Scream Queen Chapter 59

After Zhu Yang handed out the verbal greeting, he hung up the phone neatly, and the sound of the chopped signal was not a sharp annoyance.

But at this moment, the two men on both ends of the phone were shaken by the slight voice.

Then he said at the same time: “Quickly leave home.”

After all, the boss is a businessman, so when he first considers the way out, then the feeling of despair and panic in his heart will not hinder his actions.

He quickly opened the drawer, swept the important documents and a few documents into the bag he grabbed, and took a few wads of cash from the safe.

The phone asked at the same time: “Where are you going now?”

Because of the tension, and the rush to load things, it is inevitable that he would frequently slip, and several piles of money were stuffed into the bag for several times.

Boss Yu couldn’t help snarling loudly: “How the **** was exposed? Can those dead people come out casually?”

Naturally, men dare not say that they were accidental in this section. They only provoke disputes. They only say: “We want to make the best use of our material. The formation is always domineering, but all the evil spirits in it will become a climate, and now they are suffering. Popular incense will definitely make it even more unscrupulous to walk in the world.”

“It’s not the time to talk about this. I will avoid these few days. The Baohua Temple in the west of the city has been used for hundreds of years and has received countless incense. The gods and Buddhas in it are all treasures and solemn. Those fierce ghosts are still far from being cultivated into ghosts. Far away, you will definitely not get in.”

“Let’s meet there, and then immediately arrange for manpower to demolish the haunted house.”

“Tear down? That fortune—”

“No matter how prosperous the fortune is, you have to live and enjoy it. You listen to me. No matter how rare this period is, it can’t be used now. After this period, although the family fortune will be temporarily sluggish, as long as the foundation is still there, let’s start. His power, even if it is not as good as this, can always slow down slowly.”

Boss Yu heard the words and understood that now it was the moment of docking to survive, and he had to reluctantly agree, but the family was bound to keep a low profile for a long time.

Hanging up the phone, ignoring the newly married beautiful young wife who opened the door, Boss Yu hurriedly put on his clothes and called and asked the driver to wait for him in the garage immediately.

Fortunately, the children are all abroad. Apart from him and the young wife, they are all servants’ bodyguards. Even if the ghosts come to the door, they don’t need to care how much they die.

Even in his heart, he hoped that those Li ghosts saw that he had escaped and became angry and killed the people in the house. This just proved their danger, and when the time came, they were completely alarmed. Someone happened to clean up the haunted house.

No matter how powerful those fierce ghosts are, they are no match for the power of the state apparatus, and there are countless capable people and strangers hiding in the people in the world.

Boss Yu entered the garage. The driver had already waited there and called two bodyguards to accompany him. He felt like he waved his hand to signal everyone to get in the car and set off.

The engine ignited and was about to drive out of the garage, but suddenly a woman in red appeared in front of the car, staring here with a bitter face.

The driver was startled, and heard the boss’s panic-stricken voice sounded: “Leave her alone, slam into it, hurry!”

The driver was even more frightened by the order, but suddenly he got a violent twitch on his head: “She’s a ghost, run into it.”

Hearing this, the driver suddenly felt aroused. He kept staring at the front, and the woman seemed to appear suddenly. There are a lot of dirty things that naturally follow the boss all the year round, so that it will not be a soft-hearted person and can’t bear the boss’s pressure.

With a cruel heart, stepped on the foot, the car rushed out as expected——

After the man and the boss finished talking on the phone, he immediately packed up the necessary things. The two have worked closely together for many years, and in some respects they are quite similar.

That is, when a disaster is approaching, he threw down his wife without hesitation, regardless of his wife’s questioning why he still had to go out so late, and went straight to the garage when he got on the elevator.

The man’s house is a high-end duplex apartment located in a prime area of ​​the city, with an area of ​​two to three hundred square meters, and the total price is not lower than that of luxury garden villas in other locations.

Even the decoration in the elevator is high-end and luxurious, and there are even elevator ladies all day long.

Seeing him coming in, the elevator lady immediately asked: “Hello Mr. Wei, may I ask if I want to go to the lobby or the garage.”


Then the elevator lady pressed the button on the garage floor, but before the man looked back, he saw that the other party pressed them one after another, and directly turned on all the floor buttons in this building.

The man was furious: “You–”

Only after blurting a word, I saw the smooth ladder door that could be used as a mirror slowly closed, and the moment she passed the elevator lady, her face was reflected.

The pleasing face that was originally young and beautiful, with an elegant smile at all times, had a poisonous look in his eyes and a smirk at the corner of his mouth.

He met his gaze from the reflection, and said, “It’s big night, why don’t you get out of the garage in a hurry? Slowly come and slow down—there is no ghost chasing behind. Don’t you think?”

The elevator lady’s standard Mandarin has become a rather happy hum, but the man can’t laugh at all at this time.

His reaction was not unpleasant either. At this moment, there was only a gap in the elevator door. He immediately stuck his toe, and the quick induction door bounced again immediately.

The man instantly rushed out of the elevator and ran up the stairs. Before leaving, he subconsciously glanced at the elevator.

I saw that the elevator lady had no intention of chasing it out, but seeing his eyes like a turtle in an urn made him even more vigilant.

These ghosts have come so soon.

However, a man is a member of metaphysics. Even if the ghosts he manipulated are not within his control, he still has some power to protect himself, and he does not panic like the boss.

Running down the stairs all the way, the sensor lights in the corridor lit up with his footsteps, and the whole quiet corridor could only hear his footsteps recalling.

Wait, alone? wrong!

The man discerned carefully. It was clear that there were two people’s footsteps. There was no one on the stairs. Who else had footsteps besides him?

The answer is self-evident, the man stopped abruptly, and another sound also stopped.

He tried to take two steps, and the sound followed again.

It’s not that the man is not panicked, no matter how to save his life, he can’t hold the ghosts from swarming, and can only hope that most of them will go to the boss.

He wasn’t sure where he was hiding with his ghost, so he walked cautiously against the corner, watching up and down warily, not daring to go too fast or too slow.

But suddenly a heartache came from his arm, and an electric drill was suddenly spinning on the wall in between.

Unexpectedly, he got into his body. Fortunately, he was lucky, and the position was not tough enough. He only wiped off a small piece of meat on the side of his waist without hurting his internal organs.

But this is the case, the blood from the injection also wetted a large piece of clothing by the way, and even dripped down the pants.

The man seemed to hear two regretful voices across the wall: “Unfortunately, I didn’t pierce through.”

“Your hand is unstable, don’t you let it aim at the kidney?”

Then there was a flirtatious quarrel between a couple.

But here is clearly more than a dozen floors. The wall outside the corridor is the outer wall of the entire building. You have to penetrate the wall from the outside, unless the whole person is floating in the midair.

The man’s heart sank. It seems that he made a mistake in his estimation. Although these ghosts have not yet cultivated into ghosts, they are actually stronger.

He was not so vigilant, so he hurriedly ran away and came to the garage so smoothly.

But when he was about to open the door, he suddenly found that there was already a person in the car, because the other person had no head, so the man could not find out at the first time.

The man was also chased out of the fire, and his hand was a talisman, and he smeared the blood from his waist to the headless corpse on the car.

But before you stretched your hands, there was a loud, piercing noise from the entire garage, just like a large speaker suddenly making a noise in your ears.

The excitement caused a sharp pain in the brain of a metaphysical person who was already sensitive, and then his entire wrist went cold.

The man lowered his head in horror, and saw a red mark suddenly appeared on the wrist holding the talisman, and then the whole palm broke off at the wrist and fell to the ground.

At this time, there was a ghost doll wearing overalls and a grim expression on his face, staring at him with a sharp grin.

But before he laughed a few times, he was carried away by one hand. It turned out that there was a person standing on the opposite side of the car at some point, and he was still wearing a bartender’s uniform that he had not changed when he went to work.

He is obviously a ghost, but he looks very handsome. He smiled and reminded the ghost doll in his hand: “Be careful, what should I do if I run into his blood? Although this guy is limited in his enjoyment and cultivation, is this blood good for us? Okay, let’s not say lethal, if we are injured, don’t we feel bad?”

Then the ghost doll was thrown away by him, and the playboy’s tone suddenly became cold and cold: “At this time, pure physical crit may be more effective.”

When he said that, he overturned the car in front of him, and the whole car was lifted into the air, hitting the man who was mourning the loss of his wrist.

The man was suddenly pressed under the car, and a mouthful of blood was spit out, but he hadn’t fainted.

At this time, a pair of feet appeared in front of him, and another voice came from his ears: “You are called the boss again, I’m afraid you don’t want to be beaten to death.”

“That’s it! I don’t know how others react to injuries. Anyway, if you are injured, the boss is definitely concerned about whether you can go to work normally.”

Without waiting for Playboy’s rebuttal, the feet kicked him in front of the man: “Hey! Move the car away first, so the grandson will be crushed to kill him.”

Immediately after the pressure on the man was released, the car was actually turned back.

He crawled forward two steps. Survival could make him want to escape, but the next second he was bound by spider silk entangled in all directions.

During the struggle, an item fell out of his pocket. The cotton bomber was going to pick it up, but was drunk by the playboy: “The broken ship has three catties of nails. Do you just pick up things from the mysterious people?”

When he said that, he pulled off the rear-view mirror of the car and kicked the thing over, which was knocked far away by the rear-view mirror that was kicked over.

And as the thing went away, the hope of survival in the man’s eyes gradually faded.

That was the magic weapon he had cultivated through his life’s painstaking efforts. It was so powerful that he could only use it once to save his life.

He knew that there was probably more than one ghost he was chasing, and he didn’t dare to use it casually. At first, he wanted to resist with spells.

But the sweetness and indulgence in hiding in the dark for many years made him forget that his experience with ghosts in battle is actually pitiful, let alone this kind of collective attack.

They are also too arrogant and arrogant, thinking that they are doing a perfect job, and it is impossible to know the truth with a group of evil spirits imprisoned in a haunted house.

Obviously, the general skills of these ghosts are understood online and on the ground, but they have not made corresponding preparations for the worst.

At this time, all the ghosts that came to him came out.

Possessed ghosts, DJs, electric drill lovers, headless corpses, ghost dolls, playboys, bouncing cotton ghosts and spidermen.

Half of the ghosts came to his side, because in the eyes of these ghosts, this man was charged with the same crime as the black hand behind the scenes.

The man was tightly bound by spider silk and could not move, and then he saw dense black marbles suddenly appear on the ground.

At this time the last ghost also appeared.

The marble rolled towards the man, and the man who had watched the video naturally knew what these were. His eyes widened in horror and screamed, but it was a pity that his mouth was blocked by the spider silk.

Then the first marble hit his foot, and suddenly turned over and turned into an egg-sized cockroach. With one bite, he saw the sole of his foot and his leather shoe bite off.

The man uttered a muffled scream, and then the second marble slammed into it, and the whole heel of one foot was about to be dropped in an instant.

Soon his feet were bitten by cockroaches, and the countless marbles continued to roll towards him.

The man was bitten to death by hundreds of human-eating cockroaches one bite at a time. By the end of the meal, there was no strand of hair left all over his body. As always, he ate cleanly, as if he had never survived in the world. .

A group of ghosts watched happily, and then carefully looked for something and picked up what seemed to be a good thing that fell out of the guy, and then turned and left.

Then they called the mirror girl who had gone to the other side, and there was a sneer from the mirror girl: “You just play for a while? We haven’t started here yet.”

“Go, do it with you, anyway, don’t delay going to work tomorrow.”

His gaze returned to the other side, and he said that the driver slammed on the accelerator and installed the ghost in red and rushed out.

Then, after being hit, the female ghost in red was not knocked into the air or rolled over. Instead, she stuck her face on the glass, still staring at the car full of people, with a grinning smile on her mouth.

The driver, the bodyguard, and the boss in the back seat were all scared to death. Fortunately, the driver has a strong professional quality. At this moment, even though he is so busy, he can’t even think of any way to deal with it.

He quickly turned on the wiper, but fortunately, the ghost was light weight, and it was actually blown off.

A few people breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly drove down the ring road. I don’t know if it was because of the late night. There was heavy fog in the mountains and the visibility was very low.

The car naturally didn’t dare to drive too fast, but the fog became thicker and thicker, and finally it was like billowing smoke blocking all directions, and finally the car could only stop.

“Why are you stopping here? Go on.”

“Boss, I really can’t drive. I can’t see clearly from a meter away. Be careful to drive under the cliff.”

Not to mention the boss, the unknown bodyguard and the driver are all a little bit guilty. This situation is obviously evil. They are not afraid to fight with people really hard, but this invisible and intangible weirdness is the most letting. People have no bottom.

Then came a meow from all around, one after another, with a stern and sharp voice, echoing the mountain stream in this empty night, and the bark made people feel hairy.

Finally a bodyguard couldn’t help it: “Damn! I’m going to kill this little beast.”

The boss knew that the meow was unusual, but he didn’t mean to stop the reminder.

The bodyguard got out of the car and reluctantly rummaged around with the light of the car lights. Finally, he saw a black cat on a tree by the road.

The little beast was still screaming in his left throat, which was even more annoying.

The bodyguard cursed and drew out the rope to make a ring to catch the cat, and drove the little beast away no matter what.

He felt that his back was patted. He thought it was another companion who got out of the car to help him. After looking back, he suddenly realized that it was an old woman with a cat face——

After one of the bodyguards got out of the car, no one spoke in the car, and the atmosphere was silent and tense. Fortunately, the annoying meows really disappeared after a while.

The bodyguard also returned to the car and sat in the co-pilot next to the driver.

Boss Yu asked: “The cats are all driven away? Have you seen anything else?”

“Yes!” the bodyguard replied.

“What else?” Boss Yu had a bad hunch.

Then I heard the bodyguard said: “I saw an old woman passing by, wearing gray clothes, and I don’t know what I am doing here.”

Boss Yu raised his leg and kicked the co-pilot in the front seat: “Are you **** short of eyes? What kind of old lady would climb a few miles to get here? What does she look like?”

The bodyguard didn’t care if he was trained, instead he slowly looked up from the rearview mirror. Through the rearview mirror, the boss saw his face.

I saw him with a weird smile: “Long like this!”

Then suddenly his face became distorted and weird like a hairless cat.

The boss was so scared that he drew back again and again, but the position of the carriage was so big, wherever it could be retracted.

He kicked another bodyguard next to him: “Quickly, get him down.”

The bodyguard next to him was also scared to death, but let this guy who doesn’t know what he was possessed waited for everyone in the car to finish playing.

So he had no choice but to get out of the car, quickly ran to the co-driver to open the door, and dragged the person directly out of the car by the other person’s clothes.

Fortunately, the other party didn’t actually struggle to attack him, just sneered all the time.

The other bodyguard had to drag the person out of the car and dump it on the road, and then sat back in the co-pilot.

At this time, the fog on the road was not as big as before, and the boss hurriedly urged: “Go, go.”

The driver immediately activated the accelerator, but fortunately, there was not much left on the mountain road, and he entered the urban arterial road after a while.

Although it is late at this time, the busy traffic in the city can give people a sense of peace.

Just after passing an intersection and waiting for the green light, three people suddenly appeared on the sidewalk nearby.

A pair of old women and a child who were only a few years old looked at grandparents. The three of them came to their car window with a bunch of balloons and asked, “Does uncle sell balloons?”

The boss waved irritably: “Don’t don’t.”

Unexpectedly, the bodyguard sitting in the co-pilot had already paid for one.

The boss almost died out of anger: “Are you **** planning to bring balloons to coax you?”

The bodyguard smiled: “Wait for the red light anyway, and boss, how nice do you think this balloon is?”

If it weren’t for the urgency now, he would have to rely on this idiot to withstand one or two, the boss even had the heart to break his neck.

The balloon was not so thought to look at. At this time, the green light was also on, and the driver continued to drive forward.

The boss was thinking about it, and accidentally glanced at the rearview mirror outside the car. The hydrogen balloon that the idiot bought just now was pulled by his hand, but the balloon was floating outside the car.

With a casual glance, the boss inadvertently saw the whole picture of the balloon. Where is a balloon, it is clearly a bulging rubber human skin.

The man’s leather balloon followed them all the way from the green light, always looking at the carriage, but they were all ignorant.

The boss got a cold back and suddenly stopped when the car passed the convenience store, and then said to the bodyguard: “Go down and buy me a pack of cigarettes.”

The bodyguard doesn’t doubt him: “Okay, boss, you can help me get the balloon first.”

Then he couldn’t help but put the thread tied to the human leather balloon into his hand, and the boss took a hot red wire with him, and once again made sure that this idiot was also fascinated by ghosts.

When the guy got out of the car, Boss Yu immediately let go of the balloon and let the driver drive.

The balloon was really like a hydrogen balloon as soon as it floated higher and higher as soon as it was let go, but I don’t know why, it’s clear that it has reached the distance of common sense that it is impossible to see the facial features, but Boss Yu can still feel the sly smile on the opponent’s face.

Seeing that Baohua Temple is getting closer and closer, wealthy businessmen are becoming more vigilant while anxious.

Then I heard the sound of the car misfire, and the car stopped suddenly.

“Boss, it’s out of gas.”

Boss Yu was tossed with some idiots to lose his temper, but he heard the driver wondering: “Is it filled up in the afternoon?”

It just so happened that they were turning off at the gas station. Boss Yu had a different instinct, but they were also pilgrims who often went to Baohua Temple. They often passed this section of the road, but there was indeed such a gas station.

When the driver got off and refueled, Boss Yu waited in the car, but gradually there was no movement outside. Boss Yu could see through the car window that there was no one at the big gas station. Of course it was late at night and it was not visible outside. It’s not surprising to people, anyway, you can help yourself.

But his driver also disappeared.

At this time, the temperature in the car was getting lower and lower. This summer, Boss Yu put on his coat when he came out, and he couldn’t stop the chill of a sudden tooth fight.

Immediately afterwards, condensation of cold air appeared on the chair and quickly frosted.

No matter how scared, I can’t stay in the car anymore.

Boss Yu got out of the car quickly, and it was not far from Baohua Temple, so he simply abandoned the car and ran forward.

My body, which has been neglected for many years, ran suddenly. After a while, I was out of breath and my heart started to hurt.

But Boss Yu didn’t dare to stop, because he could still see the human skin balloon floating in the sky from a distance.

Finally, without knowing how long it took to run, the solemn main gate of Baohua Temple appeared in front of him.

Boss Yu was ecstatic, as long as he ran in, the catastrophe would be over, and after today, he would immediately let people burn the broken building.

But for that, he was still very vigilant, until the door of the temple banged and he was greeted in, Boss Yu was relieved.

The humanity of the docking guide: “I will put incense on the Buddha first.”

These wealthy businessmen, who have come here for a long time to add incense, all have names and surnames in the temples. Although it is late at night, they are naturally arranged.

But Boss Yu didn’t know if it was his own illusion, or it was probably because most of the lights were not turned on at night, and the temple looked much smaller than during the day.

He didn’t care either. After receiving the incense and pious kneeling, he added to the Buddha, and then he really felt relieved, and he seemed to be able to feel the comfort of retreating bad luck.

Sure enough, the shadowy thing is still not worthy of the Buddha’s dignity and dignity, and he will live here for a while.

Boss Yu thought so, and then he looked up at the Buddha, and his scalp exploded, with goose bumps spreading from behind.

Because in front of him, where is the solemn statue of Buddha who is worshipped by him? It was clearly a woman with a sly grin and sharp teeth.


The fear and tension along the way have been overcome, showing that his mental quality is strong, and when hope is in front of him, he is always vigilant whether this is a trick of ghosts and cats and mice waiting for his hope to shatter.

But when I thought I had gone through everything and placed myself in safety, when there was no need to worry about it, the surrounding illusions gradually dissipated.

Where are the temples and temples? He was still in the underground garage of his home, and the car couldn’t move out a step at first.

Everything was an illusion experienced in this cramped and gloomy place, and he had never hoped to get close to the temple and escape to life.

This realization made Boss Yu even more desperate, and all the ghosts had already emerged at this time, including the red ghost girl who was knocked into flight at first.

All the ghosts looked at the mirror girl and saw her grinning grinningly: “How cheap is it to let him die like this?”

Then I didn’t know where to pull out a mirror, just like Zhu Yanggan at the beginning, he put this person into the mirror alive.

“The world in the mirror is not a place where living people can stay for a long time. This old thing will naturally change from a person to a ghost after a few days. Doesn’t he want the wealthy and monstrous family to live forever?”

“Then let him die in pain, and then see with his own eyes how his family’s luck has fallen and fallen.”

To say that with the ability of ghosts, these guys could have survived and died.

But now that they have the opportunity to cultivate ghosts and immortals, the revenge is enough. After all, this karma is justified, but they have to indulge in torturing the enemy for a long time. Apart from promoting hostility and making the cultivation more effective, there is no benefit.

They are no longer the lone ghosts in the small broken house, they are also famous-brand ghosts, and the future is even more immeasurable. There is no need to sink for the eternal life of these human faces and animal hearts.

The ghosts hung the mirror back to Boss Yu’s own bedroom, and this mansion does not know how long it will belong to this doomed family.

But during this period, let him endure the pain of being stripped of anger in the mirror all the time, and watch it decay with his own eyes.

Oh, by the way, there is no need to wait until that time. Seeing him rushing out tonight, his wife has called his lover who is a bodyguard to the bedroom, which is his own bedroom.

Zhu Yang was also very happy to see that they were coming back quickly and brought her a souvenir.

He also said: “I thought I had to take a group leave tomorrow, it would be great not to take a day off.”

So all you care about is business, right? It’s so sad.

In the next two days, the news of the mysterious disappearance of the city’s richest man appeared on the news. Because no clues were found, the monitoring of the entire mansion at that time also failed, so this matter aroused heated discussions throughout the city.

What the outside world doesn’t know is that people from the relevant departments have contacted Zhu Yang. After all, they couldn’t find anything, so they can’t help thinking about the spiritual aspect. It’s not just that the fact that there are ghosts in the world has been gradually accepted by people. Yet?

Zhu Yang played haha ​​with the people for a long time, and finally said something inquisitive–

“Compared with the wealthy businessmen, I am actually more curious about why our apartment has frequent homicides and can be listed for rent, and it is specially rented to foreigners who are not familiar with the place.”

“When I met the employees for the first time in the apartment, I was shocked. Do you know? Why is there nothing on the place that should have been banned? I think you can take the time to ask the person in charge.”

“Oh, by the way, don’t forget to bring me a sentence when the time comes. You have to open one eye and close the other. Please do this to the end.”

“In short, the employees of our company are still very friendly and relatives, and understand the inherent impressions of the outside world, and feel that they have a certain degree of danger.”

“We cooperate with supervision at any time, but we will never accept unreasonable charges. Don’t push any unexplainable things here, okay?”

After the investigators returned, they really reflected the matter to the above. Although the person who made it convenient for Boss Yu before, although he did not know what his specific purpose was, it was obviously related to these ghosts.

Now, people have the implication that the wrongdoer has the right and the debt is the owner, and each has its own injustice. It is really hard to explore the above.

After all, people are mortal, who knows what will be waiting for oneself after death?

Because of this reverence, for a while, certain atmospheres became righteous.

Seeing that the end of this dungeon was about to end, on the last day, Zhu Yang made a big deal, closed the door several hours in advance, and specially celebrated it, which was considered a practice.

After drinking for three rounds, Zhu Yang officially announced Zhang Qian’s future arrangements as the manager of the haunted house.

In fact, everyone had prepared for this. The ghosts knew that they couldn’t stay long, but they still didn’t expect this parting to come so quickly.

The **** was heartbroken and said: “Yang Yang, are you really leaving so soon?”

“DJ, smoke him!” Zhu Yang said indifferently, and then told them: “Don’t worry, you want to take off the reins and let the birds fly from this day. I still can’t bear this foundation. It’s okay. I will come back every year to share the money. .”

Ghosts: “…”

This guy just has the ability to put away the scarce warmth.

Zhu Yang looked down and said to everyone: “I will take away the contract you signed with the company, and I don’t plan to change the regulations inside. I will explain to you first.”

The players looked at each other and felt that she was really ruthless for a while, but judging from how generous she is to people and ghosts, she doesn’t look like such a stubborn person?

The mirror girl understood her intentions and nodded: “This is a good thing. The legal person of the company is you. We have signed a subordination treaty with you to prevent people with ulterior motives from getting in the way.”

There are people outside the world, there are people outside the sky, who knows if there is a guy who has the ability to go to the sky like the one before, and the weather in their house is already a ghost, who is not greedy?

Signed a contract with Zhu Yang, and no matter how bad it is, he will avoid the possibility of being used by the wicked.

“Furthermore, we are ghosts in the end. Only the clause in the contract that must not harm people who are not related to our cause and effect can guarantee that if one day the hostility is drawn out by external forces, when we are out of control, we will be irrevocable. ‘S fault.”

This is also double insurance, to further prevent the use of those who are interested.

Seeing her understanding, Zhu Yang nodded: “Yes, it’s best if you understand.”

“In the future, you will be responsible for the management and recruitment of internal personnel, and Zhang Qian will manage external negotiations and company affairs. You will discuss major company decisions, and explore where you need to run in.”

This so-called personnel management and recruiting definitely does not refer to human personnel. After Zhu Yang left, Zhang Qian and Jingnv became the highest decision-makers inside and outside the masters.

But other ghost employees also have the right to speak as veterans. Although Zhu Yang’s contract is harsh, the real treatment is generous.

All the subsequent plans made the ghosts overjoyed.

It’s just that, although this guy usually speaks badly to make people call others, he still yells five and six all day long, but he suddenly left, it was really the same as being stunned.

To say that both Zhang Qian and Mirror Girl are capable and smart women, they are enough to rely on them for the current stage of operation, but there is a feeling of unreliability in my heart.

The little boy brought her a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice and looked up at her with a bit of dismay.

Zhu Yang touched his head amusedly: “Why? Didn’t I get enough to wash my feet at night?”

Saying to Zhang Qian and Jing Nu: “You still hire a teacher, now we have two children, Xiaogang and Guiwa, if other female ghost employees will also drag their families, even though ghosts are now in business He said he doesn’t need a degree, but he still needs it.”

The mirror girl was overjoyed and touched the head of the ghost doll: “Why didn’t I expect him to grow up and go to school soon. Oh, by the way, I heard the news from the guests that it was in the suburbs. There is a rumor in an abandoned building that I heard women cry every day, so I went to see if I could recruit new people.”

Several adults had a heated discussion, but only the little boy and the ghost doll were confused, so they were arranged like this. Even a ghost can’t escape the fate of studying. Sure enough, the little ghost has no ghost power?

The little boy ran back and looked at his grandparents eagerly: “Can I stop studying? Do I have to sell melon seeds?”

Grandpa scolded and said: “Listen to the master, what’s the promise of selling melon seeds? Reading well, you will have a promise when you grow up.”

Grandpa, you are afraid that you forgot that I am a ghost.

Grandma happily said: “Think about your own abilities in the future, and you will have your own room. When the host comes to see you every day, so many people come to see you, it’s so beautiful, it’s better than being a messenger.”

Finally, it was the time to say goodbye. Although I had adapted to the atmosphere for so many days, the players still had a lot of emotion when they were about to leave.

To be honest, the difficulty of this game is the highest in the history of most of them.

How can I put it, catch a big guy, and it really won by lying down, easier than any previous game.

The uncle who has had an intersection with Li Li in other games returned: “Sure enough, just lying down and shouting 666, Brother Li will not deceive me.”

After a game, not only can you finish the game like a vacation, but you can also bring a lot of special products back. You can bring home the results of the shopping for only ten points, not to mention the clearance evaluation.

This time, Zhu Yang not only overturned the reset limit of the entire game and swept all ghosts for his own use, but also caught new ghosts that were not in the quest line, and found out the culprit of the haunted house more thoroughly.

It can be said to be an impeccable victory in all directions. The game has to give her an SSS evaluation even if she vomits blood. Even other players get S. After all, the difficulty of the task is here.

Everyone was overjoyed and expressed the hope that they would pass the customs with Zhu Yang next time.

Zhu Yang didn’t know how much he had listened to these words, waved impatiently, and sent away the player.

After the game was cleared, Zhu Yang received high rewards and once again greatly upgraded her physical skills. At the same time, the game finally assessed that she has the qualifications to enter the intermediate field.

Zhu Yang smiled, what did she say before? It’s said that Goubi Games will no longer want to watch her abuse food in the novice market, but it turns out to be so fast.

She was not shocked and counted the rewards. At this time, the game was over and the points and money exchange window had reopened.

Zhu Yang not only earned 50,000 points, he also managed the haunted house by himself and paid twice for catching ghosts. Even if the operation of the haunted house is not suitable for drawing money now, the reward for catching ghosts alone will be exchanged for 1,000 points.

In fact, Zhu Yang used the money to spend extravagantly. Just ordering a car for Zhu Weixin would have to go to Xiaoban.

And if you have a younger brother, Lu Datou can’t help but coax, right? I have to think about buying something good for him.

Zhu Yang converts the money in the game into points, one is to take it out, and two-it’s purely a game of Diying.

Sure enough, I heard the voice of vomiting blood.

She came out happily, with the view of her bedroom in front of her.

After playing the game until midnight, I just came out to sleep, but after closing my eyes, I heard the noise downstairs.

It was the voice of parents, but her mother seemed to be a little bit exhausted.

Zhu Yang hurriedly got up and put on a coat and went downstairs. When he went out, he met Zhu Weixin who also heard the movement.

As soon as the siblings went to the living room, they saw their mother pointed their dad’s nose and cursed: “I don’t know how old you are, and your children are so old.”

“I heard people say which man is looking for a mistress, which husband is still a joke when he is a young model. I didn’t expect that I was the biggest joke. What you said to me back then went back to the dog, right? .”

“When your children are all grown-ups, are you still thinking about adding a brother to them? You **** can afford to lose that person. Yes! Don’t think I am a stubborn guy. Divorce now. Both children are mine. Pack me up and go.”

After saying the last two sentences, their mother’s voice was so piercing that the brother and sister who came down trembled.

Just listen to Daddy Zhu arguing: “If you say nothing like that, you don’t listen, right? If I dare to mess around, you can spare me, and my daughter can’t spare me.”

“The big belly who came to the company with her child, or am I dazzled and deaf?”

Zhu Dad’s mouth is almost broken along the way, so I still have to explain.

But this time, before he spoke, something was thrown at his feet with a ‘pop’.

I wish my father looked down, it was a keyboard.

Turning his head and looking over, he saw his two children standing aside, and Zhu Weixin’s hand that had just taken back, obviously he threw it away.

Seeing him look over, Zhu Weixin took it for granted: “Dad, you are so true, why are you arguing with my mother in the middle of the night?”

“Is my mother such an unreasonable person? You have something to say on your knees, why does she not listen to you?”


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