Scream Queen Chapter 65

Li Wei is already very tense, and who can get to this point is pure luck?

There are many strange skills in the game. You never know how many hidden dragons and crouching tigers there are in your teammates and opponents. Therefore, he ran out in the middle of the night to connect with people, so he was really careful and careful.

Unexpectedly, he was caught upright, and the person who came to him was Zhu Yang, the most difficult one in his opinion.

Unlike Fang Lei and the others, they initially focused on this guy’s domineering and self-willedness, Li Wei never looked down upon this guy who seemed to be disregarding the overall situation and behaving unreliable from beginning to end.

You can see that this person is indulging in enjoyment. When he enters the game, it is all kinds of unreliable. The priority level of completing the game is not comparable to that of letting her enjoyment. At the beginning, there are all kinds of irritability and impatience. The type that dies the fastest.

But the thing is to be able to develop in the favor of the other party.

People say that in the game, you can’t make mistakes at the slightest, but you can come all the way through the chaos, which means that there are quite different advantages of others.

And the performance of the other party is obviously clear-minded, has its own logic, and is not easily persuaded.

Li Wei’s thoughts turned, his face subconsciously showed a smile as always, which made people not more defensive.

He said: \”You also noticed that something is wrong? Coincidentally, I also think about the matter just now, but I don’t think it makes sense, so I came up to discuss it with you.\”

\”By the way, what about Lu Xin? You won’t make him suspicious when you come out now?\”

Zhu Yang smiled: \”I actually admire you. I am obviously a person who is still low in his ability to be such a relaxed person. Be cautious to this point, and indeed can live long enough.\”

\”But don’t you think that many times when you weigh and analyze all the benefits, the day lily is already cold?\”

Seeing Li Wei’s face suddenly changed, Zhu Yang chuckled softly: “It seems that I have suffered a loss in this regard, so once confirmed, I didn’t want to wait for a second and took the risk.”

Finally, Li Wei’s face sank, and then he smiled with a somewhat winning smile: “I still underestimate you, but so what? It’s too late now.”

\”The advantage of your group is gone. As long as I yell, all things that you are not an NPC will be exposed. Our ordinary people’s combat experience cannot be compared with those people. Even if we are lucky, we have one or two good skills. Not necessarily suitable for fighting.\”

\”You have already picked up Lu Xin from the opposing team. As long as you coax him well, why worry that the task will not be completed? The big deal is the question of rating. Is this life important?\”

\”So, strictly speaking, we are more like a group. Why do you have to be so clear at this time? With one eye closed, no matter how the position of the game changes, it has little to do with you , Are you right?\”

Zhu Yang tut: \”Yeah, isn’t this very eloquent? I’m almost thrilled when I say it. But what should I do with the clearance evaluation?\”

\”I haven’t gotten an evaluation below S, let me pick up your leftover bones under your stuff, why don’t you look in the mirror first?\”

Li Wei’s expression constricted, revealing a sneer: \”That means there is no more to talk.\”

The other party was also agile when it was time to take action. As soon as the voice fell, the whole person moved, and he didn’t hesitate to make a noise. In his opinion, it was definitely not him who was the one who suffered at this time.

However, his cautious character still made him not underestimate Zhu Yang. Sure enough, when his hand was about to touch the opponent, a silver light flashed, and Li Wei immediately pulled his hand back.

There was a dull numbness from my fingertips, followed by pain in my heart. I lowered my head and saw that the hand I had withdrawn just now was still a little unresponsive. A thin layer of fleshy skin was peeled off, and blood beads came out instantly, not many, but It’s definitely not negligible.

Li Wei thought he was already cautious enough to be alert to all the opponent’s actions when he shot, but this guy was still surprisingly fast. Excluding the speed limit that a player of this level could reach, the sharpness of the knife turned out to be like a hardened swordsman.

Fortunately, he shrank quickly, otherwise it would be more than just cutting a layer of flesh.

Li Wei looked at each other more vigilantly and cautiously, but Zhu Yang had not given him a chance to observe, and the sharp knife drawn from the kitchen was flipped flexibly in her palm.

The silver light woven nets faced Li Wei. It was not easy for him to dodge in a hurry, and his body gradually felt cold and stiff. It turned out that frost had spread from the ground and covered most of his body.

Knowing that this fear is one of the other’s abilities. It’s okay at first, but if time continues to drag on, his mobility will only be dragged down by the cold, and he will be defeated if he rises and I disappear.

This guy looked like a beautiful young lady. Was the melee force so powerful? The use of abilities is also skillful, and to be honest, having this ability is not worse than those few players who are in the wrong side.

It’s no wonder that this guy hasn’t really been controlled by others from the beginning to the end. At first, he thought it was a fake tiger by Lu Xinhu, but now it seems that he still underestimated her.

Realizing that he might not have the chance to win by himself, Li Wei focused on making a bigger movement, and while dodge, he slammed a punch against the wall, causing a loud noise across the third floor.

He thought that those guys should hear the movement, right? I also wanted to take advantage of Zhu Yang’s turmoil and finally have a space to display his abilities.

Only when he dared to secrete toxic sweat in the palm of his hand, he felt a sharp object against his neck.

Li Wei was shocked and looked at the opponent in front of him. The opponent suddenly disappeared. Instead, the presence of the opponent felt by the five senses was all behind him.

I just took advantage of the corner of the wall that was smashed and shattered, and it has been restored to its original state, and even the position of my standing is different from what I remembered——


\”Bingo! So it can be made, you just smash the entire villa, as long as the few squats are not heard, after all, although my skills are limited, it is not too troublesome to let the sleeping people ignore the noise and sleep better. .\”

Li Wei knew he was powerless at the moment, but just such a guy who has just stepped into the mid-level field, where does so many skills come from?

Explosive skills must have a very high level of clearance evaluation, as well as ability and their own affinity, generally need to reach the S pole, and occasionally A pole is also possible, but they are rare cases, there must be other trigger conditions.

Players who have just entered the mid-level field have one or two abilities that are already considered good, plus the props obtained by luck, the average player is just such a life-saving method.

But this guy’s confrontation in the corridors only uses 4 skills, or the instant activation does not require time to prepare, which is really jealous.

Is this guy really like she said, every game clearance is S-rated? How is this possible?

Suspiciously, Li Wei has been pushed into his room by Zhu Yang. Suspicious in his heart, is Lu Xin not there?

Or Zhu Yang’s illusion has reached the point where it is rampant in front of people’s eyes? How else would she dare to sway like this–

Before he finished thinking, he saw Lu Xin standing by the window facing his side, half leaning against the table by the window sill.

Seeing Zhu Yang coming in, he said: \”It takes less time than I thought, it seems to be a good master.\”

Zhu Yang said: \”That is, the skills of the younger brother, the boss can not make them worse than them.\”

Lu Xiuci’s expression was a little wandering, and she was probably the only one who could yell at all people and ghosts.

Li Wei understood everything at this time. He looked at Lu Xin, then at Zhu Yang, and said with a wry smile: “No wonder! I said I didn’t show any flaws, and the proposal during the day was justified. I was caught by the tail all at once.\”

It turned out that Lu Xin was in the same group as her at all!

They are all smart people, so naturally they don’t understand all this. If a group of players come up with someone on their side under the premise that their position is not clear, then first of all, you have to wonder if the situation on your side will be the same.

After all, the game is smart, how can you get such a big bargain for you? The two sides check and balance, the advantages and strengths will not be too great, this is the fundamental rule of the game.

It’s a pity that Zhu Yang’s appearance is too confusing. Previously, Gu Shaojie could raise his hand to clean up the head of the NPC and was willing to be driven by her. It was not difficult to fascinate a player in terms of conditions.

It is rare for two groups of players to confront each other. What’s more, the people on both sides still know it. The possibility is too low to make people subconsciously ignore the past.

However, Zhu Yang pressed him on the chair, and Lu Xin immediately took over and bundled the people. So far, the whole person fell into their hands.

Zhu Yang sat back on the bed, Da Lala said: \”I asked, you said, just made up a word, go to the sea to feed the sharks, understand?\”

Li Wei was also acquainted, and simply said directly: “Do you want to ask me about the specific task I received?”

\”It’s also simple, that is to kill ghosts. At first, when you said your respective missions, I thought I had heard it wrong. Then another group of people came to the island, and I realized that this game is not that simple.\”

\”I would like to confirm with them if they are from the same camp, but the guys are too ignorant to converge, and are too malicious towards NPCs, which shows what the situation is for competitive players.\”

\”I came forward, in case there is a difference in what I want, the unlucky one is myself. So I have to stand still and see what their specific tasks are. If there is a conflict with us, then you and I don’t necessarily exist too. Through absolute opposition.\”

It was also those guys who acted too indifferently. It was like a bandit came into the village, and they seemed to have an attack on everything. They didn’t really implement it, and there was really no way to make a conclusion.

Seeing that this person is obedient and satisfied, Zhu Yang likes to deal with smart people, so she nodded and said: \”That’s how it is, everyone understands that if you have something to say, you should go back to the room and sleep in twos. How good is it?\”

Li Wei smiled bitterly: \”Will you let me go back to bed so easily? Are you afraid that I will find a chance to connect with the other side tomorrow?\”

Zhu Yang did not answer this question, but instead asked: “In addition to the task, do you have any special tips for the calculation of the clearance evaluation?”

Li Wei was taken aback. She wanted to know what she could guess, but this question was unexpected.

Then it suddenly occurred to him that Zhu Yang’s group would be referred to as a group.

A group of mission rewards this time are shared by rating. As long as enough ghosts are accumulated, the level and points of all players will be the same. So at the beginning, Fang Lei mocked Zhu Yang for fearing that he would win without work.

But in this way, if there is no second group of people coming ashore, it is very possible for the number of supercross ghosts to reach the S pole. Once the S pole is reached, there is a high probability of exploding skills, and all players will not hide behind their teammates. Paddling, I am afraid I will complete the task more actively.

After all, this kind of cheapness is rare.

At first, Li Wei thought it was the disparity in the difficulty of the task between the first group and the second group.

But now suddenly I heard Zhu Yang ask this, but my heart moved, but he answered honestly: \”There is no special reminder, it should be the same as usual.\”

Do more and get more, and do less get less. Clearance evaluation depends on individual performance.

Ordinary players may cooperate with each other, but for gambler-type players who are accustomed to taking risks and use the game as a gold field, each is competitive, especially when several opponents are of this type. More monks and less porridge.

Li Wei thought he understood Zhu Yang’s intentions: \”You mean that even if I vent you through the news, they will not divide me into meat after using me. The best thing is to marginalize me?\”

He said with a smile: \”Yes, although there is a conflict with you, it is not an irreconcilable contradiction. If it is also guaranteed to pass the customs, you will let me kill the ghosts who have been tricky and difficult to overcome. On the contrary It’s safer than snatching meat from the gang.\”

\”Alright, I changed my position, how about mixing with you?\”

Zhu Yang sneered: \”I would secretly change the concept, I almost thought I was eager to seek your position.\”

Then a black marble appeared in his hand, Li Wei didn’t even react, the marble was bounced into his mouth, was lifted by his chin, and rolled into his stomach.

Li Wei was shocked: “What will you give me?”

Seeing Zhu Yang pointing to the ground, Li Wei took the opportunity to see that there was an equally black marble rolling over on the ground.

When he hit his tied chair leg, he suddenly turned into a cockroach, and bit the chair leg short in a couple of bites.

With cold sweat coming out of Li Wei’s face, he listened to Zhu Yang and said: “Guarantee? I don’t believe that your ambition is nothing more than that. The guarantee of you guys is meaningless to me, or my own insurance is more for me Peace of mind.\”

\”You have also seen that, as long as you dare to say one more word, or even make any hint, my cockroach can gnaw your belly and get out of it in less than two seconds.\”

\”Oh, by the way, don’t expect gastric juice to save you. This little cute has no other ability. Exuberant vitality is guaranteed.\”

When Li Wei came out, his face was blue. At this time, the entire villa was in deep sleep, and he could still hear a slight snoring, but who knew that he came and snorted all by himself. Put rice?

After the guy went out, Lu Xiu resigned and asked: “What do you give him?”

\”Just ordinary glass marbles.\” Zhu Yang shrugged.

It is also because of her unfamiliarity with her abilities, her cockroach can turn into a marble-like appearance to paralyze the enemy at first, but it is not really able to switch between marbles and cockroaches.

Therefore, a cockroach is really to be stuffed in, unless he bites his stomach and runs out immediately, otherwise it will still be corroded, and it will not act as a coercion, so a cockroach will be sacrificed for nothing.

Zhu Yang sighed: “I will be so kind to cockroaches one day.”

Lu Xiu’s speech: \”……\”

Zhu Yang fell on the bed, rolled over the quilt, and continued to sleep. He waited for Lu’s big head to come from behind and said: “You see, this dog is more than a game, it really doesn’t give the slightest chance of reconciling conflict.”

\”For fear that others don’t know how sinister its plan is.\”

Lu Xiuci was silent for a moment: \”Since you can see it, if you can’t pick it up, choose it yourself.\”

When Zhu Yang asked if there were any special rules for the clearance evaluation of the second group of Li Wei, Li Wei thought she was citing examples of separating him from the real team members of the same group, so that he was fully guarded before he cooperated.

This is actually unnecessary. For a cautious person like Li Wei, facing that style of teammate, he has to guard against his back without being told by others.

When the two groups confronted each other, the cohesion of one group was adjusted to the highest, and the other group still had competition everywhere. Lu Datou was reluctant to remind her at first, maybe that’s the point, right?

For the deeper meaning of the game, out of the principle of fairness, no more comments can be made. It can only be implied in the subtle places, and only the selected player will understand and make a choice.

This is the crossroad that determines her future direction of customs clearance, right?

Zhu Yang asked again: “The task you received is the same as ours?”

Lu Xiuci shook his head: \”No, it is the same as the second group, but it seems that no matter what, the game has already assumed that I am your position.\”

Zhu Yang was speechless, so he listened to Lu Datou and said: “I thought well, you are really favored by it, in all aspects.”

At this time, Zhu Yang hadn’t understood the true meaning of what he said repeatedly. By the time she understood, she had already come to a high-level occasion.

But these are all things to come, not to mention it.

The next morning, everyone was ignorant of what happened last night, but Zhu Yang took advantage of the gap after breakfast and suddenly told several other players that Li Wei was a ghost.

It just obscured the fact that there was a ghost in both teams.

At first, Fang Lei and the others were skeptical, but after Zhu Yang called Li Wei over to confess, let alone a few players, even Li Wei was Spartan.

While repeatedly denying that he had any intentions of rebellion, he vowed that compared to the guys outside, it was obviously more pleasant for everyone to cooperate, as long as he was killed by one or two ghosts to complete the guarantee mission.

It also said that the mission stance does not represent personal views. He still likes everyone. Although a group of people have lost their trust in him, it is no good to tear their faces at this moment.

Li Wei didn’t care what other players thought, but was surprised that Zhu Yang planned to act?

Sure enough, Li Wei’s inner ghost identity was exposed, and the original seemingly safe idea turned into an ulterior motive. Fang Lei and the others immediately stated that they had to bring back the bones of the little girls first. .

The game sets the position so sinister, who knows if there are other pits waiting for them? Make sure to guarantee the bottom line first, and then deal with it calmly.

Zhu Yang asked a few people to find two bamboo baskets and a large lunch cloth, and in front of everyone outside, he asked a few players to pick fruits and seafood outside.

All the excuses are readily available. Suddenly, there are a few more big guys, the food and drink are drastically reduced, the ingredients are almost running out, and they are naturally self-sufficient.

Everyone didn’t doubt that he had him, and there were enough people who saw them two men and two women, and everyone was not a helpful person, so they enjoyed the fruits of their labor with peace of mind.

Fang Lei and the others dug out the bones of the little girl buried on the cliff, wrapped the bottom of the basket with lunch cloth, and picked up a lot of coconut wild fruits on the beach of the island, picked up some shrimps and crabs in shallow water, and beat them a few times. The fish covered the bones, and then he went back home.

As they were carrying the basket into the kitchen, several people were stopped by scar faces.

He looked at the two baskets of things and grinned and said: “Oh! The harvest is not small, where did you get it?”

A few people have ghosts in their hearts, and they are naturally nervous when asked like this. One of the male players laughed and said: “I just picked them all the way and they were fresh.”

After all, Scarface reached out to the basket and picked it up, and the hearts of several people were raised, wondering if this guy saw any clues.

It’s no wonder that they were taken aback. The main reason was that the next day they suddenly told them that there was a ghost in the team. If it weren’t for Zhu Yang Jimin, they still don’t know where it is now?

Several players turned the coconut on the face up like a scar face, their nerves were tense, and they were all ready to really have something to fight back.

But seeing him flipping it a few times, as if he found someone with satisfactory quality, he picked up a coconut and threw it upside down in his hand, then lifted his hand and cut it open.

Coconut juice came out from it, he licked it carelessly, watching Fang Lei’s eyes with obscene hints.

Half-threatening again: \”How did you sleep last night? Don’t you feel scared and afraid that ghosts will come to you? I should know how great tonight, right?\”

Fang Lei often really has the urge to do a fight with these things at all costs, but no, she is not a player who is good at melee, Zhu Yang among the other players is not clear, and the other two are also the same, and these gangsters. It’s a real disadvantage to face directly.

Fang Lei grinned stiffly: “It’s okay.”

Scarface threw the coconut in his hand and smiled: \”Do you think I was asking you? Did you wash yourself into my house tonight? Or did I find it myself?\ ”

Fang Lei was furious, but Scarface let go of her words and stopped entanglement, laughing out loud.

The other three players comforted her. It seems that although the task hasn’t progressed much yet, it is close to the point where the arrow is on the line.

People coming and going in the villa didn’t move well at this moment, so a few people hid the little girl’s bones in the innermost layer of the cabinet.

After a day of swaying waves, after dinner, he glanced at Fang Lei when Scarface left the table, and saw that she was about to wash the dishes, and said: “Come here when you’re done.”

This ‘wash’ is a bit of a pun. People who understand, such as the players in the second group, naturally make a laugh that you understand and I understand.

Fang Lei’s face was pale with anger, this is not over yet, Nina didn’t know where she came out, and said sourly: “Oh~, this movement is fast enough, she thought she could hold her face with her face all day long.\ ”

This guy went to Scarface’s room last night, and now Scarface has called for Fang Lei tonight, so naturally there is no more play for her.

Fang Lei couldn’t believe that there was still this kind of Stockholm who was jealous of the bandits, but then another man in the second group hugged Nina: “What? It’s cold at night without my brother, and Brother Scar has no time for me. \”

Nina pushed each other coquettishly, and the two of them went upstairs really affectionately.

After everyone left, the task of washing the dishes was handed over to the three players. Zhu Yang and Fang Lei took the bones of the little girls into the cellar.

Sure enough, it seemed to be greeted by something. The empty cellar in the white sky had already lit candles at this moment, and even the corners were shining softly, as if they were afraid they could not find it.

Zhu Yang and Fang Lei saw the woman with their backs to them. They didn’t chop stuffing this time. Instead, they made dumplings and hummed, just like preparing dinner each time, while waiting for the children to come back.

Tired and hungry after playing and eating hot food.

The woman didn’t turn around, but a gentle voice came: “I’m back? They said they want to eat dumplings so you don’t run away, just wash your hands and eat.”

Zhu Yang and the others did not speak, but two childish voices came from behind: “There are cakes. Mom bought a new cake and want to eat.”

The two turned around and saw two little girls appear behind them somehow, and the two souls who had never really returned home finally merged with the mother who had been waiting for them for a long time.

The woman turned around and spoiled and said: “Okay, okay, I will eat cake after eating dumplings.”

As he said, he put the chopping board covering his body in front of a few people: \”Look, my brother’s dumplings, you must love them.\”

After that, he corrected it and said: \”Oh, not a brother, but a bastard.\”

She said such harsh words, but her expression was still gentle and kind at the moment.

The two little girls sat next to the chopping board obediently and watched their mother make dumplings from the stillborn child chopped up on the chopping board, and put one of them in a regular and orderly plate.

A plate of six, without cooking, she directly urged her daughter: “Quickly eat!”

The little girls actually picked up the raw dumplings and ate them slowly.

I don’t know if the woman didn’t remove the bones when she chopped the stillbirth. Zhu Yang and Zhu Yang heard the chewing noise of their dumplings, and they felt like they were chewing on the crispy bones.

This voice sounded terrifying, and Fang Lei even stepped back subconsciously.

But Zhu Yang spoke at this moment: “Mrs., do you mind if you have a few words while cooking?”

The other party did not answer, and Zhu Yang did not feel embarrassed. Instead, he asked himself: “How many people live in this house? How about your husband? Why don’t you have dinner with you?”

Fang Lei was almost scared to death by her question. It is obvious that there are stories in the family, so you wouldn’t ask to be euphemistic?

But the woman spoke: \”Oh! This is annoying, I’m angry when someone says it to others, I’ll talk to you only after you send me back.\”

Then, under the woman’s description, Zhu Yang and the others learned that there were eight people living in the entire villa.

She and her husband also have twin daughters, a family of four, one male servant, two maids, and the two maids are mothers and daughters. There is another person, that is her husband’s lover.

Vulnerable women have no right to speak at home, and the lover is pregnant again, and naturally enters the house.

It’s just that the other party is obviously not satisfied, because her husband is still a little bit orthodox at any rate, and the lover has been unable to turn to normal, so he tried to kill her two daughters.

He also fanned the flames and blamed her for not taking care of children and unworthy of being a mother, so that she could persuade her husband to abandon her. After all, the key to maintaining marriage is the child. Without the child, what right does she have to occupy the position of a mistress if she is a woman with nothing?

The woman went crazy looking for the child and found nothing.

He said that he would come back to eat dumplings and newly bought cakes when he went out to play, but he couldn’t come back when he went out.

The woman went crazy, killed her husband, chopped up her lover, cut her stomach to take out wild seeds, chopped up and made dumplings.

He used the husband’s meat as the embryo and the lover’s facial features as decoration, and made a brand-new cake, but the child still lags behind.

Hearing this, Zhu Yang thought for a while. It only contained the grievances and hatreds of their family, and said: “What about the other three people? Your servants.”

The woman waved her hand indifferently, and looked at the daughters who were eating righteously with a smile: “I will cook and wait for my daughter to come back to eat. What are they doing?”

Yes, it seems that it’s impossible for a ghost NPC to get all the clues for transcending.

And one more thing, after the two little girls finished eating dumplings, they clamored for cake.

The woman was helpless by their quarrel, so she nodded quickly: “Okay, okay, eat cake.”

But when he uncovered the water tank next to it, there was nothing but two bones inside.

The woman cursed in a low voice with a grim expression. When she turned her head and comforted the two daughters, she changed to another look: “You wait for mom, and mom will do it for you.”

Then he took out a sharpening stick from under the chopping board, and kept hitting it with a sharp kitchen knife, as if something was returning to its place.

And at the same time–

In the room on the third floor, a player in the second group ate dinner. Because there was no woman to accompany him and there was no fun on the island, he fell into bed and felt sleepy.

I smelled an unusual smell of meat while I was half-dreaming and half-awake. The smell was so fragrant that it made people salivate. Even though I was 80% full for dinner, I couldn’t help feeling hungry again.

When the man opened his eyes, he realized that there was a roast lamb in front of him. The whole lamb was covered with dense sauce, and it was roasting so much oil and smelling fragrant.

But it tastes different from simple lamb. It doesn’t look so dry. It’s fat and lean, and the color is burnt and tender. The more you smell it, the more hungry it gets.

The man also had doubts for a moment. It seemed that he had gone back to the room after eating, but the ensuing fragrance eased the doubt.

The man couldn’t help but stretched out his hand, not afraid of being scalded, he tore a piece of meat from the fire and stuffed it into his mouth. It was delicious.

It is charred on the outside and tender inside, melts in the mouth, and the gravy overflows. The man ate several bites before he could take a look at the shelf.

Unexpectedly, this glance brought his erratic mind back to his soul. At this time, the rack was turning and roasting, and it was no longer a roast lamb, but it was clearly a person who was roasted with a mouth open.

The man stepped back again and again, and then a feeling of fall came from him, he fell off the bed and returned to reality.

But before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he felt a urge to vomit, like something eager to crawl out of his stomach, and the feeling had reached his throat for a moment.

\”Wow—\” The man couldn’t help making a retching, then looked up at the mirror facing him, and found that his mouth had a few fingers from the inside.

A hand-no, it’s exactly like a person wants to get out of his mouth.

The man was a little frightened, but he was not a vegetarian either. With a look in his eyes, he got a small bottle out of thin air in his hand. The bottle was black juice and he didn’t know what it was.

He didn’t hesitate to see the juice pouring into his throat. Sure enough, the hands that got half of their palms were burned, and they collapsed. The acrid burning sensation reached his abdomen, and the man himself was full of pain. Roll around.

However, the sensation that the thing was about to rush into the body was gone, and the man was relieved.

Then I raised my eyes and saw a man appearing in front of me, dressed like a successful person, but the flesh on his body suddenly became swollen and wrinkled, and then scattered and melted.

Still reaching out to the man: \”Meat, give me meat, it’s too late—\”

The man was hurt at the moment, but he didn’t want to let go of the quest NPC. He really wanted to stand up and find a way to kill the opponent, but saw that he was caught by something, and then he looked terrified and disappeared in the struggle.

The man hurried out the door, just in time to see Scarface rushing out of the room of a female NPC (Fang Lei) with a gloomy expression.

It turned out that after Scarface returned to the room, he waited and waited and didn’t see Fang Lei coming over, and then he knew that the lady was toasting and not eating or drinking.

He turned over and got out of bed and went directly to Fang Lei’s room. The door of the room was locked from the inside, and it was obvious that people had already returned to the room.

Scarface sneered, thinking that this kind of lock could prevent him? This is because the game limits the lives of NPCs, and they are not very good at fighting the game, otherwise these girls will be circled the first day.

With a rough twist, the door lock was violently destroyed. Scarface pushed open the door and walked in, hearing the sound of water rushing from the bathroom.

An excited smile flashed across his face, where is he in the shower? It just saved the trouble and went straight to the bathroom.

As a result, her hand reached the bathroom door, an exclamation came from inside, and then the door opened first, and a beautiful woman with a naked body and wet hair sprang out from it.

He slammed his head into Scarface’s arms, and then held him tightly, his voice was terrified: “There are cockroaches, there are cockroaches~~\”

This delicate voice is not the same as the dignified and indifferent voice during the day. It has a special taste.

Scarface laughed: “What’s so scary about cockroaches? Let’s go, I watched you wash, but I dared to come out even if I didn’t believe it, and come out to help you kill one.”

The woman in her arms knocked on her chest, and Scarface touched her body irregularly with her hands and feet. It was really different from Choke Chili’s personality. It was plump and smooth, and the taste was sultry.

After touching and touching, he started to shoot, he bowed his head and kissed the girl, and the two of them started to fire up.

Scarface said in his heart that this girl looks like that during the day, but she is really passionate when she kisses her, and she feels a bit wrong to the touch.

Although the lips were hot and humid, they were too flat. He remembered the girl’s lips were quite full, and he didn’t touch her nose no matter how close she was.

And to be reasonable, just like kissing a tuo of raw meat.

Scarface felt that something was wrong, so he lowered his head. As a result, the picture in front of him directly withered his impulse.

I saw where his kiss was that hot girl, it was clearly a blood-hole female ghost with all the five senses dug out.

His eyes were missing, his nose was cut off, his ears were taken off, and his mouth was cut off. The two pieces of flesh that he had just kissed him were the two pieces of flesh that had lost his lips.

Scar’s face was furious, and when he raised his hand, he strangled the female ghost’s neck: “You lie to your grandfather, right? If you are really a female ghost, I can use it too, **** bashing here to find death?”

The female ghost chuckled in pain, but then her lips without lips cracked triumphantly, as if to the base of her ears.

Scarface immediately said that there was something wrong with him, his eyes had only one sight, but there was an extra eyeball in the female ghost’s eye socket.

Scarface knew that he was in the way, and if he dragged it further, his face would not be able to see the end, but after really thinking about the countermeasures, the other female ghost uttered an unwilling scream, and then disappeared as dragged by something invisible.

Scarface opened the door and saw the same embarrassed accomplice. The two knew what was going on with each other at a glance, and quickly woke up a group of pigs who were either sleeping or doing errands.

Except for not finding Lu Xin, all four players in the second group gathered in the Scarface room.

At this time in the cellar, Zhu Yang watched the hostess use a metal sharpening stick as a soul-calling bell, and recalled the husband and lover who had been killed by them.

Then, despite the wailing of the two ghosts, she continued with the cake mission she had done once before her death, but in addition to suffering, the two ghosts obviously had a desperate fear.

Zhu Yang understands that even if there is no second group of players, there will be conflicts in their games from the beginning.

A ghost in a house, each with its own story and death, must be impossible to satisfy everyone’s attachments. Sometimes one person’s last wish will inevitably involve another person’s struggle.

So they can never supersed all ghosts, they have to make a choice.

Zhu Yang yelled behind him, Fang Lei was startled, and when he looked back, he saw Lu Xin from the second group appearing behind him, suddenly falling into alertness.

But I heard Zhu Yang said: \”Although the game counts you as our group, the tasks given are the same as those of the players. For the sake of conservativeness, you should kill one.\”

Fang Lei understood that this person was her own inner ghost in that group. Lu Xin raised his hand and slaughtered one of them.

The hostess and the twins mother and daughter ate the cake made of the man’s flesh and blood and the lover’s facial features, but their last wishes began to glow and disappear.

At the same time, a voice came from all players in the villa.

Tell the existing players to complete the mission 3 overpass, the number of ghosts is limited, please hurry up for the players who complete the mission.

Zhu Yang almost didn’t spit out a sip of salt soda. She knew that dogs were cheaper than games, but she didn’t expect it to be so cheap. If they were so slow, they would have to push both sides.

And the few second-group players who were discussing things upstairs listened to this notice and thought about it, even with all the hidden amount of information in it, how can they still guess there are other players and other tasks?

Scarface took the lead with a sneer: “This is really true, all day long, the geese pecked their eyes.”


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