Scream Queen Chapter 6

Worthy of being a female ghost, her sorrowful cry resounded across the sky, shattered the surface, and a veritable ghost crying wolf howling.

Zhu Yang was a little worried that this guy’s screams would shake him away. After all, ghosts should be relatively erratic and weak according to common sense.

Even when people are frightened, there is a saying that their souls are scattered, let alone there are no ghosts with solid bodies?

Of course, this is just a guess. After all, Zhu Yang didn’t even know that there were real ghosts before this. Then the common sense didn’t necessarily apply to the reality that appeared in front of him, which was beyond understanding.

“It’s done, howl? Now that female ghosts don’t need to be trained to work? I’m a ghost, and I’m a fart.”

The female ghost was screaming and suddenly heard the lazy voice behind the door.

She stared back and turned her head fiercely, and saw that Bitch was standing behind her with only a pair of underwear and arms.

Although the body is half-naked, but Bitch seems to be totally unconcerned, standing arrogantly and casually, without flinching, crossing arms just blocking his chest, long legs slightly stretched, and the toes of one foot is rhythmically on the floor Little by little.

So this embarrassing and shameful situation for the average person, but for her presents a different kind of beauty.

Just like the half-naked portrait under the lens of a master of art, this shabby, old, dark and dark room all the year round, at this moment, because of her existence, presents a sense of beauty that is precipitated by time.

The female ghost gritted her teeth, her jealousy seemed to condense into needles, and there was more panic of her own territory being invaded.

The people who had pulled in before obviously would only feel the despair of darkness, and they would be ruined by her wantonly in their dreams. Before the end of the day, they were so mentally delayed by her step by step. In the end, they were desperate and easily killed by her.

Zhu Yang saw the female ghost staring at her and did not speak, the viciousness in her eyes was just as real, but she was dreaming–

It is estimated that this link is to create a sense of despair of knowing that he is deeply in a dream, but still unable to wake up, so Zhu Yang knows that he is dreaming lucidly, and there is no lag in logic and thinking.

She ignored the other person’s expression: “Why? Can’t you speak? Or do you know your voice is too ugly, so you feel ashamed in front of me? Come on, give me my nightdress first, and you don’t know how jealous you are when you deal with this. .”

He twisted his waist as he said, “You look at my devil’s figure, right?”

The female ghost’s face became more distorted, and Zhu Yang was still calling: “What are you doing in a daze? Just use the ceiling fan and step on a stool—oh, sorry, I just didn’t notice your short legs, forget it, I Take it yourself.”

At this point, the female ghost finally became angry, and saw her mouth grow wide, until it reached the limit of her jaw, and it continued, revealing a mouth of rotten black teeth and an empty mouth in her mouth.

The tongue was missing, but her throat made a gurgling sound as if her neck was strangled before death, and her eyes were gone and her pupils turned white.

Then stretched out his arms and pinched Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang was pulling her skirt off and putting it back on her body. He saw two pale arms stretched out, his fingers like hooks, and his nails were black and corrupt.

She subconsciously stretched out her hand and pressed one hand on the female ghost’s forehead, and the female ghost waved her arms and could not reach her.

There is no other reason. Compared with Zhu Yang, the female ghost’s arms are too short.

When Zhu Yang pressed the press, she almost didn’t disgust herself. She was sure that she had pressed something slippery. As for what it was, Zhu Yang didn’t even want to think about it.

She loved being clean and beautiful since she was a child, and the stickiness of this hand made her sanity collapse on the spot.

Zhu Yang pushed his hand vigorously and pulled it back, and then while the female ghost was staggering, he lifted the folding stool on the ground and cut it on the female ghost’s head——

“I **** told you not to wash your face, your face was covered with dirty stuff, and your mouth was so big and you had a rotten tooth. If I accidentally put my hand in your mouth, do I need this hand?”

“Sadako Chengtian doesn’t take a **** to take pictures of her own virtues. Ms. Zhenzi was a beautiful and beautiful girl with super powers during her lifetime. After her death, she is a bigwig in the ghost world and has been the most influential female ghost for many years.

“Are you worthy of being on par with others? Are you worthy? How many are you worthy of! You still copy the beauty of others, and they were also famous Cantonese opera actors when they were alive. Ha, I found that you stupid didn’t have two brushes, but the eyelids were so high Very, why don’t you pretend to be Nie Xiaoqian?”

I don’t know if it’s all about anger in the dream, without really wasting energy, Zhu Yang, who is fighting against the five scums, dances with a folding stool.

When she stroked her hair comfortably, she stood up, and the female ghost had been beaten into dried shrimps. She arched her body and crawled forward while making a whining sound in her mouth, which seemed to be crying.

In fact, the female ghost is not so bad at pulling people into dreams, but she was frightened by the preemptive bitterness.

The so-called narrow road encounters the first to win, here is the dream, the spiritual world collides, whoever takes the lead, here is the ruler.

The female ghost had already lost the initiative as soon as she exposed her timidity, but because of the fact that Bitch didn’t understand the rules, she wanted to fight her with luck.

If you change someone else, you are first dominated by the fear of the female ghost pulling into the dream, you have already learned the Tao, and then the entire dream world can be modified and modified by her, and she can even experience a night of doomsday or ten thousand deaths law.

But on the other hand, after Bitch took the lead, she was in an absolute repressive position, so she was beaten by a female ghost in a dream so hard to fight back.

The female ghost was scared of being cut off, and was busy escaping from her dream while taking advantage of this bitch’s omission. This shame was even more deeply accumulated.

She was already scratching her nails and waiting for the seventh day to come, hurry up and let her be visible, she was going to kill the bitch.

As soon as the female ghost left, Zhu Yang woke up from her dream, and it was already slightly bright outside the window.

She quickly turned over and got out of bed and rushed to the toilet to wash her right hand desperately. Although it was a dream, she was too awake. The sticky feeling was particularly deep in the memory.

Zhu Yang didn’t know how long he had been rubbing, but he felt that there was only a residual response on his hands. He was reluctant to do it himself when eating in the morning, and was disgusted.

So let Auntie feed her!

Xie Yi came out of the room to eat breakfast. Seeing her posture, he was amazed and said: “The last time I saw her being fed this way, it was my niece who was less than three years old and the cerebral palsy daughter of a client of mine.”

Zhu Yangbai glanced at him and told him the dream of last night.

After listening to Xie Yi, he solemnly said: “Do you have a plan for your future career? If you haven’t, let the ghost hunter find out? The income is very rich. With your courage to tear the living ghost, let’s We will definitely make money.”

Zhu Yang sneered, and opened his mouth to swallow the strawberries that aunty had fed over: “Would you like to see the luxurious villa you live in now, which belongs to me?”

“Furthermore, even if I really fall into catching ghosts to make money someday, why should I find myself a dragger out of thin air?”

Sure enough, Xie Yi glanced around, according to the city’s housing prices, this villa is worth at least 20 million yuan.

And just bought it to study for his daughter, even if the Zhu family is not a celebrity, it is at least rich and rich.

Zhu Yang came to school in the morning, because the female ghost’s burying was really disgusting last night, she felt that she had to let the female ghost also taste the taste of the same——

Look, if you beat someone all night, you are the one who suffers from co-authoring.

Zhu Yang called in Zhu Lina. Zhu Lina had experienced this and knew the law.

When she came, her legs trembled a little, for fear that Zhu Yang was scared in her dream and asked her to give her anger.

As a result, as soon as he arrived at Zhu Yang, he threw a stack of drawing papers out: “I can’t paint, come and draw all the decay of the **** in your impression. Oh, and she turned into Chu Renmei, you should be able to think of her when she was Chu Renmei, right? Draw it out the same.”

“Hurry up, I want it before noon.”

Zhu Lina was about to cry. If possible, she would never want to recall that female ghost in this life, but it was clear that Zhu Yang’s words could not be rejected.

She had to tremble and paint one by one according to the impression, and according to Zhu Yang’s words, she switched to the ugly and low perspective.

Although the female ghost doesn’t look very good at first.

When eating at noon, Zhu Lina handed a few pieces of drawing paper to Zhu Yang with a dazed expression. When the members of the sister association around saw this, they wondered if Zhu Yang had really hit the evil.

However, Zhu Yang looked at it, nodded in satisfaction, and praised Zhu Lina: “You deserve to be a talented girl in the art department. This degree of reduction is exactly the same as the dead look I wanted.”

Then he unceremoniously threw the drawing paper in front of Lin Qian, arrogantly saying: “You, scan these drawings, post them to the forum, and make up a topic.”

“The content of the theme is to select the ten most ugly female ghosts, and collect the ugly female ghosts or horror film heroines at home and abroad, and let everyone vote.”

“But you have to control the direction of the wind behind you. There are two main points. The first point is to laugh at this Shanzhai Zhenzi and Chu Renmei’s ugly force He Dehe can make the list, and then push her to the top of the list by operating in the dark, and finally call on everyone P Picture, who can make her the most absurd and funny, without any horror, the top three have bonuses ranging from 10,000 to 2,000. Don’t worry, I will pay the money.”

“But all of this will be done within today, and it will end at noon tomorrow.”

Lin Qian was stunned and saw Zhu Yang patted her on the shoulder: “Anyway, I want you to make this a school-wide topic within one day, and wait for my next notice at noon tomorrow.”

“No, no!” Lin Qian hurriedly pushed away the drawing paper in front of him: “What is all this mess? Zhu Yang, are you really hitting evil? The resources of my news department are used for this kind of prank?”

Zhu Yang looked at her with a faint smile: “From the perspective of the topic’s fermentation and spreading time, I think you should act now instead of digging into the roots with me here.”

“Unless you don’t want to come to my party on Sunday.”

Lin Qian was startled, not being invited for group activities was equivalent to being expelled from the sisterhood in disguise. Moreover, Senior Cheng would also go there at that time, she had to guard against Zhu Yang whether she would play yin and mess with her.

So even if you are dissatisfied, you have to take the job to do it.

Zhu Yang sent Lin Qian away, and continued to eat, because he still felt responsive on his hands, he asked someone to feed him at noon.

It happened to be Zhu Lina who was sitting on her right at noon today, so she served as a serving girl.

There are a few crystal-clear and moist grapes in the salad on the plate, which makes people appetite.

Zhu Yang then ordered: “Give me the grapes.”

“Okay!” I don’t know why, Zhu Lina’s response suddenly became a little grim and hoarse.

When Zhu Yang was about to open his mouth, he saw Zhu Lina in front of him, her long wavy hair dyed in fashionable light chestnut, and suddenly strands of her hair turned into vertical shiny black.

The beautiful face also turned stiff and ordinary, with a spiteful and sinister smile on the corner of his mouth.

However, her hand was being raised, and the grape on the fork suddenly turned into a human eye.


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