Scream Queen Chapter 63

In fact, it is too much to say ugliness, but it has become the kind of ordinary looks that can be seen everywhere in the university.

And this time, unlike the first game, he had to deliberately conceal his aura and habits in front of Zhu Yang. Only the players of the other team can see that this person is not easy.

Therefore, after a comprehensive evaluation, it is also a very desirable type.

But no matter what he said, he couldn’t hold back that Zhu Yang was a wayward craftsman. The real face is used to seeing that the standard is too high, don’t you dislike your boyfriend all at once?

Poor Lu Xiuci rushed over all the way nervously, because the start of the game was different from what he had experienced before–

After all, he had a high degree of completion at the time. If he wants to return to this game, the game must be shuffled to a large extent.

When I was on the boat, I was anxious and worried about gains and losses. I went to the shore and looked for someone with my eyes. I found such a result.

This, thanks to the large number of people, otherwise it has already been involved.

The awkward eyes met between the lovers. At this moment, Fang Lei was relieved and ran over to stop Zhu Yang.

“Are you still here? Didn’t you say you want to eat lobster? Go and see how to do it.”

Then Zhu Yang could not help but pulled away. In a posture that wanted to isolate the two as soon as possible, he walked and winked at Zhu Yang.

Seeing Fang Lei’s defensive posture, Zhu Yang glanced at Lu Xiu’s resignation secretly, and motioned him to stop.

Then after walking a long way, Fang Lei whispered and quickly said: “This group of new players are also players, but their mission is unknown, they are likely to conflict with us, and they are all **** players. Just now, Li Wei and I heard their attitude towards NPCs, fearing that it was not good.”

“Let’s take the plan first, don’t reveal the identity of the player, especially you, converge, don’t be too ostentatious.”

Zhu Yang is not too experienced now. Fang Lei’s so-called **** player is Lu Xiuci once told her that it is the type of player who is not a good stubborn in reality and treats the game as a gold field.

No matter how bad it is, it is a guy who loses his humanity in the horrible killing and acts recklessly.

To say that Zhu Yang’s original customs clearance style is very crude and cruel, but in any case, he still follows a certain view of good and evil.

Of course, most players are ordinary people who are law-abiding before they become players. Although NPCs call the characters in the game, they are treated as human beings just like themselves.

Because the game world is like a real world in every respect. Even if you don’t talk about being friendly with them, in most cases, the well water does not violate the river water.

But this type of player is different. In the places where they pass, NPCs fall into their hands.

If it is not for the special restrictions of the game, then after determining that the NPC is useless, kill people in order to save trouble, not to mention that the behavior of bullying men and women is almost as normal as eating and drinking.

This is just like a group of robbers breaking into other people’s homes in reality. What good things can you expect from them?

Even if you and him are the same players, you have to beware of three-pointers in the same batch of rules that do not attack each other in the game. What’s more, the situation is unknown now, and the dog does not know what to do with the game.

Once their player identity is exposed, and if there is a possibility of competition between the two teams, that team will probably raise their hands and kill them first.

After all, if a player of the same level fights against a guy who licks blood with a knife, you will definitely suffer a lot.

Seeing Zhu Yang’s thoughtful expression, Fang Lei emphasized again: “Don’t believe in evil.”

“We are in a group. After all, the interests are the same. It doesn’t matter if your eldest lady’s temper is forbearing. If you want to be exposed to this group, you can see if there is any good fruit.”

Zhu Yang nodded casually: “It’s all right, you go and inform others.”

When Fang Lei turned to leave, she suddenly stopped her, thinking: “By the way, remind them never to contact that group alone.”

Fang Lei didn’t know her intention to mention this, but looking at her serious expression, she also nodded in agreement at this moment because she was really not suitable for placing orders for safety.

But I don’t know that Zhu Yang’s starting point is not here.

In the same game, if there are two pairs of players, regardless of whether they are confrontational or not, the level should not be too different.

Each of the five people on the other side has experienced a lot of battles and extraordinary skills. Excluding Lu’s big head, even if the four opponents are facing their group of players, to be honest, the outcome is really uncertain.

Even if Zhu Yang’s high-level customs clearance expert who has come along this way has exploded with so many skills, he can’t say how strong his combat effectiveness is. After all, he has lost the experience of all year round flesh and blood.

But Lu Datou’s natural stance was with her, and she immediately turned upside down. As a high-level player, even if his ability is suppressed, it should be no problem to deal with a few intermediate players.

What’s more, Zhu Yang and the others went to the island first. The identities that the game arranged for them were not halfway through the NPCs, but actually embedded their personal relationships and backgrounds.

Previously, Zhu Yang and the others didn’t know the purpose of the game, but now they understand that this is another advantage given by the game. At this moment, the situation is completely that the other party is clear that they are dark, and they can pretend to be NPCs and wait and see.

No matter how bad it is, it can paralyze the opponent.

But in this way, it seriously violates the fairness principle of the game, and the dog game will never allow the opponents to have too much difference in advantage.

To make up for this, Zhu Yang guessed that either the opponent has an advantage in the difficulty of the game task, or –

Lu Xiuci was depressed because of being disliked, but if someone found it, at least he didn’t have to worry about it.

This dungeon is indeed too unfriendly to players who have just entered the intermediate field, and Lu Xiuci is very glad that he has followed.

Otherwise, Fang Zhuyang would not be at ease facing this type of player at the same time. He knew what the game was thinking, but he couldn’t make too many hints.

But as long as you look under your own eyes, it is always reassuring.

Seeing everyone entering the villa one after another, Lu Xiuci was also ready to follow the crowd, and heard a voice coming in from the side——

“What did you just want to do?”

Lu Xiu turned his head and saw that he was a typical second-generation ancestor who did not know the heights of the earth. According to the rough plot given by the game, he was the owner of the island and the initiator of the movie.

The threat of ghosts in this game is limited, not to mention the role of NPC.

Seeing the other party’s provocative expression, Lu Xiuci couldn’t bear it patiently. As he was about to leave, he listened to the person who continued: “I said, if you are killed, you will stay overnight. This young master is not a stingy person.”

“But since I’m favored by others, I put the tricks on the bright spot. That’s what I’m looking for. What kind of talk about the poor and the unknown? Don’t look at you like that, are you worthy?”

After talking about the doglegs behind him, they also followed the cynicism, the content mainly revolved around the attack on his appearance, the depreciation of existence, and all kinds of bragging about the rich second generation.

Lu Xiuci felt that his appearance would be a hindrance in the game, so he didn’t care about such superficial derogation.

It’s just that he estimated the time, the last team came to the game world should be at most 48 hours earlier than them, right?

Ok! Someone is great and has liquidation clauses again.

So Lu Xiuci replied lightly: “Really? Now I am interested, you can go away.”

Gu Shao was anxious and wanted to talk, but the other party had already entered the villa.

What made him angry was not the fact that this guy had no self-awareness, but the kind of perfunctory attitude that didn’t put him in the eyes at all, and didn’t even feel that he had the slightest competitive attitude.

This Nima was just like telling him clearly that he had already lost before he even started, and he didn’t know himself.

During the dark tide, lunch was ready. Fortunately, the table in the restaurant was big enough for nearly twenty people to sit down.

Since the arrival of several new players, they have always exuded an arrogant aura that this island has been occupied by them.

I didn’t say it because the basic situation hasn’t been figured out yet. In fact, the posture of the other party eating at the table is not at all as an outsider.

It can’t be said that they eat too badly, but it feels like the prison tyrant is eating with other prisoners.

Seeing someone who wants something delicious in front of him, he speaks unambiguously, adding water and soup is also doing his best.

As a meticulous and reliable person, Li Wei naturally did his part and ran on the front line of reunion with these guys, and was also turned around.

However, he looked like someone who was good at pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger like this, and even the slightest flaw was not leaked. Even the other people were soothed by his low-pitched posture that the contradiction was not obvious for a while.

But Gu Shao’s own territory just didn’t go over, and when those guys came back, they had promised to help. The gang had suffered, so it was embarrassing to be so arrogant in other people’s homes.

He was a little unhappy in his heart, frowning and frowning, he was about to speak, but he was suddenly hit by something on his head.

It didn’t hurt, but it also blocked his impulse. Gu Shao lowered his head to see that it was an orange peel.

Looking up, Zhu Yang, the culprit, said: “You, go to the kitchen and bring me a cup of soup.”

Gu Shao was anxious: “Why? This big bowl is not enough for you to drink?”

Today’s soup is boiled pork bone soup. I washed it in the morning and boiled it and simmered it. I boiled it all morning. The soup is milky white and tastes delicious. It is delicious.

Except for Linda, who was disgusting enough to hit the box of broken corpses in the refrigerator last night, everyone else felt it was pretty good.

Zhu Yang said, “Why do I want to drink the pig I have drunk? I have no choice but to fill the pot with new ones.”

Another group of players who are playing with Tang: “…”

The group of players like Li Wei and Fang Lei was almost **** off by Zhu Yang. What you want to do is to prevent the NPC from conflicting with these guys, so that the NPC egg does not touch the stone, but don’t you open your mouth and offend others?

Seeing that the faces of several players in the other group are not good at the moment, the previous caution is useless.

A few people looked at Zhu Yang, but they didn’t get so angry. After all, even if she did something unpleasant to look good, the first thing others noticed was her appearance.

When a large group of people came in, Zhu Yang was particularly conspicuous. It was not that the other people had looked at them with nasty eyes and exchanged tacit smiles.

At this moment, all the attention was drawn, and the other party’s sight became even more unscrupulous.

One of them didn’t look angry. He smiled and looked at Zhu Yang and said: “What’s the point of eating a soup pot with a pig? Many women have to sleep with a pig in their arms.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Well, yes! How could your mother have you like that.”

The man’s face sank, he stood up suddenly, and was about to pass, a huge force appeared on his shoulder, and he pressed him down.

Looking back, he saw Lu Xin holding a bowl of soup in his hand and said to him: “Sit and eat deliciously while eating, don’t run around.”

His eyes only glanced at himself indifferently, as if he was just unhappy about his desire to cause trouble, otherwise, the flirtatious look that didn’t count as accusation made the man think in his heart.

When he reacted, Lu Xin had already put the soup in front of the pretty girl, and he was in a dog-legged posture called by the king: “Hurry up and drink! There is still in the kitchen.”

Everyone saw that Zhu Yang was really unchanging and was being served by strangers, and he was picky and disgusted: “It’s like drinking soup and filling it up, what about fruits?”

“Now cut it!”

When Lu Xiu resigned into the kitchen, Zhu Yang even glanced at the bewildered people: “The newcomers wink better than you.”

Not to mention the reaction of the NPCs, the players in Zhu Yang’s group are now in awe of Zhu Yang.

Although in just one day, the image of this guy as a fine **** has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

It’s not surprising that everyone is doing customs clearance tasks, and they have to be angry with this guy and let her call. However, regardless of this point, this guy is very good at creating a situation that is beneficial to him at any time.

The players let her have a view of the overall situation of the game at any rate. It is not worthwhile to interfere with the progress of the clearance because of disputes. It depends on the difficulty.

But the NPCs being beaten down by her brutally and directly is also a clean up service, whether you like it or not? At least the guy was able to fly in rhythm, and after reacting, he had already followed her instructions step by step.

But they never expected that these newcomers, when they were all vigilant and cautious of temptation, had one of them beheaded by her and became a minister under the skirt.

Judging by the reaction of the other party, that person is still the one with a higher right to speak in the group.

Now the players are completely convinced. In this regard, these sisters are really talents who control men with quasi-keys.

If Gu Shao was the leader of the NPC, she had to deal with Gu Shao first. The newcomer named Lu Xin was the least visible when he landed ashore, but she didn’t expect the others to be so afraid.

But this precise vision also makes people have to admire.

After a while, Lu Xin really cut a plate of fruit, carefully peeled and seeded, and the plate was beautifully presented. It happened to be a bite. It was a template to please girls.

In this way, Zhu Yang still condescended to be worthy of a taste. The hypocritical cheeks really make people have a bad appetite.

Gu Shao was a little unhappy to see this guy so calmly accepting the strange man’s favor, but no one cared about it.

With the interruption of Lu Xiu’s resignation, the trigger situation at the dinner table naturally disappeared. The four players in the other group were a little bit anxious, but it was not good to have a fight with Lu Xin about this trivial matter.

Just express contempt for this guy’s approach.

It’s okay to soak in NPCs. After soaking in such a true feeling, is it possible that after the mission is over, you can take it back to be a wife?

You really like it. When it is determined that the value of the NPC will not have any effect on the game, can she still resist if she finds a place to do it?

At first, the elder brothers still saw each other’s beauty and thought about it. They had a good time and saw Lu Xin’s baby posture——

Is it possible that the heroine of this bad movie or his on-screen lover? That really makes people want to try.

One person has a ghost in his heart, one person is cautious, one person is confused, and the atmosphere of the entire dining table presents a strange temporary peace.

After eating, a few people went to wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen, and the rest left in the living room to chat.

At this time, another group of players asked: “When we first came here, we used binoculars from a distance to see that there was a dark shadow. Nothing strange happened in these two days, right?”

Players naturally know that they have started to ask for clues in the game. Regardless of the aspect, they have concentrated on here.

But NPC naturally didn’t worry so much, especially Linda. After the incident last night, she was like a frightened bird.

At this moment, I heard that there are other abnormal signs on the island, and I immediately found the sympathy: “You have seen it? I said that it can’t be my dazzling. It’s better to say that when I see it wrong, how can it be so true?”

Then she told me everything about last night like a bamboo tube, and she shed tears aggrieved: “I didn’t believe me when I said it.”

Last night he went back to the room with another boy because he was afraid, but the boy comforted her for a while, and the purpose was to sleep with her. Linda could also see that the other party’s attitude towards this matter was scornful.

So the feeling of fear has not been alleviated at all.

Obviously, although the other group of players does not look like good people, they are not brave and brave. On the contrary, most of these people are cunning by nature and know how to judge the situation.

One of them even took the initiative to pat Linda’s shoulder, and comforted: “Don’t be afraid, we believe you, this blue sky and white sun is covered with black air, you haven’t noticed it on the island, no matter how bad it is, there are abnormalities. ”

“Well, you follow me around, so you can take care of any dirty things.”

Linda looked at the other party, and seeing his expression, she really felt that there was a problem with the island, and she felt a sense of identity in her heart, and she was wrapped in the other’s strong arms, feeling the muscles that gave birth to a sense of security.

Feeling comforted in my heart, I naturally nodded to cater.

Okay, the other party’s mission is also aimed at ghosts, not at players. This made the first players a little relieved, but they couldn’t be completely relieved.

In particular, the other party slyly talked to Linda and the others. Although there was a match and no match, the subject was to confirm the interpersonal connections of all of them.

It can be seen that it is also a group of suspicious people.

Fortunately, the identity of the game arrangement this time exists in the interpersonal network. If you ask the NPC, there is no clue. Players only need to echo from time to time, and it will not take long for the other party to dispel the last doubt.

Confirming that these people are all NPCs, then the guess about the difficulty of the game naturally turned to the ghosts, wondering if there are really unprecedented brutal creatures waiting for them on the island, right?

Due to the arrival of another group of players, Zhu Yang and his group’s process of finding clues had to be temporarily interrupted.

After a while, everyone had to act like they were enjoying their vacation and went to the beach to play.

Only then discovered that Zhu Yang and that Lu Xin didn’t know when they had left the crowd, and didn’t know where to hide.

When Gu Shao asked, Nina, who was sticking to him, curled her lips and smiled sarcastically: “Oh, Gu Shao, what are you doing with so many people? They are all grown-ups. How can men and women ask? ”

Gu Shao was upset when he heard this, but was dragged to the beach by a group of people who couldn’t help but say that without Zhu Yang staring at him, they could have fun instead.

Other players have also come back at this moment, naturally not limited to their scope, if they really encounter clues related to the game, it happens to further confirm the reaction of this group of people.

At this time, Zhu Yang and Lu Datou had already entered the woods. After confirming that no one was around, Lu Xiu resigned and hugged Zhu Yang.

He breathed a sigh of relief: “Fortunately, I made a right bet this time.”

Then she looked at her and disagreed: “You see people upset in all games, and you just open your mouth regardless of the other side’s details?”

“Although I don’t want you to tolerate it, some people don’t just mean that the player is not as simple as you think, do you know?”

“In the future, you will even encounter NPCs that pose a major threat to players——”

When he said that, he was both regretful and at a loss. It was obvious that she was accustomed to this virtue, and it wouldn’t matter if she had trouble with anyone in reality.

But in a blink of an eye, she also entered the game world, and she was domineering and domineering, but now she needs to converge because of a more important premise, that is, her safety.

This is really frustrating.

Zhu Yang knew what he was thinking when he saw him, and said hurriedly, “Isn’t I watching you? I don’t have the eyes to see, you think I am stupid?”

“Without you, I wouldn’t have made trouble at the dining table. What a big deal, wouldn’t it? Don’t worry for a while, and try to kill people at night. Don’t worry, don’t worry, I understand.”

Lu Xiu choked on his resignation, too. How could her thief’s personality not know how to judge the situation?

Then I was about to kiss her, and Zhu Yang held his face down again——

“Well, it’s not convenient to change back to the original state now, just forget it, I’ll talk about it tonight.”

It’s okay that she didn’t mention it. When she mentioned Lu Xiu’s resignation, she thought of the matter just now, and she immediately settled the old and new accounts together.

Frowned and asked: “Do you dislike me?”

Zhu Yang Zhenzheng said: “Don’t be conscientious, you see, I just didn’t want to even hold my hand, now I have already let me hug it, and it took less than three hours of work, and my adaptability is strong enough. Right?”

“You know that I am picky about my aesthetics. Why can your ordinary face make me give in here? It’s all love! Why are you not satisfied?”

“You can’t wait for me to get used to it? Don’t give me this time, you still say you love me?”

The context of this statement applies to any scumbag, a typical scumbag.

The skill of beating a rake can be seen to be profound, and Lu Xiu can bear the usual things.

Just think about the picture just now, it was the most frustrated time of life’s self-esteem.

So he said blankly: “Then what if I have to?”

Zhu Yang cleaned up this guy at his fingertips, no matter if it was irritation, smoothness or negotiation, it was nothing.

Wen Yan shrugged: “That’s okay, I’m your girlfriend, how could I truly refuse you.”

“But since you like to have an unfamiliar face and intimacy with me so much, so be it. I say you will become what you become.”

“Hey! I just watched a few movies recently, and I am a bit greedy for the handsome European and American guys in it.”

Speaking of the indifference just now, he became enthusiastic, and ran his fingers across his chest: “Or, let’s try?”

Lu Xiuci didn’t get angry because he had been in the game for so long, and he already had a resilience far beyond that of ordinary people. Otherwise, how many people could withstand the devastation?

He suppressed the smelly sweetness coming up from his throat, pinched Zhu Yang’s chin, and smiled deeply in his eyes, “Who are you looking for?”

Zhu Yang thief: “You, greedy you. But didn’t you make me look different from you? At least let me retreat?”

She has finished speaking these Nima words, is there anything that others can reason about?

Lu Xiuci was silently stunned, and listened to Zhu Yang asking: “Then you still want me to kiss?”

Lu Xiuci felt that if he was still young and ignorant in high school, he would have to cry this guy angrily, and finally he had to swallow and muffled: “No more.”

Only then did Zhu Yang accept the aggressive posture, and then in a blink of an eye, it was another face.

He mocked him and said: “What am I talking about? Just do what I tell you. Where are so many and why? So much dissatisfaction?”

“In the end, you still have to give up. You said you are tired of going around in such a circle?”

Listening to her endless chatter, Lu Xiuci raised his eyes to look at the nearby coconut trees.

Except for the leaves hanging on the top, there are no other branches, otherwise he will try to hang them for a while.

But Zhu Yang is not just a great stick, he is unambiguous when it comes to painting cakes.

After the scrutiny, the other party told him that he wanted to buy the island in the morning, and said that in the winter, if you are tired of staying in the city, you can go out alone for a vacation.

I coaxed Lu Xiusi into a heart-wrenching, yearning for it. On a lonely and deserted island, the two of them would spend their days leisurely. It was a paradise on earth.

When it comes to paying, she naturally promised to let her buy whatever she was big or small, and then tell him what style he wanted to make after buying. He has the manpower and material resources.

Therefore, it is said that the important game clearance threshold of the intermediate field is good. The two dogs and men and women avoid people without discussing game-related matters at all, but they are sticky for most of the day.

I vaguely heard the sound of vomiting blood again.

When the two of them were drilling in the woods, the beach outside was not level.

In the beginning, everyone came out to play, and it was a good time. Several later players were also people who were used to enjoying.

It is estimated that there is a lot of gold in the game. I am used to squandering in reality, but I will not be able to enjoy it in the game world.

Anyway, ordinary ghosts are going to come out at night, so relax and feel at ease, so I took the wine from the cupboard and enjoyed it.

Fortunately at the beginning, the sunny, sea, beach, beauties were relaxing with the sea breeze, but after a few bottles of wine, this group of people who had no moral bottom line began to get muddled.

The man with a scar on his forehead spoke to each other and said to the other female player: “I said, why don’t you put on bikinis like them? People are so generous, you two are afraid of being ashamed?”

Pointing to the three girls and NPC, Linda Nina also has another relatively low sense of existence.

If anyone is really enjoying this seaside holiday, it is estimated that they are the only ones.

When the two female players listened, they were too strong to show their flaws, so they said, “I was seasick yesterday. I was a little uncomfortable and couldn’t blow the air.”

Another man with a dragon tattoo on his arm said: “What seasickness? None of the three of them fainted, but you two fainted. If you come to play, you have to watch where you play, right? The beach is still tightly wrapped. In fact, if you don’t give a man a chance, be careful not to marry.”

Another female player smiled with a stiff face: “You can really joke.”

At this time, the man with the scar on his left cheek smiled rascally: “Do you have a boyfriend? You can’t be bothered by those two?”

Said and pointed at Li Wei, who was not far away: “You women are not good at sight, what good is that kind of man? To face and lose face, to have no ability. Does that satisfy you?”

Then the four people burst into laughter. The laughter was wretched and frantic: “How about you kick them, how about your brothers? I promise to show you what the gap is tonight.”

Fang Lei was also a violent temper, listening to the irritable laughter of several people, she became more and more angry.

Just as she couldn’t bear it, there was a voice who reacted before her.

“Why don’t you guys jump into the sea and let the female sharks see the gap?” Gu Shao walked over and said, “Or you can go to the forest to find if there are female wild boars, so you don’t have to be here to dirty people’s eyes.”

After talking, he walked to a few people and took an empty bottle of wine and looked at it: “This is the **** wine of Lao Tzu. You guys who are begging for food go ashore to ask for help, but you really don’t regard yourself as a guest. Right?”

“Go away, drive your speedboat for me now.” He said, “There’s another one? Where is it dead? Come out and get out of me.”

Gu Shao wasn’t afraid of a few people at first, but patience is limited after all, and Zhu Yang’s call for five and six can at least endure half of it by looking at her face.

What do these rascals have? Anyway, there are more than a dozen people on my side, and they won’t necessarily lose when they really fight, and it’s a big deal.

I can’t blame this baby for his simple thinking. After all, they are ordinary people. Who sees someone who is fierce, rushes to the other side with super powers, and can kill a cow with bare hands?

Even Zhu Yang, who wants to soak, can run horses with his arms upright!

So when Gu Shao came back to his senses in the next second, when he found that he was kicked down on the sofa and there was one foot on his head, he was startled first, and then a sense of dullness spread throughout his body.

Then pouring the liquor from the top down on his face, he couldn’t move and had to endure the humiliation.

The man with the dragon tattoo who took the shot has a sinister face and a triumphant look in his eyes: “Boy, do you think a few brothers are on the island, and you still have a voice?”

“Let’s play here as long as we want, so that you can be swift to serve you. Don’t come here when you are not called, know?”

The other NPCs were frightened by this scene, and several players had unpleasant faces. For a while, they didn’t know if they should make a move.

Help, their advantages will be wiped out, don’t help, people are trying to maintain their success.

Especially Fang Lei, at this moment, he was stopped by another female player so he could not make a move.

Several men glanced at the crowd and saw the cringe, Mingzhe watched with cold eyes, and the slightly **** others would also stop him.

Which game is not like this? No matter whether it is NPC or player, those who care too much will never drink the soup.

The feet continued to grind, and Gu Shao Chi’s painful cry made several people more proud.

But in the next second, there was a ‘bang’ among a few people. The crisp sound of something exploded. People who licked blood from the knife head were naturally alert.

Several people quickly got up to hide, and then realized that it was just a coconut smashing from a distance, smashing the wine bottle and glass on their table.

Several people turned their heads to see that the beautiful little girl was holding a coconut upside down, and then the coconut was thrown into Lu Xin’s hand behind her.

Immediately after Lu Xin, another coconut slammed into one of them, and the person quickly avoided, and the coconut slammed onto the table behind, and the strong coconut shell exploded.

I think if this energy hits his face, I’m afraid the bridge of his nose will be broken right now.

A trace of cruelty flashed in the eyes of a few people. Lu Xin, a female NPC, was fascinated by a female NPC, and when he walked through the woods, he pointed out where to fight like a dog.

There is an NPC in a mere pal, who would like to play with this kind of chick, but a Lu Xin stalked there, instead letting them be restrained.

Several people winked secretly, but they weren’t the fierce ones, they just wondered how to get rid of this stumbling guy.

At this time, Zhu Yang broke the calm. She raised her finger to Lu Xin behind her and said, “This is my boyfriend who just took office. Get to know him.”

The NPC is okay, after all, the overall tone is really chaotic settings in your circle, but the players are a bit confused.

I didn’t expect this guy to move so fast, he would go to the woods–

No, this guy can’t really do that, right?

When the players thought that Zhu Yang might also be doing this to break into the enemy and extract useful information, they suddenly felt that she was too generous.

When it was almost at night, and after cooking, several players avoided other people and asked Zhu Yang.

After getting a positive answer, I feel more and more that this guy is great.

According to Zhu Yang, now that Lu Xin has almost taken the bait, he can help clean up his teammates just by giving some sweetness in the woods.

If you continue to work hard in the evening, it is estimated that tomorrow will be the same as the true purpose of the other party and the standpoint of the group.

People who thought that Zhu Yang was acting and mad before suddenly felt embarrassed. This person would not do trivial things, but when the big things should be sacrificed, he rushed forward by himself.

I want to say that men and women love you, but they can’t do it for them.

Even Fang Lei said dumbly: “Yeah, you can’t do this, right? Continue to wait and see for a day or two, and when the plot comes out, we will naturally know if they are in line with our goals.”

Where did Zhu Yang say it? I just forgot to ask the road, what is the task of the other party, despite being sticky all afternoon?

But I want to know that the game has created irreconcilable contradictions. It is estimated that regardless of the game conflict, there are other possibilities.

Frozen is able to make a righteous and shameless face without burden: “Don’t worry, that guy is so coquettish, it’s okay to leave it to me, but you should also be careful, don’t expose flaws, and don’t contact them. Try not to touch.”

At this time, a few people naturally believed her opinions without reservation, only when they were about to eat in the evening.

Passing by, Shao Gu saw her with a complex and frustrated expression, and she was too silent, as if she had matured a lot overnight.

At home and school, the stars Gongyue, who has not suffered any setbacks in his life, was torn off his self-esteem and stepped on his feet. There is another strong contrast in the partial life.

This late-maturing baby is somewhat stimulated.

After dinner, Zhu Yang assigned Lu Xin to her when allocating the room.

The villa is so big in total. Before, everyone could be divided into one room. Now there are five more people out of thin air, so naturally they have to move.

Lu Xin has his own beauties to take in, but the other four are unwilling to crowd with others.

Seeing that a few people are strong, in the end they have to squeeze a few groups in other lives, but they vacate three rooms and give them one room.

There is one person left, because Linda is taking care of him, so he can stay with the woman tonight.

The boy who was with Linda last night was a little unhappy, but what if he was unhappy? Don’t even dare to fart.

The whole villa is a real chaotic scene in your circle. The key is that Zhu Yang, the player, has no sense of contradiction.

Zhu Yang and the others won’t care about the lottery for the room allocation, leaving everyone behind, the two of them clinged back to the room.

When I was at the door, I saw them kiss, some people cursed dogs and men in their hearts, and some people praised how great they were.

In short, when the door was closed, all kinds of thoughts were isolated from the outside.

At the moment when the door was closed, Lu Xiuci’s face quickly returned to his own. This time, he didn’t change his figure, so he didn’t look thin, which was also one of the reasons why the opponents were afraid of the players.

After the change came back, I couldn’t wait to kiss Zhu Yang bitterly, even with the daytime share.

After the two separated for a long time, Zhu Yang still bit his lip and said with excitement in his eyes: “Don’t say it, doing this in a horror movie is quite exciting.”

After speaking, he took up his clothes, and felt his strong muscles—this wonderful body!

The two fell on the bed desperately, with clothes scattered all over the floor. The bed in the villa was an honest wooden bed.

It looks very elegant and the quality is good, but it is inevitable to shake up and down when the action is big.

Zhu Yang didn’t dislike it, not to mention it was quite emotional, and he felt as if he was floating on the cloud.

But gradually I feel that something is wrong, how do you feel that sometimes there is a bit of a person under the bed?

Waiting for the man to feel that there was no one, Zhu Yang tilted his head, only to find a person crawling out of the bed with difficulty.

She was a gray-haired old woman who didn’t even think about her actions. The bed was already narrow. The two of them were still trying to toss. The old woman was hit by a bump, and finally got out of the bed. Then she and Zhu Yang Four eyes face each other.

The old woman was caught off guard, but she still showed a penetrating smile.

It’s ridiculous that the woman on the bed stretched out a white arm, pressed her head, and pushed her back under the bed.

The border said: “Please follow the manners of ghosts, don’t go out without seeing anytime, there is no time now, ah! You have to be scary and wait until the old lady is finished.”

Women are like this, and men are even more exaggerated. They didn’t even look here.

The old woman was furious, struggling desperately, let alone, she was quite energetic.

Because of the inconvenient backhand, Zhu Yang almost broke free by her. Lu Xiuci also raised his hand by the way.

The dog men and women of Lian Dianluan and Fengfeng just pressed the old woman who was going to go out for a walk tonight to live under the bed.


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