Scream Queen Chapter 61

Zhu Yang admired the professionalism and work concentration of the wine tray for a while.

Like Yin Jun’s appearance, it is encountered in a serious and serious workplace. The girl is trying to develop a long-term after work. It is not her cousin who wears the filter of her relatives. The husky in her family absolutely has this hard condition. Right.

As a result, people are completely unmoved by the chaotic wine trust of the industry. One is one. If you say that you are scammed, you will never be greedy.

Such a handsome guy is actually a little cheap and not even thinking about it. He simply does one transaction directly and eliminates the possibility of second cooperation.

Zhu Yang wondered, is it the end of the year, and the wine tray is also busy checking performance, so the handsome guy is not thinking about it now?

At this moment, Zhu Yang turned out to be a little respectful of Miss Liquor.

But sincerely, she had to rush over immediately after receiving the call.

Fortunately, the place where he is facing is also in this commercial area, not far away, it only takes about ten minutes to walk.

As a result, today’s related game topics are bound to come to an end, but fortunately, the conversation is almost complete, which is not a delay.

Especially Xie Yi, a person of good deeds, heard the content of the call, and actually wanted to see the past.

Seeing that Qu He disliked the vegetable market in the residential area, he was inquiring about the aunt all day long.

Xie Yi said plausibly: “I haven’t met before, don’t tell me, I’m half an old river and lake, like a wine tray, a liar touches porcelain, but I heard it countless times, myself I haven’t met it once.\”

As he said, he touched his face: \”Is it because we are too wise and martial, so it is not easy to fool at a glance, so others will be excluded from the scope of business after a glance?\”

Lu Xiu resigned: “No, it’s the face of the profiteers cheating money on your face that you are stingy and stingy.”

\”Practitioners in related businesses can see that they are along the way, so the screening target directly skips you.\”

All normal people should be ashamed, right? But Xie Yi was not ashamed but proud of it.

\”It’s no wonder that the friends I make are all rich people. It turns out that subconsciously developing business is possible, hehe! Don’t say the old way, you know me quite well.\”

Lu Xiuci has a girlfriend who is a hundred times more tricky. He has been trained for a long time. Hearing this guy’s shameless self-inflation.

Smiled: \”Then when did you pay back the points you owed me last time?\”

Xie Yi froze: \”Aren’t we friends?\”

\”A friend is also a potential business. Of course, business has one thing to say.\”

When Lu Xiuci finished speaking here, Qu He also reminded: \”Yes, there is still something owed to me.\”

For a time Xie Yi was surrounded by two debt collectors, only feeling that his body was so small at the moment.

The talking room has arrived in the store, and this time the scene has not lost control, and has not even torn his face.

As soon as Zhu Yang entered, he saw Yin Jun sitting by the window with a beautiful girl in pure dress.

The two of them, at least so far, looked at the atmosphere at the table in harmony. It was just that there were several bottles of expensive wine on the table, silently complaining how a teenager’s heart was broken.

Yin Jun is not stupid enough. Seeing the female netizen desperately ordering wine and making a posture of trying to get herself drunk, so that she can pick up her corpse cheaply, she feels wrong.

To be honest, he looks good at his age. There is no shortage of girls around.

He is not anxious Dios who usually ignores girls at all. The reason for his face is that he can chat on the Internet. He pursues spiritual resonance and holds a pure idea. People don’t even think about what will happen today. what.

So I didn’t get dazzled by this sinister routine. I also know that since people dare to order so much wine for you, they will naturally have a way to force you to pay.

So he didn’t expose it, and then called Zhu Yang on the excuse of going to the toilet.

I didn’t beat Zhu Weixin because I was afraid of disturbing their work. I didn’t beat Zhu Weixin because I couldn’t afford to lose this person in front of that kid.

Yin Jun thought that Sister Yang Yang would bring the police over, but when he saw her, he was only with two people behind him.

Yin Jun was a little drumming in his heart, and there was no one in the restaurant at this time, so Zhu Yang and the others came in very conspicuously.

Just as a waiter greeted him, Zhu Yang went straight to Yin Jun’s table and sat down.

He opened his mouth and said: \”I just said that there is not enough money for eating and drinking, here, I brought it to you.\”

Not to mention the drinker, even Yin Jun was taken aback by her single-handed posture.

Sister Xindao, I asked you to catch me, not to be taken advantage of. You brought a policeman somehow.

However, Zhu Yang looked at the wine-serving girl, glanced at the wine on the table, and looked harsh and critical: “If you look like this, you can have so much wine? The threshold of this line is really too low.”

The woman’s face changed, and she asked Yin Jun: “What do you mean?”

Yin Jun hadn’t spoken yet, the people in the restaurant had already noticed that the posture was wrong.

Now that the game has been dismantled to the point where the face is torn, it is not the bartender who should go to the front line but someone else.

Zhu Yang Yuguang saw that a few people had gathered at the bar, and it was probably used by the checkout ring.

She smiled, ignoring the questioning of the bartender.

To Yin Jun: \”Are you full? When you are full, check out and go home. Have you drunk these wines?\”

Yin Jun shook his head: \”I didn’t drink it, the glass I poured in front of me has not been finished yet.\”

But in fact, those wines have already been opened. If you want to withdraw it, it will block the road for you.

Zhu Yang said: \”This is also a good deal, you can pay as much as you drink, the meal cost is AA.\”

\”Boss, check out!\”

The barmaid immediately quit after hearing this: \”Why? Fool me, invite someone out and let the girls check out, are you ashamed of you?\”

\”How sorry, seeing a netizen is not seeing a celebrity, you have to go bankrupt? Which piece of your face is worth spending money on?\”

The barmaid has been doing this for so long, so naturally she won’t feel anything because of a few words.

I’ve already torn my face right now, and I don’t want to talk about it, and he said with a bachelor’s face: \”I have no money. I came out to see a man and never brought money. You figure it out.\”

At this time the hotel has already brought the bill over: \”Hello miss, the total is 28,880, do you think it is credit card or cash.\”

Zhu Yang smiled and said: \”Yo! Who of us here has not cleared the checkout yet, but you are sharp-eyed, and handed over the bill straightforwardly.\”

She pointed to the wine trust girl: \”According to the consumption, the bill should be handed to this lady. My brother had a few meals and a glass of wine, 1,000 yuan to the sky, right?\”

\”You don’t look for the big head of the consumer, but instead find the change to checkout, which is interesting enough.\”

The manager of the store smiled and said: “This is the dispute between you. We open a store for business. We only pay for the goods and services. This is justified.”

\”Since the lady said she had no money, she couldn’t have no money for one or two of them. Let our restaurant bear the loss, right? It’s only a small business, and I really can’t afford it.\”

The bartender also helped me now: \”Yes, you have to end up first, it would be ugly to be frozen here, isn’t it possible to live here tonight?\”

Yin Jun’s face is thin, and this shameless inside and out sing makes him angry and embarrassed.

However, Zhu Yang casually took the bill and pointed to the price of the wine above and said: \”If I remember correctly, these two wines usually sell for only more than 500, right? You are more than five times more expensive.\ ”

The hotel manager has dealt with this kind of thing freely, and laughed: “Different places, the price of goods is definitely different. A bottle of mineral water in the supermarket costs eight yuan in the cinema, which is eight times the price. , So each place must have different pricing standards.\”

\”You can talk to the Bureau of Industry and Commerce about this!\” Zhu Yang wanted to call.

But seeing that a few strong men had gathered around, the manager continued: “Our products are clearly priced, and the prices of drinks on the menu are clear, and there is no fraud.”

\”If you think it’s expensive, don’t order it at the beginning. After consuming our things, you have to question or appeal, and please check out first.\”

\”Or do you want to eat Bawang meal?\”

Zhu Yang spread his hands, and gave you a ruthless compromise posture: \”Yes, check out the bill, and today we will accept it.\”

Then he stretched his hand into the small carrying bag to see if this was a posture of taking out his wallet and swiping his card.

Unexpectedly, she took out two stacks of banknotes from the small bag and threw them on the table.

They looked at how the small bag that could only hold two mobile phones contained so much cash, no one had thought about it.

The key is to see the money taken out, the wine nurse and the hotel manager all showed a triumphant look.

When Yin Jun saw his little cousin paying for the money, he was anxious and depressed.

The manager was about to reach out to get the money, and then several wads of money fell.

Everyone was surprised, this is not over yet. The woman was still paying money out, stack after stack, her big **** bag was like a bottomless pit.

When she stopped, there was at least 200,000 cash on the table.

The wine tray group was a little confused, so they listened to her: “Since the checkout has reached a consensus, let’s continue to consume, just the wine just now, and another 50 bottles.”

A group of people thought that Shi Lezhi was so popular. Looking at the shocking wads of banknotes on the table, the deterrence of cash is always unmatched by the string of numbers in mobile banking.

How many people have no reason? The one who went to the wine cabinet immediately went to the wine cabinet, and the one who went to the storeroom went to the storeroom. After a while, more than fifty bottles of liquor were put on the table.

The manager asked: “Miss, do you want to open it now or pack it? Or you can store it with us.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: \”Open it all.\”

Then came the sound of bottles one after another, let alone, more than fifty bottles of wine, just opened for a while.

When all the wines were finished, Yin Jun looked at his little cousin all in a daze.

He Yang Yang and Zhu Weixin’s two brothers and sisters are rich second-generation local tyrants, and they usually spend generously, but they are not stupid and quick. Since they have a memory, they have never seen them do such an arrogant. Stupid.

At this moment, the child only thought it was his own goods. If he hadn’t come out to meet the netizens, how could there be anything behind? He was stupid by himself and got caught up in others.

Ashamed and sad for a while, I was about to persuade Zhu Yang not to breathe, so I listened to her and said: \”Drink!\”

After hearing this, everyone did not know who she said to.

Seeing Zhu Yang carrying a bottle of wine, he clicked on the center of the table: “Since I am paying to see you drinking, then I have to say stop to stop.”

As soon as the bottle was pushed, the whole bottle of white wine that had just been opened slid in front of the wine holder.

The woman’s face changed, and she couldn’t finish drinking so much wine, so she grabbed her bag and stood up and said: “Eating so many messy things, who cares about you crazy people.”

He was about to turn around and leave, but Zhu Yang grabbed his arm.

Said to her: \”Little sister, if you want to drink, you have to be taken advantage of to pay you. If you don’t want to drink, you can pat your **** and leave. Why is the world so messy?\”

\”Since you want to leave, move quickly and hurry up. I still want to go home and go to bed early. But these wines must be in your stomach today. At that time, I don’t care whether you drink it or use it. Get in by another method.\”

The bartender wanted to laugh, and these people didn’t look around. Intimidation and coercion, at any rate, are also in their own place, and then they can show their confidence.

In other people’s places, what are you arrogant even after admitting it?

Sure enough, seeing that she couldn’t escape, the surrounding big guys stepped forward, reaching out to separate the two.

But before the hand touched Zhu Yang, several people were twisted to the ground by a huge force.

It was almost instantaneous, and none of the wine holders reacted.

\”Seeing that you are so enthusiastic, why do you want to drink with him? Say it earlier. Drinking is naturally not rejected by everyone. What is so exciting.\”

Then he raised his chin, and Lu Xiuci and Xie Yi, the two big brothers in the game, were completely reduced to the lowest thugs.

One picked up a person at random, the other grabbed a bottle of wine on the table and poured it into his mouth.

For a while, the scene was a bit similar to the people packing in the entrance of the hall. The two filled several times, and Xie Yi came over anyway.

\”Eh, that’s wrong, what am I doing? I’m a celestial master with a surname, and all the rich merchant coal bosses have to line up when they see me. Why should I do something like a mess? It’s too bad style.

Saying stunned Lu Xiu remarks: \ “You are all used to playing and cooperating, I will subconsciously follow it as soon as you start.\”

At this moment, Zhu Yang also pressed the wine trustee down, and was pouring a bottle of wine into her mouth.

Hearing the words: \”Style? Someone has no face to say when he is scared to scream by Sadako Gu at night.\”

\”Oh by the way, I still have the audio of your screaming, do you want it?\”

\”Sister, eldest sister, eldest lady, I was wrong, I just made dog legs, don’t stop me.\”

However, these few people are also useless. One person is unconscious after filling less than two bottles. The drink has not spilled much.

Zhu Yang was not really life-threatening. Seeing a few people pounced, he packed up the money and went away. In the end, he didn’t pay a penny for the alcohol and only gave a few hundred yuan a tip for the waiter to clean up the mess.

Then he called and reported the store.

On the way back, Yin Jun was bored and fell into an unprecedented self-dislike.

Zhu Yang patted him and said: “What a big deal, where can people walk without stepping on a few lumps of shit, even if the shoes are thrown away, don’t worry.”

Yin Jun was bored and said: “Obviously, I feel pretty good on the Internet. I didn’t expect it to be like this, and it made you so exciting. It’s stupid!”

\”Don’t blame you, this line has its own division of labor. It’s too easy to pack a person mentally across the network cable. Besides, the person chatting with you and meeting you are not necessarily the same person.\”

\”It may be an uncle who specializes in studying your feet and hangs many of you at the same time.\”

Yin Jun looked up fiercely, and blinked pitifully: “Sister, you are comforting me, right? But why do I feel more heartbroken?”

Then he said dullly: \”Don’t tell Asina boy about this, or he will laugh at me for three years at least.\”

\”Relax, rest assured, not able.\” Zhu Yang fully agreed.

As soon as he got home, Zhu Weixin pointed at Yin Jun and laughed: \”Hahahahaha idiot, telling you to be so stupid, don’t you play it off now? I laughed to death hahaha…\”

Yin Jun looked back at Zhu Yang: \”You just agreed, why did you tell this guy about my encounter with the wine tray?\”

This husky speaks so fast that Zhu Yang is too late to stop.

Sure enough, Zhu Weixin paused for a while, and then made a more exaggerated hilarious laugh: “Fuck, so you met a wine tray? Hahahaha…, I just saw you scam you, and the result was Such an explosive discovery exploded me hahaha…\”

Zhu Yang looked at Yin Jun’s stupid stupidity and wanted to help her forehead. It’s not that this guy has been pitted by Zhu Weixin for a day or two. To say that this kid is a little simpler, but he’s not stupid outside. Don’t remember long before Zhu Weixin?

Zhu Weixin gloated at the misfortune, Yin Jun became angry, and the two immediately began chasing the house, Zhu Yang ignored them, and went upstairs to accompany her to undress the clothes tag.

On the second day, I finally gave the clothes from the game world to her mother.

I wish my mother really like it, and she happily gestured with her daughter.

Because of the incident, Father Zhu has been a little bit unable to look up at home recently, and looked at his daughter eagerly.

Zhu Yang took out the ghosts in the previous haunted house and brought back the souvenir to her when all the ghosts in the haunted house were out to encircle and suppress the enemy.

\”Here! I got this from Master Xie, Dad, you wear it to ward off evil spirits. Don’t get entangled in dirty things again.\”

I wish my father listened to Master Xie’s card, naturally he believed in the spirituality of Wu Shi.

I saw that the thing was a small exorcism sword the size of a palm, and it was made of coins with the size of a fingernail. It was not a problem to wear it with you, so I called it good again and again.

I asked my daughter again: “I saw that Asin drove a new car for the past two days, isn’t that cheap? Are you not much money? Dad will give you a transfer later.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “No, I have money, you won’t have to pay me living expenses in the future.”

I wish my mother a moment of surprise: \”Where did you get the money?\”

Zhu Yang made up casually: \”I did a project with someone at the school, and it turned out that the reward was not small. It is on the right track now. It is hard to say making a lot of money, but I am definitely spending enough.\”

In fact, she earns hundreds of thousands of points from games alone, and now she has billions of points when converted into money. This is what she got by her own skills, and it’s not a reserve treasury for the big head of the road.

It is just now that if her dad makes any mistakes in his business, she can make a move around one or two. Where can she even bother her parents for money?

Daddy Zhu asked again: “What project?”

\”It’s the recently popular real-life escape room, haunted house and the like.\”

I wish my father nod: \”This is popular among you young people.\”

\”Well, since you have started to make money, I will not give you pocket money for the time being, but if you encounter difficulties in business or don’t have enough money to spend, don’t just fight it out, your dad and I have bumped my head several times back then. .\”

Zhu Yang naturally knew that.

I wish my father and mother to see that my daughter is self-reliant, it is still a bit uncomfortable for a while, after that, they will not be able to act like a baby all day long, and it is quite lonely to think of it.

Not to mention, just looking at the brain circuits of the two parents, it is strange that Zhu Yang and his two brothers were not raised.

Soon the summer vacation was over. Zhu Yang started school and went to school, and returned after a short stay.

There are still classes in the last semester that have not completed the credits, but most of her surroundings have already found internships.

Knowing that Zhu Yang estimated that the days to come back were short, he even held two more parties in those few days.

One is to select members of the new year’s sorority, regardless of whether it is a freshman, or at the beginning, it was not qualified, but a huge transformation was completed in the university.

This bad habit of complaining from the outside world is just like the draft, with a high sense of discomfort, but it does not prevent the continuous flow of people who sign up every year, and they are all the best girls of the year.

Another party was dedicated to seeing Zhu Yang off.

Zhu Yang wondered that he could not stay here for long, and it was time to consider the next president of the sisterhood, but as far as it seems, Bitch, who has not particularly emerged from the crowd, also caused her a headache.

In any case, Zhu Yang did not stay in school for long or returned home. Not long after he came back, he received a notice from Goubi Game to prepare for the first game of the intermediate field.

Zhu Yang notified Lu Datou of the time, and they worked hard to screen out the most likely copy, and Lu Xiu just resigned from the copy.

This time I entered the game in the afternoon. On the same day, Zhu Yang and Lu Xiuci met in the house she had given before, completely avoiding people.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the two sat on the bed facing each other, counting the second hand and closing their eyes.

The redemption window opened, Zhu Yang bought everything he didn’t have, and added his physical fitness to the limit of the game.

Sure enough, after arriving at the intermediate level, the upper limit of skills and physical stamina has increased a lot, and Zhu Yang even spent more than 10,000 points in this breath.

But she doesn’t feel distressed. Being able to spend points means being able to become as strong as possible, and having more protection in the game is better than having money and nowhere to spend.

After the familiar feeling of weightlessness passed, Zhu Yang opened his eyes and found himself in a cruise ship.

It’s the kind of small private cruise ship, with cheers and frolics outside, which shows that the people on this ship are on vacation at the moment.

Zhu Yang is sitting in the cabin at the moment. The cabin is well decorated, luxurious but inexplicably old-fashioned. The bar is full of drinks, refreshments and fruit snacks.

There are five people in the cabin like her, obviously the players in this game.

Zhu Yang hurriedly looked up to find the way, but found that he did not appear among them, which was a little disappointed.

It’s not that he has to be led across the river, or that he has done so much preparation and hard work, but the result is still plain. Going back to a game where there is no need for a second pass, he has to worry about her while passing the level.

Moreover, the task time of the game is uncertain every time. In most cases, it is only a few days or ten days, but the dog has been in trouble for a month than the game last time. Who knows if it will be longer this time?

According to Lu Datou and Xie Yi, the longest game clearance time they have encountered is one year and three years respectively.

Of course, it belongs to the high field. The intermediate field shouldn’t be so exaggerated, but if you don’t have any luck, you still have it in three months or six months.

After months of not seeing his family and lovers, Zhu Yang was still a little depressed.

At this time, someone came to greet them: “Hey! Come out and play, why are you stuffed in the cabin?”

There is another humanity: “This time Master Gu treats you, don’t be so boring.”

Speaking of a group of people outside, a few players had no time to introduce themselves, so they had to get out of the cabin and onto the outside deck.

This should be a dog-licking circle centered on the rich second generation, and everyone should be a college student who has not graduated.

A boy with an arrogant expression sits on the chair with the best viewing angle. Next to him, two beautiful women in bikini hug left and right. The others are dressed in cool clothes, drinking and dancing to music on the deck.

Except for the six players, there are three male and three female NPC characters outside, all of whom are to please the rich second-generation boy again and again. The whole ship has a total of 12 people.

Seeing a few people come out, the rich second-generation Gu Shao Lala said: “How can I shrink inside? Why don’t you dislike me as a hospitality?”

Several players hadn’t spoken yet, but doglegs echoed: “Where, have they ever been on this luxurious private cruise ship? Gu Shao only takes us this time. How much face is it?”

\”You guys just came to accompany you for a drink.\”

A few players have not received the task or identity setting given by the game, so it is inconvenient to conflict with the NPC.

Everyone who can go to the mid-level field does not say that they have experienced a lot of battles, that is, there is a gap in their chest, and a group of brat boys who are brave and prestigious can not be angry.

The perfunctory person took a glass of wine and made a foolish posture of cheering.

At this time, Gu Shao looked at Zhu Yang, his face was more pleased: “Zhu Yang, how about? The wind on the sea is blowing happier than in the library, right?”

When he said this, the two girls next to her immediately curled their lips, seemingly joking, but insinuated: “We wish the school flowers are tired of the sea breeze, so we hide in the warehouse.”

\”Yes, what kind of formation Zhu Yang hasn’t seen? Previously, Wang Shao drove a sports car to pick her up at the school gate, but was refused. If you want to say, Gu Shao is better off.\”

This Gu Shao guess is usually touted, and he can catch any woman who wants to chase, so anyone who looks at it will have the stinky problem of stamping it in his heart. Usually many girls eat his suit. After all, it is good to have a rich face. .

These two points alone can cover your shortcomings with a beauty filter.

Sure enough, when someone else was pursuing Zhu Yang’s words, Gu Shao’s face sank and said with a sneer: “Then I’m really honored.”

Zhu Yang ignored him, but Xindao’s identity was different this time. It was just a setting for empty mouth and white teeth, and he also presented the interpersonal relationship in the game world.

Other players also saw this from the conversations between several men and women, frowning.

The game has not yet released a mission. If it is released without completing their personal settings and allowing players to discover it by themselves, Nima will have to talk to NPCs and be careful not to reveal flaws.

Of course, it can be said that it doesn’t matter whether the NPC thinks you are different, but what if the key to the task lies with them? You can’t completely defeat your initial favor before you are uncertain about the task.

Seeing Zhu Yang ignoring herself, Gu Shao’s face was even more ugly, and the two girls next to her exchanged their eyebrows with complacency.

Then I heard Gu Shao angry and said: “What? Zhu Yang, do you think my broken ship is not qualified to entertain you?”

Seeing him angry, the boy who looked like a rat on the side acted like a peacemaker and said: “I wish you don’t disappoint, Gu Shao kindly invited us out to play, what are you hypocritical?”

\”Quickly, sit over and watch for less. By the way, why haven’t you changed your clothes? Isn’t it hot to wear so many? Have you brought your bikini? Get up and change it quickly.\”

Zhu Yang has a profile of the identity and background that Goubi Game arranged for her, and now she is completely boring.

Poor Cinderella? The dog than the game is not reconciled, is she reconciled? Where does she fit this person?

It’s not that she doesn’t know that she never sells face, she likes to get up again and again and get sucked. This game is a joke, right?

Zhu Yang took a seat on the leather chair. That was the best place opposite the rich second generation. No one else would take it.

Seeing her sitting down, she was a little surprised for a while, and even the dancing and pitching below stopped.

Then Zhu Yang lifted his long legs and placed it on the table in front of him with Gu Shao’s wine on it.

Zhu Yang first said to the boy with the deer head: “A toast? Change to a bikini? Why don’t you tell your mother to change into a swimsuit and come out to accompany the guests?”

\”Oh, by the way, if you can give birth to your honor, I probably won’t be able to eat this bowl of rice. Fortunately, if you are a man, your licking posture is good enough. If you are a woman-oh, if you are a woman, you will be long It was not so old, and you were pressed to death in the toilet by your mother who had to give birth to a son.\”

\”Eh you——\”

\”What are you? I wonder why I know it? That’s natural, and you have gritted your teeth after giving birth to such an ugly thing. It can be seen that your mother was crazy about her son.\”

Turning his face again, the expression on his face was even more arrogant than Gu Shao, and it looked like all the people searching for the ship came to kneel and lick her.

Sure enough, she heard her say to Gu Shao: “Are you asking if this broken ship is not qualified to entertain me?”

\”What are you talking about? Don’t you have any compelling points?\”

A few people took a deep breath, and listened to the guy who continued: \”The size of the boat is not to be mentioned. The decoration inside you is the aesthetics of the nouveau riche for decades? The nouveau riche just abandoned himself? The nouveau riche doesn’t want to. Are you advancing with the times? You **** lose the face of a nouveau riche.\”

\”And what are you looking at? Are these two twins next to you? Are they? But how do they look the same?\”

\”A European-style double eyelid produced on the operating table, thick lips, pointed chin, stiff face, and big breasts, eh! Don’t frown, your expression is not natural at all. I don’t get seasick even during the day and make you seasick.\”

\”Look again at what kind of ghost you are wearing? Taobao 9.9 free shipping swimsuit shorts silk scarf flower shirt?\”

\”Honestly, is there a camera hidden somewhere? You are making a movie, right? The budget for the movie is all used to rent the ship’s 18-line dog blood movie, right?\”

\”Also Nima is satisfied or dissatisfied, bah! Being here is a stain on my life, I warn you not to say it.\”

After speaking, he took a bite of the watermelon in the fruit plate, turned his face and spit it out: \”Bah! Not sweet.\”

Not to mention this group of people, the players are all dumbfounded.

How did Nima, a silly girl, get into the midfield? Is it because the task is too few or the back door is taken, or is the game purely sent to increase the difficulty?

What if the key to pass the game is to cooperate with NPC? You offend everyone to death as soon as you come. What if the game really engages you at this point in the future?

Who doesn’t know the urination of the game?

But fortunately, each of this dungeon has its own personal settings, even the players don’t seem to be a group from the beginning.

As long as you keep your distance with this guy, you shouldn’t get angry. If you are impatient, these little boys will wait for the task to come out.

Several players were about to move their buttocks away from Zhu Yang, when they saw this guy looking back at them bored.

\”Oh, those idiots don’t have to count on it, you guys can be a little clever to get here, right? You are responsible for serving me.\”

Said and pointed to a female player: \”Give me a piece of cake inside, make a cup of coffee, grab a handful of nuts.\”

Talking and stretched: \”Don’t say that the boat hurts your eyes a little, the sea is still beautiful, I want to blow the hair.\”

The female player laughed angrily: “Why should I serve you? Do I owe you? They are all the same status, maybe you are not as experienced as me. Who do you call?”

Zhu Yang said impatiently: \”Hurry up—\”

She stretched her voice and pointed to a group of people on the deck: “If you don’t go, I will throw all these idiots into the sea to feed the fish.”

Can’t it? The game will arrange NPCs for NPCs. Does this guy really care about the game?

But when all the players looked at this guy’s expression, it really didn’t look like a joke. The female player was so angry that someone next to him said to make peace.

\”Forget it, let me go, it hasn’t started yet, what are we fighting about?\”

Zhu Yang did not restrict himself to anyone, closed his eyes and nodded.

The NPC side is not much better than the player’s feelings of getting tired of the dog, especially the few people who have been sprayed by her.

Gu Shaoshen felt that this guy’s mind was blown by the sea breeze, and he was about to scold him, Zhu Yang opened his eyes first.

She frowned: \”Turn off the music, what an earthy song.\”

Seeing that no one was moving, she picked up the wine glass on the table and threw it down. With a crisp sound, the people on the deck shrank their shoulders.

A few people only think that Zhu Yang’s momentum is really scarier than when Gu Shao was angry. Gu Shao will be next to her now.

But she seemed to be the real rich second-generation princess, and Gu Shao was just an inconspicuous little figure.

But everyone knows that Zhu Yang’s family background is ordinary and evil.

Shaking hands and feet turned off the music, Zhu Yang showed a satisfied look on his face.

At this time, the person who helped her fetch coffee and cake came back, and Zhu Yang leisurely enjoyed the beauty of the sea.

It’s just that the whole ship that was still noisy just now is quiet and quiet, but anyone who makes a sound will be glared at by Zhu Yang, and the whole person’s liver will tremble.

Even Gu Shao was interrupted several times and was substituted into the rhythm. When he remembered that this **** ship seemed to be his ship, the people around him shrank again, feeling disappointed.

I thought it was Zhu Yang who was in a bad mood and suddenly went crazy, man! It’s always easy to be accommodated when you are extremely emotional, after all, most people are quiet.

What’s more, Zhu Yang, such a beautiful beauty, can naturally get more patience.

So that’s it for one line.

After driving for more than two hours, the cruise ship boarded an island. It turned out that this rich second-generation wanted to organize a birthday party in advance, so he invited a group of pig friends and dogs to play on his private island.

So far, Zhu Yang still hasn’t seen the danger of this game. It seems that this setting is more and more like a domestically produced bad movie.

According to this urine performance, how powerful ghosts appear? Every one of the previous dungeons will fight this, right?

Then Zhu Yang thought of another possibility, but now it was just a divergence of thinking, and there was no clue that anything was unreliable.

The group got off the boat and came to the villa on the island. The island is not big, but the scenery is quite beautiful, Zhu Yang doesn’t mind spending a few days here on vacation.

However, after seeing the villa, Zhu Yang completely stamped the copy of this time with a rotten movie.

You a rich second-generation come to vacation, and the servants have no chefs, so is it possible to cook for yourself?

Well, this can be understood as sentimentality. But when he stopped the ship, Zhu Yang realized that there was no crew on the ship, so who was driving all the way?

I still think about it a little bit, but Zhu Yang is not sure whether this is the reason for the supernatural or the limited funds of the crew. Those who don’t leave the country don’t have to appear.

The villa wasn’t too small, it was a bit bigger than Zhu Yang’s at the university. One room was enough, but the furniture and decoration were quite old-fashioned.

At first glance, it was also sponsored by the producer who knelt in front of a friend for three days.

Zhu Yang was picky about this place and finally chose a room that was a little eye-catching.

Seeing that the second generation of the rich just opened the room, the next second he was lifted aside by Zhu Yang: \”I live here!\”

\”Why? This is my room.\” After saying that, Gu Shao’s eyes became a bit deep: \”Or you want to live with me?\”

\”It turns out that you made this idea, can’t you just say it?\”

The other two plastic surgery twins happened to pass by, and when they saw it, they pouted, thinking that Zhu Yang was more upright, because it turned out that they could do more.

Zhu Yang threw the luggage bag distributed by the system on Fu Erdai: “You, find someone to wash the clothes inside, these are all cheap goods.”

Gu Shao smiled and said: “If you think these are cheap, I can buy them for you when I go back.”

Zhu Yang glanced at him: “Did you take care of the thread on your clothes before you said this?”

Leaning against the door and asking seriously: \”I said, what is the per capita output value of your village? How can you be considered a rich second generation? What is your name? Wouldn’t it be called Gu Gouzhu? \”

\”Who do you call the dog leftover?\”

\”Oh, don’t forget to rub the leftovers with your hands when washing clothes, don’t use softener, it tastes too cheap to match my body leftovers. Why don’t you go with the leftovers? I have to change clothes after taking a nap Dog left.\”

Dog left, ah no! Gu Shao’s face was blue with anger, but the other party slammed the door, almost hitting his nose.

This guy has the heart to throw away the pile of clothes in his hand, but I don’t know why, but he feels that Zhu Yang’s arrogant order seems right.

It seems that this is her true face.

So he really hugged his clothes downstairs with a look of bad luck.

A well-settling player came out and saw this scene, and felt that the girl was absolutely amazing.

I lost my temper on the boat and made the atmosphere so stiff, and then I ordered people to take photos. Could this be her way of controlling men? incredible.


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