Scream Queen Chapter 56

Today, the rich businessman rides in a luxury business RV. Recently, he has been under a lot of pressure from the ghosts at home.

It’s fine now. In addition to the driver in front, there was a wealthy businessman, a secretary of the wealthy businessman and a bodyguard, plus Zhu Yang and the old lady Mao Lian.

Four people and one ghost stared at each other in the carriage.

Although the wealthy businessman had seen the live clip before he personally visited, he even asked the person below to come to the scene to investigate and confirm that the ghosts here are genuine.

But when it came to Touzhen sitting with a ghost that was clearly a ghost, and was still such a well-known ghost, the people in the cart inevitably trembled all the way except Zhu Yang.

The assistant is quite professional, and opened the car refrigerator: “What do you want to drink?”

There are not only fresh fruits and drinks in the refrigerator, but also several bottles of precious wine.

Zhu Yang waved his hand and said that she didn’t want anything. She just finished eating and now she doesn’t want to eat anything. But the cat face old lady said politely: “Oh, there is still wine? I loved to drink two sips when I was alive, and pour me some bars.”

Zhu Yang reminded her: “Don’t get drunk.”

“Don’t worry, you can’t delay things.” He said happily and took the wine glass from the assistant.

Seeing the assistant’s hands shaking a little, he joked: “Don’t worry, don’t bite. Don’t say the old lady, I am doing a serious job now, and there is no social security risk like the unemployed vagrant before. At that time, I also eat exclusively. Children will not easily eat adults.”

Speaking critically, he glanced at a cart of people: “You guys are too old, especially the boss, your beer belly, tsk! One by one, it’s too much firewood, or it’s so greasy, it’s repaying my old lady. I am impatient to eat.”

This, can this be a good chat?

Then I saw the old lady with cat face turned her head and smiled and looked at Zhu Yang as if: “The boss is different from them, the meat of the boss looks delicious and tender.”

The three people in the car looked at Zhu Yang and smiled triumphantly when they saw her: “That’s natural, but the scarce high-end meat like me is not a blessing for a small character like you, and I’m afraid of breaking my teeth.”

The old lady cat face quickly nodded: “Yes, yes, yes! That is, in this system, you can’t turn the sky upside down if you are a man or a ghost, right? My cats are satisfied just by hearing about the master, and working all day long. How strong.”

It sounds like she is catnip.

The three of them looked at the old lady’s flattery, and it was only a long time to make sure. Maybe they were really threatening, or they were just chatting with you.

The old lady cat face had a few glasses of wine, and the rich man’s house arrived. She bought a mansion in Mid-Levels. When she entered the gate, there were two majestic wolfhounds guarded by both sides of the gate.

The two dogs barked desperately as soon as they saw the shadow of the car, and the security guards on the side couldn’t help it.

The old lady Mao Lian got out of the car and booed twice to the two dogs: “What’s your name? The one in the room is not up to you, but the old lady is terrific, rolling!”

The two dogs shrugged their tails and hid behind the person as soon as she appeared. There was an unfriendly atmosphere between the cats and the dogs.

Entering the house, the wife of the rich businessman is still at home, but the child has been sent to live outside.

Because the old lady Mao Lian was with him the whole time, Zhu Yang didn’t feel any special feeling when he entered the house, but the old lady Mao Lian smiled from time to time, scaring the rich businessman’s wife very much.

Zhu Yang asked the wealthy businessman: “Is there anything special lately? For example, there is something in the house of unknown origin, someone around me suddenly died, and what is involved in lawsuits.”

The rich businessman hurriedly said: “I have thought about all of this. When I saw from the surveillance that the person in the mirror was not me, I would check if I had made any taboos recently.”

“Throw away all the new things that should be thrown away. I haven’t brought back any objects of unknown origin recently. The company is running well and there is nothing to do around it.”

Zhu Yang looked like a wealthy businessman, and she was considered a thoughtful person. In fact, she was not a professional. She had limited knowledge of these things, and she couldn’t make a decision based on experience.

Fortunately, she didn’t come to catch the ghost to investigate the case, and as long as the ghost catches it, all mysteries will be solved. She is still helpless if she is alone, after all, her fighting power is nowhere to be used if the ghost does not come out.

But the old lady with the cat’s face, who is also a ghost, is different. Even if the ghost is hidden again, it may not be able to find any clues to humans, but for other ghosts, it is equivalent to being between people and people. Play hide and seek within range.

It may be overlooked for a while, but if you really want to find it, it is impossible to find it.

So Zhu Yang nodded and said, “Okay, let’s just start.”

The wealthy businessman who has no clues is a bit unable to adapt to her rude process, just like the child next door sees your rhythm and is about to go through the process, but is suddenly told to cry.

Zhu Yang said: “You said that ghost can possess your body, but the ghosts in my building just outside have not found any abnormalities, which means that the ghost can’t leave the house with you for the time being. It would be best to wait for you to sleep at night. Do it after being possessed, but it’s too much trouble. What if it sees that we can’t come out? There’s no time to consume it.”

Then he winked at the cat face old lady.

As soon as the cat face old lady got the order, she turned into a big cat with a bow, and rushed to a certain direction upstairs like lightning. It seems that she has already known the position in the observation just now.

Zhu Yang unhurriedly followed, and the wealthy businessman and assistants also quickly followed.

The wealthy businessman also asked: “How can you tell that I was not possessed when I was outside? In case one is hidden tightly.”

Zhu Yang said: “Hidden? I’m a ghost on the 20th building, and I’m all too busy, so I ran out of a wandering squatter who was on people’s body and took hands to watch the excitement around them, and you are happy to return it to you Do not?”

“If it was on you at that time, I was picked up and **** and sent to me for a new employee interview. How could it be so troublesome.”

The wealthy businessman and assistant choked speechlessly, saying that they were too reasonable to refute.

But boss, have you exposed some shady inside your company? It’s better to coerce recruitment, recruit new threats and so on.

The two deeply doubted that the company’s employee contract might be a brutal exploitation contract.

While defamating, a few people had already arrived in the study room upstairs, the study door was already open, and when I entered, I saw the old lady with cat face turned into a huge black cat staring at the side of the golden nan wooden table with her green eyes. Paixiu paperweight.

This paperweight was bought by a wealthy businessman in his early years. After many years of use, the surface showed a smooth and shiny luster due to long time of manipulation.

It is not a suspicious object that has been acquired recently, but an old ornament that has sentimental and commemorative significance. Wealthy businessmen would never think that this paperweight will have problems.

But now the black giant cat the size of a wolfdog was facing the Pai Yao paperweight with its cold fangs, and there was a gurgling fright in its throat.

And I don’t know if it is the illusion of the wealthy businessmen, that paperweight feels like alive at this moment, giving people the feeling of shrinking and small, shivering.

Then a bunch of big dots of light escaped from the inside, trying to seize the door and flee, but Zhu Yang had already closed the door quickly and put talisman paper on the door.

Seeing that the road was blocked, the beam of light wanted to escape from other places, but it was too late for a while.

The old lady cat face is a kind of speed among the ghosts. Naturally, she can’t let it escape. The light spot turned its direction and was immediately photographed from the air by a giant claw.

The condensed spot of light immediately dispersed, turning into a human figure lying on the ground and shouting.

The wealthy businessman and assistant were so scared that they backed away from training, because when the man looked up, the face that appeared was the one seen in the mirror on the camera.

At this time, the old lady Mao Lian had turned back into a human form, and took the spider silk rope thrown by Zhu Yang and tied it up quickly.

Not to mention, in terms of binding ghosts, spider silk ropes are much easier to use than ordinary ropes, especially some ghosts that have the ability to penetrate objects. Without a spell as a deterrent, they will really escape if they are not careful.

When the cat-faced old lady **** the ghost, the possessing ghost became yelling: “I am your ancestor, who is not dead. When a ghost helps people to catch ghosts, why don’t you lose your face. The decent ghosts are all caused by you. Shamelessly defeated.”

As soon as the voice fell, I felt a tingling pain on my scalp: “Ouch! Climb for Lao Tzu, don’t touch Lao Tzu, Ouch!”

When I looked up, I saw a beautiful woman pulling him up, looking at him condescendingly, her eyes trembling ghostly, more terrifying than just being stared at by a giant cat.

Then the woman grinned: “Small cricket, not working and doing nothing all day can only harm people, right? Don’t be discouraged, don’t disappoint, don’t lose faith in life.”

“Isn’t your fortune here? Sister, I’m sending you warmth. There is a job opportunity, including board and lodging, three meals, good treatment, job life, no risk of being laid off, how about it? Does it suddenly feel a bright future? Waiting for myself, from then on, the ghost is born?”

Not to mention the possessed ghost, even the wealthy merchants are also dumbfounded.

Why is there a seed suddenly? In fact, this guy is not here to save people from fire and water. The purpose of people catching ghosts is to recruit new recruits. It’s just a way to help people solve problems.

Digging into someone else’s house? But she can’t help but dig. Quickly dig away.

But the possessed ghost seemed to be unhappy. He was dumbfounded for a long time and then struggled: “Should you **** talk nonsense, oh, I’m crazy, but I’m going to lick you. I want to eat three meals and want to live forever, Zhou You don’t want to be scorned by peeling the skin, don’t do it!”

This possessed ghost is also very discerning. Seeing that all the ghosts in the role of the cat face old lady have been taken under the banner, he estimated that he would not be pleased today.

Originally thought that he would be annihilated, who would think that the other party wanted to arrest him for work, so why shouldn’t he take advantage of the opportunity to fight for conditions?

But who knows that Zhu Yang listened to him, loosened his hair and let it fall to the ground, then turned a few steps and sat on the sofa.

Seeing her like this, the possessing ghost thought that the other party wanted to sit down and negotiate terms, and was about to consider the following words.

I saw that guy glanced at him with his legs crossed, and said to the cat-faced old lady: “Do him!”

The cat-faced old lady immediately turned into a giant cat again, spreading her sharp fangs, with hot saliva dripping on it, staring at his neck, she was about to mouth——

“Go on, I’m teasing, don’t bite me. But let me say it first, three meals must have fish and meat, and occasionally lobster meals, I just smelled the old woman’s full burp, it smells of lobster, and the treatment can’t be better than the old one. The staff is poor.”

The possessed ghost was so quick, but Zhu Yang was holding it now.

She smiled faintly: “In fact, thinking about it, I just made this decision a bit hasty. The uneven quality of the staff also affects the company’s standards.”

“You still have to have a set of entry qualification standards. It can’t be rare because it’s just a ghost, right?”

“Well, let me talk about your talent first, and I will consider it for one or two live performances.”

The wealthy businessmen knelt down for this woman’s hypocritical brain circuit.

He has already urged you to step on his back as a ladder to get down. Need to be so aggressive?

Don’t be here even if you force it, can you get this stuff away quickly?

The possessed ghost whispered reluctantly, but now he had to bow his head again.

By the way: “Then I am here.”

At this time, the old lady Mao Lian had already untied his rope, and saw that the ghost suddenly shrank into a dot of light, and the animal ornaments on the Duobao platform in the house were drilling up and down.

After a long time, I got down from the top and said with a smug look: “How about it? It’s amazing, as long as it is in the shape of a creature, I can possess and live.”

After speaking, he glanced at the wealthy businessman, and the wealthy businessman recalled his experience for so many days. There really was a ghost in his body and his scalp exploded.

The possessed ghost said again: “The control of living creatures wastes time. For so many days, I can only control him at night. If I give it to me for a while, I will go out with him during the day and enjoy his food together. Miss drinking bag.”

Having said that, he glanced at Zhu Yang and the others, which looked rather pity.

The wealthy businessman really wanted to cover this ghost’s stinky mouth, but fortunately he didn’t let his wife follow him, otherwise he would not be able to clean up after jumping into the Yellow River.

Zhu Yang looked bored at the possessed ghost: “That’s it?”

“Customers can’t let you be possessed. If you have to adapt to time according to your claim, it is probably not as lucky as the cats in the cat house. It doesn’t make much sense. If there is no money-making gimmick, you have to spend money to support you?”

He said and waved his hand: “Forget it, the rooms are limited, so save some resources.”

He raised his chin to the cat-faced old lady again: “Do him.”

The possessed ghost was about to be frightened by this guy’s ruthlessness and pissed. Seeing the old woman approaching again, she was busy with a desire to survive and said: “There are some, there must be money-making gimmicks.”

He pushed away the cat’s head again: “Climb for Lao Tzu, don’t touch Lao Tzu, the fleshy stars are still on your teeth, and you don’t even rinse your mouth when you go out. The old woman’s teasing is dizzy.

The old lady cat face pressed his paw to the ground: “Which diarrhea did the son of tortoise say? Your mother, I love to be very clean, I just pull out the cat casually, and the paws are cleaner than your face. But I am aha When I go back, I really want to brush my teeth and bite a bit of stinky meat.”

“Climbing!” He was pressed like the possessed ghost king, only his limbs struggled, and he looked up at Zhu Yang: “Go on, go to his baby’s toy room next door, I will prove it to you.

The two ghosts’ hometowns are probably quite close, and they all talk about the same when they are excited. Fortunately, Zhu Yang’s hometown is also here to compare in reality, so there is no pressure on their dialogue.

So he motioned to the rich businessman to take them to the toy room prepared for the child.

The rich businessman has just given birth to a second child in recent years. She is a little girl. She is very spoiled at home. She specially decorated a toy room for her girl’s entertainment. It is full of dolls her mother bought.

After the possessed ghost is caught in this room, it finally has its use.

I saw this guy whizzing into a teddy bear, and then the teddy bear came back to life, dancing his hips, while holding a plastic rose to Zhu Yang’s leg.

The two thick eyebrows moved coquettishly: “Sister, don’t you listen to your brother’s comments about meaty jokes?”

Then Zhu Yang stomped on her foot, but nodded in satisfaction and said: “Hmm! I have food.”

Speaking of a contract, he threw it in front of Teddy Bear: “After signing this contract, I would like to mention a set of standard rooms in the haunted house with luxurious decoration.”

What can a possessed ghost do? Only aggrieved, wiped his eyes, and started his own self-selling road.

At this moment, the rich businessman saw him suddenly raising his head and facing himself: “Lend me the pen.”

The wealthy businessman was startled and embarrassed at first, but still lent it the pen in his pocket. At this moment, it may be that the ghost is possessed by the harmless plush toy, and he is full of bleak aura.

For a moment, the wealthy businessman felt that it was not so terrible, even a little pitiful.

At this time, I listened to the teddy bear again: “Actually, I have you, and I didn’t want to harm you. I just want to use your body to enjoy the things that you can’t enjoy in your lifetime. If you don’t overreact, I won’t Didn’t you cut your wrist? And I knew it in my heart, that point would bleed at most.”

Then I thank you!

At this time, the wealthy businessman moved in his heart and asked, “How did you keep up with me? It shouldn’t be the problem with my family’s stuff. How did you get into my house?”

The possessed ghost did not hide it: “I don’t know very well either. At first I was caught and attached a pendant, and was sealed with a box.”

“I waited for several days before I was taken out. It was a bidding meeting. I remember I was stuffed into your pocket. I was detained for a few days and was dizzy and unable to move. So I was taken home by you.”

Speaking of this, why don’t the rich businessmen understand?

He won a major bidding a while ago. Whether it is a competitor or a partner, it is naturally festive and decent to come up to shake hands and hug. Eight achievements are at that time.

As for who is the victim of him, the opposing party’s timing is right, taking advantage of the noisy occasion where it is difficult to lock the target, and is fully prepared to be unpredictable, in order to strike accurately, even deliberately put it for so long while the ghost is weak and unable to transfer.

The rich businessman’s face was ugly, and the opponent’s wrists were so vicious that it was impossible to guard against, but he was still in the dark when he escaped this time. I don’t know if there is a more sinister follow-up.

Zhu Yang naturally understood the doorway inside and calmly said: “Don’t worry, I will give you a 99% discount next time.”

The good news is really a good knife.

Seeing that the wealthy businessman was still disappointed, she sneered: “Actually, you should expect a few more shots from the place. When the resentful spirit leaves the place of resentment, the destructive power is limited at first. As long as you find something wrong, come to me. Secondly, no matter how deep the other party hides, it is impossible not to show his tail.”

The rich businessman gave a wry smile, which is true.

Then Zhu Yang asked: “Oh, yes, the doll in your house has been possessed by ghosts. It is also bad for you to keep it. After all, the child is weak and cannot be contaminated with filth. Anyway, if you have to deal with it, it’s better. Give it to me?”

Wealthy businessman: “…”

Girl, if you were born twenty years earlier, you should call your mother your mother.

I don’t know if the wealthy businessman is really generous or threatened that there are still more places to rely on. When he left, he boldly wrote a check of several million to Zhu Yang.

He also sent the best car in the family to return Ren Yuan, and promised that the dolls in the house would be carefully packed and sent to the haunted house by tomorrow morning.

In less than three hours, Zhu Yang has made a net profit of the haunted house for ten days. He also likes to mention a new employee.

New employees were trained overnight, and customers who came the next day saw a new dollhouse launched here.

The toys inside can actually move and talk, especially the teddy bear, just like the one in the famous comedy movie.

Moreover, the expression and the trivial energy have been restored to the right place. It is the accent, right? People are American-style shit, pee, he is poop, pee.

Huh? It doesn’t seem to make a big difference?

After another week, the dollhouse is another major income-generating project, and the performance is even more gratifying.

It’s just that there are not many ghosts that have become a climate in these days, and a world that can be used as a mission place should already be regarded as the apex level of that world’s ghosts.

Zhu Yang just wanted to keep recruiting new people, but he didn’t have much choice.

Zhu Yang went back to work in the store this day, and the girl before brought her two friends over.

Zhu Yang helped them design suitable styles while chatting with them.

Then I talked about the haunted house where the fire happened recently. One of the girls with curly hair said: “I really want to go, but if I go, my parents will break my legs.”

Zhu Yang thought it was the guardian mentality of the parents, but heard the girl say: “I bumped into ghosts when I was a kid, do you know the factory in the east of my home?”

“When I was a kid, I was playing there, and I was suddenly shut to death in the utility room. It is said that a female employee went to the freezer from get off work a month ago. The cold manager didn’t know there was someone inside, so I locked the door after work. Gone. The female employee was locked to death overnight.”

A few girls heard that they were a little hairy, and the girl waved her hands hurriedly: “Don’t say that my family is not kind. The female employees and their families come to the factory to make trouble. Let’s match one million. You think it was one million more than ten years ago. Thinking, I also arranged a position for their brother.”

“The employee who closed the door without inspection was also fired. You said everyone was responsible for this accident. Why did you find me a kid?”

“My dad said that when I found me, I had ice on my body, but fortunately, the ice rose quickly and melted quickly. I didn’t have the usual overbearingness, so I lost my life. My mother said I was easy to recruit ghosts. Know the kind of place I run, and don’t kill me.”

“What about now?” Zhu Yang asked suddenly.

The girl didn’t know why she was so curious, but she also told the truth: “Later, I did a trip to find a Taoist priest, but it didn’t help. So I built the new factory and locked the old factory and abandoned it. Okay. If the dirty stuff doesn’t come out, otherwise the land won’t come out.”

Zhu Yang nodded in satisfaction, and asked the girl’s specific address and the phone number of the person in charge, saying that he wanted to visit sometime.

A few girls, like Mrs. Chen, felt that Zhu Yang could not be a small salesperson. It should be someone’s daughter who tried to experience it everywhere, thinking she was interested in that girl’s products.

Seeing her outstanding sales skills, she is naturally happy to be favored by her.

But after the girls left after spending a lot of money, the store manager and Zhu Yang settled today’s salary, but suddenly affirmed: “What? Going to hire new employees again?”

Zhu Yang was a little surprised. He raised his eyes and glanced at the store manager, and saw her smile: “It was quite lively there recently. I just remembered that the contact address you filled in when you started seems to be there.”

“I went online to search the live broadcast at that time and found that the person in charge was really you.” He looked at Zhu Yang admiringly: “I didn’t expect you to dare to do business like that, it’s really amazing.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Life is forced.”

The store manager shook his head: “Do you believe this? But I guess you won’t be able to do it for long, so it’s strange why you are digging for new employees.”

The word “employee” is a bit difficult for the manager to say. It is different from the guests who go to see the haunted house and don’t care about anything. She first noticed the connection between Zhu Yang and the haunted house before she went to learn about the haunted house.

Naturally, I thought about it. At first, I thought which eldest lady she was to come down to understand the people’s sentiments, but running a haunted house is really beyond common sense, and it is not something that can be done just by having money.

So the store manager now regards Zhu Yang as an inextricable metaphysical expert, but he does not know that she still insists on the purpose of working here, even if it is not necessary to take a rest and seven days, naturally he is more curious about her.

The store manager is not a stalker, he only understands one-sidedly on the Internet, but he still sees a lot of ways.

When Zhu Yang saw her asking about this step, he became more interested: “Oh? What about this?”

The store manager said: “The themes of your haunted houses are new and interesting, but in some ways they are still too simple and perfunctory. As far as the ghosts I know, they are not one-tenth of their fun.”

“Of course, there is no need for such a high gimmick at the beginning. The existence of ghosts and monsters is a gimmick, and their ability is also a gimmick. It is dazzling to put out all the freshness at the beginning. I think you also do it step by step. Click on the meaning of the surprise picture for a long time.”

“But more than half a month has passed, and you still haven’t done any optimization. Of course, the popularity of the project is still there, so I am not in a hurry. But I roughly calculated your turnover, and I can already pursue a higher experience in hardware facilities. But you did not continue to invest.”

“It’s like shooting one shot for the other. You are not a short-sighted person. It is impossible not to think about this. The only possibility I can think of is that you did not intend to stay here for long.”

Zhu Yang laughed when he heard the words: “Sure enough, people who have the ability will never give up their talents anywhere.”

The shop manager smiled bitterly: “Hey, I just work as soon as I can. It’s not a good job.”

The store manager also felt boring when he thought of the messy troubles at home after the divorce filed for divorce, and even envied Zhu Yang, a person like Zhu Yang, who was willing and unrestrained.

When the two chatted, they heard a loud noise from the door, the sound of a plastic model falling to the ground.

The store manager thought it was the staff who accidentally ran out while cleaning up. If it was broken, whether it was the model or the clothes, the person who broke it would be compensated for a large sum of money, and a half of the monthly salary would have to be paid in.

They are all part-time workers, and they earn a lot of work for ten hours a day. Can they feel bad if the money is not washed away?

As soon as she came out, she saw her husband standing in front of the store, yelling to get her out.

The guests in the store were taken aback by him, and he was afraid that the troublemakers had already left, but there were also a few good deeds and stayed here to watch the fun.

The male clerk had already stepped up to stop him, but both of them were thin and thin, and they couldn’t control each other for a while.

The shopkeeper’s husband shoved and cursed with the male clerk: “I’m going to see what this place is. A good woman who works here for a few years has become unaware of her duties. She has forgotten her duties as a wife, and she’s still making trouble. I’m going to get a divorce.”

“Isn’t it just making a few more money, just vanity, you people licking the rich all day, you really want to be bagged by the rich? Don’t you? Young girls don’t know what to do, you **** 30 years old and licking What dream does the old face have?”

When the store manager came out, he was half angry when he heard this: “I told you that you divorced you because you were unreasonable, so you never thought about finding reasons on yourself, right? Didn’t you say that you are not worthy of being a woman if you don’t have children? Yes, I can’t pass on the throne of your old X family to you, so I won’t occupy your place. What are you dissatisfied with? Go out and stop making trouble here, I can call the police.”

“You report, I will let you report–” The store manager’s husband became even more angry when he heard that, and the two male employees would come over and beat her: “My housework is up to who can control.”

The store manager hurriedly backed away, over a solid wood hanger at hand to guard. The last time she was beaten up, the police were also called to the police, but the police came only with mud, and no one was taken away.

Because in their building there was a wife who was beaten frequently and reported to the police. She often came to detain her husband. Within two days, the two reconciled, but the wife slapped others’ faces at the police.

Women in this world are not easy. Not only are they in a disadvantaged position, but there are so many same-sex people who are not clear in their minds. When encountering this situation next time, who is not more than less?

The store manager moved out of the house after that day, first to re-examine the marriage, and second to protect himself.

At first, her husband estimated that when the woman lost her temper and went back to her natal home, he was still listening to her parents’ various ideas to force her to have a child. As a result, she received a lawyer’s letter asking for a divorce.

Because the store manager makes a lot of money, even though the down payment for the house is half, and the two names are also written, the loan is the bulk, and the store manager is repaying it. This is still a matter of wrangling.

The market price of millions of houses continues to rise, and the man’s family is simply torn apart if it can stand it.

The two male clerk did not stop, and the female clerk did not dare to come over. Seeing that the store manager was about to be caught, she suddenly crossed her hand.

Tugging the boss’s husband’s collar was smashed to the ground, and a 1.8-meter adult male was thrown on the ground like a chicken by the hand of a slender girl.

Everyone seemed to hear the sound of bones hitting the ground, thinking it was very painful, the shopkeeper’s husband had knotted facial features and couldn’t get up.

Turning around, the person who shot turned out to be Zhu Yang——

Isn’t she the beautiful lady? The quality of the young lady is so high these days? Not only do you have to talk about business skills, but you also have to be able to perform literary skills?

The pace of the rich is too fast to make people a little bit square.

Then I saw Zhu Yang turning the man over with the toe of his shoe, and said in a condescending manner: “Oh! I really have an old face. I don’t think I think it’s almost 50. Why should I step into the coffin with one foot to hinder the young and beautiful? Your wife lives?”

“Oh no, how can you say that you entered the coffin with one foot? Obviously you crawled out of the coffin, or it was hundreds of years before the Qing Dynasty. Dare to ask your ancestor, but the surname is Aixinjueluo? Is it the emperor’s family? Can’t give birth to a son and urgently need your relatives to give birth to a prince to inherit the throne?

“Actually, let me tell you the latest news. The Qing Dynasty is dead! Yes, yes, yes! When you ran away, people might have forgotten your home in the coffin and forgot to notify, and the coffin was not connected to the Internet. You only climbed these few years. The news may come out a bit lagging behind.”

“But what I said is true. You can go out and rob a newsstand at will, and you will find that what I said is fake.”

Said that the police patrolling near the mall had rushed over, Zhu Yang smiled and said: “Or you can go to the detention center to ask around, take care of the soap.”

Seeing people detained, they were asked about the situation by the police again, and the store manager solemnly thanked Zhu Yang.

“I really don’t know what to say.”

“Small things, take your own defense recently, buy some self-defense tools.”

The shopkeeper’s eyes flashed and a sneer appeared: “Yes, he really thought that I was the only one who was the only one to cast a rat, two old immortals, there are a lot of messy things in the home, it seems to be too idle, just find something for them .”

There are really few intersecting NPCs that Zhu Yang encountered in the world of horror, and he admired each other for a while.

At this time, the phone in the shop rang, and the shop manager went over to answer the phone, and his face soon became unsightly.

After hanging up the phone and seeing Annie walking out of the warehouse, she sneered and said: “You move fast, but it’s a pity that people are a little stupid.”

Since Annie dared to file a complaint, she was not afraid of being exposed. She stubbornly said, “Should we not report this kind of incident? Some private disputes have been brought to the store. This is the second time, right? The store has been seriously damaged. Image, do you expect everyone to hide it for you? If the shop patroller knows from the customer and the entire shop staff will accompany you to be punished, don’t you think you have such a big face?”

At this time, the employee next to Zhu Yang explained that the district manager who had a good relationship with the store manager had married and married a foreigner, so he applied to go to the local brand area.

As a result, the position of the local regional manager is vacant. Now there are two competitors, one is the former deputy manager and the other is the store manager.

The deputy manager now likes to supervise the affairs of the region, but his ability has been mediocre. The reason for being in this position is because of his seniority and his relationship with the chief financial officer.

However, the store manager has a strong working ability. He has only entered this brand for three years, and he has been dug from other brands. After managing this store, his annual performance has been greatly reduced by other stores.

If you follow the principle of fair promotion, the chances of the store manager are higher.

At this time, I heard the store manager ridicule: “You still don’t believe you are stupid. What is your goal? It is to remove the vice manager’s adverb. Then you can lick the assistant manager for an ass. Did she come on stage? Is there any ability to overwhelm me? At this time, the ability gap, you can’t make up for it.”

“On the contrary, it’s better for me to rise up. You naturally have a big chance to do it. I don’t understand this. You know why you can only be the assistant store manager at most after seven years in the company?”

Annie’s face was crooked with anger, but no one paid any attention to her. She was pretentious, and her attitude towards employees depended on various preaching on her seniority. She was slammed by the store manager regardless of ability and emotional intelligence.

The store manager always fights for benefits for the employees and manages the relationship between the top and the bottom. Negotiations with other store managers are also neat, and others are willing to transfer to them if they want to transfer goods.

The deputy store manager is always trying to please the staff for their faults, and you can see which one is better.

Zhu Yang brought back one hundred thousand more. Now the total assets of the Haunted House Company are tens of millions, and there is no life threat, so he can live in harmony with ghosts and live comfortably.

Except for the first two days, this mission seems to be doing game clearance? It’s just one extra month of luxury vacation.

Although the place to live is not good, but as long as the working hours are over, you have to spend enough money to manage it.

Many players also learned that Zhu Yang bought luxury goods and planned to redeem points to bring them out. This is much more cost-effective than buying them by themselves.

Zhu Yang said that tomorrow he would go to the suburbs of the east of the city to recruit a new person, and asked who would be free to come with her tomorrow.

The **** hurriedly raised his hand to indicate that he wanted to date, but Zhu Yang disliked this guy badly, and finally chose the DJ ghost.

At this time, the mirror girl told her one thing: “Someone came outside today and didn’t come in, but I felt it from a distance. I was uncomfortable all over. At that time, I even had the urge to run out and kill him, I don’t know what happened. .”

When the ghosts heard it, they looked at the mirror girl strangely. To say that the mirror girl was the first ghost here, the cause of death was an accident. She was smashed by the mirror and pierced her head to death.

She can be said to be the source of everything here. Since then, people who live here have been killed by the guy who died first and turned into ghosts or confused others.

For example, Pheasant and Playboy, although both of them are the kind of guys who are not strange at first glance, but it is still difficult for one person to break through the bottom line and attack the other.

However, after the pheasant turned into a ghost, he retaliated against the client who was manipulated to kill her, but the **** couldn’t bear to attack his ex-girlfriends. This difference was all.

After the mirror girl became a ghost, strictly speaking, she had no object of hatred. She turned into a ghost and continued to take care of her son based on her obsession with the ghost doll. Later, the ghost doll died, but she said it was her own responsibility, if not she would kill her first With Spider-Man, there won’t be so many follow-ups.

So everyone was surprised to hear the mirror girl say this. This is a kind of ghost instinct. It is this kind of reaction that an uncontrollable grievance will meet an unrevened enemy, but the mirror girl was really a pure accident at that time.

Zhu Yang sneered, “Heh! An accident? I can tell you for sure, it can’t be an accident.”


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