Scream Queen Chapter 64

Zhu Yang used to complain about the urination of many horror movies. He always likes to hook up with that, and he always likes to go wrong in the honest atmosphere.

Only then did I realize that there are many people willing to go, and there is still a reason for it.

The adrenaline soaring thing, really combined with this atmosphere, has a special flavor.

Ok! In the future, don’t be too harsh on bad movies, at least people will be able to catch the inferior nature of humans quite accurately.

No, before Lu Datou came, he was looking for something that was not pleasing to the eye. When he saw a shell, he wanted to be stunned. Now that he is served well, he is more tolerant of everything.

But it’s a pity that there are really no good things on the island, otherwise this copy will really allow her to spend a honeymoon trip-just a little more people.

Only then did Zhu Yang think of the game, so he asked Lu Xiu to resign: “What is your set of tasks?”

Lu Xiuci was holding her tenderly at this moment, and the soft kiss fell on her shoulder and neck again and again.

Wen Yan did not answer her question: \”It’s hard to say!\”

Zhu Yang shrugged his shoulders and bit his chin: “What’s hard to say?”

Lu Xiu resigned: \”I probably know the purpose of this game, so it is not convenient to tell you that this is a tacit understanding between the player and the game, and it would be meaningless if you didn’t taste it yourself.\”

\”Your future game route, at least in the intermediate field, will follow what principles, depends on this decision, so—\”He gave another kiss:\”If I still want to control the nature of your clearance, I can’t give you any hints at this time.\”

Said helplessly: \”The game has already gotten this point, which is equivalent to sealing me up.\”

Zhu Yang didn’t bother with this, but in her opinion, Lu Datou was assigned to which group, it was a big reminder in itself.

Thinking of her chuckled: \”So you ran in with all your energy, but in the end you only had to accompany me with the bed bag.\”

Lu Xiu resigned: \”Is it not?\”

Zhu Yang became more and more holding the shelf and raised his chin: “I am thirsty, go and pour me a glass of water.”

Lu Xiuci kissed her again, got out of bed, changed his face and went out to be his personal housekeeper.

Zhu Yang lay down on the bed and waited for others to wait, while pondering the progress of the game.

To tell the truth, this copy, based on the conditions uncovered now, is indeed a very different nature from previous experience.

The hedge against the ghosts has not yet been opened. First, you need to intrigue with people. The players Zhu Yang has encountered in the past don’t say how it was at the beginning, but at the end they are still kind and friendly.

After all, the interests are the same. As long as the cooperation is happily and there are real benefits, then you can make money in harmony.

But this time…

I was sorting out the intentions of the game in my heart, and I felt my quilt moved.

Zhu Yang looked down, and then he remembered that they had forgotten one thing. They were too excited to race in the Qiu Ming Mountain just now, and the old woman was completely ignored by the old woman.

Not okay, it turned out that two people in love can easily become silly when they get together, and Lucky Lu is ashamed to say to come in to protect her.

At this moment, it seems that it is more useful to reduce her intelligence.

Ba X relentlessly dumped the responsibility on Lu Xiu’s head, and then saw that the quilt seemed to be supported by something.

First the ball was a little bit, then higher and higher, as if a person emerged from the bed out of thin air on a bed sheet and stood up.

The quilt on Zhu Yang’s body was all lifted away, leaving only a little bit on her calf.

On this isolated island on the sea, the temperature difference between day and night is inherently large. It’s okay to run around in a bikini during the day, but it’s a bit cold without a quilt at night.

Zhu Yang was immediately agitated by the coolness and got goosebumps, and he was so happy after driving the car that his face collapsed.

At this time, the quilt was lifted up, and the quilt that had been waiting for a tall person began to leak blood.

The big blood beads came out from inside, and then smudged the white sheets into large irregular red.

The red silk spread down, and when the first drop of blood was about to drip onto the bed, the sheet and the contents of the sheet were kicked off the bed.

The foot didn’t show mercy, and kicked the position of the stomach, and there was a clear retching inside the room, as if the internal organs were hit hard.

Zhu Yang stood up: \”Can you talk about the rules? The aunt who gave you the sheet for a whole year will be considered as a gift to you. You still lie in bed and can’t go down. Do you want your father’s bed to be useless?\”

\”You were about to come out just now. I was right to be negligent, but you don’t have the eye to see it? You don’t even watch it when you are old, and you were so careless when you were alive?\”

When the words were finished, the quilt suddenly opened, and Zhu Yang’s voice choked. Under the quilt, it was not the old lady just now, but a delicate young woman.

The woman’s lower body was full of blood, and she was staring at her angrily.

Zhu Yang was silent for a while, picked up the ashtray on the bedside table and smashed it at the female ghost.

He yelled: “Is there no end? Did you organize a group to visit under someone’s bed?”

He jumped out of the bed and opened the sheets to look at the bed, but the bed was actually empty.

She scolded: \”Where is the old woman? You two will not die.\”

The female ghost is probably frightened by her desperate posture. The striker was wronged and she didn’t want to come out to scare the dog and the man to death.

She didn’t think that the other party was more angry than her, and heard the sound of opening the door. Seeing that the woman was about to catch her, the female ghost estimated that she was accustomed to looking at her face before she was alive, but she had a strong instinct to survive.

Zhu Yang rushed into the air, only the **** quilt on the ground was left, which was an eye-catching sight to people.

Lu Xiuci came in and asked: “The ghost came out just now?”

After learning that there may be more than one ghost under the bed, Lu Xiuci’s expression drifted a little when he was visited by a group.

Seeing that Zhu Yang was so angry, he hurriedly fed her water and took out the new quilt from the cabinet, which made him calm down and go to bed.

The next morning, after the two got up and cleaned up, Zhu Yang instructed Lu Datou to put the quilt that he took out back into the cabinet, and then drove him to the restaurant first.

I made the appearance that a girl would spend more time going out in the morning, and it took another ten minutes.

Zhu Yang estimated that it was almost done, and then suddenly let out a scream.

Of course, this scream was a little longer, similar to that of an ordinary girl. If she gave her time to prepare, Zhu Yang could still do it.

Before long, there were rapid footsteps outside, the door was pushed open, and everyone in the villa was almost there.

When I opened the door, I saw Zhu Yang shuddering at the bathroom door, pointing to a mass of things.

It was a quilt with blood, and the blood stain seemed to be a bit dry, but the blood volume and area were almost like a person’s blood drained and wiped on it.

Lu Xin ran in and picked her up first, and said with concern: “What’s wrong?”

I saw Zhu Yang look panicked: \”I cleaned up and came out of the bathroom, and saw there were more people in the room, standing there with the quilt on the bed. At first, I thought you were kidding me.\”

\”As a result, blood began to ooze from it, a lot of blood…\”

She looked pitiful with Yu Chuchu with Lihua, and she was frightened. Lu Xin quickly comforted her, and all the players were all right now.

As the first person to encounter a ghost, Linda felt the same, with a righteous reputation: \”Look, I said I was right? Zhu Yang also encountered it. There is a real evil in this room. \”

At this time, one of the later players came forward and touched the fast-drying blood on the quilt. Asked Zhu Yang: \”You just saw the bleeding, did you do it so soon?\”

Zhu Yang seemed to be reluctant to recall the picture just now, and people were about to cry: “How do I know?”

Seeing that she couldn’t ask anything here, a few people walked out slowly and violently, without doubting anything else.

The ghosts have some confusing skills. The girl saw the ghosts now. Maybe she has slept under the **** quilt all night, but this should be impossible. After all, Lu Xin is here. It’s impossible to hide a trick from him.

Seeing that Lu Xin was still coaxing the girl, the few people curled their lips, and were so patient after they slept. This made people want to taste what it was like.

After dealing with the quilt, the group went downstairs for breakfast. Zhu Yang was so frightened that he didn’t have the domineering temperament before. It can be seen that ordinary women are still afraid of things if they have sharp teeth.

On the contrary, several players in Zhu Yang’s group understand her intentions, and few players in the intermediate field have such a fierce reaction to ghosts.

I guess I want to equate myself with Linda and other real NPCs from the impression, which is even more deceptive, right? After all, she still wanted to keep the flaws under Lu Xin’s nose.

According to ordinary people, two people in a row hit the evil, and another group of unknown people came to the island to dominate the island, and they should have thought of leaving.

But the power of the movie is that the logic can be ignored for the plot.

But no, just after breakfast, the mice actually proposed to take pictures on the other side of the cliff.

Saying that the photos taken there must be ostentatious enough to post to Moments, and the group of people actually agreed again and again, including Linda who was scared into a dog.

Players complained silently in their hearts, and this paragraph alone was enough for the off-screen audience to complain about one or two thousand words.

However, this also suits everyone’s wishes. Now the second group is not able to explore again when they log in. It is just right to use NPC and plot inertia to unfold clues.

The second group of players also had to test the role of NPC, so the three groups of people came to the edge of the cliff with their own thoughts.

There is no signal on the island, and mobile phones are no longer available, but taking pictures is still enough, let alone a camera.

It’s just that the players along the way, even if they are equivalent to the actual age of these college student NPCs, one by one they have read all the sails in the horror world.

I have to pretend to be amused in front of the second group-well, it’s time to test my acting skills.

I used the posture of my mom and dad in the circle of friends to take photos all over the place. When I was already at a loss, I turned around and saw that Zhu Yang was the best.

I don’t know if this guy has experience as a model in reality, but he is constantly shooting over there with all kinds of excitement.

The grass and trees on the side, the occasional waves, and the sea breeze are all her special effects.

They also explained how Lu Xin who took pictures of her to control the angle, her position and the ratio of the blank space in the frame when taking pictures, and the angle of the picture when her legs were highlighted.

Lu Xin was really captured by her beauty. He was patient with her confession, and boasted while taking pictures: “Actually, the legs are already long and there are no dead corners. They look good on the chin and good on the feet.”

The first group of players: \”……\”

The second group of players: \”……\”

The cute couple of dogs and men are really endless, right? I have never seen such a weird style among players.

One seduce five fans and three joys, and one soaked in NPC soaked in heat.

I was choking silently, and suddenly heard a scream from the edge of the cliff.

Everyone rushed over and found that a boy had fallen, and Nina was crying anxiously.

Linda scolded her: \”Take a picture, why do you want him to keep pushing him back?\”

Nina did not forget to quibble: \”I’ll let him back up a little bit, he doesn’t even look back.\”

Gu Shao impatiently said: \”What is the noise? Go down and find someone first. Fortunately, the tide is high recently, here is not much high.\”

The players in Zhu Yang’s group immediately found the opportunity and said: “I’ll go, I can water.”

While talking, the boy who fell had already emerged from the water below because of buoyancy, and was desperately calling for help.

A few people jumped down on the rocks, picked them up, and looked around.

I thought that the recent high tide had little harvest, but I didn’t expect it to be unexpected.

One of the players pointed to a card on the rock and said, “What is that?”

Sure enough, the second group of players also noticed. Two people got busy and pulled a lot, and they pulled out the bones of two children from the inside.

Everyone exclaimed, Linda hurriedly said: “It’s it, it’s them, with the same pattern on the skirt.”

His head was smashed and blood was flowing, and his body was full of water. If he fell down here and died, wouldn’t it be right?

After knowing the origins of the two little ghosts, the latter group of players are lacking in interest. Their task is enough to kill the ghosts. How can they trace the origin?

Knowing the cause of death is just another way to deal with tough hard ideas, and it’s useless besides.

So he raised his hand and prepared to throw it away, but listened to the other human beings: “Bring it here, if you encounter it, please don’t let the corpse into the wilderness.”

Scarface didn’t have that interest, and he sneered: \”Whoever is willing to collect the corpse from someone will collect it, and he will ignore it and go ashore.\”

The players in the previous group made an unbearable look, and together they picked up the bones of the two children.

Their task is to supersede, and the probability of the bones playing a role is still very high.

However, judging from the performance of that group of guys, at least their mission could not be the same as their own, otherwise they would not give up on such important props.

If there is no second group of people who need to be alert, the best way is to bring the bones back to the villa, but now it doesn’t make sense to do so, and then settling down is also a way to put the bones away when it’s useful. It’s easy to find it again.

Although the boy who fell is not a serious problem, after all, the height is not low, even if he hits the water, his mind is dizzy enough now, and when he came up he scratched the reef.

A few people quickly dug the bones and grabbed them, and the group lost their fun and took the injured boy back to the villa.

It’s just that Fang Lei and another female player couldn’t find any medicines in the villa. They said they were looking for them upstairs and downstairs.

By the way, I would also like to take this opportunity to look up any relevant clues in the villa, because the second group came quickly, and they didn’t have time to get to know the villa well.

Others naturally didn’t suspect him. The players in the second group saw that the story just triggered had no practical effect, and they started drinking outside on their own.

On the contrary, Zhu Yang and Lu Xin, a pair of dog men and women, looked more careless than anyone else during the whole process. The players in the second group even wondered if this guy was not in a hurry to complete the task just thinking about picking up girls.

Fang Lei and another female player looked up and down, but found nothing.

The villa has a third floor, the first floor is a dining room, kitchen, living room, lounge, etc., and most of the second and third floors are rooms and two or three utility rooms.

The two opened a utility room on the second floor, pushed aside the discarded furniture blocking the top, and found that the bottom one was actually a small single bed.

Of course, this is not surprising, this kind of bed is really not suitable for use now, but the abandoned bed is actually covered with sheets, and the quilt is thrown on it messily, as if its owner got out of bed temporarily and then never came back. , Let time submerge it.

The quilt that has been moulded and mottled with black spots can’t see the original color, but from the decayed mould on it, it can be seen that this bedsheet is stained with something so that some parts are dry, others are dirty and corrupt.

Fang Lei and the others have a lot of experience, and they can see this decay sequence at a glance, it is clear that they have been infected with a large amount of blood before.

Suddenly, the whole sundries room covered with dry and old dust also became more pungent.

The two female players looked at each other, which was another important clue.

There is a high probability that someone will die on this bed, and this bed is not a bed in the master room. It is impossible for so many rooms to use such a shabby bed to entertain guests. The children’s bed is not like it. Most likely it is a maid’s bed.

Combined with the blood-soaked sheets that Zhu Yang encountered in the morning, there may be some connection.

The two silently noted this point and continued to rummaged in the villa, and nothing was gained later.

Only when I went down the stairs to the first floor, I found that there was a door in the shadow of the steps.

Generally, it is not easy to notice when the eyes are fast.

The width of the door is only the size of a normal classroom door, but it is much shorter. Girls who are slightly taller have to lower their heads to pass.

Fang Lei and the others walked in carefully, and compared with the dust puff that was a clean dead corner outside the door, it was actually dry and clean inside.

A slightly dim light even came from the corner, which looked like a cellar, suitable for storing things.

But Fang Lei and the two of them suddenly became vigilant. They all came in accidentally in such a place. Other people even Gu Shao might not know this place.

So where did the light that resemble candlelight come from?

The two cautiously walked inside, and suddenly there was a sound of a knife being chopped on the chopping board.

There was a muffled sound of ‘Tuk’, and the hearts of the two of them jumped, followed by a continuous chopping sound.

It’s just like chopping dumpling stuffing.

In the world of horror, many ordinary sounds and movements that are usually heard can make people creepy in certain scenes.

But the two female players who got to this step anyhow did not run away in a rush.

Fang Lei winked, one paid attention to the front, and the other awake behind him, slowly leaning over like a voice.

After walking a dozen steps, and turning a corner, I saw people.

She was a thin woman, wearing a cheongsam, with a perm and short hair, but she looked vigorously in her hand, holding a chopping knife and chopping it again and again on a thick chopping board.

When the two people walked in, the movement of the woman’s hands stopped, and then she turned around slowly.

Fang Lei and the others saw that the thing on the chopping board turned out to be a stillbirth that had already been formed. The dead baby’s large and purple head was still intact, and the bottom had been chopped into meat sauce.

The woman looked at them with a kind smile, and she stayed with the things on the chopping board. This smile made people feel chills.

She said: “Why haven’t the girls come back? Mom makes dumplings for them. Use dumplings made by their brother.”

Then the voice suddenly sharpened: \”Dog **** dumplings hahaha…\”

The woman laughed sharply, and Fang Lei and the female player felt a headache and tinnitus. They used their abilities or props to relieve them, and at the same time backed back again and again.

Fortunately, the woman didn’t even mean to catch up. The two ran out of the cellar and closed the door.

Back in the hall, I just said that no medicine was found, but I could only tear up the sheets and bandage the boys to stop the bleeding.

Fortunately, there are some scratches, which is not a big problem.

Seeing that it was almost time for lunch, just by taking turns cooking, a few players from the first group got together to discuss countermeasures.

The guy named Zhu Yang was so exhausted that he called people in by asking her what she wanted to order at noon.

It’s just that all the first players can’t come in. So many people clearly tell the second players outside that you are thinking about things.

Except for the three female players including Zhu Yangnei, only Li Wei came in. He had better call, and there was no sense of disobedience in the kitchen. The other two male players accompany drinking outside.

Fang Lei and the two told them what they saw in the cellar and told them their own speculation: \”The woman said’men’, is her daughter the twins under the cliff?\”

\”It is very possible!\” I wish CCTV swept across their faces and guessed at random according to general logic: \”In this way, other ghosts that have not yet appeared will not be mentioned for the time being, at least these three eyes can be superficial at any time. .\”

The little girls in the corpse wilderness must have part of the obsession to return home, and the obsession of mothers waiting for their children at home is the same.

\”What happened to the dead baby on her chopping board?\” Fang Lei asked Zhu Yang: \”Do you really only see **** quilts in the morning?\”

Zhu Yang said nonchalantly: \”No, in fact, the woman turned her face away, wearing a loose old-style maternity dress, bleeding under her body, looking like a miscarriage.\”

Zhu Yang didn’t say anything about the old woman. First, she wanted to face, and second, she couldn’t explain Lu Xin’s position. Most importantly, the fish hadn’t been caught yet.

But it’s coming soon!

Sure enough, Zhu Yang’s words came out, and the faces of several people were happy, and they felt that at least four ghosts had almost disappeared.

Even if the super-degree method is not as simple as thought, at least the relationship has been figured out and there is a context to be felt.

Zhu Yang said: “Then let’s go out to play this afternoon and secretly bring back the bones of the two little girls?”

Fang Lei and the others were about to nod, but Li Wei said conservatively: \”I don’t think you can worry about this.\”

Seeing the three of them look over, he explained patiently: “After all, the clues we have sorted out are still speculations, but I still take it for granted. Taking it back may not be overwhelming. On the contrary, it is easy to get rid of it.”

Speaking and pointing to the outside: \”I have observed these, don’t look at the face and careless, but they are coarse and subtle, very cunning.\”

\”We only went out in the morning, and if we act in the afternoon, it will inevitably make them suspicious. I think we should try other clues first.\”

\”More importantly, I actually prefer to test their reaction first. \”Li Wei lowered his voice: \”Look at what their mission is.\”

This thought resembled Li Wei’s style of being cautious, and Fang Lei and the others felt that it was the truth.

After all, if they do tasks normally, they wouldn’t say that wind is rain, and they act only by guessing when there are so few clues.

It’s just that under the high pressure of another group of players, everyone is indeed a little anxious, eager to save at least one or two ghosts first to complete the task of guaranteeing the bottom.

In this way, they can deal with it calmly, but Li Wei is right. They are now stunned, if they bring back the super condition is wrong, it also exposed the player’s identity.

It’s hard to say how the other group of players will react. You can’t have an optimistic view of their behavior.

Li Wei breathed a sigh of relief when they heard their persuasion, but suddenly heard Zhu Yang said: “Brother Li is really meticulous. He doesn’t leak. It’s really amazing to mix in the crowd silently.”

Fang Lei thought it was Li Wei who refuted her idea. The eldest lady was dissatisfied with the irony, so she ran into her and said: “Okay, it’s okay, you guys have worked hard, Li brother is all the time by those defunct Counseling is not easy.\”

\”Our task this time is to calculate points together. Who is not for the team? Seek common ground while reserving differences.\”

Li Wei also smiled wryly, showing concession in his attitude. Under this situation, Zhu Yang could no longer be aggressive.

When only turning his head back to a few people and cutting meat on the chopping board, a light flashed in Li Wei’s eyes, which quickly disappeared in his honest face.

After eating lunch, a few players in the next batch of players shaved their teeth and prepared to go back to the room for a nap.

But before sleeping, I heard another panic from downstairs.

When a few people went downstairs, they saw Fang Lei and another female player hurriedly pointing at the cellar and said: \”Let’s see that the tableware is not enough. I wanted to go to the cellar to find it. But there was a woman in it. She was chopping to death. Baby.\”

Scarface, they immediately followed the guidance to open the door, but how could there be any dead women? Instead, the adult corpse with a measuring tool was found from the water tanks on both sides of the chopping board.

Looking at the bones of a male and a female, the female’s pelvic bones are cracked, like taking something out of it. If two girls see a dead baby, it’s true.

I didn’t expect to see ghosts during the day. The frequency of ghosts has been relatively frequent, but only the NPC saw them, but they never appeared in front of them.

Scarface was a bit unlucky, and smashed the skull in his hand to the ground, showing no respect for the dead.

Come out to the humanity present: \”From now on, if two people act together, I don’t believe that those things can hide us for a lifetime.\”

The two people here naturally do not mean two or two teams between their own players, but let them each find an NPC to bind. If the NPC has the priority to meet the ghosts, you can understand why the game does not let them kill .

As soon as these words came out, Lu Xin found the most beautiful girl, so he didn’t have to worry about it. In addition, the dragon tattoo had been in the same room with Linda last night, which was convenient.

The other three were left, obviously not wanting to go in and out with the stinky man, the lustful and aggressive eyes patrolled the remaining two female players and two female NPCs.

Looking directly at Fang Lei and the others, they are still talking and talking: “Sisters, you see that you bump into dirty things too often.”

\”Come to sleep with your brother. When you meet a ghost, watch your brother give you a stick to fly, and don’t be afraid.\”

Fang Lei and the others smiled coolly: \”No, thanks!\”

Scarface said: \”Are we discussing with you? Just say it.\”

He pointed to Fang Lei and said: “I want this one, it’s spicy enough, and flavorful enough.”

At this time, there was a sneer from the side: “Is this a devil coming into the village to divide up the wives? What dreams do a few eye-less scabs/cock lie in the septic tank?”

\”The dung in the pool can’t fit your mouth, right? Shut tight, don’t open your mouth, it smells bad!\”

The Scarfaces were laughing. After hearing this, their faces became black when they laughed. Looking back, the female NPC was sitting on the sofa with her legs cocked while eating grapes.

The grapes were peeled and seeded and stuffed in their mouths. She cursed that the frequency of feeding grapes in this gap was two beats slower, and she was really taking care of her.

Several people said displeased: “Lu Xin, take care of your woman.”

Lu Xin lowered his head and glanced at Zhu Yang: “It’s very well managed. You can eat whatever you want, and open your mouth as soon as you feed it. It’s really obedient.”

It’s also a kind of **** ability to say that being a cow and a horse and serving people is so strange.

Not only that, but Zhu Yang’s mouth was still uncomfortable, and looked at several people mockingly: “What did I just hear? Is it spicy enough for you to like?”

\”Why don’t you eat the devil pepper if you like spicy so much? If you want to play more powerfully, you can wipe it wherever you are, and you can do it with all your heart. As for the girl, forget it, you can’t look down on beasts if you are blind.\”

The four of them stood up immediately, but without moving their bodies, they saw Lu Xin glance over indifferently.

He didn’t say anything, didn’t even make redundant expressions, but it just conveyed an intuition to them on a certain level.

Those of them who licked blood could see it best, and the instinct to avoid danger made them stay there.

Finally, when the people in the living room disperse, a few people said in anguish: “Too **** asshole, here are you?”

\”Forget it, wait for a chance to talk about it, this thing is broken, it’s not worth it.\”

However, the dragon tattoo is inseparable from Linda. Since she was the first to hit a ghost, according to the logic of the movie, if there is no player, it is likely to be the first to die.

Cannon fodder, there is a chance of hitting a ghost.

Sure enough, this idea is really not bad, the second group of players that night really saw their first ghost since they landed.

Things start with each going back to the room to sleep after dinner.

Dragon tattoo patronizes eating meat for dinner, his mouth is dry, and after exercising with Linda, he is thirsty for water.

I planned to ask the woman to go down and serve it, but when I thought that the timing was right now, maybe it happened to happen? So they went downstairs to the kitchen with Linda.

To be honest, Linda has been a little afraid of being alone at night since the incident the night before, but she didn’t dare to refuse her bad temper with dragon tattoos.

When the two came to the kitchen, he didn’t let himself turn on the light. Linda became even more frightened, and hurriedly poured him a glass of water, urging him to drink upstairs quickly.

The dragon tattoo waved his hand impatiently and drank water slowly, but his eyes were sharply observing the surroundings.

But apart from a crackling collision for the closed window, nothing seemed unusual.

After drinking a glass of water for a long time, nothing came out. The dragon tattoo was a little disappointed, so he prepared to put it back into the cup and go upstairs.

But at this moment, he suddenly realized something was wrong.

The window can be blown so violently, should it be the wind outside? But they only heard the motivation of the windows in the kitchen, and the air blowing in didn’t seem to be so violent.

The dragon tattoo gently put down the cup and slowly walked past the window. As he walked in, he finally discovered the truth about why the window was so moving.

It turned out that a hand was stuck on the window sill, pinning the window that inertia would forget to close. The glass window came back again and again, and it kept being pinned, hitting the corner wall next to it, and it was annoying.

But that hand was pierced and bruised, but still did not let go, as if it was just a realistic model where it was pierced.

Linda screamed when she saw this, and for a while the people in the villa were awakened by her again.

But the dragon tattoo didn’t expect this guy to be more than defeated. For fear of the ghosts being scared off by her, he hurried to the window sill in two steps.

Before he stood firm, suddenly a man with his head knocked flat came out of the window, a head of flesh and blood flying, his eyes bursting, his skull deformed, and his knowledgeable dragon tattoos were shocked. jump.

In the gap of this meal, the other party slammed his head, and then used his pulpy head to hit the dragon tattoo forehead.

It stands to reason that a sturdy man, a ghost whose mind is already sleazy, how to look at this kind of physical hard-to-fight is an egg-to-stone.

But the dragon tattoo was hit by his head, but there was a buzzing sound on his head, showing that the injury was serious.

But he was also well-versed. Although Linda’s screams and unpredictable pictures made him miss the opportunity at the beginning, his reaction was not slow.

Just as the broken head ghost was about to hit the second blow, the dragon tattoo first reached out and pressed it, and the paw-like palm rounded the broken head ghost’s broken head.

Then the palm of the dragon tattoo turned into a red-hot iron block, and it was so hot that he screamed again and again.

At this time, the kitchen lights were fully turned on, and the place was suddenly bright as daylight. The dragon tattooed eyes, confused his attention, and loosened his hands. The Broken Head took advantage of this opportunity to escape from his hand and disappeared.

But at the same time, everyone who ran over saw the appearance of the devil.

The kitchen was suddenly rushed by the panic and screams, and the dragon tattoo spit out unhealthyly.

It’s a pity that Sun Zheng couldn’t take down the turtle, and he listened to the call from a house, and suddenly said irritably: “Fucking, I didn’t have you blindly turn on the light, I would have put that thing out.”

Linda asked cautiously at this time: “Brother Long, what the **** is that?”

\”Isn’t it a ghost, and you, just didn’t have enough of you to call a fart, and I got a hammer for nothing.\”

The players from Zhu Yang and his party hurriedly took advantage of this opportunity to surround him: “Then what are you doing? Ghosts can fight off, too powerful, right?”

Li Wei said even more: “Are several brothers capable of this? Wouldn’t you come to the island specifically to exorcise ghosts?”

\”I said, how can you see any black air, I thought you guys, unexpectedly it was true?\”

This ready-made reason was handed over, and several people naturally admitted: \”Yes, yes, I came here only when the situation was wrong.\”

\”Don’t you know good people, now believe it will be no harm to follow us?\”

After finishing speaking, she pointed to Linda: “If this girl hadn’t had me tonight, I guess she would have explained.”

Linda had never forgotten that she was being pulled down to accompany her, and nodded with lingering fear.

After talking about a few people, they turned their sights on a few female players and female NPCs, which means that you have seen the situation of the house with your own eyes. You must be safe not to choose by yourself.

Suddenly Lina really moved towards Scarface, and Fang Lei and the others were unable to get off the stage because of this guy’s neatness.

But he had to freeze his face and said that he went back to the house to consider it.

After Zhu Yang and the others, a few people still laughed proudly. It’s just that you girl wants to protect, so what can you do if you throw your arms around?

The girls only have to nod their heads. They have suffered a few male NPCs, especially the mouse and another male. At this moment, I really wish that one of them had a good bite.

What is dignity? Even singing □Flower is better than seeing the ghost with a **** face.

Several people also complained to Gu Shao said: \”I said Gu Shao, what haunted house did you buy here? If you don’t do anything, you dare to come and live?\”

Gu Shao’s face turned blue, and Nima only came to this island three days ago. He is a rich second generation of stars and moons, the real master of the island.

After encountering bandit hegemony one after another, he has become a marginal figure, and now he has to face several questions from his own dog.

His eyes stared: \”Not happy to live you to the beach tonight?\”

How dare you? According to the posture just now, it must be true that the little girl’s ghost that Linda saw was also real. People can die outside, it is really chilling everywhere.

Zhu Yang’s arrogant posture seemed to be slashed by the actual strength of the dragon tattoo just now.

The others didn’t see her reaction until she returned to the room.

On the first day, Zhu Yang chose the master bedroom on the third floor. Later, the second batch of players came over because they were afraid that they would hurt people for no reason. At that time, the room seemed disorderly, but in fact most of the people living on the third floor were still Players in the first group.

At least players can protect themselves when they start, and NPCs don’t have to.

Apart from the NPCs living on the second floor, there is only one Li Wei and another female player.

At this time, twenty minutes have passed since the commotion in the kitchen. Everyone who should have returned to the room has already returned to the room, and it is estimated that they are ready to go to sleep.

But at this moment, someone silently opened the door and walked out of the room, and then walked gently and silently out of the corridor to the third floor stairs.

The other party did not turn on the light in the dark, and walking at night seemed like a shadow coming and going without a trace.

But just as he stepped on the third floor floor, suddenly a voice sounded——

\”Who is coming up so late?\”

When Li Wei turned his head, he saw a person appearing out of thin air in the dark shadow.

No, she didn’t appear out of thin air, but the skin on her body gradually faded from pitch black, and it appeared in her own eyes who had adapted to the darkness.


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