Scream Queen Chapter 57

Zhu Yang’s determination surprised everyone, especially the ghosts.

As a ghost and a ghost, what is the first premise for existence? That is revenge. Hatred is an existence that can absolutely crush humanity and rationality on them, and it would not hesitate to swallow rationality and become a chaotic monster when necessary.

But now they are told that the source of all this is man-made, and they still don’t know anything. There are murderers who are still alive in the world, and the ghosts in the house suddenly become hostile, making the players seem to hear the howling ghosts from the underworld.

Especially the mirror girl, she stared at Zhu Yang firmly: “What you said is true?”

Zhu Yang took a bite of the vegetables without rushing, chewed slowly and swallowed. The first sentence of his opening was to let everyone cool in: “The hot food is iced, how can I eat it?”

The mirror girl almost didn’t die by her, but it’s been so long, everyone knows what the character of this guy is.

The whole thing is soft but not hard, and those who follow me prosper against me and die. Regardless of treating people or ghosts, as long as she works under her, the shots are never lavish.

I think it was so harsh when I signed the contract at the beginning, but in fact the treatment of the ghosts is so good, and the basic players will not be bad if they have anything.

Every room is filled with shotguns. You can also purchase items according to your own preferences. Looking at the two guys DJ and otaku buying music equipment and game equipment all day long, they used those things that they couldn’t even think of before they were alive.

Yangui and pheasant are also desperately buying cosmetics, sachets, jewelry and clothes all day long. They are called work props, and they are spent like money. Zhu Yang is not distressed.

Not to mention other people, good drinks, good smokers and even sticky ones in the room, but the apartment is too small and can’t be moved. What else is not satisfied?

Even the teddy bear who came the latest was reluctant at first, and after two days of doing it, he was reluctant to think about it.

More importantly, due to the recent fire in the haunted house, the ghosts here have become the object of admiration by many people in the mortal world.

From the unknown fear at the beginning to the concrete concept and even the liking in my heart, so many people come to the door with expectations and joy every day, coming and going in an endless stream.

Isn’t it the same as the Bodhisattva in the temple is enshrined by people from all directions? After so many days, each ghost clearly felt its own change.

In the past, it only grew a little bit due to the perpetual grievances and tortures of the victims. Recently, it has risen extremely fast, and the germplasm has even become loose. Of course, the strongest is the most popular mirror girl here. There was a faint tendency to move closer to ghosts and immortals.

It doesn’t matter how you were caught and repaired at the beginning and forced to sell yourself as a contractor, but now the ghosts really know that they have followed the capable person, and the cultivation base has increased. The days are the same as before, so I won’t mention this. , Just because there is an endless stream of people coming and going every day, and they are all coming to them, they are in pursuit of every move.

This sense of existence and vanity alone is no better than the previous miserable and deserted one.

All the ghosts behind them all made up their minds to reform and re-behave as ghosts. Strictly speaking, the victims and murderers on the first floor of them are nestled here, and the others outside have no grievances.

If you look up and bow your heads to see each other, to forgive each other, that is to put down the butcher knife and become a Buddha.

So the mirror girl saw Zhu Yang again nowadays, and she asked the ghost doll to pour her a glass of juice.

The ghost doll wore trousers and rushed to the kitchen, holding a few oranges with a brush and cutting them in half, and squeezed them with a hand juicer. The hand-squeezed juice of oranges is much more delicious than the machine. The pure juice does not have the bitterness of the seeds to be crushed and the astringency in it.

After the ghost doll finished the juice, she ran out and gave it to her mother. The girl in the mirror flattered Zhu Yang and exchanged her drink that had almost bottomed out.

He smiled and said: “The master, although we were a bit unhappy before, but after so long, can you still not see my intentions from the attitude of work? The mother and son will follow you from now on, and we will never talk about where we are.”

Zhu Yang also stayed here for a month. Having a contract does not actually require the ghosts to show loyalty.

But she has a good face. She was naturally satisfied with the thing about drinking the toilet spirit. Now that the mirror girl has finally bowed her head completely.

He hooked his finger and motioned everyone to sit closer and said, “I am so sure for two reasons.”

“First, it is the time between your deaths. From the earliest mirror girl, to the recent Xiaogang and his grandparents’ family, the fifteenth family, and the nineteenth ghost, this is not formed continuously over a period of time. It’s almost five years.”

“I also learned from the police file that all of you, except the mirror girl, are all foreigners, all of whom are here in this city with no eyes on their future.”

“The hard question is, why a house that continues to be haunted by dead people is still being rented out continuously, and foreigners who don’t know anything about this place run for low rents are the best goal.”

“Knowing that the people who live in will die, and without exception, they still have to continue to rent to others, and the rent collected is not even enough for the water and electricity expenses of a building. What do you think this is a bit like?”

The faces of all the ghosts sank immediately. Hearing Zhu Yang’s words, he only realized that everything was suspicious when he took a closer look.

To say that the ghosts in this room are not without careful thoughts, but the direct murderer who killed him is here, so naturally he is blind to thinking about things from another angle.

Whenever a stranger came in, the ghosts in the building were still happy, and they thought they were delivering food again, but they didn’t even think about anything wrong here.

This can only be said that the positions are different, and certain angles have become blind spots in their vision.

The mirror girl said the answer with difficulty: “It’s like offering to gods and ghosts regularly.”

As for whether the offering was a deity or a sneaky, in the nature of this haunted house, it was really clear at a glance.

Zhu Yang smiled: “This is the first, and the second is actually an extension of the first question.”

“It stands to reason that more than a dozen homicides have been committed in just a few years. Under normal circumstances, the government should have interfered long ago. How can people continue to rent out the demolition and the seal?”

“But do you remember the police who came to us to pick up the car at the beginning? Although they saw so many of us live here, they didn’t say anything, and didn’t even remind us of what happened here.”

“Who has this monstrous ability? Who can keep a steady stream of Serbs in the city’s default haunted house? With so much effort, do you think everything here is a coincidence?”

Naturally not!

If this is the case, and there is a hand that secretly controls the life and death of all of them, then the beginning of the matter must not be accidental.

So many of them, nearly No. 20, died in this apartment. At first they thought it was the beginning of a tragedy and then the reincarnation of cause and effect, but now they are told that everything is man-made, for the hidden secret.

All of them are sacrifices, just like the fish on the incense table. How about a group of ghosts?

Seeing all the ghosts looking over, Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Don’t worry, you can’t sit still, and the other party can’t sit still. The hard work of setting up the game is suddenly turned upside down. Hasn’t someone already come to the door? ”

“Wait, there will definitely be follow-ups. The climate of your ghosts in this room is not small. It can be seen that the initial layout is not simple, and it is not so easy to reproduce. If it involves deeper things, it is even more impossible to lose hands. Up.”

Then he glanced at them regretfully: “Unfortunately, the other party’s wrists can be seen through the sky. It’s not easy to follow the vines for a while. As for the average person of that level, I guess I don’t know the basis, and it’s impossible to investigate him. On the head.”

The ghosts were quite disappointed, and another burst of gloomy air spread throughout the table, causing the players to get goose bumps.

But there is no way. This breath is just like human emotions. Can anyone truly restrain their emotions perfectly?

The smoker scolded, “Fuck, it’s no wonder that the fat lady was impatient to sign the contract when she rented a house. He charged me a few hundred dollars and left. She said it was the trouble of the small family. When did she want to withdraw the rent? That’s it, there is nothing to overwhelm.”

“I was so poor that I was picking up cigarette butts, and I felt happy to see her not doing anything here. I was so **** stupid.”

Isn’t it a fool? Anyway, you don’t know that you can live for a few months, live a month and pay a month’s rent, send your life out and still find money, it’s no more stupid.

The old man also nodded: “We don’t understand the contract. Originally, the wife wanted to go back when she left, but the landlord heard that she wanted to withdraw the rent and called and said that if we had difficulties, we could owe the rent first. ”

Where is the good person? This Nima ran away because of the fish on the table.

Then Zhu Yang comforted them again: “But don’t be discouraged, isn’t this a turning point?”

When he said that, he pointed to the possessed ghost who was slicing the rice. The possessed ghost was not a cause and effect in this building, so there was no way to empathize with this matter.

Seeing the boss point him at this moment, he smiled and said: “Boss, what do you call me?”

Zhu Yang looked at him, and it was easy to pass away, as long as he was delicious and drank every day, he was satisfied.

“A person who has tasted the sweetness of a certain aspect will resist not having to do it a second time, not to mention this insidious and inhuman ethical choice. We are a person who is not shallow and has a high social status. This should be pretty close.”

“It just so happens that this teddy is also a stigmatized product in the upper class. In a limited circle like a city, it is very unlikely that people with this kind of handwriting will be plural. Even if they are not the same group of people, at least they will hide. No intersection.”

“With the crossover, it is natural to eliminate the screening, not to mention others can’t help it.” Zhu Yang smiled confidently: “Mo Fang, the fox tail can always be found.”

These words finally made the ghosts a lot of excitement, but what the boss said, like a roller coaster, makes people go up and down.

The possessed ghost said dissatisfied: “I’m a Teddy (how)? I am teasing for a longer time, so I’m so embarrassed (shameful) to call me so.”

But no one paid any attention to him. Everyone thought he was a real teddy.

The little boy returned: “I watched your sofa yesterday.”

“That’s a show. Guwazi’s original people made a joke (that’s it). I can’t break it. Your little baby is very hard at work. If you ask you to sell melon seeds, you come and watch my performance? Huh?”

The old man was busy pulling the little boy back, and said to Zhu Yang: “His haunted house should be divided into different levels, right? The child can’t see it well.”

Zhu Yang nodded, it is indeed time to be divided into different levels.

The possessed ghost said with disdain: “I divide it. I’m not rare to serve my little baby. There are many beauties who come to see me. One day I meet someone who can make my calf better. I will be just like the one in the first movie. , Can marry a beautiful wife, go to the ghost life to subvert Sa.”

As he spoke, he said to the big guy excitedly: “I think that when the outside world does not recognize the husband and wife relationship between humans and ghosts, how I should file a lawsuit to defend my rights.”

Everyone looked at him with foolish eyes, and the old lady cat face, who was from his hometown, also cursed: “Guierbao Pilong! (Mentally retarded Shi Lezhi

Although he was laughing and joking, but suddenly learned that he might still have a real enemy at home, stepping on the benefits of their lives or other purposes, everyone cheered up, and did not forget to be alert to the outside when they went to work. .

But it seems that only the mirror girl is most sensitive to that reaction, but it does not prevent everyone from being a soldier.

The next day Zhu Yang and DJ ghost went to the factory in the east of the city together. The sun was very hot in the summer, and the DJ ghost was wrapped in airtight, and he also supported a huge black umbrella.

But this umbrella had to cover himself, and he had to take care of the boss not to be exposed to the sun, which was really messy.

Fortunately, Zhu Yang enjoyed it. Although she didn’t buy a car at the moment, she also rented a luxury car for her to travel daily. She didn’t spend much time in the sun.

When we arrived at the factory, it was estimated that the girl had already greeted the family, so Zhu Yang was received as soon as she arrived.

But when Zhu Yang asked to inspect the old factory, the person in charge showed embarrassment.

Zhu Yang directly handed him a business card: “It’s a pity that such a large factory is so vacant, right? My family is doing this business, so naturally there is a way to deal with it, so you don’t need to worry.”

“If I can really take the other person away, and solve one of your confidential problems, if not, you can lock the door and never open it again.”

The person in charge took the business card and saw that it was actually the haunted house that had been going viral recently. The two children of his family who were in high school had gone with him behind their backs. When they came back, they told him that they were beaten by him.

But because I was worried about the child, I checked the relevant information everywhere and found that it was really not easy there.

So after thinking about it, and with the explanation from the boss’ daughter, he agreed to open the door and let them in for half an hour.

Zhu Yang didn’t let the person in charge come in, so Shan and DJ went in and closed the factory door.

On the way here, Zhu Yang asked some questions about the ghost’s history. It was hard to say at the time, but only now.

“You said it was a coincidence? The factory was commended by the city on the first day of the female ghost’s accident. At that time, many leaders and other entrepreneurs came to visit. Then there was an accident and the impact was not good. Pen list.”

“If it hadn’t been for the boss to run around for several months and abruptly survived, then this place would have collapsed.”

The DJ ghost also frowned upon hearing this: “Isn’t it such a coincidence?”

Zhu Yang smiled and didn’t say anything. She said before that there is an easier place in the game world than in the real world, that is, the pursuit of storytelling in everything.

There is a story, once an event is triggered, there will be no logic that cannot be connected, so any time that is triggered by the player can never be an accident outside the game.

This also complied with that sentence, the novel has to follow a certain logic, and reality has no logic at all.

Zhu Yang wouldn’t dare to make such a assertion if he encountered this in reality, but the game made assumptions based on this premise, even if there was a slight deviation, it would not be unrelated.

The factory building has two floors, but instead of the first and second floors, they are flat and underground.

The first floor belongs to the working area. Each room is large and spacious. Because it is used as a workshop and a canteen, it needs a large area. Except for the public area, which is slightly separated, several rooms are as empty as a basketball court.

There was no gain on the first floor, so Zhu Yang and DJ went down to the negative first floor. The layout of this floor was smaller, but the freezer that looked like a frozen female ghost was here.

After walking through the utility room, the material room, and finally to the freezer, DJ finally made a gesture that there was something inside.

Just about to open the door lightly, I saw Zhu Yang lifting his foot first, and the thick warehouse door kicked open with one kick.

With a loud ‘bang bang’ and the noise of the door being roughly pushed open, where is there any vigilance?

DJ was taken aback. Before he could speak, Zhu Yang gave him a white glance: “What are you doing secretly? We are here to recruit employees, not to be a thief. What’s wrong with being fair?”

Deideidei, you are right, we are here to intimidate the robbing of ghosts, and you really don’t need to be sneaky in the process of kicking and beating your hands.

Why did he forget this?

Sure enough, the door slammed shut as soon as he entered the freezer, and the DJ tried it but couldn’t open it.

But his abilities are in other areas, so his physique is relatively weak. If he is a playboy, he will definitely be able to play.

They are all ghosts, and I will not panic because of the lack of advantages on the one hand. DJ ghosts are really good at counting, so I am still calm when I see this.

Instead, Zhu Yang turned around impatiently and kicked the door open again, this time he kicked away.

After kicking it, he cursed and said: “What door is closed? It’s not a shameful thing. The ground that has not been ventilated for several years is full of gray and smell. I don’t know if I condescend to wink? ”

DJ hurriedly said: “That’s it, I don’t know how to open the doors and windows to breathe, I don’t understand the rules, and I am definitely not a wink before his death.”

I don’t know whether it was the two of them that irritated each other. At this time, a chill burst out from all directions in the room. The chill was visible to the naked eye, just like a white mist.

Then the ice frost crawled all over the corner of the freezer compartment, and the elder brother’s equipment was covered with a layer of frost. The speed was so fast that Zhu Yang could see the ice crystals freezing almost instantly.

But this ice is different from ordinary ice, probably because it formed too quickly. There is no similar scene that naturally formed under certain conditions. It feels cold. Of course, this is the girl from this factory who escaped when she was a child. the reason.

And this ice is slightly weaker than ordinary ice, Zhu Yang tried to knock it, it was about one-third the hardness of ordinary ice.

She looked into it with great interest, but the frost had already spread to their feet, and she was about to climb up along their shoes to wrap them up into popsicles.

At this time, DJ motioned Zhu Yang to put on the headset, and at the same time he put it on, and then saw him open his mouth and scream.

The frost in the entire room disintegrated instantly, and the momentum that had spread all the way back down as if shocked.

When the DJ stopped screaming, the freezing room that was still cold after watching it suddenly fell to pieces.

When Zhu Yang saw this, he couldn’t help applauding: “So you are quite good? I always thought that your strength in the haunted house is the bottom.”

DJ said: “Hey! I was arrested when I was listening to songs and playing DJs without precautions. If I were prepared early in the morning, you might not be able to come in. After all, this sound attack directly affects the head, and it affects the soul to ghosts. No matter how great the skill is, it’s no use focusing on it.”

Then he immediately showed his loyalty: “Of course I am not dissatisfied with what I am now. I also thank you for this. Otherwise, I can only play DJ in the room by myself at the moment. There is a concert on the top floor and downstairs. The excitement of people?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “You? You are fully armed and prepared, and I will let you have your hands tied up.”

Seeing the DJ’s expression, Zhu Yang said, “Why? Don’t you believe it? If you don’t count as other skills, you have to kneel if you just pinyin.

After the DJ heard it, he stopped doing it: “If you say anything else, I will convince you, kneel down and make Dad succeed, but the voice, you are insulting me in my professional field.”

When the two spoke, they saw the second wave of attacks coming again. Compared with the first round of probing, the opponent who understands that the person is hard to come by clearly has a full set of skills.

Unknowingly, the ceiling was covered with cone-like ice thorns, and they were about to fall.

A human-shaped ice cube formed not far away from them. The ice was like a living one, first condensing the human form, then showing the appearance of clothes, and finally the whole ghost became a strange texture.

Not to mention, this female ghost is not bad, just looking at the expressions of Zhu Yang with alert and hostility.

The ice cones of the room were facing the two of them, posing a defensive posture, glaring at them and saying: “Go!”

Zhu Yang nodded with great satisfaction: “I have food! Hey there, mix with me, including food and clothing for the four seasons, and avoiding a meal. Hurry up on both sides and save the process.”

How can the ice girl be fooled? It’s nothing good for people who come to take the initiative to find ghosts, and it’s not nice to see the woman’s words and deeds.

Seeing that she was even more arrogant and domineering, the ice cone that controlled the entire room was polite to attack the two.

DJ immediately put on his headset and was ready to take the move. Zhu Yang patted his shoulder, looking at me.

DJ didn’t know, so she took a deep breath, and then a scream came out of her mouth.

The huge number of ice cones that have already been activated collapsed in this scream, and there was no scum left. Just after the DJ ghost screamed, there was still a trace of mess, but Zhu Yang’s movement was the same as the torrent swept through. Not left.

The dangerous DJ wears a headset, but after listening to it so sharp and penetrating, it is like a chisel directly into the head, so that the ghost has a danger of avoiding bullets.

He was like this, but the ice ghost did not have such a good life. She saw that her condensed body had a few more cracks out of thin air, and then the color and human texture on her body were also shaken and disappeared.

The entire human-shaped Bingtuo still has cracks visible to the naked eye, seeing the cracks spreading like broken glass, the ice girl’s eyes widened in horror, and she couldn’t even make a gesture of waving her hand for mercy.

Fortunately, Zhu Yang immediately stopped when she saw this, and the ice girl fell to the ground with a frightened expression.

Not to mention the ice girl, even the DJ now looks at Zhu Yang with the expression that you are really my father.

To be honest, Zhu Yang didn’t expect that the power would be so powerful. She was very happy just seeing the ice crystal collapse where the DJ’s voice passed.

After all, the more you get to the back, the more limited the effectiveness of physical attacks against ghost attacks. For example, in this scene, there have been many ghosts with natural, phantom, and spiritual development.

Just say that the Mirror Girl and the DJ also have the ability of this ice girl at this time. They are only so weak in low-level situations. Players can still handle them. If it is a high-level situation, these natural and mental abilities are simply not too powerful.

There is also the possession of Teddy, if there are not so many restrictions on directly possessing players and controlling them to kill each other? Or when the otaku controls the cockroach to bite people, it does not touch the limit of being able to bite. The endless stream of cockroaches with amazing teeth can instantly gnaw the player without bones.

These restrictions are gone even at a higher level. The ghosts can only be pulled out with bare hands to beat them and become more and more unpredictable.

Zhu Yangde admitted that encountering so many ghosts with superior abilities at the same time gave her a sense of urgency, and the game of Goubi games would not give her much time to grow up.

So she has to continue to find a countermeasure for herself. Although the props given by Lu Datou can keep her safe, she cannot tolerate such an aggrieved struggle for survival in the game world.

The feeling is the same as losing to the dog game, especially unhappy, the level of unhappy even overwhelmed her hatred of her screams.

Seeing that there is no one around, I tried another shot. The gratifying thing is that the effect is remarkable, but the worrying thing is that I really want to include this as one of my abilities?

As for why her voice attack can achieve the effect of attacking ghosts this time with no use of props, Zhu Yang guessed that it was the reason why she had exploded and kept getting stronger in the past few times.

Like penetrating mirror images, using human skin books, charm resistance, and concealment effects, they are all spiritual abilities. Zhu Yang has acquired these abilities and continuously strengthened them. Now he is a person with a certain spiritual power.

Naturally, his own aggressiveness also has the ability to strike against ghosts, and the fist is like this, and the sound is naturally included.

The ice girl was almost shaken out of her soul, so she naturally didn’t dare to follow her. After signing the contract that Zhu Yang threw over, she was caught in the car by the two and she liked to hire a new employee.

And the person in charge who was worried about them outside, they saw two people come in and three came out, and the third was obviously the face of the female employee who died that year, and the whole person was shocked.

This Nima is really a haunted house recruiting newcomers. If you say recruiting ghosts, you will never recruit people.

Before leaving, Zhu Yang also told them: “It’s done, this factory can be used in the future, I asked her, she said that there is no one else but her in these years. Right?”

Seeing her asking, the Bing Girl shrank her shoulders and replied tremblingly: “Yes, no one else, there were a few lonely wild ghosts who wanted to come over and take possession of them, but they were all driven away by me.”

The person in charge didn’t know how to react to this and immediately reported it to the boss.

The boss called again to ask about the girl’s ins and outs, and then, apart from anything else, people sent a red envelope of one million cheque to the haunted house.

Zhu Yang said that this boss will be a man, although he is uninvited, he is still paid, but he laughed.

The ice girl also trains overnight, her room is interesting, and the subject is called Frozen.

Realize your dream of being Princess Aisha, especially popular with young female customers.

In this room, a wave of the left hand is a cold current of ice crystals, and a wave of the right hand is a beautiful snowflake flying.

That’s not an ordinary snowflake. It’s really a beautiful and stunning snowflake with hundreds of millions of special effects in the palm of the animation. When the snowflakes dissipate in the air, they split from large snowflakes into small snowflakes. The whole scene is very beautiful.

The decoration tree in the room is also covered with transparent ice beads the size of jujube, and the girls can even turn into crystal high heels, long dress skirts and transparent tulle.

The ice temperature of the ice girl is not so low, and it is extremely brittle and easy to dissipate. As long as you don’t play for too long, the body temperature will be restored when you go out on the balcony to sunbathe for a while, without much burden.

Two days after the opening, the girls are eager for them, and they have rich imagination. In addition to Princess Aisha’s cos, they also came up with various ice sculptures. In short, if the ice girl is strong enough, I am afraid that one person can hold up an ice world paradise.

The ice girl has been here for two days and has been caught by the treatment and excitement from the grievances here. Compared with the dusty days of the factory, there is really a place where ghosts can be so cool.

And there are more people who like her, and she obviously feels that she has become stronger.

It is the two newcomers, Ice Girl and Possessed Ghost, who are always showing off.

Possessed ghost: “Eh! I said you still don’t take all the young girls to your side to sprinkle them. In the past few days, the value of the customers in my room has dropped sharply.”

The ice girl sneered: “Who doesn’t want to be a girl? A wretched teddy bear is enough. The princess is an eternal dream.”

Possessed ghost: “You fart, it is not necessarily (could it be) that your business will be good in winter? It is fresh for a while (only), you are proud of a shovel. When winter comes, wait until the girl likes warm furry or Go to the ice pole from where you are.”

The ice girl was furious: “Your turtle farts. Winter is my home field. The ice and snow special Christmas specials take turns. There are many people in your place just taking pictures.”

Turning his head again to Zhu Yang said: “Boss, let’s expand the room on the first floor at that time, the venue is still too small, and there are activities to be done for me.”

Zhu Yang nodded perfunctorily, did everything, and said anything would do. The employees are active and her boss will not dampen their enthusiasm.

However, this possessed ghost is really poisonous. It can’t be corrected in one bite. On the contrary, it caused the employees to get excited and want to follow along.

The ice girl was on the right track, and Zhu Yang threw the matter out again.

The next day, while the haunted house hadn’t opened yet, the two player girls said they wanted to go shopping with Zhu Yang. Yangui quickly said to go after seeing this. The pheasant was a little tired from dancing last night and was a little tired.

Recently, the haunted house has continuously received a lot of money, and the turnover and extra money have been combined to make a lot of money, and the money is chic.

A few girls thought about buying some more clothes. Seeing that this is approaching September, some specialty stores have also put on autumn clothes, just to try them.

As a result, I went all the way to the shop where Zhu Yang worked. Zhu Yangxin said hello by the way.

They entered the shop with a pair of ghosts carrying bags with them, and the girls in the shop were extravagant when they saw her not at work.

When shopping, there are three people carrying bags, and all they buy are luxury brands, and I feel that her eldest lady can come to work in their shop is simply brilliant.

Zhu Yang looked around but didn’t see the store manager, so he asked what was going on.

The girl who had a good relationship with the store manager curled her lips: “The store manager was called to the company for questioning and said that she was going to adjust the store.”

Then he glared at the deputy store manager, who also rolled his eyes, not knowing why he was not happy.

Zhu Yang was not surprised by this incident. After all, his family came to the store twice to make a fuss. This is a luxury store that pays attention to style. How could it not deal with such incidents that seriously affect the image.

The first time the district manager held the pressure down for her, the second time, he definitely couldn’t take it lightly. Originally, with the manager’s ability, he wrote a review and was ordered to deal with family disputes.

But now it’s in a competitive period. If you don’t completely push her down, how can others rest assured. But even though she is adjusting the store, she still serves as the store manager, after all, the ability is here.

“That store is in Nancheng, it is the worst-performing store in the whole city. It is already considering closing. It is not a problem of capacity. The flow of people in the entire business district is not good, and most of the residents in the area have low consumption levels. The gods cannot save it. “The girl is dissatisfied: “Don’t you know what is the idea of ​​adjusting the shop? If the shop is really closed, the staff will either be disbanded or reorganized to another shop.”

“But in this way, Zhang Qian has to memorize the resume of a closed store manager. Should this resume belong to her?”

With this resume, even if she was excellent before, graded or promoted in the future, the headquarters, which only looked at data without actual inspection, would be relatively harsh on her.

These are not what the deputy manager can do alone. Obviously, the financial supervisor’s work is behind, but the shop assistants dare not say bad things about the financial supervisor.

The financial supervisor’s idea is also obvious. It’s not so stupid that he really wants to let such an excellent managerial talent. After all, he won’t be troubled by money.

It’s just that the store manager is not in her line, so she can’t be promoted to add weight to your competitors. First, you can win the best in your own area. If you can’t win, just be a store manager to contribute sales.

At this time, the deputy store manager Annie sarcastically said: “Isn’t she talking about how capable? The company has high hopes for her. Who should she be able to bring back to life? Shouldn’t we bless her?”

The girl who has a good relationship with the store manager sneered: “Hehe, even if Zhang Qian transfers away, what will happen? The new store manager plans to transfer the store manager from Xicheng, you are still the deputy store manager.”

The deputy store manager looked ugly, and the girl continued: “I’m right, I think you seem to have come from Xicheng, and have you been with her? I heard that Store Manager Hao has a bad temper, hehe! Tell me about her How fierce you were before, remind everyone.”

Zhu Yang listened to them telling themselves about the company’s gossip, and the female players and Yangui tried on their own clothes.

As a result, a few liked the style of this brand, so they simply strolled around as customers and stayed for two hours.

The shop manager came back when he was about to check out and saw Zhu Yang, and he reluctantly smiled and said, “Walking here?”

Seeing Zhu Yang and the others want to spend, they said: “Give you an internal discount. Now I am driving this right here for the last time.”

Zhu Yang looked at her for a while, and saw that she had been overwhelmed by family and company affairs recently, but her complexion was okay, and she had no resilience to be demoted out of thin air.

Then he asked: “How is the family’s affairs handled?”

The store manager was taken aback, but still replied, “I went to change my license yesterday.”

This efficiency surprised Zhu Yang: “So fast?”

The shop manager sneered: “Well, some methods were used. But unfortunately, the water in my mind was not clean at the time, otherwise it would not cause a lot of trouble.”

The promotion that was originally handcrafted, the annual salary that was at least doubled, and the advancement of senior management, all because of a moment of hesitation.

In fact, when the passion faded, the other party’s shortcomings had long since disappeared. The shortcomings alone can be said to be running together, but with the widening of the income gap, the other side’s appearance has made her feel nauseous.

But there is no right to cut off, thinking that these are not errors of principle, marriage is not easy and unwilling to give up easily.

However, she forgot that her inferiority would not be eroded by tolerance, but it was the other party’s beating that made her fully awakened.

But Zhang Qian can also see: “It’s okay, I can climb up in three years, and the second time I don’t need to spend so much time, but unfortunately I can’t work with you. If you have time, come to Nancheng to visit. ”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Well! It really doesn’t take so much time.”

This is true. The store manager thought it was an encouragement to her, and he was very happy. After all, being recognized by someone with the ability also shows his ability.

But I heard Zhu Yang say to the sister who is close to the manager: “Take Zhang’s resignation form.”

The girl thought it was Zhu Yang, and it was not surprising. Everyone knew from the beginning that the eldest would not stay here for long, but the day she came, everyone made a lot of money, so the extra day was just their luck.

Seeing that she wanted to leave now, and didn’t talk nonsense about other people’s decisions, the girl immediately took a resignation application form and gave her a signature pen.

But Zhu Yang pushed the form and pen to the store manager: “After filling in this form, I like to mention a haunted house.”

“Including food and housing, the benefits are favorable. If you want to supplement the car, you will have five insurances and one housing fund. In addition to the basic annual salary of 300,000 yuan, the annual net profit is 2%. How much you can draw depends on your ability.”

The people in the store are a little confused, they understand every word of Zhu Yang’s words, so why can’t they even get it?

Yan Gui muttered after hearing the words: “The treatment is better than ours.”

However, the two players understand that the time they can stay is limited, and it is impossible to leave these ghosts alone. There must always be a living person to coordinate the management.

Since it is Zhu Yang’s eye-catching talent, he should be able to do the job.

The store manager naturally understood what Zhu Yang meant. She was stunned for a while, then pursed her lips, opened the cap of the pen and filled out the form neatly.

The shop assistants, including the deputy shop manager, didn’t expect that this kind of corner digging would happen in an instant, and both parties directly decided on the spot without thinking about it, and they were a little confused about the situation.

After filling out the form, Zhu Yang said to the store manager: “It just happens that we are going back now. Would you mind checking the working environment in advance?”

The store manager smiled and said, “Of course, I can’t wait.”

Zhu Yang was satisfied with the checkout by swiping his credit card. Several people walked out of the store and were about to get in the car. They received a call from the apartment saying that someone had come to the door.

Among them, there are people who make the mirror girl feel strong.


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