Scream Queen Chapter 60

He knows how tricky the two cubs are.

My daughter won’t mention it, it’s something anyone with eyes can see. Although my son usually looks good and well-behaved, he can handle everything, and he doesn’t have the same way of collecting debts for Laozi from the rich second generation.

But my son knows for himself, where are the only bamboo shoots? It’s good for his mother and his sister. For his father, he has been striving to step on his father and use the old father’s body to establish the lowest position in the family and achieve his destiny from the bottom of the family pyramid.

Daddy Zhu sometimes wants to kill his cub, but now he is at a loss. The mother and son stared at him closely.

If he dared to touch that stinky vellus hair, his wife would have to kill him first.

I wish my father could not come to the stage because of his own stinky boy, but fortunately, the arrival of two children interrupted, and I wish my mother was not so exhausted in front of the children.

However, Father Zhu finally had the opportunity to explain.

It turned out that the matter had to be pushed back a few months ago. I also said that I wish my father good-looking. People in their forties looked mature and refined, not at all shallow and vulgar as usual nouveau riche.

The courage and power to act as a leader for a long time has always been appreciated by women, and it is also the heart of some uncles.

A few months ago at a dinner, the daughter of a family business partner who had returned from studying abroad fell in love with Daddy Zhu at first sight.

To say that the girl is one or two years older than her own daughter, but whoever has a sense of responsibility for the family would not care?

But they don’t have the shyness of ordinary girls, and they don’t take into account the reality of both sides. She is the temperament of a solitaire lady who has gone abroad for a few years, and even put a layer of so-called human rights on her selfish selfishness.

This Nima said it was the same as wishing that the wife who wished his father more than 20 young people who had been chasing back through hard work was forced to do it at home, co-authored, really middle-aged people don’t understand free love?

In short, this uncle’s controlling girl was stalking Zhu Dad for a while, but Zhu Dad didn’t pay attention to that, and sometimes it is inevitable to meet with an elder.

Obviously, the opponent is not only the uncle’s control, but also the Electra complex, so the fighting spirit is not obliterated.

Seeing that it was too long to attack, he moved crookedly. One time I wish my father and a few old friends were drunk outside. This is actually nothing. My assistant arranges a break.

But I don’t know how the woman’s supernatural powers bought the assistant, and when she woke up the next day, there was an extra person on the hotel bed.

I’m not stupid, I’m not stupid. Why don’t you understand after many years of marriage? Seeing the shirtless woman who was crying for his divorce.

At that time, I made two phone calls to go out. One was to fire his assistant, and the other was to cut off business with that family.

The woman’s father, if he is also an acquaintance who wished him to cooperate for many years, came over to question him from another room.

Zhu Daddy sneered and said: “You play this with me, right? I was drunk and muddy last night. You said I forced your daughter?”

“Whose room is this? This is my **** room. If you really want to talk, okay! Then call the police. If nothing happens, your daughter is slander. If anything happens, your daughter is rape/rape. .”

“There are surveillance everywhere in the hall and corridors. The people at the dinner and the staff here can prove that I was drunk. What am I afraid of as a victim? I would kneel down with my wife to explain.”

“Old husbands and wives have no shame or shame. Come on, what are you saying? Let’s talk about the confession now, but don’t want to change it.”

The woman and her dad were shocked by this bachelor’s posture. Your man in his forties and fifties was embarrassed to sue a girl in his early twenties for rape/rape?

The father and daughter were blocked by Zhu Da’s road, and it was difficult to say anywhere, so they had to leave in despair.

This matter should have come to an end here, the other party did not shamelessly, I wish father naturally would not take the initiative to poke it out to find it by himself.

I never thought that after a few months, the woman came to the company with a big belly, and she also picked out her intentions when she was there.

Mother Zhu exploded at the time, regardless of how Father Zhu explained, but the picture of a big belly like a ball always dazzled before her eyes.

At this moment, the children are all having to restrain their emotions, but after listening to explain it again, I wish my mother scolded: “Okay, I won’t hold you back for a while. Let’s talk about this issue afterwards.”

“I’ll just ask you, is the **** in that belly yours?”

Zhu Daddy said: “I can’t. I said that I did nothing. If I can get pregnant like this, I will add younger brothers and sisters to Yang Yang.”

Zhu Ma sneered: “Didn’t you say you were drunk? How do you know?”

Daddy Zhu hurriedly said: “It’s not a foolish young man, I don’t know what’s going on with my body?”

I wish Mom would think about it. It was not made up in a novel or TV series. I didn’t know if I was drunk and slept. I had to wait until I was pregnant.

In reality, if there are such stupid people, how can they live such a big life?

Zhu Yang also nodded: “Yes, it’s not a dead person, how could it be possible that I don’t know if I woke up overnight?”

After speaking, Zhu’s mother cut it off: “What do you say about the kid’s family?”

Only Zhu Weixin glanced at his sister. Isn’t that a bit too informative?

Seeing that I finally resolved this dead knot, I hurriedly started Zhu Weixin sitting next to his daughter-in-law, and said to please: “If you want me to say you shouldn’t get angry at the time, I caught the little girl and turned to the hospital for identification, raised his hand. Let the lawyer sue her for defamation.”

“This family’s mind is not right, and it won’t hurt all of a sudden. Is it possible that they make them feel sick all the time?”

Seeing Zhu’s mother raised her eyebrows, she hurriedly explained: “It’s not to blame you. In this way, tomorrow I will negotiate with her Lao Tzu. It happens that she and Lao Yuan’s family have a large order or the line I took. Listen to Lao Yuan’s side. Speaking of it, progress is so-so.”

Then I saw Father Zhu sneered: “Since the progress is average, let’s change to a more efficient one. Or let the children know that this is not a shameless life. You can just take your pants and go after you pee at someone’s door. ”

For some reason, I calmed Zhu’s mother. The next day, Zhu’s mother didn’t go to work. She didn’t sleep last night and couldn’t get enough energy today, so she simply stayed at home with the children.

In the morning, I personally made breakfast for my children. On the dining table, I saw Zhu Yang’s small face with skin that looked like a peeled egg. He was so happy and envious that he wiped two hands–

“Oh, why does my daughter look so good? This face, this figure, is stronger than your mother when she was younger, what did you wear recently?”

Zhu Yang also feels that he is in better condition, especially the skin. The filter is completely redundant, but it hinders the aura.

But this shouldn’t have anything to do with what you eat and what you wipe. It should be the benefit of becoming stronger, right? If you think about it this way, the dog game is not so useless.

I saw Zhu’s mother sighed: “Your mother is not good, she is old, no matter how to maintain it, it won’t be right to watch it the next day after staying up late. No, I have to apply a mask later.”

Zhu Yang knew that this was the anxiety brought to her mother by the mess that happened yesterday. Although her parents had a solid emotional foundation, her parents knew it was reliable.

But watching a little girl who is more than 20 years younger than herself ran in front of her to demonstrate, how could she not poke her lung tube?

This is one of the reasons why their dad is so angry.

As a result, their dad probably hadn’t negotiated with the other party’s family, and the woman unexpectedly came uninvited and ran to their house to spoil her.

At that time, the mother and son had just finished their breakfast, and the plates had not been removed. When the security guard outside said that a pregnant woman was visiting, they somewhat admired the woman.

At least this does not give people the frequency of intermission time at all. For a pregnant woman with a straight belly, it is really enough.

Zhu’s mother was about to let the people at the front door drive them away, but Zhu Yang held them down, indicating that the guests came to visit, and it is not the way to stay away.

I wish Mom didn’t want to look at the face, but her daughter has always had a big idea, and she wants to refrain from it now. If her daughter ran to find someone to make trouble, it would be better to have her watching.

The woman didn’t come alone. She also brought a girl of the same age who looked like a best friend and actually looked like an attendant. Zhu Yang has many girlfriends like this, and she can tell at a glance.

Two young girls, dressed in glamorous and glamorous fashion, even if one of them was broken and pregnant, it was dressed fashionable and in good shape. They were not fat anywhere except the belly, not the least bloated of ordinary pregnant women.

Her child was indeed not from Zhu’s family. She was sent out of the country after being driven away by the dingy. She was frustrated by her self-esteem and couldn’t ask for it for the first time. She plunged into the decadent and corrupt days, and became pregnant by accident. .

The key is that it is not clear who the child belongs to. I wanted to have an abortion but found out that I had a very high risk of having an abortion. I could only give birth.

As soon as this incident happened, she suddenly became a laughing stock in the circle. The family members also became angry because she gave birth to children out of wedlock, and the value of her marriage was greatly reduced in the future. It also caused her parents and brothers to be discussed outside.

The woman felt that these two months had been down to the bottom of her life, and then, in retrospect, she turned her anger on Zhu Da’s unwillingness to compromise at that time.

Thinking that even if he can’t get anything, it’s okay to be disgusting, even if it is found out that the child is not his, the defendant will slander.

Then the pregnant woman’s status is convenient, the natural disadvantaged group is added, and some mental depression certificates are issued, what can she really do?

An old woman who is almost fifty years old, dressed like a little girl all day long, she wants to see the really upright and youthful little girl come to her door, what the haggard situation of the old woman who was in the bottom of yesterday is now.

It must look good in comparison!

As a result, the servant led him to the small garden.

The small garden is at the back of the kitchen. It is well maintained. Tables, chairs and two swings are also installed.

Sometimes when the weather is good, Zhu Yang and the others will move their breakfast here. With the fragrance of flowers and plants and the warmth of the sun, it is a beautiful start to the day.

The woman walked over, and before she opened her mouth, she saw the three people in the family turning back at the same time.

In the early morning sun, beautiful women and handsome children, sitting in a mansion, enjoying a sumptuous breakfast and refreshments, life is exquisite and cozy, how can there be a bit of a decadent atmosphere?

The two beautiful girls who specially dressed up to the door were very confident about their youth and beauty, but now they look like two reckless clowns.

Fortunately for women, through the filter of jealousy and anger, how do you think this old woman is hateful even with the other’s children.

But the girl who came with her couldn’t help being speechless–

This kind of evildoer, I heard people talk about old women and old women all the way, but if a woman lived to nearly 50 and maintained such a good maintenance, that would be the envy of everyone.

Not to mention the other pair of children, they are handsome men and women, especially the daughter, who is about the same age as them, has been fully grown.

To be reasonable, this wire rod is not inferior to those female celebrities who rely on their faces to eat. If they want to come and rely on their young and beautiful appearance, even if they are–

But the girl only thought of this. The pregnant woman had already spoken. She glanced at the dining table, and her voice was ironic: “Oh! Are you still eating right now? Yizhi is not bad.”

“But you can avoid it by hiding at home? I have a good time, a pure white girl, and the child of his wish family in her arms, she has to be responsible for me.”

“Since you can’t take care of your husband, you have to give way, and you shouldn’t talk about the three-year-old man. If you don’t talk about it these days, I’m not a poor girl who has to rely on your snort.”

“According to the terms of my family, I am a lady in her twenties and he is a half old man.

“Also let you know that I can’t take the money to pass, I don’t care what your family discusses, but I can never be irresponsible here.”

Speaking, I glanced at Zhu’s mother, and said contemptuously: “I think you still like to dress up at a young age. It can be seen that you are lonely in your heart. Why not just divorce and be smart?”

“Heh! But then again, can your old woman compete with me as a young and beautiful woman?”

Zhu Ma was furious when she heard that, she was not a vegetarian, and when she was about to scold, she heard a sneer from the side.

Everyone looked over and saw Zhu Yang who was drinking a cup of coffee.

Her face was overwhelmed with joy, and the look in the eyes of the pregnant woman was like watching a monkey making her happy: “I haven’t seen such a funny breakfast entertainment for a long time, and I almost squirted coffee.”

Then looked up, those beautiful and charming eyes looked directly at the pregnant woman, playing with the taste: “What do you say about you? Young and beautiful?”

The expression on her face was very obvious, an expression of ‘do you want to look in the mirror to clear up a little bit before talking’.

“The eyebrows have been carefully trimmed, but you can still see that the original eyebrows are hanging and the eyelids are raised. How long does it take to draw your triangular eyes to see people in a day? The nose is quite strong, but the nose is firmer than garlic , How many layers did you put on the foundation? How can I still see the blackheads on it?”

“People have short and thick mouths, oh they should be lip augmentation? The European and American aesthetics have made four different images. I understand that you are trying to show the outline of the shadow high officials, but what are the two lumps on your cheekbones? I have already posted them. There are two light bulbs on your face.”


“What are you?” Zhu Yang said: “You are so ugly and you dare to call yourself young and beautiful, I heard it right? My old Zhu family is so bad that there is no throne, if you really have it, it can be mixed with your inferior genes. That’s it.”

Strictly speaking, the pregnant woman was not so shabby as Zhu Yang said. In a practical sense, she is also a beautiful girl who has grown up to be very popular. Plus the rich will dress up, where is it that boys are not biased?

But this matter, there is no way to compare, especially it is objectively obvious that a woman who is more beautiful than you is condescending and picky.

The pregnant woman sneered: “You also admit that the child belongs to your family? That’s good. I am an adult and naturally don’t care about your children. What’s more, when the child is born in the future, you will have to call your brothers and sisters. It’s too stiff.”

“I admit it’s useless, I have to be admitted by the hospital!” Zhu Yang said nonchalantly: “Just like I was the one who made you pregnant.”

As she finished speaking, her mother slapped her again: “I can say anything all day long.”

Zhu Yang shrugged, and then Zhu Weixin asked with pure doubts: “Sister, what should I do then?”

The pregnant woman smiled triumphantly, that’s it, mutual suspicion and suspicion, so that she would not be in vain to run back and forth.

But I heard that the little girl said nonchalantly: “Yes, it is! Anyway, I can’t give birth. Even if I was born, we really let us raise it, and my mother may not be alive.”

The pregnant woman’s face changed: “What do you mean? Is this threatening me?”

Said and called the girl next to him: “Quick, quickly record.”

Zhu Yang didn’t rush, he didn’t care when he saw that the other party opened the phone to record: “How can this be a threat? I just mentioned the possible risks and accidents.”

“Let’s understand the abortion rate of pregnant women? Although the life risk of childbirth is not high, it can’t be said to be zero? The probability is small, but no one can guarantee that you will not just hit that one. I’m just based on this assumption. Show humanitarian sympathy.”

As she raised her eyes, the look in her eyes made people feel gloomy for no reason: “After all, this death process should be very painful. It is possible that your fetus will crawl out of the birth mouth without saying hello, and you may be in pain. It hurts to die alive, but most likely, you have a big belly that obstructs your vision, and you are wearing high heels, and you fall downstairs and kill you.”

“Don’t look at me with that kind of eyes, how could I do such a terrible thing? Make sure you can’t find any connection with me at the scene. Even if you are recording now, I do have motives, but the police didn’t use this as evidence in the case.”

After listening to her words, pregnant women and girls felt dense sweat on their backs, especially pregnant women. When she talked about these possibilities, several pictures flashed in her mind.

It was not a picture of my own thoughts diverging and replenishing his mind. It was so real that people tremble all over, but at this moment this garden shining in the sun made people feel breathless and cold for no reason.

Unexpectedly, the old woman’s daughter had only finished speaking, and the son said again: “Yes! That’s me for worrying about my sister.”

“How can you forget that even if they are born safely, the child is very fragile. A cold and flu can kill you. If you turn around by the wrong eye, you may disappear. A table cabinet can be killed if you accidentally fall down, or you can drink alcohol and medicine by mistake. class.”

Speaking and patted myself on the head: “Why did I forget, it’s actually not easy for a person to live to grow old.”

The boy looked handsome in the sunshine, and his first impression was that he was a kind-hearted child full of positive energy, but he looked at his sister and mother, smiled softly, and said these words like a poisonous snake.

Occasionally, the eyes that glanced over were with cold malice, which made the heart more chilling than his sister.

His sister looked at people with condescending contempt, but the young boy’s eyes looked at you, just like there are not two people standing in front of them, but two beasts waiting to be slaughtered.

The accompanying girl couldn’t help taking a step back, but the pregnant woman found her stomach aching feeling, as if the child in her stomach couldn’t stand the strange atmosphere and was protesting.

The two left Zhu’s house in a dingy manner, and the pregnant woman said: “This family is evil. I said that a man with money does not steal fishy. It is absolutely fascinated by a house of witches.”

The girl said: “It’s not so mysterious, right? It’s scary. I got goose bumps just now. I don’t know if it’s dazzling. I saw a layer of frost on the flower next to us.”

The pregnant woman waved her hand: “Play the recording and listen to it, first hand it over to the police for the record, and let it give a verbal warning. I don’t want to spread the evil of that lunatic.”

The girls turned on the audio, but the audio file contained only their voices from beginning to end, and the other party did not record a word of threats.

The faces of the two of them suddenly looked like a ghost, and the scream of horror urged the driver to leave here.

I wish my mother was caused by the naughtiness of the two children. She knocked on her forehead alone: ​​”Don’t run around, let alone mess around. If there is any accident when someone takes the recording, you two don’t say suspicion, just Is it disgusting to cooperate with the investigation every day?”

He raised his face again and ordered: “Your father will solve it by himself. Don’t bother you.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “You know, I’m playing with Poppy, you really can’t stand her.”

I wish my father had a good efficiency in doing things. In the afternoon, I called back and said that the family had gone to his home to apologize, and promised to send the people abroad in two days.

And the woman’s check-up report was also obtained. The date of pregnancy showed that she was abroad at the time, and it was impossible to have anything to do with Daddy Zhu. It was a complete proof of his innocence.

A storm that hadn’t started yet subsided after a day, but Zhu Yang estimated that her father would still have to sleep on the study sofa for a few days.

No reason, just her mother is upset.

Only then did Zhu Yang have time to spend the money he brought out.

To be honest, the reason Zhu Yang insisted on making such a high level of clearance evaluation this time is because of his pride, and more because of the so many ghosts in the apartment. Most of them have skills. The higher the evaluation, the more likely it is. More skills.

Did other players explode their skills, and what are they uncomfortable, but Zhu Yang is really rewarding as he expected.

She exploded four in one breath, a mirror girl’s phantom control, a ghost girl’s knife skills, an ice girl’s ability, and one is actually a cockroach.

Zhu Yang and Goubi Game have been walking away on the principle of responding to each other. This time, Goubi Game shot himself in the foot.

The huge pit originally dug for Zhu Yang became her loyalty factory, so many ghost NPCs came out in one breath, the more the number was exploded with so many skills, there was nothing to say.

But at this point, it will be disgusting. Zhu Yang suspects that this explosive skill at least controls the cockroach. It is definitely not randomly selected, or the dog is better than the game.

The convenience of the Mirror Girl is obvious to all, but the two skills of fantasy immunity and the use of fantasy are actually separated, which shows that the dog is stingy than the game.

Although the ice girl’s skills were limited to the occasional level in the previous dungeon, and the lethality was not high, there is no doubt that this is actually a very strong ability.

As for the ghost doll’s knife skills-

Zhu Yang drew out a knife in her hand to play tricks, and the knife looked like an arm in her hand.

However, Zhu Yang felt that the sword skill was second, and the biggest benefit of this skill was more adequate and reasonable control of the increasing physical fitness.

As she said, no matter how strong their players are, as long as they are not strong enough to crush the level, sometimes it is easy to suffer from professional special forces or martial arts masters.

Players who have a fighting foundation like Lu Datou are much higher than others from the beginning, so after saving the initial capital, most players will choose to find professional guidance to improve their fighting skills.

There are never few opportunities to use hand-to-hand combat. Zhu Yang used to watch his younger brother learn taekwondo, and was not interested in blending. So now there is nothing but the amazing physique among the newcomers, but the effect that this physique can really play is not enough. 30%, this is a huge waste.

With the sword skills of the ghost doll, her tall and strong physique is now at least able to use things. This is the rare feature of this skill.

However, the intermediate players are based on this strength at first, and the difficulty can be imagined.

Zhu Yang was thinking about it and heard his brother’s exclamation: “Sister, when did you learn to turn the knife?”

Said that he hurriedly came over to take off the knife in her hand, and disagreed: “You can turn the pen, chopsticks or spatula, just to pretend to challenge such a dangerous difficulty for the circle of friends, it’s not worth it! After a while, I cut you off again. I have to cry.”

Then Zhu Weixin inserted the knife back into the knife seat, and suddenly saw a cockroach in the dead corner behind the knife seat——

“Fuck! How come there are cockroaches in my house?”

It is really strange that several people clean up a day.

Zhu Yang walked over with a blank face, wondering if Goubi Gaming had sent her specially to test her ability.

When her brother was holding something to slap the cockroach, he manipulated the cockroach to hide from left to right, and for a while, he even tapped to demonstrate.

Zhu Weixin was so angry that Zhu Yang saw the cockroaches leave when he was almost there. When the nanny and aunts at home came over, they could not find anything else in the kitchen.

Zhu Yang thought blankly, at least when she is arranged to live in a place where birds do not **** in the future, she won’t have to worry about mosquitoes.

Use cockroaches to eat the mosquitoes, mice and ants one bite at a time, and then let them line up to leave, how convenient!

Zhu Yang felt that in the mutual harm between herself and the dog in the game, it was somewhat abnormal. Before, she could not stand the cockroach.

The next day, Lu Xiusi came to her, and heard that she was about to enter the ultimate field.

“The mortality rate in the middle-level field is much higher than that in the low-level field, and the dangers and items are no longer limited to ghosts.”

He looked a little irritable: “No, you can’t let you go through the first game alone. I ask them to collect the intermediate field news and see if you can screen and try your luck.”

Zhu Yang said: “You want to filter out the places where I might enter next time from the intermediate field you passed, and then try to accompany me in? This probability is too small?”

“This kind of span occasion generally has special significance. It should be able to guess some clues if it is related to your performance and game evaluation, as well as ability value and various standards. If it happens that I have not experienced it, I will ask someone to go in with you.”

“But won’t advanced players increase the difficulty of the game?”

“If you don’t choose to pass the level and just serve as a bystander, you won’t be able to improve too much. Advanced players usually come back to get props or play hidden side rewards. If you give up the level of clearance rewards, your ability will be suppressed to the level of intermediate players. This advantage is limited even if it is difficult to upgrade.”

“Huh? It can also weaken the ability?” Zhu Yang noticed this.

Lu Xiuci smiled: “Of course, you shouldn’t think that the advanced player’s ability is just this, right? In fact, returning to the previous copy will be weakened to a certain extent according to the game level, and the lower the level, the worse it will be. ”

“This is especially true in the real world. You are now at the limit of the real world, and I am not much better than you.”

“Otherwise, if a high-level player suddenly retaliates against the society or fights with each other, banging the top two times, and destroying a building, the world will be messed up early.”

Zhu Yang thought it was true. Although their abilities in reality were far superior to ordinary people, they happened to be within the control of the state machinery. Dogs had better ideas than games.

Seeing that he was still worrying about himself, Zhu Yang jumped on his body and hugged him, then kissed his lips——

“Relax, isn’t there a pass token? I don’t want to use it, but it’s not a joke about my life.”

Then he took out a key and handed it to him: “Come, give it to you.”

Lu Xiuci saw that it was obviously the key to the real estate: “Why are you giving me the house? I want more.”

Zhu Yang bit his lip and whispered in his ear: “But in this house alone, I listen to you everything.”

“Anything, no matter what you make me wear or do.”

The color of Lu Xiuci’s eyeballs seemed to have changed. He gripped the key tightly, and said in a difficult voice, “How many times can I use it a month?”

“Then it depends on your performance.”

So the name of being taken advantage of will be everywhere in the future.

Zhu Weixin went downstairs to see that the two were slimy and unhappy, but he just received the gift and needs to show off.

He proudly said to Lu Xiu and raised the car key in his hand: “Look! My sister gave it to me, my sister is awesome.”

Lu Xiuci also shook the house key in his hand: “Well! Your sister gave it to me, your sister is awesome.”

Zhu Weixin was so angry that she had to constantly hypnotize herself. Her sister bought him such an expensive sports car. It must not be much money. The remaining bits and pieces were put away and confused. At most, she bought a single room package in an unfinished building. The worst kind of neighborhood.

This has stabilized his joy of receiving gifts, but the child is now seriously underestimating his sister’s moat.

It is the clothes that Zhu Yang brought back to her mother from the game, but she has never found a chance to give it to her mother.

It’s not the brand of this world. She had to dismantle the tag and LOGO one by one, falsely claiming that it was customized by a private person, so why bother.

Seeing that the summer vacation will be over soon, but the senior year does not have to stay at school, but the intern is looking forward to staying at home, Lu Xiu and Zhu Weixin are very happy.

One day before school started, Zhu Yang’s cousin’s son Yin Jun ran away to play with her. The eldest cousin was the eldest son of her aunt, but was about the same age as her parents, so the cousin Yin Jun was the same age as Zhu Yang.

Two years younger than Zhu Yang, one year older than Zhu Weixin, and now in college.

The eldest cousin’s family went out for a summer vacation and brought some rare specialties back. Because his cousin and cousin had to go to work when he came back, he asked Yin Jun to distribute the things to relatives at home.

Yin Jun looked a bit like Zhu Weixin’s temperament, both of which were sunny and handsome, but Zhu Weixin was a big-tailed wolf pretending to be a small milk dog, and Yin Jun was a purebred husky.

Zhu Yang’s family was very happy to see him. I wish my mother will make people busy to fill him with dishes and chopsticks: “Junjun is here, don’t make a phone call before you come, so that your uncle can pick you up.”

“No, I got my driver’s license last year. It’s convenient to drive my dad’s car now.”

When I said that, I went to the table and saw a braised pork hoof on the table, and said to Zhu Weixin: “I guess my milk is for Sister Yang Yang, and she fooled me.”

Zhu Weixin ran into him: “Call cousin, no big or small, I am your cousin, come and call one.”

Yin Jun hooked his head and said, “Uncle, you first call Brother Sheng to listen.”

In short, it is a lawsuit that never agrees on the title of a generation of children of similar age.

Zhu Yang took a look at him: “Yeah, you cleaned up very neatly today, your hair is also trimmed, and your clothes-didn’t you even say that the color I recommended for you is too feminine? How did you put it on?”

Yin Jun blushed a little and said, “Isn’t this catering to your girls’ aesthetics.”

“Are you going on a date tonight?”

“No, go to Mianji!”

It is said that I met a netizen girl in the game, and both sides have good feelings. After chatting for a while, I plan to meet offline.

Zhu Weixin sneered contemptuously: “Be careful to get up tomorrow morning and lose a kidney.”

The two huskies started to plan each other again.

Yin Jun didn’t dare to tell his parents about this kind of thing, but Zhu Yang’s family had no taboos. For no reason, his aunts and aunts were all enlightened people, who were also nearly fifty years old.

There is no gap between my aunt and aunt and young people, and the common topic of his parents is those old ladies and aunts of square dancing.

Sure enough, I just told him to keep his eyes open and keep the phone open. If the situation is not right, call home immediately, so he didn’t mean to stop it.

In the afternoon, I wish my father and mother have something to go out. Zhu Weixin and Yin Jun teamed up to play a game for half the afternoon and went out to the appointment at the appointed time in the evening.

Zhu Yang was called out by Lu Xiu, saying that he had met two friends related to the game.

Zhu Yang left Zhu Weixin, who wanted to follow her, and left alone with Lu Xiu, and Zhu Weixin scratched the wall with anger.

The agreed place is a private club with a quiet environment, which is an excellent place for friends to gather.

Zhu Yang resigned with Lu Xiu, and saw that two people had arrived, one of whom was still an acquaintance, Xie Yi, the fake genius who was as timid as a dog.

This guy even cheated her dad.

The other person wore a hoodie and glasses, with a taciturn look.

“Xie Yi doesn’t need to introduce it? This is Qu He, very easy to use.”

To say that Xie Yi and Qu He knew Lu Xiuci so well, they often exchanged information, and they also met many people through each other.

In the past, anyway, when I first introduced it outside, it was a boast, and the momentum cannot be weakened, right? Anyhow, they are all high-ranking bosses in the game.

But what does Nima mean by ‘very good’?

Xie Yi smiled: “I previously guessed that Missy is probably the dark horse among new players in the game this year. I didn’t expect this to be just a few games? You will be promoted to the mid-level field.”

“Admire, admire, come and toast you a cup.”

Zhu Yang said: “If you say it nicely, I can’t forget the money you cheated.”

Xie Yi choked and looked at Lao Lu’s expression. As expected, the other party said, “Who is it that you stupid?” ‘S contempt.

The atmosphere is also relaxed in this teasing and teasing. Today, Lu Xiu resigned and asked the two to come out. One is that Zhu Yang is now in the midfield and he is suitable to be brought into their circle. The other is that the things mentioned before have some results. .

Qu He seems to be good at data analysis. According to Lu Xiuci’s commission, after a series of collections, screenings and comparisons, he gave several possibilities.

Of course, this is only possible. I said before that the game is not a set of data. If you know that you are flexible, there is a high possibility of guessing that the opponent is an intelligent creature with emotional preferences.

No matter how rigorous the analysis is, the other party may deliberately get in the way after knowing their plans, so whether they can find someone to match Zhu Yang to the first stop of the intermediate field depends not only on luck, but also on the high or unhappy game.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Hahaha! Pull it down, if you really can wash and sleep like this, how can a dog look at me better than a game, I’m already **** with it.”

Then he yelled into the air: “Hey, idiot, are you right?”

Lu Xiuci and Qu He looked at each other, and seeing Zhu Yang’s convulsions, it was easy to think of a person.

The two looked back at Xie Yi, and Xie Yi hurriedly said, “Hey, what look in your eyes? I’m just a little bit timid, right?”

The two are helpless. They are either shrewd or calm or brave. They have hardworking perseverance and unyielding determination, so they can go far in the game.

But sometimes I have to admit that some players are inherently unique, but Shengsheng can cut a way out of their own style.

Xie Yi is like this, so is Zhu Yang.

Lu Xiuci can imagine the burden that Zhu Yang’s virtue has brought to the heart of the game. He could clearly hear the vomiting of blood in the game when he heard her talk about the previous clearance.

The same thing has happened to Xie Yi, but he is another kind of Qi method, in short, it is the type that the game regrets pulling in.

Several people were drinking and discussing, and Zhu Yang received a call. It seemed that the call was Yin Jun’s.

After the connection, you changed to Yin Jun’s almost crying voice—

“Sister Yang Yang, I, I met a wine tray.”

Yes, there are a lot of problems with the face, but to say that Yin Jun is not an anxious and insignificant person, such a sunny and handsome young man, ordinary girls can’t avoid the heartbeat when they see it?

So when Zhu Yang heard that he had encountered a wine tray, the first thought was that the wine tray was a waste.



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