Scream Queen Chapter 62

In general, the players’ impression of Zhu Yang is very bad so far, this guy looks too contrived at first glance.

In the game world, there is no room for negligence, and it is not someone who has never seen a rough and straightforward customs clearance style.

But it’s not such a person who just wants to be in a happy situation for a while, and doesn’t pay attention to the overall situation.

The game mission hasn’t been released yet, and the difficulty is still unclear, but the pig teammates have already booked one in advance.

Sometimes you have to be careful not to make a mess when doing a task. In a sense, it is more tiring than the task itself.

Then the players received task notifications in their minds.

As Zhu Yang expected, this is a movie world, to the effect that a group of young men and women go to a private island for vacation, and they are attacked by evil spirits and eventually lead to the destruction of the group.

And the player’s task is to relieve the evil spirits’ attachment to the world and save them.

Every time an evil spirit is passed, one point is scored, and each point can raise the level of clearance evaluation.

For example, as long as you save one evil spirit, the mission is successful, and you can get an E-level evaluation after the game is over. The clearance evaluation of the two super-duty is raised to D-level, and so on.

Therefore, the level of the customs clearance evaluation this time is not based on personal contribution, but the whole team’s sharing of task progress results. If anyone performs beyond the ordinary, the customs clearance evaluation will be directly rated to S or even higher.

So even if other players do not encounter a ghost while lying down, they still pass the level with this evaluation score, but the principle of skill and tool explosion must be handled by themselves, so paddling is not necessarily good.

It can also be seen that the more advanced occasions, the more limited the role of integral.

But this is the case, the dog is also uncomfortable than the generosity of the game this time.

When several players received the task in their minds, they left the room as an excuse to sit aside and exchange views in a low voice.

Fortunately, a few other NPCs just came to the island and ran to the beach with excitement. They were tired and nestled in the room to rest. At this moment, no one appeared in the living room.

“Super mission? I haven’t experienced it. Anyone of you has done something similar?”

The question was about the man who worked as a peacemaker on the yacht to help Zhu Yang pick up the cake. He was in his early thirties and his name was Li Wei. He sounded awe-inspiring and his personality was mellow.

The female player named Fang Lei, who was called by Zhu Yang, replied: “I did it. It is more troublesome than mere clearance. If you want to save the evil spirits, you have to constantly look for clues, or find key items, or Fulfill the last wish of the evil spirit.”

“I have never heard of such a generous final level of clearance.” He glanced at Zhu Yang intentionally or unconsciously: “What does the game mean? Is it emphasizing the collective spirit?”

“Then some people are lucky. Even if they are not used in the whole process, as long as the team has a high evaluation and can still pass the level with high scores, they will be pitiful for those who work hard, tusk!”

Zhu Yang frowned, and several other players winked at Fang Lei, signalling her that the game had just begun, not to mention so many others.

When I was on the boat, I didn’t see how many of these sisters can do it. If it really makes a lot of noise, do you still have to do tasks?

Besides, the game hasn’t started yet, and everyone’s abilities are unknown. Tucao returns to Tucao, but how can anyone who can enter the intermediate field have no personal means?

What if someone else can come in handy elsewhere?

Zhu Yang didn’t pay attention to the movement there. She just felt that the rules of the game showed a lot of violations, and each item was simply inconsistent with the style of the dog game.

Let’s not talk about why it is so generous. Although she has taken this task of saving the undead for the first time, it is not strictly the first time to do it.

For example, there are so many brides in the ghost bodhisattva scene, how much is actually a bit of experience.

At first glance, the difficulty of this game really doesn’t fit the so-called span from elementary to intermediate. If it’s just ghosts that are more powerful, it’s too underestimating the ability of a dog to be a game.

But the copy hasn’t started yet, so I can only take one step at a time.

Then the players were ready to discuss an initial mode of action, and Zhu Yang saw Gu Shao coming in from outside.

Snapped his fingers and called, “The dog is left, come over and ask you something.”

Shao Gu had been called out of temper, and came over with a face: “What are you doing?”

“Does this villa have any origin? How did your producer dad arrange it? You should always know for sure, right?”

Gu Shao frowned: “What are you talking about?”

At first, several players were quite happy that she asked so directly. After all, Gu Shao had a pair of nostrils looking up to the sky and they were all sitting and waiting to kneel and lick, but they looked at Zhu Yang differently.

Maybe it’s because the screwdrivers are different between men and women. It’s really more convenient for Zhu Yang to ask this than if they asked.

It took a second for a few people to say that this guy is not without merit, at least this task wink.

In the next second, he knelt on her mouth, what are you talking about? Do you want to pierce the dimensional wall for movie characters?

Fortunately, Gu Shao looked at her nonsense and did not delve into those words. He was a little dissatisfied with her yelling, but still said: “I don’t know very well. This island hasn’t been bought for a long time, but I heard people say about this house before. There seems to be dead.”

“A previous homeowner brought a family to take a vacation, but the hostess went crazy and hacked everyone to death, but that was at least 20 years ago, and I don’t know if it is true or not.”

After Gu Shao finished speaking, Zhu Yang looked at him contemptuously, and he was unreasonably angry.

He angrily said: “What’s wrong?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “No! It’s just sad for your producer’s father’s shabby, your screenwriter’s father’s brainlessness, and director’s father’s casting.”

“Let’s not talk about an isolated island. How did the people who died 20 or 30 years ago know that you know? Is it possible that the seller was so honest and explained the murder history as the history of visiting the island?”

“That’s fine. Since it’s a poor crew, the posture of selling **** and meat is released from the beginning, and now I have to set up a puzzle-solving pit. Is the budget enough? Is the box lunch enough? The shooting schedule is too late. Is it? If the loan of the villa is delayed, your producer father will have to kneel for a few more days?”

Gu Shao heard what she said, but he understood her in another direction.

He sneered and said, “You are mocking me for being shabby, right? My Gu family is ten times better than his Wang family, no matter how bad it is.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “It’s just setting, don’t care too much. The rich second generation of the Alliston Business School is better than you.”

“Even the rich man who is known as the national school, takes the girl to go shopping without looking at other stalls, and walks straight to Metersbonwe. Does anyone say anything? Is it inflated? Are you proud?”

“You have to learn if you want to get ahead.” He patted the other person on the shoulder: “First set a small goal and try to contract a fish pond.”

“Okay, I went back to my room to rest, don’t forget to collect the clothes leftovers.”

When he got here, classmate Gu Gouzou was already trembling with anger, and other players didn’t know whether this guy was acting like a coquettish and ambiguous with people, or whether he did not come up with any clues to deliberately harm people.

When Zhu Yang returned to the room, he really took a nap. After a few hours of boat ride, she was still a little tired. Although this villa was pinched by her, she couldn’t keep up with the aesthetics. In fact, the quality of the furniture still matches. The facilities can still keep up.

She snatched a soft big bed in the master room, and she slept well all afternoon.

When Zhu Yang woke up almost in the evening, he saw that everyone was already thinking about preparing dinner, and Gu Shaoyin was a little breathed by the inexplicable derogation.

But inexplicably, he didn’t dare to get angry at Zhu Yang. Instead, he found a few other doglegs to breathe. So when Zhu Yang came out, the other NPCs looked a little unhappy at her.

Zhu Yang didn’t care, pulled the chair away and sat down and said: “Get me something light, I don’t have an appetite after riding a boat.”

Plastic surgery girl said: “I still want to sit and wait for someone to be served. This time Gu Shao said that I don’t want people to be disturbed, and a servant chef didn’t bring it. Whoever cooks tonight will have to draw lots.”

Zhu Yang glanced at Gu Gou’s left, his expression was very frank and straight-you are sick!

“Let’s talk less about those who don’t. It’s not that the budget is not enough to hire more actors, or that the whole movie was shot with DV, which can’t fit so many people.”

Then he suddenly warned: “By the way, the ingredients are not enough, right? Don’t tell me that there is only steamed bread and ham, Lao Ganma.”

Gu Shao’s nose is flat and crooked: “This Young Master is such a shabby person?”

Zhu Yang took it for granted: “Don’t you know this point yourself?”

Then I actually went to the kitchen to check and made sure that the ingredients were still abundant and abundant, and then he was relieved: “Fortunately, you don’t have to go to the forest to hunt wild boars and sharks in the sea.”

Choosing a lot of choices, but thanks to the prohibition condition that players from the same faction cannot attack each other, otherwise other players would have united her and gagged her.

If the fart is bigger, it will be loud. When the customs clearance is a vacation?

According to the lottery, two of the players were responsible for cooking, but in the end they came out to play. Zhu Yang, the master of the game, was repeatedly disappointed, but when it was getting dark and the night view of the stars on the sea appeared, everyone’s interest came out again.

Someone suggested to start a fire for a barbecue party, but everyone had no objection, so the two people in charge of cooking only washed and cut the ingredients, which was cheaper.

In the evening, everyone had a barbecue around the fire, dancing and having fun with music.

Zhu Yang has been in trouble since he entered the game. I don’t know if it’s because of the big head of the road. It’s really not pleasing to see wherever you are. Moreover, the movie itself is also a typical lousy that can vomit two hours after watching one hour. sheet.

The only role is to feed countless movie bloggers who complain about it.

Zhu Yang was really irritable, so he got up and went into the house, but the boy who had deer-headed and rat-eyed eyes on the boat to please her to please the rest of the dog followed him.

Because the boy had a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek, he was given the nickname mouse, but no one remembered his real name.

Leaning on behind Gu Shao’s **** all day long, doing things like kneeling, licking and licking to make money.

At this time, he came in and asked Zhu Yang, “What do I mean by you? Since you asked me to match the bridge, then don’t be hypocritical, and give you the opportunity, but you temporarily changed your mind.”

“Which one will you show to your face now? Don’t see how young Master Gu on the island is so fresh to you at this time, let you take a step in everything. But is he a man who can swallow his breath?”

“Waiting out of the island, there are a lot of women around, you can’t get it cheaply. Or are you thinking of crossing the river and breaking the bridge?”

Zhu Yang frowned, this Nima is a py deal again? After Poor Cinderella, there is a hidden black heart lotus setting, right?

She sneered, rolled her eyes and said perfunctorily: “Let’s pull it down, it’s rotten and moldy and won’t team up with someone like you, life hasn’t been desperate enough to leave such a major stain.”

The mouse nodded: “Okay, you are now upright again, right? Are you away from that place and you forget about yourself?”

“I said, your brother can wait for a down payment of several hundred thousand to buy a wedding house, and don’t you have to pay for the bride price? You were crying when your parents forced you a few days ago, but now you’re going with me. Right?”

“What’s the use of giving me a face? You have the ability to show your brother and your parents’ expressions. I can put the words here. As long as you take care of Gu Shao, that little money is a trivial matter. I want to make this money. There are too many, you have no eyes to see Linda and Nina? You are not willing, some people on this wild island are willing to make up.”

To be honest, Zhu Yang was a little confused!

Goubi arranged for her to have only white-cut black green tea. After all, in terms of her values, all behaviors based on their own interests, even if they can’t agree with it, are logically okay.

But I never expected that Goubi Games would disgust her so much. It’s really that the character itself is greedy for vanity, and Zhu Yang thinks it’s easier to accept. Nima is a patriarchal and foul-smelling family, sucking her daughter’s blood for her son. Why?

It seems that the settings at this point have been successfully compromised by brainwashing.

The dog is fatter and bolder than the game. She watched Du Geying coldly, let alone put it on her.

Zhu Yang let out a foul breath and looked at the mouse and said: “It sounds like we two are quite familiar, do you know my family?”

The mouse was inexplicable: “Aren’t we living in a community? Your brother and I are good brothers. He knew I had a way, so he asked your mother to persuade you.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Yes, there is no signal on the island now. When you get out of the island, you can tell me the cricket and the old couple.”

“Just say that there are no bugs except gasping and getting married? Everyone is responsible for eliminating the inferior genes, but shouldn’t you dig a hole and bury yourself at this moment if you are self-aware of the point?”

“Tell him to take a picture of his blood-sucking maggots, and ask him if he is worthy? If he dare to lick his face and say he is worthy, he will slap him and say how many.”

The mouse was a little dazed, looking at Zhu Yang and his eyes were a little frightened: “You, you calm down, if you are really not convinced, then I am not forcing you, what good is it for you to fall out with your family?”

Zhu Yang was impatiently paying attention to this persona, really disgusting for a second, and waved his hand: “Stop talking nonsense, just let you bring a message.”

“Why should I help you with the conversation?” The mouse quit: “You don’t know what your mother looks like.”

After speaking, Zhu Yang picked it up with one hand. When he looked up at the other person’s gaze, it was so cold that he was frightened: “Who do you think is the old man?”

The mouse swallowed: “My mother, my mother!”

Zhu Yang just loosened the collar of this guy, and said casually: “Remember what you said, don’t miss a word.”

“What if I missed it?” A voice interjected/into.

The two turned their heads, daring to be Gu Gouliu, his expression was a bit deep and complicated at the moment, but he was undoubtedly not very good-looking.

As for what the woman approaching him is running, he himself knows and enjoys this kind of relationship without unnecessary involvement.

Others ask him something, but everything is easy to say, this is in his usual practice.

But now I heard the conversation between the two, somehow I felt aggrieved, but after hearing Zhu Yang’s refusal, I couldn’t be happy.

I don’t know how to satisfy this uncontrollable emotion.

He walked over and looked at Zhu Yang and said, “You have taken ninety-nine steps on the island. Is it a pity to retract the last step?”

Seeing Zhu Yang looking at him like a idiot, Gu Shao suddenly became angry: “Do you think that the cheapness is taken by your family, so you are not reconciled?”

“Don’t worry, you think I’m too stingy. I can’t get a handful of hundreds of thousands.”

Zhu Yang heard the words and looked at him: “Are you serious? How about you look at the poor crew around you and wake up?”

Gu Shao became angry and didn’t know where to go, so he took out two wads of money and flicked it directly to Zhu Yang.

“Isn’t it enough to pretend to be crazy and be stupid? You’ve been joking and forbearing enough. Can you speak seriously now?”

There appeared, the scene of casually taking money and smashing people in the local-flavored dog-blood drama. No matter what clothes the second generation of the boss is wearing, he can take out several stacks of banknotes, regardless of the current cash usage rate in this market.

Even the **** with cleaner faces in their pockets have entered a cashless society, and the local tyrants insist on handling cash.

But who would have expected that Gu Shao’s money was smashed, and he was thrown back ten times on the opposite side of the head, making him confused.

As the spectators, they were all dumbfounded. It is normal to say that Gu Shao took money to smash people. But tell him from a person, where did Zhu Yang take out the 200,000 hutou and smash it?

He staggered Gu Shao, not only the rats, but also the few people who came in to find someone with them when they left.

The first reaction was to doubt whether Zhu Yang had pried the safe in this villa.

But Shao Gu knew that there was no safe in this villa, and looked at the pile of red bricks smashed on his body, and he was quite confused.

Just listen to Zhu Yang arrogantly said: “Your father, when I took money to hit people, you were still playing with urine and mud.”

“The second generation of nouveau riche has made you such a detrimental thing. You don’t know how to advance with the times, and you have a **** face. A little brother face has to be the boss, why don’t you go to heaven? ?”

“I’m done with the barbecue? Go wash the dishes!”

The last three words drank so powerfully that the few people present shrank their shoulders.

Is this really Zhu Yang they know? Was someone lost before boarding? Changed to a lady with the same name and face?

Or when they didn’t know, this guy’s biological parents came to the door, and they turned out to be the daughter of a wealthy family living away?

The mouse murmured: “I said she doesn’t look like her family.”

As a result, Gu Shao didn’t brush the bowl naturally. He also suffocated his liver and returned to the room early. Naturally, the rest of the work was done.

Because of the noise, everyone was a little disappointed. It rained suddenly again, and they packed their things and returned to the room without much food.

The NPCs are curious about Zhu Yang’s character change and where he can get so much money, and the players are even more speechless.

Fang Lei sneered and said, “This guy is fast in the drama, should he come here to play an idol drama with others?”

Li Wei patted her: “Just say a few words, it’s not bad.”

This is a copy of the movie. NPCs must play a decisive role as the main characters. Although the player’s best approach is to be cold-hearted and aim for a chance to hit.

But I have to admit that it may also be useful to dig deeper into the relationship. After all, this kind of film is not guaranteed. The real chaos in your circle is an ancestral style code.

Fang Lei curled his lips when he heard the words, and did not speak any more. The players who came to the mid-level field already had a certain ability, and naturally most of them had their own pride.

Unless the natural character is particularly soft and uncomfortable, who does not have their own arrogance? Compared with novice players, there is still a large degree of difference.

Due to the early retreat, many people did not eat enough for dinner. Many people went to bed after taking a bath, but some people could not fall asleep all the time.

Linda was one of them, she was so hungry in the middle of the night, she got out of bed and went out of the house looking for food after struggling for a long time.

Because he was not familiar with the layout of the villa and didn’t know where the light switch was, he went all the way to the kitchen in the dark.

Fortunately, the rain stopped at this moment, and the moon and stars came out again. I could barely see through the glass, so I wouldn’t be tripped over.

Linda opened the refrigerator and saw that there were a lot of cakes in the safe. With a smile on her face, she took a piece of cheesecake from it and poured a glass of juice to cushion her belly.

I’m eating, but I always think if this cake is broken, the texture and taste are a little bit wrong, it has a limited fishy and a bit greasy feeling, the texture is dense, but not like the texture of cheesecake, it seems to be eating steamed brain flowers .

I took another sip of the drink to suppress the taste, but I don’t know who squeezed the drink, pomegranate juice, watermelon juice or grapefruit juice, red, and it tastes salty.

Linda’s mouth was a little sick, and she felt she couldn’t eat it, so she wanted to change a piece of cake.

I just saw that there are quite a few varieties inside, including red/silk/velvet, chocolate, fruit cream and tiramisu.

So she reopened the refrigerator door, but was frightened by the contents and screamed.


The screams pierced the eardrums of everyone sleeping in the villa, and as long as they were not too sleepy, they woke up.

Linda stared straight at the refrigerator, her eyes widened, and her facial features were horrified and unnatural.

Because when she just opened the refrigerator, she clearly saw that the cake inside had turned into different parts of human tissue.

The lean meat of red velvet, the fat and thin of tiramisu, the fruit is decorated with eyeballs, ears and nose, or the cheesecake that she has eaten half, it is obviously half a brain flower.

Look at the drink again, it’s as bright as blood.

Linda suddenly retched on the sink, but couldn’t vomit anything. He heard footsteps and thought it was the people upstairs who heard the movement and calmed down.

Linda felt relieved, but when she turned her head, she saw two little twin girls with blood on their heads and wet and dripping twin girls holding hands and looking at her.

The little girl said in an ethereal and eerie childlike voice: “Let’s eat cake together!”

Linda opened her eyes wide in horror, and when she saw the little girl rushing towards her, she quickly stepped back, but her current position was irrevocable.

Seeing that the little girl was about to approach her, there were a lot of adult footsteps outside the kitchen, and the two little girls disappeared out of thin air.

The kitchen light was turned on, and seeing Linda’s virtue, her “good girlfriend” Nina frowned and said: “What did you do all night? Did you stole something and met a cockroach?”

Linda saw someone coming, and she held it with her hand like a straw: “Ghost, ghost! I saw a ghost, two little girls, want to eat cake with me.”

“Oh, cake!” He said, “A cake is not a cake, but a human brain.”

Everyone looked at the half-eaten cheesecake on the kitchen counter, or the various desserts in the open refrigerator.

Nina took the lead: “Are you sick? I want to lose weight and want to eat cakes. I have hallucinations with guilt in my heart?”

“No, really, can’t you taste it?” Linda said anxiously.

Nina really copied her hands and took a piece of velvet out of it, undercutting and said: “How about I tasted it?”

Not to mention that she was actually a bit hungry. If Linda hadn’t screamed at Bitch and would have gone to bed all night, she couldn’t help seeing the cake now.

But the picture in Linda’s eyes was that Nina took out the red meat and gnawed vigorously, making her want to vomit again.

Nina was not happy to see her reaction, thinking she deliberately responded to herself: “What do you mean?”

But before Linda paid attention to her, she was already overtaken by others.

A few movie characters would only regard this as Linda’s seizure in the middle of the night, but the players know that this is the official start of the copy.

Fang Lei asked hurriedly: “What do the two little girls look like?”

Linda shuddered when she thought of the scary picture: “Seven or eight years old, wearing a dress with blood on her head.”

Asking her too much can’t tell her, just a quick glance, naturally there can be too many clues.

Although the little girl invited her to eat cake, it was obviously impossible to eat a cake, but the obsession was overwhelming.

On the other hand, even if you really want to eat a cake with the other person, you can’t tell if you dare to eat the cake.

Linda was still crying, but no one really cared about her anymore.

Zhu Yang said: “It’s dawn and go look around the island.”

“Why?” Li Wei said.

“Look at the water on the ground.” Zhu Yang kicked the wet tile under his feet. “The two little ghosts were dripping with water on their bodies and had holes in their heads. The probability is that they are outside the dead. If you want to do things, you must first understand the ins and outs. .”

This was ignored by them. They just listened to Linda’s description. Unexpectedly, this guy is now frightened and it is impossible to be too comprehensive. Everyone subconsciously assumes that the ghosts in the house are all in the house. There are two more beaches of light-colored tiles on the ground. The water did not pay attention.

Nina mocked: “Are you all okay? Linda is just having a seizure, you are really serious, what about two pools of water? She just spilled it while gargling.”

However, in fact, except for the traces of her retching, there was no splash in the sink when the tap was turned on.

Li Wei wants to explain to her that she should be careful, after all, it is definitely impossible for players to protect NPCs first.

Then Zhu Yang said impatiently: “Leave her alone, the guy who won’t live for five minutes at the beginning of the movie.”

When the players heard this, they were silently complaining. From this point of view, you seem to be a shorter-lived persona.

After seeing nothing happened, everyone had to go back to the room first, but Linda was so frightened that she asked someone to sleep with her.

Her good sister Nina was not happy, but the other boy was happy. Everyone thought she would refuse, but she did not expect her to agree.

Sure enough, I am afraid of being cheated. If the plot progresses a little bit, it is easy to slip. In the final analysis, it is the director’s pot.

The next morning, everyone got up to eat breakfast, and then ganged up along the coast to look for clues.

However, this island is not big, but it is not a matter of a half-time to want to turn around with manpower.

The NPCs in the movie didn’t know what these guys were making, and they didn’t go crazy with them, so naturally they should play, and even made a dead proposal to enter the forest.

The routines in this horror movie are too good to speculate. Anything like expedition, soul-seeking, dispersal, or attempting dangerous activities is an act of sending blood.

According to game conventions, people who have no cause and effect with ghosts and are not guilty of sins, save a life from evil spirits, this will improve the evaluation.

That is to say, although the NPCs may not prevent them from clearing the level, if they are all alive, the clearance rating will definitely be higher.

Therefore, it is not possible for all players to go out and explore together. You have to leave someone here to watch the NPCs, and you cannot restrict their behavior. If the plot cannot be promoted, the game can really do all the clues that can not be unlocked.

So I can only guarantee to act with them at least.

Then Zhu Yang stayed. She brought a glass of juice and lied on the beach chair to soak up the sun, and waved to the other players: “Okay, you go, I look at them, and make sure that I dare not mess with the ducks in the circle. run.”

After finishing talking, a coconut shell smashed the boy and went to his side: “You are in danger of numbness. Two ribs like chicken, a coconut can kill you when you fall. Stay here to play in the sand.”


A few people actually only piled up sand sculptures on the beach, and naturally the figures of a few people piled up sand sculptures are also particularly sand sculptures.

The players are convinced of this guy’s call to others, but this guy only intends to be lazy here from the beginning?

Let you not let the players go too far, nor let you arrest the chicks and prevent them from moving properly. How does the plot trigger?

Fang Lei was about to frustrate her, and was stopped by Li Wei: “Forget it! If something really happens, she can’t handle six people alone, so let’s look for clues from the two children. Let’s act together.”

As the group left, Zhu Yang really spent the whole morning relaxing on the beach in the sun, and ordered a few people to pick up some crabs and lobsters, saying that they would eat at noon.

Let alone, this kind of private island is actually quite relaxing.

Zhu Yang was still upset about Lu Datou’s affairs yesterday, and he relaxed a lot after blowing the sea breeze. His emotions were not as tense and sharp as yesterday, and she would be frustrated when seeing people, although she was a little dependent on ordinary people.

Zhu Yang is thinking about whether she can also consider buying an island after she goes out. The price of the island is not expensive, but the cost of decorating the island is quite high, but it is also within the scope of her current consumption.

Just thinking about doing nothing, when it was noon, the people who went out to investigate also returned.

Li Wei told her: “I haven’t noticed anything for the time being, but I saw a cliff. There may be something flooded by the high tide below. Let’s go see it in the afternoon.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “It’s also troublesome. Those guys appeared directly in front of me, so I can ask directly.”

“Then if you ask, let me tell you?” Fang Lei said, players of this level would no longer make any fuss about negotiating with ghosts.

Zhu Yang said nonchalantly: “Is there a mouth that can’t be opened.”

In connection with her behavior pattern, everyone doubted whether she was from the Taoist background.

Seeing that it was noon, I was about to go in to prepare lunch, when someone suddenly saw a speedboat coming over the sea.

Players are surprised, is it possible that this movie is still reincarnation mode? Could it be them again? Do they want to hide?

A broken movie that sells meat still wants to show off this skill. Does the director and screenwriter get kicked by a donkey, and are not afraid to run away on all four wheels.

Then the ship got in a little bit, and everyone denied this speculation. The cruise ship looked different from theirs.

In the waiting room, the speedboat is getting closer and closer, and not only can they see each other. A dozen people standing on the beach can also be clearly seen on the other ship.

There were five people on the boat, all of them solid adult men, and two even had scars on their faces. They were obviously not in ordinary occupations.

One of them spit into the sea: “What kind of ghost is so powerful? This small island mode horror game should be limited in scale. Is it possible that there are dinosaurs on the island or the deep sea octopus attack?”

Another person echoed: “That is, if all players practice their families, the game won’t be difficult.”

“Follow him, the task is to kill ghosts. It’s no different from the past. You want to come out other things, the same.”

“What about the NPC on the island?” another person asked.

“This time it is stipulated that you cannot kill.” One of the scarfaced men was a little impatient: “Look at the group of broilers, it’s a big hindrance, but the rules given by the game generally have its purpose.”

“It is very likely that you will need to go through the NPC ghosts to come out. Let’s see the situation first, if it’s useless, just shut it up in a room.”

“What do you mean?” At this moment, the man turned his gaze to the back, his eyes were calmly evaluating and looking: “Lu Xin.”

Although this player named Lu Xin didn’t have any gangster or bandit, he was more like a noble young master who came out of a wealthy family. When everyone appeared on the boat at first, he was the only one who was taciturn and out of place.

Although there are rules that players are not allowed to attack each other, but a few people are used to bullying and dominating the market, but when you encounter other players in the game, you must first intimidate and establish an authority position, and then use the game’s danger and high rhythm The tension is threatened.

Once you find an opportunity, you can blackmail benefits from other players, so naturally you will not be polite.

As a result, he was about to put his shoulders on his shoulders. The other party raised his eyelids slightly, and the whole air seemed to be quiet for a moment.

The condescending indifference and dark raging anger in those dark eyes spread over them. Several people have been mixed for so many years, and they are all shrewd people who can walk now.

Many times on mixed roads, you have to be intuitionistic. Now you know that the other party is not easy to provoke, so you can just change the conversation, and the threat of just about to talk turns into a small talk.

At this time, Lu Xin listened to what they said, and he didn’t open his eyes while leaning in the cabin dozingly, and said, “Whatever!”

Everyone shrugged, which was considered a consensus.

Obviously this is also a team of players, but the game did not inform each other of the existence of each other, but the party with the more troublesome task now has a slight advantage.

The ship quickly approached the case. Several players all got on and off the speedboat. Mouse and several players ran over to negotiate.

A few people said perfunctorily: “We are the ship passengers who were killed nearby. This is the nearest island. Let me stay for a few days first, then can we take us back together?”

Even children don’t believe this, but as long as you have long eyes, you know that these people are not easy to provoke. If you want to really tear your skin at once, you may not be able to please your side. If it is good or bad, let the other party put down their vigilance.

Of course, this is the idea of ​​the NPCs, and the players are more observing the origin of the team.

Li Wei said: “Okay, do you have any luggage?”

A few people waved their hands, and Li Wei smiled and said, “It’s okay, let’s get some water in first. You are also choking at sea. It just so happens that we are going to have lunch, let’s get together.”

A few people naturally said yes, but when Li Wei and the others turned to lead the way, they heard a few people behind them whispered: “This NPC is sensible, and it won’t be so troublesome to wait for nothing. There are several chicks, which is not bad. ”

Their voices are very low and they are at the back. It stands to reason that others should not be able to hear them. For example, mice would not feel anything.

Players who have strengthened their body’s ears are comparable to ordinary people? Li Wei’s expression changed at that time, and he exchanged glances with Fang Lei, who was also aware of it.

Take advantage of the situation and pretend to be an NPC, and one takes people in, and the other poses to ask people to eat, which in fact reminds the player to be concealed.

But when Fang Lei walked in, he saw one of the men walking straight towards Zhu Yang.

Fang Lei was shocked. It should be no problem to say that other people are safe, but Zhu Yang alone, if he didn’t explain in advance, what should he do if he is noticed in two sentences?

Players cannot attack each other, but players who are not in the same group do not have this rule.

Fang Lei was desperately anxious, but Zhu Yang, who closed his eyes and basked in the sun, only felt that the sun was suddenly blocked.

She opened her eyes, and saw that the big head of the road who hadn’t entered the game with her was smiling at her, and the surprise and joy of the right bet flashed in her eyes.

At this time, he was not using his own face, but Zhu Yang also knew it, that was Lu Xin’s face at the villa before.

Lu Xiuci was about to stretch out her hand, but was suddenly opened——

He was a little confused, so he heard his girlfriend say: “Sorry, this face is so ugly!”


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