Scream Queen Chapter 55

The two policemen were immediately speechless when asked, and they were sent to assist in the investigation at the beginning because they were responsible for the case here. But after all, this is already in the category of supernatural phenomena, and it is somewhat awakened.

It seems that they were thinking too simple now. They were grabbed by the dead and asked if the murderer had found them. Then thinking about the fundamental purpose of this visit, why suddenly people couldn’t hold their heads up.

Officer Chen smiled awkwardly, and had to follow the topic and said: “Sorry, because of insufficient evidence, the case has not progressed so far. This makes us very ashamed.”

This is actually the other side’s true attitude. As a people’s police officer, Officer Chen is also a righteous public servant.

This apartment building has repeatedly committed murders, and rarely has it been successfully solved, and it has caused such a big impact on the surroundings. It is indeed a shame that he cannot cover his negligence.

Officer Chen is ready to be blamed by the deceased. Although this statement is a bit weird, what they have encountered now is really the first time in history.

I can’t imagine a situation that makes people unable to come to Taiwan any more.

Who knows that the other party heard the news that the case has not been solved, and was not angry at all. Instead, he happily said: “It’s okay, do your best, we all see your efforts, it’s not inaction, don’t want Such.\”

\”Yes, don’t you think we are here now? Just ask us directly for any clues.\”

Officer Chen was stunned, right! Now that the real corpse can speak, what clues do you ask? When is the guessing game? Just ask them who the murderer is?

Although the deceased has become a ghost, it is different from the murderer who is still at large.

Rather than assisting in the investigation, the two police officers immediately turned their attention to their own jobs.

So the two immediately took it seriously: \”Take it, regarding the previous case, here are a few questions I want to ask you.\”

Zhu Yang smiled at this time and said: \”Don’t stand stupidly here, there are people everywhere, it is not convenient to talk, let’s go to the room.\”

Everyone agreed, and the three of Zhu Yang and the deceased were taken to their own room——

Why is it so awkward?

In short, a few people entered the room of the old man and the little boy’s family, only to find that the face inside was greatly changed.

I learned about the background of this family when I was handling the case.

Their lives are not rich, or even hardship. At that time, the house was used as the scene of the murder. The police opened the door and saw the blood stained on the old furniture. No one would lament the embarrassment and tragic experience of the three.

But at this moment, the whole room has changed a lot from the impression I remembered when I recalled the file.

Although the room is small, it is warm and clean. Because there are three people, the bunk and bunk beds are placed, but the quality of the bed and the quality of the mattress and bedding are not ambiguous.

Now there are a lot of popular toys for children. They look quite new and they should have been purchased recently.

There is also a set of bean green sofas for the living room, which is comfortable and soft, and is most suitable for a family to nest together to watch TV.

The old couple swiftly cut a fruit plate out, put melon seed snacks on the coffee table, and asked enthusiastically: “How many people watch TV?”

This enthusiastic attitude made the two police officers and the three investigators easy.

This is a visit to a haunted house. It is obviously a visit to a hospitable old and weak family. The key is that they are so enthusiastic. They didn’t even mention two pounds of sugar, and they always felt embarrassed.

A few people said quickly that they didn’t need to, so that the old couple would not be busy, and they would sit down and talk in detail.

So he started to talk to himself: “Oh, we, when we came out from our hometown, it was also to bring grandchildren to our sons and daughters who were all working.”

\”I don’t know that the ancestors committed crimes. The son had an accident on the construction site and the wife ran away. We originally planned to take our grandson back to our hometown, but at that time his kindergarten had not been off. Wan, I can’t bear it, I just want to finish this semester before leaving.\”

\”It’s just such a delay, don’t you just confess my life here, we are both old and we can’t live for many years, I have pity on my grandson~\”

As he said, the old couple wiped their tears, but the little boy looked up and wiped his grandparents’ faces, and comforted: \”Grandparents don’t cry, I’ll be with you, and I won’t have a home without you. \”

Grandma scolded him and said: \”Nonsense, your uncle can still support you.\”

The boy shook his head: \”I don’t want him to raise him. He is not filial to his grandparents. Apart from asking for money and not calling, he lives here when he comes to the city to play, and his cousin beats me.\”

The old couple cried again while holding their baby.

Zhu Yang watched the three grandparents lick the calf affectionately, and wiped the corners of his eyes with a tissue, with a soft and pitying appearance.

It’s just like she is not the one who asks the elderly to clean the room and hires child labor to sell snacks.

The two police officers and the three investigators only felt that there was a needle under their seats. Shouldn’t they really come today?

Although he opened a haunted house to hire ghost employees, he was miserable before his death, and after his death, he was completely without a source of worship, and improved his living conditions by working part-time.

Well, you can’t deprive others of the right to enjoy life just because the other party is a ghost?

I think so, but their duties force them to bite the bullet.

Officer Chen simply said: “At the murder scene, except for a knife as a murder weapon, no trace of the murderer was found, and there was no way to compare it.”

\”Now can you talk about the features of the murderer?\”

The trio of grandparents stopped crying immediately, turned their heads and said to Officer Chen: “Oh! I can’t describe it.”

Officer Chen felt disappointed, thinking that it was because the murderer was masked and they had no way of knowing it, or when the family died, the old and young were blurred.

In the end, they heard a sentence: \”I will show you directly.\”

A few people were dumbfounded, and they hadn’t reacted to what they meant for the first time.

Then he saw the little boy brought a box with various melon seeds and potato chips cola soda, which he sold all the way.

Then he opened the snacks at the door, revealing a dry head from the bottom of the box, the head was on the road, and when he saw a few people in front of him, he spit out a QR code in his mouth.

I was slapped by the little boy: \”It’s not a guest, it’s the uncle of the police who handled the case. Uncles want to know what the prisoner looks like, swallow the QR code and correct his expression to let people take a good look.\”

Hearing this, the head really swallowed the QR code back, and his expression was a little reluctant. The look in Officer Chen’s eyes was like nothing but trouble.

Officer Chen and his party: \”……\”

No, you have found the prisoner and rectified the Fa on the spot? No wonder they reacted like that when they didn’t find the murderer.

Officer Chen twitched his mouth: \”This, this—\”

I really don’t know how to call it. After holding back for a long time, I remembered to describe it: “Suspect, what can you say about the accusation of the victim.”

The head said impatiently: \”Talk about it, talk about the hammer, people are dead and everything is going on, what can I ask.\”

This uncooperative attitude was drawn again. The human head ghost was originally the bottom layer of the entire haunted house. Now everyone has made money, and the shotguns in each room can be exchanged without his share.

But I didn’t forget to take him on the job. I was dissatisfied at first, and now I couldn’t help but vomit and said: “Fart, the little boy buys so many toys a day, and he buys toys and snacks if he gets his salary. The fruit is delicious, and I don’t want to get up and give me a waxing cream.\”

\”Everyone looks like a dog, and I am the only one to bury it. Only the head has no ghost power, right?\” The head scolded endlessly: \”I killed your family, but it’s not my pleasure Yes, I’m not controlled by the pheasant on the second floor? You can’t do it, she can bully me, right?\”

As soon as these words came out, the few people next to him felt embarrassed about being involved in the conflicts between other companies’ employees.

But wait, the murderer is someone else?

Officer Chen and the others looked at the old couple, but they didn’t expect that there was no unexpected expression on each other’s face. Instead, they cursed the head: “Didn’t you kill the pheasant? They opened the door to do business. Although it is not serious, you can take it apart.” It’s everywhere, and I deserve it if I’m killed.\”

The head yelled again: “I don’t want it either, I just want to have a prostitute seriously, so it’s better to talk about it. What’s wrong? It’s this broken building. Bah! I don’t know what I did. The sisters of God were all broken into eight pieces by me, so they didn’t scare me to death.\”

But he was not scared to death and was killed by a pheasant, and then was manipulated by a grieving pheasant to kill the little boy’s family.

So when the police were investigating, they couldn’t find any traces left by the murderer at the scene. How could ghosts leave traces?

This reversal caught the police officer Chen off guard. They wanted to ask something, and the door to the room was opened.

A hot beauty in a **** nurse uniform walked in, her waist twisted like a water snake.

Pouting dissatisfied coquettishly said: “Boss, can’t you really pick up guests? I’ll take one. Just when I saw a man who was too appetizing to me, he gave me five minutes. How about when I have a break? The head office does not charge money, right?\”

Yang glanced at her: \”Five minutes?\”

The pheasant blushed: \”No, no, there must be more than that, but the guests I met before are too useless, and I subconsciously miscalculated the time.\”

Said and pointed to the head: \”Here, just like this enoki mushroom.\”

Hearing this, the head yelled: “Smelly lady, I don’t want face?”

The pheasant is not a vegetarian, and he hasn’t been stunned by scolding the street. He was about to scold that idiot, so Zhu Yang was pumped.

Zhu Yang glanced at several public officials sitting across from him: \”Shut up, we are a serious business, don’t bring out your previous set, you have to have the ability to make appointments with me after get off work. But business hours, The ethos of ruining the entire building just doesn’t work.\”

The pheasant rolled his eyes, twisted his waist dissatisfied, and was about to go out, but was stopped by Officer Chen.

Those who have just listened to the scandal / **** / group will pay close attention to the words and put them aside first, just in time for the person to appear.

Then he asked: \”This——suspect.\” He pointed to the head: \”It said that he killed a family of three as your chief envoy, what do you want to say about this?\”

When the pheasant heard this, he actually smiled charmingly: \”Yes, I ordered it.\”

If this is an individual who would dare to be so arrogant after killing others, he would have been pumped long ago. Even if it was a ghost, the two police officers’ brows were frowned by being so arrogant.

But she confessed so happily that she didn’t know how to react for a while. It must be a joke when she was arrested. It was obvious that she was not surprised at all to avenge the victim.

Then the pheasant continued: \”I am a deadly ghost. Although I have changed my self-confidence now, I was ignorant at the time, and following my instinct would be harmful.\”

This is justified, and it makes people speechless.

Officer Chen coughed: \”According to this suspect’s statement, it seems that he had inside information about killing you?\”

The pheasant said: “Oh, I know that Enoki mushroom killed me because I was lost by the electric drill couple downstairs. By the way, it’s all right for me? I’m going to work, so I’ll be out of company.”

Police Officer Chen did not stop or didn’t stop them. The first murder case seemed so light, and no one else was important to open a store. He explained everything in the light of the circumstances, and the confession was unequivocal.

Just as the house was embarrassing, another couple came in and said to Zhu Yang: “Boss, the cat house tea restaurant can’t be busy, I will let Lili come to help.”

Zhu Yang said immediately: “No, the customer came to tease the cat, and the theme is not right when she sticks there. Everyone wants the service of the cat, it’s not rare for you.”

\”Then let her go to the kitchen as a chop? Let the headless ghost go to the door to sell charms.\”

Zhu Yang squeezed his eyebrows: \”You two will die if you separate for a while? Isn’t it sticky enough after get off work? You still have to be together at work, why don’t you see each other?\”

The two blushed: “Oh, isn’t the waterbed you bought for the boss is too easy to use?”

Hey Hey hey! Public officials are here, don’t drive illegally.

Zhu Yang also took the two guys helplessly, so he waved impatiently and agreed.

Officer Chen hurriedly stopped them: \”Wait, a lady just accused you of murdering her?\”

The electric drill couple got permission and were happy. Listening to the police’s question, they poured it out without reservation: “Yes, yes, we did it. That pheasant is too noisy all day long. After we become ghosts, we don’t care. Only being in love in the room, occasionally bored and drilled through the wall, to see if you can get a brainstorm, it doesn’t mean that you like to be disturbed, right?\”

\”The pheasant is noisy upstairs every night, so we have to shut her up.\”

Still the same sentence, if people commit such a cruel felony, they dare to be so unrepentantly arrogant that they have long been slapped, but what can they do now?

Officer Chen was tired, so he heard the lovers say: “And we are also innocent, my husband was bewitched by that pornographic ghost, but what is the relationship between our husband and wife? She couldn’t seduce and killed us, so I feel wronged where to buy. \”

Officer Chen also broke the jar at this moment. Since the Yangui was mentioned, he simply called the Yangui up.

Fortunately, the unsettled cases in this building have been settled. Although nothing can be done now, at least the whole series of cases have been sorted out.

When Yangui was called up, she was still unwilling, and she stroked her hair with her amorous feelings: “Oh, I thought it was such a big deal. This is a mess that caused people to come up. Today, several little girls gave me Hanfu. Delay me getting new clothes.\”

\”The man and woman who killed the dog and the dog? That’s right. It’s someone. I screamed downstairs all day, the bed shook so that the whole building was shaking. I regret killing them here, turning into ghosts or arguing all day.\ ”

\”Huh? I’m innocent. I was killed by a rubber ghost. When I died, I was dragged into the drawer by that stupid guy. I broke and hurt to death. Fortunately, there was an unknown human skin in the drawer. I still have That fortune inheritance painting skin, otherwise it will be more low.\”

OK, then passed the rubber ghost up again.

This guy came and had to look like he was in a hurry: “What do you ask, hurry up, I’m still playing games in my room, have I left for a long time, and they won’t offer more props? I let it go today. I only have five indicators, and the boss who comes out has to deduct my money.\”

Everyone glanced at Zhu Yang, this profiteer–

Then I heard the rubber ghost Uncle Chen: \”Kill Yangui? Yes, it is me. But I am also innocent. I was killed by a smoker. The smoke of the whole house, I had to hide in the cabinet, but the smoke still got in. , I was choked to death alive.\”

Zhu Yang quickly explained: “But don’t worry, the smoke special effects for business use are harmless. We can guarantee this.”

Check fate, be serious, why does the little girl care only about her voice?

Then the smokey ghost points to the DJ, the DJ points to the playboy, the **** points to the otaku, the otaku points to the cat-faced old lady, the cat-faced old lady points to the headless corpse, the headless corpse points to the ghost doll, the ghost doll points to the tap ghost, the tap ghost indicates the spider man, Spider-man testified against the mirror girl.

It turned out that all the people in this building were killed by the dead who once turned into ghosts. The whole circle of the case was all around in this building, and it had nothing to do with outsiders.

The two police officers were speechless, and the other three investigators were somewhat dissatisfied at the beginning and turned to the case, but now they are all confused.

One of them said the biggest slot in it.

\”So what, you people—ghosts, kill people one by one, and then the people who were killed become ghosts. If you live together, you don’t feel embarrassed if you look up and see you all the time?\”

Zhu Yang shrugged: \”I don’t know, I’m not a ghost, but now everyone gets along pretty well.\”

\”Oh, okay, okay, that’s it, there is no contradiction.\” I don’t know how to say this embarrassingly.

After the entire case is cleared, the investigation has entered the topic.

At this time, the investigator asked Zhu Yangdao: “How did you think of opening a haunted house company and hiring ghosts as employees?”

Zhu Yang replied: \”Of course I saw this unique business opportunity. You see how prosperous here is now, and it has also solved the employment problem of ghosts.\”

Yes, this question is for nothing.

\”Then how did you sign employee contracts with the ghosts?\”

Zhu Yang took a sip of the juice and said: “Actually, when I came, they were uneasy and kind. They wanted to kill me one by one. The reason must be jealous of my beauty.”

\”But who I am Zhu Yang, I haven’t been counseled since I was a kid. I dared to fight with geese when I was three years old. The dog next door saw me detour when I was five years old. There are legends about sisters in our village now, so I’m afraid of these people. tramp living by begging?\”

\”As a result of being harassed for two consecutive nights, I took the human employees of my company to the door, kicked a door and I caught a ghost alive, kicked a door I caught a ghost alive, catching is just a fight Smashed, from the first floor to the sixth floor, the eyes were all red, and blood flowed all over the stairs that night, and the moonlight was dyed strangely red.\”

\”Later I calmed down and thought that this was not a problem. According to the correct socialist core values, using violence to control violence could not solve the fundamental problem after all, and then I knew them with affection and reason, tied with twine. , With the help of a kitchen knife, finally persuaded everyone to rest assured and behave well, and the past grievances were wiped out. Everyone worked hard together and rushed to the beautiful and rushing days.\”


There were too many slots and they didn’t know where to start vomiting. They looked at the few ghosts left in the room, and the ghosts looked like they had been repaired.

It turns out that you guys still wanted to mention that the iron plate was forced to reform.

Let’s talk about these sisters, what else can you say except that you are awesome? The Thirteen Taibaos on the road are not as easy as you, and it is as easy to copy a ghost house as a fruit stand.

That’s a ghost. Didn’t you have any psychological shadows before you started?

Knowing this, it is even harder for investigators to speak.

But no matter what, I still suffocated it from my mouth: \”But you know, there is no official regulation yet, the legality of your haunted house company——\”

These words make them feel guilty. Where are the relevant regulations for something unprecedented?

I had to bite the bullet and continued: \”And compared with ordinary employees, your company’s employees have major uncontrollability, not to mention considering the social impact, that is, if you have an endless stream of consumers every day if there are accidents in you- \”

Before I finished speaking, I saw Zhu Yang looking at them incredulously: “I heard that right, are you reemploying people after discrimination and reform?”

\”Yes, they have committed serious crimes, but they have all been repaid with their lives. Even when they go to jail, they are encouraged to reform and behave well. Do you want to deprive them of the right to work for those who have paid the price and reformed?\ ”

Then he looked at the two police officers: \”What’s more, I haven’t been able to give them a fair deal, right?\”

Several people blushed, and the matter was making trouble, as if they had not made any progress in handling the case and ran so fast that they smashed their jobs.

\”But you have to know, now the whole city is panicking about the fact that there is a ghost here—\”

After speaking, I heard a few excited screams from the corridor.

\”Ah~~~, it’s so fun, cats are so cute, ghosts are so cute.\”

\”Come next week, and bring my grandma to let her see the dead grandpa.\”

\”The faucet Miss Ghost is so nice, she actually agreed to someone else shake the ramen with her.\”

\”The cockroach is really refreshing to eat an apple. Two bites are one. I can watch it all day, but unfortunately I can’t afford an apple.\”

The investigator in the room looked embarrassed.

I saw Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows at them and said: “Although the theory of ghosts and gods is incredible, I think we should face the things we are really looking for calmly, not cover them up.”

\”It is true that there are many ghosts who are full of hostility and harm people and cause panic in the society, but don’t you think that the current haunted house is the beginning of a good change?\”

\”It allows the ghosts to see another possibility besides killing people and doing evil. Whenever a ghost here comes to look for a job, there is one less place in the world that threatens humans. I don’t understand why this kind of thing is forbidden. of.\”

Seeing several people still talking, Zhu Yang waved his hand: \”Yes, I know you may have your own considerations, and there may be longer-term plans on it, unlike those of us who only see the problem one-sidedly.\ ”

\”But look at these faces.\”

Her hand flicked from the direction of the ghosts: “They are now friendly and kind, and full of hope for life, do you have the heart to deprive them of the opportunity to start again, and let the resentment and hostility return to their faces?”

After speaking, the faces of the ghosts suddenly became terrifying, and several investigators were immediately on guard.

Zhu Yang said: “Don’t worry, as long as I take care of them for a day, I won’t let them hurt people, but whether it is a ghost or a ghost, deprived of a job opportunity, there is always the right to protest, right?”

\”If the above really insists on this decision, our company can’t fail to follow the rules, but my employees can’t be too much to sit in and protest at the leaders’ home in private?\”

This is the last sentence of Nima.

It sounds like a sit-in protest, just like a disadvantaged migrant worker, but who can survive so many ghostly sit-in protests?

Fortunately, there were no hard indicators when it came out this time. After a long time of wrangling, a few people had no choice but to go back and reflect on it.

But it is estimated that none of the above would want to be found to protest, right?

The most embarrassing thing is that this haunted house also has a legal business license and pays taxes. This makes it impossible for them to intervene from others.

A few investigators were sent away. Those who should do business continue to do business, and those who should count the money then count the money.

However, counting the count, a sneer appeared on Zhu Yang’s face. Police Officer Chen said before that the murders in this building were all self-produced and sold. Yes, on the surface.

But I’m afraid it’s not that simple, right? But it’s useless to tell them these things. Firstly, the ghosts are confused and don’t know the ins and outs of the beginning, and secondly, it is not fun to let the organization participate in the game.

Zhu Yang pondered this fishing, and it is estimated that the fish is about to bite the bait. The difficulty of this game is too arduous, Zhu Yang has already taken this opportunity to get another evaluation of S or more, don’t let her down.

On Saturday the next day, Zhu Yang and the manager agreed to work.

The functions of other players are dispensable, but they just ask for a one-month leave, as long as they put some red envelopes in them.

However, Zhu Yang’s talents were so outstanding that he had to report several times.

Today Zhu Yang came here after lunch, and when he came, he met Mrs. Chen and the others who bought something from her last time.

Mrs. Chen met her with several people: “Oh, you are really busy. I have been here a few times later, but you were not there. Then the store manager’s family called and said that you are guaranteed to come on Saturday. We only waited in the morning. Yes, what have you been up to lately?\”

Zhu Yang lazily said: “It’s nothing, I started an adventure company and just started formal.”

The smiles on the faces of the ladies became more enthusiastic: “Really young and promising, young and promising.”

Zhu Yang looked dissatisfied and said: “It’s you again today? Nothing new.”

Several people laughed quickly: \”Farewell, isn’t it new again, just wait for you to help us match it.\”

Zhu Yang sighed: \”Oh! Okay, it’s already very busy over there, but it’s not easy to shirk here, you can’t come next week.\”

\”Fine, buy enough for this quarter today.\”

The staff who helped her find her clothes and do miscellaneous work could only smack their tongues in their hearts. They usually have broken mouths. The kind words exaggerate the enthusiasm of these ladies.

Zhu Yang went to work for three days and fished for ten days to hang out on the net, still reluctantly, just like taking a slow step and not getting clothes from her.

It is really different treatment of the same person.

Zhu Yang spent most of the day in the store, except for a few wives who added many customers in the middle, and bought them more or less.

There is also a more generous lady who is about the same age as Zhu Yang. She is rich in the family, but it is estimated that she is also rich in the middle of the family like Zhu Yang. She is not very good at managing her own image. She was remodeled by Zhu Yang. Some.

Not only dress her. I also asked the clerk to go to the makeup area on the first floor to buy cosmetics, and went to the styling room to find a hair stylist.

Along the way, I also bury others: \”It’s not that you didn’t spend any money on dressing up. Look at the makeup on your face. Oh, let me go. Which blogger did you learn from.\”

The girl blushed and said: “The blogger is also good, with millions of fans.”

\”No matter how good the makeup is, it doesn’t suit you.\”

\”I know, I don’t look good, look at my face, small eyes, and high cheekbones. Behind my friend said I look like a man.\”

\”Do you still know your appearance characteristics? Then why did you learn the net red makeup with flat eyebrows, big eyes and chin? You clearly have a model-like high-end face. Get rid of those little-looking elements.\”

After a tossing down, the girl really changed her face. A new customer asked her if she was a fitting model for this brand to come to the store today.

The Xide girl bought more than a dozen sets of clothing, accessories, shoes and bags in the store on the spot, and her consumption alone was a few million.

Zhu Yang didn’t visit the store either. Several other brands of styles suitable for her also recommended her to buy. The girl said that she still had one or two friends, and she would also bring her to make an image transformation next week.

The information revealed between the lines are all girls whose upstarts squeeze into the upper-class society and are ridiculed.

Zhu Yang, also a nouveau riche, is in a real situation called a heaven and an underground.

At 7 or 8 in the evening, Zhu Yang felt that it was almost the time and drove away the customers. Today’s turnover has nearly doubled over the previous day.

When she was about to settle her wages, Zhu Yang noticed that she hadn’t seen the store manager for a day. Someone told her that the store manager was a bit bad today and it was inconvenient to come out. She was always in the warehouse.

But at this time there were no customers in the store, and the manager came out, and Zhu Yang found out what was going on.

It turned out that there was a large bruise around her eyes, even with delicate makeup, thick foundation, concealer, and specially painted black eye shadow to cover it, but the swelling and traces that could not be completely covered still betray her. .

Seeing Zhu Yang looked a little embarrassed: “Today’s turnover has set a record for our store’s non-discount day, congratulations.”

\”I will give you a salary right away.\”

Zhu Yang saw her doing this, a little bit awkward, the store manager seemed to her to be very smart and capable.

Young and beautiful, and the salary is high. As a flagship store in the city, the average clerk’s monthly salary is tens of thousands, not to mention the store manager.

Although no doctors and lawyers are so respected, they are definitely regarded as a high-income group. The opponent is also a neat person. If there are disputes outside, it is naturally impossible to look like this embarrassment.

Zhu Yang guessed that eighty-nine-nine-ten, but still asked: “What’s wrong?”

The store manager’s eyes flashed: “It’s nothing, it’s okay!”

Zhu Yang smiled, didn’t ask any more, just said: “The garbage, you should throw it away.”

\”You are also a glamorous girl with an annual income of hundreds of thousands. Don’t live your life too much, are you right?\”

To change the preaching tone of another little girl several years younger than her, the store manager was upset long ago, but Zhu Yang was so energetic, as if any troubles in the world were so self-confident that they were not worth mentioning, they suddenly felt Many things are really boring.

So he nodded in a nonchalant manner.

Zhu Yang ignored her reaction, settled her salary, and added another 100,000 yuan to the online banking. He carried the bag and walked out of the store neatly.

After she left, the girl next to her who had a personal relationship with the store manager said: “Next time that guy dares to come to the store, let’s call the police.”

\”You got up to this position for several years? The last time you came to have a bad influence, the above is not happy, but the district manager suppressed it. Do you really want to lose your job for the scum? .\”

The store manager sighed: “Yes, next time you see someone I drag him, you should call the police. Do you really not deserve to get married if you don’t have children?”

The girl poked her in the head: \”I never saw you so stupid. Then I said Dink when I got married. Oh, now that he has played enough and regrets it, I blame you for working all day and not having children.\”

“He really likes children? Fart! It’s nothing more than the pressure of parents at home, and they feel that children don’t need him to give birth to him, so they are born! I am ashamed to say that you only care about money.”

\”Bah! You have to quit your job for the rest of your life. When you come back, you have to start again. He hasn’t paid the mortgage for several million, and his salary is still raising a baby? Give birth and drink northwest wind?\”

The store manager does not understand these principles, but no matter how capable you are, no matter how good you are, no matter how much money you make, as long as you do not do one thing you should do as a woman, your life will fail completely.

People from all over the world and even relatives are accusing you with the eyes of a sinner, it is really difficult to be unwavering.

But fortunately, the store manager is also capable and patted a friend who was filled with indignation: “Forget it, anyway, I am planning to divorce. I can’t wake up without this fight, just to control the water in my mind, so I don’t have to be tired every day. Going home hard and still hear accusations.\”

When Zhu Yang returned to the apartment, it was less than nine o’clock in the evening, which was when the haunted house had the most traffic.

She didn’t go back to the room, she went around and saw that everything was working well, so she went to the restaurant on the rooftop and asked to make a dinner for her.

I bought a batch of fresh seafood this morning, and the electric drill couple grilled her a baked lobster with cheese, which tasted good.

With the spread of the haunted house’s reputation and the steady flow of customers every day, many businesses in the city have also lifted the exemption regulations.

Now it is much more convenient for them to buy things, especially for large items without having to walk hundreds of meters to the other side of the road.

Even when the traffic of the Cat House restaurant was too large to have time for staff meals, everyone had to call for takeaways, and takeaways are still delivered now, not to mention other daily supplies.

While eating, Chen Hui, who was selling amulet at the back door, ran up excitedly——

\”Boss Boss, absolutely, did you expect this step? So let us sell talisman fishing every day?\”

\”Yes, I didn’t expect it, the haunted house is so big, and the number of passengers that can be accommodated every day is so much. Although it also makes a lot of money, it is limited after all. It turns out that you had planned to make a big ticket.\”

Zhu Yang stuffed a bite of fried rice: \”Speaking of people.\”

\”Oh! Just when I was selling the charms, a luxury car parked outside our apartment, and a secretary came down to ask us if this charm is a bit of interest. It’s best to clean up the dirty things. I am the boss Clearly, he said that their boss invited you to go to the car to talk in detail.\”

Chen Hui is not stupid. He immediately produced the doorways. Zhu Yang knew that they could not make a lot of money by selling the charms and let them sell them. In fact, it is not important at all to sell them. He meant to reveal a meaning here. The props or ability to ward off evil spirits.

As for the evidence, this is the ghost who is working in this house. Really smart people can naturally come out of these two points. These ghosts were taken by the master and changed their faces to start business.

Most people look at the haunted house to watch the excitement, and savvy businessmen will naturally think about its operability, so this hint is obvious.

So once there are rich people who are entangled in dirt, they will naturally choose to come here for medical treatment without hesitation.

As for the charging standard for this kind of thing, the means to protect the lives of the whole family can naturally be arbitrarily charged. Isn’t it a more potential way to make money than a haunted house?

It doesn’t even need to be advertised or can be found, they are well known now.

Chen Hui admired Zhu Yang so much, he saw Zhu Yang heard the words: “Ask me to talk in the car? The card is quite big, no see!”

Chen Hui choked: “Yes—”

“But what, let me come up by myself, not come down.”

Chen Hui nodded, yes! They make money, but other talents are the ones who want to ask others, and when they are happy they reverse their position, and they have a little momentum.

Speaking of the excitement just now, he went downstairs in a cold posture, conveying the meaning to the other party.

The other party was probably afraid of being tossed by the dirty stuff. He didn’t say anything about it. Hearing Zhu Yang’s call, he got out of the car and brought the secretary upstairs.

After saying hello to Zhu Yang, Zhu Yang raised his hand to stop their thoughts of talking. He chewed and ate the meal slowly, and then rinsed his mouth and wiped his hands before saying: “Let’s talk!”

At first, the other party was surprised to see that the person in charge was a young girl, and was a little upset by the other party’s inattention.

After the other party could finally start the conversation, he quickly stated the matter–

“My house has been wrong since last month. First, the family members had nightmares, and then they always felt that something was running in the room. The servant turned the house over and found no abnormalities, so I simply stayed in the bedroom A camera is installed inside.”

“When I checked the surveillance the next day, I actually saw that I woke up sleepwalking at night. Whether it was just sleepwalking or my own problem, but the camera photographed the mirror I was passing by, and the shadow reflected in it was clearly not me. ”

“I was afraid of hurting my family, so I locked myself in a room to sleep alone at night, the door was locked from the outside, and the key was left to my wife for safekeeping. As a result—”

Speaking of this, the wealthy businessman had some lingering fears: “It was like a warning. I woke up the next morning and saw my wrist bleeding. Fortunately, the time of mutilation was late and the wound was shallow, but I didn’t even wake up midway.”

The wealthy businessman showed his wrist, it was scabs on it, but it was very fresh, it should be the case of the past few days: “Look at the monitor that I smashed the vase and cut it. I’m afraid I don’t even know when I die. , It just happens that your company’s reputation is gaining popularity recently, that’s why it visits the superior for help.”

“If the trouble can be solved, there must be heavy rewards.”

The attitude of the other party has been taken out, and Zhu Yang is not hypocritical just opening the door to do business.

She got up: “Sure, then go now.”

The wealthy businessman did not expect that she not only agreed quickly, but also acted unambiguously. She was naturally happy: “Success, please follow me in the car.”

Then she listened to the other person’s command of her humanity: “Go and ask who is free now, come with me.”

The wealthy businessman thought she was going to bring an assistant at first, which is understandable.

Then her men ran a step first, waiting for Zhu Yang and his party to go downstairs, and when they came to the car, they saw someone waiting there.

At first glance, it turned out to be an old lady with a cat face, which almost scared a few people to death.

The old lady Mao Lian said: “My head, everyone is busy now, so I can get away.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “The cats are okay without you?”

The old lady Mao Lian waved her hand: “It’s okay, it’s all my dear ones. Nothing can go wrong.”

Then I looked at the wealthy businessmen: “This is what we want—”

Zhu Yang casually got into the car and said: “Catch ghosts, I’m not familiar with ghosts, I can’t help it if it comes out, you are responsible for finding it out.”

The old lady Mao Lian nodded and followed into the car, but the others were already confused.

This is to-let the ghost catch the ghost?

How can it be so?



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