Scream Queen Chapter 58

Zhu Yang and the three rushed back to the apartment as soon as they received the call, and they also like to mention the manager.

It was almost five o’clock in the afternoon when I came back, and the haunted house should be open for a while.

So Yangui picked up his shopping stuff when he got out of the car, and said to Zhu Yang and the others in a charming voice: “Then I’ll go back to the room and change clothes first. It will be open soon.”

The store manager realized that one of the people who had been shopping outside with them was actually a haunted house employee. She said that she was a little familiar. Isn’t it the beautiful ghost who flashed in the live video?

However, since I was determined to give up the professional foundation of operating for several years, I chose to vote for another owner, and also analyzed the nature of this haunted house from the perspective of the manager, the store manager would not be too fussy.

At this time, Zhu Yang said: \”Although our employees here occasionally walk outside for a short period of time, it is not a problem, but after all, the restrictions are not small. Therefore, there are various legal business procedures and procedures for dealing with door-to-door obstruction investigations. It is also one of your main jobs.\”

\”Someone just happens to come, you come with me.\”

The store manager resigned and quit and the time on the road was less than an hour full. He has not yet formally entered the job, and even the time to understand the situation is too late.

Doutou clearly felt the arduousness of this job.

But she was not shocked. The swiftly took off the uniform jacket that hadn’t had time to change, and the shirt sleeve was rolled around her elbow twice. He wore a knee-length skirt on the lower part and a neat white shirt on the upper body.

A posture where the negotiation is right and the fight is open.

Then followed Zhu Yang and the two women walking upstairs with high heels.

Because there are currently the most empty rooms on the sixth floor, I deliberately cleaned up a room and used it as a reception room. When Zhu Yang and the others went upstairs, the people who came to the door had been arranged to enter the reception room and waited for more than half an hour.

When Zhu Yang entered the door, he saw two people coming, one was a wealthy aunt in her fifties, who looked at the city shrewdly, and was said to be the landlord.

The other is a person with sharp eyes and a calm mood. It is not to be underestimated. The landlord’s aunt is obviously not a husband and wife, and even the aura between the two is not equal. The landlord’s aura in front of each other is similar to ghosts or players. Zhu Yang is almost the same, obviously this talent is today’s protagonist.

This is interesting. You don’t have to ask who caused the strong reaction of the mirror girl. Now this person is on the sixth floor, and the next room is the mirror girl.

Zhu Yang didn’t know how the mirror girl managed to suppress herself from rushing to kill.

Zhu Yang is looking at the other party, and the other party is also looking at her naturally.

This man who looked at him nearly forty years old had already been here before and took a long look. The magical effect of the haunted house on them, even though it seems to the outside world that it is desolate and no one cares about it, they are concerned about it for a long time.

So when it was discovered on the Internet that it was used to make a fortune and open a haunted house, he and the people behind him were shocked.

Let’s not talk about how you came up with such a frenzied money-making idea, just how did you do it? That’s a horrible ghost who kills people without distinction.

To say that the man behind him has done everything for the sake of power and wealth in his whole life, but today, there are not many tricks that make him strange.

But even those people were suppressed by the wickedness of this group of people. They just used the grievances of the ghosts from the side, and these people were even more powerful, directly treating the ghosts as laborers.

So the haunted house has been open for so long, and they dare to come out step by step carefully and cautiously.

As soon as I entered this haunted house, I could feel the strong hostility blowing on him from time to time. The man sat here for more than half an hour, tight and vigilant all the time.

However, given the confidence that he had no flaws in his work and the landlord’s tension, he only thought it was his sensitivity to the grievances of the haunted house, and did not think much.

The two sides evaluated each other, and there was a general spectrum in their hearts, and this only happened within a few seconds after Zhu Yang entered the door and sat down.

As soon as Zhu Yang sat down, the landlady smiled and said: “Miss Zhu, lucky to have a good time! I am the landlord here. At that time, your reservation was negotiated by telephone, and we have not been able to meet.”

Zhu Yang smiled: \”Really? I don’t usually care about these trivial matters. So what? You guys came here today—\”

The landlord said: \”Oh yes, I wish you a short-term rent for one month, I wish my house was empty here. I can’t make a lot of money in a year. I don’t rely on it for income. Yes. Those who come to work in other places and those with more difficult conditions will rent out cheaply so that people have a place to stay.\”

\”This house is actually so old. Generally speaking, as long as the tenants live here don’t affect too much, I open my eyes and close my eyes, but you are open for business, a bit inappropriate?\”

After seeing Zhu Yang, she looked at her with a smile but a smile. The landlord said in a hurry: “I just looked at this building and you seem to have cleaned and renovated it again. Then, I won’t let you suffer. This part of the expenses is mine. how about it?\”

This is because they are making too much noise and want to take back the house.

It’s not surprising to have this plan. No matter what the people behind the scenes do in this haunted house, the scale of the ghosts in it has already become a climate, and it is absolutely impossible to give up like this. How rare is the strength and timing needed to cultivate such a brutal haunted house? It is not possible to copy if you want to copy.

But Zhu Yang and his group were able to direct ghosts and monsters around, and they were not suitable for force, so at this time they had to take advantage of their real society.

Zhu Yang leaned back on the sofa lazily when he heard the words, and said arrogantly: “What? The condition originally negotiated was rent, and it was only a month?”

\”Yes, yes, yes!\” The landlord hurriedly said: \”The lease is up for a few days, look at this—\”

\”how much is it?\”


\”How much did you buy for this building.\” Zhu Yang’s legs are upturned: \”Let’s say, now you can see the business here, the rented venue is just this troublesome, once the operation is completed, the landlord will face the price of the land. Risks, and even business results are taken away.\”

\”It seems that I have to fire people who did not work well in the first place, huh! A small broken apartment actually let me rent, and I can’t do things when I’m used to it.\”


Then impatiently urged the dumbfounded landlord: “Okay, the price is up to you.”

The landlord immediately closed his mouth: “No, you have misunderstood what I mean, Miss Zhu, this building is not for sale.”

This person reacted quickly, and immediately made an embarrassed expression that was not easy to give up: “It’s not that I think your business really wants to come to share the pie. Besides, there is no reason to use the rental housing for commercial use? That’s it for negotiating the contract, it’s really this building—\”

She glanced at the man next to her, and simply took out her handkerchief to wipe the corners of her eyes: “It is true that this building was built by my dad back then. At that time, many villagers who came here to reincarnate rented here for a lifetime. They lived here for life, sickness and death. In the building, after my father went there, my dad also remembered his instructions and didn’t make money from this land. He just wanted to help the fellow villagers from other places, but he couldn’t sell it.\”

Zhu Yang smiled: \”So your help is fifteen foreigners die in foreign land?\”

The landlord suddenly raised her head and looked at Zhu Yang’s smile. The unabashed ridicule and the indifference that seemed to be a dead-end person made her suddenly numb behind her back.

She looked at the man next to him in panic. The man frowned and glared at her.

The landlord had to bite the bullet and continued: “This, this is all an accident, and no one wants it.”

\”I think so too.\” Zhu Yang said: \”No one wants an accident to happen, but if it happens to yourself, it’s not so easy to think about.\”

\”For example, if someone goes out to play in a car accident, it is inevitable that he will be angry with the person who called him out. As far as I know, it seems that several households have moved out before death. It is the landlord’s wife that you are “kindly” to stay and take the initiative to reduce The renter continued to live here.\”

\”Now that people are dead, although it is said that people who were originally well-intentioned are not kind, who would call accidents so unreasonable?\”

The landlord felt that the way she looked at her eyes was as if she was a frog stared by a poisonous snake.

The landlord was panicked and frightened, emotionally unstable and said: \”Who said that? It’s unreasonable. I don’t believe anyone in this world can say such a good or bad thing, let him come out and confront me.\”

It seems that this person is well versed in arguments, and immediately wanted to occupy the moral high ground.


As soon as she finished speaking, she heard a voice: \”I said it.\”

Then the landlord turned his head and saw an old lady walking in with tea, staring at her all the way. One of them had red eyes with diseased eyes, which made people look as if the soul was being stirred, which made people more frightened.

But even without that scary eye, the landlord’s wife is already trembling all over at this moment. As a person who has always been present, she must get the scene today. She was originally afraid, but she was reluctant to avoid stage fright because of a man.

I really saw that I had met face-to-face before his death, and now he has become the ghost of Li Gui. Even if he knew that they were impenetrable, the landlord still turned pale and sweated in the atmosphere of strange accusation.

The man’s nerves also tightened the moment the old lady came in, and he felt that he might jump up and take action at any time or flee the door.

But fortunately, the old lady didn’t have any other reaction, and instead exchanged them for cold tea.

Then he said to the landlord’s wife: “Mrs. Zhou, if you didn’t say that Xiaogang’s kindergarten tuition was a pity, the rent would be halved if our family didn’t have financial resources. Let us live in this six months and then go back, our family would not die. Here it is.\”

\”The old souls of our two can’t go back to our hometown, let’s forget, my Xiaogang, poor Xiaogang, he is less than five years old.\”

This sounded like anyone would say something good or bad, but the landlady waved her hand in horror, because the old lady was standing in front of her and didn’t dare to get up.

Just keep saying: “It’s none of my business, what I don’t want, it’s none of my business.”

The resentment on the old lady’s face suddenly disappeared, showing a kind smile, and her tone suddenly jumped to the other extreme: \”Actually, I also know that the old lady complains, but she can’t help but be reasonable, right? Landlord, don’t you worry? , I just babble, you have forgotten it.\”

The landlord’s wife may not know why, but this is the strangest thing to the man who is with her.

What do you mean by “I must be reasonable”? These ghosts and monsters are indiscriminate killing ghosts. The logic of this sentence itself is contrary to their existence.

But the man suddenly turned his head back before he could think about it, stretched out his claws and grabbed it aside like lightning, and then grabbed a knife against his wrist in his hand.

The man stared at him like an eagle, and he saw a child who was looking at him with a puzzled face.

\”Uncle, why are you catching me?\”

\”What are you doing?\” the man asked in a deep voice.

\”I will peel the apple for the boss.\”

Everyone saw that he was holding a half-cut apple in one hand, and the hand holding the knife was grabbed. It was also holding a peeled and crisp fruit knife, which was not lethal at all.

When the man choked, he heard a chuckle from behind him, and then said in a playful tone: \”This gentleman seems to be nervous.\”

\”Didn’t you see the slogan on my door when you came in?\”

Of course I saw it, and the most eye-catching place was marked-our company guarantees the personal safety of any personnel entering the building.

\”Small companies are not a climate, and the flow of people coming and going every day is not less than a thousand people, right? So many people are relieved and bold, and there is no accident for more than 20 days. This gentleman has been tight since he came in, too Rare enough.\”

\”Could it be-what else do you have a relationship with here?\”

Even if the man is confident that things are safe at the beginning, knowing that this woman is mostly grasping a little detail and talking about intent to shake, he can’t help but think too much.

He looked at the landlord and saw that the trash was now speechless, let alone negotiations.

So I had to speak by myself: “I am the cousin of sister Zhou’s husband’s family. I am following them now, so I will follow them today.”

\”Miss Zhu, speak straightforwardly. Your rental contract will expire in a few days, and we will not continue to rent it to you at that time. As for the private use of the house for commercial use without permission, it is in businessmen’s spirit. We don’t care about the principle of making money.\”

\”In the last few days, please pack up your things as soon as possible and find another place. At the end of the month, we will collect the house. It is said that Miss Zhu, who is legally operating and paying taxes, will not embarrass us, right?\”

After the man said this, he looked at Zhu Yang’s reaction. Since they came over, they are ready to work with each other slowly.

I was waiting for this person to make a move. I didn’t expect that the other person shrugged after hearing this: \”Okay, since everything is said to be done, the house is indeed not mine. If you insist on not selling or renting, I can Is there any way? Everyone must teach the Fa.\”

This sudden concession made the man feel like he was on his feet. Is it that simple?

He looked at Zhu Yang and the others in disbelief, and saw that she was already on the sofa with nothing to say.

At this time, a woman in a white shirt and a capable white-collar worker was sitting next to her, but she continued to speak: “Your reasonable insistence is also respected by our company. Of course, thank you for coming in a few days in advance and giving us time to prepare. \”

\”Otherwise, on the day the lease expires, we still have to be unable to explain to the customer why the store is suddenly closed, and the equipment and props are not easy to handle.\”

Then the other party stood up and stretched out a hand: \”Then you have to take a trip. It is a pity that you have not reached a consensus. I hope that there will be other cooperation opportunities in the future. We will vacate the house in the next few days. .\”

This time he really agreed to move away. The man himself couldn’t react a little, but at this time he had to stand up and hold the other’s hand back.

Thank you for your understanding.

Then I got up to go out with the landlord, and heard the white-collar woman say to Zhu Yang: “The boss, I will type out the closing notice now. The equipment and the like will still be open these days, so I can only hire more people in the end. I rushed to work overnight, and the labor cost is estimated to be no less.\”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “It doesn’t matter!”

The store manager continued: \”That’s OK, then I will ask you to re-select the location in the next few days. I will give a plan for the new store promotion as soon as possible, and I will notify the employees immediately to make them ready for relocation, but I heard that the employees have lived here for several years, and I am afraid that they may not be used to it.

Zhu Yang said indifferently: “No, just yesterday I ate and complained to me one by one that the room is too small now, which affects their performance.”

Speaking of looking at the man who was about to leave, but froze in place after hearing what they said: “I was originally the gimmick of this apartment. So let you make a good price.”

\”But since you insist, I don’t have to think about it carefully. How did this gimmick come about? Didn’t my employees bring it? I’m putting the cart before the horse.\”

\”Okay, go slowly and not send it.\”

The man hurriedly said: \”No, you can’t take it away.\”

Zhu Yang looked up in doubt: “Why?”

The man choked and glanced at the landlord. At this moment, the old ghost has gone out, and the landlord has calmed down. Things have gone all the way to the dark.

She had to say: \”Miss Zhu, we will not stop you if you want to move the things you bought yourself. It is not appropriate for you to take away the things in the apartment?\”

Zhu Yang looked at them with an unbelievable expression: “Huh? I haven’t heard of it? Did you mean that the apartment belongs to my employees?”

\”I look up at the sky outside. This is 8012, right? Where else do people belong to the property? Mrs. Zhou, your background is so good. If you are so crazy, you dare not say the country/yuan/capital?\”

The landlord said anxiously: \”But they are not human.\”

\”What’s wrong with people? There is no human rights if you become ghosts? Should I call them up and ask, saying that their actual freedom of ghost life does not belong to themselves, but belongs to the landlord wife, what do you think.\”

The landlord’s wife almost didn’t freak out and waved her hand quickly.

The men are also anxious. They thought of countless possibilities before they came, but they never expected that this person would directly draw the salary from the bottom of the pan.

If you really want her to take the ghost away, and leave a room empty, wouldn’t it be equivalent to ruining the battle?

The man hurriedly said:\”Let’s do this, Miss Zhu, since we can’t reach a consensus, let’s put aside the rent withdrawal for now. You continue to do business. Let’s go back and discuss with the boss. How about giving you an answer in a few days? \”

Zhu Yang nodded and said yes to the proposal of taking a step back, but when the other party was leaving, he suddenly said: “So you called your cousin the boss? Your family is really clear.”

The man mentioned in his heart that it made her look a little ugly when she couldn’t figure out the yin and yang weirdness from time to time: “Public is public or private.”

When the man and the landlord left the apartment, it was already business hours. The whole building, including the open space outside the apartment, was full of people.

The grievances that had hung over this apartment in the past are thick and dirty, but now it dissipates almost quickly, and the flow of people coming and going is mixed with the smell of incense.

The man’s face became more and more ugly, and he asked the driver to drive directly to an address when he got into the car.

But he didn’t know that when he left the apartment in the car and started to move, there was a small dot on Zhu Yang’s phone that moved on the map.

At this time, all the players have gathered together, and they heard Zhu Yang said: “Sometimes, supernatural wrists may not be more effective than technological methods.”

Everyone had to admire her careful and careful preparation, which even Hou Ge, who is known for her carefulness, had to accept.

Regardless of that Zhu Yang is usually not like that kind of cautious type, more like a carefree, but in fact, the keenness and density of handling things are amazing.

What’s more, she still has the thought and execution ability that day.

Just now, the little boy ran the little apple behind the man to try, of course, it was not just pranks and intimidation, but mainly to test the man’s reaction to the approach of ghosts.

Xiao Gang didn’t walk in, he appeared directly behind him with the hidden talent of ghosts, and he could react instantly. Bye-bye, the photogenic girl’s reaction has confirmed that this man is at least the man who formed this haunted house. .

It can be seen that the other party is originally a member of the Xuanmen, and his ability is not small.

So if you want to send a ghost to follow his plan to find the person behind the scenes, you can choke to death immediately. It is estimated that people will be able to detect it right away, and maybe they will even disturb their sight.

There is not much time for players to stay in this world. Although the mission is already stable, Zhu Yang is about to get a rating above S this time, and of course he will not be satisfied with this.

Zhu Yang called the wealthy businessman who had grasped the ghost, and deliberately said, “Don’t say, the mobile phone system configured this time is really exciting, and the positioning/positioning monitoring/listening operation is so convenient! I still What to do if the tools you buy are not suitable hahaha.\”

\”But think about it, let us follow the mobile phone map to find it at the beginning, it turned out to have a meaning.\”

I don’t know if it’s an illusion, but the player heard something vomiting blood.

At this time, the wealthy businessman got on the phone, and Zhu Yang told him where the car was going, asking him to think about which place in the city lived.

This is good for tracking the residences of wealthy people. Generally, people don’t live in densely populated areas, and often a family occupies a large area. Once the scope is delineated, it is natural to determine the target.

The wealthy businessmen were still a little embarrassed at first. After all, it is not good to leak other people’s privacy. But when Zhu Yang asked him if the people from the bidding meeting that he wrote were present, if they were, 80% of the possessed ghost belonged to his family. After writing.

The wealthy businessman was silent for almost half a minute before he said: “Their family is already so prominent, as for—”

But as long as something happens to him here, who will ultimately benefit from the tender, there is no way to look at it according to ordinary logic.

Just like what the other party said before, the insidious small means, low cost and high return, have tasted the sweetness of shortcuts, how many people can keep their heart down?

Then the wealthy businessman told the other party’s name and family profile. As Zhu Yang expected, he was the richest man in the city.

Fortunately in the past few years, the Luck Road in recent years has been so fierce that it has opened up like an ancestral grave, and it has become the leader here. There are still people working on it in the family, and naturally they have their wrists.

Therefore, the haunted house with more than a dozen murders in a row was not sealed up and demolished, but continued to be rented out.

After waiting for a while, the man seemed to have got out of the car and entered the room, and found the biggest one hidden behind him.

The eavesdropping/listening device finally came to the key from meaningless conversations-

\”Hard stubble, those ghosts who are obedient in her hands, she can do the thing to take the ghost away by forcibly retracting the house, let’s still fight.\”

\”Metaphysical methods are not good for this group of people. Since the other party can suppress these monsters, we may be laughable and generous.\”

\”So I will hold them first, instead of letting them run around, I will put them under my nose for a while, no matter what, they are clear that we are in the case, and it is easy to handle.\”

\”Bang\” came the sound of angrily beating the table.

Then a majestic voice said: \”Do you think there is still time to spend with them slowly?\”

\”You know the most about how our luck came. The land that we finally found was laid out and took the lives of living people to intercept the luck. Now the grievances are gone, you told me that it was mixed with incense Go in, the fortune between us and the ghost is that you lose my growth.\”

\”Now they have a sign of Xiuguixian, our business is already going downhill, don’t you know? Just for half a month, just a few major failures that I want to tell you?\”

The man’s voice is also very angry now: \”Then let’s use secular means. It’s better not to use the profound method until the last step. I’m afraid that someone in the same way will be caught. , You think about the evil spirits in that house.\”

The boss opposite was obviously jealous and did not speak.

The man continued: “This time, it is not me who can really play a big role. Don’t tell me, you won’t be able to defeat a grass-roots team.”

The boss said: \”This time is also difficult. I have previously persuaded the instructor above to investigate and close the shop. The reason is not stated, but the social impact is not good.\”

\”What did the little girl say? Let the ghost who lost his job go to someone’s house to sit and demonstrate? Who would dare to touch this hot potato?\”

The man smiled: \”White is not good, black?\”

\”There are ghosts in it, so naturally there are not many people who dare to continue to work, but there are a few accidents around-such as going to a haunted house and going home suddenly to death.\”

\”It doesn’t need too much, only three times, their grass team naturally can’t go on.\”

At that time, let people speculate on the Internet. No matter how fun the haunted house is, it depends on whether you can withstand the grievances brought out in the haunted house.

This method is insidious and insidious, but it is absolutely effective. Then again, what can’t the energy source do to intercept the path of luck with the sacrifice of living people?

The two hit it off quickly, and they laughed and talked about something else.

Zhu Yang and the others listened almost the whole time, and everyone was angry.

But Zhu Yang has long been used to it, as if in most games, people are more scary than ghosts.

The ghosts confessed because of the truth. As expected, all their lives were man-made. The Mirror Girl was not surprised, but her death was more like an accident.

The metaphysical person can do this easily. After her death, everything will start to work, and there will be more mino dominoes. The opponent only needs a light push at the beginning to enjoy the continuous fruits in the future.

The lives of all of them are used to feed the fortunes of the greedy demons, so that they can sit on the power of money and enjoy the colorful world wantonly.

But they can only be trapped in the gloomy and desolate haunted house, tormented by grievances, and cannot be overborn.

The mirror girl turned her head and was about to leave, but was stopped by Zhu Yang: “What are you doing?”

The mirror girl has a hideous face: “Kill!”

\”Do you want to absent from work?” Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: \”Absent from work in front of me? When I die?\”

\”Go go, go to work, all go to work. The guests who have been waiting in line for a long time are impatient.\”

All players: Actually, there are those evil people compared to the dog than the game, you are the devil, right?

Then the grievances that were full of resentment and urgently to vent were really pushed back to work by this guy.

After that, she took Zhang Qian casually to teach her to familiarize herself with the venue.

More than 20 days ago, Zhang Qian brought Zhu Yang to the shop, but after more than 20 days, she turned around and couldn’t help but feel that things are impermanent.

However, Zhu Yang was very satisfied with Zhang Qian’s performance. She was very quick to respond just after the show. At the beginning, she didn’t speak and listened, and she understood the context of the matter. The key to grasping is to be accurate and very good, and especially to see the boss’s face. Cooperate.

And the understanding of one’s own position is rapid, and the entering state is also fast, not because it is difficult to adjust the mentality of working under the subordinates.

But then again, it is difficult for people like Zhu Yang to really have a sense of leadership under his own jurisdiction, so there is no obstacle to his mentality or something.

As for Zhang Qian, she was very excited when she came here, not only because of the so-called industry and employees, but there are too many places to make a big splash.

This is an exciting thing for every manager who is not afraid of challenges.

Just as Zhu Yang took her to get to know her during this period, she had written down a lot of problems for improvement.

Zhu Yang said to her: “Don’t worry, you will be busy in the future, whether it is to expand the scale or develop new projects, even if you want to overthrow and rebuild the building, as long as it conforms to the principles of healthy development and has won most of the votes of the old employees. Agree, you can do it all.\”

\”What path the company will take in the future is what you should consider. I am only responsible for enjoying the dividend.\”

Zhang Qian didn’t expect that she would just pull her hand here, it was not a matter of trust or not, it was like a posture of quitting.

As for whether to make money or not, Zhang Qian can’t see what she cares about. As long as she cares a little bit, she will not leave such a company that can develop into an immeasurable scale of wealth.

She had just joined the job for less than three hours, so she smashed the responsibility.

Rao Zhang Qian couldn’t help being a bit more confident no matter how confident, but in her heart there was a faint arrogance that she had never thought of before.

She solemnly said to Zhu Yang: “You know, I am just a grassroots manager with limited ability and vision. I don’t have a far-sighted perspective to see how our company takes the most correct path, and there is no way to give you a five-year plan at once. Ten-year plan.\”

\”I have only the trash can in the corridor that can be made into the theme design of the floor, or the weeds outside the apartment can be used to open up wasteland and sell barbecue beer. These are all these small things.\”

Zhang Qian raised her head and took a deep breath: \”But I assure you that I will never waste the value of this haunted house, I will let it go to the height it should be.\”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Okay, anyway, I just collect money, all achievements and honors belong to you.”

Well, when Lu Datou was searched for props by her, naturally he didn’t say what he thought she could use and then gave it to her.

Instead, she asked him to display all his things, and she would pick and choose.

There is a prop that can go back and forth through the world once, this time the game sent her so many ghosts in one breath, and compared her standard of living, let her open up this business opportunity.

Zhu Yang naturally knows how far the future can go if he manages well and grows stronger, with the particularity of the haunted house and the fun of the ghosts who have only developed the tip of the iceberg.

It is by no means impossible to run a world-renowned large-scale theme amusement park, so the wealth that can be expected in the future will naturally make Zhu Yang’s heart fascinating.

Every year she comes in to share the bonus, and then exchange the money into points. This is a huge income out of thin air. Why should she give up?

Thinking of this, Zhu Yang seemed to hear something vomiting blood again.

Well, no matter, vomiting is healthier.

When the ghosts finally got off work, everyone gathered on the rooftop.

At this time, the possessed ghost said proudly: \”Eh! I said you guys, my personal emotions were brought to work. I just came out and heard many guests say that today’s staff are a bit listless, especially your dead old woman.\ ”

He pointed to the old lady Mao’s face: “Several girls said that Mao Mao was not energetic and worried. You open the door to do business and make customers worry about it. We are not a professional seller. \”

This guy and the ice girl are not dead ghosts in this building, and their hatred is understandable but not real.

Just listen to Zhu Yangliang Liang said: “Oh, forgot to say, you were detained by that family. Although you don’t know how you died, but the pot that was almost harmful to them must not escape.”

The possessed ghost exploded as soon as it heard it, and reversed the attitude just now: “Oh, he is so silly, I said that the cub looks like a wicked eyebrow, so I want to give him a rough (beat). Is this the one who is taking me to make people irritate?\”

The ice girl sneered: “What? Now I don’t think people’s personal emotions are brought to work? The sparks did not fall on her feet.”

Zhu Yang said again: \”By the way, when you died at the factory, the negotiated order in the factory was withdrawn and it was in the hands of this family. So I guess your accident 80% is also a ghost .\”

The ice girl also exploded: \”I **** said that the idiot of the Kuguan always looked like a mouse’s nest in the warehouse, and shouted for a long time with a few pencils. How could he carelessly forget to check that day? And that day did not arrive at all. Closing time.\”

The ghosts looked at Zhu Yang: \”It’s off work now, can we move around freely?\”

\”Okay!\”Zhu Yang looked eloquent: \”But you have to say hello to so many people visiting at the same time? Otherwise, you will say that we are rude.\”

Then she drew a piece of paper, the players remember, it was from the wealthy merchant who asked.

Zhu Yang dialed the number above and reminded the ghost: “You are also people with ID cards, and you represent the company’s image outside. How can you learn from those uncultivated lonely ghosts running into private houses?”

The ghosts looked at each other, but they still had to wait patiently for her to call.

At the same time, the man who discussed the countermeasures at the boss’s house and ate dinner by the way. The man who drank and drank before returning home until the middle of the night fell asleep on the sofa as soon as he entered the door.

As a member of the profound sect, he is extremely talented and capable, but he doesn’t have a hard time like other fellows.

The rich man who turned his head and hit it off with all his skills, from now on enjoys the delicious luxury mansion of Shanzhen, and marries a beautiful wife.

Seeing him coming back drunk, he fell on the sofa, and his wife frowned and said a few words, then pushed him: “The water is ready, you should take a shower and then sleep.”

When the man got up, he was also self-disciplined, so he nodded and agreed.

The changed clothes were thrown out for his wife to pick up and wash them. His wife habitually searched for any small things in her clothes pockets.

As a result, she felt a button-sized object in her jacket pocket. At first she thought it was a coin, but when she took it out, she found it was a mini electronic device-like thing.

So he rushed to the bathroom and shouted: “What’s in your pocket? Phone parts or camera parts? Do you want more? Don’t I throw it away.”

The man didn’t pay attention at first, but was about to answer casually, but suddenly he got excited.

Then he jumped up from the bathtub, hurriedly opened the bathroom door and came out without even wrapping the bath towels, and then saw his wife looking reproachfully at him for bringing the water out.

But the man could only see the button-sized thing in his eyes at this time. His wife didn’t know that stuff, but he did a lot of dirty things, so naturally it was not uncommon.

It was a tracking/tracking/bugging/listening device.

The man was sweating coldly, and he called the boss over the phone next to him.

The boss over there came out in a yukata just after taking a bath, and saw the most personal phone ringing violently.

After reading the caller ID, I connected: \”Why? Go home and throw up and report to me?\”

The man said anxiously: “You leave home now, you have been exposed.”

The boss hadn’t realized what this meant, and the public phone used by another partner suddenly rang.

While the phone rang, the boss recalled the meaning of the man’s words, and his back was chilled, and the phone that he was about to answer was also pinched.

Then he asked the man: “What’s the matter?”

But before the man could answer, another phone rang again, and the boss cut it off irritably, but after the cut, he dialed back before he could speak.

Add fuel to the fire in this anxious atmosphere.

The wealthy businessman wanted to shut down, but he had a bad feeling in his heart, which prompted him to connect.

Both phones were leaning on their ears, and I heard the voice of a young girl from the back caller: “Hey! Is it Boss Yu? I wish you a happy death.”

\”Sorry for interrupting late at night, it’s like this. The employees of our company just learned that there was some cause and effect with you in the afternoon, and they wanted to absent from work. I stopped it.\”

\”Now after get off work hours, I can’t control the staff’s personal time arrangements, but it is a bit rude for all the employees of the company to visit at the same time. I will tell you what you need to bear, and please Haihan.\”

\”As a boss I can only do this, then, good night!\”

What she said clearly reached Boss Yu’s ears, and from the receiver of another phone to the ears of the other man.



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