skills.

But in this way, it slightly dilutes the fear caused by some strange phenomena.

Mainly watching myself dancing in the mirror, I really can’t tell whether there is more shame or fear.

At this time, Zhu Yang said: “The theme of this room is called Yuanmengwu.”

“You can complete your impossible dreams in reality here, in the mirror. You can turn from the awkward dance king to the little nightclub prince who dominates the stage; you can also change from the ordinary to look more beautiful than Gu Tianle; you can even lead you The hand of your favorite idol, of course, requires the cooperation of your companion. Any mirror you can think of can do it.”

“Just now the mirror has shown you your handsome and easy-going side. Then, tell the mirror what you want.”

This project is awesome, if she says it is omnipotent.

The guy who just danced in the mirror quickly tried to say: “I, I want to be as handsome as Daniel Wu.”

Not only the three friends at the scene, but also a boo in the live broadcast room.

[Wang Zejing, you idiot, did you forget to pee in the mirror when you went out today? Don’t be **** the mirror. 】

[Wake up, it’s just the peak of your life, don’t ask too much. 】

[World peace and making you handsome, which task is more difficult? God did not hesitate to choose world peace. 】

[The Jade Emperor made the same choice. 】

[The same goes for Tathagata Buddha. 】

The live broadcast room was full of laughter and turned into a screen aimed at the mirror. I saw that the school uniform was loosely worn on the body, and the figure of the matchstick-like guy gradually became strong and straight.

The hair has gradually changed from a chicken feather to a refreshing and stylish, and the facial features on the face have changed from ordinary to exquisite and deep like a mixed race.

Just as the famous handsome guy was first known on the screen, his refreshing uniform, a little shy smile, and exquisite perfect face amazed countless people’s dreams.

The three friends next to him can already swallow eggs in their mouths. He looked in the mirror dumbfounded, and then at the person next to him.

This contrast is too cruel. The test to the eyes is like nourishing chili water, soaking in cold fairy dew, and then being nourished again by chili water.

It’s really called a **** and heaven.

But the dog himself was so silly that he couldn’t find North in the mirror.

He also tried to move his hands and feet and make different expressions. The person in the mirror also made the same reaction as him.

This idiot was happier, with his face on the mirror, intoxicated by the beauty that didn’t belong to him at all.

In the live broadcast room, there was another slumber, and the wallet was ready to be slaughtered.

[Sister, let’s make a discussion, point the phone at the mirror, and then kick the dog in front of the mirror, okay? 】

[I want to reminisce about Azu’s flourishing beauty when he was young. I don’t want to see a dog scratching his head to the mirror. 】

【I, I want to experience this project, I want to have a mirror date with my family Azu. 】

[I want to become a big beauty, Gao Yuanyuan like that. 】

[Sisters upstairs are greedy, I’m more pragmatic, it’s enough for me to become an ordinary Gu Tianle. 】

[Wake upstairs, what’s the use of hypnotizing the mirror? Don’t you know what you look like? It might as well be pragmatic and let me date Liu Tianxian in the mirror. 】

However, now the three high school students have experienced the dream of dreams one step ahead.

A goddess who asked the mirror to turn the little friend next to her into her crush.

The little partner hurriedly covered his chest, looking up and down looking at him like a pervert: “Say okay first, brothers belong to brothers, our relationship is not as good as a woman who is a brother.”

The guy said plausibly: “You don’t want to date the idol goddess? You help me now, and I will help you later. Don’t worry, I only look in the mirror all the time. You and I won’t even look at it. I’m also afraid that my eyes will be insulted by pepper water. ”

The little friend thought for a while, this kind of thing really requires people to cooperate, and I have to reluctantly agree.

Then, sure enough, his image in the mirror became the campus goddess of their school.

The idiot next to him took his hand and looked in the mirror intoxicated with the expression of a second-person worthy of his life.

The little friend’s cold hair is standing up. Does that guy really feel that the goddess’s hands are too rough and too big now?

This underestimates the Mirror Girl’s ability, her illusion is not only visual manipulation, but also includes the five senses.

If it weren’t for these feelings, they couldn’t be made out of nothing, like holding hands, otherwise there would be no need for the cooperation of others.

Therefore, the guy holding hands with the goddess in the mirror will also meet his expectations of the goddess.

After the guy finished, he said to his companion: “Your hands are so soft, I hold the imaginary goddess and there is no sense of disobedience.”

The little friend shook his whole body, kicked him aside, and quickly indicated that it was his turn.

As a result, I experienced it, and sure enough, there is no flaw in the experience.

The classmates who knew them in the live broadcast yelled at these guys for their shamelessness. However, secretly calculating his pocket money.

This is simply a project that the entire haunted house must be clocked in, narcissistic to narcissistic, dreaming to dream.

The lady sister said, as long as you can imagine the goddess, even the two-dimensional paper man husband and wife, they can truly appear in front of you one by one.

This is much more exciting than going through the screen of a mobile phone or tablet computer. It is worth the whole life to be able to hold hands with my cross-dimensional husband and wife.

When they left the Dream Room, the guys were all dizzy, with silly smiles on their faces.

The guys in the live broadcast room now have nothing but envy, jealousy and hatred for them? Fortunately, it didn’t hinder the brushing of gifts.

Finally, Zhu Yang took the four to the top floor of the rooftop and let them visit the built stage, saying that after the game is over, they can also participate in the rooftop carnival party.

The ghost room has this advantage. It is soundproof in human ears. Zhu Yang even saves on soundproofing equipment.

In the end, the central government personally sent the four people out of the apartment, appeared on the camera with them, smiled and said to the screen: “Today’s visit experience has come to an end, time is limited, and it is not possible to show all the excitement of our company.”

“Welcome everyone to experience it on-site. Our company guarantees that the price is clearly marked and there is no hidden consumption.”

That is, you have written the words robbing with a knife on your face, can you not clearly mark the price? A thief who clearly marked the price.

But even so, such a unique haunted house, who can’t be eager to move?

Those who are interested, people living in this city are naturally lucky. Zhu Yang also chose a special time. Tomorrow is Saturday, which is the time to rest.

Netizens who do not live in this city really want to come, and some have even turned on their mobile phones to check tickets.

After sending the four guys away, Zhu Yang began to count the gifts received tonight with everyone.

The attention of their live broadcast room tonight has been soaring. Two hours ago, they had already reached the first place in the popularity of the live broadcast channel.

Although the gift received tonight cannot be compared with the grand occasion of a popular anchor’s birthday, the whole process is highly visible and more visible.

According to the statistics in the background, even if the rake from the live broadcast platform is used, the money earned tonight is enough to repay Zhu Yang’s loan.

Several players have already thrown on him. With this courage and efficiency, they are still worried about so many loans. It’s a bit unsure if you just want to pay off the tickets in the haunted house in a month.

After all, this is a haunted place famous far and near, and even major merchants do not go here to deliver goods. Even if you have the courage to hunt for something to die, most people still cherish their lives.

Besides, this building is so big. When they used this apartment as a clearance game, they felt that there were too many ghosts.

But to open the door here for business, the scale is slightly insufficient.

But obviously they underestimated the degree of good deeds of people getting together, and Zhu Yang’s ability to slaughter customers.

Some people are still a little worried and said: “I said, would we be too cruel? It’s not such a reason to do business.”

Zhu Yangbai glanced at the other party: “You have to remember that we are a monopoly industry, so far this is the only one. When there are no competitors, the rules are set by us.”

“Furthermore, we are not mainly doing repeat customer business. We just follow one principle. Passing by is a customer, enter the door and kill. People have their necks in, why are you embarrassed?”

This cheek is the same as the airport selling small noodles for five yuan to forty-five, and it is no different from the kind of shop where the thieves are unpalatable.

But she was also right. They weren’t doing business here for a long time, and everything here is truly unique. In fact, based on rarity, the fees are not too high.

After all, airports are even tougher than this.

I don’t know if it’s a unique rule of the game world, or because the setting of their payday is not limited to where they work.

The rewards received by the live broadcast were immediately credited, but everyone did not see that Zhu Yang changed hands to repay the previous loan.

On the contrary, he said happily, “I can finally buy two decent clothes. I won’t wear them for two days.”

The players looked at the tens of thousands of dresses on her body. In addition to the one bought on the day of the part-time job, they borrowed money and bought two more sets.

As a result, this guy really didn’t even plan to wear the same clothes for two days in the game world? Pay attention!

Zhu Yang looked up and looked at everyone’s expressions. Waved his hand: “Don’t worry, I am not a person who only cares about my own enjoyment. I will not treat you badly when I make money.”

He smiled mysteriously: “After all, opening a haunted house is just a small head.”

When everyone saw that her plan was more than that, they were all surprised, and when they were about to ask, Yangui came over.

Zhu Yang naturally comforted the ghosts: “Don’t worry, there are all. As long as you work hard, you will have clothes, toys, and game consoles.”

I don’t know if it is the illusion of everyone, this player really wants to hear a sound of vomiting blood in his brain, and it is carefully identified and there is no trace. It is probably an illusion.

Now it has entered the second half of the night, because the haunted house is open at night, so most players have to change their sleep time from the second half of the night to the next morning.

Fortunately, there is silence around this building, as long as the curtains are closed, the quality of sleep will not be affected.

During the next day, Zhu Yang went out for a day’s shopping and bought some clothes for herself. He received a condolence call from the store manager and told her that he would go back to work for the day next Saturday.

The store manager was also quite satisfied with that time, and sales on weekends were better. With Zhu Yang, maybe he could make a lot of money.

When Zhu Yang was shopping, at noon, the players got up one after another.

I was about to go downstairs to have lunch, and when I went out, I saw people gathering outside the previously uninhabited apartment building.

One by one took a cell phone, took pictures, or had an excited discussion with the people next to them, and even started a live broadcast.

Brother Hou is still relatively old and hot, seeing so many people, he immediately recovered and entered the state.

I didn’t even care about eating out, so I asked them to explain to the electric drill couple to make lunch for them, and then started to get busy according to the jobs arranged by Zhu Yang yesterday.

First of all, let the live broadcaster turn off the live broadcast. After all, they are in a haunted house. Overexposure is not good. They have to maintain a sense of mystery. Otherwise, people will have enough on the Internet and the motivation to come to the scene is limited. They did not make money, but instead Feed many Internet celebrities.

As for why they didn’t open the live broadcast room directly, they made money every day like yesterday.

Although this world is slightly different from the real world, it pays more attention to freedom of speech and has the convenience of games for players.

No matter what the player does, as long as it doesn’t make too much noise, it is easy to be ignored by government agencies, just like in European and American movies, the police are always the one who is long overdue. This is also somewhat logical to sacrifice for the plot.

But after all, once such a thing ferments, it will have a great impact on society.

Once or twice, it is free to prove whether it is special effects or real that spread on the Internet. The frequent exposure will definitely be found early, which is inconsistent with Zhu Yang’s plan.

The live broadcasters were a little dissatisfied with this request, but refused to enter without turning off the live broadcast. They had to obey the rules first, and some were cunning about going in for sneak shots.

It’s a pity that ghosts affect the signal. This is not to say that you can shoot if you want.

Brother Hou made a rough calculation. There are hundreds of people gathered outside and a few familiar faces. They visited the children last night. This time they brought their friends.

The price of the room tickets is different, but they all start from a few hundred. In addition to the Cat House Tea Restaurant, there is a dart bar, and a visit to the bouncing cotton craftsmanship, the game room can only enter five people at a time.

After all, space is limited, there is no way. But the charging hole is the same. The cheapest faucet ghost is also 300 rounds.

Like the room of a dazzling ghost, those screaming wolf men and women who are attracted by the beauty and fragrant hints of the dazzling ghosts can also pay a thousand yuan for tickets.

The cat house tea restaurant is even more pit, everything is charged, white water costs 18 yuan, not to mention the main course, drink and dessert, the cost of a meal is almost the same as a daily meal.

But there are still many cat slaves who are screaming and queuing outside with money.

And the most expensive is the Dream House of the Mirror Girl. This house is especially popular with otaku who are addicted to paper people. The price is too expensive to stop them from wanting their husbands and wives to appear in front of them alive and interact with them. .

And many people don’t just consume it once–

Cough! After all, if you change your husband once a quarter, after so many years of saving, the number of husbands is a little too large. Dafang can’t help but want to see Erfang when I meet you? After seeing the second room and the third room, I still missed it, and then the four, five, six, and seven rooms can’t enter the cold palace, right?

There are many mirrors in the mirror girl, one mirror is a single business, and the number of people is much smaller than other rooms. You can see at a glance who owns the sales champion of the whole haunted house.

Well, that’s not right, the cotton-pumping ghost is not to be outdone.

In just one afternoon, he has received more than a dozen orders, and a bed of quilt is quickly formed from his hands.

But this ghost seemed to be a little bit crying. He played cotton as a musical instrument, but now he has to rush to work.

I had to shake my head while playing: “Oh! Life is forced, life is forced.”

Players sell tickets, organize discipline, and appease guests. Although an individual is full of energy, as the guests become more and more busy, they are also busy.

Fortunately, the response of the guests who left was also satisfactory.

Someone came out of the cat house coffee, with a happy expression and his companion said: “Ah~~, I think as long as there is a cat to feed me, I can eat my most annoying celery.”

“I asked if I could take the note for writing and ordering food. It was given to me. The handwriting is really beautiful. I want to frame it in a photo frame.”

“I want it too, and let it write always love XXX (name), and press the cat’s paw print.”

Saying to show off her cute paw prints and Maomao’s signature to her companions and say that she loves her, making others jealous.

But this is not the highest honor.

Another girl clutched her red face and said, “When I was eating, the scumbag who had broken up sent me a message to harass me. At that time, I wanted to cry, but Maomao not only touched my head to comfort me, but also asked me to use my cell phone. Unlock it, and it poked its paws one by one to help me scold me back.”

“The hand is fast, and the scolding is fierce and accurate. It lost ten messages. The scumbag only had time to return one. Later, the scumbag was scolded and took the initiative to stop it. What kind of man is I looking for? I fall in love with cats. I want a cat.”

The cat slaves sighed with envy.

And the compatriots who came out of the Dream House on the other side were not so friendly–

“Didn’t you say that you should be separated from the time? Although we both came together to become friends when we loved a husband, seeing my husband dating us at the same time, I always have the urge to strangle you.”

“Then why shouldn’t I be the first? It’s said that you have to squeeze me out first, then I still care about you?

“Aren’t you several husbands? Seeing others first will die?”

“Well, isn’t it a bit tight this month, I can only see one first.”

Some people ridiculed them after chasing reality idols: “Cut, the paper man is so hard, it’s not true.”

The two immediately stopped quarreling, and they unanimously despised the outside world: “It’s just like you and your idol will have results.”

“Yes, we saw that someone just cried at Liu Tianxian in the mirror and his nose came out.”

The man immediately retorted: “That’s different. They are all real people. The small chance is also called opportunity. There are many examples of idols and fans together.”

“Then why did you come to the Dream House? Learn Muay Thai and apply for bodyguards?”

The two girls looked at each other’s figure contemptuously and blushed at the person.

Another person intervened/come in and laughed: “Oh, some people just like to dream hopelessly.”

At this time, the three people formed an alliance again, and looked back at the guy who owed his mouth: “Yo yo yo! Who just turned himself into Gu Tianle in the mirror to be intoxicated by heaven?”

“If we have hopeless dreams, you can expect it? You can show your photo to the plastic surgeon and let the professionals control the water in your head. Is it okay to wake up?”

Of course, these people are not the only ones who enter the dream room. There are also those who accidentally hurt their legs and can’t realize their dance dreams and see them dancing in the mirror. There are also important people who have passed away and want to see their faces and smiles again.

These are more serious and difficult to discuss.

However, the guests who came out of the darts room of the ghost doll were very polarized.

The reason is that the bartender treats them too differently. The same thing is to treat girls with all their strength and treat boys perfunctorily.

They also said that they had suggested to the boss that this room is only for female customers, but it was rejected, so I had to condescend to entertain these stinky men.

This makes sense, if he weren’t for a ghost, someone would have broken his eyes long ago, so he wouldn’t just have to talk to female guests.

The whole bar is opened just like the public relations club in Roppongi. If it weren’t for the amazing performance of ghost dolls, the male guests would have ran away.

The two projects of Yangui and Pheasant are more exciting, and Yangui is more subtle. The temptation is from the bottom of the heart. The pheasant is more exciting, with all kinds of gorgeous dances and uniforms. Enticement. If not. Zhu Yang prohibits this product from having physical contact with the customer.

I am afraid that their haunted house was not spotted by the relevant departments, and was first checked by the Huang team.

The two rooms have the same pick-up time, so they almost always open the door to send the guests out at the same time. When they see each other, they roll their eyes, snorted, and compete with each other again.

When Zhu Yang returned from shopping in the evening satisfied, he saw the prosperous scene of the haunted house.

She is also happy to make money, but it would be too much for her to go to receive people in person. It is a consistent principle to have a job, and it is enough to teach it once.

The popularity of the haunted house remained unabated for the next few days. The evil haunted house, which was previously avoided by everyone, has now become an adventure destination for the entire city.

Not to mention the turnover of each room, even the little boy has made a lot of money selling fruit, potato chips and melon seed soda in the building these days. Naturally, all the birds came out when the forest grew.

First of all, in the haunted house, it is repeatedly emphasized not to litter and keep the corridor tidy. Most people are still willing to comply, but occasionally there are one or two of low quality.

It’s okay to buy snacks, but you don’t have to scatter them everywhere. Even the melon seeds are equipped with garbage bags, but no matter how thoughtful the idea is, no one follows it.

The old man and the old lady are responsible for cleaning, and those who encounter this kind of people increase their workload will inevitably be dissatisfied.

Once, I called out the first few humans: “Young man, be careful when you eat. There are trash cans in the corridor, and trash bags are also issued for snacks. Don’t throw them away.”

When a few people turned around, they saw that they were two elderly old women, so they didn’t want to pay any attention. Even more arrogant, the potato chips in his hand were scattered all over the ground.

It’s over and laughed loudly: “Oh, sorry, my hands are shaking, men’s hands are shaking hahaha, sweep your land, old lady.”

When I finished speaking, I saw the old man sweeping the floor with the back of the old lady facing them suddenly turned his face and turned his back to them, but his face was facing them tightly, his head turned around his neck. One hundred and eighty degrees.

The old man stared at him with gloomy eyes: “Who shakes his hands? I cut it if I don’t want it. I’m about to make a bone mountain.

A few young people fled in fright and didn’t dare to be mad, only then did they remember that this place was a haunted house after all.

Don’t just think that those in the room are ghosts.

Yangui met a stranger. Although the atmosphere in her room was full of fragrant beauty, she was still gorgeous and not vulgar. What she was doing was the popularization of authentic ancient clothing.

Although this Yangui was also a tenant of this apartment during her lifetime, the cause of the Yangui is different from other ghosts. She was also turned into a Yangui by being covered with paint.

And the method of the Yangui is on this painted skin. I don’t know how many years this skin has been formed. During this period, it has experienced countless mistresses. Every generation of women who wear it and become a Yangui will inherit the history and memory of this painted skin. .

At the beginning, there are more male customers attracted, but there are also many female customers who love classical costumes and makeup, and have pure appreciation for girls. At the beginning, the **** big sister will be attracted by her. Attracted by strong professional background.

But some people’s purpose is not so simple. That night, the consumption peak of the upright haunted house.

Yangui’s room is receiving a group of five guests. It was a normal business. She was talking about her theme today.

After ten minutes, an impatient voice sounded: “I came in to listen to this after spending so much money?”

The opponent is five big and three thick, with a scar on his face. He is the kind of guy who walks on the street and most people will never provoke him.

The eyes looking at the Yangui did not conceal the lewdness/evil in it: “I heard that there is a Yangui here, and he came here on a special trip. Millions of business entertainments have not been pushed tonight, so let us see them. Bad clothes? Fool people?”

“Isn’t it about showing the dressing? You are more, I’m waiting.”

The other guests in the room looked at him, and were yelled back by the guy ferociously: “Look at him, you are willing to be taken advantage of, I haven’t been fooled when I came out to run into the rivers and lakes.

“The fees are so expensive, and you won’t be allowed to touch them. Virgin college students are not so expensive.”

Yangui has opened the door to do business these days and is highly sought after. The things she is good at are also viewed with exclamation and pride by the customers. Her vanity has skyrocketed and her inner emptiness has also been satisfied. She actually feels more scary than before It’s more meaningful.

All his hostility was reduced, and the whole person was even more delicate and gentle, with boundless charm.

Maybe the atmosphere in the haunted house was too harmonious. After a few days of fermentation, it was confirmed that it was safe and sound. The ghosts also reduced their hideous side and became warm and friendly according to Zhu Yang’s requirements.

It lasts for a few days, is it true that someone kicks the nose and cheeks even ghosts dare to bully?

Yangui smiled charmingly, and the man’s eyes straightened suddenly, and she said in a faint voice: “Are you, you want to see how I take it off.”

The man nodded quickly: “Isn’t this of course? Otherwise, this is a false advertisement for you, and you can smash the shop by putting it there.”

Yan Gui smiled again, stroking her long hair across her temples. Today she is explaining the service makeup of the Tang Dynasty.

There is a delicate flower tin painted on his forehead, and his skin is like snow. With the brush of green onion fingers, he brushed a few strands of hair, which is so beautiful that people sigh.

“In this way, it is our responsibility to make customers feel at home.” He said, looking at the other players and said: “Please avoid some of you.”

A few guests looked at her a little worried, this **** was deliberately looking for faults, if this is to let the big sister and the other person stay in the same room alone, I’m afraid–

Obviously, this was also fascinated by the beauty of Yangui and forgot for a while that they were female ghosts rather than weak ones.

But they didn’t have time to persuade, and they felt that the door behind them was opened, and they didn’t know why they staggered and went out.

The door was closed in a blink of an eye.

Seeing that there were only two people left in the room, the man couldn’t wait to rush over, and was gently avoided by Yangui.

She cast a wink at the other party: “Don’t worry, didn’t you say you want to see me changing clothes?”

The man immediately became happier, and sat down on the bed happily: “Well, take off, take off, there is no one left. If you have one left, it is a deception.”

Yan Gui’s brows and eyes were smiling, she pulled the belt on her chest, and the tulle-like clothes slid down from the jade-like skin, and layer by layer was removed.

The man’s eyes looked straight, but he didn’t expect this woman to be so sincere and stripped of everything left.

He laughed: “Okay, I like you being so acquainted. As long as you are ready to serve you today, money matters are easy to talk about.”

She said she was going to pull people, but Yan Gui stretched out her hand to stop her and said: “Don’t worry, didn’t you say you want to take it off? It’s not over yet.”

The man looked at her already thin body, what else is there to take off?

Then I saw Yan Gui’s hand stretched to her chest, her nails suddenly went crazy like razor blades, cutting vertically from her chest, and suddenly the skin was slowly cut out.

The opening is too regular and even, and red texture can be seen inside, but no blood drips, as if only a layer of leather has been cut.

The man’s expression gradually became horrified as his mouth widened, and when he looked up, the Yangui’s expression changed from charm and tenderness to gloomy and vicious.

The man watched the Yangui peel off his entire set of skin, and his movements were still so elegant and smooth, as if he was really just taking off a piece of clothing.

Then the flesh-and-blood human figure stared at a pair of eyeballs that looked terrifyingly large without eyelids. The teeth were full of malicious grinning and said: “As you wish, I have all taken off.”

“This distinguished guest, are you satisfied with what you saw?”

“Ah——, ah——!!!”

A few guests were worried outside, and some people went to the administrator here. When the staff heard the guest’s description, they waved their hands indifferently, and asked them to be patient for a while, don’t worry.

Ren was also busy with his own affairs and didn’t mean to come and have a look. He was so angry with the guests that he felt pity and worry for Mei Ren’s sister.

It didn’t take long for me to hear a screaming scream from inside. The screams lasted for a while before the door of the room opened.

I saw the man who was still very arrogant just now fleeing in horror.

Looking in again, Sister Beauty is okay, and her hair is not messed up. She smiled and sat there and beckoned everyone in——

“Sorry, I was interrupted in the middle just now. I’m sorry, you guys can come out of the spider house to draw a lottery once you leave the room, and the cost is mine.”

Suddenly several people thought that Sister Beauty was really beautiful and generous, but why was that person so scared?

It was finally realized that the female ghost sister probably also had one or two self-defense skills and naturally didn’t care.

The lottery in the spider house is also lively. There are two ways to draw the lottery. One is to draw spider silk. Numerous spider silks are gathered into a bundle. Which silk is drawn and which gift is shaking, and the gift can be taken away.

The other is a ring, standing directly at the door, holding a plate-sized ring against the gift set in the entire room.

These are games that are very common at school gates when they were young. Spidermen will crawl on the spider web and give you gifts.

Of course, there is also a consolation prize-a pack of tissues.

Ok! At least you don’t need to buy paper towels when you go to the cat house restaurant.

In addition, you can also take pictures, but you are not allowed to take pictures of Spider-Man. He doesn’t seem to like taking pictures, but he can tie you up or spit out a huge cobweb to trap you in the air.

Many couples took photos of the classic scenes of Spider-Man kissing upside down and the couple lying in the spiderweb. There are also girls with beautifully dressed skirts, trapped in a spider web, and photographed like a trapped princess. Even more funny can also ask Spider-Man to tie himself upside down in the air.

So taking pictures here is also very popular.

Spider-men spin silk to them one by one, thinking of the scene where he and other people were **** and hung up a few days ago, I really think these people are sick.

However, she still has to work in full swing. Seeing that the turnover of the girl in the mirror is so high, she can’t let her use the name of the ghost boss, although the boss here is already someone else.

When the customer came out of the haunted house, the girl and Chen Hui from the electric drill couple were selling charms here.

Of course, it is not the talisman that the player bought in the game, or it was approved by the ordinary temple, and it was not expensive, 21 pieces.

According to the words taught by Zhu Yang, the haunted house is produced and used to fight poison with poison. If you encounter filth in the future, the other party will not dare to get close when they smell it.

Chen Hui didn’t understand why Zhu Yang did this, because most people didn’t buy it, and the two of them couldn’t make a lot of money after a day’s work. Other places are hiring people, so it’s better to help.

However, Zhu Yang expressed other intentions and told them to leave it alone and just sell it.

The haunted house business is booming. In less than a week, the net profit is nearly one million.

The quality of life of the players has become extremely extravagant from the extreme poverty in the past few days. For leave or something, give the leader a big red envelope, and rest for a month. The company still has you.

After the work day is over, camp and barbecue, listen to coffee, and buy top-quality ingredients that I couldn’t even think of when I bought dozens of dollars before.

There are also DJ accompaniment to add to the fun, and there are pheasants passionate dance, and occasionally a few scenes will be played by Yangui. Everyone does not understand but also joins.

Because the DJ ghost was a bit unwilling to be lonely doing behind-the-scenes work, Zhu Yang also organized two daily parties for him. Of course, he also had to collect money, but there were quite a few people who came.

Later, the venue could not accommodate, and people were not allowed to enter. The disappointed people actually danced to music in the open space of the community downstairs.

This day, Zhu Yang was counting money in the room with her feet upright, drinking the juice squeezed by the little boy, and listening to the non-stop receipt reminders of various payment software on her mobile phone.

I wondered if I could go out and buy a few more skirts tomorrow.

There is also a difference between this and the real world. It should be said that each game world cannot fully correspond to their reality.

For example, Zhu Yang is most concerned about fashion, there are several brands that are not in reality, and they are quite good to her.

I took the opportunity to make more money and brought it out to the purchase point. Anyway, only ten points could be taken away, and she showed her mother two skirts, ready to win.

Precisely calculating, I saw Chen Hui rushing in frizzily——

“Boss, Boss, we are being watched by the relevant department. I have come to the door and want to see the person in charge here.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows. In fact, the time is almost the same. The haunted house is getting hotter and hotter. Although the wind direction on the Internet is still a bit swaying, in reality so many people come and go, but they have seen it with their own eyes.

Zhu Yang nodded and drank the last sip of juice without rushing. Then he walked downstairs in high heels, and met a steady stream of guests along the way.

Walking out of the gate, Chen Hui took him aside, only then did he see a car parked on the side with four or five people beside it.

Seeing Zhu Yang came over and shook hands with her to introduce herself. Three of them were investigators and two were policemen who had been responsible for the murder case in this building.

The few people were quite polite, and they have not been scolded for interrogation since. After all, when it comes to supernatural phenomena, it cannot be treated as ordinary illegal operations. It is better to be careful.

After introducing the greetings to each other, the two police officers cut to the topic: “Miss Zhu’s business is prosperous. Relying on entertainment to alleviate related panic is worthy of praise. However, your employees seem to be a bit–”

Zhu Yang had a well-behaved expression on the whole process. Hearing the police uncle’s question, he suddenly realized: “Oh oh! Employees, right? I know that there is a lot of controversy about the employees now.”

“But they are also difficult to survive, and they promised me to live in peace with human beings. I think they are pitiful, and they agreed when they felt weak.”

This girl doesn’t understand people, right? Did you agree to this as soon as your heart felt softened?

That’s a ghost. Before they came, they secretly sent people to visit to confirm that it wasn’t just rumors or science and technology.

At that time, the entire bureau and even the city government were confused. Is this Nima still making ghosts come and get rich? The world is so big.

Seeing a few people’s mouth twitching, Zhu Yang said enthusiastically: “Actually, I just listened to what I said was a bit one-sided. Let the person talk about the specific situation. First of all, I declare that even if it is a ghost, I have not been exploited because of different species, work and rest. Time is arranged scientifically.”

A few people listened to her, let’s prove their reliability, and followed her to the apartment.

As a result, an old couple and a little boy came to face each other.

When the two policemen saw the trio’s expressions change, they re-checked the files here before they came, plus the case they had personally followed back then, and they naturally recalled them all at once.

The old couple smiled enthusiastically and shook hands with the two police officers and greeted them: “Oh, Officer Chen, long time no see, long time no see, the last time we met was when we died, you were a good policeman in charge, you were very serious about finding clues to arrange an autopsy , I want to find the murderer as soon as possible, we know you well.”

He touched the little boy’s head again: “Quickly, call Uncle Chen. When Uncle Chen saw your body, he almost cried with distress.”

Sure enough, the little boy obediently said: “Hello Uncle!”

Now, how can Nima let people answer?

The person next to him smashed Officer Chen’s arm, and Officer Chen could only bite the bullet and greet the three ghosts: “You, you are good too.”

Then the old couple asked again: “Um, Officer Chen, has the murderer been found?”

Officer Chen said that he couldn’t do this job, and he wanted to leave.


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